Kate Middleton visits women’s prison

Kate Middleton visits women’s prison

Kate Middleton made a secret visit to a women’s prison today. And by secret I mean there was a media blackout on the visit until she left due to security concerns. Kate visited Send Women’s Prison to see the work that the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoner’s Trust (RAPt) does for women with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Kate met with some of the inmates to hear their stories of how they became addicts, what role addiction played in their crimes, and how RAPt helped them recover. RAPt operates in 26 prisons across the UK and their addiction treatment program at HMP Send is the only 12-step prison-based drug and alcohol program for women in the UK.

Kate actually said something! OMG! I don’t know if this was an actual speech she gave or if this was a statement released by KP, but after the visit, Kate said:

    “I was reminded today how addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues and how substance misuse can play such destructive role in vulnerable people’s lives. I saw again today that a failure to intervene early in life to tackle mental health problems and other challenges can have profound consequences for people throughout their lives. I am grateful to the women I met for sharing their difficult personal stories with me. It is encouraging to learn how organisations like RAPt are offering specialist support to help people break the cycle of addiction and look forward to a positive and crime free life.”


That was actually fairly well worded, it related to the cause and the charity, and it thanked the people she met. Way to go.

UPDATE: According to the Daily Mail, this was a statement KP sent out after the visit. So way to go, Rebecca, for writing a nice little statement.

This visit is not directly associated with Kate’s patronage of Action on Addiction, but a Kensington Palace spokesman said:

    “The visit reflects the Duchess’s interest in learning how organisations support people living with substance misuse issues, and the impact of addiction within the wider family network. As patron of addiction charity, Action on Addiction, she is aware that addictions lie at the heart of so many social issues and the destructive role that substance misuse plays in vulnerable people’s and communities’ lives.”

So kind of related to her addiction cause? Sure. Kate hasn’t actually visited Action on Addiction since February 2013 – only attending their Autumn Gala in October 2014 – but whatever. It’s something.

Kate wore a new grey dress from The Fold, the Eaton Dress Winter White Tweed (£365.00).

The Fold Eaton Dress Winter White Tweed

This is just a quick post. I’ll update later.

UPDATE: More photos.

Photos: Getty / The Fold

207 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visits women’s prison

    1. That’s how I’m feeling, too, Lisa. KP and the Givenaughts’ PR agents lie and lie and lie to cover up their laziness and indifference to the suffering of others. Now they’ve been shamed into pushing Kate out to ‘work’. Kate and William have shown their true colours. I doubt they will have an epiphany sometime soon.

      Look how she’s clutching onto her purse for dear life in the first photo with the inmates.

      I’m convinced the speech and the words from KP’s mouthpiece were written/informed by RAPt. Using the word “misuse” rather than abuse is a nuanced, important distinction that usually only pros recognise.

      Something seems up. I wonder if she’s spending tons of money on KP again.

      1. I’m over her, too. She didn’t say those words, she can’t be trusted in front of a camera to make any kind of statement. It has to always be a scripted piece from the PR staff. The woman is out of her league. All this was today was a pap stroll. Show off a new dress, clutch her purse oddly, and smile for the cameras. If I was in prison, I wouldn’t want her coming to visit, that’s for sure.

        On a more superficial note (because there is nothing substantial to this air head), I think her ensemble is not appropriate for the venue. A nicely tailored pant suit would have been better. Kate is a one trick pony: Dress, heels, long hair with extensions. Flash the ring, the teeth, and grab her clutch to her groin area causing poor posture.

        1. On the same page with you, Vava. I would have dressed just a little more casually, probably worn pants. BTW, is the woman in pink actually an inmate? And was there only one?

        2. So true. She should have dressed down. All her grandeur means little to people who are working so hard to change. And, for goodness sakes, I wish she did not look so tense. She did look so uncomfortable and did little, I am sure, to ease the minds of those she was coming to meet. For certain, they must have felt a bit nervous about how to greet her. She did little to help them relax, I am sure.

    2. Lisa, maven, vava.

      Totally agree with you.

      Whomever wrote the statement forgot to use classic Kate phrases “keen” and the charity is ‘close to her heart.’

    3. More sincere time with charities/the needy/ service members and families; not just to make up end of year royal list (and before luxury vacations/extended end of year holidays into next Spring).

  1. Wow, Kate deserves kudos for today’s visit! I am so pleased that she choose to focus a bit on addiction today and the it role in plays in the destruction of lives. Plus, she made a nice, little comment about her visit and the charity. And no body parts were flashed!!! All in all a successful day for the Duchess. I wonder if her staff read some of the critical posts and are trying to learn a bit from them, if so today ticked several of the boxes that I and many others have made critical comments about.

    1. I agree. I was so happy. I really hope this is Kate finally getting serious about using her platform for good and not just living the royal perks/other people’s wealth high life without giving back. There were a lot of unusuals about today, I couldn’t believe she actually put out a statement to go with her visit – showing some sort of personal reflection after her encounter with the women and a tie between two of her focuses, mental health and addiction. She might be shy in front of the mic but then find a way to get your message out, which this is.

      Can’t help but think Jason Knauf had something to do with it all, someone’s finally been paying attention to the comments – cause in 4 years all we’ve ever gotten from her engagements is what she’s wearing, and “she was really nice”. There was more substance in this statement then her speeches. Well done team Kate. Jason’s definitely worth his weight in gold.

    2. It’s oddly coincidental that just recently we were talking about how Kate hasn’t focused on her addiction cause in so long, and here she is doing a surprise addiction-related visit.

      1. And we mentioned the Art Room and now Kate’s attending the Women in Hedge Funds dinner at the V&A which is supporting Art Room this year. I wonder if Jason got Kate, as patron, to contact and try gather support for it. Cause some patrons do.

  2. Rebecca’s hemline is very inappropriate there – she of all people (in her position) should dress very conservatively, but I notice this isn’t the first time she’s done this.

    I’m pretty sure it would’ve been Jason who wrote the speech (rather than Rebecca) – the wording sounds very much like his language (I’ve seen previous examples of his work).

    Kate looked very smart, I thought … I don’t like the ‘bangs’ or her hair back like that though – it’s too immature for a woman of her age. If she wore her hair parted to the side, and had the bangs off her face, that would look far nicer.

    1. Oh, yes. That’s Rebecca in the short navy dress, holding the the insipid gingham tote bag, right? The photo in KMR’s post? Frankly, the bag could have doubled as a diaper bag if Charlotte were around! Ooops, it would have to be pink, though, wouldn’t it?

      How much does she get paid, anyway? Could she not afford a more business-like get up and a nicer handbag/brief case? Yikes!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m pretty sure the bag Rebecca is carrying in the photo in my post is a gift from the prison/RAPt. They gave Kate a gift as she was leaving and Rebecca is carrying it for Kate.

        1. Kate should have carried it out. I know that’s trivial for me to say that. It wasn’t like she was doing a walkabout and receiving tons of gifts.

          1. Agree.

            Sends wrong message – as if the gift from the prisoners is not good for the royal (contradicts – insincerity of the visit), and was she laughing at the gifts, when presented with apron…?)

        2. Well, very thoughtful of them to give Kate a gift. I hope her visit was a good one for the women who could use some interest in them and their issues. I think Rebecca was dressed rather disrespectfully. The dress was too short.

    2. I had the same thought about the length of Rebecca’s dress. Definitely too short!

      Kate looked nice, and I think she did well on this visit. So good for her. Now if she’d only work more, dress appropriately, and start giving decent speeches!

    3. I’ve thought for at least a year that Rebecca’s hemlines are way too short. Like, hers are shorter than Kate’s shortest. Maybe Rebecca does that on purpose to make Kate look more appropriate?

      Yes, you’re totally right about Jason writing the statement. The statement seems much better written than Rebecca’s usual stuff.

    4. As Rebecca often seems to be mimicking what Kate wears, do you think that Rebecca was expecting Kate to wear something different?

  3. I really like Kate’s outfit today! Happy to see her in not a coat. I also think that this sort of hairstyle works better with her bangs. Has she worn this brand before? I don’t think that I’ve heard of it. I haven’t looked through lots of pictures yet but I’m happy that thus far I haven’t seen any with the very exaggerated facial expressions that she tends to make.

    1. This was an orchestrated photo op (it was ‘super secret’, ya know). KP controlled the pix, I’m guessing. So any unflattering photos and photos that screwed up the narrative (serious, caring princess) would have been eliminated.

  4. Frankly, I don’t know what to say. I am happy that Kate made such an appearance and I think she is stepping up her game. She and William must do so! They’ve been shamed into working harder by the media and the unhappiness of the public toward them.

    I thought the words she spoke were better than usual. She summed things up quite nicely. Obviously, as KMR pointed out, someone else wrote this.

    So, I feel better about her lack of work, but I still feel that this was forced upon her. Still, she rose to the occasion quite nicely.

    I hate to focus on the wardrobe when she really was there for a serious reason, but winter white?
    It just seemed so squeaky clean while visiting um, you know, a women’s prison. She was so polished and prim. Would have liked to see a less pristeen look. I don’t think I spelled pristeen correctly and don’t have time to check it out. Sorry.

    1. My same thoughts. A winter white dress for an event at a prison seems odd. Too dressy and wrong color. Plus, take the huge engagement ring off for this visit. It does seem like flashing wealth in the faces of women who are struggling.

      1. Agree !

        Too formal dressed (heels/clutch) – overdressed and inappropriate attire to hmp (and for a royal couple pretending to be ‘regular’ just like us”). A Well tailored slack or pantsuit would have been better, not highlighting the wealth and luxury you live, compare to…

    2. Whether or not it was forced upon her, at least she’s getting out there and isn’t in hiding.

      Eh, I had not problem with the dress. I actually thought it looked more professional on her than what she normally wears.

  5. My first thought was Princess Diana at the Taj Mahal. Is WK sending us a message?

    Agree with Lisa and Maven though — don’t care.

    She looks like a country western singer with this hair. Bless her heart!

    1. She looks like a country western singer with this hair. Bless her heart!

      OMG, lucky I’d just swallowed my coffee! I may just have to start using “Bless her heart!” whenever I see Kate from now on…lol

      1. In the South, when you say “bless her/his/your/their heart” it is the ultimate burn. It braces the person for what is coming next. Lisa used it in the best context.

    2. I’m curious what the message you are referring to is, Jane? I know with the Taj Mahal and Diana, it was a message about the absence of Charles and the breakdown of their marriage.

    3. Lol, I love how people use the term “Bless her heart” usually when they are talking about someone who’s a bit off or that they really don’t like, like it takes the sting out of it. I have a feeling we are going to see this term used lots around here lol.

      I agree that her hair does look rather country-western singer but I like it better than I did when the sides were straight down.

      1. My grandmother was from Atlanta and had a really heavy southern accent. She always said, “Bless your heart,” or Bless her heart, or his heart, etc.

        We can abbreviate Bless her Heart (as in Kate’s) by using BHH. Is that ok?

        I can’t get over this, Jane. It’s perfect!

  6. Kate at work? Amazing. And, speaking, too. Wow.

    Like others, I am underwhelmed, but do wish to give her a bit of credit. She is semi back in the game.

    Addiction is a menace to many and it’s not just the abuser who suffers, but all their loved ones.
    Taking on such a cause is worthy, but let’s hope this is not a one shot deal.

    I agree with the choice of her wardrobe. She just looked very proper. “Please don’t get too close, I am wearing winter white.”

    Everything about the Duchess is getting on my nerves lately. I am also convinced she had breast augmentation. Her boobs (pardon) me were always non-existent and now, she’s pretty perky. I don’t think this is related to breast feeding. We’re talking a lift.

    Nothing wrong with that. Unless you use the time to have the surgery and recoup to lolly around and avoid work under the guise of being a busy stat-at-home mom.

    No flashing, Lauri, you are right, but get ready, now that the girls have grown, there will be other flashings in other areas, too. I guarantee.

    Jane, I loved the C&W singer comment about the bangs. Bless her heart, indeed!

    1. LOL. great comments. Except the words were a statement from KP, not out of her mouth. Carefully scripted because you know she can’t speak outright to the public.

      I’m beginning to think she had a boob job, too. Bracing for a cleavage exposure at some point. The only other explanation is a padded bra, she has worn those in the past, too.

      “Bless her Heart”…..LOL.

    2. “Please don’t get too close, I am wearing winter white.” Love it, jenny 🙂
      The boobs – either a kick ass bra or someone got a push present that wasn’t jewelry… bless William’s heart, if that’s the case!!

      1. Ray, I loved your comments. Kick ass bra, or a push present that wasn’t jewelry.
        Bless William’s heart, indeed.

        I spent much of the day writing a comedy skit for a client of mine. The company is putting on a skit for a charity function and I was fired up with trying to be clever.. So, apologies for my frantic posts on this blog today. I stand by most of them, but think I was a bit too much of a smart aleck in some instances.

        BYH! Bless your hearts. Each and every one of you.

        1. I’m voting a push up, padded bra because as Uncle Gary memorably told us, William doesn’t like big boobs. And we all know Kate does everything that pleases William.

  7. Bless her heart! We need to add that to the masthead! BLESS HER HEART, INDEED.
    My day has been made. I am now in a merry mood. Bless everyone’s heart. I love you all!

  8. Hi Bookworm! Yes, as I understand Diana situated herself in front of Taj because she wanted to contrast her broken marriage in front of that great monument to love. My first blush on the media blackout trip to the prison was: Does DC feel like her life is imprisoning her? Just a thought! Love my new friends here!!

    1. Oh, I so agree! That lady in pink looked like she is working hard not to show what she really thinks.
      Sorry, but in my eyes it’s a nice try Kate but no banana!
      Kate looked stiff and like she thought she was slumming and that she was way too grand to be in a *eek* prison.
      Nice release post visit from Jason or Rebecca, ain’t no way Kate said that herself though. If Kate *really* thought up those words then she could have said it at the prison, not after.
      This visit has done one thing, it has brought to our attention to this programme and I hope it continues to help women who go through it to break the cycle and be addiction free.

      1. You know Kate didn’t say those words, probably didn’t even see the written statement because it was

        A) lucid, clear and not regurgitating the charity’s website.

        B) wasn’t written in #pippatips. Kate’s speeches tend to closely follow pippa’s advice writing style.

        C) missing 3 stock phrases that are ALWAYS present in her speeches namely: ‘Keen’, ‘close to her heart’, ‘William and i’

        1. Too funny! I miss #pippatips. Without Pippa to advise to roast a turkey and put candles on the table for Christmas, I’m really at a loss for how to entertain.

      1. OMG I think so, I’m going to go and check. Thank you Lisa!! I may have been so furious that I posted in the wrong place but I also may have not clicked or something on this site. I’m absolutely **livid** at this latest stunt of Kate’s, absolutely livid!!!

        Yep, you were right. My comment is on the other site and it makes sense since that’s where I first read about this this this, words fail me. I have a very personal reason as to why I’m so very very angry, so I won’t say anymore. Thanks again, Lisa. You made me feel much better and like I belong:)

    1. I didn’t ban you or delete any of your comments. Whatever comment you posted should still be there.

  9. I love the style of dress and it is very flattering on Kate. It’s professional looking and not a coat buttoned to within an inch of her life so it’s a yay from me! I also like the color on her. I don’t know of a “perfect”color for a prison visit, something not too colorful or too drab, maybe navy would be a good choice. This whole outfit works for me because everything seems to go together. Sometimes it feels like she throws accessories together at the last minute like I do! But, much more is expected of her though and I love how the lines of this clutch melds with the lines of the dress. Great look in my book.

    I also love that she is doing something!!!!! I’m not going to praise too much because her bar is so low but she is out and it isn’t a sporting event or black tie affair.

    Now the negative: the hair. From certain angles it looks OK and from others it is not good. I also feel like this is one time when you can really tell that the extensions are in and at full force!

    Finally I agree with the others who have stated that Kate has gotten breast augmentation. It’s not the procedure, it’s what she finds important in her life. In all honesty maybe I would rush out and do it if I had cameras pointing at me every time I stepped out the door!

    During the dating years I thought she was a pretty girl with a friendly smile and a great athletic build. I feel like her dieting plus the fact that she doesn’t seem all that secure in her position has really dragged down her look. To me instead of growing more secure as the years go by she almost seems less secure which is a shame.

    I could be way off but also I think she might have had the same eye procedure they sayGisele had. They both seem to have more space between their brows and lids.

    1. I agree Klein, it does appear that she was much more comfortable doing engagements when first married but I noticed on this visit her most genuine, relaxed smile was for her driver who was holding the door open readying for her departure. In fact it’s the very first photo on this post.

  10. I think we need to understand that she might be breast feeding. My breasts went from normal to giant when breast feeding. It happens especially during the earlier months.
    Other than that, I wouldn’t give her credit for anything else!
    Love the lady is pink’s expression! Made my day!!!

    1. I agree with that, but would also be surprised to hear she was still full time breastfeeding Charlotte. As you and I both know, that is a huge commitment. I did it for 8 months with both of mine. Actually, maybe she’s just bulked up with leak pads, who knows.

    2. Yeah, Kate’s breasts were larger after George was born, too. They didn’t go down until early 2014. So I’m not surprised her breasts loo larger now. They’ll probably shrink in a few months.

  11. I want to say kudos for her working. Her dress is nice, but not for this event. Also, her body language is always closed. Hands clutched in front of her even when seated. Her body language screams don’t get too close. I also don’t think that she relates to women well. She had the same body language/stance last year during the Aberdeen Games when she met with the female athletes.

    I think that this is a wonderful cause. However, she should have walked over to the press and read her statement. If this were so critical, she should have been working up to this and have a plan for follow up engagements. If Kate wants to be considered as a serious royal, she needs to step it up. I think I smell a vacay coming soon.

    1. I thought she looked great but I agree, She often seems closed off and a bit uncomfortable. I always feel like her clutch makes her seem so hands off. Even though she has staff with her who carry everything for her she insists on clutching a small bag in front of her the whole time. I also would liked to have see her read that statement herself. Why can’t she do this after over a decade of being in the press? I really wonder if she has some sort of issues that make her so wary of public speaking. She could really highlight these causes more seriously by actually speaking about her visits, etc, rather than releasing the occasional generic, impersonal PR statement.

  12. I agree it’s a token visit. I guess we’re supposed to jump for joy that she visited somewhere serious that actually relates to her charities. What I don’t understand is why there was a media blackout due to “security concerns.” She has bodyguards 24-7 and was in a woman’s prison, which I’m assuming has a certain (adequate) level of security to it. Were they worried there’d be a riot to see the Duchess? Yeah, right. Were they worried she might be attacked by inmates? I’m assuming (again) they screened and likely searched the women who met with her. Whatever.

    1. I don’t think the blackout was for Kate, but rather for the prison. It was probably security risks for the prison, that is how I took it. Not for Kate. I doubt they wanted extra people just hanging around outside the prison waiting for a glimpse of Kate

    2. I can’t help but imagine, if she actually did hang with an inmate/inmates, that there were RPO’s surrounding her when she did so. Can you imagine what it would be like for everyone else? The princess, dressed to the privileged nines, swans in with her bodyguards (and a special photographer) on top of the security already in place at a prison. That really encourages genuine dialogue.

    3. Media ‘blockout’ (Not) – like carol the meddletons are full of ….

      Secret was the excuse so the visiting commoners would not get close to vain middleton (she had to walk by prisoners family – how awful’!).

  13. I have nothing knew to add since everyone pretty much covered it :). So I will bring up something else I noticed.

    I was looking at the pictures on DM and the one with Kate sitting (it is posted here as well but you can’t see her feet) sure makes it look like she buys her shoes too small. I have always thought this. Especially when she takes off her shoes and her toes are permanently curled. However, in this photo is seems really obvious that her feet are crammed in there. That has to be a vanity thing, wanting to buy smaller shoes than you really wear. I actually think this color heel makes her feet look larger anyway. Just an observation, but I figured I had nothing else knew to add 🙂

  14. Bad hair, bad posture, typical robotic movements with zero positive impact. Will Kate ever figure it out? And I know her little clutch bag gives her something to do with her hands but she really needs to switch to a shoulder bag and stop with the crotch clench. It looks inappropriate and screams insecurity.
    And Rebecca needs to lower her hemline by at least four to five inches.

    1. Usually I believe in conservative dress but not so much. Anything just above the knee (for Kate) is acceptable. But definitely having a member of staff wearing a much shorter skirt than the principal is a definite no no. Staff should always be dressed more conservatively than the principal so they never upstage them. Nice one, Rebecca.

      1. …but Deacon/Staff are not royals.

        Like below thread – this is all PR and to meet end of year count (normal last quarter pattern for Willnot&Cannot), and orders from HM/BP, POW to be seen/duties.

        1. That’s my point. Staff should never upstage the principal of an event. Their job is to blend into the background and make the principal come off seamlessly. By wearing a shorter skirt than Kate, Deacon received attention. She should have worn a longer skirt so that the attention was on Kate and not her.

          1. A navy pencil skirt with a white or cream blouse would have been lovely and perfectly appropriate. For either Kate or Rebecca.

    2. Especially visiting a prison. Granted this is a women’s prison so there might be different safety protocols. From reading and speaking with people who have visited prisons there are specific ways of dressing and things that you do not wear for safety reasons.

  15. Is the pursed lip look a new one for Kate? I noticed she had pursed lips when leaving the prison
    (photo with Rebecca) and also when seated with one of the inmates at what was apparently a group meeting. Of course, as previously mentioned in other areas of this site, a video shows a person off far better than a quick photo does. The photographer captures one quick look and perhaps, Kate was not really pursing those lips, after all.

    At any rate, I also loved the glance the woman was giving her in the group setting. And, I just noticed the poster hanging directly over Kate’s shoulder. It says, Do You Need Therapy?
    Wow, if I were doing my job, as Rebecca should have been, Kate would never be sitting beneath such a sign.

    1. I’ve noticed that pursed lips look on Kate too, she’s often caught in photos like that, is it her resting face? Is she usually peeved?
      Diana may have had her faults but she was always totally engaged and engaging whenever she met people. I can remember seeing photos of her looking tired but never peeved.

    2. She has pursed her lips for a long time, it’s just becoming a lot more noticeable because she’s aging so poorly and strong lines and grooves are forming. I am the exact same age as Kate and she looks a decade older than me! I’ve definitely noticed a few tiny lines in my forehead and I have laugh lines, but otherwise the worst I have to deal with is the occasional blemish and puffy eyes. I don’t understand why Kate looks so old? I have to scrimp and pinch to get basic beauty supplies and keep things pretty casual and low key, but I still look younger and fresher than she does and I don’t understand why that is? Isn’t it unusual for something that young to have such deep frown lines and such a wrinkled forehead? If she was taking on the kind of workload that Diana did, or even what the Queen does now, I could understand how strain and stress might prematurely age someone, but she barely does anything and spends most of the time hiding away with her kids and staff in luxury, or shopping or holidaying. What the heck? The only conclusion I can come to is that she partied so hard in her twenties that she aged herself that way. I went through the drinking, college phase too and lived on bad food and little sleep, but it didn’t add a decade to my looks (fortunately!). I think she is also an extremely unhappy and isolated woman and probably spends a lot of time with her face held mournfully and with her lips pursed. I have a feeling that she’s a huge control freak within her little family (when momager isn’t around) and that she spends a lot of time pursing her lips and directing people around. It’s actually made me more aware of what happens when you are a consistently unhappy person. Fortunately, I laugh a lot and am generally very happy, so I’m hoping for some good laugh lines down the line. I definitely don’t want those little tiny wrinkles around the mouth Kate has! I’ve seen very elderly women with those wrinkles and heavy smokers as well, but I think you have to spend years with your face being held in a discontented way to create lines like Kate has. I also think that on top of being unhappy, she is also really shocked that she didn’t become the “people’s princess” that Diana was. The nation, and the world, did not fall in love with Kate and the only reason there are sycophantic articles all over the place is because the Royal family is still very powerful. I think Kate knows that people strongly dislike her and that it’s not out of jealousy or pettiness, it’s out of genuine frustration that Kate isn’t taking this opportunity to make a difference and live up to the family she married into. I NEVER see pictures of her out with girlfriends and I think she sticks to socializing with William’s friends and connections and isn’t able to maintain a two way friendship with another woman. Her life is filled with insane luxury and privilege, but she strikes me as being deeply unhappy and frustrated. I don’t think being a Royal is what she thought it would be, and she’s learning that you have to do something in order to earn the love and respect of the people, it doesn’t just happen automatically. I would feel very sorry for her and empathize a lot if I thought she was just a common girl struggling to find her footing in the Royal family. The problem is that she doesn’t appear to have any genuinely likable qualities, other than not being a raging serial killer or monster. She gets fawned over for just breathing oxygen and it’s all gone to her head. She believes the sycophantic press and seems sulky and unhappy that she’s unpopular and doesn’t seem to understand why. I’ve seen videos of her at events where someone does something she doesn’t like (usually William or some girl getting too close to William) and she purses her lips and frowns very distinctively. It’s a common look for her and I really do think that she spends a lot of time feeling sorry for herself for no reason whatsoever. Those are my best guesses for why she has such bad frown lines at this point. It will be interesting to see what happens down the line. I actually do think they will get divorced eventually and she will have a quieter life, but still be the mother to heirs in line for the throne. Time will tell!

  16. Kate’s little purse watch pressed to her crotch so hard you would think she was holding her lady bits on.

    Kate must’ve been very uncomfortable being there. Come on Kate. I’ve met many people who’ve been to prison and who’ve done drugs. They’re just people who’ve led more complicated lives than you or I. They’re a learning experience. (I’ve learned a bit working with students who’ve been in this situation or have parents in it.) Relax.

      1. I hope you realize how tremendously difficult it is to have an interest in other people? It’s very traumatizing and upsetting to have to drag your attention away from yourself and refocus on some dreary pleb. She has a very challenging job and I think we should all be proud of her and raise a cheer for all her deep sacrifice and struggle Kate goes through on the seven days a year she has to work. 😉

  17. If this was a secret visit then why do we all know about it? I think she has been told that she had better begin to step up more due to all the negative press the Cambridges are receiving. Believe it or not I thought the dress was a decent choice, but that hair………..as Melanie Griffith said in the movie Working Girl:“You wanna be taken seriously, you need serious hair.” Also, is that Rebecca woman Kate’s “stylist”, if so that explains a lot.

    1. It wasn’t “secret” so much as a surprise. There was a media blackout prior to the visit but the media was invited and covered it fully like any normal visit.

  18. The more I think about this, does anyone else think this might just be a PR move? Kate’s people knew that media/civilians were getting more and more annoyed with Kate. So, suddenly she visits a prison and now everyone is back to praising Kate for having the balls to visit a prison. She has done nothing for Action on Addiction in a few years and then all the sudden she visits a prison’s addiction program (I know it is not part of Action on Addiction, but it is along the same line).

    I feel like had she been doing something for adult addiction more frequently I wouldn’t think twice about this visit and would commend her for visiting a prison. But this instead feels out of the blue and was a PR stunt to boost Kate’s image. And it worked!!!! Everyone is back to saying how caring Kate is for getting her hands dirty, so to speak. It doesn’t feel genuine. I hope I am wrong and Kate really cares about this, but time will tell. It just feels like a quick make-over to balance out the negative press and all her fluff engagements. There is no consistency on her part.

    1. Nope, this doesn’t make me fawn all over her. Too little, too late. If she did something like this every week, maybe then I’d care. We’re supposed to take it that she’s back to “full” duties and doesn’t she look wonderful? Does nothing for me.

      1. Exactly every week! But at least she isn’t putting on a front she iS showing us her true colors!!she doesnt care!!! At least she is being honest!!

    2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this was a quickly put together visit before the rugby games and movie premiere. I know I praised her quite a bit for this visit and am happy to see that she is doing something to raise awareness about addiction after ignoring it for so long. My only excuse is that I’ve been doing some intensive training with my puppy the last couple of months and now I start praising people for the littlest things LOL. Now if only she would quit clutching her crotch, I’ll have to think of what training would work for that 🙂 Bless her heart.

      1. Crotch clutching and tons and tons of makeup. So much make-up, especially for a day event. So two things to train her on Lauri, bless her heart 🙂

        Yay for a new puppy though! What kind is your puppy?

        1. Well we got her at the local shelter and believe that she is mostly a Catahoula Leopard dog. She’s got webbed feet and the cutest little white tip on the end of her tail. She a great dog but was a stray for the first 6 months of her life with no training or socialization skills, so lots of work involved but she’s coming along nicely.

          1. Ahh Lauri good for you!!! Taking in a shelter dog and one with some issues says a lot about you. 🙂 Good luck with her and thanks for saving a dog 🙂

    3. It’s definitely a PR move. I honestly can’t believe that Kate who was raised to expect to be pampered and overly privileged cares about what goes on in a women’s prison.

      Had she been doing some kind of charity work with places like Action for Addiction or helping to get women back on their feet after situations like this before the marriage I would back her up. But this is just “let’s find something that will tug on the heart strings a bit and try to show her in a serious light.” It’s not something from her heart.

      I can’t even believe her when she’s going to functions that support kids. Her body language in almost all of those situations screams “don’t let them get too close”. She was not comfortable at this engagement and I’m sure the first thing she did when she got back in the car was whip out the Germ-X and liberally apply it to her hands while screaming at the driver to get her out of there.

      1. Oh I know she looked very uncomfortable today. She was clutching her clutch (no pun intended), like her life depended on it. It was really obvious she didn’t want to be there. Which I am not sure why she was so nervous since I don’t think she met any inmates. I think she only met those working on the addiction program and one of those ladies was an ex-convict, but that is as close as she got. Kate just never seems comfortable around those under her ‘station’.

        1. Lisa, Overlit

          and it’s not about the location, considering all the RPOs , prison security – it’s too common for the snobbish meddleton/s family who gives nothing back to society/charities; selfish, feel they are better than the people (low class who knows nothing of helping others).

          1. But the Middletons are private citizens. They earned their millions through Party Pieces (not that I like their products). They don’t have to “give back” to society or charities b/c they aren’t being paid for on the public dime. Now when they use SO14 protection details to run errands or get through traffic on their way to and from the beauty salon or the store, then they should have to repay it, b/c they aren’t supposed to be receiving taxpayer-funded security. SO14 are for designated British and foreign royal persons who are at a suitably high risk of threats from terrorists or criminals that they require armed police officers to protect their person. The Middletons absolutely do not fall into that category.

  19. I knew she looked different, but I couldn’t put my fingers on it!!! Her boobs are a lil bigger. Maybe milk MOOOO!! She dressed nice. Her clutch is close to her crotch!! Crotch Cluchy isn’t she!! Her hair she can do better i hope so BHH!! Lol. Im glad she finally came out but im over it!! And her situation!! Whatever!!!! YAWN!! Marcia moment!!

  20. Her boobsboobs are a lil bigger. I had to look at her butt first to make sure!! Lol. Boobs for the summer Ass for the winter?? I wonder? It could be a good bra!! Hope so! She is already fake!! Lets not over do it!!!

  21. When watherine lamebridge brings her numbers up to 250+ “boring” engagements a year and learns how to properly give a speech…
    People may start to take her seriously and become less critical towards her.

    She is all about appearances and that’s all people end up judging her on. When something is actually said, in regards to the charity… It’s always written for her, never off the cuff.

    I say boob job as well.

  22. Not sure why I feel this way but she looks very different. The bangs are throwing me off. I don’t know, maybe it’s because we haven’t seen her in a while?

  23. You know what I keep pondering? What would Diana have said about this family of Will’s?

    Would she have said: Darling live your life however you see fit despite what the Firm wants you to do? Or would Diana have said: “Wills, I worked while pregnant with you, after you and the same with Harry. You have a responsibility to do your job as a Royal and so does your wife.”

    Like all of us here, I’m sure, I stayed up in the middle of the night to watch Diana and Charles marry, got a call in the middle of the night when she passed away, and again watched the funeral in the wee hours of the morning over here. I can never ever recall having such disdain for Diana. Never never never. She was our Queen of Hearts!

    I just don’t know what’s happened. I think we all write here because we are so very disappointed in how this branch of the family tree is languishing. Cannot Prince Charles put his foot down? Can’t the Queen? They seem to have misplaced guilt over the way Diana was treated and are compensating for it by letting things just go so sloppy.

    Put on a tiara and get in the game! You can be a mom and a princess, for heaven’s sake.

    1. I don’t think Diana would have care bc she to was considered lazy at one time. But she would have been happy for him and his marriage.

    2. Some good points there Jane and an interesting question. I always laugh when articles talk about how much Diana would have loved Kate because I don’t think she would have at all. I don’t think Diana would have liked how sneaky Kate and her family were in hooking Will. And I don’t think she would have liked the fact that Kate has never really worked a day in her life. Diana was also jealous, so I wonder how she would have felt loosing some attention to Kate.

      So, I am not sure how she would handle Will now. I think she would be in the middle. I think she would want Will to enjoy this time with his family before he becomes the Prince of Wales, but I think she would have also told him that does not mean ignoring all your Royal responsibilities. I think she would want a better balance than he has now. I am sure though she would tell Kate she needs to start doing something. I have a feeling she would not approve of how lazy Kate is at all.

      Btw, not all of us stayed up for Charles and Diana’s wedding. I wasn’t even born yet ;).

      1. I don’t think Kate would have been around. Diana would have vetted the family. Scarole would have been perceived as a threat and banished. Diana was notorious for not wanting to share her children’s affection with anyone else.

        Kate would have been a girlfriend, but not a match. And if they did marry, Kate wouldn’t stand a chance against Diana.

        1. I completely agree. Remember everyone that the reason Willy is so close to the Midds is that they provide him with a “normal” family environment that Diana had provided for him. He’s emotionally damaged from the separation at 11 and then death of his mother at 15, just as she was damaged from her parents’ divorce. If Diana were alive, Kate would have been a university friend, but I doubt much more. Things would be quite different but not because Diana would have approved or disapproved of the Midds. I doubt that Charles and Camilla would be married for one.

          1. Hi, Jane and everyone!
            Welcome to Jane and thanks for the BHH line. It did us all in!

            I agree that Diana would not have liked Kate and I sincerely doubt Will would have married Kate if his Mum were still alive. Carole and Kate roped in an emotionally frail young man and gave him a family! It saddens me to think that William may actually soon know Carole for many more years than he knew his beloved mother.

            Will would not have needed the Midds if his mother had lived. He also would have been a far more concerned Royal if his mother were alive, today.

            The Queen and other family members seem to always be cutting William slack — no doubt for some guilty feelings as to how his Mum was treated early in her marriage.

            So, Kate benefits, too. It is really sad. Diana, I am sure, would not have liked or approved of the Middletons. Kate, she would have felt, was lazy and manipulative. And, Carole? Oh, the fur would have flown!

          2. Seth

            are you referring to the ‘normal’ midds who hunt, lived with Willnot royal luxury/ pampered lifestyles, and waity 10 years to get in ….

            The only ‘normal’ the midds provide Willnot is to stay lazy (like the middletons children) – avoid royal duties and RF traditions (except funding) – that’s all!

            Here are genuine royals (KMR may have post before) http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,20395222_20954950,00.html

          3. What I mean is that Carole allows William to have a normal existence by not having such formality as he would have at Clarence House, she provides him an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, not demanding he do this or that. That they provided him with a middle class family with supposed “middle class values.” I don’t mean the situation is really normal, it’s rather creepy being treated like a 16-year-old by your mother-in-law and allowing her to essentially run your life when you’re in your 30s.

        2. I agree with you Rhiannon there is no way that William would have married Kate if Diana was around. As much as I liked Diana I think that she would have been the MIL from h*ll to deal with She was very possessive of the boys and would have been very critical of whoever they married

          Diana would not have been happy about the way that Wills keeps harping on about wanting to be “Normal” She was bought up to do her duty and she did do it very well. She certainly was not perfect and in the beginning she was terrified but she did not let that stop her from doing her job and representing the monarchy.

      2. Ah Overit!! You got me there!! I was in college, and I made a C on a final because I was so tired from staying up all night for the wedding that I botched the test!!

        1. Oh no!!!! That’s funny though. Hopefully it was worth it :). I have only ever seen clips of the wedding. I was young, but I did watch her funeral. I remember that :(.

      3. I don’t think Kate would be in the picture at all if Diana had lived. Her tragic and premature death absolutely shaped William into a paranoid, petulant and entitled man-child and he wouldn’t have felt such a strong need to ally himself with a common family, especially one known for closeness like the Middleton clan. I think when William met Kate, he was obsessed with privacy and living “normally,” and that has shaped the kind of wife he wound up with. I think, to William, Kate’s family seemed like a poor, warm den of acceptance and family, but if Diana had lived, he wouldn’t have felt that deep insecurity and would have dated girls suitable to the role Kate got. I think Carole was able to capitalize on his orphan syndrome and absolutely used that to help get Kate into the role they were seeking. William clearly wants all the perks, privileges and luxury of being Royal without any of the responsibility and Diana would be ashamed. I think Carole wouldn’t have stood a chance against Diana and Diana would have seen through the whole stalking situation Carole set up. William didn’t have anyone there who would tell the truth and that Kate is and always has been a gold digger and social climber. I think Harry sees it all pretty clearly and I haven’t seen any photos in the last few years where he has interacted positively with Kate at all. Obviously, he’s not going to be rude or snub her, but I think he makes his opinion of her known by not being close with Kate at all. William is stubborn and will refuse to see through Kate and the Middletons, but it’s going to cost him the respect and admiration of his future subjects, and very likely end the UK’s monarchy system. Yeah, I don’t think Kate would have gotten very far at all if Diana were still around. I’m sure she would be delighted with her grandchildren, but I just can’t see her letting Kate be in William’s life to the extent that she has been. I LOVED Diana, despite all her flaws and I think she didn’t get along very well with cold, calculating women and that is Kate all over the place. Diana was warm, genuine, and caring, whereas Kate is cold, fake and uncaring. Diana would have wanted William to have a wife that brought out the best in him and was up to the role, not an inappropriate flasher with a shopping obsession and an allergy to work. I find it vulgar that Kate wears the ring of doom. In my nerdy analogy, Kate is absolutely to the Diana ring what Smeagol was to the One ring. It’s a symbol of an unhappy, doomed marriage and for some reason, I would like it better if Harry’s future wife had been gifted it instead.

        1. I don’t think thathat neither Kate not I, I mean Harry’s future bride should have worn the ring an engagement ring. Too much history. Maybe as a cocktail ring or to a.huge event, but not for that. It’s an iconic ring that is too heavy with comparison for my taste.

          1. I actually think the ring should have gone to Diana’s granddaughters to use as a cocktail ring (and if there are more granddaughters than just Charlotte they should share). I don’t think either of William’s or Harry’s wives should have worn it.

        2. While I agree with you about Kate, Diana was not a vastly superior person. She was emotionally insecure, needy and moody, swinging wildly from doldrums of depression to flashes of fury in minutes. She figured out how to manipulate and wrap people around her little finger. I cringe when I watch the Panorama interview even 20 years later. Unlike Kate, whose mental health status is pure speculation, Diana almost certainly made a suicide attempt as a ‘cry for help’ in January 1982 at Sandringham when she was pregnant with William. She also suffered from bulimia and is believed by some (including Sally Bedell Smith) to have suffered from borderline personality disorder. Kate is just a lazy spoiled brat. And so is William.

        3. Totally agree with you! I do not like how Waity always puts that ring on display. I was shocked at the way she carried Princess Charlotte out of the hospital and insisted that ring be right on top of the baby to show off instead of holding the precious baby securely. The Princess is more important than that ring! I hope Harry keeps staying away from Waity, she is such a work allergic innapropriate flasher with no class and humility or warmth and I know he will find someone better, who will be more popular than Waity.

  24. First of all these appearances some of them are worthless. The appearance Harry and Will did the other day was good. We need to see more of that you know. I don’t know why ppl say on other blogs that they aren’t getting paid, but i feel if their money is reimbursed to them they still are getting paid!!! Is it not enough???
    I believe she can do better. I wonder how the Queen does it all?? Prince Philip not a king, but still does it all.
    But anyways!! I admire Prince Harry’s job he did. He should do it more often yummy! I LOVE GINGER!!!

    1. It does seem somewhat odd and out of place, especially since it is not connected with Action on Addiction charity that she is supposed to be patron of. As everyone here has noticed, she has been neglecting that organization (along with all of her other ones). So it’s somewhat strange to do an appearance for a related cause while still neglecting the other.

      But to be fair, we do know how “keen” Kate is about these issues and how “close to her heart they are.”

  25. I think she has been coached to carry her purses with both hands over her stomach, that kind of prevents the little people from reaching out to touch the royal “person’. Kate also holds one of her hand over her stomach as well and was doing this in the engagement pics. Ever notice how Charles and he Duke of E clasp their hands behind their backs, again, that is to deter people from reaching out to touch them.

        1. You’ll also notice she’s not advertising Big Blue in those pictures. Her hand covers it instead of the way it is with Kate who has it on display at all times.

    1. I think that Charles and Philip stand with their hands behind their back as they are both ex-military and hands behind your back is where the hands go when you are “at ease”. Of course that doesn’t explain why William is hands at the front, but then Charles and Philip are exNavy and William is exAir Force. I would say that it’s more due to training in the Armed Forces than “ekk, don’t touch me peasant”.

      1. “Eek don’t touch me peasant!”. Lol! I love the way Charles will fidget with his cufflinks. The man said dapper.

        Can we also give a shout out about how he will kiss a woman’s hand? Chivalry at its finest. Can you imagine Will doing that?

          1. There was a spam on Tumblr devoted to him doing this. He kissed Letizia’s hand, among others. I find it to be so sweet and endearing. You don’t see men doing that.

            Kate would literally tackle you if our got that close.

    2. I believe her posture is the sign of an uncomfortable, uneasy person. I recall the trip she took with the Queen to Leicaster and the photo of her walking down the concourse with her arms at her side, her shoulders back and head held high was stunning, such a difference between now and then.

    3. Lots of people clasp their hands behind their backs when standing or walking. I’ve done it. Or clasp their hands in front of their body. I do it mostly when standing as a way to rest my hands instead of just letting them hang. I only do it when walking if I’m walking really slowly and leisurely.

      Kate clasps her hands because she’s insecure but I think for Charles and Philip and Harry (who has also done the clasped hands behind the back thing) do it as a means to do something with their hands other than letting them hand by their sides.

      BTW, I saw a photo of an ex-US president (can’t remember which one) walking with JFK and he clasped his hands behind his back while they took a stroll through the garden. It’s not a sign of “ew don’t touch me” but rather just relaxing your hands.

      1. If you think about it, hands clasped behind the back makes one more vulnerable compared to the crotch clutch. I do it as well sometimes, usually when I am interested in something and feeling relaxed.

        1. I almost never do so. I carry my hands together in front, close to my belt, in case I need to use them. I almost never put my hands behind my back unless I’m in an environment that I know is completely comfortable and secured.

      2. My dad taught me to stand with my hands behind my back to pull back my shoulders and improve my posture. I stand that way, but I walk with my arms at my sides in a natural way.

  26. Diana always possessed such elegance in the way that she dressed and presented herself. Combined with a hard work ethic and caring heart she left a wonderful legacy. Kate will never come close to achieving this status because she simply doesn’t care enough to try. Just being thin doesn’t cut it and never will. The people deserve so much more than this selfish and vapid woman.

    1. I think that it is to do with breeding (sorry to sound snobbish), Diana had the breeding and was an aristocrat, Kate doesn’t have any of that.

  27. On the upside, she is “working” if you can call it that. How many hours did she stay at the prison?

    Don’t wish to sound like a broken record (oh boy I’m dating myself) but the first thing I see on Waity’s pictures is her big hair and how it overwhelms her rail-thin figure. What is it about her that she won’t chop it off to a more suitable and flattering length!

    Is it me or has she considerably aged or is looking extremely tired? Or maybe it is just due to the heavy eye makeup. Another observation is that when she purses her lips–it’s crooked to one side and all the marionette lines on her face, lips, chin show up and deepen.

    1. Agree with you Yorkie on Kate’s appearence. When she isn’t smiling her resting face looks old beyond her years. Could the sagging facial skin be due to overdieting combined with smoking and too much sun exposure?
      Afraid I can’t agree with you on the working part. Kate’s lightweight work reeks of trying to get numbers in before heading off to Mustique in November. Though it seems plenty of people now know how truly useless she is. What a pity. She could make such a positive difference if only she cared enough to put forth some real effort.

        1. Someone needs to throw her a cheeseburger and milkshake to gain some weight. That would alleviate some of the lines on her face once she plumps up a bit. She’s too thin.

      1. One hour and a half? That’s a joke. I wish I could “work” for an hour and call it a day’s work.

        However I read some articles where she “overstayed” at the downtown abbey set beyond the appointed time. I guess showbiz takes precedence over charity work in her shallow world view.

        1. And a **huge** point was made by the sugars that while she ‘overstayed’ she absolutely positively didn’t ‘overstay’ her welcome. This is just so disgusting that she has opportunities to play and cavort about and I think it counted on the CC for what that matters. You know, it has to be hard for even the best of actors to act like they’re honored and impressed with her.

    2. Her mouth wrinkle looks like her mother Scaroles mouth wrinkle in the DM picture they released after Waity and Willys marriage. It as Scarole holding Waity as a new baby. Her mom had that Wrinkle Mouth too like she just ate bees. Maybe it’s a family weirdness….

  28. I am a seriously pathetic person. Totally outraged that this ‘visit’ was anything but PR and hey, go for a prison. Terrible place to be, lonely, confining, and drab. So, send the gracious giving caring Kate in an expensive outfit, full makeup, and oh how very noble she is, deigning to bestow her presence onsuch an environment. I don’t know how to word this but her PR people selected a prison as a ‘get your hands dirty and mingle with the low lifes and you will be hailed as a real courageous and devoutly dedicated to the less fortunate. (I don’t think that prisoners are all low lifes, some just didn’t get the breaks that Kate squanders). I so hate it when a rich lady dog thinks it’s a honor for these people to gaze upon her made up face, her lovely hair (which is in her beautiful raccoon eyes) and an outfit that makes her so obviously wanting to make this about helping the downtrodden and totally selfless. Never mind the bazillion pictures of this secret visit, never mind her grin, she cares about you people until she gets out the door and allows the cameras to capture her caring and concerned face. I sincerely doubt that these women were entranced, just because they’re confined doesn’t mean that they can’t figure out that a rich lady dog is using them. And **yes** she does look very tired poor dear. The trauma and emotional wear and tear on her from this visit will require rest and recuperation in a very far away location where she can ‘pull herself together’. I’m not a very nice person but I do not see that this visit was anything but plain out and out PR, and a lowdown slap in the face of these women. She used them and their plight and is accepting accolades and praise while ever so shaken by the ‘real’ world. BLECH

    I have a question for the nicer and more generous posters. What. Exactly. Did. This. Visit. Do. For. Anyone. Other. Than. Kate. ? Let me have it, blast me out of the sky, and tell me I’m just petty and don’t appreciate her coming out and doing something. For someone else. With no ulterior motive other than her deep concern about the horror of addiction. I wish I were more impressed and generous like the others here and I’m open to becoming a convert 🙂

    1. Well, I can only speak for myself but here goes. I have been complaining that Kate hasn’t made a visit to anything related to her Action on Addiction patronage since 2014 and that was a gala. Also, I’ve complained that she never says anything about her engagements during or after the event to help shed a little more light on these charities. Thirdly, I’ve complained about the near constant flashing of one body part or another. So, for me this visit ticked all my compliant boxes, this was a non-fluffy visit, she made a statement and no body parts were flashes.

      Now, I realize that this is the first time that Kate (Jason or Rebecca) has made a statement about one of her visits, and after 4 years of engagements that’s rather sad, but I believe in encouraging someone who’s making an effort to improve. Was this visit perfect? No. Was it planned to lessen the criticism of attending rugby matches and movie premieres? Almost certainly Yes. Does she need to continue with this kind of effort? Yes, definitely. Now I certainly expect her to make more statements regarding her visits and charities, I expect her to continue to dress in such a way that no body parts that shouldn’t be seen aren’t and I expect her to continue to make visits to her charities that involve meeting real people, with real problems. If she doesn’t continue to do these three simple things than what she did today was nothing more than covering her as* for her upcoming vacation.

      To end, I praised her more for today’s visit because I felt an effort was made to improve and that’s always worth praising.

      1. She was making the same type of effort before January’s mustique holiday.
        Then, she spent her summer ignoring milestone commemorations, even though she was at wimbledon and flirting with ben and his yacht.

        Don’t be fooled by W&K. They only do the bare minimum when the criticism is getting a little loud and use Oct./Nov./Dec. to pump up their dismal numbers at the end of the year.
        It happens every year.

    2. I can’t disagree with most of what you said, royalsareajoke.
      Did s
      he make their lives better? Did she relieve their experience of life for a moment? Did she give them hope? Did she cheer them on? Or did she show up and they took good care of her? I’m thinking the latter. It’s still all about her, and I will always find that offensive.

  29. OK this is appropos of nothing but have to share with my new friends.

    I follow Kensington Palace on Instagram, and DC received some sweet treats during her visit there.

    “Bad Girls Bakery” is the name of the prison bakery. Ha! Love it.

    1. I saw that they posted a photo of the treats on Twitter. My first thought was are they allowed to use the Bad Girls name and logo on their bakery items? I feel like that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen if they were to sell those with that logo on it.

  30. I think Diana would have realised that William needed to marry. However I think she would have wanted someone who was affectionate and kind to William.
    I think Kate made an effort but was this more of a spur of the moment or planned. Security would have to be a top priority and going so on the spur of the moment must be a security nightmare. Kate does look more involved in what was going on. Dressing in white and not muted colours shows that she is the centre of attention. I wish Kate would wear muted colours to these events and not a colour of dress to stand out. Also not carrying the present was rather rude. It says I cannot be bothered to pretend to be interested in what you have given me. sorry to be harsh.

  31. I agree with many of you – she looks definitely overdressed and carries her clutch as sort of life ring. I am wondering why she looks more and more unsecured every time I see her. Her posture and body language is so stiff and unnatural and one more thing – Does anyone notice that she looks so much older than she is (like 10 years older)? Is it constant dieting and to much sun exposure could be the cause of it? I swear, she looks like in the middle of her forties to me

    1. When I saw those pictures today of DC, I was shocked by the hard deep lines cutting into her face. I wonder if there is a stressor in DC’s life that we are not aware of…

      1. I have to agree. I think a lot of that is due to the excessive dieting and unnatural thinness. Being a sun lover has not helped the cause. The Duchess looked much nicer when she got engaged, if you compare the photos she was a little more rounded. She looks hard looking not soft at all, it just makes for harshness. She certainly looks older than her years. When pregnant her face was a little more filled out and she looked much prettier. Not a good example or role model for young women, to be so stick thin, as well as her posture is not good, she is bent over when she walks.

  32. Anne and Charles both visit HMP and their visits have been announced in advanced. The ‘private visit due to security’ excuse is just that… yet another excuse for special snowflake.

    Could she not have put her clutch on the ground, while chatting? That is such a closed off manner.

  33. I feel like we go through the same cycle over and over again. We lament that Will and Kate don’t work more and don’t focus on the charities that they are supposedly patrons of. Then at the end of the year when they do an upswing in their appearances, we get hopeful that this will be the start of change. This time they will begin to get it and start to give back more. This will be the year that they really show us that they actually care about the world around them, and not just their rich friends who pay for their holidays.

    It gets discouraging after a while. I used to have such hope for these two. And I think there is still a glimmer now and then. They have such a platform and an opportunity to bring awareness to important issues like addiction, bullying, mental health, palliative care, conservation, etc.

    Speaking for myself, I try to give back in ways that I can and make the world a better place. I look at the platform that they have and imagine what I would do if I were in their place. And that is what is so disappointing – to watch people squander opportunities and potential over and over again so that they can go on another vacation and lie on the beach. Again. Year after year. They keep telling us that they care, but they never show it to us through their actions.

    1. I agree with you, bookworm. Hope springs eternal, but then is dashed!
      As you said, so beautifully, when average people try to give back to others, we often wish we had more clout so that we could do more and bring more money and people into the causes we believe so strongly in.

      I sincerely doubt that Kate cares too much about anything, other than her family. We all love our families – at least I hope so. However, caring about others and really working to make a difference in the world is what life is about.

  34. Sorry this is off topic but I have just seen pap pictures of George and Charlotte with nanny Maria watching the helicopter land……William will self combust. I found the link on Tanna’s twitter.

        1. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. I still say that they need to release a bit more to satiate the public’s thirst. The more they hide, the more these type of pic’s will pop up and be in demand.

    1. Can someone attach a link? Are they watching Will and Kate land in a helicopter? They seem to take helicopters a lot if that is the case

        1. Thanks for the links 🙂
          As well as William having a nosebleed over the photos I bet there are some gnashing of teeth at the New Idea’s office over missing out on getting those photos.

  35. I know I’m in the minority here, but I think Kate dressed very appropriately for this visit. She was there to see how the charity works, and to greet some of the women in the program. She showed these women a lot of respect by dressing formally to meet with them, and see what they have accomplished. I think it would have been disrespectful to show up in jeans.

    These women may be in a prison and recovering addicts, but that doesn’t mean that it is okay to meet with them in jeans. They still deserve the same respect as any other event, even if the location is a room in a prison. Kate was sitting down with them to hear their stories, not actively participating in some kind of activity. Therefore, she needed to be dressed more formally to show that she’s taking them seriously.

    I completely agree that she dresses too formal in other situations, like some of the events with kids, but I think she got it right here.

    Also, I really think that Kate is trying to be a better Royal. I think that it is William who is the lazier one, and Kate has good intentions. I also think she sees this as a job, meaning that she’s completely off the clock when she’s not “working.” So she took her maternity leave like other mothers, where she didn’t work at all even if she was physically capable, and now it’s back to “work.”

    I know that most others here would disagree, but I have some sympathy for Kate. I think the obsession with Diana is more William than Kate, and I don’t think she likes the pressure. I think William makes all the decisions and until recently, I thinks she wasn’t stepping up to her duties because William is not, so she didn’t see herself in that role. I think that she’s finally realizing the negative press, and starting to be a *bit* more pro-active about her Royal duties.

  36. Well, I’m glad she is doing any “work” at all, but this doesn’t really ring true for me. The released statement was a great move on her PR department’s part, but is just obviously something written for her by an aide. The choice of depressing and bland gray to wear to a women’s prison? Seriously? She thought that would be appropriate? I would have found it insulting and patronizing if I were one of the inmates. I can see that the palace is trying to secure a place for her in the charity world and they’re trying as hard as they can to make it seem like Kate has any actual passion for anything other than herself, how she looks and shopping, but it’s just not working. I’ve noticed that she just is totally unable to develop a rapport with the “vulnerable” people she meets and I think it’s because she simply doesn’t care and sees it as something she has to do in order to get attention and be in the Royal family. She’s looking pretty smug these days, so I think she feels that her position is secure, but it’s a lot shakier than she realizes. Here’s yet another charity visit, where she doesn’t actually DO anything except show up and pretend to look caring, and I see more terrible pictures of her sitting awkwardly with people who look miserable. She’s thinking about whether or not people like her and isn’t able to focus on other people’s needs and her selfish narcissism is becoming difficult to cover up. They are doing a good job, but the kudos goes to Kate’s team, not Kate herself. Ugh. Very disappointing. My last little comment is about the bangs. That was a terrible, terrible fashion decision and ages her dramatically. It’s a total 1990’s soccer mom haircut and all wrong for a young mother and working Royal. It makes her look even more unprofessional and messy than usual. Normally, she fidgets and touches her hair constantly, which is bad enough, but now she has an awful messy fringe hanging in her face. It’s not sleek, elegant or classy at all. I just read an article where her stylist defended the cut and thought that was pretty funny. Of course he’s going to fawn about it and say everything flattering he can think of! It’s his salon’s reputation at stake and do you think Kate would come back if he told the truth and said it was a disaster haircut? As much as I don’t like Princess Sofia’s middle parts, Kate could learn a lot from watching how Princess Sofia styles her hair for events like these. Or Queen Rania of Jordan, or Queen Leti. I can’t believe she’s still getting it so wrong after all these years? Are her team delusional themselves or just unwilling to fill her in on some harsh truths I wonder?

  37. Thanks….just thanks!! I no longer feel petty, and in fact I feel quite simply honest. I appreciate this forum so much and the posters who tell it like it is. Kate could benefit greatly from a ‘reality check’ but I don’t think that’s going to happen since her ‘reality’ seems to be cemented’ from childhood on. I don’t feel sorry for her since she’s had more than one chance to bail on the ‘fairy tale’ before the wedding and tell her ma to kindly find a life of her own and butt out. She seriously, imo, thought that it would be just as others said, dress up, smile, wave, and flash Diana’s ring which would magically put a spell on everyone and cause instant love and admiration for Kate. You can’t respect someone who has no self respect, and thus far Kate has demonstrated an absolute lack of that.

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