Will Kate get the Royal Family Order this year? + Claire Foy won a SAG

Will Kate get the Royal Family Order this year? + Claire Foy won a SAG

This has already been discussed in the comments a bit, but I want to cover it anyway so I can talk about it. The Daily Mail’s Girl About Town column has an article claiming that Kate Middleton will receive the Royal Family Order from Queen Elizabeth II this year for her work with mental health.

The Daily Mail previously reported, based on the random speculation of a woman peddling a book, the Kate would receive the RFO in 2015 when the Queen overtook Queen Victoria as longest reigning British monarch, and that clearly didn’t pan out, so let’s take this with a giant grain of salt as we read:

    “In this Sapphire Year celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne, I hear from my Palace moles that it is highly likely the Duchess of Cambridge is to finally get a Royal gong.
    “Kate is currently the only senior Royal wife without either the Royal Victorian Order or the Family Order, which are uniquely given by the Queen personally for service to the Royal Family. It is a state of affairs that prompted one guest at the recent Diplomatic Corps reception to remark that Kate ‘looked naked without an honour’ – as the other Royals sported sashes and badges signifying the Orders to which they belong.
    “It seems the Queen may agree and Royal sources say Her Majesty may finally be willing to give the Duchess an honour as part of the celebrations for her upcoming jubilee, in recognition of Kate’s work with mental health charities, an initiative that has become very popular.
    “One courtier tells me: ‘The Queen wanted Kate to put more effort into her charity work before giving her a Royal Order. Now her charity Heads Together has taken off, she thinks it’s time to act.’
    “Buckingham Palace declined to comment.”

[Daily Mail]

It amuses me that the quoted ‘guest at the Diplomatic Reception’ said Kate looked “naked” without any orders, because that was literally a comment on here under my article about the Diplomatic Reception.

It also amuses me that the quoted ‘courtier’ mentions “Kate’s charity Heads Together” like it’s something Kate started by herself. Heads Together proclaimed itself to be a joint initiative between William, Kate, and Harry which was put together by the Royal Foundation. While it is the “charity” Kate interacted with the most last year (a whole 7 times), unlike both William and Harry, Kate has never done a solo Heads Together engagement.

If The Queen gives the RFO to Kate, Kate will be allowed to wear it whether people agree she “earned it” or not. William did not “earn” his Garter or Thistle orders in any sort of way other than being the heir’s heir, but HM still gave them to him so he gets to wear them.

I personally think William not having to “earn” the highest orders in the UK to be a much bigger insult than Kate receiving the RFO without seemingly “earning” it. The RFO is something personally given by the monarch for whatever reason they choose – George V gave Elizabeth and Margret his RFO when they were children, so they definitely didn’t “earn” it – so while we may disagree about whether it is “earned” or not, no one has to really “earn” the RFO; it’s something given by the monarch as their will.

I know many people will disagree with me, but as time goes on I’m having a harder and harder time getting worked up over Kate receiving the RFO. I’m more interested in the fact that the RFO is painted on ivory and what it means for Kate to wear it when William is so staunchly against ivory.

But enough about that, you guys, because Claire Foy and John Lithgow won SAG Awards last night for their work in The Crown!

Claire Foy won Female Actor in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II. Foy thanked the people who make the show, especially the more than 250 actors. She specifically thanked Matt Smith, whom she called a “really spontaneous, exciting and incredibly talented actor”.

In the backstage interview, Foy was asked whether the Royal Family had seen the show, and she said that she didn’t know for sure but that they have a Netflix subscription so they probably know about it.

John Lithgow won Male Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Winston Churchill.

Foy and Smith posed together on the red carpet. Foy wore a Valentino gown. It’s not really working for me. I like her Golden Globes dress much better.

Here is a video of Foy’s acceptance speech.

Here is a video of Lithgow’s acceptance speech.

Here is a video of the backstage interview.

93 thoughts on “Will Kate get the Royal Family Order this year? + Claire Foy won a SAG

  1. If I could burn all the Peter Pan collars that don’t belong to kindergarteners, I would. The dress would be fantastic without it.

    The RFO thing is interesting. It sends a message that Kate hasn’t received one yet, and given her behavior and bucking HM dearest traditions at Christmas, I’m not going to hold my breath on one coming any time soon. Just a hunch for whatever that’s worth. I’m taking the news with a whole salt lick.

    1. Yeah I can’t stand the collar especially because it’s trimmed in orange when the dress has pink in it.

      1. I am a fan of the occasional Peter Pan collar but not with this at all. And certainly not with that green suit Kate wore recently.

        I’m wondering if maybe the underlay is actually orange? But still the gown is so lovely. Even a keyhole neck could have finished it off.

        1. Oh, my gosh, I hated that gown. Just ghastly. So, Kate-like, I wanted to scream.

          Ms. Foy is an excellent actress and a beautiful woman. I was happy that she received the award last night, but her dress left a lot to be desired in my mind.

          KMR, you are being read in such high places. The comment in the DM as to Kate looking naked without the sash, was so you and this site.

          Kate’s work on Heads Together, and William’s, too is so minimal. When Harry works on behalf of the military, he does more, but is not as huge as one would like to see. As for Heads Together being such a popular initiative — well that made me shake my head. If so, why isn’t more known about it around the world? Perahps, it is known more in the UK. I only hear about it when W and K and H make appearances on behalf of the organization. Granted, I don’t have time at this point in my life to be searching things out, but that is how I feel.

          I so wish they would tackle their roles with HT in a more demanding way this year. I am tired of them cranking out the same message regardign how impo9rtant it is not to be embarrassed to seek help. Yes, that is important, but when you say something too often, I truly believe people tune out. Why not, work more with the organization’s key people on mesaags that are equally important, as well? And, get out there as often as one can to work, work, work.

    2. I agree about the Peter Pan collar, no person over the age of 10 should wear one. They are just so prissy! IMO, in general the SAG fashion was horrendous, this cut out dress thing, big v-necks to the waist and see through stuff have to go. It is not elegant or classy.
      As far as Kate getting the order, I know there is a question of the ivory, but do you think the BRF has a supply of ivory that could be re-used. I know many people would find fault with that, but it could be an option or they can just use another material. Maybe if Kate works harder this year she will get the order at the end of the year, right now she does not deserve it.

      1. They would spin in it some way to make using ivory ok. Like say they were reusing some from before (I don’t know if that’s possible, but if it is, I wouldn’t put it past them), which is better than just trashing it. Something along those lines. And of course lots of “work” on either side of the announcement and throwing Harry under the bus as a distraction.

  2. As you pointed out, these self-generated family ‘awards’ are not earned and are given at the whim of the monarch for whatever reason. If William is given an order for doing nothing, Kate will be given one too. Kate has still done next to nothing for her charities; if she is ‘awarded’ for such sloth, it would be deemed utterly worthless junk, as would, by connection, all the other RFO, whether genuinely earned or not. It’s all about one family preserving its status and wealth; its massive PR juggernaut does precisely that – preserves an illusion.

    I doubt William cares a hoot about ivory. His ‘efforts’ on conservation are nothing but hypocritical. More than likely it’s a mechanism through which he can legitimately connect with Jecca Craig.

    I agree that ideas are floated to gauge public reaction and/or to smuggle something into the public mindset, all by people who have something to personally gain. If anyone royal-adjacent is reading DM comments or blogs such as this, they will be smarting by the smackdown.

    1. Agree Jen. If Will received his Order for doing nothing Kate will reveive hers too. I just don’t think the time is right. By the way Heads Together is a campaing not a charity. And what is this “amazing” work Kate is doing with mental health? She and her husband lied about being unable to attend a Paralympics ceremony, claiming they were preparing for an official tour when they were actually enjoying a vacation. She claims she does so few royal engagements because she’s such a busy, hands-on mom but never mentions why she couldn’t have been a bit more diligent before George was born. If there’s an award for indolence, dishonesty, grandness and arrogance, she’s long overdue for that one. There is a huge difference in doing charity work and attending charity events! Kate does charity events. Charity events are a ‘who’s who’ and a chance to wear expensive gowns , chat and socialise . Is that really worthy of a medal? Kate has been a huge disappointment for the royal family, with her indiscreet behaviour, her lack of work ethic and for just being an ornament who has been unable to deliver one speech without a prompter, to say nothing of an impromptu one. Kate has not made a mark, it’s that simple.

    2. Hasn’t William been quoted as saying he wants to burn all the royal ivory? Well that would essentially include that.
      Time to make a change to what they’re painted on. If they made a statement regarding that, I would actually think he was less hypocritical.
      As for the royal order, someone who works 63 days out of the yr does not deserve to be honored for such “hard work”. But no one does self aggrandizement better than royals ?

    3. Jen, I agree that these awards seem very 19th century. If the Queen gives the RFO to dim, lazy KM it will simply underscore how pointless these medals are.

  3. To all tjose who have a problem with will receiving the order of the thistle etc just because he is the heir: in sweden, each baby gets the order of the seraphim (the highest in sweden if I remember correctly) for their baptism, so it is not only thei heir, but every royal baby. Yet nobody seems to complain that they get this high order without ‘doing anything’ for it. Double moral?!

    1. Different countries have different rules for their orders. In Sweden, Sofia got the King’s RFO right after marriage. I don’t remember there being too much of a fuss over it and there are people who hate Sofia. So a bit of a double standard there, too.

      For me personally with William, it’s because HM’s other children didn’t get the Garter until they were in their 40s after years and years of service while William got it in his 20s for nothing. The heir apparent gets it automatically as does the monarch and consort, but there is nothing about the heir’s heir getting it. So William getting it so young is silly in the face of HM making others wait decades.

      But in Sweden things are different for the Order of the Seraphim, like you said they give it to babies, so I do think about that order differently.

      1. William is the 1000th Knight of the Garter. I think that had more to do with the timing than anything else. I think the feeling was better to have a member of the Royal Family be number 1000 than a political type.

    2. You’re right, it is a double standard. But these things are all invented by a family for self-aggrandizement, preservation of status and setting oneself apart from the hoi polloi. The Middleton’s with their invented crest is another example of such tactics. We can all design family orders for ourselves, have something made. I guarantee that people would look at you differently once you explained that your pin was an award for service.

      These things remind of the Seinfeld invention of ‘Festivus’ by the Costanza family, riffing on miracles, airing of grievances etc. Awards would not have been far away.

  4. I was one of those who said Kate should earn it. Yes, I get that she doesn’t have to, which makes all these orders utterly meaningless. They are just given to the sovereign’s family so they look important and stand out in a crowd. But I thought there just might be an element of earning it (or at least waiting for it) like the Queen does with jewelry. I heard she waits to give (not loan) jewelry until she is sure you are devoted to the family.

    1. Kate’s not much, but she’d be nothing without Will and his family. I expect that, in her own way, she is devoted to the family. Perhaps someone needs to sit her down and very carefully explain what, exactly, that looks like. Perhaps HM expects the heir’s wife to encourage him to embrace his duty, as the QM did before her, or to truly serve the nation as the DoE still manages. Kate seems to think her duty is to support Will in doing whatever he wants (or doesn’t, as the case so often is with him).

      1. +1

        Graymatters, I get the sense that KM doesn’t care about the RFO and anything else that requires honesty and work. Carole cares and maybe W cares as it a reflection on him. But KM, no. She is that indifferent and blasé about earning any respect or acknowledging the privileges that she enjoys and continues to greedily exploit.

    2. If Kate gets that order, I will be sick. The woman needs to look naked because she is, she doesn’t do squat. It would just make the order a total joke in my opinion, and to hand it over would just raise the Middleton’s sense of ‘royalness’. Now, if she gets it after the queen is pushing up daisies it would be a whole different story, then it would be seen as the ‘bone’ that it is. This is a woman who has done nothing whatsoever to help the monarchy, the people of Britain and has embarrassed them multiple times. I know it’s honorary and all, but what honor has this woman brought to the UK? My opinion of the queen is best kept to myself, but if she gives Kate that order..well, anyway. JMO

      1. The QEII Royal Family Order can only be given in the Queen’s lifetime. Once she dies the Order is closed. If KM doesn’t get it from the Queen, the next one she would be eligible for would be the one that Charles would create in his name. KM would probably get that one right away because then she would be the wife of the heir. Personally, I hope the Queen doesn’t give it to her.

  5. I just finished watching The Crown and Lithgow was amazing! I am glad he won the SAG since he didn’t win a Golden Globe. I really hope he gets nominated for an Emmy and wins. Foy was great as the queen too. But I didn’t know Lithgow had such debt, I only ever saw him as a comedic actor. I finally see what everyone was talking about with this show. I can’t wait for the second season! And I can’t believe what a jerk Philip comes across as (Smith is great as well). I will be sad if they really switch to older actors after next season since Foy and Smith are so great as Elizabeth and Philip.

    1. Hi Overit
      I can tell you that Prince Philip in real life is very charming, been told by people who know him, not just met him once, does his best to put someone at their ease as most people are nervous when meeting royalty and he is very loyal to the Queen.
      I think it’s not very nice to have him shown as a jerk, it may make for a good storyline but we are talking about real people here, who are still alive.

      1. Thanks for telling me that Cathy. That’s good to hear because after watching the show I was less than impressed with him. It’s always hard to know how much is true on shows like that 🙂

      2. I had heard that PP had a sense of humour that wasn’t always appreciated or appropriate. He visited my home town in the 60s or 70s. He managed to insult one of the local matriarchs thoroughly enough that it was the stuff of legend in the town. No idea of what really happened but PP ended up with a reputation for being offensive.

        It is unfortunate that, if he is charming, he is also able to offend people easily.

        1. I know that Phillip is a racist in some ways, his humor is at times crude, but he came from a different time just as the queen. Somehow, he absolutely delights me. He tells it like it is, and he can’t stand a certain red headed clingon which to me shows his good taste. I started to watch The Crown and intend to finish watching it, but whatever Phillip has done throughout the many years of his life he made a tremendous sacrifice for his wife. When I left off “The Crown” it was at the point where Elizabeth was going to contact her father and ask if they could move back to Malta? so that until her time came he could be in the military. No matter how outspoken or racist (and I don’t think he is *racist* just fails to see how his sense of humor is coming across), again this man delights me. He isn’t stifled by the rigid protocol and is who he is. I could be dead wrong of course, but still find him a ‘hoot’. I often wonder how he feels about waity katie and if he would agree with giving her a ‘family order’. To me, Kate isn’t one bit vested in the ‘firm family’, only to her own. The Buckleberry Hillbillies.

          1. Well he is rumoured to have thrown a blanket at her to cover herself up with when she was out on a royal duties in a skirt that was inappropriately short and showed too much thigh. As subtle as a brick but I love that in the elder generations. As you say a real hoot. Xx

      3. Philip, like Charles, suffers from his difficulties being made public whivh has painted a very particular picture of him that the public aren’t willing to accept may not be the reality.

        Every time he messes up, it serves as confirmation bias because it’s reported in as damaging a way as posdible and people are already ripe to hearing the negative.

        You rarely hear about the other 95% of him that is charming, kind, loyal etc

        1. So true. He’s been painted in a negative light from day one. Very rarely does he try to fight back against it, probably sees it as futile.


          “The endless recycling makes him cross, particularly the alleged remark to a group of Cardiff schoolchildren standing next to a steel band in 1999: “Deaf? If you stand near there no wonder you’re deaf.”

          He points out he never said it: his mother was deaf and he is a long-term patron of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), so instinctively it is not the sort of thing he would ever say. Too late: it is in the press cuttings.”

    2. Insulting people because of their race or ethnicity is not charming. Philip is not a kind or thoughtful person. And for those who excuse his vile remarks as the quaint grouchiness of an elderly man, he has been this way for decades. For someone who is supported by taxpayers he is condescending and rude.

        1. ^^ This.

          I always understood him to be an exceptionally decent man who shoots from the hip and is often misquoted. In the last year or so he was involved in a line up of veterans with HM and the official photographer was making an absolute meal of it. PP is heard on camera saying ‘come on just take the f*cking photo’. Cue the veterans and HM falling about laughing and the media writing in scandalised tones how PP dared to use salty language in front of HM. No wonder she loves him so dearly, he’s the only one who treats her anything like normal. I thought it was wonderful. With one comment he built instant rapport with people who might have been a bit overawed in Royal company, had the Queen giggling away and had the GBP who do love him smiling when they heard the anecdote. Only the press made a great song and dance about it and repeated all his supposed other gaffs.

          Bollocks as PP would say. He’s enriched the fabric of national life in this country beyond measure. I adore him and dread the day he’s no longer with us.

  6. I frankly speaking don’t care whether the Queen chooses to bestow Catherine with this ‘honour’ because in the reality it is not and Claire Foy’s dress doesn’t fit her.

  7. “Now her charity Heads Together has taken off…”

    Really DM? Heads Together isn’t a charity, it’s an initiative overseen by the Royal Foundation which brings together mental health charities. If it was a charity, its website, governance and funding arrangements would be much more transparent

    1. Totally agree with you. HT is basically an umbrella organization to make them look like they’re doing something. A bunch of lazy entitled brats. What charity work have they actually done? Nothing! They show up to have their pictures taken and take credit for other people’s work.

      And now they’re pushing HT as Kate’s brain child?! That girl only knows how to twirl her hair, crotch clutch and flash people. She certainly hasn’t proven to have any leg to stand on when it comes to mental illness. All just a facade to take more money for themselves. There’s no transparency. And when you hide things, that means shady behaviour is around.

      You want to actually make a difference, look at the #BellLetsTalk campaign. This year it surpassed last year and raised $6+ million for mental health charities. Jason if you or your goons are reading, take note. That’s how you run a mental health initiative.

      1. I just looked at the Bell Let’s Talk website and wow, that initiative is impressive! Clearly stated mission, goals and measures of success. A board of experts along with celebrity ambassadors. A phenomenal amount of funds raised going directly support mental health charities and research. Extremely well done!

        By looking at the Bell Let’s Talk site, it’s clear that Heads Together isn’t as original an initiative as the royals would have us believe. I rather suspect that Jason Knauf–or whoever is actually responsible for the creation of HT–is quite familiar with the Bell campaign.

        1. It’s a great campaign! And simple. All you have to do is use the #BellLetsTalk hashtag on social media. Twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. Bell, then tallies up the numbers and donates $0.05 every time the hashtag is used. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up. They raised $6+ million in 1 day. I’ve followed this campaign for the past few years and it has raised more with every year. They get celebrities/athletes/well known individuals who aren’t afraid of letting people they have a mental illness and share their stories.

          Anyway, I’m rambling now. It’s an initiative that’s very dear to me. Seeing these numbskulls claim to work just makes my blood boil.

      2. I promised never to comment on this site before, as I had been compromised, but…
        If crotch clutching, twirling hair and endless flashing are not signs of a troubled woman, then what are they?

  8. William doesn’t have any family orders.

    He has the orders due his status as the heir to the heir, but nothing personal. As the heir, he receives thistle and Garter orders and whatever baubles signal his status within the family.

    However, unlike the rest of his family, he has no personal family orders. If we are to believe that HM gives them to reward various family members, then clearly she feels William hasn’t earned them. Kate is a more glaring ommission because there are no status orders for females, but William is just as ‘naked’.

    To wit, Harry has the Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian order which is a family order.


    HM gave Diana her family order as soon as she joined the family due to her status and regretted doing so.

    These days she makes them earn the orders.

    1. Then I can’t imagine Kate would be presented with a RFO before William. Obnoxious as he is most times, he is still much better as a working royal than his mumbly awkward wife, therefore a better representative of the Queen’s family.

          1. The only “family order” that I am aware of is the Royal Family Order, which is only for women. As far as I am aware, the Garter, Thistle and Royal Victorian Order are all personal gifts of the monarch which he/she can give without consulting the government. The Garter is the highest order of chivalry in the UK and there are a certain number of allowed members (although there is a separate distinction between regular knights and royal knights – and there is no limit on royal knights). The Thistle is the second highest. The RVO is lower in rank. But as far as I am aware, the RVO is not a family order. It’s just that HM is more willing to give it out to lower ranked royals and royal spouses because it’s a lower ranked order.

          2. The garter and thistle are not family orders. The Thistle is the highest order a person can have in Scotland whilst the Garter is the highest in England.

            They are restricted in numbers, but they are a combination of status and or merit.

            The Victorian order is a personal family order that is in the gift of the monarch without consultation. For women it’s simply the royal victorian and for men it’s the called the knight commander of the royal victorian order.

            William doesn’t have any of these personal orders, only the status ones. Harry has the family order, but not the status ones.

            It’s understandable from the point of view of the restricted numbers of the garter and thistle orders,.

    2. HM regretted giving Diana a family order? You mean HM actually hated the fact that Diana, rightfully so, was the most popular and well known member of the BRF. Whatever you say about Diana’s own emotional health, she was a woman with immense charisma, beauty, a pioneer in many charity initiatives and had a way with people.

      1. She regretted giving it to her so early! That’s when the Queen started having the royals earn it through time and working for the throne. Diana would have gotten hers after 2 years like Camilla.

      2. What Sleepy said. HM didn’t regret giving Diana the award. She regreted giving it to her almost immediately instead of waiting to see her earn her keep like everyone who came afterwards.

        And as much as Diana was a star, she was a disaster for the royals. Royal families survive on being boring, not being superstars. Diana came very close to destabilising the monarch and her son William is showing the consequences of seeds she sowed. We see it more clearly with him because he lacks her charm and ability to dazzle, but we also see her wrecklessness with Harry too except he is charming enough to get through, but for how long?

      3. I think the Queen was dismayed at Diana’s willingness to air the family’s dirty laundry. She was an active participant in the War of the Wales’, she’s credited with calling the royal family “a leper colony” and the QM as “the chief leper” and she actively sought the press attention for non-charity promotion. Diana’s charismatic nature and powerful advocacy for the downtrodden was occasionally irksome, but tolerated, even generally admired. Kate’s no Diana, but Diana was no angel.

    3. The Royal Family Order is only for women, so no male family members have them.

      Charles, though he has given decades upon decades of service, does not have the Royal Victorian Order. Due to Charles’ status as heir apparent, he received the Garter when he was just a child. The rest of HM’s children had to wait decades to receive the Garter, and in the mean time received the RVO for basically nothing – Anne received it at 24, Andrew received it at 19, Edward received it at 25.

      Even though Charles doesn’t have the RVO, Camilla does. Camilla also has the RFO. I think if Camilla can receive the RFO and RVO when Charles has not, then there is nothing saying Kate can’t receive the RFO and RVO when William has not.

      1. The Royal Victorian order is given to men and women. It’s proper name depending on gender is Knight/dame commander of the royal victorian cross – depending on grade. For some reason, for women it’s shortened to RVO whilst the men get the full description.

        Just checked, you are right, Charles doesn’t have it. He has Bath which he wears like the RVO which is why i thought he had the RVO.

        Also wish to clarify that i understand the difference between family orders, but i was making a distinction between orders given for personal service as opposed to ones given because of status. To that end, i am saying that William has no personal orders that are given by the monarch for what they feel are personal services, whatever those may be, whilst Harry does.

        Extrapolating that thought, i am saying that if she hasn’t rewarded William, who d3finitely works more than Kate, why would she reward her?

  9. Hahaha. Off topic: DM had an article on Saturday about how they started planting new trees and shrubbery to provide more privacy for Kate & Will at KP.

  10. I thought Claire Foy’s dress was awful. It was in no way becoming or flattering. Awful collar, see-thru and slashed to the waist. What was she thonking?

    1. She looks as though she couldn’t choose from among three extremely different styles of dresses so she took an element of each and ended up with one big mess.

      And while I still have been unable to make it through one episode of The Crown, I thought Foy was brilliant in Wolf Hall and Little Dorrit, so I have no doubt that her work on The Crown is deserving of the SAG award.

    2. I’m hit or miss with Valentino to begin with. Last year I thought there were some great designs (loved the celestial theme) I hated almost everything out of the Paris fashion wk. so don’t know what to think of the new head designer.
      I thought her dress was a tragedy

  11. I agree with your comments on orders especially Will’s. I myself think if not this year then maybe next year we’ll see that order on Kate especially if *gasp* she and Will make good on allegedly increasing their workload. If she passes the 150-mark maybe even get 200 I will be shook.

  12. Courtiers, on and off record, and Princess Anne have pointed out that the Queen doesn’t consider becoming queen something to celebrate. It is having a party to celebrate the death of her beloved father.

    Who knows what she thought of the Diamond Jubilee, but I cannot see them making a big deal of the Sapphire Jubilee. Not in current political times, not in the 20th anniversary year of Diana’s death.

    Telegraph article about Queen not celebrating

    I can see QEII and PP having a family celebration of their 70th anniversary in November, provided everyone is hale and hearty then.

    1. You’re joking! TQ celebrates herself all the time! Jubilee’s, birthdays, milestones… She spends millions of other people’s money to honour herself for Not Being Dead. Flotillas, Clean for the Queen, that party on the Mall scheme dreamed up by her own grandson, the woman is completely shameless when it comes to her “achievements”. It’s one of the reasons she’s a terrible Queen, but there are several.

      1. She may celebrate other things about herself, but she doesn’t celebrate the day of her father’s death.

        “Don’t forget there’s a very double-edged sword. People tend to forget when she passed the longest reigning monarch, that was only because her father died so young. So you know for her that’s a very mixed blessing, and you know it’s a record that she would much rather not have been able to pass.” – Princess Royal, Elizabeth At 90 – A Family Tribute

  13. Is there any evidence of William using the Diana card to get what he wants? I read he got Apt 1a because he wanted it even though it had a charity in it and as well as Anmer Hall which had a tenant but was kicked out for WK to live in. It’s like William doesn’t have to work hard for anything.

    1. I heard William wanted the apartment he grew up in, but they opted for the larger 1A. It’s been bandied about that Kate found the idea of living in the combined 8 & 9 apartment (Diana’s residence till her death) “creepy”.

      1. If she thought living in Diana’s apartment creepy, she wouldn’t copy her outfits and outfits for her children…that is creepy!

  14. I remember reading in an article somewhere (maybe in the Telegraph) that Heads Together was Kate’s idea. Apparently they are trying to push this narrative, that’s why they are calling it “her charity”.

  15. I think Claire’s dress is one of those evening dresses which looks absolutely gorgeous in person, but photographs terribly. Unfortunately most of us will only see the photos so it doesn’t work. Even the tiniest Hollywood minus zero size would struggle with mid upper arm sleeve length. The dress reminds me of something Keira Knightley would wear, without the haughty expression.

    1. That sleeve length is difficult! When her arm is straight, it looks better. In the top photo of her, arm bent and holding the award? For a second I did a double take and thought it was Lithgow’s arm.

      IMO, it would be better without the collar and with 3/4 length sleeves.

  16. While the BRF worries about putting up tall bushes at KP (maybe so that Kate can continue to sunbathe topless) and wondering whether to celebrate the Sapphire Anniversary of a supposed leader who’s only claim to fame is staying alive- the world marches slowly towards fascism and religious polarization. Only Charles, as patron of World Jewish Relief, has even come close to alluding to the dangerous turn of events & reminding people once again not to forget the reason that a devastating WWII was fought. I will be honest: I know Charles has been ridiculed for being more outspoken than BRF typically tend to be in social and political matters, but I find myself respecting him for standing up for inclusivity. This is not the time to maintain a “stiff upper lip” and to “never put a foot wrong”.

    1. Charles must be one of the best at soft diplomacy that they’ve ever seen. He is friends with the Dalai Lama, supports Jewish relief, and is embraced by Islamic monarchs. One and two on that list would make him ostracized (or targeted) by some followers of Islam, but Charles is embraced.

      It also shows how good Camilla is at her role, that the biggest story out of their recent Middle East trip was her praise of her female bodyguards. Not talk of why they should or shouldn’t be there, but Camilla quietly showcasing how amazing women of the Middle East are.

    2. Totally agree, Red Tulip and with you too, nota. You have to stand for something in life; C+C’s positions give them a unique platform to lead people to some level of reflection, hopefully.

    3. +1

      Red Tulip, Nota, Jen. I was thinking the same thing about how interesting that Charles is now seen as a voice (and I hope it becomes powerful) for tolerance. Ironic given all the years he was ridiculed. Now many of his ideas have stood the test of time.

  17. So what exactly would Kate be recognised for ? Being a mattress for 10 years while her now husband was looking for a better choice but couldn’t find one who would have him . . . . . .

  18. Here are my thoughts on the Royal Family order. yes, Camilla and Sophie have them. they are in a different generation from Catherine. i am more interested in knowing if Autumn has one. Royal Family Orders are for women in the family, if i’m not mistaken, or i would be asking if Mike Tindall has one. that is the generation to be comparing Catherine against. And then think on this- Catherine could conceivably get one from Charles, and then one from William, and then one from George, and potentially one from George’s hypothetical issue as well. my knowledge of family orders only extends so far- are you allowed to choose which one you wear or are you to wear all of them you’ve been given at the same time? if QEII gives Catherine one now, will someday she be wearing 4-5 orders all over (they seem quite large)?

    1. Yes, she could end up with more than one. QEII has two. The ones from her grandfather and father. You can see them here: http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.dk/2011/09/royal-splendor-101-royal-family-orders.html
      So yes, they can be worn at the same time. I don’t know if you can pick and choose, if you have more than one – would be an interesting dilemma: Now… which in-law to put on the dress today? The question is still; will she receive it? Sarah Ferguson was married for 10 years to Andrew (supposedly the favourite son) and was never granted one.

    2. Princess Margaret also used to have 3 family orders, (her grandfather, father and sister) and when I looked up pictures she always wore them together, so it doesn’t seem like they’re supposed to pick and choose which ones they’re allowed to wear, at least officially.


      Also, Mai, Sarah and Andrew were technically married for 10 years, but they separated after 6 years. Others here at KMR have said that Sarah didn’t get an order because they separated when HM most likely would’ve given her the family order.

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