Princess Madeleine’s husband Chris O’Neill on daughter Leonore: “I hope I’m her first love”

Princess Madeleine’s husband Chris O’Neill on daughter Leonore: “I hope I’m her first love”

Along with Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill gave an interview for the documentary, Aret med Kungafamiljen (A Year with the Royal Family). The interview was filmed the day after Victoria Day, on July 15, at Solliden Palace. Maddie and Chris talked mostly about their daughter, Princess Leonore, and what their future plans are.

Chris O'Neill and Princess Leonore New Years
[Photo from Princess Madeleine’s Facebook page where she wrote, “Wishing everyone a Happy New Year full of love and happiness!”]

Unlike the Sofia and Carl Philip interview, Maddie and Chris did a good amount of talking in English. Maddie did, of course, speak Swedish during the interview, but since Chris obviously doesn’t speak Swedish, they talked a good amount in English. I was able to transcribe some quotes (these are only a few quotes I pulled, not their entire interview). Please forgive any human error.

    How they felt when Leonore was born:
    Maddie: “It’s hard to describe the feelings that you had inside; it’s so wonderful.”
    Chris: “Overwhelmed… it’s an indescribable feeling and also something that no other event in life, I think, can compare to.”
    On Leonore’s footprint on Chris’ arm after the birth:
    Maddie: “We’ve been joking that maybe Chris should make a tattoo of the little foot, the famous little foot that you got on your arm, you should make that as a mark.”
    On Leonore:
    Maddie: “It’s been good, she’s given us a nice start as newly parents, she’s been very kind to us and she’s slept through the night when she was two months old so we can’t complain, we are getting our sleep which is always nice, and she’s a very calm baby.”
    The plan for the future:
    Maddie: “I think we will return to Europe in the near future, I think, so it’s very nice to be close to the family, for both of us, we both have our family living in Europe.”
    How has life changed since marrying a Swedish Princess?
    Chris: “Well obviously a lot. The nice thing I think about living in America is that there it’s a little bit of less of an impact, we can go about our ordinary days pretty easily. And because of course I don’t have any official capacity then it didn’t change my day to day life at all. So it’s really just from when we come to Sweden, even London we don’t really get any difficulty there either, so it’s really just when we come to Sweden that it’s definitely obviously pretty different.”
    What’s it like being a father?
    Chris: “Amazing, you question what you were doing all this time beforehand.”
    On the father-daughter relationship:
    Chris: “I hope I’m her first love. Maybe not her last, but definitely her first.”

I used Chris’ line about hoping to be Leonore’s first love in the title of the post because I think it’s so sweet. He clearly adores her, as does Maddie. It’s so lovely to see.

I think it’s interesting, though, that Chris doesn’t seem to know any Swedish. As we know, Maddie and Chris are definitely moving to Europe, and I think they will end up in London, given Chris’ lack of knowledge of Swedish.

Below is the video of Maddie and Chris’ interview. Go here to view the entire documentary.

Below is another clip from the documentary, including Princess Estelle getting into the pony-drawn carriage.

Below is another clip from the documentary, including Queen Silvia talking. Sorry I don’t know what she is saying, as it’s in Swedish. But it’s nice to look at the images.

34 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine’s husband Chris O’Neill on daughter Leonore: “I hope I’m her first love”

  1. One thing that strikes me with the Swedish royals and the Monaco royals is their obvious love for their kids when they are with them and talking about them. I just don’t get that vibe from W&K. It’s like they’re trotting out the special guest for an appearance and the warmth just isn’t there. It could (and I hope it is) be completely different in private, I just wish they would loosen up a bit when they are with George in public.

    1. The Swedes definitely aren’t afraid to show their love for their kids in public. After seeing the way W&K have done it, it’s nice to see the love from the Swedes.

      I wish W&K would loosen up in general. They are so uptight about every little thing. Re George, they need to realize they are public figures and that they can’t keep their son locked up. The public wants to see the child they are paying for.

          1. I know, what adorably hot guys. Thanks KMR! I’m going to be singing “I love my calendar boys” all 2015. Chris is Mr January

        1. All of them are hot. And seeing them in this video, omg. I can’t handle it. If Harry were on this video?! I would pass out. Sorry for the gushing, KMR.

          1. We’re all just having fun here. I think it’s a credit to all of us that yes, they are attractive, but what has us all smiling and waving is they love their kids (and CP will too obviously), they care about what they do and respect the women their with (Sophia is really lucky). It’s what ‘s inside that counts and the outside is the cherry.

  2. Thank you. What a delightful interview and clips of the Swedish Royals. The interaction between them is informal and they value their time together. I realise George is W&K first child, however they seem to not know how to interact with him. I think William tries but why is George looked after by Ma Middleton and the nanny so much? I am sure the Swedish Royal family have nannies but they spend time as a family unit too and go with the flow more.

    1. I have to wonder how much time Will really spends with George. Will seems to be away from Kate a good amount of time, and she even admitted that Will was absent for the first 6 months or so of George’s life. If Will rarely spends any time with George, of course Will is not going to know how to interact with George.

      Re the Swedes, I’m sure they have nannies, but their interacts with their children make it seem like they are really hands-on parents.

      1. I think William has potential. Problem is W&K don’t seem to work as a team. It is evident that the SRF are a close family unit trying to balance Royal and private life. Something their children will have to do.

  3. Such sweet comments from Chris concerning his daughter. I find this kind of information lovely to hear and not intrusive to the royals lives. As others have noted, W&K have such a tight hold on things, I have grown less interested in their family over time.

    1. G.A., you hit it right on the nose. The tight hold- the “I’ll use the press but hate them” along with disliking the general public on Will’s side is stunning. I remember thinking 15 plus years ago what a great King Will would make some day. Diana taught him well, but he had a natural affinity for people just like the SRF does. I don’t know when he lost it but Kate and co won’t help him to get it back. You can’t social climb when you’re one of the peasants. Harry so very,has IT still. And the SRF definitely does. Am I the only one that is thankful the legislature made the first born heir despite gender? I’m glad Sophia is not going to be Queen, and a woman with depth will be NOI.

      1. I am happy the Swedish Parliament made the first born heir no matter the gender for a number of reasons, but not having Carl Philip and Sofia as King and Queen is an added bonus. Victoria will make an excellent Queen and Daniel an excellent consort.

    2. W&K could take a lesson from Maddie and Chris. Maddie and Chris gush about their daughter, revealing some cute info, but nothing super intrusive. So there’s no “invasion of privacy” Will is so concerned over, but the public still gets a sense of what the royals are like, and how they interact with their child. W&K keeping the public at such a distance will lead the public not to care about them, which leads to the public removing them from the throne.

  4. Wow. Chris kinda comes off as a cold fish in the pictures, but in the video it’s quite obvious that he’s SO in love with his baby daughter and a happy family man! I don’t think he’s playing it up for the documentary, it seems sincere.

    1. I know, I was surprised. He hardly ever smiles in photos and when he does it seems so forced, but it’s obvious he adores his daughter and family. So great to see. Chris is definitely better in motion.

  5. Thanks, KMR, for covering these families. I really enjoy learning about them. As for Chris not speaking Swedish, perhaps he does speak a little but doesn’t consider himself fluent, and therefore just says he doesn’t speak it. There’s a big difference between being able to muddle along in a second language and actually being fluent. I’ll bet they raise their children to be bi-lingual, at the very least, and he’ll catch on.

    1. When I watched the video and saw Maddie have to translate, it just seemed like he didn’t know hardly any Swedish. But that’s just my opinion based on the video, I don’t actually know whether he knows any Swedish or not. He could, it just didn’t seem like it to me.

  6. Re Chris not speaking Swedish? I’ve lived in Sweden and lots of Swedish speak good English, in fact they are always wanting to practice their English with you so it is hard to get someone to speak Swedish so YOU can practice YOUR Swedish.

    1. I actually don’t know how much Swedish Chris knows, but from the video it seemed like he didn’t know any.

  7. I take back all of my snide asides back about Chris. He doe come across so much better on video.

    Will and Kate better take note. This is how you share your family just enough to satiate the public and you will be left alone in turn. I really think that the BRF is seeing the beginning of the end.

    1. I forgot to add to add that I find it delightful that they speak in loving terms about their baby. I sure that they’ve had hellish days, but they don’t share it.

      1. I know! This is how you talk about your child, in loving terms. All W&K do is complain about theirs.

  8. I also find Queen Silvia to be luminous. She radiates love and warmth. I am in awe of Victoria. She looks as if she is so happy and well adjusted. I find her to be very poised and well put together. I just love the SRF.

    A huge thanks, KMR, for your continued coverage.

    1. I loved the video of Silvia interacting with Estelle and Leonore. Silvia seems like she loves being a grandmother.

  9. I just watched the 11 minute video of Princess Madeleine, her husband Chris and their beautiful baby Princess Leonore. Thank you so much KMR!

    I remember reading negative comments about Mr. Chris O’Neil. When I saw how charming he was at the news conference, after their baby was born, I thought he seemed like a good guy. I think Prince Daniel and Chris seem like quiet/private gentlemen who each happened to fall in love with a beautiful princess.

    I am just kind of discovering the Swedish royal family. So now they make it to my top three favorite royal families: Monaco, Sweden and Denmark (not necessarily in this order).

  10. What a great couple Maddie and Chris are. What an adorable and beloved little girl they have.
    Chris is hot. I’m liking him more and more!!!!!!
    Yes, Will and Kate could learn a great deal from these two. And, yet I don’t think they think they need to learn anything. The SRF deserves much more attention and it’s nice that this site is profiling them often. The comments show they are beloved.

    1. “And, yet I don’t think they think they need to learn anything.”

      This, above anything, is Will and Kate’s problem. They don’t think they have a problem, so none of their problems will ever get fixed.

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