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Kate Middleton Review is a critical blog of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and other royals. However, Kate Middleton Review uses the word “review”, rather than a harsher word, for a reason. This blog tries to take a more middle ground approach to Kate and the other royals. As a critical blog, of course it is critical of Kate and others, but it is also willing to applaud the positives when warranted.

Even though this blog is a critical blog, it should still be an enjoyable place to read and comment on. When the comment section gets too negative, it is no longer enjoyable to read or comment on. I do not want this to be a negative place. I want to keep things as fun and friendly as possible, even when we disagree on things.

Keeping that in mind, here is Kate Middleton Review’s comment policy:

  • Do not attack, demean, name-call, etc. me or other commentators. It is not okay to be rude to other people.
  • Do not demean, belittle, name-call, etc. mine or other commentator’s opinions. Demeaning another person’s opinion is demeaning that person for having that opinion. There is a difference between saying, “It is ridiculous to think that [opinion]”, and saying, “I disagree with that opinion for X reason”. It is perfectly fine to disagree with an opinion, but attacking someone for having that opinion is not okay.
  • Do not threaten other people. Do not wish death, harm, or illness on other people.
  • Do not attack, demean, belittle, etc. me or other commentators for misinterpreting a comment. Misinterpretation happens and we can either deal with it calmly or just not respond. It is perfectly fine to clarify one’s comment, but do so courteously. Calmly restate or redefine one’s opinion or stance; do not attack others for the misinterpretation.
  • Do not attack, demean, belittle, etc. the royals. It is perfectly fine and encouraged to be critical of the royals so long as it is constructive. Vicious attacks and hateful language are not constructive and only bring down the atmosphere of the blog’s community.
  • Do not use all caps to emphasize a word or phrase. All caps comes across as screaming/yelling/shouting in text. It does not matter what your intention is behind the use of caps, it is literally a rule of the internet that all caps = screaming/yelling/shouting. Either use * or html code to italicize or bold the word or phrase in order to call attention to it.
  • Do make comments as readable as possible: proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I understand things happen, people rush, autocorrect goes wonky, and English is not everyone’s first language, but please try. No excessive use of capitals or punctuation.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of foul language. A comment will not be automatically deleted if it contains foul language, but it’s best to keep it to the absolute minimum.
  • Do not discuss politics. This is a site about royals, and while the royals do get tied up in politics sometimes, it is best we keep things here as apolitical as possible. Discussion about politics can become very heated very quickly and I do not want that to happen here.
  • Do not discuss personal religious beliefs. Discussion of a royal visit to a religious leader and discussion of the royal’s connection to religion (which royal houses belong to which religion, etc.) is okay. But leave your personal beliefs about those religions/religious leaders off the blog.
  • Do not insult the royal children’s looks. Ever.
  • Do Not comment on the royals’ weight. It is fine to comment on the fit of clothes, but do not comment on the person’s weight.

If your comment does not make it through moderation or gets deleted after already posting it is because it contains one or more of these points. I will not approve and will delete comments I know will only spark outrage and disrupt the community here.

NOTE: As owner of this proprietary site, I reserve the right to delete any comment I think has violated this comment policy.

If I ask you to please refrain from doing something that is a violation of one or more of these rules, do not take it personally. It is not personal; I just want to keep things from flaring up.

If I ask you to please refrain from doing something that is a violation of one or more of these rules and you continue to violate one or more of these rules, you will be banned.

Please remember to keep things fun and friendly, even when we disagree.

If you have a questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me at