Sofia Hellqvist on her modeling and reality TV past: “No regrets… I can say I have lived life 100 percent”

Sofia Hellqvist on her modeling and reality TV past: “No regrets… I can say I have lived life 100 percent”

Has anyone ever seen a Kardashian on a show like E! News or Jimmy Kimmel? I ask because the way Sofia Hellqvist talks about how wrong all the tabloid stories are about her reminds me of how the Kardashians, in interviews, always bring up the tabloid stories about them and then say how wrong they are. Sofia opened up about meeting the Swedish Royal Family for the first time in the documentary, Aret med Kungafamiljen (A Year with the Royal Family), when she sat down for an interview along with her fiance, Prince Carl Philip.

Carl Philip and Sofia SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen

I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t speak Swedish. So most of the interviews from the Aret med Kungafamiljen were lost on me. But Hello Magazine translated a few of Sofia’s quotes, so I’m going to quote Hello quoting Sofia here.

    About the rumors the family treated Sofia coldly:
    “It has been speculated that I wasn’t embraced by the family, but it was the opposite… I felt welcome from day one and nothing else.”
    Sofia met King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia at Solliden Palace. Sofia says they had a “charming lunch” which was a “fantastic experience”. According to Carl Philip, upon meeting Sofia, Silvia “gave Sofia a big hug”.
    Sofia on her time as a nude model and reality-TV star: “Much has been written [about it] over the years, not only following our engagement. For me, it’s pretty boring. It happened 10 years ago, and I moved on with my life. But no regrets. All experiences build a person, although I wouldn’t do it now if you asked me. I can say I have lived life 100 percent.”
    Carl Philip on how he and Sofia met: “I was eating with friends in Baastad. Sofia was there with a friend and our friends knew each other. We started with a shy greeting and everything followed.”
    Sofia on joining the royal family: “I have spent many years with them, I know that life and know what is going to change. I’m ready, no surprises, I think it will be fine.”

I know this is not the same as the Kardashians leaking stories just so they can deny them, but I still think it’s funny how Sofia is so bothered by what the tabloids say about her that she feels the need to refute their claims in her first Aret med Kungafamiljen interview.

Considering how hard she’s worked to change her image from the nude model who brags about kissing a p0rn star to the hard-working charitable royal-to-be, I’m surprised she says she doesn’t regret her nude modeling and reality show years. I actually kind of respect her a little bit for owning it.

LOL, though, at her being “ready” to join the royal family. Of course she’s ready to join the royal family, that’s what she’s been working toward the last six years. Hopefully she’s actually ready ready and not “Kate Middleton ready”, where she’s been waiting around to get the ring but hasn’t actually learned anything about what being a working royal means.

A clip of their interview is below. Go here to view the entire documentary.

Photo: Rickard Collsiö/SVT

11 thoughts on “Sofia Hellqvist on her modeling and reality TV past: “No regrets… I can say I have lived life 100 percent”

  1. She may be owning her past, but by saying she doesn’t regret it I think she’s sending the wrong signals to some impressionable girls out there who might think they can do the same thing and still get a “prince”. For me the jury is out on lunch break and won’t be back until I see what she does once she’s married to the family.

    1. Very true. Nude modeling and skeezy reality tv aren’t exactly what I’d want young girls aspiring to. I think there’s a way for her to own her past, not regret it, and tell girls not to follow in her footsteps; too bad she didn’t do that.

  2. Thanks for posting these stories. The Swedish gossip media have bought Sofia hook, line and sinker. If you try to make a critical comment, it gets wiped out. Last week Svensk Damtidning, the worst offender, had another puff piece about what an asset she would be representing abroad. I commented that she is a laughing stock to those who know of her in the US. Never published. Also, they stress her “education” as being some New York Institute, which turns out to be a visa mill for those overstaying their tourist visa.

    1. I hate censorship like that. I’ve dealt with it when it comes to Kate Middleton. So annoying.

  3. Given the online commentary when they announced their engagement, I’m not surprised she wanted to say something, and also not surprised she was asked. I was shocked by the judgment of some people.

  4. I am conflicted about her. First, I want CP for myself, but that is another blog.

    She can’t disavow what she did, but she can’t have a cavalier “oh well” attitude about it either. I feel kind of bad as everyone and anyone can see her past online. Taking her past and throwing it to the side, she doesn’t seem “regal” to me. She seems like she is acting. But not as bad as Kate.

    1. I don’t feel badly for Sofia about anyone viewing her photos online, because she put that stuff out there for the world to see. And she clearly wanted the world to see – no one goes on a reality show if they don’t want attention. Which is fine, it’s her choice what to do with her life, but I don’t feel badly that 10 years later, once she’s moved on, that people can still see that stuff online. I feel badly for people like Jennifer Lawrence and all the other women whose private photos were stolen last fall and put online for anyone to see. That was not their choice. When I think about that type of privacy invasion it’s hard for me to muster any sort of sympathy for Sofia.

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