Princess Madeleine reads to children at Nordic library in London

Princess Madeleine reads to children at Nordic library in London

Princess Madeleine undertook an engagement in London on Valentine’s Day, February 14. She stopped by London’s Southbank Centre where she read to children at the newly opened children’s library Room for Children.

Room for Children is a Swedish library and arts studio for the young designed to stimulate their desire for books, music, storytelling and self-expression. A child’s perspective is applied throughout, from the greeting to the interior design and the way books are placed and displayed. The library aims to inspire children aged 0-10 to read and discover. The majority of the books are in English but some Nordic language books can also be found. Room for Children will stay open at London’s Southbank Centre throughout 2017 as part of the ongoing Nordic art and culture festival Nordic Matters.

Madeleine joined a group of children to talk about books and reading. She also spoke with the press that was there about a book project she’s working on, and getting her own children into reading. She also spoke about living in London, Chris’ work, and moving back to Sweden eventually.

    On the children’s book she’s working on: “I’m working on a separate project, my book project. It’s a children’s book. You’ll see what is is soon. At the moment all I can say that it will be fun.”
    On Princess Leonore’s reading: “Previously Leonore had not really had the patience, but now [she wants] more and more books, which is great fun. It is a cozy moment you have together. There will of course Pippi in the beginning.”
    On Prince Nicolas’ reading: “[H]e has always loved books! So when you cannot find him… he crept up in a chair and is sitting with a little book himself. He will probably be a bookworm!”
    On living in London: “We’re all very happy in London right now. This is where Chris works and has his business. But it’s not set in stone that we will be here forever.”
    On Chris dealing with the pressure of being a royal spouse: “I think he understands more and more how to handle it. It was a bit difficult in the beginning. He is much of an emotional person, so it was a little difficult at first. But now I think he handles it very well. But there’s a difference now that we live here in London, for it is not the same pressure when going down to the city and do something.”
    On moving back to Sweden at some point: “Chris likes to be in Sweden, he has many friends there, and he likes the Swedish culture and food. So I absolutely believe that we will end up in Sweden to end. It’s just a question of when.”


I want to know more about the children’s book project she’s working on.

Madeleine opening Room for Children 2
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Madeleine posted a message on her Facebook page about the visit, saying: “I had so much fun today opening the ‘Room for Children’ at the Southbank Centre in London”

Madeleine opening Room for Children 1
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Madeleine wore a new top from Vilshenko. Maddie’s shirt seems to be a combo of two different shirts: the Floradita blouse and the Lily Rose cape blouse. She paired the top with a new black pleated skirt from Valentino, and boots from Miu Miu.

This is a big fat no from me. I’ve seen several Vilshenko pieces on various royals now, and this is a brand that I just don’t like.

Here is a short video of Maddie arriving at the library.

Madeleine posted the below photo of Princess Leonore to her Facebook page recently with the caption: “Leonore and I exploring sights of London!”

Leonore in London Feb 2017
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

38 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine reads to children at Nordic library in London

  1. This is one royal I would love to bump into. I like the shirt, like the boots, don’t like the overall look.
    I am intrigued about the children’s project too. I love Madeleine and Victoria on their royal visits. They always seem interested and involved and I don’t know if it’s how relaxed they are or maybe their clothing choices are more understated, but I always see the activity they are doing first (Madeleine’s on the floor with children) and their fashion choices next which is the opposite for how I react to other young royal ladies.

    1. I’m trying to remember what other royal authors there are out there. Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, Sarah Ferguson, King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, Princess Martha-Louise, Carina Axelsson (not royal but associated with them). Who else? Maybe she could get discreet publishing advice from some of them.

      1. I love Queen Raina’s book about the hummus pita and the peanut butter sandwich. It was a great conversation starter with my daughter.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I love seeing Madeleine. She always radiates such kindness and happiness.

    The outfit, though, is a no, but the engagement is a nice thing for her to do.

    1. +100

      Was hoping Princess Leonore went along too. Nice seeing her about London. Seem Princess Maddie taking over London with Swedish duties and her family about. Compared to the entitled lazy lambridge in hiding and dont want to be around regular people. But luckily we have Prince and Princess in waiting Henry out and about otherwise, London could go the way of Sweden royals.

  3. Madeleine seems to be down to earth and also easy-going with children. It doesn’t seem forced but that she understands her importance as an adult for children (that we all have). Her blouse looks nice, I like those white wide ones. The shoes not so much to this skirt.
    The library looks beautiful, really warm. A nice surrounding for children to read and feel welcomed!

  4. Madeleine comes across in interviews as serene and caring. She also is so honest and forthcoming with small details about her life in interviews. She gives a lovely detail about each of her children that any parent can relate to. Her comments about living in London are interesting. And saying that Chris is emotional, well, he admits himself that he can be grumpy. As someone who is very guarded, I envy that quality of circumscribed openness.

    She looks absolutely thrilled to be with the children. I love her outfit. It has a Swedish librarian quality.

    Thanks, KMR. I really love your posts on Vic and Maddie.

  5. What I appreciated most about this visit was the press officer. She came right out and said Madeleine has no obligation to serve, doesn’t receive a royal salary, only receives apanage to cover things when she does an event.

    I’m sure those who dislike Madeleine will likely continue to ignore that. Madeleine is doing what she (and CP + spouse) are supposed to – move into private life and don’t be a burden to the taxpayers.

    1. I think it probably helps, too, to be in another city (and even country) while creating that space. Being in the thick of it but balancing things, like the York girls will have to do, seems very daunting.

  6. I don’t like her blouse (looks like doily for me). The rest is neither horrible nor splendid, it suits her.
    She looks happy when she works with children!

  7. Loved the fact that Maddie got right down on the floor with the children. There is something so warm and caring about her. I think she enjoys reading to kids and they seemed to enjoy her.

    Her descriptions of her own children were so nice to read. Leonore, who is finally getting into stories and Nico who is a future bookworm!

    I did not like the short booties with the outfit and we certainly criticize Kate for wearing black when she is with children, so let me say, “Why the black skirt, Madeleine? The blouse? I am not sure. In the last photo, I liked it. Thought it would be better for a summer day, however.

    With Maddie, there is such a sincere way of talking to people and expressing her thoughts. I like her very much. Victoria, too. They just seem to have grace and dignity, but give off a friendly and loving vibe, too.

    Reading to kids is so important. It’s something that is so very enjoyable, too. For kids and adults! Thanks for covering this KMR. And the photo of Leonore all bundled up during her site seeing moments, is darling. I think she needs a play date with George and Charlotte!l

    1. +1

      A couple of local royals with the fake insincere meet and greet short entitled visits could learn a thing from the SRF, Prince Henry and Meghan!

      Princess Madeline and Meghan could make be friends.

  8. This looks like a great place to go and have fun with your kids. I take my niece to the library and we have great fun.
    Doesn’t Madeleine have dyslexia? So I like that she’s even more envolved in the reading aspect and am excited to learn about her book writing endeavors.
    I love that she shares pics of her little family.
    Not a fan of the wardrobe but she looks so happy and engaged I’ll over look it. I think I would like the shirt more with out the cape aspect to it.

    1. Madeleine is the only one of the three children of the King and Queen wwho doesn’t have dyslexia. Victoria and Carl-Philip have it and I feel sorry for them. 🙁

      1. Thanks for some reason I thought all three had it. Considering that most of the Royal family’s are related, it’s not surprising that dyslexia seems to run is several of the families

      2. Actually, in the interview mentioned, she talks about how when they were all little, they listened to books on tape and looked at the books. She has the mildest form of dyslexia and benefited from having a great tutor.

  9. So enjoyed this post. Madeleine looked so engaged with the children and they seemed to enjoy her, too! I loved her putting her hand on the little one’s bottom — the baby who was being held by the child standing next to her. Loved her interest in promoting reading to children even more!

    There is something very special about Maddie and her sister. They are all too human, but have a lovely sense of decorum, too.

    As for her wardrobe choice? Not my fave look. The boots would have been better with something else. And, the blouse? Well, I’m still trying to figure out if I like it, or not. I do agree that it is more of a summery look. Still, when you are so attuned to those you are visiting and having such a good time, yourself, it’s hard to be too critical of Princess Madeleine.

    Loved the photo of Leonore, too. And, the comments that Maddie made about her family. She doesn’t offer too many details, just enough! She allows people to get to know Chris and the children in an easygoing way.

    Thank you for posting this. Always good to read anything about the Swedish Royals.

    1. I agree about Madeleine and Victoria. I think they have had the right influences. They also appear along with their brother to be close. I get the feeling William and Harry are not that close anymore. They are two very different men. However they have grown up in the spotlight of the press. I don’t know how much press coverage the Swedish siblings had. It is funny how they are related through Queen Victoria but they have different attitudes towards others.

      1. Considering Queen Victoria’s personality and attitude to her job, it’s a good thing these descendants turned out the way they did. Exception William. His attitude has echoes of Victoria.

        1. I agree. The Swedes have a different parenting style. I have always been fascinated by Queen Victoria. Being the same generation as William and Harry I never realised the extent that the Royal family was so connected before seeing a family tree. I think on some levels Victoria was superficial and liked to be in control. However her childhood was strange and obviously she couldn’t make connections with people.

  10. Love the blouse, shorten the skirt, mayyyyyybe keep the shooties. Maybe.

    On to the good stuff: I love Madeleine’s events. She is so natural and engaged when she’s around children. The fact that does still does engagements in London when she has zero obligation to do anything at all speaks to her genuine care for people and her work ethic. She isn’t just running around town shopping and hitting the treadmill.

    1. Changed my stance on the shooties. Strappy shooties to make the foot look smaller or go with a regular heel or sandal. It’s been a slow sick day and I’ve had too much time to think. 🙂

  11. I am not a fan of these booties. They make her legs look short, which they clearly are not. I like all of these pieces on their own, but maybe not together.

  12. Thank you KMR. What a delight for those children to have Princess Madeleine come and read to the children. Taking time and effort engaging with them and making them seem the stars of the day rather than taking the spotlight. I like how Madeleine, bends down to their level and engages with eye contact.
    I actually like the boots and the blouse and the full black skirt. The blouse pattern is very pretty and is not too fussy.
    I believe reading is important and love to read to my eldest niece in particular. I brought her ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ recently. What is Pippi? I have never really heard of it.

    I adore the photo of Leonore and her little stance, wrapped up for her sightseeing in London with her mum. I can definitely believe that she will not sit still for long but Leonore is always so curious and that is what I love about her nature.

    1. You have to know Pippi! Every child in Europe knows her. We adore Astrid Lindgren. There was a great TV series with a swedish girl as Pippi.Mette-Marit of Norway for example said in an interview that “The Brothers Lionheart” (written by Astrid Lindgren) is her favourite book from her childhood. There is also Nils Holgersson written by Selma Lagerlöf and other swedish bookwriters for children of today. These stories are all really natural not artificial and healthy books for children.

      1. Clearly I will have to look the books up in the Library. Or maybe it is online. From what I have heard the books are innocent and about a strong little girl. A cousin’s daughter likes Jacqueline Wilson books. Heather Feather or something. I will look Pippi up. She sounds such a sweet girl.

  13. Such a nice event, and Madeleine is wonderful when she engages with children.

    Not my favorite Maddie outfit, but the length and ease of the skirt means she can get down to the kid’s level without worrying about what might be showing. Diana often wore skirts like this (they were fashionable) with children. A smart choice.

    Something about Madeleine’s warmth reminds me of Camilla. Maybe it’s the reading.

  14. I know Camilla’s engagements don’t get a lot of press but on Valentine’s Day she visited Women’s Aid on her trip to Bristol. She was warm, compassionate, empathetic, listened to these women, and cried with them.

    William was elected as a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh on Wednesday. AFAIK he’s a Royal Fellow of other organizations as well. Cant’ see him interested in them like Charles or Philip though.

    1. I’m planning on covering Camilla. It’s just that there were so many royals out on Valentines Day that I can’t cover them all on the same day. So they have to take turns.

      1. Yay! I just wasn’t sure you planned on covering her because I know she’s not the most popular so I wanted to bring it up. 🙂

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