Kate Middleton returns to royal duties in a $1,500 dress at the Anna Freud Centre

Kate Middleton returns to royal duties in a $1,500 dress at the Anna Freud Centre

You know what, you guys, I think Kate might be trolling us at this point. Like, she knows that we don’t want her to flash us, but she refuses to weight her hems or wear dresses that won’t blow around in the wind and she continues to wear dresses with slits up to her upper thighs. It’s like she reads all our comments and says, “Challenge accepted”.

With that in mind, our long lost Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, came out of her maternity leave hide-y hole for an appearance today, September 17, at the Anna Freud Centre.

Anna Freud was the sixth child of Sigmund Freud, and was one of the founders of child psychoanalysis. The Anna Freud Centre brings knowledge from neuroscience and social science research to help children, young people, and families find solutions to their difficulties by putting the child and their family at the center of their own care. The Centre also teaches and trains a new generation of researchers and clinicians in the latest skills and tools to improve mental health globally.

Kate at Anna Freud Centre

While at the Centre, Kate met with children and parents who have been helped by the Centre. Kate was also shown brain scans showing that the stress levels of a child suffering mental health problems are similar to those of a soldier returning from combat duty, to which Kate said, “It’s incredible the underpinning science behind it.”

Side note: I wonder which mental health problems the children whose brain scans Kate looked at were suffering from, and whether the similarity between a child suffering mental health problems and a soldier returning from combat duty is specific to one type of mental health problem or if it is universal.

Kate also saw plans for the new center which will be completed in 2018. While looking at the architect’s model, Kate said: “It’s quite a unique approach. Have you had any problems in terms of planning or have you been very well supported?”

[Daily Mail]

Kate looking at plans at Anna Freud Centre

While at the Family School (a nearby organization helped by the Anna Freud Centre), Kate participated in a reflex test. On the video, you can hear her say something about doing it in heels. To which I say, “Take off your heels, girl!” I’d love so much if Kate were to take off her shoes and really participate in something. She did so once in 2012 at a sports thing before the Olympics.

Kate spent about an hour at the Centre before moving on to the Family School where she also spent about an hour. So the entire visit was about two hours. That’s double the amount of time Kate usually spends at an appearance. Improvement?

Kate at Anna Freud Centre Family School

As we’ve previously noted, it looks like Kate’s charity focus is changing from children’s hospices to children’s mental health. From the Telegraph:

    “The Duchess is expected to become more involved with projects similar to the Anna Freud centre, having adopted a keen interest in mental health issues according to those briefed on the matter.
    “The Duchess wants to play a part in the open discussion around the emotional and mental wellbeing of children.
    “She is particularly interested in supporting early intervention programmes that tackle complex social issues, especially those that provide support to vulnerable families or children to build their resilience to cope with life’s challenges from an early age.”

Kate wore a new dress, and as expensive as it is I’m glad she wore something new. She shops all the time and has so many clothes so why bother pretending to be frugal by repeating clothes? I’m usually disappointed by her repeats anyway since she doesn’t bring back the pieces from 2011/2012 that I like. So bring on the new clothes.

Anyway, Kate went with an American designer this time. She chose the Ralph Lauren Black Label “Silk Austin Shirtdress” ($1,595.00). The dress is a houndstooth pattern and comes with the patent leather belt. There are two versions of the dress, a shorter version and a longer version. I’ll give Kate props for going with the longer, to-the-knee version. Maybe she is trying?

Kate accessorized with her Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings, Stuart Weitzman Power pumps and Mulberry Bayswater clutch.

Ralph Lauren Silk Austin Shirtdress

What do you guys think of the bangs/fringe? I’m… not used to it. I think Kate’s bangs are a lot better than Princess Charlene’s from the beginning of this year, but I think I prefer Kate without bangs. I’ll give her props for trying something different, though.

All in all… There was still crotch clutching, still flashings, still no speech or official statement, but she did go with a longer dress, stayed for more than an hour, didn’t sound terrible when talking to people, and changed up her hair. So… maybe there is improvement?

Photos: Getty / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Ralph Lauren

202 thoughts on “Kate Middleton returns to royal duties in a $1,500 dress at the Anna Freud Centre

  1. The makeup and hair is so aging, she looks 39 or 40 years old. Too bad about not weighting the hems too, it’s so unprofessional to see her upper thighs like that if she’s going to be a future queen. It looks skanky. Being from England, you’d think she’d be used to gusts of wind and what they do to dresses.

    1. She needs to stop with the slits. You’d think if she were spending $1,500 on a dress, she’d get it customized to close the slit. Kate is not J.Lo, Kate shouldn’t be doing thigh-high slits.

      Funnily enough, Sofia Hellqvist – the former nude model lots of people hated for being “too skanky” to be a princess – had one of her pre-wedding dresses altered to close the slit a bit. The original dress had a thigh-high slit and Sofia had it altered so that the slit only came up to the knee. So Sofia the former nude model alters her slits and Kate the “middle-class girl” can’t.

      1. Yeah I saw that with Sofia Hellqvist. I thought that was really classy of her. At this point I think Kate’s just an exhibitionist. I would really like to see that backfire on her and her whole damn dress fly up and expose all of her. Lol

      2. well if she really wanted to wear that dress she could ve the slit sewn. she s a dutchess, why does she dress like this? i think after all the flash gates but gates and so on that she loves showing off her fit underwieght body and she does it all on purpose

  2. Kate’s back!!! It is so great to see Kate again! She looked beautiful and I love the hair. It looks like she put weights in the hem of her dress!!! She did an excellent job and seemed very engaged. Now, if we can only get her to do a speech…..

    1. Hi CrazyAMG, that’s what I love about this site, you and I saw the same pictures and have completely different takes on them and it’s all okay! Really glad you’re happy with Kate today, it’s a nice balance to my negativity 🙂

        1. I’m hoping for some photos of the kids by the end of the year. There is no guarantee that we will get Christmas photos, but if not then we won’t have seen them since July and who knows when we’ll see them next. I’m hoping for Christmas photos at least.

    2. Her hair is so thick and glossy, but I think the bangs would be suited more to a sidesweep rather than a center part.

      I thought the dress was alright. Given the shape she’s in, she can probably fit anything in her closet, and she has loads of gorgeous stuff that’s only been seen once.

      Overall, she did not look like she had a baby 4 months ago! Possibly “maternity leave” ends when you’re thin enough to fit back into your skinny jeans. I wouldn’t have been able to show my face for a good 10 months after having kids, if that is the case haha

      She looked happy to be there, everyone looked thrilled that she was there, so hopefully a successful day for the Anna Freud Centre all around.

      1. I agree about the bangs. I also think that a little blending could really help. There’s such a blunt difference between her bangs and the rest of her hair.

      2. I don’t get the bangs/fringe. The ones that I normally see are either straight across the forehead or side swept. These are a huge chunk of hair on either side of her head. Someone mentioned below about blending the bangs into the rest of her head, which is severely lacking. Honestly, I seriously question the skills of her hair stylist.

    3. Wait a minute, what weights? Where? The huge slit in that dress and the exposing of her thigh was so inappropriate. I am still amazed that anyone let her leave home like that!
      She seems to thumb her nose constantly at the powers that be and be saying, William chose me, so the heck with you! (I would have written something stronger than heck, but you get my drift).

      She does look manic in many of the pix and did look engaged one time, at least, in the picture where she is sitting across from the child.

      This is a most worthy organization and a great cause to rally around, but true to form, Kate’s appearance will last in people’s minds for a few days and then focus will go off the Anna Freud Center and the important work they do.

      Yes, KMR, had she worn lower heeled shoes, or kicked hers’ off when playing with the kids, would that not have been awesome?

      I just don’t get her. Poor Jason. He must be getting ready to move on. How could anyone keep dealing with this obviously uncaring woman. She cares for little but her toned body — Yes, she looks nice after giving birth to two kids – but, she shows no compassion, nor caring for others.

      She’s back and she has sparked a flurry of great comments. Nice to read the blog and everyone’s thoughts.

      1. I’m really wondering how long Jason will stay with the Cambs. He has to be getting fed up by now, right? I’m guessing he won’t last another year.

  3. I am undecided about Kate’s look today. The very first picture I saw this morning was the thigh flashing and I thought I heard Jason banging his head against the wall. Also, her posture is so poor, with rounded shoulders and leaning back at the waist, it makes all her dresses hang low in the back making the hem look uneven. On to her hair, I really liked how it looks from the side profile but straight on not so much. The bangs don’t blend in with the rest of the cut, they just seem to hang there and the hide her face. But maybe that’s the purpose, if she can’t hide out at Anmer then she can hide out behind her hair. However I do like the shorter length very much, it looks sleeker and heavy. Is it just me or did she look tired and stressed with too many exaggerated facial expressions?

    I’m sorry to sound so negative, it’s just after 4 years I expect better. Where are the comments from Kate about her visit? When will she learn to stand up straight? When will she stop clutching her crotch?

    1. Lauri I thought the same thing. The bangs look good from the profile, but head on they do not look good at all. I think had they been layered around the front it would look great. They are just to blunt compared to the rest of her hair.

    2. Hi Lauri! I agree. I like the dress but she needs a slip. And I think her hair looks like curtains. If she wore a slip or had it closed, it wouldn’t be a problem.

    3. I agree with your sentiment about the bangs. I don’t mind them from the side, but from the front they seem odd. Like they are randomly attached to her head. Almost like fake clip-on bangs. They just don’t fit with the rest of her hair.

    4. KMR, so funny all you wrote. Loved it.
      Lauri, I was distressed, as well. Flashing her thigh. Come on, Kate!
      Didn’t like the dress one bit. Boring, to me. Just too safe — except for the slit, that is.
      I just don’t get her. She persists in doing things that cheapen her role. Her philosophy seems to be, “If you got it, flaunt it.”

      I know I will not be as thin as she is and am already wondering how my baby weight will come off. It’s not something I think about constantly, but it does cross my mind.

      So, she is interested in mental health issues in kids? I think that is wonderful and I hope we see her doing more on behalf of a worthy cause. Wonder if we will.

      P.S. Oh, those bangs. Ugh.

    5. With regard to her always bending backwards from the waist – I am convinced that is to compensate for the idiotic shoes she wears. I would never wear heels the height she wears as I have no desire to ruin my feet, but it seems like gravity would start to take hold and real or imagined give the feeling of pitching forward. The wearer leans backwards to compensate for the feeling that they are about to land face down on the ground. She isn’t the only person I have seen standing that way in really high heels.

  4. She has had better fringe in the past. These are just way too abrupt. They don’t blend in with the rest of her hair. So in that way they are truly bangs and not fringe because they evoke the onomatopoeia of the word “bang.” 🙂 With more gradual layers around the face leading into the bangs they could be a lot more flattering I think.

    Edit: and *no* on the dress (I learned the dangers of that style in my early 20’s) and yes she is trolling you. Double birds from W&K for the commentariat on the regular these days.

  5. I actually like the dress today. I am glad she did not button it up to her neck as per her usual. I do think she should have added a few buttons on the skirt. I know she has a great figure, but showing her mid to upper thigh just doesn’t feel appropriate for a Royal. It truly feels like Kate loves to show off her body, or maybe she just wanted to show off that she lost all her baby weight?

    I am torn about today. Yes she spent more time than usual, but it was 2 different places with an hour each, so in that regards, she was in her normal time frame. She seemed engaged enough and I am glad she is taking an interest in such an important issue. Although, I think it is odd that both her and William all the sudden are so interested in this. It makes me wonder if someone higher up said a Royal should focus on mental health issues and Will/Kate were chosen since they don’t have many interests. The problem with Kate is sometimes when she seems engaged it comes off kind of over the top or not genuine. I am starting to wonder if that is just how it appears and she truly is engaged. Kate’s personality is a hard one to pin down.

    1. Read on another site that they identified her host as the spouse of one of George’s godparents. So it’s not really a sudden random visit – she’s highlighting the cause of a family friend.

      1. Ya I read that too, which is why she kissed him instead of giving him a handshake. A side note on that though, I read comments on others sites where people thought that meant she did a lot of behind the scenes work since she was comfortable with him. When in truth there is the family closeness :).

        Kate’s people keep reporting that she is going to be focusing on mental illness in the coming months, so today was highlighting a cause of a family friend, but supposedly both Kate and Will are now dedicated to mental illness in their general pursuits.

        1. What about addiction or scouting or pallative care for children? ? These two seem to be constantly changing their “focus “. Not saying that this is not a worthy cause but so are the other causes she was so “keen” about a couple of years ago.

          1. Her focus keeps changing; it’s really odd. Not that people aren’t allowed to change their focus, but Kate only half-asses her patronages so it seems so weird when Kate changes focus. It’s not just Kate, though. When William changed his focus to wildlife conservation people gave him the side eye because of his hypocrisy due to his love of blood sports.

          2. It does seem odd that her focus keeps changing. But if she is actually finding something that she is interested in supporting than that is great. The eternal optimist in me hopes that that is the the case. I think some of her earlier patronages were possibly ones that she was directed to and encouraged to find an interest in, but she never did. Hopefully this focus will stick.

    2. I actually kind of like the dress, but then I like both shirt dresses and black and white patterns. However the styling was not great. She needed to either wear something underneath like a slip, tights, etc. or added extra buttons to eliminate so much of a slit. I think the dress was also too big on her, which meant that it looked baggy.

  6. Oooops she did it again !!!
    I am almost convinced that our favorite princess suffers from some kind of form of exhibitionism. Don’t get me wrong – I love the dress but on this occasion it looks totally unprofessional and inappropriate. I think she is in great need of redefining the nature of her engagements. The constant picking under her skirt make me really sick. I don’t get it … why is she doing this?
    I also agree, her makeup is horrible (why she is so stubborn with these black underlining eyes) she looks dull and much older than she is … and please that hair style makes her look like cockatoo especially when the wind blows.
    I really wish I would say something more positive about her I really do – but no I can’t – not this time

    1. I’ve had bangs like Kate’s before and they do blow around in the wind. I’m glad no one ever took a photo of me in that moment because I probably looked as crazy as she did with my bangs blowing around.

    2. And one more thing – why does she always look so uncomfortable whenever she is doing her engagements? She moves and behaves so … I don’t know … clumsily?

      1. I agree, she isn’t well prepared. I think there are several factors…

        1. Charity engagements aren’t really her thing.
        2. She is out of her comfort zone.
        3. There is a general lack of genuineness about her. It’s like she puts on this mask for the media, while on her engagement and takes it off the second she gets in her car.

        Clearly she never thought past putting big blue on her finger. How on earth will they handle a bigger role?

        1. Amen!

          But most of us volunteers are out of our comfort zone (overworked) but we give back anyway, to our needy/less fortunate, and the goodness of humanity.

        2. I noticed that sour puss face on the way to the car too. Inelegant and ungraceful. Couldn’t she hide it until out of camera range?
          And I think being an hour late is just rude, you don’t leave kids waiting like that and it’s rude to the host. I doubt she was held up by traffic as the police escort would have moved her car through any holdups.

  7. Eeek. I agree and think she might be trolling and doing the exact opposite of what we all suggest! I misread the title of this article and thought that she showed up in a 15.00 dress and had a flash of “Hey, maybe she’s listening to the people and dressing like a normal person?” and then I saw the actual price. And then I saw the dress. And then I saw the bangs. Girlfriend, you need some styling help! Stat! As an extremely slender person myself, I am sympathetic to criticism of naturally thin people and find it just as hurtful when people comment on my weight as overweight people would, but I actually think she looks too thin here. As in, unhealthy thin. I think she’s misreading the public and thinks that what people want from her is a thin, elegant consort, but what people actually want is someone they can relate to and root for. Instead of devoting herself to becoming skeletal, it would have served her much better to figure out a way to be engaging, warm and intelligent seeming and she failed on all counts. She looks really washed out and depressed and when not holding her face tightly, she reverted to the freaky manic facial expressions that I think she thinks make her seem warm and charming. The dress was very unflattering, flew up and was distracting and not only did she not weight the hems, she actually wore it with an inappropriate slit up the front! When is she going to learn? On a purely looks front, the hair is just terrible and ages her decades. I would assume she was in her late 40’s or early 50’s if I didn’t know her actual age and the bangs were a terrible decision. She needs to take a hint from Queen Leti and have her hair chopped to an appropriate length for her age and position. A shoulder length bob would be perfect and a lot more elegant. I don’t think she could pull off shorter hair than that because her face is so round and it would make her face look chubby. Her head already looks way too big for her body as it is and she winds up looking like a bobble head doll in a lot of her photos. If your body is too small for your head, it means your weight is not healthy for your body type. And on the subject of how she comported herself, she also gets an F from me. Why is she unable to ask intelligent questions? Surely, since she’s so bad at it naturally, she could prepare with an aide beforehand and come up with questions ahead of time that don’t make her seem like a clueless imbecile. I don’t know if it’s fear and nerves that makes her say things like that, but over four years in to Royal life and two kids later, I really think she should have a better grasp on small talk. Anyone else notice that she seems completely miserable? I know she’s doing the whole fake-y smile thing and manic facial expressions, but her face always falls back into an unhappy, discontented expression and she exudes misery. What does she have to be so unhappy about? She literally has to do almost nothing except dress up and show up to the odd public event, accept the sycophantic praise lavished on her, accept flowers and shake hands and that’s it. She lives in the lap of luxury and has a lifestyle most people only dream about. She has multiple homes, can travel to her hearts desire, has tons of help with her children and her home(s) and takes a ridiculous amount of vacations. I don’t get it. My mom pointed out that she has nothing in her life to be proud of as an individual and that her days have no structure or meaning, so that’s a good point, but if I had her platform and resources, I wouldn’t have enough time in the day to do all the things I would want. If I were Kate, in addition to their official charities, I would do things under the radar that would help individuals in a personal way. For example, she could get a list of single parents in London and pick five at random to put together gift baskets for with luxury items they could never afford. She could arrange to have a single mom taken to a luxury spa for a day, providing childcare and toys for the kids and then shower the family with things that they could never normally afford. Something like that would mean everything to the recipients and if she did it herself and didn’t have an aide take care of it, it would be something really cool and personally rewarding and might bring meaning into her life. Just things like that. There are so many cool things that wealthy people can do, but usually choose not to and Kate needs to realize that after the Queen dies, things might get very different if she continues her uncaring, hermit act and only reluctantly comes out to do the minimum charity she can get away with.

    1. Bets, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I was hoping that Kate, as a college graduate and “comminer”, would bring the monarchy into the 21st century and bring her own magoc.to the role. If anything, she threw it back to the Downton Abbey years.

      I would love to have a platform like this. She worked hard in her campaign for big blue and now she’s content to do nothing. I’m not going to compare her to Sofia. I’ll compare her to Daniel.

      Both had to wait for years and was mocked by the press. But Daniel is a good spouse and supports Vic. He even goes on solo engagements and does speeches. If a man who was aggressively blocked by a king can win over a nation, so can she. Daniel wants to leave a mark. Kate doesn’t. I am trying, but she makes it so hard.

      1. Thanks! 🙂 I agree, Daniel has done a wonderful job of supporting Victoria and is obviously a devoted and loving dad. I have zero criticism for the Swedish Royals and think they are just lovely (can’t wait for the new baby!). Kate needs to be watching Daniel and other ex-commoners, such as Princess Sofia, to learn how to do this job correctly. She has an incredible platform and endless resources, so I really hope she eventually wakes up and starts behaving like a proper Royal!

        1. Kate needs to take lessons from CP Mary of Denmark, Queen Maxima of Holland and Queen Letizia of Spain. She’s going to be in the same position as these women and they are all excellent role models when it comes to how they use their royal position in order to support important causes.

          1. Hi ArtHistorian!

            I agree Kate would learn so much if she were to pay attention to how Maxima, Mary, and Leti conduct themselves.

    2. Agree totally Bets, you raise some very good points and really hit the mark. The weight loss is a unnatural thinness, over dieting at play here. The Duchess unfortunately looks all teeth and head. When you look back at her engagement photos she looked pretty much softer looking with a little more weight on, now it looks hard and harsh looking and yes she is looking older than her years, for me it was quite a shock to see her looking this way today.
      I may be old fashioned, but the split in the dress was not elegant and fitting for a royal visit. There was nothing dignified in showing her inner thigh. The dress itself apart from the split was not too bad.
      She needs help with a makeover, her hair looked like a hanging limp mess. Who is advising her? if anyone, or is she taking it upon herself, clearly it is not working. When she tucked her hair behind her ears she really looked aged, not a good look at all. Queen Leti, or Princess Mary are always immaculately groomed for all occasions, there is no comparison.
      The Duchess had many years to research and study for the role she was undertaking, there just doesn’t seem any passion, effort or real interest from her, it seems like she is just going through the motions. The little effort she makes with appearances, so much more could be accomplished what about some inner drive to want to make a difference.
      Yes, The idea of her showing some thoughtfulness to others etc.. charities would benefit greatly also, what about the sick in hospital, what a lift it would be for them, no it is not always pleasant but it is reality and real life, not suggesting for the Duchess to do this often but surely now and then would not hurt. Very disappointing all round

      1. When you think about the fact that Diana would spend hours with her stylist to pick out appropriate clothes, photograph them and take videos of them to watch how they move to spot any problems. Kate’s wardrobe and styling leave a lot to be desired. She knows where she is going, and what she will be doing. She knows that there will be weather and that she will be bending down to talk to children.

        I would bet that most of us factor similar things into picking out our professional attire and we don’t have to worry about photos of us being shared internationally and lasting forever! I don’t think it’s too much to expect.

        1. Any celeb or person who knows they are going to be photographed in that way should take photos of their outfits to make sure that they don’t turn see-through under the flash. Anyone who doesn’t is just dumb.

    3. I have said this before: she might have some mental health issues we would not know about. But if that was the case, being open about it would bring her more sympathy and she could be a credible patron for some related charities. Of course it is not easy to be open about these kind of issues.

      1. Considering what a stigma there still is around mental health, if Kate did have issues, I would not expect her to be forthcoming about them. There would be a lot of criticism around her revealing something like that. Sympathy, yes, but criticism also. Look at all the people who think Kate was never actually pregnant. There would be loads of people who would claim Kate was lying about any mental illness she said she had. I don’t think the palace would risk opening Kate up to that much criticism. And as someone who suffers from depression and has gotten hurtful remarks when opening up about it, I don’t blame Kate for keeping any mental illness she may have a secret.

    4. Oh, my goodness, Bets. I loved your ideas of Kate actually taking the time to put baskets together with some super fine items for some single moms in need. Of course, her staff would do that, but she could actually pick the items out. Wouldn’t that be something?

      I agree, she does look depressed. I think the reality of the life she is going to be actually living, instead of the one that William said she could have, is taking its toll. I don’t think money is a guarantee of a happy life. Nor, is the fact that she has servants and help with the kids. I think something is genuinely sad. I also think she needs emotional help of some kind. Maybe, that is why she is currently making mental health in children a cause she wishes to tackle. In many ways, I think of her as a child. Always tied to her own mom and now realizing that she is a mom in her own right. How the heck must she feel about being responsible for two little lives, if she doesn’t feel solid in caring for her own? I don’t mean this to sound mean, it is just something I am thinking about.

    5. i totally agree with you! also i want to add that she stalked william for 10 years, so it s been 14 years since she got into that world and even if she started doing speeches 4 years ago, she could easily imagine how it would have been. how comes she hasn t learnt yet? is she really imbecile?

  8. The good: Kate’s comments were more intelligent than some she’s made in the past. She did seem to be listening to that young lady seated across from her. The skirt fly-up wasn’t as noticeable as it usually is.

    The bad: She couldn’t have had the slit on her skirt sewn shut a little further down like Sofia did for one of their pre-wedding events? She couldn’t have stayed more than an hour at each place, especially after she’s willing to spend many hours at sports events? And–if DM comments are to be believed–she was an hour late. If that’s true, how unprofessional and inconsiderate to those waiting for her.

    1. In all due respect, how much leg should have been exposed before it didn’t seem noticeable that the dress was inappropriate when not buttoned properly, or when tights and/or a slip were not worn?

      1. Well, we didn’t see that she wasn’t wearing underwear this time–when you think about it, that’s progress for Kate! I’ve been trying to look on the bright side, with varying levels of success.

        That being said, I do think a slip or hose would have been the right choice, especially in light of the event and the role Kate was supposed to play. I would have been embarrassed to realize how much upper leg I had shown. Then again, I have no exhibitionist tendencies.

  9. I can’t help but feel that Kate has exhibitionist tendencies. I’m sure the wardrobe rules were repeatedly read to her yet she continues to flash body parts inappropriately. And no matter how much money she spends, her look, combined with the continual sloppy hair, poor posture, maniacal facial expressions and fluttering hands comes across as cheap and awkward. Diana spend a fair amount of money on her wardrobe but always looked stylish, beautiful and appropriate. It seems this woman will never learn. Or knows better but has decided to be defiant in the face of all rules. Either way, it would interesting to hear a psychiatrist’s view on her behavior.

    1. You either have an innate sense of panache or you don’t. Diana was a special lady, who had it in spades.

      Kate will always come up short when compared to her.

    2. The amount spent on such lackluster clothing is something that bothers me. i just don’t understand how such simple pieces cost so much. If it were custom clothing that looked great, then maybe, but not a shirtdress.

      1. I agree with you KMR, she spends a lot of money on ill fabricated and cheap pieces….I would never give that amount of money for that no matter the brand!

        “Diana spend a fair amount of money on her wardrobe” that is true but is also true she had a lot of custom and fake jewellery that she would wear day-to-day.

        Kate is the opposite. I pretty certain she was wearing her £6000 watch which makes the whole outfit almost £10000!!! In what world does one spend that amount of money to look so cheap??

        And just like you said KMR it would probably be much better if she spend money customizing clothes with actual tailors and dressmakers (that could go to her house) the price would be higher than stores like ASOS and Zara but cheaper than McQueen and others she could truly improve her closet with fitted and good clothes.

        On another subject: I think she didn’t change her hair cut ever since we saw her at Wimbledon, we just got a better look at it. I think the fringe would fit her if it was like when they announce her first pregnancy, she looked very good at the museum thing I know many don’t like the green dress I personally love it, just not button up, and I liked how the fringe framed her face then, this time I’m not a fan.

        1. I just can’t with most brand name clothes. You’re paying for the label, the name, not the clothes. It’s ridiculous. I don’t care enough about labels to drop $1,500 on a shirtdress.

          And yes, she had bangs at Wimbledon. I don’t know why the press is making it seem like she just got them recently.

          1. I would not spend even $150 for that dress never mind 1.5K. It’s interesting that RL left the dress unbuttoned at that part. The dress has enough flare and ample room for movement so there’s no need to leave such a “slit”.

  10. Get this woman a slip!
    The dress is fine. Nothing special, but a few more buttons would’ve made it appropriate and professional.

    Same old. Same old. She shows up wearing £2,000 pounds worth of new stuff (from an American designer, no less). He is at another fancy gala championing lions, tigers, and bears.

    The cambridges are obtuse. What’s the bet she shows up with her wedges of doom, tomorrow at Rugby?

    1. Agree, if she wears skinny jeans and a blazer again, for those of you living in the UK you will hear my screaming from the USA! You will also hear me again if she is not in a new gown, an up-do and some serious royal bling for the Chinese state dinner.

      1. LOL. I agree. Although if she wears her normal sporting uniform I think it will be this weekend when she goes to watch events. I think she will have to dress a bit nicer for the opening ceremony. I am guessing a dress or coat dress.

    2. They have to attend the opening ceremony, which I believe will require more formal clothing than skinny jeans. Who knows though, she does seem to think that adding a blazer and wedges makes everything formal.

      1. Yes I think Kate will wear a dress to the opening ceremony. She’ll probably go for her standard sports outfit for the rest of the games, but for the opening ceremony definitely a dress. She wore a dress to the Olympics opening ceremony.

  11. One thing I am realizing about Kate is that she has no aura of sophistication, authority or regalness about her. She is very ordinary. What she is wearing is nice and unremarkable, I would wear it to a business meeting. She does not dress for her position. If her hair had been up instead of the usual mess it would have been a great improvement. I wish she would change her hair and eye make up. It is very dated.

    1. The obvious disrespect (blowing off HM BP, POW), flashing the world, she is hoping to return to carol and buckleberry life.

      Quite a few news site speaking of her flashing slit instead of the charity and mental health.

      1. And I think beyond the unprofessional appearance of showing too much, this is exactly why it is a problem, like you mentioned Doolittle. The focus in the media is on Kate, her thigh, how much she exposed. Very little is about the actual patronage.

    2. I agree, she is rather ordinary, which could make her loveable to many, but she just never seems to really embrace others. I am not talking about a physical embrace, but she is just so uninterested in the world around her.

  12. Another observation, I am sure that her real hair color is a darker cool brown (check the engagement announcement pics) This color with the reddish tones is really not at all correct with her coloring. I think it is a part of the reason she is looking rather washed out.

    1. Kate changes her hair color often. Every time she goes to the salon it seems she gets a different shade of brown.

  13. I am sorry I didn’t like anything about today’s look. The dress looked like something about of the 70’s. All she needed was some brown boots and it would have completed the look.

    The side split was just stupid. You are going to a Children’s charity where you might possible be kneeling to talk to some of the kids and you wear a dress with a split in it? Anyone with half a brain knows that this is not going to be a good look.

    And then there is the hair. It is just bad bad bad It reminds me of the hair that Mr Collins had in the Pride and Prejudice Mini Series ( the one with Colin Firth). It was all rounded at the back and the side and it does nothing to enhance her look.

    And the eyeliner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I think that Kate might have read our post about staging an intervention and has decided to troll us by wearing a huge amount of the stuff.

    I agree with you KMR. When I watched the video of her playing with the kid I actually yelled at the screen, “Take your bloody shoes off woman”. It would have made her look so much better and down to earth and approachable

    The woman really needs to get her act together. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when HM was looking at the pics of the exposed legs.

    1. I just roared with laughter when I read your comment about Kate’s hair reminding you of Mr. Collins in the Pride and Prejudice Mini Series, Tanya S. That’s such a funny observation.

  14. Kate’s dress was adorable. I’ve never met a shirtdress that I don’t like. She needed a slip and hem weights. She also needs to.go to also more relatable heel height or learn how to properly walk in them. He height can seem daunting especially to children. A 2 or 3 inch heel will make the difference.

    I found it awkward when the gentleman was giving the speech and she just stood there. As for her being late, that is disrespectful. I believe being early versus being late. I take it quote personal when people are late.

    Kate/Jason, you are better than this. You are proving all of your cynics right. Just once, please come to an engagement looking presentable and professional. Have a mini speech. Look engaged. Be present. But I don’t know of she will ever get it. She’s trying but if this is a big achievement for her, it’s bound to stay the same and not get better.

    1. It was weird listening to him talk about her learning about their work and she’s just standing there barely listening. Also, in the video, when she leaves there are people shouting her name and she just keeps on walking and doesn’t even bother with a wave or head turn and smile.

      1. Yes I find very awkward indeed, but this was for most of the events the norm.
        It is not the first time this happens and it will not be the last.
        I personally like how the sugars go on and on about how the press is the big bad wolf bc Kate is visiting a charity but they only care about her clothes.
        To be honest if Kate was doing speeches highlighting those organisations and yet her efforts were being ignored I would agree with them BUT she is not! She is doing the bare minimum and behaving like a royal from the 20th century: being there – looking pleased and engaged – leaving – the end. When she should behaving like a 21th century royal (which should come easily to someone with an excellent education) doing speeches or at least saying a few words.
        For me the best example is Sophie, The Countess of Wessex – she almost always gives a speech or says a few words usually without any paper support (!!!).

        1. Diana was a 20th Century Royal and she did more than just show up.

          Kate just does not seem to want to become involved in more than being William’s wife and the mother to her children. That’s fine, but when you think of what her future holds, it is just so terrible that she cares so little about making a difference, any difference, in the world. Most of us who read this blog probably do more for others than she does and we don’t have the time she had, the money, or the ability to influence others and have them become interested in our pet causes.

          1. Yes you are right I should have said “stereotypical/standardized 20th royal”.
            (I thought of going backwards in time but the more you go you realise how disconnected RFs where towards their subjects, with a few exceptions in History)

            You bring an excellent point Diana – she had the ‘it’ factor. She was caring, warm, nice and talked to people not small talked to people, and after she got home she often wrote letters to people, personal and hand writing letters. Her greatest asset was her personality! And by being so became the greatest asset of BRF.

            Nowadays the younger generation, Will, Harry and Kate, have their PR based on how ‘down to earth’ they are – only Harry truly is.
            William ever since he got married has become part of the furniture – when he and Kate spend ridiculous amounts of money only Kate is brought up, their kids are just ‘hers’ – he’s just there…
            Kate is only doing charitable events bc she married in, not bc is in her heart to help or bring attention to a cause she is ‘passionate’ about.

            Harry does a lot of work back scenes if all he does counted he would surpassed Will engagements most of the years. Plus he truly does it to help people, he saw first hand what happened to wounded soldiers how UK people would not hear about them and tried to change that – look at him now with WWTW na Invictus! Harry has demonstrated to care and do something back he also saw how Lesotho was being devastated by AIDS and co-created a charity. He is closest person in the BRF to Diana – she too when faced with unjust situations would do her best to positively change and actively support them.

        2. The press focus on Kate’s clothes because there is nothing else to focus on. If Kate gave a speech with actual substance, then the press could focus on that.

  15. Also, you did you notice that in the video that she automatically goes to the crotch cover hand position? Also, give the kid a hi five or fist bump. The handshake was awkward.

    1. YESSSSSSSSSSS Rhiannon! A High five or fist bump but not a handshake to a kid. I don’t think that she will ever learn.

      It is like she has never engaged with people before.

    2. In the first video KMR posted, at around 0:46 it looked like Kate stretched out her right hand and was going for a high five. This was followed by an awkward pause/reflex and Kate ended up shaking the boy’s hand.

      In the video below, at around 1:58 she high-fived the kid after the activity.

      On a different note, that SmartGym machine is really cool! It not only helps you to focus but also helps you to release stress.(^-^;)

      #I hope my explanation makes sense…m(_ _)m

  16. The hairstyle is just too long and heavy for her, and she needs more layers cut in her hair that complement her bangs. A good trim would help too. It looks like a curtain. The dress is too big for her; you can see by the gathering of extra material under the belt in front. And trust our Kate to demurely cover her arms and have a high-buttoned neck, but to flash her thigh nearly up to her crotch with that slit. On the Ralph Lauren site that features this dress, the slit has buttons that close it more so obviously Kate left one or two undone. Why? Because she doesn’t think about the venue, but about the effect she has on others. Why would she want to flash her thigh nearly up to her crotch in front of children? Maybe she resents being forced back to work and she’s thumbing her nose with the Highway to Heaven slit. Kate, get a slip or button that slit!

    1. The sleeves are also a bit long on her, which means you’re right the dress is a tad too big.

      I think Kate is a professional troll at this point. Trolling us, trolling her charities, and trolling HM.

  17. I hope people do not take what I print the wrong way? Looking at the pictures in d.m., noticed a strange expression in KM eyes. I wonder if my eyes are playing trick on?(Sigh.) Halia.

      1. Yep! Most people actually have one eye that’s bigger than the other and one that’s higher than the other, but with Kate it’s super noticeable. I think it’s the way she wears such heavy eyeliner that emphasizes it and it’s becoming more obvious as she ages.

        1. No, it is not the same or size of eyes, I do not care about perfect feature or not! I hope that do not get into trouble stating this? the look in KM make me think she is under some type of medication? I am hope I am wrong! Her eyes look so bright & alert. I am not in the healthcare field or start rumors. It has nothing to do with make up. KMR please let me no if I crossed the line! I’m not trying to be critical & fussy. Halia

  18. I just watched the videos of her at this event (because I blitzed past them the first time) and I just have to add that she is so awkward!! How on Earth could she still be so stilted and uncomfortable after being in the public eye for most of her adult life and being a Royal for four years? I just don’t understand it. I cringed so much at her awkward attempts to pat the first guy she greeted on the back. The timing was completely off and it was just so cringeworthy. I know she has people watching her and critiquing her every move, but wouldn’t that be motivation to get it right? She seemed extremely unsure of herself, awkward and unhappy. Trying to force a rapport with kids just isn’t going to work for her and I think she should head in a different direction. Princess Diana had such a natural, warm way with children, the elderly and anyone who was sick or disabled and I think they’re trying to push Kate into the same type of role. She’s obviously not a very compassionate person and trying to put her in that box and force her to have “moments” with children just isn’t doing her any favors. It’s inviting comparisons to Princess Diana, and Harry for that matter, and she’s just not cut out for it. Doesn’t she have guides and assistants? How come nobody is helping her with this? Do they want her to fail publicly and be hated by the people? Seriously, she needs some sort of additional training and maybe a serious rethink of what kind of charities she gets involved with. Unfortunately, the only events where she seems genuinely happy and enthusiastic involve sports and her meeting celebrities. She makes a huge fool of herself (and William) whenever Ben Ainsley is around and I hope handlers in the palace are noticing this and figuring out something she could do involving sport charities. Although, frankly, I think it’s pretty ridiculous to focus on sport charities, when millions of elderly and vulnerable people in England die every year from lack of heating and food. Take care of the lowest subjects in the realm first, and then move on to the fun charities. This woman-child has never known what it’s like to be cold and hungry and has never wanted for anything, so I seriously doubt she has any clue how hard life is for most people.

    1. Exactly Bets – I agree with you 100%! I don’t get it – How is this possible that 33 years old woman with such a connections and life’s position could be so awkward anytime she’s doing her job? She always looks so confused and frightened (like on the edge of the panic) whenever she communicates with people outside her inner circle. Her mimic is so exaggerated like she is on some kind of drugs. The only one explanation is that she is so scared and paralyzed that she is no longer be able to control her body language.

    2. Well said Bets! She has zero charisma and lacks the natural warmth required to work with children. It’s obvious she only enjoys doing the fluffy sport/celebrity stuff which is a sign of her dimness. I really want to get behind Kate but she keeps making the same mistakes and we’ve seen no improvement since day one. Every engagement we make the same critiques. She never learns.

    3. Some people are better with children than others. She should just find some cause that genuinely fits her and focus on that. It does not have to be child-related. Now it seems that someone chooses these charities for her and she just goes along without any real passion. I am sure that she has some kind of depression that makes her unable to take initiatives on her own.

      1. Exactly. No one would mind if she focused on non-kids related charities. She needs to find what she’s truly passionate about and focus on that. The question then becomes what is she truly passionate about.

    4. As someone who is fairly introverted and somewhat socially awkward, I get it. I don’t know Kate’s personality, but she definitely is awkward. Honestly, it’s just something that you have to practice, practice, practice. You have to put yourself out there and get past your awkwardness.

      Not factoring in laziness or lack of interest, Kate just really needs to get out there more. The more she does and the more people she meets the less awkward (hopefully) she will become.

      1. I like your suggestion. Practice, practice, practice. She needs to work with someone who understands her issues and wants to help her. It does seem that after all the years she spent waiting for William and the guidance she received when marrying into the Royal family have gone nowhere. Some how, some way, she needs to want to improve and find a caring person to help her to do so. Carole is not that choice, btw.

        1. What is really ironic Mary Elizabeth, is that Kate has had by far, the most extensive preparation of any first-time bride to marry into the Royal Family (unless you count Camilla as Charles’ mistress). She was William’s girlfriend from 2003-2007, and in 2006 even had a taxpayer-funded SO 14 protection detail, which was considered extraordinary. Previously people marrying into the Royal Family (Prince Philip, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Diana Spencer, Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Ryes-Jones, Camilla Parker-Bowles) only received protection when they became engaged. Charles paid out of his own pocket for retired (and unarmed) officers to guard Camilla leading up to their engagement. Then Kate spent three additional years as William’s girlfriend before they announced their engagement in 2010, specifically (it was written at the time) to give her extra time to prepare for life as a senior British royal.
          Diana dated Charles for barely six months before they were engaged for about five. Less than a year. Sarah and Andrew began dating in June 1985, were engaged in March and married in July. 13 months. By contrast, the Prince Edward met Sophie at a tennis match in 1993 and dated for five years before an engagement ring was given in January 1999. That’s an eternity and a half in royal circles. Maybe why they’re still married after sixteen years.
          So giving her even a year to get “up to speed” on what’s involved in royal duties was overly generous. The woman was chasing it for 8 years.
          I feel ditto about her husband. He was only the second senior royal to go directly to university (after his father) rather than to the military. Then he decided in 2006 to go into the military (even though he would never be allowed to serve directly in a combat role because of his “position”. That’s what the spare is for) and spent the next three years serving in short-term roles in the Army and Royal Navy before stumbling into being a flyboy in the RAF. It’s where the Search-and-Rescue nonsense began. His role there was always supposed to end in 2013 and it was believed he would step up his royal duties after having spent only ten years since leaving university (with a degree in Geography) serving in one role or another in the military. No training in constitutional law, in political science, history. Just a bogus agriculture course he got excused from time and again to go on sunny trips for. These two have had so much preparation and waiting, they must be the most prepared royal couple in history.

          1. It seems like the only thing these two practiced in preparation for their life together was figuring out what faces to make when they made their demands for the things they think they deserve for their position in the BRF.

          2. Yes, so true, Seth. You really have a handle on this.
            It seems to me that Kate is lost. Just floundering around.
            She appears to be sad/depressed, too. I truly think she thought things were going to be much different for William and her. She seemed to believe that nothing much was expected of her other than giving the Royals the heir and the spare.

            I’ve started to think that she is just an eternal child Thanks to Carole, that is. I used to think, “well, she knew what she was getting herself into,” but now, I’m thinking that her childish nature didn’t allow her to reflect on reality, just fantasy.

            BTW, what does one do with a degree in Geography. Pardon my ignorance, I did not know one could pursue that subject as a major.

          3. According to the undergraduate Geography program at the University of Exeter in the UK, you can seek employment in the environment, sustainability, teaching, insurance or planning. I’m not exactly sure how that involves reviewing troops, holding Privy Council, signing legislation, meeting with charities, etc. but perhaps there is some marginal value.
            His father earned a lower second class honours BA from Trinity College, Cambridge in archaeology, anthropology and history. King Willem-Alexander has a degree in history from Leiden University. King Felipe VI has an undergraduate degree in law and a master’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University in the States. Crown Princess Victoria has a degree from Uppsala University (in what I don’t know) but has studied foreign affairs and Swedish security policies. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has a master’s degree in political science from Aarhus University in Denmark and studied politics at Harvard. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway has a master’s degree in international studies from the London School of Economics and studied at the University of Oslo. Also I noticed that these heirs apparent also all speak multiple languages. I know we have this debate over and over. Prince Charles speaks French and some Welsh but I doubt he’s proficient in the language. Does William speak anything but fluent Estuary?

  19. I read somewhere recently that for those long 10 years Carole was Bill’s emotional support and Waity was his physical support. That really makes sense when you see her out and about, like today. I’ll try to be nice about this but I think she still comports herself like a high-class hooker. I believe that’s how she worked to keep him and that’s where she believes her only feminine wiles exist. Where most respectable women would be embarrassed to be seen in public with a slit exposing their upper thighs when they walk or sit, she sees nothing wrong. She relishes it. A woman who respects herself and her “audience” would grab a safety pin or some double-sided fabric tape. Why risk an embarrassing situation? I guess they didn’t call her the mattress for nothing. Her mother embraced that role….and now even that she’s got big blue she still sees her power in flashing skin.

  20. I think everyone overestimates the ability of hem weights to mitigate gusty winds. They are very small, and usually meant to stop a lightweight fabric from ‘floating’ up, and hang nicely instead. Sometimes they are used to keep wrinkles in lightweight linens from being too pronounced, or to stop a coat corner from curling. They are not useful on the tarmac of an airport under a whirring helicopter, or in a fall windstorm. Come on!

    What she really needs is a slip (or petticoats). That way she can wear breezy, light, full skirts, and not worry about her bum. In this case, a couple more buttons would have done the trick.

  21. Everyone has pretty much nailed what she did wrong with the styling on this visit. It’s a pity we can’t focus more on the charity and what they do than on her continued missteps. I’m thinking about sending Jason a giant bottle of Tylenol for the headaches he must get from banging his head on the nearest hard surface when he has to deal with the fallout from her appearances.

    One small note…it has been bandied about that maybe she had a little uplift done on her breasts and considering how thin she has once again become I’m beginning to think it’s true. In the past super-skinny Kate didn’t have a whole lot going on up top. Today she seems awfully perky for her size. JMHO.

    1. It could also be she is still larger from breastfeeding. Or a padded bra or even just the print of the dress. I know certain items of clothing I own make me look large in the chest than I really am. I wouldn’t put it past Kate to get a lift, but I don’t think she looks that different. If she did a lift I bet it would be after the last child she had

    2. Honest question: Is it really that bad if Kate got a breast lift? Because I wouldn’t really care. If she got huge implants that would be weird, but I don’t see a problem with a breast lift if she wants one.

      1. Nope it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just in the context of what she doesn’t do it piles on that heap of privileges.

      2. I do not think it is a bad thing she doing any type of treatments.
        From my point of view people have a problem with the propaganda the press and PR machines like to run with ‘she is a natural beauty’ but then the reality is: she dyes her hair, has extensions, has veneers, and very possible used botox or some face treatment she can not do while pregnant (in the first two years of marriage expecialist on those type of treatment said she had work done and you would truly see this once she got pregnant, and IMO the fact she age so rapidly after getting pregnant just prove them right).

  22. Saw on another site, and confirmed by checking the video advert of the RL dress, which is shown worn by a model wearing black tights, that the original dress had buttons up to the knees. It appears that it was Kate who had the lower button/s removed, so, yes, it was deliberate on her part to flash her thigh. RL did not design that dress to have a slit up that high.

    1. Hmm, interesting. I just went and watched the video and the dress has a very small slit (not even mid thigh). That video is of the shorter version of the dress, but I have a hard time believing the longer version of the dress has an even bigger slit. So it does appear that Kate gave it a bigger slit. So odd that she would do that on purpose. It is not even an attractive slit for the dress.

      Did anyone else notice that this dress did not sell out like what she normally wears? So far it is still in stock. I wonder if the ‘Kate effect’ isn’t as strong now. I know the dress is more expensive, but that has not stopped people in the past. I actually think it is a cute dress, but costs way to much 🙂

      1. Well the dress is almost $1,600. I doubt many people, even hardcore Kate fans, are willing to drop that amount of money on a dress just because Kate wore it. A few hundred dollars is one thing, but close to sixteen hundred? No. And it’s $1,600 for a day dress. It’s not even a gown. That dress is so overpriced it’s not even funny.

          1. Which pieces? I don’t remember the super expensive ones selling out. They may have, I just don’t remember there being a big deal made of it like the press usually does.

          2. I would have to go back and look, which I am not sure I have the energy for :). I may be thinking more of items in the $800-$1000 range, which I still think is crazy. I guess if you have enough for a $1000 dress you could afford a $1500 one. But you are right, that is way to much for day dress. I am glad people aren’t going crazy buying it.

          3. I’d love to know which expensive pieces sold out, but I understand if you don’t want to search for it. That would be a hassle. I can only remember pieces up to a few hundred dollars selling out.

          4. I’m with you on this one KMR, I do not remember items being sold out that surpassed £300 – many of those were brands where one can find relatively low priced items like ASOS and Seraphine.
            So I do not think there is an actual ‘Kate effect’, except when her clothes are low priced, the media really pushed the effect to a level that does not exits, IMHO.
            The media like to said she is thrifty but in reality more than 80% of her clothes are extremely expensive and normal people can not afford them, plus it seems to me that she chooses the worst of those brands to showcase, usually when I go to the websites I find much better pieces within the same range price and more appropriate for her job.

          5. Snowsie,

            You and me both. Whenever I browse the sites of the designers she chooses, I see so many pieces that I think are cuter than the piece Kate chose.

    1. Her skirt and hair blowing around in the wind don’t look as bad in video as the still photos, either. Photos can capture the oddest moments forever and make things seem like a big deal when in reality they were a split second.

      1. THIS!! A million times THIS. I’m not a huge Kate fan by any means, but sometimes when these pictures come out I stop and think, “well geez, if a bunch of photographers were following me around all day every day I’m sure they could get some pretty awful angles or looks on my face.” That could happen to anyone, no matter how “on” you are. The skirt obviously needed more buttons, but sometimes I feel bad for her.

    2. I wonder if that’s the British media being passive aggressive. They use the worst and thigh-revealing, fringe flying photos (despite some being out of focus and poor lighting/composition) because they can’t write negatives pieces about her.

      Majority of the royal reporters are the same ones who travel with them on royal tours and it’s their career at stake too. A journalist can’t risk KP icing them out – like the threat to keep royal photographers from official engagements if they photograph K&W at weddings.

  23. This woman has no “IT.” There is nothing engaging or interesting about her. Lackluster. Bland. Boring. Her thin boyish figure is overwhelmed by her massive hair. The short bangs and too-long hair don’t balance each other and so the overall look is way off. Very dated and unsophisticated hairstyle. She has the means to buy fabulous dresses, but they don’t look fabulous on her. There’s just something about Waity wherein everything she does or wears turn trite and ordinary. She is underwhelming at best. Zero charm.

    1. I actually think most the clothes she wears look great on her. It is just the clothes are boring or safe or similar to other items she owns. But Kate is lucky because with her figure most clothes look great on her.

      I do agree with you that there is no spark to Kate. She is a pretty girl who seems nice enough, but that seems to be as deep as it goes. Maybe one day she will prove us all wrong.

    2. Engagement to pre George, she was full on IT. Then she lost track of IT, and can’t seem to remember where she put IT for safe keeping. I hope she finds IT again, and soon

      1. Ray, I believe that Kate and IT have broken up. From what I heard IT was tired hiding out in the country side living a life of luxury with multiple kitchens, apparently IT really wanted a fuller life,one of duty and service. Too bad really 🙁

        1. Carole “borrowed” IT for Pippa, Pippa left IT at the gym and when she remembered and went back…IT was gone! They’re now afraid to tell Kate what actually happened to IT. She must be frantic

  24. I cant believe the comments on some of the “Sugar” Sites. It is like by doing a visit she is the second coming.

    They fawning over how wonderful and young she looks and how good she is with children.

    I feel like giving some of these people a white cane and a guide dog.

    1. Which sites? The comments from the ones I read weren’t excessively positive. There were of course the people who thought Kate looked great, but there were lots of comments about how the bangs don’t work on her, and comments about not liking the dress. Also comments that she looked stressed, unhappy, and old. There were more positive ones than on here, but there were some similar sentiments. For the most part, people aren’t liking the bangs, and it’s probably 50/50 about liking the dress.

      1. There is one FB Site The Duchess of Cambridge News and Styles. There are some people that think that the fringe ( I can’t call them bangs) don’t work. But the ones that were positive were very very positive to the point of raising her up like a God, which no one should have done to them. It must be a huge amount of pressure on Kate but that is what she signed up for.

        Yep Celebitchy is talking about how tired and stressed she is too.

        1. I was reading some of the comments on WKW, FBTB, and HRHDuchessKate and not all the comments were overly positive. Especially on FBTB people were not liking the bangs, and they were noticing how tired/stressed she looked.

  25. I am not a fashionable person, but I want to take Kate under my wing and transform her. Today’s dress would have been perfect if the front of the skirt had been sewn shut and if the hem had been weighted. I want her to wear shorter heels. I would give her shorter side bangs and cut her hair right to shoulder length.

    Do her teeth look larger to anyone else? Looking at the pictures, I wondered if she had new veneers.

    1. Lol, yes and I thought it was just me :). Her teeth do look bigger but it may just be an optical illusion since she is smiling so big?

    2. Now that you mention it they do look a bit bigger. May be she’s just pulling her lips more than normal?

    3. Oh, I’m so glad her teeth are being mentioned. I’m not the only one who sees larger teeth, then. I was trying to figure out if her face had shrunk or she built up her veneers again. I just don’t get it.

    4. Maybe her teeth look more prominent because her face is too thin. She looks so much better with a bit of fullness in her cheeks (stop picturing chipmunks hoarding nuts!!!! Not that full haha)

  26. One thing that frankly irks me to no end is people’s use of the word “commoner.” They say Sofia or Kate were “commoners” and now they aren’t. I don’t know about Sofia but it’s not true for Kate. In the United Kingdom, EVERYONE who is not the Sovereign or a member of the peerage is a commoner. EVERYONE. Nobility in Britain is based on title, not bloodline. It is the difference between a substantive and a courtesy title. Substantive titles, such as the Duke of Cornwall, or the Duke of Cambridge, means you are a peer. A courtesy title such as the Duchess of Cornwall (technically the Princess of Wales) or Duchess of Cambridge is essentially a “loan” from the holder of the Dukedom. The Duke of Cornwall is a peer. The Duchess of Cornwall is not. She is a commoner. The Prince of Wales is a peer. Prince Harry of Wales is a commoner. Until he receives a title and is elevated to the peerage, he is a commoner. The Duke of York is a peer. Princess Beatrice of York is a commoner. It is not a matter of “royalty” vs. “ordinary” people, though most people think it is nowadays. Until the Duchess of Cornwall becomes Queen, she is a commoner. Period. Once she is Queen (legally, constitutionally, regardless of what invented title they try to make up for her), she ipso facto holds the feminine equivalent of Charles’ titles as King. Until the Duchess of Cambridge becomes the Queen, she is a commoner. Period. Once she is Queen, she ipso facto holds the feminine equivalent of William’s titles as Sovereign. There is no debate on this issue. It is cut-and-dried.

    1. Go get ’em Seth! Now please copy People Magazine and DM on this so they can get it straight. Especially People who insist on calling her Princess Kate.

      1. I’d really like to, though that’s a separate issue as well. Simply because someone like the Princess Anne or the Princess Margaret hold the title of princess in their own right, still doesn’t elevate them to the peerage. They do however hold the titular dignity of a Princess of the United Kingdom by birth. The only possible exception is when the Princess is the heiress to the throne. Then she might be treated with the same level of a Prince, though she could still be displaced by the birth of a male heir, which is why the Princess Elizabeth was heiress presumptive, not heiress apparent. That’s changed with the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 but doesn’t entirely eliminate it. Regardless, males are still prized for some dumb reason over females.

    2. I know – it’s very irritating. A month ago I was on vacation in Poland and I saw a magazine with her picture on the front with princess Charlotte and a big headline “Princesses our hearts”. I was like “What ? – it’s not even our “princess” , let alone “princess our hearts”. Are they all crazy? So you see that is not only DM or People Magazine who call her Princess.

      1. Polish Girl, I neglected to say “welcome” when you first posted, so I do so now. I concur with your comments and appreciate your words. I agree with you, “Princesses of our hearts?” Really? Anything to sell magazines, but then one must stop to think that apparently, many, many people just adore Kate and her kids.

        I am still shaking my head and asking why so many seem to be so taken with Kate? She really does nothing to earn such devotion.

        1. Mary Elizabeth that’ s true. I am on this polish blog with other girls who happened to have a baby in February this year (by the way – my son is 3 months older than princess Charlotte) and they all love Kate. I don’t know, if it’s some kind of virus or anything like that? But I assume that is because they are not observers, they don’t know much about her except few sentences in tabloids, they just don’t pay attention. I guess people and especially ladies want to and choose to believe in fairy tales

          1. I attended a very feminist women’s college. A lot of my classmates (remarkably intelligent individuals) were the type who would talk about wanting to smash the patriarchy, how important it was for women to be intellectual and not fear that they would overshadow or intimidate men, and the problems with traditional weddings and inherited privilege.

            Then William and Kate announced their engagement.

            These women went nuts! They were fawning over her for being so beautiful and so wonderful in spite of her utter lack of accomplishments–and the fact that she was buying into institutions they claimed to hate. Many of them got up at 4 in the morning to watch the ceremony. My residence hall even had a party with a “wedding cake,” complete with W&K’s picture on it.

            If Kate were a sorority girl at an American university or a coworker of these classmates, they would castigate her. Put a tiara on her, though, and she morphs into their new idol. I don’t understand.

          2. Neither do I understand that ABKM. But going back when their announced their engagement I remember watching their interview with my husband and I was so excited and happy for them. Kate seemed so nice and full of energy … and then my husband said “look at that girl. She lacks integrity and confidence, she can’t even express herself. Look at her gesticulation ….” And I was “What? What is he talking about”…. Few years later and I think exactly like him

      2. I think they might have been trying to draw a link with her and the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ remark about much rather wanting to be “Queen of People’s Hearts,” instead of Queen of the UK. Another Diana-Kate reference fail. Sigh.

  27. I think you are right, PolishGirl. Many people choose to believe in fairy tales.

    Sadly, it seems to me, Kate’s fairy tale is not the stuff that dreams are made of and I think that fact is taking its toll on her.

  28. I agree. Many women are looking for fairy tales. Sadly, Kate’s fairy tale does not seem to be playing out the way she must have believed it would. I think that is lending to her sadness.

  29. I think her hair looks like a bad 1970’s haircut. Kind of Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels. She has tried the fringe look a couple of times and doesn’t keep it for an extended period of time. Kate wise up… you don’t like it.

    What is with the high slit? Is she so insecure she has to constantly prove to herself and others she is young and sexy.

    I do not care for her “look” the last few years. She looked better in her single days, during her engagement and the first year of her marriage. You would think with money, time and experience she would be *wowing us* by now.

    1. I think she is definitely aging. Some women in their forties still look young and fresh and some look pretty only for a few years of their twenties. I think she belongs to the second group and that is why she supposedly is wearing such a heavy makeup.

    2. The last time Kate had bangs she got rid of them quickly. I’m surprised she tried them again.

  30. I’m disappointed in the Duchess. Inappropriate skin exposure once again – very unprofessional. Her quotes aren’t particularly captivating but at least they weren’t as awkward as some of her previous ones. I’ve pretty much given up on her, I think she is not well suited for the role she married into.

  31. I’m new to posting, so I hope this is okay. I wonder if George or one of his playmates accidentally cut Kate’s hair and her “bangs” are what Kate’s hair dresser did to make her hair somewhat presentable. I can’t imagine any other reason for Kate to hack off her long hair like she did!

    1. HAHAHA That would be funny. George taking scissors to Kate’s hair and lopping some of it off. That’d be great.

  32. The first interview, after engagement, should have been red flag to me….but…

    I remember staying up all night (USA) to watch the wedding live on television and tearing up when William left the house to go to the church. All I could feel was sadness that Princess Diana was not here to celebrate.

    I was happy to see him marry and selfishly I had hopes that the two of them would be a positive force in the world.

    Before this blog, all I ever read were the articles that were grossly biased in favor of the Ducchess. After several of the flashings, I could not help but think this young woman has mental health issues.

    Now today, after seeing pictures of her at the sporting event vs her charity event, I am convinced she could really care less about what people think about her. It still does not change my opinion that she has mental health issues. Did anyone notice how Harry distanced himself from Catherine at the stadium…there is certainly alot more going on than we will probably ever know, but truthfully, a picture can say a thousand words. I feel bad for the children…this woman is going to explode in time…in my humble opinion.

    1. Yes, Harry sat several seats away from Kate at rugby. I haven’t seen pics of them interacting much lately. Not like they did in 2012.

      I had a similar experience in regards to the change from liking Kate to being so critical of her. Though I DVR’d the wedding and watched it later because I was too lazy to wake up at 3AM to watch it.

  33. It’s finally hit me why Kate yesterday looks so familiar. She looks just like Karen Allen in Animal House. Only, I much prefer Karen Allen to Kate.

  34. Oh no, just saw pics of her at the rugby world cup. Unfortunately the boring meter is in the red zone. Very plain royal blue coat, no scarf or jewelry to make it pop, and usual hair, black eyeliner and no lipstick. Also, is it very cold in the UK, because that coat looks like it is made of wool.??

    1. Maybe she was wearing the Reiss coat in “honor” of the Reiss heiress that just died ? Let me think, nah, you’re right, she’s just sticking to her boring style.

    2. According to the Weather Channel, the highs in the UK the last three days have been in the mid-60s, lows were in the mid-50s. So perhaps a bit nippy. The Queen usually has a blue wool blanket over her knees when she travels by car to an engagement.

    3. You also have to remember that when you lose a lot to most of your body fat you lose your natural insulation. So wearing the coat doesn’t surprise me at all.

  35. Did you guys notice how in one of the videos when it showed the director of the program speaking and Waity was right next to him she was using uncomfortable body language and had her shoulders hunched over and she was edging away from him as he spoke and ditected attention to her? Why the edging away Waity? I thought you liked attention directed at you cuz you let your skirts fly up all the time! Oh wait you just like sexual attention at you, not doing charity work, I get it . Lol

  36. So many incongruities with DC. I don’t understand why she worked so hard to marry PW if she didn’t want to be a princess. There are enough uber-rich boys in England who don’t come with the all the issues the Wales have. Carol could have arranged a marriage and wedding favors in a snap. Has DW changed her mind? I’m starting to wonder if she’s terrified with the whole thing. That would explain the agoraphobia, maternal attachment, poor poor posture, hiding behind her hair, the bizarre facial tics and lack of self-confidence that manifests in her inability to dress and walk like the future Queen of England. I kind of feel sorry for her now!

    1. Sometimes I wonder if the prized crown is too heavy too. Like perhaps it was just the ultimate challenge to her, having switched schools and then actually having caught his eye, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for it. Then she fought like hell to keep it. But maybe the reality of it is so far from what she may have expected it to be. The attention and the ‘win’ can’t possibly make up for the years of torment I suspect she may face. I feel like she’ll be suppressed, controlled, censored, and told what to do constantly. And having a husband who treats you like his last choice? I don’t know man. Doesn’t seem worth it. I feel like he’s undermined her so many times. The trip with Jecca, all the friend’s weddings without her. Taking that long to commit to and marry her. People who think she sits around all day eating bon bons and getting spa treatments seem clueless to me. Managing Willy and dealing with his family in my opinion would be a full time slave labor job.

    1. I did see that the time she was supposed to arrive was pushed back an hour, but I’m not sure if that was because she was late or if the person just got the timing wrong. I don’t know. And my timing for how long she stayed was based on the royal reporters on Twitter. I was not there, so I don’t know. If she was only there an hour total then that sucks.

      1. Their security teams mess with the times as well to throw off any would-be attempts at them so it could have had something to do with that.

  37. Really not feeling the heavy bangs. The rest of the hair looks nice. She looked polished but again with the slit, if the wind had blown a certain way she may have flashed her lady bits. She can show off her lovely legs without the scandalously high slits.

  38. Mi23, I respect your opinion! Kate does not want work & does not listen to anyone. Kate does not care about anyone but herself & does not want to learn anything. Kate has all the help she needs to do her job, but she does want help at all! It is not the royal family fault! It is Kate fault, you can lead a horse water, but you cannot make the drink water! Halia

  39. The Middletons are the modern day Boleyns! They are nothing but middle class social climbers who only wanted to be a part of Britain’s highest society. Kate Middleton never had a real job nor an actual career in her life prior to her marriage with Prince William. Therefore, she does not have a proper work ethic. If we look at some of the Royal Families in Europe, the wives of the heirs to the throne also come from Middle class backgrounds, but had careers prior to their marriages. Look at Queen Letizia of Spain and Crown princess Mary of Denmark

    1. ‘Very well put Mary. The Duchess never had a proper career after university. What has she done of substance or what impact has she made so far? NONE.
      The Princess Royal is patron to 340 organisations as well as makes up to 20 visits to organisations across the UK each week. She represents and supports very worthwhile charities. the Mort Neurone Disease Association for one in which she hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace just recently. She has just turned 65 years of age. Need I say more, she puts the Duchess to shame. Who is advising the Duchess? Seriously rethink your strategy.

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