Princess Charlene debuts twins, and bangs, in Monaco

Princess Charlene debuts twins, and bangs, in Monaco

Sorry for not getting to this sooner, but Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco debuted their little babies, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Wednesday, January 7, on the balcony of the Prince’s Palace during the official presentation to the Monaco people. They also took a walk around the square, sans babies.

Gabriella and Jacques were born on December 10, and didn’t go home until December 24. We didn’t get a good look at Jacques’ “I just sucked a lemon” face during the official presentation, only a side shot of one of their heads. I’m guessing this is Gabriella, only because I would assume Albert would want to hold his heir. Hopefully Albert and Charlene won’t be super stingy and will release regular photos of the twins.

Something else we got to see? Charlene’s new bangs. Sometime between when she left the hospital on December 24 and now, Charlene chopped her hair into some horrid bangs. I’m sure many will disagree with me, but I think Charlene’s bangs look awful. I really don’t like blunt bangs on anyone, and I just don’t think they work for Charlene.

But Charlene’s outfit was on point. Charlene wore a custom winter white cashmere coat and jersey dress from Akris. She accessorized with a pair of knee-high light tan boots and leather gloves, and pearl stud earrings. I want this entire look.

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  1. They seem to get the presenting of the babies right. And I love that they actually look like they love the little ones.

    Going to have to disagree with the bangs, I think they’re great on her. Love her coat too.

    Can’t wait to see the babies as they get bigger.

  2. Yeah, the bangs are awful. They look like bad fringe on an old couch. She should have frosted her hair and used textured scissors to lighten it up if it’s heavy. The look is great but the dress needs to be just past the knee because saggy knee skin is never attractive. The pic of her kissing the baby is adorable. Charlene’s body language suggests she’s pretty maternal so we may see a lot of Diana-esc pics in the years to come.

    1. I don’t see any saggy knee skin. Her boots are high enough that the dress needs to be the length it is. If the dress were any longer it wouldn’t look right.

      1. Wrinkled might be a better word but it’s apparent. The material could be an inch longer and still move great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Charlene’s. She probably loved pulling this great dress on after carrying the babies. But when you’ve carried two footballs for 9 mths all that water weighs down your skin. Swimming in naturally conditioned water is a great way to improve elasticity, and I bet she’d love that with the twins.

  3. I like her bangs. I love the fact that she isn’t afraid to try new styles. Love her outfit too.

    I like how they presented the twins and Albert’s video when they were born. I was completely indifferent to him and I kind of like him now 😛

    1. I’m not sure if I like Albert yet but he does seem to be a proud father, which is great to see from him.

  4. The pics are great; but Charlene looks gorgeous; I seriously want the coat,dress,earrings, boots – the lot so there! …did you see those gloves……..sigh

  5. Oh, yes, I love the bangs. Love her entire look. She looks fantastic. The coat, the boots and those adorable babies! She does seem to be very maternal and Albert seems very proud, too.

  6. I like the bangs. I wonder if a lot of women change their hair, especially cut their hair, after they have children because they won’t have the time to focus on it because they will be busy with their newborn(s).

    1. Actually, I’ve always had short hair, but I let it grow out when I had my baby. Longer hair was easier for me because I could just put it in a ponytail and forget it. My shorter hair always needed more attention with styling, etc.

  7. I love, love, love her bangs and entire look. She looks elegant and she is beaming. Bangs always seem to divide people, so it’s understandable that some don’t like them and some do.

  8. Excuse me for changing the subject to the clueless cambridges, in the dm there an article stating that the midds are still staying with Billie & Katie! Who knows when & if they go home? I know is none of my business, it is an interesting article. Today january 9 is the diva 33rd birthday!

    1. I saw that article too. I suppose Ma Middleton is hoping to be there when HM drops by, so she can say she socializes with The Queen? There must be someone high up at DM who adores Kate?

  9. I love that picture with the Princess hugging her baby. Do we have any pictures like that with the Duchess of Cambridge? P Charelene shows warm sentiments which I think is different from the British Royal Family.

    How many years apart are Prince Albert and Princess Charlene? When I look at Prince Albert um…I am sorry to say this, man Princess Charlene must have been after the throne. :))

    Someone wrote that P Charlene had some work done? What kind of work? She look like a model.

    1. Not really. The closest I can think of is that one from the NZ playdate, but that’s George hugging Kate’s shoulder, not her hugging him.

      20. He’s 56, she’s 36. Albert grosses me out.

      It’s rumored that she had some plastic surgery work done to her face.

  10. Wow KMR, we are the only two who aren’t digging the 60s bangs. For my part, they are so heavy that it cuts her face across the nose and focuses on her frozen smile. She has pretty hair, cutting some edges to wing out would be stylish and easy. I do like Charlene. I wish she’d left herself intact because the rubber smile masks a real woman.

    1. I knew some people would disagree with me on the bangs, but I didn’t think there would be so many who loved them. We’re alone in our bangs-hatred, Sugar. I agree with you that the bangs are heavy on her forehead. A wispy bang, or a swoopy bang would have been fine, but the heavy blunt bangs don’t suit her IMO.

  11. ,Yep they present the future heirs to their country and with style, kate and william are always hiding george and when he appears its always tacky, the poor kid always looks stressed out and poorly dressed!

  12. I thought the presentation was very nice, since many family members were able to attend, everyone looked happy and Prince Albert and Princess Charlene looked so happy and proud.

    It was a nice touch to have them walk among the crowd and speak with people.

    I realize Prince Albert does not always get positive press, but I remember when there was a great deal of interest about the family when Princess Grace was alive. Albert was always shy and was close to his mother. There have been stories over the years that his father was pretty hard on him.

    1. Sometimes that happens when the father becomes the heavy hand on his son, and the son crumples. I always thought Renier (sp) was jealous of Albert and Grace’s relationship, like he could be the only male in her life, to even be against their son. Some men are crazy like that, but fine with daughters. Rooster complex. Hopefully Albert won’t follow suit and spoil Gabriella while on Jacques back.

      1. And some mothers are like that with their daughters. They are envious of the attention the husband gives the daughter and take it out on the daughter. Also envious that there is a younger, prettier woman getting more attention, even if it’s their own daughter.

        1. It’s pretty sick all around. I remember when Mommy Dearest came out- definitely a good example of what you reference KMR

  13. She looks beautiful with the exception of those bangs. I would kill for her wardrobe.

    I still hurt when I think of his other two children. I know that there’s a history between the two mothers, but I still feel bad for the kids. I wish that he were just as loving and proud of them as he is of the twins.

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