Royal Round Up: Queens Letizia, Maxima & Elizabeth pet horses

Royal Round Up: Queens Letizia, Maxima & Elizabeth pet horses

In today’s royal round up, we have three queens interacting with horses and babies. Queen Maxima and Queen Elizabeth both enjoyed some quality horse time, and Queen Letizia held a baby during a walkabout. This post is basically just an excuse for me to look at photos of horses.

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During a regional visit to Eemland on October 24, Queen Maxima stopped by Het Gagelgat farm with King Willem-Alexander to pet some of the horses. One of which tried to grab a taste of the flower bouquet Maxima was holding.

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Also on October 24, Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by Prince Charles, visited The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment at Hyde Park Barracks where she was introduced to the regiment’s new drummer horse, Perseus, before touring the stables.

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HM fed another horse, Joanie, whom she gave to the regiment last summer. The Queen taking off her gloves in order to feed a horse might just be my new favorite royal picture.

Queen Elizabeth II feeds horse Oct 2017 s
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HM also met a horse named Quinn, who was painted on the side with a skeleton, as part of the ‘Horses Inside Out’ program to educate Troopers on their horse’s anatomy and how best to look after them.

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To keep with the animal theme, here is a photo of Queen Letizia, and King Felipe, walking by some cows during a visit to Porenu village – which was named 2017 Best Asturian Village – on October 21.

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This last part is completely breaking the farm animal theme, but it’s so rare to see Letizia fawning over babies that I thought I’d include these photos.

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37 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Queens Letizia, Maxima & Elizabeth pet horses

  1. Love the pale blue dress tones – probably not a colour that would work for me though. I give burgundy a miss as I had to wear it at school for 11 years. Max is lucky that the horse went for the flowers and not her jewels. In these photos QE11 looks like she has lost height in recent years – I have memories of her with more stature. But fantastic that she is able to keep up her schedule and looks like she enjoys it all still. I’m sure her life has not been easy, but she has “lived” it all in style IMO

      1. And, sadly, people lose some of their height when they age.
        HM looks so gentle and caring with the horse. So, do the other ladies.
        And, oh, Leti with that adorable baby! Just lovely!!

  2. HM put down her cloves only for her darling horses, they can feel special x) She surely loves them.
    The horse wants to eat Maxima’s flowers.That’s what is so nice about animals, they make no difference between King or normal citizen, just want to be treated nice. This could be one of the reasons why Queen Elizabeth likes them, they are the only ones in her life who don’t care that she’s Queen of England.
    God, I love all these pictures.
    Lezizia is such a nice woman.How she cuddles this baby 🙂 I also love her outfit, it’s so leger, but stylish.

    1. I’m sure she didn’t want horse slobber on her nice gloves, but also if you’re not gonna enjoy the soft muzzles then what’s even the point of horse-petting?

    2. From what I understand, the unconditional loyalty of her corgis (i.e, they did not care that she’s the Queen) was one of the reasons for her devotion.

  3. I was not planning on haveing any more children, but those pics of Leti and Felipe with that moochable baby is doing things to my hormones!!!!

    1. When my uncles and aunts always cuddled babies in our family, everbody always said the same. “Oh, you should get another baby.”
      We are a big family.
      So, I imagined Felipe saying just that to his wife 🙂

  4. Thank you KMR, for the round up of cute horses. My favourite photo is of Queen Maxima and the horse going for the flowers. My second favourite is of HM and the horse. It definitely shows the Queen’s passion for horses and the mutual respect that she has for them. How well groomed does Perseus look as well.
    What a happy baby that is being lifted by Queen Letizia. I hope the Spanish couple do have another baby. Letizia, looks very comfortable with the crowd.

      1. Leonore is not one of Leti’s kids, is she? I think you are referring to Madeleine’s daughter. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the names of the Spanish princesses off hand.

    1. I don’t really know. But has HM, actually grown up with horses since childhood? I know that she told someone that she wanted to be a lady in the countryside who kept horses and dogs. If Letizia and Felipe did I would be happy to wait and see.

      1. I think they would not want to take away Leonor’s title if the baby would be a boy.
        She surely gets educated already to be Queen one day.
        But could Felipe not change these rules as King like in Sweden?

        1. Generally, in a constitutional monarchy the elected government is the one to change the rules regarding succession. It was the Swedish government who changed the rules against the wishes of the Swedish king, for example, which is why he got so grumpy about his daughter becoming next in line to become monarch. It’s also why PM Cameron took credit for changing the rules when Kate was pregnant with George. Felipe doesn’t get to decide which child inherits his position.

          1. Ah, thank you! That’s interesting to know.
            And I heard of King Carl-Gustav’s opinion to this change.It must be hard for Victoria to show her grumpy father that she will be a worthy queen.

          2. In Denmark the Danish people voted on the change because it was in the constitution. The Queen didn’t voice her opinion but apparently she was upset with the change; once Prince Christian has a child no matter the gender they will be monarch.

  5. I read “Letizia held a baby during a walkabout” as “Letizia *had* a baby during a walkabout,” and I was wondering why that wasn’t bigger news!

    Maybe I need to start drinking coffee in the mornings.

    1. That certainly would have been a shock! We didn’t know she was pregnant and then she gives birth on a walkabout!!
      I always think coffee first thing is a good idea – I’ve never quite understood the lemon water thing, although I know it is supposed to be very good for me …..I need caffeine.

    2. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! I sometimes have to do a double-take on certain things I see and/or read. I just place the blame on the transplant drugs I’m on! 😉

      While it would be sweet if they had another I don’t see it happening, mainly due to Letizia’s age.

      Edit: sometimes I drink water first thing in the morning and others, I absolutely have to have my coffee!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you KMR!!! A post with 3 of my favorite royal ladies is just what I needed today 🙂

    I think these photos show each of these royal women at their best; QE feeding a horse, Maxima having fun with her style and Leti in a great professional outfit with babies. Oh, this is just heaven!!

  7. I wonder if QE2 carries horse snacks in that famous black handbag, just in case she sees a horse!! With me it is ‘doggy poo bags’ that seem to appear from all my coat pockets or handbags at the most inappropriate moments , but at least I am always prepared!

      1. At an Olympics the British equestrian team gave polo mints to the horses to gain their trust. I think we take it for granted what marvellous majestic animals horses are.

  8. What a happy post! I love the color of Maxima’s coat and hat. You’d never guess the Queen was her 90s, I think she looks amazing. The baby’s expression when held is cute.
    All the ladies look lovely and happy.
    Are they putting any events in the calendar for Kate or generally leaving it blank? I think Harry has a busy upcoming week so at least we have that =)

  9. Love the horses, love Letizia and the baby, but really would love to see more Felipe! He’s just gorgeous. And he and Letizia seem to bring out the best in each other.

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