Prince William and Prince Harry help build homes for veterans

Prince William and Prince Harry help build homes for veterans

Do we need more Ginger Beard in our lives? I think we need more Ginger Beard in our lives. Prince William and Prince Harry were out and about today, September 23, in Manchester participating in BBC’s DIY SOS helping turn derelict houses into homes for military veterans.

William and Harry tour DIY SOS site 2

For this particular project, the DIY SOS team are turning an entire street into into homes for ex-services personnel. As well as homes, a support center will be built – to be run by Walking with the Wounded and the Royal British Legion and will assist with retraining and provide support for those injured while on duty.

William and Harry on DIY SOS site 2

William and Harry toured the site and talked to the DIY SOS crew as well as veterans who were assisting with the renovations. William painted a wall indoors while Harry was outside helping lay concrete for a patio. William wore a button-down shirt and sweater, Harry wore a hoodie and t-shirt, and they both wore hard hats with their names on them.

William and Harry on DIY SOS site 3

William and Harry also filmed the opening scene for the show and sat and talked to veterans who will live in the renovated homes. The show airs on BBC ONE on October 14 and 21.

William and Harry at DIY SOS site

The project manager, Mark Millar, really liked Harry:

    “‘He can come and work on a site of mine any time he likes,’ [Millar] said. ‘Harry really got stuck in laying the slabs, there was no airs or graces. He was a really great lad. There was quite a bit of banter about whether he was laying them properly – he was joking a lot about his rubber mallet – but he didn’t do too badly.'”

Afterward, Harry took a shot at William’s painting skills:

    “‘Was that the wall he was working on?” [Harry] asked. ‘I can tell. Give me that roller and let me do it properly.'”


I was asked in the comments if I’d heard anything about the next time William, Harry, or Kate will attend any of the rugby world cup matches, and so far I’ve only heard that they will attend the England v Wales match on September 26 (this Saturday). I don’t know if it’s all three of them or if it’s just William and Harry, but People claims it’s all three of them. I looked at the schedule and other upcoming matches they might attend include the Wales v Fiji match on October 1 – William is the Vice Patron of Welsh Rugby – and the England v Australia match on October 3. There is also Australia v Wales and England v Uruguay on October 10. There are other Commonwealth country matches in between the matches I’ve listed.

In other news, Katie Nicholl wrote an article for the Daily Mail in which she discusses how Prince Charles is taking on more and more of the Queen‘s duties, and what the future looks like for The Prince’s Trust.

Nicholl says Charles is “already being called the Shadow King” and will take on more than 650 engagements and visit 14 countries in 2015. Due to his intense workload, he is pulling back from his charities and looking for a replacement to continue his charity legacy. According to Nicholl, “Charles held discussions some months ago with Prince William about whether he would take over as head of the trust – but William indicated he would rather not.” According to Nicholl, both William and Harry (but especially William) are reluctant to take on more royal duties even though “some members of the Royal Family feel the Princes have had enough freedom and now, in their 30s, should buckle down to their Royal roles.”

    “Charles … is said to have reached an impasse with William and the Duchess of Cambridge, who have made it clear they want to concentrate on their own charitable foundation.
    “‘William has said that he has been asked to take on the trust, but he has mixed feelings about it,’ a source said. ‘He has his own charitable foundation and he wants to make his own mark. If he takes on his father’s legacy, then it means he can’t create his own. William is very definite about wanting to do his own thing. […] I think he had hoped his sons would take on more and help him out, but William and Harry are pursuing their own interests.’
    “William is thought to have told his father he wants to carry on with a ‘normal’ life for as long as possible […]
    “One palace insider said: ‘William wants to avoid being a “letterhead” on a page and just take on charities that he is passionate about. This is a job with no retirement date so there’s no rush to jump into things. It’s more important to the Duke that he grows a sustainable charitable foundation of his own.’ […]
    “‘Since his childhood, Charles has known that he will succeed the Queen,’ said a member of the Royal circle. ‘But he’s in the strange position now of having two sons, but wondering who will continue his legacy.'”

[Daily Mail]

I laugh at the fact that William wants to create his own charitable foundation and his own legacy, considering the only legacy he is creating is one of contempt and laziness. If William wanted to create his own charitable legacy, he could do so easily, but instead he chooses to play pilot and hide out at Anmer Hall. If he really does want to make his own legacy, then more power to him, but it’s time he stepped up and did it.

Photos: DIY SOS @DIYSOS / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal / Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail / Getty

100 thoughts on “Prince William and Prince Harry help build homes for veterans

  1. Good for William and Harry. Harry looks so good and Willie is wearing his usual uniform… Can’t he wear any other colors? He is as boring as Kate. I am glad they didn’t bring Waity along, the focus would have been on her and not the charitable project. Also she wouldn’t come along to something like this anyway, its too much hard work!! The brothers seem to be at a closer level without her there as well and that’s nice to see.

    1. I almost wrote something about William’s outfit in my post. He always wears the same thing. A collared shirt under a sweater, or a suit. He must have a tiny closet/wardrobe. Kate needs to buy him more clothes the next time she’s out shopping.

        1. What the hell happened William, he used to be interesting? And the constant use of that blue jumper is getting beyond a joke. On the plus side at least there is Harry.

      1. I think that’s William’s version of his wife’s stripy T/skinny jeans “I’m dressed down” uniform. He missed the mark with it today, but Harry got it right (oh surprise)!

        1. So true! Kate has her striped top and skinny jeans combo, and William has his collared shirt and sweater combo. Maybe they really are meant for each other.

      1. Exactly right about riding Harry’s coattails. It is almost as if William resents Harry’s work and wants to take a bit of his brother’s limelight…

        1. William’s riding of the coattails has never been more apparent than the last week.
          He wants Harry to do all of the work and then swings in to claim the credit.

          But he won’t take on the prince’s trust because he ‘wants to create his own legacy.’

          What a turd.

  2. Once again, William clings to his brother.
    Why? Doesn’t he realize, it makes him look inadequate and dull? I thought he did better alone the other day, at least he wasn’t being compared to Haribo.
    He looked like he was chewing bees today. (his sour personality shines through.) How do people expect him to be a leader when he continues to hide behind his brother, wife’s hair and kids?

    As for waity showing up to rugby for another easy engagement. Pathetic. The lamebridges continue to become more and more unlikable.

    1. Don’t forget Kip, she will attending the James Bond movie premiere. Really between the premiere and the rugby games the poor thing will be simply shattered.

    2. Lol I have heard about Willie chewing bees a couple times on here. And I’ve heard about him chewing wasps too. I hope he carries an Epi-pen lol!!!

  3. ‘But he’s in the strange position now of having two sons, but wondering who will continue his legacy.’”

    This part makes me a bit hmmmm…
    Sounds like there is something else brewing underneath as well.
    Charles legacy is not only the Princes trust, his legacy is going to be the one of a King as well.
    It was completely unnecessary to the grey men to add that sentence, it could have been left out.

      1. Yes. He started the Prince’s Trust with 7000 pounds and now it generates millions a year for charities across a broad spectrum.

        He’s practically rewritten the role of POW.

        1. As someone on another website put it, ‘i’d rather not’ is extremely polite way of saying no, and I (and several others from that website) have decided to co-opt the phrase for things we’d rather not do….

          Eg: extra work for no pay….’i’d rather not.

          Dinner with inlaws…..’i’d rather not.

          Regarding Charles’s legacy as POW and later as King, he has rewritten the POW role/expectation as I assume he will rewrite King.

          William will probably fail to live up to both. He’d rather not be POW/King though he won’t say no to the money and the privilege.

  4. Thanks for the great post KMR! I thought Harry was dressed very appropriately for today but William looked a little too dressed up, if you get my drift. And my goodness, Harry gets better and better looking each time I see him, lucky Rhiannon!!

    After reading the Katie Nicholl article I felt kind of bad for Charles. He has worked so hard his whole life, starting the Princes’ Trust with his Navy pension and now his eldest son doesn’t want to carry on his legacy. I wonder if Harry was approached or just William? I don’t understand what goes through William’s head sometimes, he says he wants to create his own legacy but does nothing, he says no one knows what the term “full time royal” means but it seems that he and Kate are the only two that don’t. I don’t imagine that he’s stupid or not all there but his words and actions are so often going in different directions that it’s difficult to take him seriously or believe that he will actually do what he says he wants to do.

    If it’s true then I agree with the family members that believe it’s time for both of them to buckle down and start fulfilling their royal roles and I’m sorry but going off to Africa for three months playing animal doctor or flying helicopters out in the country side is no way to be taken seriously.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree, Lauri. They need to step it up and become full time royals. HM may not be around much longer and both, especially Will, need to be prepared to lead. I think that they had that right when they were younger, especially after Diana died. But now, they are in their 30s and they need to step up. The time is right for Harry. If you read any comments on the Daily Mail or Express, you can tell that the public loves him. If Will be came a full time royal, he would temper the criticism.

      Both boys need to step up. The Trust is a wonderful charity that both could add their own spin to. I know that Harry has Sentable and Invictus and Wounded Warriors. What does William have? This would be perfect for him. I can’t count conservation seriously especially him saying that he would destroy artifacts that were given to the monarchy over the years. That is a comment that a child would make. Not from an “informed” grown man.

      1. I think you are spot on with the “child” comment, Rhiannon. William’s comment about destroying all the ivory in the royal collection does sound like a child throwing a tantrum rather than an informed adult speaking intelligently on a subject.

        1. I don’t think he sounds like a child at all wanting to destroy the ivory in the Royal collection. Will is against the illegal trade of ivory and killing elephants for their tusks. He is trying to set an example for this and I see where he is coming from wanting to destroy the Royals ivory. It comes across a bit hypocritical for him to advocate against ivory when the Royals are in possession of ivory (though we don’t know how much). If he wants to be taken seriously, it makes sense for him to not be associated with any ivory. I actually thought it was quiet good of him to want to destroy the royal collection of ivory. Its like saying you are against the killing of seals and then having a fur coat. Or you are a vegetarian, yet own a pair of leather boots. I think Will does a lot of childish things, but to me this wasn’t one. It seem very mature actually to realize that owning ivory and fighting against ivory cannot co-exist. He is trying to set an example.

          1. I appreciate your viewpoint. These are artifacts that are historical. I think that he can denounce them without destroying them.

            If he would have had a thoughtful response as yours then I could understand it. He didn’t qualify it with that viewpoint.

          2. Thank you Rhiannon, that was nice :). I do agree, there are historical artifacts which would be a shame to destroy. I am just not sure how they should handle the ivory in that case. Btw, did anything ever come of Will wanting to destroy the ivory? I just remember him stating they should, but I never heard any follow up to this. Did you and I just missed it? If that is the case and there was no follow-up, then William is all talk and no action. He makes bold statements without following through.

          3. It’s the way he said it. He didn’t give a reasoned, well-articulated response to why he thinks a certain way about the ivory in the royal collection, he just said all the ivory should be destroyed.

            Also, his comments were so very ignorant because the ivory in the royal collection is the property of the state and there is no way William would be allowed to destroy anything in the royal collection.

            Because of that he sounded like a child to me, rather than a reasonable adult stating an opinion.

            As far as I am aware, nothing came of his desire to destroy all the ivory in the royal collection. And nothing could. As I said, the art in the royal collection is property of the state, William would never be allowed to destroy anything in the royal collection.

          4. Lol – I literally just laughed out loud at the thought of this bonfire in Buckingham Palace gardens! Heaven forbid. William being spot chuffed with himself and the men in grey and palace courtiers just about passing out.

            There are some items that belong to the royal family and not the state (example Princess Margret’s jewellery that her kids auctioned off) – it would be sad to see historical artifacts destroyed. That’s not going to stop the illegal trade… if economics is anything to go by that might increase prices for ivory artifacts, especially stolen ones then on the black market.

      2. I think Prince Harry has more than stepped up and though he makes it look very easy, he does in fact work hard and work long. He is doing exactly what he should be doing. PH’s work is to make the BRF relevant, accessible and meaningful to the world. And he has a natural gift for it as seen by the amazing reaction he gets everywhere.

        1. I think Harry could be doing more.

          (To be fair – Haribo has been busier, in his first week back, then william and kate have been combined all summer. The bar is so looooooooow.)

          That being said, I wonder if William limits him. Diana’s worst legacy was raising Harry to be completely subservient to the gildedchild william. (Bill has charmingly said, that he enjoys the psychological power of being the older brother.)

          At this point, Harry really should have his own office. Charles’ siblings have separate offices. What is stopping Harry from leaving? (william!) It’s time Harry and the elf separate from the gruesome twosome.

          1. I wonder if Harry will get his own office when he gets married or if he and his wife will be lumped in with W&K.

          2. I think they’ll have separate offices.

            The big mistake was not separating them in 2011. They launched the brothers as a twosome, then willy blindsided everyone with the engagement.

            In recent years, william just lobs backhanded compliments at his brother and takes credit for Harry’s work.

            Who would want to stick around that situation? PHG is loyal to a fault.

          3. I don’t think William would want Harry to set off on his own because then the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry (mouthful) wouldn’t have much to show for.

            Majority of what’s done and active campaigns spearheaded or personality invested and supported (not just affiliated with) by the young royals are Harry’s. The injured vets – until yesterday that’s been all Harry (the 2 treks to the Poles, the cross country walk, the Invictus Games), and then on the children front it’s all Harry again, Sentebale. Harry’s charity’s won awards, the Games he’s set up have been recognised as a success and have international buy in.

            Beside Tusk Trust with William (mind you Prince Charles has his hand in it too so it’s not solely William’s thing) if you take away Harry’s efforts there’s not much under the Foundation’s belt. I’m aware they support some charities but it’s pretty much the letterhead thing William says he wants to get away from. Hopefully they too will find their focus and what they are passionate about.

    2. Re Harry’s African summer:

      I think it all depends on what he does going forward. If Harry continues to support wildlife conservation in a major way, then his time in Africa would not only be of use but give him credibility when speaking about poaching and the struggles faced by the conservation workers and the toll it takes on the animals. But if Harry doesn’t do much with wildlife conservation going forward, then his African summer would be little more than a personal trip.

      1. He could marry Chelsea (oh please make this happen!!!) and work on wildlife conservation in Africa. (Hey, a (just approaching) middle-aged Welsh woman can dream).

  5. The first thing I noticed before even reading the article was how Will and Harry were dressed. Why would you wear a sweater and button down shirt if you are going to be doing manual labor? Harry was dressed appropriately. William needs to loosen his tie, so to speak. I am happy Will was actually doing some charity work though. Now if only his wife would follow suit.

    1. I was going to mention that as well. Harry was dressed to work. Will was dressed to “supervise” and make a ceremonial swipe of the paint roller.

        1. But, he’s an average guy, living the average life. That is what he and the Mrs. want.

          Of course he, William, was dressed inappropriately to be working a hard gig. And, Harry, was magnificent. He looks great and works hard. He is definitely making his mark and doing it with compassion and grit.

          I am saddened that William turned down his father’s request regarding Charles’ Fund. How sad that William cannot and will not roll up his sleeves and help preserve his father’s legacy. Look at all the appearances Charles has planned in the future. Look at the dedication he has to doing so much good. William certainly did his part as a younger man to help preserve his Mum’s role in many causes, but he dismisses the work his father is doing.

          I hope Harry will help out. Both young Princes can do their part and then, of course, make their own stamp on an organization that helps others. I just don’t understand why William is so stubborn and lazy. And, why his wife is allowed to skate on. She is a disgrace. Another Rugby game, a film premiere, a State Dinner. Big Deal!

      1. I was wondering about that wall that William painted. The wall had damp patches, like the plaster hadn’t fully dried out yet. IMO it wasn’t ready to be painted yet. Bet they would have to redo the wall but Harry’s paving is here to stay.
        It kind of summed up the brothers to me, Harry does things which are permanent and William does things for show. But then they aren’t the ones who chose those tasks, are they?

    2. I know his outfit seems impractical and judging by the task chosen for him (or one that he chose) it ended up being do-able but I kinda feel for William in the sense that he has to maintain that “respectable future-king” look, there’s a thin line that William has to steer clear of crossing, he can get as informal as presidential candidate. Harry’s not the future-king so there’s a lot that he can do that William has been taught he can’t.

      1. Ah, yes, Gie. However, if William’s goal is making his Royal Self more of the everyday man, he could easily get away with the more casual working man’s look when he takes to a construction site.

  6. I do hope William was the only one that was asked and that Prince Charles asks Harry to take it on. I think Harry is the logical choice to carry the Prince’s Trust through the next generation. He is so personable and engaged – he’s the obvious successor in my opinion

  7. I commented on the article on the previous post, but I agree with others who commented that Will is piggybacking on Harry’s charity work. This is really Harry’s focus and interest. I was glad that the article really did celebrate Harry and not focus entirely on Will.

    I think Harry would do a great job with the Prince’s Trust. Will would abandon it and let it stagnate. I could understand if Harry, at this point, doesn’t necessarily want it. He actually has several active charity projects that he has created and is dedicating his time to. Another poster on another site mentioned that Sophie might be a good candidate to take over. I think she would excel at it.

    I felt though that in the article when it mentioned that Harry wasn’t interested in it. I think that was just thrown in to soften the blow against Will, I don’t know if it necessarily means that Harry has outright rejected it. But I must say that for an article that is so pointed that seems to definitely be from palaces sources is quite the game changer. It is directly calling out Will and his lack of work ethic.

    In terms of Will’s legacy, sure, Will, establish your own thing. I don’t think that’s the issue. The issue is that his interests are as fickle as the wind. He doesn’t have any follow through. And his charity foundation just seems to be an umbrella organization that attaches his name to others’ charity work. And today’s charity event of him piggybacking on Harry’s work just confirms it.

    1. Charles would never give the Prince’s Trust to Sophie. He wants to streamline the monarchy, not hand his charity baby, which is a very large charity organization and one very important to him, over to his brother’s wife. Really, the Prince’s Trust should go to the next Prince of Wales. It doesn’t necessarily have to but it would make sense for it to.

      Very true about William’s interests being all over the place. He keeps flitting from one thing to the next and never giving anything his full attention. I really don’t think William would be a good candidate to take over the Prince’s Trust.

      1. I agree, I think it would be unlikely that Sophie would get it. I guess that’s what happens when you base jobs on heredity and not on merit. There are probably people working for the Prince’s Trust who could take it over and do a magnificent job, but won’t be considered because they aren’t part of the royal family.

        I know it is unlikely, but it would be interesting if Charles were to make Harry the Prince of Wales instead of Will. The way I understand it, the title of Duke of Cornwall is automatic, but the Prince of Wales is given by the monarch.

        1. Actually it’s Parliament that officially decides who is heir apparent and Prince of Wales. Duke of Cornwall is automatic to the eldest son, but the title Prince of Wales and the heir apparent is decided officially by Parliament. That’s why QEII can’t just skip over Charles if she wants to (like the really crappy tabloids keep proclaiming). She would have to go through Parliament if she wanted to change the heir apparent like that. Once he becomes King, Charles could ask Parliament to make Harry POW/heir apparent over William, I suppose. That would be interesting.

          1. Thanks for the info! Do you know whether the heir apparent and POW titles are separate or are they a “package deal” for lack of a better phrase? I know it usually goes to the same person, but just curious if it could be divided.

            I must say that I enjoy the discussion of the “what if” scenarios of Will and Harry in the future across the blogs that I read. I’ve learned quite a bit about how titles are passed down and who decides what.

            Part of the reason that I follow the royals are that I enjoy history and with them I watch history unfold. A great example is the entire scenario of Charles being able to marry Camilla and the ongoing discussion about what she will be called when he becomes king.

          2. I’m pretty sure it’s a package deal. Only the heir apparent is given the POW title.

            I hear you about the history thing. I love history and that’s why I got into royal watching. As you say, it’s history unfolding before our eyes.

      2. If it goes to either of the Princes it could still work, the Duchy of Cornwell is the one strictly for the POW.

        I think Charles may have thought this could start to ease William into more work for the Firm or maybe he is now trying to coax William into royal work. No doubt that would begin to shut the critics if it seemed like he was training for and starting to embracing his POW role, what the Cambridge degree was suppose to do – except that failed cause he went on holiday while he was supposedly still enrolled.

        1. Latterly, I keep seeing people saying that William could be named Duke of Cornwall whilst not being named POW, but this can’t happen.

          Duke of Cornwall and POW are a package deal. Duchy of Cornwall was set up to fund the lifestyle of the heir to the throne. The POW title isn’t necessarily granted at the same time as Duke of Cornwall, but it must. That is a non negotiable.

          The other non negotiable is that the duchy can only go to the heir apparent. HM was an Heir presumptive, and thus never enjoyed the benefits of the duchy.

          Harry can not be made POW whilst William is Duke of Cornwall.

          Heir apparent, POW, Duke of Cornwall = package deal. End of.

  8. Kudos to Harry for his continued support of the disabled vets. I do hope that the Trust goes to him as he is the best representative/advocate for it. I feel bad that he has to share these events with Will.

    That last picture did me in. It truly did. If I were there, I would be in a hoodie alongside him. That hint of a t-shirt. Omg.

    Harry seems to have picked up all of the “hot” that Will has lost over the years. and then some.

    1. It’s so funny to me that in 2002, it was William who was the hot one and over the years it’s turned into Harry being the hot one and William being the not hot one. Who would have guessed.

      1. Not me! Harry had a little bit of an “ugly duckling” thing going on for him. Then “poof”. I would say that he truly caught my eye at the wedding. I was like “when did he get so hot?”.

      2. What has happened is, that their true personality has start to show.
        Harry’s personality and charisma shines through. When we know he also is a hard working and nice chap, he does look even better.
        Now when I know what kind of person William actually is, in my opinon he looks in every picture and interview really arrogant.
        They do say that you end up with the face you deserve, don’t they?

      1. Gosh, sorry about the poor typing lately 🙁 It should read “now we know where Kate…) I don’t know if it’s my hands or my brains but sure am sorry for the missing words:)

    2. Yes, just as Kate’s It has moved abroad to reside with Maxima, William’s It now lives with Harry. Or, maybe, Harry always had his own It. Yes, I like that concept better.

      I am also troubled by William always horning in on Harry’s hard work. He may think he is usurping his brother’s popularity, but sorry, PW, you are not! I think the public just adore Harry. And, will continue to do so if he keeps up his hard work and amazing persona.

  9. Will and Harry help build homes for Veterans……

    On the same day, Kate was spotted shopping. I guess she deserves some alone time after having to visit a charity last week and a rugby game. A woman would be tired after having to make interested faces two days in a row.

    1. She has a serious problem. How much shit does this woman need!? She was probably buying another new coat for the Rugby this weekend.

    2. Just where is she shopping? It seems like her clothes are usually a couple of years out of date by the time she wears them so has she got a huge room where she stores things?

  10. It might be weird to say but does anybody else feel like a Will is having an identity crisis. PR-wise I mean. Like he can’t seem to decide who he wants to be seen as. Most royals have a pet-project or specific passion in an area. Harry tends to stick to veterans/soldiers, Kate goes for the “children’s princess” thing and sticks to sick kids and families. Both seem to have pretty consistent media identities even if we can see that Kate’s image is manufactured bullsh*t at least it’s consistent. Their personal identities match too. Kate the wife/mother supports kids, makes sense.

    But Will seems more all over the place. He doesn’t get the ‘dad’ or parental thing right, he tends to bounce between charitable focuses never showing a distinct passion for (or realistic understanding of) any issues. I genuinely feel like the media find him too boring to report on without his brother or wife around and so his image has become Kate’s husband, Harry’s big brother, George’s dad and Diana’s son but never himself. Rather he runs on the popularity of others and soon that will run out. And in between we get glimpses of a half built man taking credit for and reaping the benefits of the successes of others.

    1. William inherited his mother’s flaky personality, without her legendary flare for playing the media to favor her. Diana has been canonized in death, when she equal parts saint and sinner in life.

      This is the woman, who quit nearly all of her charities on a whim, Diana, her true story, panorama etc. She made some questionable choices, which she would later regret. William is exactly like her, except that he is lazy and mean.

      For what it’s worth, Diana thought Harry was better equipped for royal life. Good King Harry.

      Diana was the original “normal” royal, a concept she would cling to when she was on the outs in her royal life, but make no mistake, she was aristocratic and royal down to her bones.

      For whatever reason, “being normal and modern” is the image for the past five years, that they purport to be.
      However, their actions directly conflict with their “we’re just like you” image. Two expensive taxpayer renovated mansions, royal tours disguised as holidays, tennis courts, part-time royals, the ridiculous christening etc.

      William has no direction in his life, except to distance himself and run away from his royal role when it suits him.

      And William’s answer to this issue is to clingon to his popular brother. The same brother he mocks at every chance.

      The problem is much deeper than just image.

      1. I so agree with you, Kip. I remember when Diana quit her charities and pared them down. A lot of them suffered in her flotsam. She was a good woman, but very impetuous. I loved her, but realize that she had deep issues. She knew how to manipulate the media but it cost her dearly. Also, Diana was more royal than the royals.

        Will is very mean and nasty. I am not thrilled with him. I read an article on the diabetes inducing People magazine site today. The comments that I saw were telling. People on this side of the pond is getting tired of them. They’ve even asked the magazine to stop writing about them as they aren’t . This needs to stop now.

        I truly believe that once HM passes, the monarchy will never be the same.

        1. And I agree with you! 🙂

          I think the institution will be shaky. For the first time in 64+++ years there will be a new boss in town. The Queen is the only monarch the majority of people know.
          “The whole world is in revolt. Soon there will be only five Kings left–the King of England, the King of Spades, The King of Clubs, the King of Hearts, and the King of Diamonds. King Farouk of Egypt, 1948”

          I think GB has bigger problems than bickering over the monarchy. That being said, Britain will have a heir, who is reluctance at best/secret republican at worst.
          When people show you who they are believe them. William and kate are not going to change, who they are.

          It’ll end after charles or harry will step up. William may become more notorious than the duke of windsor.

          It’s interesting that there is more and more negativity surrounding these two.

          Diana was something else. I still miss her eighteen years on.

          1. I agree with everything that you three have written. I just want to comment that I sometimes feel sorry for Charles. The two previous King Charles I & II were both the end of their royal lines and left the monarchy shaky. I think the current Charles will make a good king, but he could be the end of his line as well if things don’t change.

        2. Please tell me that you speaketh the truth. People are getting fed up with People’s coverage of the Fake Fairy Tale Freeloaders. Oh, I so hope this is true. I only read People when I have an appointment and there’s one in the waiting room. This would be delicious from the way you describe it. And an indication that the ‘sugars’ are growing out of the ‘Princess’ age and the blinders are coming off. Dare I dream that the idiots are being called out even in the land of Disney? Tell me it’s true. 🙂 I agree with your post btw.

    2. Wow, Sarah, you are on to something very interesting.
      Yes, William does not seem to be able to carve out his own place — except for wanting to be a regular guy. Regular guys don’t get major ink.

      I am disgusted by his tagging along when Harry is making any major differences. The latest venture in Manchester is so worthy a cause and Harry just jumped in and worked!! Really worked! He even dressed appropriately and no, to whomever said he looked Dork-like, I am sorry, he did not!

      William, on the other hand. The sweater the shirt. omg.

      Harry is something else. He gets it. He does it! He is making a difference and it shows.

      I am tired to the Cambridges. If they want privacy and if they want a more normal existence, get out of the Manor, move into a small place and get rid of the clothes and jewelry. Make the helicopter gig full-time, PW and stop taking so much time off. None of the other “regular folk” who work where you do get so much time off.

    3. Interesting theory Sarah, you seem to be on to something here. I think that for years he was Poor William, son of the Late Princess Diana, growing up in troubled home, etc and that title seems to be the only one he cultivated as it keep the press away and gave him the ability to avoid the royal responsibilities, because look what it did to his mother.

      Now he’s in his 30’s and the continued pity party is wearing thin. people are expecting more from him given all the trappings of royal life he enjoys. Or perhaps being ” a half built man taking credit for and reaping the benefits of the successes of others” is the best he has to offer.

    4. I think you are right about William’s identity crisis. He has been **told** his identity and you can’t do that to anyone. Ever. Interesting that you put it in these words identity crisis. And as far as I’m concerned Kate is not going to be able to help her ‘catch’ find himself, as she has no identity of her own and is essentially a child dependent on her mummy and his title. I am quite happy that I didn’t just arbitrarily think that ‘yep, there’s little big shot William hanging onto to Harry’s work again.’ This train wreck of a couple are not fit to have any real say in what happens in Britain. They are more a very wealthy and high society type, she married him for money and of course the title/status, and he was to the manor born. They attend all the ‘best’ events but she doesn’t fit in with the major players and he supposedly hates it. There’s a mess behind those glamorous walls and I think that it’s just a matter of ‘image’, rather like the woman in the movie “Titanic” who needed her daughter to marry the rich dude. This is some pretty serious stuff, with two people wandering about not knowing who they are and yet feeling free to bring children into it. Everyone has the right to have children but not everyone is suited to being a good parent. I think the ‘firm’ is moldy and muggy, and hanging on by reputation, the walls are crumbling and the ‘image’ has been in my opinion totally trashed by Mr. I don’t wanna be king, and his ditzy wife.

  11. Everyone has already said what I thought when I saw this…

    1. William needs to get his own causes and quit tagging along with Harry

    2. Harry looked appropriate for the work while William looked (IMHO) like a dork.

    Someone said William wants to start his own charity? Isn’t that what the thing that he Kate and Harry have their names on is? Isn’t that supposed to accomplish the same thing, but the only on really doing the work is Harry? As KMR said it’s just William talking instead of doing.

  12. I know this has nothing to do with the post. But I think people should know that there may be no live broadcast of Prince Nicolas. The TV station seems to have other plans. It may be just filmed and not broadcast.

    1. I read about this and then later I read that maybe another TV station would handle the broadcast. Something about budgets and a year already filled with royal broadcasts, like there can ever be too many 🙂

  13. I hope that Harry will marry soon. It would be interesting to watch how Kate and the new royal bride will get along especially if Harry would get himself a wife who is both pretty and hardworking. I bet it’s gonna jeopardized the Cambridges public image and we will witness quite a stir. There is no doubt that Harry’s easy personality and charm plus bright and eager to work bride will overshadow W&K. Ladies prepare yourself for the new royal’s war. I think it would be something in Dianna’s manner when she did her public appearances on the same dates like Fargie trying to pull the media attention from the new duchess of York – but of course only if Kate will be ready to move her backside to work (and I am not sure about that)

  14. Ah, I do love Harry! He is so good-looking and he possesses a personality that just shines through when he is doing his engagements. As many have stated his attire is more appropriate than William’s because I think Harry really knows how to connect with people and sometimes that does include your attire.

    I really wish Harry would take over the Prince’s Trust and combine his work with Prince Charles’ to really leave a lasting legacy. One that perhaps his children could take over. I also think he needs to separate his office and staff from Will and Kate. I feel like they are always honing in on his projects because they don’t care enough to do their own. I did think it was interesting that there was a person sitting between William and Harry at the ruby game and it always looks strange to me when the three of them walk into something together. For me it makes Harry look like a third wheel which he definitely is not!

  15. RIght, Harry is no third wheel! he is the main man for so many. I wonder if Kate is behind this distancing William from his brother. At Carole’s suggestion, of course. Jealousy is a nasty beast. And to summon up such feelings between two brothers is very sad, indeed.

    I also hope that Harry will find the perfect wife and that she will be a go-getter like him. Someone who will work and support his efforts and have those of her own. It won’t take much to make Kate look even less hard working as she now is. Oh boy, to paraphrase what Lauri of CA often says, “The gloves are going to come off.”

    1. Apparently Carole has been reported as saying she doesn’t approve of Harry so I really wouldn’t be surprised. And William will be even easier to manipulate if he is cut off from his family and friends.
      Carole must be a happy puppy though as James has separated from Donna.

  16. Just read that D of C was spotted shopping in London today at some store called Whites. How does she fit that in to her busy schedule?????

  17. Why am I always so suspicious of William’s motives? It seems that he is determined to keep his name in the news and if anyone has psychological power, my thinking is that it’s Harry. He all but taunts William at times. Was this done on one of William’s days off? I think that Prince Harry is well aware that despite William’s supposedly greater destiny, that he himself is more popular and William seems to just bask in Harry’s glow. Still, it’s good to see the brothers together and without the smile. (she who has glossy hair and shiny teeth).

      1. I may be in the minority here, and in fact the only one who is furious at this blatant PR stunt. Dressed to the nines and all prettied up to visit people who haven’t had much of a chance at life and are a captive audience. This is **crap**. I guess she has moved on from children who have the audacity to cry to yet another vulnerable group of people. Secret? Private? Dear God, first William is a brave brave little wannabe hero for landing in a prison yard (and was protected from having to so much as breathe the same air) and now this? They’re desperate and ridiculous. Think there were enough pictures of this secret and private and absolutely w/o an agenda visit? If I were a prisoner I would spit in her face and throw **stuff** on her fancy outfit. Prisoners don’t deserve to be used like this!!

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