POLL: Favorites of 2014 – Kate’s Coats, Separates, and Hats (plus 3 more events announced)

POLL: Favorites of 2014 – Kate’s Coats, Separates, and Hats (plus 3 more events announced)

And we’re back with the second installment of the year-end Kate Middleton polls (go here for first installment: dresses and gowns). This post contains three polls: Coats, Separates, and Hats. Items separated R-P-O-Y-G-T-B-V-W-Gr-Br-Bl style again.

As I mentioned in the last post, Duchess Kate added two appearances to her calendar for January 15 and 16, and this morning she added three more appearances on top of those two. On January 19, Kate will be in Kensington, London for a day of engagements. She will attend a coffee morning at Family Friends Kensington, formally open the Kensington Aldridge Academy, and formally open the Kensington Leisure Centre. So three days of five engagements announced so far for a month when she rarely ever does anything. Seriously, the most she’s ever done in January is 1 engagement – in 2012 and 2013; 2011 and 2014 she did 0 engagements in January. So Kate is either setting up for her Mustique trip, or setting up to take early maternity leave. Either way, she’s throwing engagements at us so we won’t be as critical of her vacations.  I guess someone at KP is finally learning something (it only took them four years).



1) Catherine Walker “Russian Greatcoat” in red worn on April 17 – new in 2014.


2) Jonathan Saunders “Athena Wool Jacquard” red/peach stripy coat worn on May 29 – new in 2014.
Kate Jonathan Saunders Athena Wool Jacquard

3) Mulberry “Cerise Wool Silk Double Crepe Coat” worn on December 9 – new in 2014.


4) Hobbs “Persephone” pine green trench coat worn on March 17 – new in 2014.


5) Erdem “Allie” green coat worn on April 12 and July 5 – new in 2014.
Kate Erdem Allie coat

6) Catherine Walker bespoke green coat dress worn on April 24 – new in 2014.


7) Alexander McQueen bespoke light blue utility coat dress worn on April 10 and June 6 – new in 2014.
Kate Alexander McQueen bespoke light blue coat

8) Michael Kors indigo twill coat worn on April 25 – new in 2014.


9) Christopher Kane custom light blue coatdress worn on June 16 – repeat from 2012.


10) Matthew Williamson “Wool Double Breasted Coat” in Pacific Opal blue worn on November 8 – new in 2014.


11) Seraphine Maternity bespoke “Marina” coat in plum worn on December 7 – new in 2014.


12) Alexander McQueen cream coatdress worn on August 4 – new in 2014.
Kate Alexander McQueen cream coatdress


13) Alexander McQueen dove grey coat and dress worn on April 20 – new in 2014.
Kate Alexander McQueen dove grey coat and dress

14) Alexander McQueen grey plaid coatdress worn on October 21 – new in 2014.


15) Tory Burch grey “Bettina Coat” worn on December 8 – new in 2014.


16) Moloh brown tweed coat worn on December 25 – new in 2014.


17) Temperley “Noa” black coat worn on April 25 – repeat from 2012.


18) Alexander McQueen black “Double Breasted Overcoat” worn in November 9 – new in 2014.


19) Goat black “Washington Coat” worn on December 8 – new in 2014.
Kate in Goat at Northside Center




1) Luisa Spagnoli red skirt suit worn on April 14 – repeat from 2011.



2) Alexander McQueen light pink shirt and skirt worn on April 23 – new in 2014.



3) Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed jacket and skirt worn on April 16 – repeat from 2011. Kate Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed jacket and skirt

4) Alexander McQueen ice blue skirt suit worn on June 14 – new in 2014.


5) Alexander McQueen “Military Silk Georgette Blouse” and “Embellished Wool Crepe Skirt” worn on June 18 – repeat from 2011.



6) Hobbs “Invitation Emilia” black polka dot top with peplum and Jenny Packham “peacock” color silk satin skirt worn on November 19 – new in 2014.

Kate Hobbs top, Jenny Packham skirt


1) Gina Foster red pillbox hat worn on April 7 – new in 2014.


2) Jane Taylor cream and pink hat with flower ruffle worn on August 4 – new in 2014.


3) Gina Foster green hat with bow worn on March 17 – repeat from 2013.


4) Jane Taylor teal hat with fern worn on April 13 – new in 2014.


5) Jane Taylor ice blue hat with leaves worn on June 14 – new in 2014.


6) Jonathan Howard navy hat with “demented bunny ears” worn on April 25 – new in 2014.


7) Lock & Company navy “Fairy Tale” hat with flower worn on March 29 – repeat from 2013.


8) Jane Taylor grey hat with ribbon worn on April 20 and October 21 – new in 2014.


9) Lock & Company “Betty Boop” brown pillbox hat worn on December 25 – repeat from 2012.


10) Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Company black hat with ribbon worn on June 6 – repeat from 2013.


11) Jane Corbett black hat with bow worn on November 9 – repeat from 2011.

48 thoughts on “POLL: Favorites of 2014 – Kate’s Coats, Separates, and Hats (plus 3 more events announced)

    1. Kate’s fashion has really hit a ruff patch. I actually really liked a number of things from 2011/2012-ish. Then she got pregnant with George and it started to slide, then she hired her PA as her stylist and everything went to hell. Seriously, Tash needs to be fired.

      And no, not wrong to expect a vacay soon. End of January will see the entire Middleton clan head to Mustique. Kate’s boosting her numbers so the peasants won’t complain when she hightails it to the Caribbean. Which is something she and/or her people are finally learning (as opposed to no engagements and a vacay which draws lots of criticism). Too bad they refuse to learn anything else.

      1. Its funny that she is not allowed to fly to China, but it is okay for her to fly to the Caribbean? I know it will be a month earlier, but still, I find it a bit hypocritical. I am starting to think she will take an early maternity leave. At least it is forcing her to ‘work’ now

    2. Of course there will be a vacation in the near future. With all the hard work she has put in, of course Kate will need a break from her part-time, part-time duties.

  1. “So Kate is either setting up for her Mustique trip, or setting up to take early maternity leave.” My guess is both. She disappeared for the last two months of the pregnancy last time, but was healthy enough to be photographed shopping during those months. Mustique either last week of January or first week of February (their traditional vacation week). If she’s due mid-to-late April, she’s done “working” by mid-February.

    1. Actually she disappeared only about 5 weeks before George was born. She did that ship thing and trooping the color in mid-June. But yeah, I’m sure she’ll take all over March off. Maybe 1 or 2 appearances in Feb after the Mustique vacay.

  2. Hmm. I think I clicked the wrong button and my post disappeared.

    “So Kate is either setting up for her Mustique trip, or setting up to take early maternity leave. ” My guess is both. She disappeared at 7 months before. She’ll drop out of site mid-February, after going to Mustique last week of January or first week of February (their usual time).

  3. Why are so many of the coats shorter in front above her knees? Particularly no. 8 and no. 14 – the fuller coats seem to have uneven hemlines. And this was an unattractive group of clothing. I do like the brown hat and I like the purple maternity coat. The rest are just boring as all get out. Also, I really hate double breasted coats on adult women – especially when the buttons are pretty much at the nipple area – it just seems in poor taste to me.

    1. I had said something on another thread about the impropriety of some of Kate’s clothes and the Washington coat stands out exactly like you mentioned, too short in the front where she obviously has to hold it with her crotchtastic pose so it doesn’t fly up or out.

    2. Poor posture? She pushes she pelvis out, so maybe that’s why her hems fall funny?

  4. Gosh, there isn’t anything on these lists that really pops out at me. My eyes started glazing over after the 3rd pic lol

    Her hands positioned at her crotch – I never noticed it before, but it’s quite obvious in all these pictures!

    I’m also noticing that her shoulders look really narrow when she’s in a lot of these coat dresses.

  5. Yep shes got bad taste compared to her european counterparts, maxima, charlene are quite fierce and elegant and oh they have good work ethics!

    1. I am a fan of Mary, Maxima, Victoria, Letizia, Mathilde and Charlene. They seem to have style, charm and a work ethic.

  6. KMR: Thanks for your blog!

    Unfortunately, Kates style is getting worse over the years 🙁 with some exceptions! But always the same, a little bit boring and dull.

    Her work attitude: Does she really work? Was she ever really working? She doesn`t know anything of such life… not a good role model for young women nowadays!

    1. I just read an article about how George changed Kate’s style for the better, and I think it’s utter BS. Kate wore some cute things post-marriage, pre-pregnancy, but now all her stuff is just so boring.

      If by “work” you mean shaking hands and trying her best to look interested, then she totally works… about 50 days of the year. If you mean actually work the way we’d normally think about it, then she’s never really worked in her life.

  7. Agree that nothing really pops out. I am bored by her fashion choices. Bored by her lack of commitment to any worthy cause. Kate Middle- of- the- Road-Ton plays it way too safe in her fashion choices. Odd, though, when you consider how many times those boring dresses have flown up and exposed her bum.

  8. I must say i like her style in the past and i also admired her a little bit, but now after following her style and work and after all, reading this critical blog, i am more and more disappointed by her and it really changed my mind.

    All the time she is wearing those skirts and dresses with highest heels…. why she can`t dress more appropriate for an occasion f.e. with children?

    But i also have to say: she is a pretty lady and i like her hair! 😉

    And by the way: I really don´t like her Hobbs “Invitation Emilia” black polka dot top with peplum and Jenny Packham “peacock” color silk satin skirt!

    1. She had some cute things circa 2011/2012. Now all her stuff is pretty super boring.

      Re the Hobbs top and Jenny Packham skirt. Totally agree. Those two pieces should never have been put together.

      1. The Hobbs top and Jenny Packham skirt were hideous. It was like Waity got dressed in the dark.

        Surely someone there on their team must have looked at her and thought ,”You know what, this may cost me my job, but I have to tell her that that outfit is not working’.

  9. I wonder if her fashion choices have more to do with her “idea” or “concept” of what a royal is supposed to look like. Sometimes, her coat dress choices are things you might see on the Queen. I’ve also seen “copycat” comparisons of what Kate wore vs what Diana and other royals wore to similar events on other royal gossip blogs. So obviously she is copying other people, it can’t always be a coincidence. May be that’s why she can’t pull off certain looks. It’s because they aren’t “her” looks, but her idea of what she should look like based on other pictures she has seen or what other royals wear. A lot of people say her style is boring. Maybe so, but I try not to judge her choices. I know for a fact that I personally would never wear 99% of what she does, so it really doesn’t matter to me. Just for the fun of it, I checked out some high end fashion designer websites and “picked out” things I think would be appropriate for here to wear that are much more fashion forward and classy looking than anything she chooses. Although she always looks nicely put together, her style just isn’t what I would envision from a young woman who will one day be Queen Consort. IMO

    1. The problem is I don’t think Kate has enough of a personality to put together her own style. Therefore she tries to copy others, and lets her awful PA style her, and she ends up looking super boring as a result. She, as a person, is just not edgy enough to wear something even a little bit fashion forward.

      BTW, I’ve done the same thing re picking out things that would be much better for her to wear. I wish I could style her, honestly.

      1. KMR, we ALL wish that you could style her. And while we are at it, get someone who did not study under the Picasso style of makeup to give her a hand in that area as well

  10. They need to get something in the news besides Andrew. This could be a set up for a long maternity break – we may not see her doing engagements again until September. (Besides showing up for Trooping and Order.) I think this is her first solo – three engagements in one day – outing. She’s not a patron, nor is she accompanying William. She might need two weeks in Mustique to recover.

  11. The Duchess has no natural flair or style. The clothes just seem put together with no attention to fine detail, no beautiful jewellery pieces to speak of. Whether it be day or evening wear she is dressing to mature for her years. The hair is such a mess, no proper grooming, most of the time it just hangs limp. Princess Mary of Denmark, is always beautifully put together and has been since day one, from her hair to delicately applied makeup (Duchess wears way to much eyeliner making it look very severe and hard looking) accompanied with the most beautiful of jewellery to suit the occasion. Her clothing is well thought out and she looks immaculate and stunning always, in particular her evening wear is stunning. Whoever is advising the Duchess could learn much from studying Princess Mary. The Duchess’s choice show no imagination or style. As for her work ethic that has been very disappointing from the start, Princess Mary has 4 children and is really out there making a difference. So highly commendable what she is achieving for all her charities. The Duchess really needs to start making more of an effort, she could do so much more, but chooses to do the bare minimum, being seen to do something on occasion. Extremely disappointing all round.

    1. Mary has come a LONG way with a stylist and a large budget, but I don’t consider her to be naturally chic or stylish. Someone naturally chic can put together an outfit at any cost and look good, and I don’t put her in that category. Pre-marriage, she was often a fashion trainwreck.





  12. Are Kate and the rest of the Middletons about to go on holiday? I see DM has an article about St Pippa doing a charity bike ride, yah her. But it is in June so why tell us now? If she was going to do a charity event then why not do one that helps one of her sister’s charities?

    1. I think our new PR guy sees the negative press about the Midds as hurting the W&K so the Queen has agreed to be seen with them in a more included approach designed to die down the crown-hunting talk and sheer negative her family is seen as. In true American style, Jason thinks that he can re-script the Middleton’s to be the Patridge family and we will all go “Ahh

      1. Well, he would be correct in that regard. But he is a press agent for W&K, not the Middletons. The best thing he can do for W&K is to get them off of their backsides and out working and looking like they understand what their positions are all about. IMHO, sugar coating the Midds isn’t going to do anything except increase the backlash. They are not members of the royal family. They are in-laws.

        1. All that suck up press! Jason probably sees opportunities for the Midds here in America like Pippa on GMA, James’ marshmallows… He thinks we Yanks will love a rags to riches family like the. Ugh! Unfortunately, there’s enough boot-lickers in this country to be impressed by the Mid Express. If we give Guam to Pippa so she can be queen of it they’d leave us alone?

  13. I love the Alexander McQueen cream coat. I asked my mother-in-law to make a winter coat for me. It didn’t turn out as well since the wool suited to our Canadian winter was more heavy duty fabric.

    I did not follow Kate Middleton at all. I thought she had no style. After I landed on KMR’s blog, I searched a bit more about Kate . I do think she dresses much better after her marriage.

    1. Hi Beatrice,

      I agree! The DM had some pictures in a recent Kate editorial looking back on Kate’s style evolution and they had some where she’s dressed in a crass tank-top and crumpled jeans, she looked like a cast member for “Sons of Anarchy!” I bet that picture is burning somewhere. I didn’t follow Kate much, so I was really surprised to see the pictures because so many are of Kate obviously trying to show her body, low-cut silk dresses for clubbing, the infamous tank, bikinis, short!dresses, and now she’s posing as this well-bred and coiffed Queen Consort to be. That’s why her style gets ripped. There’s a personal element that, even if you have a stylist, some part of your personality comes through. Here, as everyone noted, it’s blah, flat. Which makes sense when someone is a sock puppet.

      1. And I really loathe that Goat “Washington” coat. It’s ugly, boring, way too short- it looks like she ran out and forgot her pants. Thank goodness we didn’t get flashed.

        1. Oh, you are right, Yvonne. Don’t like the coat, either. And, yes, it does look like she forgot to put anything on underneath — other than the tights.
          Yikes, another flashing event just waiting to happen.

      2. To be fair, I think it’s completely normal for a woman’s style to change and evolve through the 20s and into the 30s. And to continue to evolve the rest of her life. A college girl who dresses in mini-skirts and revealing clothing will naturally grow into dressing professionally once she enters the workforce. And women whose style doesn’t evolve are usually looked down upon for trying to still dress like an early 20 year old when in the 30s/40s. So I don’t mind that Kate’s style has evolved. I just wish it had evolved into something less boring. And I wish she used hem weights.

        1. I know, we all have things we look back in pictures and can’t believe we wore. I was just thrown by how constantly Kate wore “sex implied by I’m a nice girl you’ve deflowered” outfits or little girly-ish like even now, the wedges of doom are like she’s dressing up in Mommy’s shoes. I was just surprised the Palace didn’t stop this along time ago but they had to have expected Will to never propose.

          1. Some of Kate’s outfits during the girlfriend days would have been even worse had Kate had large breasts. She would have been spilling out of some of those dresses and tops, even more than she already was.

    2. I would say the McQueen cream coat is one of Kate’s better coats this year. Kate had some terrible pre-marriage style. She definitely got better after the wedding with the help of Charles’ bank account. But I think she’s fallen into a rut since giving birth to George.

    1. Yes. I looked back, and she definitely wears them three to one. To be fair though, they flatter her face more and definitely come across younger in a good way. I think she feels more elegant and aristocracy.

    2. I use the term “hat” loosely, but if we want to get technical then yes she usually wears fascinators. I guess that’s the trend now.

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