Kate to visit Action for Children for the first time as Patron

Kate to visit Action for Children for the first time as Patron

Back on December 20, 2016, Kate Middleton took on three of the Queen’s former patronages. Two of them were tennis/Wimbledon related, and the other one was Action for Children. KP announced yesterday that Kate will be making her first visit to Action for Children, on February 22, since becoming their Patron.

Kate touring Action for Children

Kate will visit two Action for Children projects in Wales on Wednesday, February 22. These will be Kate’s first engagements for Action for Children since becoming their Patron, however they will be the second and third visit overall. Kate previously visited an Action for Children project back in February 2015 when she visited their Cape Hill Children’s Centre.

BP announced a good ten days or so ago that Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry will be joining HM and Prince Philip, among other royal family members, for a Service of Dedication at Horse Guards Parade on Thursday, March 9. HM and Philip will then unveil the new Iraq Afghanistan Memorial at Victoria Embankment Gardens while the rest of the family members attend a reception at Horse Guards Parade.

Speaking of Harry, KP announced that Harry will attend another Heads Together training day, this time in Newcastle, on February 21.

With the addition of HM’s three former patronages, Kate currently has 16 patronages. After Kate completes her scheduled engagements, she will have visited 6 of her 16 patronages: Anna Freud Centre, EACH, Place2Be, Air Cadets (which she is visiting on Feb 14), Action for Children, and the Royal Foundation (some of those Heads Together events were done as Joint Patron of Royal Foundation). Additionally, after completing her scheduled engagements, Kate will have done 10 engagements over 8 days.

You might be wondering why I’m bringing this up, but for Kate to visit 6 different patronages in the first two months of the year is odd. For Kate to do 10 engagements over 8 days in the first two months of the year is also odd. The only year Kate beat that was in 2015 when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte (and then took multiple months off and ended up with a yearly total of 62 engagements over 41 days). That year, in the first two months, Kate did 14 engagements over 9 days, interacting with 6 patronages.

The yearly first two months numbers break down as such:

2012 – 9 engagements over 6 days interacting with 3 patronages
2013 – 3 engagements over 3 days interacting with 3 patronages
2014 – 3 engagements over 3 days interacting with 2 patronages
2015 – 14 engagements over 9 days interacting with 6 patronages
2016 – 6 engagements over 4 days interacting with 3 patronages
2017 – 10 engagements over 8 days interacting with 6 patronages

What does any of this mean? Probably nothing. But I thought it was interesting nevertheless, so I thought I’d write about it to make this Future Appearances post a little more interesting.

The photos used in this post are from her February 2015 visit to Action for Children.

Kate leaving Action for Children

Kate receiving flowers at Action for Children

Photos: Action for Children Twitter (@actnforchildren)

73 thoughts on “Kate to visit Action for Children for the first time as Patron

  1. In the second picture of Kate walking pass those children breaks my heart. Those are the ones Princess Diana would go to before any one else. She knew that they had been waiting to meet her, and they limited access because they were behind those bars. kate could care less about them.

    1. That’s a photo of Kate leaving the event. I don’t remember if she greeted the kids upon arrival.

        1. Probably the relief of making it through the event without screwing up her need for self imposed perfection. So sad really. To live under that level of fear of putting a foot wrong instead of being her natural self.

  2. Another way to view it is that Feb 22 is 53 days into the year, and Kate will have worked 8. Sadly, this is full time by RF standards. This is the norm. Kudos to Kate.

    1. I did some quick calculations based on the online court circular. As of Feb 9, Kate has done 7 engagements over 5 days. William has done 7 engagements over 5 days. Harry has done 11 engagements over 9 days. Sophie has done 7 engagements over 7 days. Edward has done 14 engagements over 8 days. Camilla has done 17 engagements over 9 days.

      1. And Camilla and Edward get little recognition… it’s sad really.

        And Anne! I bet Anne’s been busier than all of ’em.

        1. Charles was too busy for me to want to add up right now. I didn’t check Anne. Most of Edward’s engagements were meetings at BP, so not surprising that he gets little recognition.

          1. I counted. Since the 1st of February, Charles has carried out 17-18 engagements or so; it’s difficult to count on the CC but it’s around there. Some of them meetings, investitures, charity board things, fundraising dinners, as well as visiting various places and so on.

  3. I forgot just how hideous that dress was. I’m sure she reworked if from the ‘fail rail’ that HM’s dresser has. I was looking at some pictures of Queen Letizia in a leather dress yesterday. You get the impression she would rather not go out at all than be forced into something that is somebody else’s idea of what a Royal lady should dress like.

    There is a ridiculous article in the DM today about how Kate has given her make up a radical overhaul. Apart from the reduced use of black eyeliner I can’t see it myself.


      1. Agree. I think it is the press having a dig at her. Many commenters have pointed out that she obviously uses botox and/or fillers

        1. Sorry, just to clarify: I meant that the press know she has Botox, want to let the Royals know that they know, but don’t want to say it explicitly so they bait the commenters into saying it for them.

      2. Other person mentionned already but I think that the press is less present in reporting the engagements of the younger royal (less tweet, not information about the next engagement…)
        Few articles, with sarcastic tone…

        1. Why should the press bother? I mean if William can’t utter a simple “hello” then why should the papers spend time and money on someone who doesn’t want them there? I say go cover Sophie or Anne let’s start highlighting the wonderful work they do instead of covering this rude couple.

          1. Personnally I don’t see less press like a bad thing, in contrary I appreciate a less syphocant press (and more critical but fair press).

            Not sure this will go on. I wonder how Kate and William will react if the press is less here : happy or not?

    1. I saw a pic of letiza with some faboo double rows of Dutch braided hair do and and thought to myself why can’t Kate do better with her hair. Letiza is at least 10 yrs older but her hair stylist is way more fashionable

      1. That hairstyle was immense. I’ve pinned it in my Instagram to show my hairdresser to get her to have a go! Need my roots doing first but it had serious sass! Xx

    1. It’s too early to tell. If by June there are real hours then ok. Right now I suspect there is something coming up and this is to make up for significant time off later on this year.

      1. I think you have been reading my mind! As I was reading the thought that kept coming to mind was that something is coming that people aren’t going to like and this is W&K’s way of deflecting it. Maybe they are going on another honeymoon for the month of April so Kate can work on her tan for Pippa’s wedding!

  4. Thanks for the great post KMR! I still believe that the increase in numbers that we are seeing in the beginning of the year will be used to offset the decrease in numbers before and after the “move” in the fall. I find it difficult to believe that W&K won’t use the “move” and the change in the children’s schedule as the reason why they are unable to carry out many, if any engagements during that time. I might be proven wrong and if so I will be delighted, but I guess only time will tell.

  5. *Nothing to do with Kate, although I am happy she is visiting her patronages.*

    However, according to the Court Circular: “Prince Henry of Wales this morning held a Meeting at Kensington Palace for the United Nations Aids Programme.” — This is his second meeting with the UN program in three weeks!!!

    Prince Harry’s first meeting was on January 16th. When “Prince Henry of Wales this afternoon received Mr. Michel Sidibé (Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS).”

    Who else thinks an ambassadorship to the UN is coming, sooner rather than later????

  6. Best to get Kate out and about, try to create an image of a professional, caring, dutiful duchess before KP gets hit with all of the negative press that will surround the upcoming Closer trial.

    (I know I’ve brought this up on other posts–sorry for being repetitive, but I truly believe the Closer trial is the impetus, at least in part, for this unusual swirl of activity.)

    1. I think we have a whole host of things coming into play…..yes the trial, but also the battering by the public & press they got at Christmas when HM was ill. Plus the constant negative slant that comment boards are made up of. There’s a whole heap of influences going on but I don’t detect a seismic shift yet, more a tinkering.

  7. So by the numbers KM & W are doing less than half the engagements that Camilla performs and nowhere near what Charles and Anne perform. That’s a strong argument for hiring seniors rather than 35 year olds.

    Given that she does little to no preparation for her engagements, KM is even weaker in the work department than her elders. Even though her engagements are up it still feels very sluggish and reluctant. She has no idea what committed work requires nor does she engage with any visible enthusiasm. She is following orders but only by going through the motions. The BRF always treats W and KM with kid gloves because of his tetchy sensibilities and her helpless personality.

    1. You really sum it up, Indiana Joanna.

      We’ve witnessed 5+ years of extraordinary reluctance to engage in activities constituting royal ‘work’. This is who they are. The old phrase ‘looks like a duck, walks like a duck, is a duck’ comes to mind. If the pair is doing more work, it is because they have been cornered into doing so, not from a sudden change of heart. Whether there is concern due to poor public perception, the French trial, Christmas, who knows. Sadly for the Windsors, the family’s future lies in the hands of two people who are simply unsuitable and a public case to that effect is steadily being built.

      1. They will never change. I really do try to look for something positive about them. But they are two very strange people who don’t believe they should work. They believe everything should be handed to them. KM had a mother who raised her on that belief and continues to reward her by taking care of her, her husband, her children, her home, her life. There is the whiff of decay about W&KM.

        1. “There is the whiff of decay about W&KM.”

          My goodness, yes. There is no energy or life force within this couple.

        1. Kitty, I don’t know how many staff they have. Obviously a couple of nannies, valet/dresser for William, housekeeper and other household staff, gardeners plus their KP administrative staff. I’m sure someone will be able to hazard a guess!

          1. They had 27 back in 2012 before the kids and two giant homes. So they certainly have more now.

          2. Wow! That’s a lot of staff for two people! I’m assuming that the bulk of them would be KP administration rather than personal.

          3. I don’t think that includes their official KP staff, it’s just the people who take care of things–the housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, etc.

          4. Good Lord! So, 27 people to look after two adults who don’t work BEFORE they had children and two homes? Imagine what it is now.

        2. PoW has over 100 staff. During Bolland’s reign it was classed as an alternative court but what people failed to remember was that this included Duchy Orginals, Princes’s Trust and a whole ton of gardeners that keep Highgrove open to the public and events based from there.

          1. And, don’t forget one of the biggest people who is looking after the family. Not a professional staff member, just a Middleton! Carole! I know she doesn’t collect a paycheck, but she does garner so much more.

            In all fairness, though. I am happy that Kate is out and about so much more this year. Actually doing some work. I hope she keeps this up.

  8. She looks better with some weight on herself in those photos..
    I also like her hair pulled away from her face in half up or a ponytail..
    Otherwise, when she’s not pregnant, she’s looking toooo scrawny…

    1. I think we can comment on KM without body shaming her. KMR has been pretty clear on that point in the past. Her weight has nothing to do with her ability/inability to do her job.

      1. Halfofone, that’s not strictly true, her weight does have an impact on her ability to do her job if in order to keep herself ultra slim she is negatively impacting her overall health. If the camera puts on weight then in real life kate must be carrying very little body fat.
        I have no wish to bodyshame kate but clearly she is much thinner now than she was pre-marriage. The extreme weight loss seemed to start before the wedding.
        She looks much healthier during her pregnancies when she clearly is eating healthy but more?
        Quite often on engagements she looks tired and this could be down to not eating enough.
        As a mother of two daughters I believe we should not promote thinness as a goal but wellness, being healthy, this means eating well and exercising.

        1. And as someone who has struggled with disordered eating, I can tell you firsthand that comments about someone’s perceived health that are based solely on appearance are not helpful. They perpetuate the problem because they’re focused on appearance rather than physical health. None of us are her doctor or have access to her medical records so we have no real way of knowing what shape she’s in health wise. I think it’s disingenuous to comment on her health because of her weight without having these facts.

          1. The same is true the opposite way. Everyone sits there and says how unhealthy an overweight person is. The thing is, we cannot judge how healthy a person is by just looking at them, and there are people who look like they should be healthy but aren’t.

      2. Actually Kate does look better with more weight on her. It’s a factual observation, not body shaming. For example, Letizia is thin but looks good and looks healthy. Not Kate.

        1. No. That’s an opinion, not a factual observation. “Canada is located in North America” is a factual observation. “Canadians are more attractive than Americans” is an opinion. Do you see the difference there? In order for your statement to be considered factual, it would have to be indisputable.

          Sure, if Kate has an eating disorder that affects her mental health and her physical wellbeing, we should absolutely talk about it. But not in the context or “she looks better x way”. That’s bodyshaming. Let’s not try to pretend it’s concern.

          1. Halfofone, this is clearly an emotive issue for you due to your own experiences.
            I was not bodyshaming kate as I made clear, but I think it is apparent she is thinner than she was.that is a fact, and I don’t profess to know how or why she is thinner.
            My daughter suffered from an eating disorder so I know first hand how lack of proper nutrition affects health. My daughter looks better now than she did when she was anorexic, she would agree, so I’m not sure why you think that someone saying kate looks better with a bit of weight on her is bodyshaming, it is just their opinion.

          2. Kate isn’t reading this blog though so it doesn’t matter what we say either way.

            What concerns me is that she is a highly visible public figure that has lost a significant amount of weight just prior to her marriage, which she did not need to do for health reasons, and the press praises her skinniness as simply being fit, when that is not the case. She was always fit including before she lost the weight just prior to her wedding. And they have photoshopped until recently the consequences of her significant weight loss, which is that her face sags more than what is usually the case for a 35 year old. And they ignore the use of fillers and Botox also being used.

            So what we have is a false image being presented with an emphasis on pretty equating to being extremely thin, which certainly damages the girls and young women who are absorbing these messages non stop in the media, without knowing that it is a false image.

            She has also perpetuated lies by saying she lost the weight post pregnancy by simply chasing after her kids.

            Any concern I have is not for Kate, but for the young women who don’t know the truth behind the false images and who will be negatively affected by yet another public person who is dishonest about how certain things are achieved.

          3. If we want to have a discussion about pressures society puts on women to look a certain way and how the press are a huge part of perpetuating that, then we can, but blaming Kate for societies ridiculous standards is blaming the player for the game. Kate has bent to societies standards, but if the concern is for other women and not Kate, then we should be having a conversation about societies standards for beauty and how the press manipulates images to perpetuate that, not dumping on Kate since that doesn’t help.

        2. Actually, before I asked everyone to stop commenting on people’s weight, Letizia got a whole lot of negative comments about how she is too thin and doesn’t look good or healthy.

  9. Was 2015 the yr she gave birth to Charlotte? That seems to be the anomaly winter work yr. get her #s up before she took the rest of the yr off type of thing.
    I would be foolishly optimistic to believe they’ve finally gotten the work memo. The cynic/realist in me says it won’t last. Either it’s to hush the recent barrage of bad press, to take time off to acclimate living more in London, pregnancy or whatevs.
    I’m now of the I’ll believe it when I see it at the end of the yr.

  10. Slightly off topic question, but is a tour in the first half of the year for WK out of the question?

    We haven’t heard anything, not even one of those pre-announcement leaks to the royal reporters like we got for some past tours, and those leaks sometimes happen a couple months before KP officially confirms/announces it themselves. They have a good amount of BRF events in June and then of course Wimbledon in early July so I don’t think it would happen any later than May since they love to have time off before and after the tour.

    1. Even though the DM is a nasty vile newspaper, it is interesting that their articles have turned openly negative or trolling toward WK and is positive toward Charles. Good! I am glad!

      1. I think the comments section in the DM, if you take away the most vile and the most fawning, is a very good temperature check of what the country is feeling about the RF.

      2. This article had several comments about William and his desire to build barriers between him, his family and his future subjects. This push back from the press toward the Cambridgeshire, and by extension Harry, is certainly interesting to watch. While I don’t think Harry is perfect, it does bug me that the press lumps him in with the negative press about W&K.

        1. Yeah, claiming Harry is not close to Charles is kind of bogus if you ask me. See how they interact. Look at the pride Charles has at Harry for his stuff–Sentebale, Invictus, the Chelsea Flower show stuff. Charles was brimming with it and near tears during Invictus in 2014, warmly hugging and kissing him first, while William was left hanging back clearly pissed off because HE is the most important, you know.

          I think Harry is a lot like Charles in his sense of philanthropy. Sadly, nobody inherited Charles’s work ethic and incredible sense of duty.

    2. Speaking of DM articles, did you all see that there is now a Kate clothing coloring book? Here is a chance for all us crayon lovers to adjust colors, and maybe draw in some dynamite accessories.

      Sorry I can’t post link, Ipad hates the DM site.

      1. Oh, my gosh, thanks Fifi. I will have to look for it. I have two nieces who are highly into fashion. I used to buy them Goede’s Fasions, a coloring book available here in the States, and they just loved those books! Only 10 and 12 at that time, they were so attuned to what colors suited what outfits and how to accessorize brilliantly.
        Color our world, Kate!

  11. She is probably planning to get pregnant after Pippa’s wedding. We all know she wants no pictures of her pregnant in the family album ?

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