Kate makes second surprise appearance in three days

Kate makes second surprise appearance in three days

Kate Middleton has been busy this week. On Monday, she danced with Paddington Bear, on Tuesday she (KP) announced the due month of her third child, and on Wednesday, October 18, she tagged along with Prince William and Prince Harry to London Stadium for a Coach Core apprentice graduation.

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Founded by the Royal Foundation in 2012, Coach Core is a year-long apprenticeship program which gives young people age 16-24 the chance to become sports coaches. As part of yesterday’s celebration, the graduating class received a masterclass from top coaches in gymnastics, tennis, football, and rugby.

Kate, Judy Murray Coach Core October 2017 s
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One of the top coaches present was Judy Murray, whom Kate met previously back in February 2016. Judy spoke to the press afterward, saying:

    “To have the backing of the Princes and the Duchess is amazing and a huge inspiration for all the young people. We were talking about the things you can do with kids when they’re little to help them develop those core skills. They don’t need to be taught by a coach. Parents have got a big role to play in that. The Prince and the Duchess are very sporty so I’m sure they’ll be keen for their kids to enjoy sport as well.”
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The royal trio spoke to the apprentices about how the program helped change their life. Coach Core offers affordable training in technical skills as well as other areas such as employability and mentoring.

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Harry gave a speech as part of the graduation ceremony. He said:

    “I would like to start by thanking Karren and West Ham for letting us all be here today. It’s so appropriate that we are back here – five years after it all began, during the incredible summer of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. At the time, William, Catherine and I were looking at the issues that we wanted to tackle together with our newly formed Royal Foundation. It was clear that all three of us believed firmly that sport could be such a powerful force for good. We felt confident that for many young people, at risk of falling through the cracks, as they left school, sport could be the answer to keeping them on track or change the course their lives were already headed. We knew that with the enthusiasm sweeping the country during that summer, we had a window of opportunity to bring the right people and organisations to the table to make something really exciting happen. The idea for Coach Core was born.
    “Working with leading organisations in the sector and partners across a number of cities, we set out to put groups of young people through an intensive year-long course in high quality sport coaching, life skills and mentoring. Our aim has been to create the next generation of exceptional sport coaches who are giving back to the kids in their own communities – who in turn will become leaders, mentors and role models themselves.
    “And so far the results have been incredible: 250 apprentices have taken part in more than 30,000 coaching sessions; meaning that this programme is responsible for over 350,000 individual sessions of sport coaching and life skills. 93% of people who started in Coach Core are either still part of the programme or have graduated successfully. 80% of our graduates are coaching young people six months after graduation. And most significantly, 98% of Coach Core graduates are in employment or training.
    “Coach Core currently operates in 7 cities across the country. But such is the demand for these highly skilled coaches that I am delighted to announce that The Royal Foundation will be expanding our investment in the programme. Today we are launching three new Coach Core programmes in: Middlesbrough, Devon, and Bristol.
    “We believe that our graduates here today really are the future of coaching. They have each been on a unique journey, designed to build on their existing skills to equip them with the tools to be effective role models and mentors in their communities. I invite all of you to learn more about the programme and to help us take Coach Core to the next level — giving even more young people the opportunity to unlock their talent through sports coaching. We know that our unique model of building a programme through local partnerships to deliver coaches back into the community works – the figures speak for themselves!
    “I’d like to close by saying a huge congratulations to the graduates on your achievement. You have dedicated yourself, alongside your fellow apprentices, investing blood, sweat and tears to become not just a great coach, but a great employee, mentor and leader in your community. I have no doubt that for those graduating, this will have been tough at times. Many of you have told us your stories – many of you faced hardships along the way, and some of you were even told you would not succeed. But in completing this course you have shown just how dedicated and capable you are. You should all be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished. Even more importantly, you should be excited about the futures you are now embarking on. William, Catherine and I, and everyone involved in the Coach Core Programme are incredibly proud of you.”


A royal source has given an update on Kate’s HG and ability to work, saying: “She’s better and is keen to do as much as she can. But she’s taking it day-to-day in deciding what she can do.”

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Kate wore a new but familiar-looking blazer for this event, sporting a blue version of the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Double-Breasted Twill Blazer she wore to the Air Cadets back on Valentine’s Day. Both versions sold for $1,515.

As she did with the red version, Kate styled this blue version with her black turtleneck and black skinny jeans and her Kiki McDonough Lauren Leaf earrings. Kate switched up her boots, though, opting this time for a new pair from Russell & Bromley: the Fallon Dry Mid Zip Chelsea Boot (£295).

I’m sure the skinny jeans debate will rage, as it did back in February. I, personally, don’t care if she wears skinny jeans with this jacket since the jacket is long enough to cover her butt. I will say, though, that the black jeans are faded so her blacks don’t match.

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208 thoughts on “Kate makes second surprise appearance in three days

  1. Jeans are fine for this occasion, but I think she should save the faded ones for private occasions instead of engagements. Or start buying better quality jeans. I have dark ones that haven’t faded in spite of many years of use, so there are such ones available, particularly for a person who’s not in the habit of looking at the price tag, and I don’t think Kate is. But why a new jacket when she only has worn the red one once this far if I remember correctly?

  2. Isn’t she supposed to be sick? How do we really know she’s pregnant? I really need Meghan to marry into this family stat.

      1. I think we will be surprised at how much Meghan does. Trust me anything she does will be ten times more than lazy Waity.

  3. She looks so different in some pictures.But I like her hair and that she is not so extremly skinny anymore. I think she is doing alright,.I don’t expect her to work that much during pregnancy if she really feels so unwell. Her jacket is unusual, but quite likeable. I’m not a fan of skinny jeans, especially not during pregnancy.Does Kate wear pregnancy-jeans when the baby becomes bigger?

      1. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.She’s pregnant, why not?
        How does she do.it ,then? She surely has some help.These skinny jeans won’t fit anymore in several months.

  4. Is this a new charity for them or was the tennis event in feb with this one? Harry’s speech makes it sound like it’s been around since 2012 but I don’t recall them doing anything with it?
    I love the expression of the guy in the wheelchair! And love the last pic with Harry’s smile =)
    Kate loves her military styled jackets as much as her Breton tops! I’ve harped about the jeggings but now they’re faded and I saw some pics where the knees are faded even more, it’s time to retire this pair to private time.
    I do like the booties tho.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that William has a mixture of RBF -and resting bored faced. Or maybe he really is that bored at all these engagements but he almost always has this sour puss look to him
    I said it before, I don’t know who’s writing Harry’s speeches but William and Kate need them doing theirs. He says more than 5 sentences, makes sense and seems to know what he’s talking about in them. So kudos to whoever is doing it.

    1. Coach Core is a Royal Foundation program they launched in 2012. Harry does a fair amount with Coach Core. Kate doesn’t do anything with Coach Core. I’m not sure about William as I don’t pay enough attention to him.

  5. I will never like the jeggings, but ignoring that, didn’t anyone notice that the faded jeggings don’t match the turtleneck or the boots? She spends hundreds of thousands on clothing and how does this get missed? Where is her stylist??
    And again a new expensive blazer when she had a red one that is the same style. It’s so wasteful.
    I still don’t understand with the trip to Denmark is a definite no because in six weeks from now she is likely to feel even better than she did during these last events.

    1. It’s not about whether she’ll be well enough but she’ll be going her own Christmas shopping then silly. Fenwicks here she comes. Do we take a bet now of Amnwe, Bucklebury Towers, Sandringham for Christmas. Xxx

      1. I wonder if the make a Sandringham visit this year. With HM and PP slowing down it may look bad if they skipped this Christmas.

        1. I think they will be in Sandringham. In their own house again. Though it would be good if they could join the rest of the royals. I wonder if Mike and Zara will be there this year, with Mia.

    2. It’s Finland William will visit, not Denmark. His visit has hardly made any headlines here, people are more excited that prince Daniel will come at the same time and visit a startup event called Slush, which is a leading startup event in Europe. If I remember correctly Daniel was there last year, too.

    3. I wonder what William is doing in Finland. Their anniversary itself and events associated are in December, and the Swedish royals have already been to events related to it.

      1. Indeed, the other Scandinavian royals have been here, too, and at least I haven’t noticed royals from any other countries would have marked the centenary of Finland’s independence in any way. But maybe it was thought suitable to send him over this year as the last official visit from a British royal was ages ago when his grandmother visited (in the 70’s and in the 90’s I think)? Edward came here some years ago, but it wasn’t an official visit. However, November isn’t the best time of the year to visit Finland unless he goes to Lapland and it lucky with the weather. Hopefully he doesn’t get buried in sleet in the capital region.

      2. Actually there have been centenary of independence related events scattered throughout the year, even a bit too much as you can hardly buy a cup of coffee without it being branded as a centenary of independence cup, or coffee, or both, so I guess that from now on this visit will be part of William’s brand in Finland and we should feel really honored to have him visiting.

    4. Nic919: “…didn’t anyone notice that the faded jeggings don’t match the turtleneck or the boots? …how does this get missed?”
      Needs better lighting in the closet or wardrobe. 5000 Kelvin/1800 lumen bulb (daylight spectrum) would show this. Perhaps this light level doesn’t align with the decorating scheme at home though. ? (Yes, I do use daylight bulbs near the mirror I use to check my outfit. It can reveal some surprising color mismatches that don’t show with incandescent lighting.)

    1. Only in as much as “don’t go there” – I asked my 26 year old neice – who models and is an actress with credits what she thinks – her opinion – the UK must have strange fashion sense . . . .

    2. A lot of the supposed Kate effect is due to the fact she hoards clothes then wears them later, so it appears sold out when it has nothing to do with her, it’s just last season’s or even older.

    3. I believed in it more when she was younger and wearing more accessible labels out and about. Now she wears a lot of custom, extravagantly expensive pieces that the vast majority of consumers can’t afford. She’s also started dressing a lot more boring (in my opinion) so I don’t think people are as interested in buying her outfits anymore.

      1. I agree with you. Her fashion sense was better about 2010-2012 IMO. In full disclosure, (I am red faced to admit), I purchase a wrap/shawl Kate wore one Christmas.

        1. That’s a great wrap/shawl!! I wanted it too! Tell me is it just too warm and cosy? How do you style it? don’t be embarrassed, I’ve bought a couple of things that Meghan’s worn, she style is more like mine than Kate’s is.

          1. The shawl/wrap is what I would consider a medium weight, but soft, warm and cozy. The colors and tartan plaid are much prettier than you can tell on screen. I have a stupid number of jackets and coats. I usually wear it with something fairly neutral. You can wear it over a simple white tailored, but fitted blouse. I wear it along with a pair of ankle boots and slim leg jeans.

            I am glad I bought it. I did notice with the exchange rate to USD it is currently better. I think around 167? USD.

            Meghan has a more sophisticated style. She will be fun to watch.

            I think Meghan and Harry will have exceptionally cute kids. It will be interesting to see how they dress their children. Please, lay off the blue.

          1. I always liked the basic style to the Rumba boots. I bet they go with many items.

            I never splurged for those, but have the Aquatalia chocolate suede ankle boots Kate wore.

        2. I actually have quite a lot of stuff Kate has worn, but they basically fit into 2 categories:

          1. Bought them because they were brought to my attention by Kate (same way as they might be through conventional “advertising “); or

          2. Brought them before Kate did (or at least before she wore them in public).

          Examples of things that fit into category 1: a lot of things from Me+Em, which I had not heard of before Kate, including some of her Bretons; the White Tweed dress from The Fold, some earrings.

          Examples of category 2: many pairs of Rossi pumps, Sanderson shoes, Goat dresses, her Preen red dress worn in Canada.

          Note that neither category comprises “things I bought because I love Kate and want to look like her”

          1. Sorry, website crashed while I was finishing my comment (is anyone else having trouble with the website crashing these days?). I was going to add “All that said, I don’t judge women who do buy stuff because Kate has worn it; what women spend their own money on is no business of mine”.

          2. I am still not a major fan of the Preen dress because it was too long on Kate. Had it been shortened a bit, I think it would have been a knock-out. I may be overly critical, but there often seems to be something just a tad off in even her best outfits. The Preen dress is lovely. The color was amazing, but like I said, it just should have been a bit shorter on Kate’s frame.

          3. bluehare and jenny: I do love it. Although jenny, you will be pleased to hear that I had mine shortened (I am 5’5″ so about 1-2 inches shorter than Kate, or 5 inches shorter if you believe the press/PR/sugars). I think I had 3-4 inches cut off the hem. I also do not wear it with the red Rossi pumps (although I have them) or the Soru oblong earrings (have them, too).

          4. TP76, I seem to be stuck in a rut when it comes to that Preen frock. I am sure you look smashing in yours. I just would have liked it a bit shorter on Kate. Man, I am really bothered by that!

        1. We had less what I call high end High Street in those days so Diana wore a lot of things that were not affordable. BUT she influenced style…and I think that shows her style was good and unusual at the time. Sure when we look back we might hate all the bows, but at the time I loved them. I am, full disclosure, Diana’s age. I would see what she wore and try to find cheaper ways to copy.
          I also own LKBennet dresses that Kate has, but bought before she wore them, and I like meandem. But as I have said I am Diana’s age, so the fact that my work wardrobe in particular is similar to Kate’s is rather sad for her. I too like The Fold ( good sales) as classic workwear I can wear and wear and accessorise differently.

          1. I find that my wardrobe is full of Kate clothing because she’s wearing my favourite label for so many events.

            As much as i despise what Sarah Burton has done to the label, i can’t give up my McQueen obsession.

            It drives me insane that Kate has so many of my pieces,BUT i have no nude pumps or cluches or twee stylings that Kate uses to ruin the clothing.

        2. I think Diana wore a red sweater with white sheep (except for one black sheep) and I think either that brand or the knock off brands became very popular.

          I just remembered a brand I found from Pippa. She wore a cute jacket from a brand called Fay (not to be confused with a polyester filled brand by the same or similar name). If I remember correctly she had a green wool jacket. I found the brand on ebay and ended up purchasing a 1,200.00 USD coat for 210.00 USD and $40.00 import tax. Still a good deal and a well made black coat. Thank you Pippa.

    1. Yes, for the tenth time Harry introduces Meghan to the Queen, the problem with the DM article is that both Harry and the Queen had engagements the day of the “meeting” with the Queen (october 12). Those tabloids writers not even check their informations.

  6. Umm – my guess is that the “turn ups” this week were not in the diary hence the pink horror with the black 1950’s trim, and the too tight “new” jacket with older jeggings – so the pink thing and the jacket may have been worn before but in a private space, and this is a PR exercise to get her “out and about” so no planning time available for even newer clothes. Either way a fail IMO

    1. Thanks, Oz. I also felt the jacket could not be new as it was too snug and I blamed it on the pregnancy. And, oh the jeggings. Spare us. It’s just pushing the perennial envelope that Kate does to show other pregnant women how trim she still is. If I am wrong on that, sorry.

      She does not look happy in most photos, which could mean she is not feeling well. So showing up is a plus.

      William The Sour just irks me more and more and Harry’s speech was really wonderful.

      I don’t have time to google this charity but how does one go about training coaches for different sports? Don’t you need experience in the sport, itself? Being able to inspire, discipline and motivate is part of coaching, but one needs to know the sport well, too. For that, correct me if I’m wrong, wouldn’t it be helpful if you played it?

  7. Good to see her again.The Palace said that she would take on more engagements and this is proof of that.Hopefully it continues.

  8. She looks lovely in the picture that is 3rd from the bottom. I’m just surprised that she is working. I am sure we will see more of her as H+M ramp up. Not matching the shades of black is bad. It cheapens the look of that gorgeous blazer.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. I think we will possibly see some interesting changes in Kate if Meghan joins the BRF. Kate has gotten away with a good deal since she was new to the role, young and attractive. Kate doesn’t want attention, but she does.

      As long as most of the eyes and discussion were about Kate she felt secure. If Meghan comes on the scene I think we may see some interesting dynamics. The wheels in Carole’s brain are working on all kinds of plans.

      1. I reckon this is a real conundrum for carole and kate. Do they let meghan pick up the slack while kate is preggers (if a quick wedding early next year) and on mat leave, but if they do they risk her showing up Kate’s,lack of work ethic and engagement. I suspect meghan will adapt quite well as she is an actress so will fake it til she makes it.
        However, Harry has always been very keen to have kids so I think as soon as the ring is on theyll start trying because of Megs age. If they want a couple of kids they need to crack on, though if they have probs conceiving she will have the best fertility treatment in the world.
        I know there is a lot of negativity towards meg but I like her, and I like them together, they look solid, and Harry looks happy and I want him to be happy.
        The kate and meg dynamic is going to be fun to watch.

        1. Harry does look happy. I think he has more emotional intelligence than many of the members of the BRF.

          They do look happy together and I hope people will give her a chance.

          1. I will I am a fan, and I watch Suits because my sons love binge watching it.

            People like to call her a second rate actress in an unpopular show, but they’ve had 8 series! And she is working, earning proper money and living independently. All things that will be such an asset.

        2. Right. I’m excited to see how they introduce Meghan and the effect that it has on Kate – both in terms of her workload, but also in terms of her fashion. Look at this outfit and that pink and black thing Kate wore a few days ago, and try to picture Meghan in them. I get that Kate needs to be conservative-ish. But you can be conservative and yet still look like you are a stylish modern woman living in 2017. And Meghan will have a bit more freedom given that she’s marrying the sixth in line and not the second. Still if Kate values the attention and adoration, which I think she does, she’ll be forced to compete.

          1. I dislike the idea that conservative style means dowdy, matronly or boring.

            We have so many famous women demonstrating conservative style that doesn’t look dowdy and is incredibly styylish including Arab Queens whose constituents require covered limbs and hair.

            Look at the ladies of the European royal houses or the Queen of Jordan, Princess Haya of Jordan, Shiekha Mozah, Queen of Bhutan.

            And going back to the past, Jackie Kennefy was iconically stylish whilst being conservative too.

            Ditto Michelle Obama. Carla Bruni when she was first lady of France. Carla combined glamour with flat shoes so as not to tower over her very short husband and looked very good.

            I mean Philip couldn’t stop flirting with Shiekha Mozah when she arrived in UK for state visit even though she was covered from neck to ankles AND her hair was covered. That’s how good she looked.

            Kate’s style is dowdy, matronly and boring, by design or nature. She doesn’t know how to dress it up or accessorise which is surprising for an art major and a former accessories buyer. This is excused by the conservative requirement of her job, yet there are many women who are also required to dress conservatively and look stylish, glamorous and fabulous.

          2. Herazus I agree. Kate doesn’t have a conservative style, but instead a dowdy style with straggles of her university style for someone without a job in their twenties. Those awful jeggings are a prime example. There are so many options for a more causal style but she wears out of style super tight jeggings because she never got the memo that looser jeans are in style. Her outfit today was in style in 2000 not for today. Especially the double breasted blazer with buttons. In my job I see all kinds of suits but if a women wore that type of blazer she would look foolish and unprofessional. Or stuck in another decade.
            Michelle Obama is older and has held an actual job and yet her style is so much more fresh than Kate’s. She also knows how to dress for her body type, which Kate does not know how to do.

          3. I agree with you so much, Herazeus. I just find Kate’s looks to be mostly dowdy. THe ladies you mentioned had It. Those alive, still do!!!

      2. Kate is going to have a fit when Meghan marries in. We all know Kate hates other women unless they are related to her and she will def dislike Meghan. I think Meghan being biracial will ad an extra wrinkle as I am sure Kate never interacts with people of color unless she meets them through engagements she does.I think she will try and show Meghan up at every opportunity and pull rank.

        I have a sad feeling that Meghan will be made to stay in the background due to Kate’s jealously. Already there is talk that Meghan and Harry will marry at Windsor or St George’s Chapel, which I consider a downgrade. They should marry in Westminster Abbey.

        1. Meghan being biracial adds a whole different layer to the dynamic. The entire family will have to be careful how they handle her and the optics. There maybe perfectly legitimate reasons to criticize or not like her, or to relegate Harry, Meghan, and their children to a lower status, but there could always be the “is this because she’s black?” card.

          Perfect example: the wedding. There are legitimate reasons to have it at a small venue: Harry is 6th in line. The expense at a time of austerity. The security concerns (2017 Britain, sadly, is not 2011 Britain). But it’s also a historic marriage (the first half-black person to marry that close to the throne), and the international interest (especially from the States, since she’s American) will all make it very very difficult to give them a “lesser” wedding without that potential criticism.

          (Please note, I hate this criticism, and think it’s beyond stupid. But I see the world we’re living in, where political correctness and identity politics has run amok. They have to keep these things in mind.)

          So, if Kate doesn’t like Meghan, it could be because Kate wouldn’t like any woman around her, or Meghan might be a genuinely unlikable person, or whatever, but Kate needs to be mindful of the potential optics.

          1. Reba, I agree. I know the BRF pays close attention to public opinion. They have to or they would not exist and any hint that Meghan is being short changed due to being American or biracial will not go over well.

            Meghan will be very important for the BRF and will go a long way toward making them seem more inclusive. This is especially important re the Commonwealth countries.

            Meghan and Harry not marrying in Westminster and doing so in a smaller venue sends the wrong message, imho and will lead to unfortunate questions and parallels being drawn between Cathering and William’s wedding. After all, Fergie and Andrew married in Westminster-so should Harry and Meghan.

            Just the other day, there was a debate on a board that since Meghan has been married before and done sex scenes, no way should she wear white.

            There is a LOT of hate toward Meghan that the BRF will have to overcome and seeing her embraced by other BRF family members is key to this.

            While we know Kate won’t welcome Meghan, I don’t think William will either, but not for the same reasons. I don’t think William is a welcoming type of person and I have never seen him as being supportive in any way of Harry.

            And when Meghan and Harry have kids, if those kids are treated vastly differently than William and Harry’s, there will be an uproar.
            I also don’t think we will see the Cambridge kids spend time with Harry’s. Carole won’t allow it, I can tell you that. If you think she feels it is proper that a biracial woman is marrying into the BRF, you can think again.

            And let me tell you, the Old Guard of royal reporters, like Dickie Arbiter and Ingrid Seward thought Meghan as just a booty call and when they found out she wasn’t, they got mad and now they are changing their tune.

            The BRF has to be very careful how Meghan is presented and if you think there isn’t a special department that isn’t handling that, think again.

            And yes, Kate better think very carefully going forward on how she treats Meghan. People are already pitting them against each other and if Kate publically snubs Meghan, as we know she wants to, all hell will break loose.

            KAte has tried to copy Diana in all things, but the one thing that should try to copy Diana-besides work ethic and love of charity-is manipulation of the press. Kate has no contact with the press and does not deal with them well.

            Meghan on the other hand knows how to finesse the media, so if if Kate is smart, she be bitchy in private.

        2. “…I am sure Kate never interacts with people of color unless she meets them through engagements.” Isn’t this true of all the main royals? I can’t think of any picture of any of them out socially, or of any list of their social set, that includes a single person of color. Not one. And given the diversity of the UK now I think that is especially surprising, particularly among the “younger” royals.

          1. When Kate is comfortable at an event–like with Ben Ainslie or crafting with children–she appears comfortable with pretty much everyone she meets, regardless of race or anything else. When the event is outside of her comfort zone–hospices, formal functions, etc–she looks strained and ill at ease with everyone, even Bob the Cat. I really don’t think race is a factor at all.

        3. Westminster Abbey won’t allow divorced people to marry in its confines…however we have a lovely cathedral in Toronto where Harry & Meg can marry.

        4. How do we “all know that Kate hates other women?” I think Kate has friends who are female. I know many women who don’t have dozens of female friends, but I wouldn’t say they “hate women.”

          There are many things to criticize Kate for, but this is not one of them I don’t know how she and Meghan will get along. How William will get along with her, either. We are making assumptions here as to how Kate and William will respond to Meghan, if/when she weds Harry.

        5. Dear Leah,
          I’ve always found it strange that Kate is so close with Pippa and Carole, and Charlotte’s her favorite child; yet Kate despises other females. I’ve known a lot of women like this and I find it puzzling

      3. ‘If Meghan comes on the scene I think we may see some interesting dynamics.’
        G +1

        Absolutely. I have thought exactly the same.
        It will be very interesting to observe should Harry and Meghan marry.

        1. The royals don’t choose the race of people at their engagements making out that kate doesn’t interact with people of other races is ridiculous trying to insinuate that she is somehow racist people keep insinuating that meghan going to come in and shake things up are misguided her and Harry will be relevant until w and k kids come of age then will end up in the position of Andrew and Anne and their kids the was a point when Andrew was even more popular than harry when he was younger it also happened to margret

          1. I am not saying that Kate is racist, but having non white midwives isn’t a sign of her being enlightened because midwives are working for her, not her friends.

            I think Kate’s bigger issue is that her social circle seems to consist only of her family and in terms of female friends her sister. She was territorial when other women approached Will in the dating years and there has been no mention of Kate having any significant friends who aren’t Pippa or Carole. For someone who is almost 36 that is downright weird. Especially when we know that Will hangs out with his guy friends on occasion without her. But then again Kate didn’t have a job to make any friends there. So frankly I think she will have a hard time relating to Meghan because she doesn’t understand the concept of work and she clung to the circle of rich aristos as much as possible. It will be less about race and more about Kate living a very sheltered and pampered life.

          2. If Kate were racist, I believe she would not ’employ’ non white midwives.

            Kate and Will have two lives.
            Their private lives and their public lives.
            Their public life is under constant scrutiny.
            Their private life which they guard ferociously is strictly off limits.
            Because so little is known about Kate’s social life and friendship circles, some people like to assume she has no friends, apart from her sister.
            Not knowing who Kate’s friends are, is not justification for assuming Kate has no friends.
            Emilia Jardine Paterson, Alicia Fox Pitt and Trini Foyle are known to be Kate’s friends. The four women were at school together.

          3. I don’t think Kate is racist.

            But I disagree with your point that if she were, she would not have employed non-white midwives.

            Sadly I know many people who are racist, and they hire plenty of people of color for very intimate roles–as caregivers, companions, nannies, etc. But they never socialize with them or consider them as equals.

            But going back to Kate, my point is simply that in what we’ve seen in photos, guest lists, etc., of her social set, her family’s social set and William’s social set, there have been no people of color whatsoever. None at all that I can recall. They are as white-bread-with-no-crust as you can get. I think this is probably true for most of the aristo crowd, but I did expect more diversity to be found with the middle-class Middletons, but they proved me wrong.

            And I’m not saying that this makes any of them racist. Just that they don’t venture far outside their social comfort zone–the aristocratic crowd–in their private lives. William probably has never had much of an opportunity for that anyway. Marriage to Meghan will expand Harry’s private world greatly, I hope. But I had the same hope early on for William and Kate, and that turned out to be a disappointment.

            Also, regarding Danielle’s point about the royals not choosing the race of people at their engagements, I also disagree with that in part. While obviously they can’t control who shows up outside an event, everything else about the royals’ visits is carefully orchestrated, scripted, to the smallest details, including who they are seated with, who they greet and talk to, etc. Photo opportunities are carefully planned, and KP will make sure that the people photographed are representative of as many races and backgrounds as are possible. That’s true for any public person or for any company or organization putting out PR materials.

            Again, I don’t think anything we’ve seen from Kate or William can lead us to believe that they are racist.

          4. When is the last time Kate has been seen with these alleged School friends of hers? We have seen Will take a trip with his friends just in the last year but we don’t see any photos of Kate with her school friends since she was in school. Kate goes on holidays with her family members and she goes shopping on her own or with her sister. We don’t see her with non relatives and haven’t in years.

          5. “When is the last time Kate has been seen with these alleged School friends of hers?”
            Some people believe what they want to. A simple google search will answer your question.

          6. I still don’t think Kate has many friends considering she and Pippa both used people as they climbed the social ladder and dumped them. I can’t see them hanging out with anyone but each other and their mum. I think the last time we saw Kate with someone else was I think walking George in his pram with some girl friend of hers (or was this the friend with her own baby before Kate had kids? I don’t remember, but it was a long time ago).

            I know people who witnessed Kate’s guarding of William at uni and it’s well known she basically befriended people in his circle only to dump them once their use had outgrown her needs.

    2. I’d cut the pregnant lady some slack, there are often overnight body changes and it’s entirely possible her planned black pants didn’t quite fit right and she had to make things work. Especially in that tough slot where your regular pants don’t fit but maternity pants don’t quite fit either, and you just feel so tired and vomity you’re just glad to make it out of the house with semi-appropriate clothes on.

      1. Considering this is Kate who loves these jeggings and shows up to ‘sporty’ events wearing them every time I figure she was gonna wear ’em come hell or high water. Kate doesn’t know the meaning of the word tailored trouser pant. Though pre-engagement she wore nice pants! I don’t get it.

      2. I agree with this. I remember in the 2-4 month phase being “caught” between maternity and non-maternity clothes and often looked a bit odd. I am going to give her slack about her appearance, although I also agree with Ellie that she loves leggings in general so there is a bit of a side-eye from me.

  9. I like her outfit. Except the faded black jeans. Throws the outfit off. Well Kate is being a busy bee this week. Hopefully she can keep it up. Yet I can be skeptical when it comes to her willingness and desire to do engagements. We shall see though. As for Harry he has definitely inherited both a oratory and charisma gene from his parents. He seems at ease. While William and Kate fall back. Everyone has a different personality. Yet I find it funny that Harry a lot of times is the one who does speeches. Will and Kate need to get more comfortable doing them. They are going in increase as time goes on.

  10. I sort of understand the “surprise appearances” because it allows her to boost her events numbers when she’s feeling well without committing ahead of time. I think her outfit is fine and appropriate, but boring. I would love to see her in a real pair of dress trousers instead of skinny jeans. The color of her blazer is quite pretty.

      1. Victoria and Letizia both have strong trouser game- she needs to take a page from their book. Or just get a proper stylist whose not a bobble head “yes man” and things will improve exponentially

      2. IMO, the jeggings-jacket combo is the equivalent of her raised waist dresses. It is supposed to make her legs look longer and her torso shorter. And the black boots with the black jeggings are the reverse of her collection of nude color heels.

  11. I just love the last picture you have here, KMR! William looks like he just burped (or farted) and Harry with the cheesiest (and cheekiest) grin! It reminds me so much of him as a little boy! 😀

    I *do* like Kate’s outfit but, like others have said, the blazer is a smidge too tight and the different shade of black doesn’t quite totally match.

    Other than that? Meh.

  12. Sorry, but that blazer is way overpriced. That’s ridiculous especially when she has one just like it in another color.

    I don’t want to start an argument but….I don’t think Kate had HG. I think she just had some morning sickness. She has looked far too healthy and round in the face. She looks like a healthy, normal pregnant woman to me.

    1. +1 @cookie
      I know some women who had REAL HG, that literally vomit for 9 months straight, needing IV so as not to become dehydrated.. They looked gaunt in their face and sickly looking eyes, neither which I’m seeing in Kate. But anyways, let’s not start the argument.
      I’m happy to see Kate out n about.. I love her blaZer( not the price though).
      I do like her in shorter hair, it’s neater!

    2. I totally agree about the blazer (and the HG). I mean, I understand owning the same item in multiple colors. I’ve done this myself. But the items I buy are usually in the $20-50 range – NOT $1500! If you have an extra $1500 laying around, buy something totally new. This woman, I just don’t know with her…

      1. I even like the Queen’s style more. I don’t know what she wore as a young woman, but I adore it that she has clothes made for her.You can’t buy it,it’s great.Although, it sure costs a lot of money, I prefer her wardrobe choice. Of course not for me, but for royals.

        1. She was amazing as a young woman, a beautiful figure and she wore quite daring evening gowns especially. In those days it would all have been couture I’m sure , but as a young queen she was stunning. Hard to imagine now as a little old lady, short and dumpy but look at old photos and you will see she was a stunner.

    3. I think it’s very likely that she has an eating disorder, and when she becomes pregnant needs intervention in order to stay healthy for baby. So to help her save face they say she’s got HG while they pump fluids and foods in. I don’t like to speculate, as it so often can come out judgey, no doubt she’s under a lot of pressure and doing the best she can.

      1. That’s something I thought,too.
        She didn’t eat well enough before her pregnancy.You can see that it is not her body-type.She had never too much weight but after the marriage, she tormented herself for whoever(her husband, the public?) She could have made sport, eat healthy, but her whole body screams that she doesn’t eat enough.There are many women out there who don’t see this anymore, because they do it the same way.It’s quite sad. She really suppresses her character.
        So, when she got pregnant it must be really difficult in the beginning to.eat like a normal person every meal for her baby, but it’s totally necessary.

  13. Look Ma, no clutch purse!
    I think the ‘surprise’ appearances by Kate are engineered to make people think that she is more spontaneous and less like a stick of wood. This is the start of a campaign by her team to change the public’s perception of her and like everyone here has pointed out, she needs to up her game especially with the potential Duchess of Sussex waiting in the wings.

    1. When your image is Waity Katie and Duchess DoLittle you need a PR machine to revamp you imagine that you have projected. I get she pregnant with her third
      Yet get off your butt and do something. By the time, this baby is born she will have been a member of the BRF for seven years. What does she have to show for it? Three kids and dismally low number of engagements? It’s really quite sad in my opinion. Kate, has an opportunity to really boost her charities. Bringing a spotlight to them. Yet it always seems half ass. Diana, knew you had to show your face. To raise awareness for charities that you are a patron of. When she pregnant with William she had morning sickness. She would cry in the car between engagements. Not wanting to get out. Yet she did it. Maybe Kate could learn from Diana’s example.

    2. No clutch purse, but still with the hands-over-the-crotch pose. Why can’t she put her hands buy her side? Or maybe she was instructed to do that in “princess camp” *insert eyeroll* I guess we’ll find out if Meghan starts doing the same.

      1. I notice that in group photos with W or W&K, most of the other people in the photo will mimic their hands-over-the-crotch pose but not all of them; those will have their hands at their sides. In viewing photos of Duke of E, PC, Earl of W and other older males in the BRF, they stand with their hands behind their back or at the side; rarely will you find the over-the-crotch pose. In my eyes, that crossed hand pose looks childish and insecure.

        1. Queen Mother used to clutch her hands at her waist, which is more flattering. I think maybe Camilla does this, too.

  14. Kudos to Kate for finally getting KP to agree to the schedule she’s been wanting for the last 6+ years! No expectations, no pressure, she’ll just get to decide each day which fun event she feels like showing up for. I think I’ll take this plan to my boss today and see if it’ll work for me!

    1. That last line, Queen Lauri? Solid. Gold. Now does anyone have a tip for getting cranberry juice out of cream silk…

  15. Harry and Meghan have so much star power that I just don’t see how Kate and Will can compete with that. They will always be the other stodgy two. Oh, Kate does have the ability to be sweet and is learning to look engaged, but she pales in comparison to Meghan . And, William just can’t compete with his brother. He knows it, too. Thus, all those snide little jokes about Harry –pulling the heir card against the spare every chance he gets. Especially, when Harry is doing well with so many of his charities and events.

    Pitting different personalities against one another isn’t something I like to do, but the facts will show that you can’t take charisma away from people. And, charisma works when meeting and greeting people and making a nice, lasting impression. It’s not the only thing one needs to make a connection to people, of course, but I just don’t see how much of an impact William the Sour makes. Kate? Well, people do seem to like her, but she, in my opinion, can’t hold a candle to Meghan. From what we know of Meghan at this point, anyway.

    So, the wheels will be spinning in PR land to ensure that W and K get their fair shot at solid media coverage. They will continue to be just keen about everything. That, and bringing out the three kids when the going gets rough.

    1. I wonder if the dynamic will be similar to when the Queen was younger and her sister was the charismatic one? When Margaret was younger much was made of her beauty, charisma and wilder ways, while her sister the Queen was seen as much more reserved and stodgy.

      Personally, I’m going to try my best to not compare Kate and Meghan too much. I think it will prove to be a difficult endeavor but as KMR has said before, and something I believe in as well, you can’t really compare one person to another as we are all unique, with our own strengths and weaknesses. And frankly, Kate never measures up well when compared to other royal ladies so imo, it would almost be cruel to continue the comparisons.

      1. I think it can be cruel to compare personalities and looks between people, but when you’re talking about public positions and who may be best suited for those roles, and personality and presentation (not weight, complexion, facial features, etc) are key factors, I think it’s fair to compare. Also, with Kate and Meghan, I think it’s perfectly fair to compare history of work ethic, volunteering, etc. Basically, just like you and I would be compared against our co-workers, Kate and other royal wives can be compared on their job performances.

        1. I get what you’re saying Lizzie, we should be able to compare job performance but again imo, Kate will never fair well in any job performance comparison. I didn’t say that I’ll never compare the two or compare Kate to other royal women, I’m sure there will be times when my inner-snark can’t be contained :), but I will make an extreme effort to be nice.

          1. @Queen Lauri — but if Kate never measures up, who’s fault is that? At what point is she held responsible for her own actions, or lack thereof? At what point does Charles put his foot down on 200k annual clothing budgets? At what point is she – a college educated, grown woman – responsible for her ridiculously light work schedule? No more hand-holding, no more excuses, no more bar being set at ground level. (And all that goes for William as well!) BTW, those are all just rhetorical questions for the general “you,” I’m not peppering you with questions 🙂

            IMO (as Nic919 says below) she dated William for years – so had ample chance to figure out what what being his wife might entail. But, during her 20s she actively chose not to get a real job or develop networking connections or make friends or do charity work…so now if she can’t make small talk or give a brief speech in front of a super friendly audience or work more than 30-40 days a year, then (IMO) that’s all on Kate. Even after getting engaged and then married – where she then had any possible resource at her disposal (tutors, speechmasters, other royals for guidance) – she still hasn’t made much/any progress in many areas and she barely works! To me, at a certain point, that’s all on Kate (or her mother for coddling her for so many years while she waited for William to propose).

        2. Kate’s laziness is of her own making so I can’t feel bad if she fails in the comparisons. She dated Will for 10 years basically and has been married for 6 going on 7 soon. If she hasn’t stepped up yet it’s because she doesn’t care to do so.

      2. All great points. But I think the $24million question here is: Will Meghan work? Will she put up triple digits in engagement numbers each year? If so, she’s going to be hard to shove in the closet, because (1) the royal family needs working members with the aging monarch and the lazy duo, (2) the royal family needs some exiting energy injected into it to maintain the interest (like STAT), and (3) they’ll need to keep Meghan herself happy. If she’s the type of person who likes and wants to work, cutting off her only outlet because she’s upstaging someone could cause her to act out or put strain on her marriage. (Wild speculation, I know, but not out of the possibility.)

        So, the question is: Will she work? I think yes. First of all, because (to Americans at least) being a kept woman who lives an idle life of luxury is NOT something that is widely aspired to or openly admired. Especially by someone who claims to be a feminist. She’ll want to “use her platform” and “make a difference.”

        Second, judging by her first outing with Harry at IG, she likes begin in front of the cameras and is very comfortable with it. I think she wants to see and be seen, and will take to Duchess-ing like a duck to water.

        I’m reserving judgement on Meghan for now, but I will admit to being cautiously optimistic. 🙂

        1. I get the faux-HG excuse or not necessarily being rostered to attend but really, isn’t all this a concerted, long-term campaign by the brothers and Kate to gradually minimise public expectations to virtually nothing on their part, all the while collecting public dough and living the life of Riley? This is perfectly realised because they are so well-cushioned by a phalanx of PR drip feeding the public on a daily diet of the ‘royal’s’ greatness, being the essence of British identity. It would be more appropriately badged as propaganda: keep the status very much quo.

          But when the penny finally drops on ‘commoners’ – what an insult – will they be so willing to fund a small group of underwhelming people who turn up for 30-60 minutes a dozen times a month, with exaggerated smiles and jolliness (for PR purposes) and then go back into hiding their publicly-funded private lives of luxury?

          The current game of the Wales boys is that Harry ‘can’t’ outwork William because protocol. Never mind that Anne outworks Charles… So William faffs around for a decade plus, with faux-jobs he fails at. His dolt of a wife follows suit in doing the absolute minimum. Now we have a new potential wife on the scene. Being comfortable/eager for the camera does not equate with one wanting to help others on a lifelong basis; as we’ve noted, Harry also faffs around, every inch the trust-fund baby with not much to occupy himself. Will Meghan insist on she and Harry stepping up, if indeed she wants to? How will that go down with the egotistical slackers William and Kate? Or will Meghan simply fit into the established order? My money is on the latter, simply because that inner sanctum of privilege is too intoxicating and once it has been bestowed, people cannot function without it and become addicted to the entitlement. Witness Diana, Fergie, Andrew, etc. I do believe such unearned privilege is, ultimately, corrosive to character.

          1. +! gazillion, Jen.

            No matter how great the ‘love’, Harry is Numero Uno and very much in lockstep with William in attitude and expectation. This includes a massive sense of entitlement.

            Harry is a slacker of the first order, he is royal, he is as much a welfare cheat as the rest of them, and has use of taxpayers’ hard earned money for a PR juggernaut – why should he change? Who would want to marry a gilded slacker like this?

            I’m guessing only someone able to take direction and know their place in exchange for an opulent lifestyle, massively positive publicity made of lies, and a lot of forelock tugging just for marrying in. I agree, Meghan will be perfectly happy to follow his lead and both will be happy to sit on their scarce philanthropic laurels for years, all the while promoting their singular greatness as a man and woman of the people. We will get more of the same ad nauseam. This will never be a marriage of equals.

            As for Kate showing up- yep, it’s about expectations. She shows up for fluffy stuff. They show up for fluffy stuff. There may be an increase in numbers but there will be a corresponding increase in fluff and decrease in the gritty stuff. When was the last time any of them consistently visited the suffering and brave? Smoke and mirrors, all of it. I find it offensive at this point. Their move to more and more tech guarantees less ‘work’ for them- they don’t even have to bring the body! It also guarantees less transparency.

            *This* is the future of the institution of monarchy- little effort/struggle, all PR, an indifference to and abdication of their fairly shallow roles for even shallower celebrity. Meghan is the culmination of that trend towards celebrity and will fit in perfectly. And people continue to buy it.

          2. Even better said, MavenTheFirst. I couldn’t agree more.

            Apart from constitutional duties, there seems little purpose to monarchy. These days they seem to be filed under ‘entertainment’ and ‘celebrity’, of the soap opera variety.

            Does the Church of England need a Defender of Faith who has no demonstrable faith? Surely the CoE will move to loosen the monarchical ties after Charles.

            Charitable duties were introduced to the royal agenda in the early 20th century as a means to appear visible and necessary to the fabric of British society. Even then, there was some reflection from the BRF that they needed to appear relevant if they were to survive. Why do ‘the people’ need to be geed up for half an hour here and there by a ‘better’ family that only does so in order to keep visible for status and privilege stays intact? If some draw strength from the BRF, so be it, but at the very least they are owed full transparency about their ‘betters’ ie the full cost to keep them, their true work habits? Too much remains deliberately hidden or obfuscated and you have to ask why if all was above board. In the place of true information we have a PR onslaught that benignly indoctrinates, day by day, drip by drip, as to the superior virtue of a family who collectively possesses none of it.

            Moving in exalted circles for a potential ‘royal’ wife must be flattering, overwhelming, delightful, the latter especially so if you enjoy attention. I recall a security officer opining that Kate quickly got used to and came to expect royal treatment way before she married. I wonder if it’s the thrill of it all that blinds or the pursuit of fame and material pleasures?

            I see the Wales boys as just products of over-indulgence, too much of everything without enough training or humility imposed to allow them to understand their role, unearned in their case; they take far more than they give and that is unacceptable.

    2. I agree, they are two totally different personalities, but it is tough not to be comparing both women.

      This is a petty comment, but I really wish someone would teach Kate how to blend out her eyeshadow so you do not see such a harsh line where the brown eyeshadow ends up by her eyebrows – see pic 3rd from bottom. I think she would look much better and it would be more youthful and subtle.

      1. I have a petty comment too so I will say it here and we can be petty together ?. The brass buttons on the coat with silver zips on the boots. It’s a no no for me and makes me cringe a bit when I see it. Especially on someone who has many different styles of black boots/booties she could have worn instead. Stylist!! ASAP

        1. Ray: Agreed.
          Also I think Kate may have a mobile/cell phone in her right pocket. It bulges and pulls the fabric at the bottom of the pocket down.
          The worn out jeans; brass buttons with zips on the boots; an outfit that pairs a smart top half with a much more casual bottom half; bulges in pockets that spoil silhouettes, are in themselves, small and petty criticisms. However, the devil is in the detail and often it’s this failure that derails Kate’s style/appearance. I think Kate is an attractive woman but less and less do I look at her and think she looks well put together.

      2. I do wish she would lose all the dark brown eyeshadow, it just really brings out the circles under her eyes and makes her look harsh and aged. I don’t understand what it is with the Middleton women and their harsh eye makeup, it’s just not flattering. Imo, Kate looked much better in her post-college days when she kept the makeup to a minimum.

        1. Wait, I can’t keep up, does she look harsh and aged (evidence of terrible makeup skills) or full-faced and rosy-cheeked (evidence of lying about having hg)?

          Personally I think she looks fine and like she’s got blush on to make her look healthier.

          1. I think Kate always looks best when pregnant because of the weight she puts on.
            Her makeup can age her and she can look good and healthy while pregnant. The two have nothing to do with each other
            When she’s laid off the makeup we’ve commented on nice and refreshing it’s been.

      3. This is what I wish kate would embrace: there are these things called professional stylist, make-up artists and hairdressers, they’re professionals for a reason and there is nothing wrong with using them!
        I mean, I get professional make-up done when I have a big event or heck pop into the Bobbi brown counter and they do me up! They make the world of difference. I don’t know if she thinks this perpetuates the down home princess narrative or what but I’d rather she spend money on a good hair dresser and make-up artist than another $1500 on an identical blazer she already has
        I don’t know if it’s because of her back ground in tv but Letiza has some of the best make up out of the royal ladies. Madeleine would be my second
        Instead of these bottom tier stylist (hair and wardrobe) she should spend Charles’s money on some real professionals and either have a professional make up artist show her how to apply her make up w/out looking like my niece got a hold of her or just have one on retainer for events. Her hairstylist is abysmal and I don’t know where she found her. I’ve seen better dos from the place inside wal-mart!
        It would make a world of difference becuase how she does her makeup now often ages her.
        Gah sorry her “team” frustrates me! My two cents =)

        1. Honest question: does she have a stylist? Clearly a professional does her hair, but do we know for sure if she has an actual stylist?

          1. Natasha archer is her wardrobe stylist. I think she’s some one kate was friendly with, liked her personal style and thought she would make do as her stylist. She seems to have problems dressing for Kate’s body type, giving false measurements to designers, unable to get kate do actual fittings and does shoddy tailoring work on outfits. All things a professional stylist would hopefully be able to fix. If you’re going to have a bespoke outfit and not have fittis at ltueastgive true measurements!!
            Someone said her hairstylist used to cut William and Harry’s hair so I wonder if she’s more of a barber and thus unfamiliar with updos and how to style hair with extensions in them? Or maybe Kate just really likes boring hairdos?

          2. Thanks for the reply, Sarah! Yes, even if she has a stylist, the stylist is either a bad one or reigned in my a client with boring tastes.

        2. If I could afford a hairstylist on a daily basis and makeup artist I would totally use them. It’s an art and not everyone is talented that way.

        3. This frustrates me about her as well. In her position she can access the best makeup artists and hair stylists but instead clings to this particular “look” that hasn’t changed much since college and is looking more and more dated. She also needs a professional to help with her overall look because while I don’t mind her preppy style it could certainly do with some polish.

    3. William and Kate are boring. They project stuffy middle aged couple from a bygone era. I just do not think it is in their nature to be spontaneous or even care free. William has been from birth trained and groomed for his position. Yet he wears like a ball and chain. Not saying I’m a pity party for William. Can you imagine growing up and knowing exactly how your life will be mapped out for you? Do I feel completely sorry for him though not a hundred percent. I think he is arrogant, rude, and spoiled. Yet the opposite side of the spectrum is a very lonely and uneasy individual.

      1. He may have known what was in store for him, but how much time he has to put his own special stamp on his role. He only seems to have put a negative stamp on his role, so far. He can define himself any way he wants, but when showing how he cares for people, what things he wishes to accomplish to benefit them — well, then he will have an image that will be refreshing and inspirational. I don’t seem him going in that direction.

        1. As others have commented, William seems to have a different persona when he is attending engagements by himself. When either Kate or Harry are with him, it changes. Harry becomes the butt of jokes. William’s impatience shows when Kate accompanies him. In the news the 3 amigos have the PR of ‘Kate Went Here’ with William and Harry as sidekicks. It doesn’t seem cohesive. William gets the expression that one would have when trying to herd cats.

          1. I agree, GraceH. He always looks annoyed with her. Yet another reason I’m excited for Meghan is seeing her and Harry interact. If their IG outings are anything to judge by, they actually like each other and have good chemistry. The only question is will the PDA continue – if so, will it at least be dialed down.

        2. He’s in his mid 30s. He’s had plenty of time for his education and to find work he’s interested in. Unlike many people, he has many, many options he could have explored but his lack of intellectual curiosity is obvious. He’s had so much goodwill – I mean, he is forever a subject of sympathy for his teenage loss. He also has the choice to reject his destiny, which is a very bold step but one open to him. His job is one you’re either all in or you’re out.

          1. Charles also had his life mapped out and by his 30s had done so much more than his son. Harry also has a certain level of restrictions and manages to do more as well.

    4. Wait six years after meghan and harry are together and we will be talking about them the same way they have only been together a year and a half its still new the rose tinted glasses come of eventually Andrew and Sarah were talked about in favourable terms and compared with c and d that changed after their children we’re born

      1. Danielle, you’re right. Who knows what the future holds for either of these couples? Harry and Meghan might turn out to be as big a train wreck as Andrew and Sarah. I’m just going to enjoy the loved-up stage while we’ve got it (assuming we get it)!

        1. Meghan is not Sarah. Sarah seemed to struggle from the beginning. She did not understand, she did not and never would, have the same spending budget as Diana. She seemed to have a difficult time with her husband away at sea. I think you cannot compare since the times, situations and people are so different.

          You are correct. Time will tell.

          1. G, very very true. Time may show Meghan to have many issues of her own, but I doubt she shares many of Sarah’s. Very, very different people.

  16. I can’t manage to drum up the slightest bit of interest in Kate or William these days. Aside from being totally boring, they just seem completely irrelevant, even at worthwhile events. And quite frankly nothing they do justifies, in my eyes, the gross amount of money that is spent on them.

    I very much like the concept behind Coach Core, having seen first-hand how sports can transform the lives of young at-risk people. But I thought Harry’s speech–while well-written and well-delivered–was too self-congratulatory, as all of their speeches tend to be. His speech makes it sound as though this idea originated with the three of them after the Paralympics (like that was what Kate and William were doing out there on the French balcony). Actually, at least one of Coach Core’s partners had already an almost exact program in place–see the history of Greenhouse Sports, founded in 2002. So basically, Coach Core is like every other umbrella organization within the trio’s royal foundation–not original in concept and a vehicle to shine more PR light on the trio themselves. Yes, it highlights a worthwhile cause, but better to give directly to Greenhouse Sports or one of the other partner charities themselves.

    Also, as with other royal foundation speeches, why couldn’t Harry at least mention the partner charities? There are only five of them, in this case, so it would not have been a problem to individually thank them for their work. But no, as always, the purpose of this speech here is to highlight the royal foundation and the royals themselves.

    I realize that Harry’s speech was just made yesterday, but the numbers for Coach Core on the royal foundation website don’t match the numbers in the speech. We know that this speech would have been prepared in plenty of time to allow plans for the website to be updated as well, but it hasn’t been yet. An extension of KP’s lack of attention to detail and sloppy management.

    1. Most people don’t watch the royals like royal watchers do that’s why the all have favourable rating if everyone took the same notice the royal family wouldn’t still be in existence

  17. This outfit is a copy of Diana’s. Diana matched her blacks and a looser fitting blazer.


    1. I course it is. Kate it is always challenging her mother in law. Yet when Diana wore her clothes she wore them. Kate clothes wear her unfortunately. She really needs to find her own fashion sense. Stop copying Diana. It’s creepy in my opinion.

    2. Yowza! She should have just purchased the blazer in red and been done with it. Stop SWFing your MiL- you’re not her. Also, Charlotte isn’t her and if this baby is a girl born the very image of her famous grandmother- that still won’t make her Diana either. I don’t think William wants to be married to his mother anyway and if you really do want to emulate her- get in the game and out of your giant walk in closet

      1. To me though, she isn’t even wearing skinny jeans, she’s wearing jeggings. Which, IMO, are just thick tights or leggings. That’s the difference – again, just for me – of what makes her outfit inappropriate for work (jeggings/leggings/tights) vs fine for (most) work settings (skinny jeans). I do think there would be some work settings when even skinny jeans are inappropriate – like maybe a law firm or something. For me though, Kate has little sense of what’s sartorially appropriate for her “job” – whether it’s unweighted hems and a$$-cheek flashing or jeggings for pants or too-low cut tops when bending over meeting children. She just hasn’t a clue and doesn’t seem to want to listen to experts and, apparently, never seems to learn or grow and make improvements.

        I mean, look at the photo here: https://whatkatewore.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Kate-William-Judy-Murray-Ade-Apitan-Coach-Core-Oct-18-2017-Blue-Philosophy-A-EDwards-WPA-Pool-Getty-730-x-570.jpg

        Kate = jeggings (yuck and inappropriate, IMO, even for a sporting-related “work” outing)
        Judy Murray = skinny jeans (fine, IMO, even though they’re fitted and even though she’s older than Kate)

  18. On the BRF web site: “We require a Senior Communications Officer to support the work TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales on a Maternity Cover contract. This role will work both reactively and proactively to manage the daily news flow to the media, communicating with audiences via traditional, digital and social media.”

    Who is the pregnant staff member?

    The full ad is here: https://royalvacancies.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/appcentre-1/brand-2/candidate/so/pm/1/pl/4/opp/10000030-Senior-Communications-Officer/en-GB

    1. Jason? I am not kidding. Isn’t he married? Do he and his spouse expect a baby? Using a surrogate, or adopting? Just asking.

        1. Haha, me, too! But would they have used the term “maternity”? Wouldn’t they have instead said “paternity” or “family” leave?

          There’s also Miguel Head–rumors have been swirling around for awhile that he would be leaving. Maybe those rumors were based on people knowing his future family plans and not on his being disgruntled with the job, as was speculated.

    1. Agh, no! Why make Erdem affordable, I don’t want to see more of it. But, Kate Bosworth looks pretty, yet I despise the ruffle. I think we may see Kate and/or Meghan wear some of this though, unfortunately. Maybe Kate will find something for her visit to Sweden as H&M is Swedish. Victoria already wore a dreadful high collar blouse from the collection.

    2. Erdem = a bunch of ugly schmattas
      I do not understand why young women seem to embrace this brand. I think it is very old lady looking.
      I know Meghan Markle is a fan and if she does end up marrying PH I hope she does not choose Erdem to design the wedding dress.

      1. I am 99% sure she will choose Erdem: one of her favourite brands, plus “diplomatically correct” (British and Canadian — yes, I know she is American but Canada is her adopted home). And I predict that, like Giles Deacon did with Pippa’s wedding dress, Erdem will use the occasion to launch a bridal collection.

        1. If Meghan chooses Erdem, then I’m guaranteed to hate her dress. If fact, I’m guaranteed to hate her style since she loves Erdem so much. Sad. I really wanted a royal whose style I actually like.

        2. Canada is her adopted home? She is working there, but I hardly think she has adopted it as her homeland. Maybe, I am wrong. She is an American. And, it would be cool if she chose an American designer, but I guess that is not a possibility. I’m a bit sensitive about this subject matter. My cousin worked in Canada for five years and enjoyed her life there, but she would never say she had adopted it as her home She worked there and lived there. Wow, I”m in a cranky mood.

          1. Sorry, jenny, didn’t mean to give offence. I thought I read somewhere that Meghan considers Canada her adopted home. But I may well be wrong.

    3. Lol, I actually like some of it. I like Kate Bosworth’s dress (which would look good on either Kate or Meaghan) and I quite like what Zendaya is wearing, though it’s a shame about the wrinkled skirt.

      1. Kate had worn a very similar gown. If my memories are correct it was a movie premier last year. And almost everybody hate that dress here.

    1. Oh, for Pete’s sake. This is some serious downward facing dog. Kate invites the Diana comparisons by blatantly (creepily) pulling a Single White Female on her late MIL. This with my namesake is just plain ridiculous.

  19. Well, the proportions are off on this recent sartorial disaster, as usual. The jeggings kill the look. Although I’m not a big fan of the blazer, it could have been saved by wearing a simple but classic pair of wool trousers. That’s all it would take.

    The hair is another matter entirely. She needs to embrace a side part, or one slightly off center. And for the love of god, don’t run your fingers through your hair, wipe your nose with your right hand, and then shake hands with someone! God! I saw a video of her doing that and was absolutely revolted. The woman has no manners or class.

  20. I might be missing something here but are we giving Kate credit and praise for this appearance? I don’t understand it, did she do anything other than show up supported by her two burly minders, sorry, relatives? Why are we giving credit to a 36 year old woman for getting dressed (badly) and tagging along in the car to her b-i-l’s event? I’m sorry but until she makes an effort and makes a speech or turns up SOLO I don’t believe she’s doing anything other than keeping a watch on William. This isn’t work – it needed all 3 of them?

    I’m so over lazy Kate, I wish she’d grow up and do something. She’s useless. People with REAL morning sickness manage to work 8 hr days every day, I’m fed up of her. Can’t speak, can’t coordinate, can’t work, can’t do anything except holiday Duchess of Lazy!

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