Princess Charlene brings Jacques & Gabriella to Sainte Devote festivities

Princess Charlene brings Jacques & Gabriella to Sainte Devote festivities

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended festivities related to Sainte Devote on January 26 & 27. The couple brought their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, to part of the festivities.

Sainte Devote is Patron Saint of Monaco, and every year in Monaco, on January 27, they celebrate Sainte Devote’s Feast Day.

According to the legend, Sainte Devote was a Corsican woman who was persecuted for being Christian during the Diocletianic Persecution in 303 CE. After her body was saved from being burned, it was sent on a ship to Africa, but due to a storm the boat landed in present day Monaco.

Since 1874, the Grimaldis have attended a procession on the evening before Sainte Devote’s Feast Day, January 26, where they burn a fishing boat. On January 27, the Grimaldis attend Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception before making a balcony appearance.

Jacques and Gabriella joined their parents on the balcony of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

Charlene wore an Akris “Long-Sleeve Zip-Front Midi Dress” on the 27th. Charlene’s dress is beige, which I think is very boring. I much prefer the blue color the dress originally came in.

Here are photos from the 26th of Albert and Charlene burning a fishing boat.

25 thoughts on “Princess Charlene brings Jacques & Gabriella to Sainte Devote festivities

  1. Yep, this dress in blue is way prettier. Not a fan of the beige boots either, but she still looks very classy.

    I’m in love with that burgundy coat. And the twins are the cutest!

  2. Charlene always looks effortlessly elegant and chic. I don’t mind the beige on her; I think I’ve just seen too much cobalt blue on Kate to be interested in this colour any more. The aubergine coat and outfit is appropriate for the occasion and smart. And no clutches!

    1. I’ve seen too much beige and black and grey on Charlene to be interested in beige on her anymore. She needs to get a new color palette.

      1. Charlene often employs a typically muted European/designer palette. It suits her fine bone structure, features and stature. To my eye, she always looks elegant and contemporary. To each his own…

        Kate does suit rich, jewel colours, as has often been mentioned. She has so many similar items, I can’t keep up. Plus some real rip-snorters in the taste department. She lacks the professional advice that would see her dress in manner that complements her frame and features.

        1. AH, and Charlene knows how to use a zipper correctly. I see this one was pulled down a bit, and not zipped up to her neck. Beige, white, pale grey all look great on this elegant woman, who wears her looks so beautifully. She is the definition of chic. I did like the color from last year, too. I think she looks great in just about everything.

          As we have noted before, some people just have “it.” Others, don’t. And, that is fine. Not everyone looks great in just about anything they wear. But, to me, Charlene is nearly perfect.

          The twins? Just adorable. I love Charlene’s expressions when she looks at her kids. Albert seems to adore them, too Thanks, KMR for making time to include this Royal Family in your blog.

          1. And, many hugs back to you, Cathy. I hope you are well.
            Was there just another quake in NZ? I hope you are safe.

            All is well here, thanks. Madeleine has had a case of the sniffles, thanks to her half-brothers, who sadly, were knocked out by a super cold that is making the rounds here. Weather, ok, but a bit colder than it was in most of January. Still, it is winter in this neck of the woods! Hope your weather is bright and lovely.

            Family doing better and life is good. I trust it is for you, too.
            BTW, love all your comments, especially the ones on the proper details in the tailoring of Kate’s clothes. Hope people in the Duchess’ office are reading!

            Take care and xxoo,


  3. I think Charlene is very elegant,her clothes are tailored to perfection and they have just a hint of edginess to them plus, she has great posture. I do agree that she does need to add more color and not wear so much beige and white. For someone who was not born an aristocrat Charlene certainly now looks comfortable in her role, unlike Kate, who always looks stiff and nervous and gives the vibe she would rather be somewhere else. (Shopping with Mummy perhaps?) I know I am being hard on Kate, but after almost 6 years of being in the BRF, she just lacks sophistication and confidence.

    1. Yes! it’s that touch of edginess that sets Charlene apart – her current hair style and great choice of beautifully tailored chic clothes.

    2. Most of the time I think Charlene looks like she’d rather be anywhere other than where she is. She really does not seem to enjoy certain events, at least that’s my take. Kate may not be confident or comfortable but Charlene doesn’t come across as enthused either.

        1. I get a shy vibe from Charlene, too. Someone posted a link a while back to a site that had tons of photos of Charlene and she was amazing, imo.
          On Mother’s Day, she visited new moms at a nearby hospital and looked so happy and engaged with all the women she met. Other photos were equally lovely. I find her elegant, yet real. I thiwith about her swimming career, her love of children and of course, fashion. WIsh I had even 1/10 of her money. Would I love to shop!!!

  4. I adore that burgundy cape outfit. She looks stunning! I like that she is covering her bum while wearing skinny pants, it comes off as much more professional to me than wearing skinny pants with no top covering your bum. Especially classier for a religious or professional setting.

    1. I think the burgundy cape is great, but impractical knowing she was going to be leaning over lighting a fire with a stick. I think looser black trousers paired with her turtleneck and a fitted black jacket would have been more practical (and safe!).

  5. I was wandering around on 1stdibs the other day, found this jacket, and was thinking how good it still looks today. Oh for a spare $1500.

    When Charlene showed up in this Akris and all I could think was how similar they were in overall line, sideways pockets/seams, streamlined shape. The Akris is like the Valentino grew longer.

    She does stick to this pale palette, which can be boring. I wish she’d wear green more often as she looks lovely in it.

    1. I love your “first dibs” find Notasugar.

      It’s interesting that it’s still so modern after all these years. I think that’s a sign of a really great designer?

      I hope someone in your family will buy it for you as a present?

    2. Lovely thoughts, ladies, but I think the mortgage is more important than a Valentino for now 🙂

      It has held up very well for being from the 70s. It wouldn’t look out of place being worn today.

  6. The burgundy coat paired with the black thigh high suede boots – I am in love! Wish she would have gone with all black under it, but she still looks very chic.

  7. While I would have liked to see the ensemble in a color other than beige, I love Charlene’s overall look. She is so chic. And, just seems to glide through her appearances — even if she is shy.

    I never get a calm, secure vibe from Kate. Unless, she is with little Charlotte. Then, she looks happy. If not, a bit nervous, though — at times.

    The Monaco twins are so darn cute. Just love them. It’s nice that they are out in the public at times, but also nice that their exposure to others is limited, too. They are so young. Still learning the ropes and becoming used to the media is their lot in life. And, so far, they seem to be doing well!!!

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