Blog Update

Blog Update

When I wrote my article about Kate’s parenting – where I pondered why we comment the way we do, and asked us all to examine our thought processes before we write overly negative, insulting comments – I knew there would be people who would disagree with me, but I was not expecting the level of negativity that it brought me. And the depressing yet fascinating thing is that not everyone was even willing to read my article before dismissing my opinion, which proved my point about negative bias: that people judge based on their own preconceived negative opinions and aren’t willing to even consider an alternative option.

The only way of communication I have with my readers is my writing. But if people are going to dismiss my opinion without considering it, not even bother to read what my opinion is before attacking it, or think me asking everyone to spend as much time examining our own comments on Kate’s life and parenting as we do examining Kate’s life and parenting is threatening freedom of speech, then I have no way of communication.

That lack of ability to communicate and the negativity that my blog’s comment section has been in for a while made me depressed and lethargic about the blog. Not only did I not have energy to continue writing, I was afraid to go back to it. I needed a break from the blog, so I took one.

The reason I started this blog is because I was too negative for pro-Kate sites, I was too positive for anti-Kate sites, and I wanted my own area to express my views. I still tend to be too negative for some and too positive for others, but I try to strike a balance and find that middle ground. Sometimes I get too negative, and someone will point that out to me, I will examine where I’m at, and I will correct it if I think it’s warranted.

But the comment section doesn’t. The middle ground has gotten lost in the shuffle because people with a middle ground opinion get run off by those with overly negative comments.

I take full responsibility for not being a proficient moderator, but we all must take responsibility for our own comments, how we discuss the royals, and how we interact with each other.

If you’ve read this far: 1) Thank you; 2) For the sake of my mental health and the mental health of the people who read and comment on this blog, let’s make the comments section middle ground again, be more reasoned in our comments, and not be overly negative and insulting to Kate or to each other.

And to anyone who has a problem with my requests here, please note: As owner of this site, I reserve the right to delete any comment I think has violated my comment policy.

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