Royal Round Up: Dutch and Swedes open parliament, Rania, Mathilde, Mette-Marit

Royal Round Up: Dutch and Swedes open parliament, Rania, Mathilde, Mette-Marit

My goodness September 15th was a busy day. Not only was Prince Harry out and about on his birthday, but so many other royals were also out and about. There were also a couple royal birthdays that day aside from Harry’s: Queen Letizia (whose USA trip I’ll cover later this week) turned 43; and Prince Daniel turned 42. So for this Royal Round Up we’ve got the Swedish and Dutch royals opening parliament, Queen Mathilde giving a speech at the UN, Crown Princess Mette-Marit doing royal duties with her husband in Norway, Queen Rania receiving an award in Germany, and Princess Beatrice and Cressida Bonas attending fashion shows.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended Prinsjesdag on September 15 in The Hague, The Netherlands which is the opening of the parliamentary year where the King gives a speech outlining the government’s plans for the coming year.

Maxima wore a Jan Taminiau hand-painted silk organza gown decorated with different types of beads and embroidery techniques such as broderie d’art, hand stabbing, and cannetille embroidery. The scene is inspired by the Japanese room in Huis ten Bosch Palace. Instead of a hat, Max wore a matching hair decoration which was a three-dimensional interpretation of the flowers on the gown. Maxima wore the sash and star of the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

September 15 was also the opening of Swedish parliament. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia (formerly Sofia Hellqvist), and Princess Madeleine all attended. There were three parts to the day: a service at the Church of St. Nicholas, the opening at the Parliament House, and a performance at the Royal Academy of Opera.

All the ladies wore black and white to the day events. Victoria wore a jacket from Milly which is a repeat from 2011 when she was pregnant with Princess Estelle. Maddie wore a dress and jacket from Paule Ka. And Sofia wore a jacket from Maje.

For the evening performance, Victoria wore a beaded dress from Adrianna Papell (the cap sleeve beaded cocktail dress, though Vic’s was not in the color pictured – $240.00), which is similar to the Papell dress she wore to the Sweden dinner. Sofia wore a blue lace dress from Ole Yde (from the SS15 collection) and a black cape from Viktoria Chan (the doubled cape – €305.00). Maddie did not attend the evening performance as she headed back to London to be with her husband and kids.

Queen Mathilde was in Geneva on September 15 at the United Nations Offices to address the assembly during the Human Rights Council session. Mathilde gave two speeches, one on gender parity and the other on children’s rights and the internet.

On gender parity, Mathilde said in part:

    “I note that even today, women and men still face significant inequalities. […] The truth is that women are still too often victims of human trafficking or domestic violence, or compelled to work in undignified conditions. Many of them are deprived of their rights and their freedom. […]
    “Even where not rampant extreme conditions, discrimination remain. The principle of equal work for equal pay is not yet a reality. For women, a lot of doors close when it comes to appointment or promotion. There are many still have to deal with sexist attitudes, denigration, harassment, verbal or physical. […]
    “For indeed, there can be no genuine development without full participation of women. There can be no human rights without achieving realization of women’s rights.”

You can read her full speech on gender parity here, and her speech on children’s rights and the internet here.

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited Akershus county in Norway on September 15 where they visited Drobak town square (and held hands, adorably), a nature camp in Oppengard, and Kulinaris in Oppegard (they make ice cream).

Queen Rania of Jordan visited Berlin, Germany on September 17 to receive the Walther Rathenau Award from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The award is in recognition of foreign policy achievements and Queen Rania’s efforts on behalf of refugees and children. Rania gave a speech at the prize ceremony, saying in part:

    “I am humbled to accept this prize. And I do so on behalf of the people of Jordan who, everyday, through their words and actions, demonstrate the values that defined the life of Walther Rathenau. Values such as courage and compassion. Equality and understanding. Tolerance and mutual respect. In other words, basic human decency.”

It’s a long speech in which Rania talks about the refugee crisis, the difference between migrants and refugees, Muslims and extremists, and how the media can shape public perception. Go to Queen Rania’s website to read the whole thing.

In between vacations, Princess Beatrice had time to hit up New York Fashion Week. On September 12, Bea was at the Rebecca Minkoff show (blue dress); and on September 14, Bea hit up the Tommy Hilfiger show (black and white outfit).

I know she’s not royal, but I’m going to cover her anyway because five days after she was spotted out with Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas attended the Topshop Unique show on September 20 during London Fashion Week SS16. Cressida looks really different here than she has in the past, right? I almost didn’t recognize her. Is it just the makeup? Also, did Cressida steal the crotch clutch from Duchess Kate?

BTW, Cressida is wearing Topshop’s “Oakham Lace Shirt Dress by Unique” ($600.00).

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111 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Dutch and Swedes open parliament, Rania, Mathilde, Mette-Marit

  1. Hurray for strong woman. Queen Mathilde and Queen Rania
    know how it use the platforms that are available to them and hopefully they can make a difference in the world.

    I didn’t recognize Cressida either, she doesn’t look anything like I remember from when she was dating Harry.

    On the unimportant side I don’t like women who cross their legs when having their picture taken. I know it’s supposed to make them look thinner, but I think it looks stupid.

    1. I always think crossing ones legs like that makes one look off-balance, because whenever I cross my legs like that I am off-balance and struggle to keep from falling over.

  2. Maxima’s dress is lovely – a work of art. But how do I say this without sounding pervy? She could use better, um, foundation wear up top. I’m not criticizing her for not being super-perky – – it happens to all women with the passage of time – but the correct undergarments make the difference (and make the clothes look better).

    Does anyone else think Sofia looks a *lot* like Rachel Bilson in these pics?

    Rania needs to step away from the plastic surgery; her face is on the road to Jokerville. And I’d be more impressed by her speech if Jordan hadn’t made it clear their door was shut to refugees. But then, I’ll fully admit that I’ve always found Rania to be long on style and short on substance. She makes a lot of good speeches and is part of foundations (especially when they throw balls she can attend), but if you look at Jordan’s actual record, it does not match up to the ideals she claims to espouse.

    Sorry for the political digression – hope it didn’t violate any board rules!

    To end on a positive note, Cressida looks really good here, I think.

    1. I’ve thought for a while that Sofia looks like Rachel Bilson.

      In terms of Rania, I struggled for a while about which parts of her speech I would excerpt because I didn’t want to get too political. So that’s why I just excerpt the first part and linked to the rest. I think it’s best we don’t go too political here because I know discussions on politics can get very, very heated. I understand wanting to point out apparent hypocrisies, but that’s probably where it should end.

        1. No u did a good job about stating what u said. U wasn’t being biased about it!! I thought it was well informed. Think you for the information bringing it to my attention. It was excellent and not over done πŸ™‚ of course this isn’t my blog though sorry lol

    2. Hi Faye,

      I agree that Max could certainly use better support for the girls, Camilla has the same issue. I recently went out of town and had my first real bra fitting and it was an eye opening experience. I have been wearing bras that are 2 sizes too big, apparently most women do and the cup size I was wearing was too small, again another common issue. Most women wear larger strap sizes with smaller cup sizes when it should be the other way around. With all the fabulous fashion they both wear you’d like someone would have mentioned this to them.

        1. With all that monmoney and personal assistants you would think HELLOOO!!!?? Makes me wonder where is the money going what about under the dress?!! You know weird!!!

          1. I agree re: undergarments. Pippa imo is about the worst offender. She has such a great body, but her bras literally do nothing for her πŸ™

          2. Kate for some reason thinks that expensive = fashionable. She goes for the tiny but super expensive jewelry that ends up not looking that great. And she goes for the expensive but boring shoe choices; and the expensive but boring and not at all worth it dresses like that $1500 shirtdress from last week. She really needs to get out of the expensive = fashionable way of thinking.

          3. Ahh KMR, my sister-in-law is just like that. She thinks that expensive=better. She will always order the most expensive thing on the menu because that means she has better taste. It is really funny talking to her because she has no clue how she comes across. She thinks she is superior to everyone around her because she has the best taste by buying expensive things. Lol. If Kate is the same way, I would not want to hang out with her. Expensive does not equal good taste πŸ™‚

      1. Lauri,

        I always get my bras fit too – even if you don’t have much in that area :), it helps. I read somewhere that something like 60-80% of women aren’t actually wearing the right size!

        But you would think that royals certainly have access to the people who can help them with that!

  3. I think Cressida looks different because she has alot of make up on vs before, she looked natural and bare faced. She is very pretty, looks like she has had made over in this pic to look ‘more royal’ suitable. =)

      1. I agree with you, bluhare. I see her transformation as a means to become a bigger star/actress/fashion girl, not a royal.

  4. I love, love, LOVE Maxima’s dress. Although, I really dislike clothes that have nipple darts. I think there should be a universal ban on them!

    I really enjoy reading about the other royals in the world and the causes that they support.

  5. Maxima, loved the dress and hair, and this might sound strange, but the gloves just took it to the next level for me.

    I though Madeline looked the best in the “black and white” day events.

    Hakkon and Mette Marit look like models in high end Eco holiday advert. They make me want to camp on a misty mountain side, wrapped in Patagonia, eating freshly caught sustainable fish over an open crackling fire. Love it!

    I want Cressida’s dress….badly. Haven’t made up my mind about the red lip.

    Great post, thanks KMR!

    1. Ray, I so loved your comment about Hakkon and Mette Marit. I’m with you!
      Just love them. Their relationship seems to be so loving.

      Maddie did look great, but I didn’t like the fascinator. I just wonder when that look will be put to rest. Funny thing. I found a photo of my mom as a maid of honor in the early 70s and she had a fascinator on. She thought it was gorgeous then, but when she saw the photo recently she was not amused!

      Cressida’s dress was amazing. But, I did not think it was her. Wow, look what make-up — lots of make-up can do. I liked Charlene in a red lipstick, but didn’t like such a bold hue on Cressy.

      Maxi’s dress was amazing — except for the darts. Uh oh. A bit revealing.

      All in all, I enjoy seeing what the other Royals are doing. Oh, and speaking of make-up, I did not like Rania’s look. Normally, I find her to be so lovely, but the look was too much.

      1. Could someone please take Beatrice under her wing? She just looks so awkward and dresses terribly. I feel sorry for her. It seems like Andrew and Fergie’s girls just didn’t get a fair amount of training for their public lives. They look lost when out there at public appearances.

  6. Rania? My gosh. Bad make-up. Really bad. She is such a gorgeous woman and the look in the photo was just not good.

    Haakon and his wife holding hands. Sigh. So lovely.

    Maddie, lose the fascinator, please. I’m so sick of that look. Otherwise, she and the other Swedish Royal ladies looked so nice.

    Queen Mathilde, a great speech.

    Maxima? What can I say. The gown was stunning, but the bodice darts? No!!!!

    Good to see what other Royals are doing. Happy Birthday to all who celebrated!

  7. Cressida looks more and more to me like a royal bride for Prince Harry (sorry Rhiannon). I had an interesting thought occur to me yesterday. We know that Princess Eugenie is friends with and introduced Cressida to Harry. We also know the York girls and Kate don’t get along. There is the famous video at Christmas 2011 where Kate was standing awkwardly at the entrance to the church after the service, confused (of course) as to what to do, while the Queen was accepting flowers from the waiting kids. Eugenie quite deliberately moved Kate with her shoulder to get her out of the way.
    Beatrice and Eugenie are doubtlessly very jealous of Kate’s bodyguards (who used to be their’s), her fashion, her lifestyle (which hasn’t come under serious fire until recently) and her lack of work ethic while they aren’t allowed to carry out official duties but get criticized for using their royal connection to get jobs.
    Eugenie is good friends with Cressida. Cressida’s older half sister Isabella, is good “friends” with William. Cressida’s mother is Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon and her maternal grandfather was the 6th Earl Howe. Her maternal great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Admiral Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe, the British admiral who commanded the Royal Navy during the American Revolution and her great-great-great-great-great uncle was William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe, who was the Commander-in-Chief of British Forces in North America in the American Revolution from 1775-1778.
    In other words, Cressida’s family is aristocratic. Carole Middleton’s grandparents were laborers and coal miners in County Durham. I think Eugiene is trying to troll Kate by having Cressida become Harry’s girlfriend again, to show her how “middle class” she is. I think the long-term plan is for Cressida to marry Harry, gain the Yorks an ally in the senior ranks of the Family and troll Kate again by reminding her that Willy’s ex-girlfriend is now Harry’s sister’s-in-law. Any thoughts anyone?

    1. I don’t know, Seth. I can see where you are going, but I’m just not sure if Cressida and Harry will get married. She does seem to be working on her acting career and if she marries him, that’s over.

      Something is going on between Harry and Kate, though. They used to be so chummy and she flirted with him outrageously. Now, they won’t even walk together, or sit near one another.

      Cressida is truly from the aristocracy and Kate is not. William was looking for that common touch, though, was he not?

      It surely would be a kick in the veneers for Kate if Harry and Cress married. Her step-sister having dated William, would possibly be at many events that Kate would attend and that would drive her crazy, I will imagine.

      I think Harry is going to choose his bride based on the woman he falls for. I, for one, think he is over Cressida romantically and think they are just friends. I could be wrong.

      As for the York sisters, they just are so painful to watch. I don’t like the way they dress or relate when in public. I feel sorry for them. Just feel as if nobody has bothered to make them feel good about themselves, or dress better. To me, they seem lost.

      1. You may be entirely correct. I simply think there’s a grand plot (or there was when Eugenie introduced Cressida to Harry in 2012). Of course in 2007, people said William and Kate were over with as well but like a bad penny, she kept turning up. I think Harry will marry fairly soon. There have been stories about how he “wants what William has” (yeah right, let ’em keep it) and that he wants to be promoted to Major but it’s traditionally given to married men and he’s damaging his Army career by not being promoted yet. Also I think he wants Prince Philip to be at the wedding and at 94, he’s hardly getting any younger. πŸ™‚ As for the York girls, they might well wish their father did what Prince Edward did and allowed his children’s royal entitlements be ignored in favor of the children of a non-royal earl. Being HRH means any work they do gets criticized, their fashion gets criticized, their looks get criticized, their weight gets criticized but they don’t have the privileges that their cousins do. Of course they do have some money (or get charity from wealthy despots and corrupt businessmen their father’s befriended) but not enough to allow them to live like their cousins. But they do get Kate to curtsy to them in private and get treated as granddaughters of the Queen, while their cousin’s wife is a mere “in-law”.

        1. Harry retired from the army in June. So he has no more army career to damage by not marrying. There will also be no more promotions even if he marries.

          I think if Harry marries just because he wants Philip to be there, the marriage will end poorly. No one should rush into a marriage just because a family member could die in a few years.

          1. Of course, silly me. He’s retired to take over royal duties from his lay about brother and sister-in-law. I think anyone who doesn’t marry by 30 when they had the chance need to get on the boat. It applies double for royalty. And definitely he should marry so his grandfather can be there.

          2. Honest question: Why is it necessary, or advised, to marry by 30? What if you haven’t found the person you want to marry by then? What if it takes many more years to find that person?

          3. KMR, If a couple is planning children, especially multiple children, obstetricians advise that couples begin before age 30. First, the older a woman gets, the less fertile she is. To ensure optimal conception, couples should begin when they are younger (in their 20s) rather than later, especially if they want multiple children. Second, hormonal changes of women in their 30s and later mean they are at a higher risk of miscarriage. Third, conceiving at a later age means there is a higher risk of prolonging labor when it comes. Fourth, there are higher risks of an ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening for the mother if not treated quickly. There are higher risks of birth defects such as Down’s syndrome and autism, risks of low-birth weight and of a higher rate of stillbirths or maternal death. My mother had my sister and I when she was 33. We were six weeks premature and I spent six weeks in a neonatal unit. I weighed less than three pounds and had to wear Cabbage Patch outfits b/c they didn’t make baby clothes small enough for me at the time. I have had various complications since then. If my mother had had us in say 1976 instead of 1986, I would likely have died because the medical technology was just barely advanced enough to keep me alive.
            Of course one doesn’t NEED to be married to have a child but it tends to be looked upon more favorably.

          4. When I was born, my mother was 35. The doctors classified her as “advanced maternal age” and “geriatric.” She’s a nurse, so she understood the reasons for the classification, but you bet it got her dander up a bit!

          5. Ugh, the biological clock. That has to be rectified by science.
            Surely, it is harder for a woman to conceive after 30 — if she has not already given birth, that is, but there are many success stories out there. And, Harry is not trying to get pregnant himself, so why does he have to worry about finding someone after 30?

            I think people should get married to the person who best suits them, whom they best love, whether they are 25, 30, 35, 40 or any other age.

            One of my former bosses whom I will always admire, did not find her perfect match til she was 39. They married when she was 40. She had their first child at 41 and their second at 43. No IVF, nothing. So, it can and does happen.

            Sorry to anyone who suffered any medical issues from being born premature/pre-term. Sorry that people feel their moms should have had them sooner (or later) in life. I think everything happens when it is supposed to happen.

            That’s just me.

          6. Jenny, Of course there are many people who don’t get married until much later… the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowles didn’t tie the knot until they were in their late-50s. And I know of a number of people who had children naturally in their 40s. It just tends to be more difficult. I read an article recently that said if you want to have multiple children, science says it is better for the body and the baby to start in your mid- 20s. I’m speaking in more general terms. The average age of a woman for her first child is still 28, which is relatively young.

          7. Oh, good, I am still relatively young. I am 28 and am having my first kid. My husband will be pleased to know this. Geez, I was no where near ready in my early 20s to become a mom. I even am a bit nervous about it now.

            Come on, Seth, I was stating my pov quite nicely, I hope. I hope you were stating yours nicely, too. Sometimes reading online, and not hearing a person’s voice, it is hard to tell.
            I hope I did not upset you, but I stand by my post.

          8. Seth,

            Harry does not have to worry about any of that stuff since he is a man. Also, what about the people who don’t find their spouses until after 30? I don’t think it is a good idea to rush into a marriage just because you’re going on 30. Or because a family member is getting older and might die soon. I think the smarter choice is to wait until you find the right person and have fully discussed everything before getting married.

            I understand all of the medical facts about the risks of childbirth as women get older, but to counter your “born to a woman older than 30” anecdote with one of my own: My mother was 38 when she had me and there were no complications at all. No birth defects, no premature labor. In fact, I was 10 days late. And there have been no side effects to my health since then from being born to a 38 year old woman.

          9. Jenny,

            I completely agree with you that people should wait until they find the person they truly love and want to marry, and not rush into things because of age or wanting family members at your wedding or societal pressure.

          10. I’m sorry if I offended you by implying you’re older or whatnot. No, no, you didn’t upset me. I just disagree with you and several others on this particular subject. πŸ™‚

          11. Well with all due respect KMR, I’m glad you and your Mom didn’t suffer any ill effects. I was not so lucky and I’ve had several friends who weren’t either. I personally think by the time one is 30, one should begin settling down. Just my view. And both my grandmothers had their first child when they were 22 and their last when they were 30. That was of course a different time.

          12. Hi, Seth. Thanks for your comments. Hope I did not offend you, either. Each to his/her own.
            Many of my mom’s friends had their first children at 38 — like your mom, KMR. and everyone and everything was fine.
            Women are under so much pressure in life. To find a good man, to land a good job, to have a baby, to juggle work and parenthood. As much as these problems were addressed in the past, they are still being addressed. It is up to every individual to make her own choices based on what she truly wants. People should not receive and give in to pressure from others. The media of late seems to be pushing the have your babies in your 20s and it’s hard for some to not buy into that. I never felt that pressure. But, I am happy to be expecting. As I said, there are times, though, when I think, “Oh, my God, how will I handle this?” However, I think any and every woman, no matter her age, must have similar thoughts at times.

          13. Hi Jenny,
            No, no offense to me at all. It’s just that I’m almost 30 and have yet to find a life partner. All my cousins are married or engaged and have begun having babies. I just… feel like I should be moving ahead and yet I’m stuck in the same dating scene I was in 10 years ago. I don’t know if a lot of men feel pressure but I sure do. πŸ™‚

          14. As a woman who is only a few years out from 30 who has never had a significant relationship, and whose high school Facebook friends are married and on their 2nd and 3rd kids, I understand the feeling of “I feel like I should be moving ahead in my life but I’m not”. I don’t know if or how many men feel pressure in that way but I know women get it a lot from friends, family, and the media. It’s not a good feeling but at the end of the day I think it’s your life and you shouldn’t let other people define it for you.

            I hope you find someone special, Seth, I truly do. I hope I didn’t upset you with my anecdote about my mom’s age when I was born. I know the statistics and risks as women age, but I also know that younger woman can have complications and older women can be fine and all of that is simply anecdotal evidence which is what I was trying to point out with my own story. I didn’t mean to make light of the serious complications some people face. Again, I’m sorry if I upset you, I didn’t mean to.

          15. Seth, I sincerely believe you will find your special person. It’s a matter of timing. One can never pinpoint exactly when love will come, but when it does, all your worries go out the window, til the pressures of sustaining a happy relationship fly in. Just kidding about that. But, relationships are not easy.

            I am sorry you have not found anyone at this point and I think that it’s hard to often think that the right person may be just around the corner. My advice is to be open to any and everyone and never judge anyone you meet too quickly.

            I did not think I would meet the man that I married when I did. In fact, there were so many obstacles standing in our way in the start that I almost gave up. Then, things started to work out the way they should have earlier on.

            Pressure from friends, family and society are hard. But, be true to yourself and believe in yourself.

            KMR, I know that you will meet your love, too.

          16. Hey KMR,
            Hogwash you didn’t offend me. I’m sorry if I went a bit far. I’m glad you didn’t suffer any ill effects. Everyone is different, even with statistics. It’s fortunately getting more and more common (and much safer) for women to have children in their later 30s and 40s without any ill effects. I’m sure I will find someone, I’ve just been single for most of my adulthood and as you know, having everyone around you settling down and having kids puts stupid societal pressure on people. Also it’s more on my mind b/c my grandfather passed away without great-children. My parents are getting closer to 70 and I’d like to give them a grandkid before they’re too elderly. Of course my sister’s been married for 3 years and the closest thing to a grandchild she’s given them is a Guatemalan domesticated cat. I’m sure you’ll find someone too KMR.
            Well this topic certainly has a diverse range of opinions!

  8. I like the non British Royals the best. If Estelle and Leonore can have their own page on the royal website, why can’t George and Charlotte?

    1. Likely it is because George hasn’t done anything but in that case they could write about his interests (as done on other royal’s biographies).

      1. They could at least have a little bit about him, like his birthday, and christening and such. He went on the OZ/NZ tour, so there is stuff to put there.

  9. I can’t take my eyes off Maxima’s beautiful gloves; and yes, I want them badly. Maxima looks so lovely, she has such a presence I think. Did not recognize Cressida. Now back to those gloves – and thank you KMR!

    1. I like the gloves. I like the pops of dark purple against the little purple of the dress.

  10. Wow, I am having serious dress envy here!! Max’s dress is just stunning and with the exception of the bust darts, it suits her perfectly. However, I’m not a huge fan of the gloves, maybe it’s the darker color or that they’re leather, I can’t quite place my finger on what’s wrong with them but I just don’t care for them with this dress.

    Glad to see Queen Rania speaking out about issues that affect her country and region. I think it’s important to have strong women speak out on issues that they are passionate about. While I might not agree with everything that is said, to me the issue is that at least they are saying something, trying to make a difference, trying to make the world a better place.

    Aren’t M-M and Haakon the cutest couple? I love the hand holding, probably just like they do when they are at home curled up on the couch watching the telly.

    Any word on when the UnHoly Trinity will make their next appearance at the Rugby World Cup?

    1. I forgot to add, when I first say Maddie’s hat I almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard. I mean it looks like a rhino horn, she usually has good fashion sense but the baby must have wiped it out, hopefully only temporarily.

    2. I haven’t heard anything about any of the royals attending RWC events. I don’t know the RWC schedule so I don’t know when the UK and commonwealth countries are playing.

      I love it when royals hold hands.

  11. Maxima looked all class and elegance, from the gloves, her well groomed hair, to her outfit, that look and the way she carries herself you cannot buy out of a shop! She looked incredibly stylish. No need for any hair flicking or looking uncomfortable. She looks comfortable in her own skin, always looks like she is really enjoying herself and at the same time making a difference out there, which is so refreshing.

        1. Oh no, Cathy. Maxima has the mother of all IT, of which Kate’s is just a distant relation 3x removed. Kate’s IT is still MIA, and after the RL blah look the other day, I think IT’S continued disappearance is deliberate…

      1. I heard that Kate’s IT is taking a “transitional”, “gap”, “trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, that doesn’t require working” year along with William’s IT.

        1. Kate’s IT is living in The Netherlands now and is traveling abroad when Maxima needs IT to do so.

          That gown! Amazingly gorgeous.

  12. Wonderful post, KMR!

    The Swedes are my favorite royal family. I just love tof see them. Haakon and Mette-Marit are adorable.

    Mathilde won me over about her speech on gender inequality. Such an important topic that must be reiterated time and time again.

    Beatrice’s stylist secretly hates her. I just know it. Cressida. Where to start? Her matte lips and dewy skin looked wrong. I don’t care for her.

    Max was perfection except for those gloves. The bodice did not bother me. The details on the skirt was magnificent. Her hair topped it off well. But those gloves. Omg. Leather wrist length gloves? Those are gloves you wear with a Chanel suit. Not a couture gown. Silk would have been much better. Max is my fashion spirit animal, so I’ll give her a pass.

    1. It’s funny. A few years ago there was a PR push (so much so that I covered it here) about Bea and Eugenie’s style transformation and how they got stylists and were trying to look better in order to change their PR. And while they may be more stylish than they were years ago, they still don’t look that great. I think Eugenie has better style than Bea, though. I’ve thought that for years. Bea just always misses the mark for me.

        1. You and me both, rhiannon. That would have been my hands down favorite for look of the year so far. And I thought she was pretty spectacular at Sofia and Carl Philip’s wedding.

  13. Queen Maxima is a beautiful elegant woman–and wow, the gown and hair! Couture choices of the Swedish royal family are also spot on from head to toe. 100x more interesting than Waity’s clothes.

    Princess Beatrice — is she working or hardly working? I don’t wish to sound mean, but dang, those huge teeth and eyes, yikes!

      1. And this is what I don ‘t understand. We’ve got William and Kate (who want to make their own mark, even though no one – including them I think – has a clue what that is) who are doing sweet bugger all, and Beatrice just vacations away. I mean, come on! If she wanted to prove her worth it would be easy peasy . . . look at the two sitting ducks that she needs to out do. She could do it with one hand behind her back! It doesn’t have to be with royal engagements either. If she started to do some work with her patronages and perhaps other charities/initiatives, she would have those two against the ropes in no time flat. Even *I*, a notorious Beatrice critic, would be jumping up an down about her.

        1. Bea could so easily outshine William and Kate and instead she vacations more than them. It’s like she’s perfectly fine being the scapegoat used to make W&K look better by being even lazier than them.

    1. The large round eyes are an unfortunate inheritance from her father, on whom they don’t look out of place. She does have very beautiful hair, though, and at least her teeth are straight and white. William needs her dentist’s number, asap.

    1. Well she was definitely wearing a TopShop dress because it was a TopShop show, but how would it being a TopShop show affect her makeup?

      1. Most people have heard the beauty tip, “if you go for a bold lip, do a neutral eye and vise versa”. Otherwise you’re channeling the 80’s and I think the whole world’s agreed not to go there again. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Cressida took that very good advice a bit too literally, and just went with the bold lip. But, if you know you’re going to be photographed, we can now see that’s not a great idea. Let’s chalk it up to a learning experience…for all of us! Thanks Cress πŸ˜‰

      2. I think I read somewhere that Cressie was involved with designing some outfits for Phillip Green from Topshop. She’s wearing a Topshop outfit at a Topshop function so I had assumed she had been styled up by a Topshop stylist and they did the makeup as well.

  14. Beatrice looks cute i love both dresses. It look a lil better than before lol. Duchess Kate bangs makes her look old!! Princess sofia is adorable. Maddie looks hmmm cute puppy on her head lol the royal men are SEXY ALWays sexy!!! Andrea Casiragi is hot to. Harry looks good lol i sure hope William doesn’t copy harry!! He did last time!! i know Kate wants to hang w the kids but a lot of moms be there for there children even when they have to work!!
    Queen Rania is still beautiful. And nicely dressed. Queen Maxima dress is nice nipples ALERT!!! lol sorry lol but it looks good on her!! I hate boxed dresses on me!! She looks like britney spears lol

  15. Maxima and mathilde look great, I must say Sofia has impressed me, she gets along with her inlaws and is doing her job well compared to lazie katie, Rania is georgeous woman she doesnt need all that makeup, cresside can be a lingerie model, she has that hollywood star quality, shes a very attractive girl!!

    1. I agree with you Adam, so far I’m very impressed by Sofia. She has already made a solo, foreign engagement, gave a rather lengthy speech and not once has she flashed us! I don’t think Carl Phillip does many engagements (might be wrong here) so I’m hoping that she continues to use the wonderful platform she has as a royal to highlight the causes that are important to her.

  16. I’ve just seen instagram video of Harry in a hard hat working on a building site where they are renovating homes for disabled soldiers.
    Can someone in the same area as Rhiannon please rush around to her house with smelling salts to revive her? Thanks!
    Harry looks *hot*!
    Added hotness because he is actually getting his hands dirty! plus more hotness as he is bringing awareness to the support of disabled soldiers. And that project is bringing back life and people to derelict homes in Manchester.
    If someone asked me what I expected from a Royal then I would say that this is it. Find a cause they believe in and do what they can to shine a light on it.
    Well done Harry!

    1. I need to see this video. However, I’m not sure if I can take it.

      Hands on service is a wonderful thing. I am proud of his commitment to the disabled vets.

      I heard that Will isn’t dressed for the occasion.

    2. I live about 3 miles from this project. Yesterday I drove down to the area to see if it would be viable to go down today when Harry was there, so I could report back to Rhiannon on hot Harry.
      Sorry but the streets were closed off anyway for this massive project.
      If you can access the Manchester Evening News website there is a live timeline. I have been following this. Yes, Harry looks hot.There are lots of pics and little vids.
      What has annoyed me is the fact that William is front and centre Walking with the Wounded id Harry’s baby. Once more William piggybacking on Harry’s work.
      This visit seems to have made the national press now…The Telegraph, maybe The Mail by now.
      It’s worth reading about the project making homes for vets.
      There are also pics on RD, the dishers comments seem to be the same about William.
      The project will be televised later in the year.
      Once more sorry Rhiannon, I did my best x

      1. You are so sweet to try for me. You get a huge virtual hug.

        I really hate that Will does this. But people will hopefully realize that his presence is telling. Harry is getting down into the weeds while Will is all about the fluff.

        1. @ Rhiannon
          I knew you would love the pics. Did you manage to see the little videos?
          The TV progamme will be aired in October.I don’t know if you have access to British Tv in America.

      2. I saw this as well and was reading the article in the daily mail about it. The project manager was gushing about Prince Harry helping out and how down to earth he was. Not just that but that he actually did the work well. No mention of Will from the project manager that I could see.

        I agree with others that this is definitely Harry’s cause and Will is just piggybacking on Harry’s work to get credit for it.

  17. I will be checking this out asap. Harry is amazing. What a caring and decent man. A true King among men. William is riding his coattails. Shame on him for not finding his own cause and working it as hard as is possible.

    Rhiannon, get thee to Manchester as soon as thee can.

      1. Cannot wait to see you and Harry on You Tube.
        I am sure you will knock him out with your looks and personality.
        He won’t know what hit him!

  18. I just want to hang out with Maxima. She always looks like so much fun. For once, I actually like the first dress Bea had. I’d wear it. And as usual, love all the Swedish girls.

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