Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William attend Rugby World Cup opening

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William attend Rugby World Cup opening

Prince Harry (in full Ginger Bearded glory), Prince William, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge attended the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony and opening match between England and Fiji this evening at Twickenham Stadium in London.

Prince Harry gives speech at RWC

As Honorary President of England 2015 and Vice-Patron of the Rugby Football Union, Harry gave a speech during the opening ceremony:

    “Welcome to Twickenham, to England 2015 and to the 8th Rugby World Cup. This evening marks the beginning of a celebration of rugby which I hope will inspire current players, those new to the game and future generations. […] To all the players, we congratulate you and wish you well for the tournament. Your individual skill is to be celebrated, but I can think of no other sport where the success of the team is shouldered so equally by everyone. […] Across the country, regardless of age, background or beliefs; this nation, which gave rugby to the world in 1823, will join together and celebrate the game like never before. In six weeks’ time, one team will take its place in history. It’s up to every one of us, to raise the roof on each match in this unforgettable journey. The players have earned it, the Nations deserve it and the fans expect it. We’re ready…… Game on!”


In a similar move to The Queen‘s appearance with James Bond (Daniel Craig‘s Bond to be specific), Harry made a cameo in a video that played as part of the opening ceremony. Harry played a gardener next to England player Johnny Wilkinson in a scene dramatizing the moment William Webb Ellis is said to have picked up the ball at Rugby School in Warwickshire in 1823, run towards the posts, and turned a football match into what we now call rugby. The video is at the end of the post.

Prince Harry gardner RWC intro video

William and Kate watched from the stands as Harry gave his speech.

OMG jewel tones! Kate wore this new Reiss coat – the “Emile Sharply Tailored Coat” in blue passion. The coat is sold out in Kate’s color, but is still on sale in pale pink on the Reiss website. The pink version was originally priced at $525 but is currently on sale for $370.

Kate wore her Mappin and Webb “Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings”, and carried a scarf from Beulah London. The scarf is the “Shibani Blue Heart Scarf” (£85) which is part of the United Nations Blue Heart Campaign with 10% of the sales of the scarf go to that cause. I’ve mentioned my dislike of the “10%” donation thing before in regards to the poppies from last year. Out of the £85 you’re spending, only £8.5 goes toward the cause. Does it really cost over £70 to make a scarf? Ugh, whatever. Kate wore her Stuart Weitzman “Power” black suede pumps and carried the Weitzman “Muse” clutch in black suede (as opposed to her blue suede one).

I saw there were some early comments from a few of you about this outfit saying that it was very boring. But, um, not going to lie… I love this outfit. The color is beautiful on Kate, I like the black accents, and I’m okay with her hair being down for this event. I actually think Kate looks good here. This is probably one of the better looks I’ve seen from Kate in a while. Also, the bangs don’t look terrible here. Is it “boring”? Maybe. But I think it looks rather sleek and nice. Overall, I’d say this is a fashion win for me.

Reiss Emile Sharply Tailored Coat

Beulah London Shibani Blue Heart Scarf Mappin and Webb Empress White Gold and Diamond Drop earrings

Following the opening ceremony, England played Fiji and won with 35-11. The Royal Trinity stayed and watched the game. I love the faces they make when watching sports; so funny.

Last night, after Kate made her return to royal duties at the Anna Freud Centre, both Harry and William were out and about.

Harry was at the Rugby World Cup welcome reception, where he gave a speech. And William was at the Tusk Trust 25th anniversary ball, where he gave a speech and hung out with Joss Stone.

Here is the intro video in which Harry plays a gardener. His part starts at 2:15.

Links: Express. Daily Mail.

Photos: Screengrab from live feed / screengrab from YouTube video / Getty / Reiss / Beulah London / Mappin and Webb

101 thoughts on “Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William attend Rugby World Cup opening

  1. Is that Joss Stone that William is pictured with up there (lace dress, hair pulled back)?

    Edit: Yes it is, according to The Daily Mail.

    1. Yes. That’s why I said William “hung out with Joss Stone”. There were quite a few pictures of them together. They seemed to really enjoy themselves.

      1. And now we’ve all seen what a happy chappy William is when around an interesting, beautiful woman. Contrast that with stone face William with Kate at the rugby!
        Do I need to repeat my theory that William would be a completely different person with a different wife?

        1. I agree that William might be a different person had he not been with Kate so long. I still think he would have been an arrogant brat, but he might not have been so bitter-seeming and lazy had he found someone willing to work hard.

          1. I always wanted to ask? What make you so certain that K&W are not happy together? Maybe I am not careful observer but to tell you the truth I’ve never seen any implication that something is wrong between the two of them. There is certainly something wrong with each of them but they seem happy together. Just wanted to ask 🙂

          2. I agree too. It would be lovely to see William laugh and smile genuinely. I think if he had married someone else, William would still be arrogant but that someone would have laughed at him and been a bit more unpredictable. I am working part time now and this blog is keeping me going. Sorry if my posts are always late.

    2. Amen. Glory Harry-lujah!

      (Will may be reflecting on how his little brother is more valuable to HM/POW, dignified and dedicated than he.)

      Another fake from delicate snowflake – whispering, trying to convince herself the camera, that she too is ‘close’ with Will and he is relaxed/happy (not) with her, as he is out alone and with Joss at BAFTA red carpet.

      1. Oh, Doolittle,Glory Harry-lujah, indeed. So funny, I am doubled over!

        I actually liked the coat and its gorgeous hue. But, I agree, why not wear the scarf, or put a dynamite brooch on?

        The photos of everyone at the match? Kate looked ridiculous, once more. Oh, those faces that she makes.

        Harry, Harry, Harry! You rock! You really know how to work a room, a stadium, or just anywhere you hang your hat. You are amazing!

        1. The faces Kate makes at sporting events remind me of myself when I was skid and feigning interest in something. I’d pull my face so much and make ridiculous expressions to fake excitement.

          1. I know we all remain anonymous, but those pix of you as a kid making those ridick expressions would be great to see.

            BTW, Joss is gorgeous. Is she available for Harry? Sorry, Rhiannon, just wondering.

          2. Joss has an easy rapport with Harry also. She’s been his table mate on many occasions. I love her music and she is a colorful character. I might bet on her being a dark horse.

            Interesting note – you’ve never seen Kate with Joss.

  2. I think Kate looks gorgeous. That coat is absolutely stunning and is definitely her colour. The scarf was a lovely accessory, too. Her hair looks way better today than it did yesterday and she looks way happier than she did yesterday too. Maybe she lacks confidence when she has to do solo appearances? William’s glasses look very cool too. I don’t like beards, not even on Harry 🙁

    1. I sadly think Kate looks happier because this is a fun sporting event and not a charity appearance. She always looks happier at the fluff events. They seem more up her ally 🙁

      1. Sadly.

        And, again snowflake and her royal-like attire.. she is all professional at Rugby Cup but flashing (inner thigh) at a children’s Charity and serious mental illness meet greet appearance.

        HM, The Firm was not happy and no doubt got a hold of her but, when will she get her role duties right in representing the RF (after 15 years).

      2. Agreed Overit! She seems to be more engaged in fluff events. Sad really since she had a perfectly good example in Diana to see what a people’s princess is, too bad Waity is such a shallow person. I do like the color of the coat, but we never get to see what outfit is on underneath and so just a coat is a pretty boring choice.

    2. You do realize her “work” consisted of sitting in a chair and watching sport? She did not interact with the public and “learn more”. It boggles my mind that Kate gets credit for “work” when the other thousands of folks attending the same event do not.

      1. Lady, Spot on!

        Km need lessons from Princess Estelle, Sweden (at Tennis games); Estelle stand in her chair, ‘greet the people’/encourage clapping, interacting.

          1. Princess Estelle is only three years old and a natural.

            I think the Rugby World Cup opening was good to watch. However Prince Harry speaking in that accent was not believable for an estate worker.

            Harry does look confident and in his element. His speech was very good including everybody and I think is very positive. William looks very rigid. Very uptight and not enjoying himself. Kate does look good in that shade of blue. However she must be nervous as her coat is not open. I don’t think expensive jewellery to a game is a good idea. Sorry I am late posting.

          2. It’s so odd to me that William didn’t seem to be enjoying himself at the rugby. William usually likes watching rugby. I wonder why he was so grumpy.

          3. Sometimes I wonder if he just always looks grumpy because his picture is being taken. I think he is always scowling at photographers, which makes him look like a perpetually grumpy person.

    3. She looks ridiculous – and about Willy, he always appears interested when there is celebrity around, eh? Just like his mother that way – loves the perks and celebrity.

        1. I wouldn’t agree with “ridiculous” but I did find it odd to be dressed so formally for a sporting event. Is this type of outfit normal for an opening ceremony? Also – I didn’t realize that it was chilly enough for tights in England this time of year! I’ll be interested to see what she wears to later games. Crossing my fingers that it’s not a striped nautical top…..

          1. It’s the opening ceremony. Kate wore a dress to the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. Why shouldn’t she wear something a bit nicer than normal sports-watching clothes to the Rugby opening ceremony?

            I saw someone say it was in the 60s on the day of the opening ceremony, and a lot of people in the crowds were wearing jackets and such. So it makes sense Kate would wear a coat to stay warm.

  3. I think this outfit looked great on Kate. That blue is the perfect color for Kate and I thought she looked very pretty. Yes it is another coat and she has a ton of them, but a least this is a different color. I still don’t like her bangs though. I actually think the bangs might look nice if she pulls her hair back in a pony tail. Even half pulled back would look better so that it is less jarring with the lack of layers.

  4. Harry’s speech was a good one. I wish others would follow his lead and make meaningful, well-delivered speeches at their public appearances…

  5. There is one photo in the post that shows Kate’s terrible posture. It makes my back ache just to look at her. Nice coat, nice earrings, but would I wear 3.5 thousand pounds worth of jewelry to a rugby game? Under long hair? A fiddle with the hair and there goes an earring!

  6. Yes this color looks so good on Kate. She was radiant and beautiful. The fringe did not look as bad but still is a poor type of blunt cut. I so like Harry in his very rugged masculine look. I love beards and having his hair a bit longer fits him well and all with those gorgeous blue eyes. Nice that England won.

  7. KMR do you think a Reiss choice is in honor of the recent passing of the (heavily pregnant) Debra Reiss or maybe just a coincidence because it’s a go-to brand? I don’t know if they even knew each other but I had recently seen that sad story in the news and wondered about it.

    1. Sorry, but I could not bear to google this. Can anyone tell me why/how Debra Reiss lost her life? She was pregnant? Oh my God.

      1. You don’t need to, Jenny. That’s all you need to know. . You don’t need that energy right now. Please know that I’m not trying to be patronizing by saying this.

      2. Hi Jenny.
        I’m putting on my bossy boots here. No reading about things going wrong in pregnancy or we have to take your internet connection away from you, which we don’t want to do or we would not be able to get reports from you as to how things are progressing. Relax and enjoy your bump growing, take all the naps you can as you will be busy, very very busy soon. Sending you a hug from New Zealand.

        1. Thanks to Rhiannon and Cathy for your thoughtfulness. I was not asking because I had a fear about my own health. Just was wondering what happened and if the baby was saved. So, contrary to your kind advice, I did some snooping and sadly, I found out the baby did not survive either. How terrible a story. A mom-to-be and her baby now gone. And, another child left without a mother. I assume she had health issues and was very unhappy previously. One article stated that she had finally found happiness.

          I choose to think that Kate wore the coat to pay homage to the designer’s daughter and baby. I think that is actually a touching thing to do.

          Hugs right back at you, Cathy. Thanks.

          I also thought it was funny when you said you would have to take away the internet connection.

          I did not come across any gory details, but won’t google this again.

          Just a sad story. Too much sadness in this world.

          Rhiannon, I did not find your words patronizing at all.

      3. From what I Googled, Debra Reiss’ official cause of death has not been officially announced and is under investigation since she died so suddenly. She suffered from a lung condition she had had since childhood which could be a factor. I’ll spare you the gory details, but from what I gather her death isn’t pregnancy-related.

    2. I don’t know if it was a tribute. Since that coat doesn’t come in that color anymore I would guess Kate bought it a good while ago and had it in her closet since then. It could be that Kate wanted to pay tribute to Debra Reiss, but I don’t know for sure.

  8. I actually really like the coat. I love the colour!! And it fits her!! I also liked she paired it with black, is such a strong colour what is really difficult to combine with other and we all know Kate is not that good at that.

    Harry’s speech was awesome he was so on point. I have to say I’m liking him more and more every day less then two weeks after leaving the army he goes on three month conservation work trip, and less and a week back he did 3 official engagements and at least two private visits. He’s being unstoppable.

    During his speech his voice failed a bit and Wills was caught laughing – TBH I laugh too it was really funny and I don’t think Harry would take it personally.

    He gave a speech to 80.000 people! And he told us how nervous he gets and IMO he did an excellent job!

    1. Kate looks good here, and the fringe/bangs are growing on me, I think that look on her makes her look more mature, serious and, dare I say, regal – perhaps it’s the blue 🙂 which is great for her. I think they are trying to get us to take her more seriously and not the “young, high street, one of you, accessible monarchy moderniser, vibrant, girlfriend/newlywed” buzz about her when she married William.

      Harry did great. He always delivers, you can tell he’s passionate and throws himself into whatever he does.

  9. I agree, she looks good in this color, but I stand by my observation that it is boring. I do realize that this is a sporting event in a stadium, but she just blends in. I have read that she is not too interested in fashion (which just could be a made up story) which may account for her dress sense and lack of “IT”ness. If so, this is why she needs a stylist to kick it up a notch.

    1. I don’t think she blend in, actually I thought she stood out, or at least tried by using that colour. I even have a theory that she’s doing it on purpose, has anyone noticed how things this keeps happening?
      Lately when she knows she’s going to be in a crowded area she uses very bright colours: in NY the hot pink to visit the Ground Zero when everyone else was in shades of dark colours she could be spotted a mile away; at Wimbledon the orange-red; and now the bright blue! Maybe that is just me…

      I’ve read that story too, I honestly can not made up my mind about it but I’m more inclined to believe she likes and takes interest in fashion she’s just not good with it.

      I’m basing myself on several factors for starters she used a lot (compared to now) of jewellery while being a gf: big earring, necklaces, watch, rings… Now the jewellery she has is minimal but unreasonably expensive.
      We know it takes approximately 3h to get her signature hair and yet in the first years of marriage she even had that done to watch polo!
      IMO her fashion in those first two years was better but curiously we’ve only started to receive reports of her stylist after George birth – when they we’re seen entering the hospital, isn’t it interesting when she supposedly has one she’s even worse than before – a lot of the sugars blame (what they consider to be) her fashion faux on that stylist.
      We know she shops a lot, that her mother and sister shops and receive clothes for her, and that she online shops.

      Taking into account all stated above, I think she is interested in fashion and her image, the problem is, IMO, she truly is not good at it and she has falling for one big fat lie: money equals style.

    2. As far as the bright colors go, I think it’s fair to note that brights have become more trendy in the last couple of years. I’m not saying she doesn’t want to stand out, just making a bit of a devil’s advocate comment. Also – I think pastels can be a bit aging some of the time.

      1. Also, a lot of royals, including QEII, wear bright colors when they know they will be in crowds specifically because they want to stand out to make sure people can see them.

  10. Loved Kate’s outfit today! She always looks so radiant at these fun “fluff” events and so awkward at proper charity engagements.

    1. And herein lies a big problem. If Kate was intelligent, she’d be reading the public commentary on her. She is the only one who can change the viewpoint. She could do that by stopping with all the new clothing purchases, emphasizing real charity work, learning how to do speeches, and basically defusing all this attention from her physical appearance. Until she does that, she will remain The Paperdoll Duchess.

      1. I hope she doesn’t read the public commentary. That would be enough to send her straight into the arms of Nurse Ratched! If I were her pr team, I’d give her a few fluffy options to browse now and then, but tell her to give it a miss ,mostly. It would be enough drive the most childlike or narcissistic adult into a downward spiral. In one extreme, people hate you and long for the demise of your family and the other is that they raise you to goddess level 10 for wearing a cute top and curling your hair. The people she pays to gauge public sentiment are the ones who need to steer her in the right direction.

  11. I do love the color of her coat, but why does she just carry the scarves instead of wearing them? And would someone please, please, please check the dosage of whatever mood altering drug she is on because those manic grins are scary.

    That picture of Harry…oh my…those eyes!! And I love the video and the history of rugby. Kind of odd that he wasn’t next to Kate as he has been in the past. Makes me wonder what transpired between the two of them or all three of them.

    William and Joss, well William and anyone but Kate. He always looks more relaxed and doesn’t clench his jaws or fists. Actually looks like he’s having fun.

    Finally, I hope he holds out and keeps the beard. It just ups the hot factor so much and his eyes look so much bluer in contrast to the coppery ginger of his beard.

    1. In my opinion, if she had worn the scarf it would have been way to much with her hair. It would have looked like the scarf and her hair were trying to strangle her. So it’s probably a good thing that she didn’t wear the scarf.

      I totally agree with you on Harry’s beard. He looks so good with it.

    1. Harry! I could not take my eyes off of Harry in the photo.

      She definitely needed to be wearing that scarf. Or, she should have pinned a dynamite-looking brooch on.

  12. I must admit – Yes, she looks great in that coat but who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t look gorgeous in such a classy, elegant and simple coat? Despite that fact there is nothing special about her look. I am not fashionista but why her outfits are so predictable and “safe”?
    Ok, I get it – that’s her style isn’t it? (tones of classic coats in different colors) with almost the same pair of shoes.
    She looks so happy and glowing though but she always looks happy with Will by her side. I don’t know what I want from her. I guess I believe her – they are very happy together. Good for her!!!

      1. It looks like weight loss as well as work done, The Duchess’s teeth look unnatural I agree not a good look.
        The colour of her coat is lovely, it would have been nice to see her wear the scarf, very rarely does she use them mostly carries them, security blanket for hands?

    1. Ah, I thought it was just me thinking her teeth look unnatural. Not many people here go for veneers so I hadn’t picked up that Kate had probably had new veneers. They sure do look an unnatural colour, like they are overbleached?

  13. I think Kate looked beautiful. The cut and color of that coat is divine. I am a huge fan of clean lines and a simple look. Her hair looked lovely. However, I would have liked to see that scarf draped along her shoulders or tucked in, Ascot style. It was as if someone said to carry the scarf for the publicity in the car and she put it on top of her purse. She’s worn scarfs as ascots before and it looks wonderful. If not a scarf, she needs a brooch. I am all for a cute, whimsical touch to fashion. Fashion should be fun and not boring. Maybe a rugby ball or the colors of the team.

    She looks like she is in her element at sporting events. Jason – I know that we want to have the “kiddie” vibe from her, but take her out of events with children and put her in sporting events. She obviously loves it.

    A few blogs ago, a KMR poster stated that William looks like he always has a mouth full of wasps. He looked like that in all of his pics except with Joss Stone. Yes, I said it. He looks at ease with any other woman who is not his wife. He just looks like he is a jerk. I used to think that he was a nice guy, but he seems so full of himself and would poke fun at anyone around him.

    Harry. I cannot wait until I am Rhiannon Wales. That beard is everything. We all know that my ginger is hot, but the fact that service is so deeply ingrained in him is even hotter. He “gets” it. He carries his mother’s and the Windsor legacy effortlessly. I know that it must be a burden, but he does what he needs to do. Harry has shown that he is a Royal on tour, but one of the guys when he is with fellow vets/soldiers. My favorite image of him this year was doing the Haka in NZ and placing the handprint on the photogs head. He shows that you can have fun, but still get the job done.

    If I were Kate and Will, I would be worried that he has eclipsed them both in popularity and with the respect of the kingdom. But, they probably don’t care.

    Wonderful, wonderful post, KMR. I am going to go now. I plan on looking at Zack Posen designs for my upcoming engagement tour.

  14. I like the coat, just not on her, though the colour suits her. She uses it like a protective shell. And because she has no curves and her posture is execrable, she does not do the coat justice.

    Her reactions also seem OTT.

    Other than that, meh. Who cares that she or Willy showed up to a sports event? It’s a shame that the Givenaughts did not stay away; this should have been Harry’s moment. Shame on the Cambridges, selfish, self-centred buggers that they are. Interesting that Harry is separated from them unlike days of old.

  15. I think W&K were there to steal Harrys thunder – Sam as at Invictus when they announced she was preg again. W is jealous of H & steals his attention at every opportunity.

    W is a tool.

    1. I thought it was so rude of the Cambs to announce Kate’s pregnancy mere days before Harry’s Invictus Games. They could have easily waited a week or two and let Harry have the spotlight during that time.

  16. Kate wears bright blue at the rugby, bright red at Wimbledon, bright pink at Ground Zero. With there goes that theory that Kate was hiding out due to her fear of assassination plots?
    (I’m going to say here that I hope that doesn’t happen – to anyone!)

    1. I hope to goodness that Will doesn’t take it. He is not worthy of it at all. Harry would be the better fit. Will doesn’t get hands on and constantly shirks his duties. The Trust has a long history of service. Will doesn’t and never will.

    2. Hmmm. Such a shame if neither Will nor Harry will step up to shoulder some of the work associated with the Prince’s Trust. Surely, together the sons could spare time…


    Oh, no! Entertainment Tonight ran a story on how adorable a couple – and how much in love – W&K are as witnessed by their appearance at the Rugby World Cup Opening. Also, a round of applause to the couple was given as to how much they applauded the efforts of the teams. Now, ET is a TV program, so they must have certainly had footage of how Kate looks when she claps!

    BTW, I just cannot stomach the bangs. Her hair looks so flat at the crown area and those bangs do nothing for her features. Just awful! Off with the hairdresser’s head!

  18. Looking at some of the pictures it seems to me that Kate will at some point notice that Will’s attention has wondered away from her and it seems to make her a bit desperate. Almost all the photos labeling them in love are because Will dared to look away. Just an observation.

  19. Too. Much. Hair.
    Too. Much. Teeth.

    I agree the blue coat is beautiful, but once again it falls flat on her. You know how some women look elegant even if you put rags on them? Well Waity is the opposite. Haute couture looks ordinary and unremarkable when she dons them. She has no panache.

        1. Her designer and sartorial choices have been fairly limited, predictable, and safe. That’s the reason for the Kate Effect, and not because she is fashion forward or iconic.

  20. I love that coat and think it’s a great fit and color for Kate. Somehow it looks better on the model on the site, though. The posture issue someone else here mentioned, perhaps?

    I have to admit that sometimes I secretly feel people extrapolate too much about W/K’s marriage from William’s facial expressions when they’re together. I know plenty of (presumably) happily married couples who don’t gaze at each other adoringly when they’re together – they’re comfortable with each other in a way that doesn’t always show. However, after seeing these pictures of William with Joss Stone, I may have to eat crow on this one. The difference is so striking, isn’t it? The way he touches Joss’s arm, the ear to ear grin, leaning forward, looking interested and engaged . . .just a complete 180 from how he is with Kate. I’m not a jealous type, but if my husband was normally po-faced with me but like this with another woman, I’d be preeeettty annoyed. Methinks the walls at Anmer have some good stories to tell.

    1. It looks better on the model probably because the model’s hair is not all over the coat, and the body language is much more relaxed. Kate’s hair is all over her shoulders and she keeps her arms in front of her in a defensive move.

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