Royal Rewind: Kate Middleton’s film premiere looks

Royal Rewind: Kate Middleton’s film premiere looks

Prince William and Kate Middleton are scheduled to attend the 2017 BAFTA Film Awards two Sundays from now, on February 12. This will be William’s third appearance at the award show, and Kate’s first. In preparation for Kate’s big BAFTA debut, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at her film premiere looks, as well as her look from that BAFTA event in Los Angeles.

Kate made her film premiere debut on January 8, 2012 when she and William attended the UK premiere of War Horse at the Odeon Cinema in London, where she got to meet the film’s stars, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, and director Steven Spielberg.

For this event, Kate chose a new gown from Temperley London, the “Amoret” black lace gown. For this event, Kate paired the new gown with Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps, Pretty Ballerinas velvet bow clutch, and her diamond art deco earrings and bracelet.

Kate has since re-worn this gown twice, making it one of her most worn gowns. I wasn’t a huge fan of this gown when I first saw it, but it’s grown on me.

Kate’s second film premiere came several months after her first, when she, along with William, attended the UK premiere of African Cats at the British Film Institute Southbank in London on April 25, 2012.

Kate forwent a gown and opted for a cocktail-length dress instead, choosing a new Matthew Williamson peplum dress with turquoise and gold embellishment. She wore her Emmy Shoes Valerie Pumps and Natasha Clutch in Carbon, and wore a pair of Kiki McDonough Peridot & Blue Topaz earrings.

Kate then repeated this dress to a Place2Be visit in 2015.

Kate’s next film premiere was on December 5, 2013 when she and William attended the UK premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund at the Odeon Cinema in London. William and Kate met Nelson Mandela’s daughter, as well as the film’s star, Idris Elba.

The Duchess chose to repeat a cream Roland Mouret “Lombard” gown to this event, pairing it with her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in black, black Prada pumps, and a $35 Zara statement necklace.

The first time she actually wore her hair up to a film premiere she went with a messy ponytail that instead of looking messy-chic, just looked messy.

For how much people claim Kate loves film premieres, she didn’t attend another one until October 26, 2015 when she, William, and Prince Harry attended the world premiere of Spectre at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Royal Film Performance was in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund, Shelterbox, and Save the Children.

Kate went to her go-to gal, Jenny Packham, for this custom blue dress. Kate brought out the bling, though, with her mom’s Robinson Pelham Blue Topaz Chandelier Earrings. Kate also wore her Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals and carried a Casa box clutch by Jenny Packham. Kate’s updo showed off the bangs that she had recently cut at the time.

Catherine finally went solo to a film premiere when she attended the UK premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob at the Curzon Cinema Mayfair in London on November 3, 2016. The premiere was in aid of Action on Addiction, of which Kate is Patron.

Kate chose this new Pleated Crochet gown from Self Portrait for the premiere, pairing it with her red Mulberry Bayswater Clutch, Gianvito Rossi Bordeaux pumps, and Oscar De La Renta pearl and metal earrings.

Kate went back to having her hair down for this premiere, although she did push part of it to the side to show off her poppy brooch.

This look is not from a film premiere, but it is from the only BAFTA gala event Kate has attended: the BAFTA Brits to Watch dinner held at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles on July 9, 2011. Kate got to meet various celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez.

To meet Hollywood stars, Kate chose a custom purple gown from Alexander McQueen. Kate wore her diamond art deco bracelet and the Queen’s Diamond Chandelier earrings, with her Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals and Ubai glitter clutch.

For years people have commented that Kate loves meeting celebs and that film premieres are her favorites, so I was a bit surprised to find that she’s actually only been to 5 film premieres. Celebs and film premieres may be her personal favorite, but they make up a very small portion of her overall engagements. It’s not like she fills her diary with film premieres and celebs, although she clearly lights up around Ben Ainslie.

Most of the time when I only focus on Kate’s clothes at an event, I feel a bit badly because I think I should be focusing more on the reason for the event, but she tends to give me so little that I end up focusing on her clothes. But considering that Kate is only going to the BAFTAs as William’s plus one, and part of the reason I watch award shows is to see the fashion, I think it’s perfectly fine to focus only on Kate’s fashion for this upcoming event.

I, personally, am hoping for a new gown and not a repeat of a gown I dislike (like that Self Portrait one above). I’m also hoping to see some nice jewelry. Seriously, Kate, repeat dresses and coats to the day engagements and splurge on a nice new gown for the BAFTAs.

59 thoughts on “Royal Rewind: Kate Middleton’s film premiere looks

    1. I think it would have been fine if it hasn’t been so baggy. But there was so much extra fabric in the torso and sleeves that she just got lost in it.

    2. I also think the whole look is wrong, her hair looks too matronly paired with her poor posture age her significantly. Also like KMR said, there’s way too much fabric.

    3. Red Snapper, I agree. And, you made me laugh, too. That dressy bathrobe number looked like something from a 1940s film. Very boudoir, if you ask me.

      I don’t just think it is her rounded shoulders, btw, that are problematic. She tilts to one side.
      Look at the photos and you will see it. Maybe, she has spinal issues. I feel badly, if she does.

      Fun post, KMR. Once again, I don’t really care for these gowns. The short dress was better.

      1. I agree Jenny, when I look at Kate in the Self Portrait dress pictures on this post, she is so hunched over looking in the pic on the right. It is kind of scary because she is going to end up having that dowagers hump thing across the top of her shoulders if she does not work on consciously correcting her posture.

        1. Her posture confuses me. Shouldn’t her and her personal trainer have addressed this by now?? Do recall seeing pictures of her working with a trainer very early into her marriage.

          1. I think her poor posture correlates with her weight loss. People who have low body weight have a loss in bone density (osteoporosis/osteopenia) which can cause bad posture. Plus, good posture takes more energy then being slouched over, add in that body fat helps insulate you (a lot of people with EDs are always cold thus hunched in) her low caloric intake is doing her favors on many levels.

    4. I think Kate has worn some ugly dresses before but that blue Jenny packham is the winner of absolute worst for me. The dress doesn’t fit, way too much fabric floating around and her hair???
      The whole look is WTF.

    5. Who wears a see thru bathrobe to begin with, and who dresses like a Cleopatra wannabe. That lace number makes me itch. And then there’s the I can’t flash but I will show my leg. Honestly, I think the uglier and more ‘can’t make up it’s mind’ the dress is, the more expensive it is and in Kate’s mind big bucks seem to equal awesome look.

  1. Kate lights up when meeting celebrities, whether they be at film and theatre events, sporting events (Ben Ainslie) or events attached to state visits (Jacky Chan). And wasn’t the LA event convened so that she could meet stars? And also organising tea with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Kate clearly enjoys these occasions, providing a stark contrast in demeanour to her non-celebrity outings. That’s probably why the label has stuck even though Kate hasn’t attended many premieres.

    The dresses are largely forgettable; she was drowning in the blue one, the last white one had too-high a waist. I still wish she could work through her personal vanity to realise that she needs a professional stylist.

    1. Yes, even sycophantic LA media pointed out it was all made up for William and Kate to meet stars and so on. BAFTA does a Brits to Watch event in February, but this gala thing was made up just for them.

      1. Totally agree Jen and Ellie, meeting celebrities is what make Kate “keen” most. William and Kate (and Harry) are seeing more like celebrities than Royals and this is concerning. By the way, the only look I liked in Kate was the dress of the UK première of Mandella. And that dress of Spectre, OMG, what was thaaaaaaattttttt? Terrible.

        1. The dress at the Mandela premiere was clearly padded in the boobs department. (The last thing I needed is padding-lol-my poor girls are big!)

          As for the blue gown for Spectre? All kinds of wrong: too much fabric, too many layers, shoes don’t match, hairsyle makes her look older than she already does, poor posture. This is the kind of dress where confidence is key to be able to work (and wear) it and Kate is doing anything but that.

        2. Jamel….I completely agree the Bafta event in LA dress is the ONLY one I thought gave her a more rounded figure, was feminine and had the right amount of glitz (the belt). She almost pulled off ‘elegant’!

    2. Have you seen the photos of her meeting Idris Elba? She was acting like a 14yr old fangirl and he looked very uncomfortable and taken aback . Too funny.

  2. I still like the Matthew Williamson dress best – the detail offsets Kate’s fairly staid accessorising. The ‘side-boob negligee with matching net curtain’ Jenny Packham is still awful.

  3. The Roland Mouret dress is spectacular, however, I prefer it’s first outing to this one. The cheap necklace is all wrong. As to the ponytail, I don’t care for it either. I don’t find it messy, I am just not a fan of the down-over-the-ears look.

    1. I agree. The dress is simple but lux and I won’t even begrudge her the inappropriately long (imo, for a duchess, even if you work really hard to have envy inducing toned legs) slit, but it’s first outing was definitely the best.

  4. I’ve always liked the Roland Mouret dress. I even liked that Zara necklace with it. Her hair runs the look for me though. I guess that’s a common theme. She takes nice clothes and ruins it with the styling.

    I’ve also always liked the lavender Alexander McQueen dress. I really hope one day she repeats that one one day. I thought it looked really nice on her. It was fresh but appropriate.

    I think she’s going to buy a new dress for the BAFTAs this year. Although sometimes I just can’t understand her line of thinking at all that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she didn’t.

    1. Of course she will have a new dress. And probably a tan too… isn’t there a two week break between engagements? I bet they are in Mustique right now.

  5. Well I guess it’s safe to say the chance of her outshining any Hollywood stars is close to zero. Her choices are so underwhelming for a red carpet. The Roland Mouret is the best look, and I like that she wore her hair up for a change.

  6. I, too, am a fan of the MacQueen dress. His clothes for her seem to fit better than others (maybe ignores her wrong measurements and has a no-alterations clause), and this look suits her athletic body type.

    But please, Kate, get your waist in the proper place, your hair off your shoulders and collars, and put your arms at your sides and stand up straight. You also might want to ditch the sky-high stilettos; nobody believes you’re the tallest person at every gathering.

  7. All I noticed was that in 2011-2012, her posture was a lot straighter, her hair shiny and healthy and there was a beauty and sparkle to her. Definitely, a pretty woman. And in her more recent pictures, she’s doing the dreadful crotch crutch and hunchback and the light has gone out of her.

    1. I agree, Red Tulip. Kate’s comportment changed after she gave birth to Prince George. It makes me wonder if maybe Kate suffered from Post-Partum depression. But if she did, I would think she would want to focus on that with her work with mental health and she has not.

      1. Not just post-George but also post-PW/Jecca Craig trip to Spain. Perhaps I put too much significance on that relationship, but nothing would knock the confidence out of you like your husband taking off with his ex-girlfriend. Especially if your entire focus and world, your identity, had been built around him for years.

        1. There is zero reason for a husband to go on any trip with an ex girlfriend when you aren’t there with him. While she may intellectually accept that he strays it obviously has taken its toll on her physically and emotionally

      1. I think she has regressed since she officially became a royal. The event in LA was in July of 2011, not even three months after the wedding so she was riding high–she was finally William’s wife, the press adored her, she was in her 2 year grace period in terms of royal duties, and was about to meet Hollywood celebrities!

        Fast forward over 5.5 years later: she’s had two children, that grace period is long gone, can’t get away with sitting idle like she could during the GF years, her husband isn’t around much (we know that he wasn’t around when George was still an infant because she confirmed it while in Australia) plus he goes on trips with his ex, apparently needs her mother to intervene whenever she gets into an argument with said husband (*and* her mom always sides with him rather than her own daughter) and clearly feels awkward/uncomfortable around people in general and has never received any help (either it was never offered or it was but was shot down, for whatever reason). That’s got to take an enormous, emotional toll on her and it’s now showing in her physical appearance.

        Sorry of I’m over-analyzing but while I do criticize her lack of work (and clothes and rightly so), I do feel bad that that she must now feel like she’s drowning big time and there is no one around to help her get back up again!

          1. Oh I know but I think she got a big shock when she realized what being a royal actually meant and then the realization of what she actually had to do to continue being a royal.

            P.S. Did you originally call me Cookie?! LOL!! I saw that in my e-mail notification!! 😀

        1. Well, Kimothy, I am far more impressed with you than I will ever be with her. It’s very gracious of you to find it in your heart to be sympathetic, I am absolutely not. She’s not only chased this life she has stayed in it. She has every means and opportunity to holler for a life guard 🙂 I agree with you for sure, she is out of her depth, league and probably very insecure but she’s hardly a prisoner. People move on from divorces and the public has a short attention span so if it’s pr that keeps her in a miserable place she needn’t worry. She said it herself, ‘don’t care what people think’. Again, you are an impressive person with a whole lot more to offer than she, and you share things that help others and that can’t be all that easy for you. My sister died needing a lung transplant (53) so I guess I feel a special connection with you, **not expecting it to be reciprocated in any way.**

          1. Oh I think she lied through her teeth when she said she doesn’t care what people think. I think her Mom drilled it into her head at an early age to get (and keep) William at all costs and now, so many years post marriage, Carole is still on Kate’s case and making sure she doesn’t get a divorce and if she does, she’ll (Kate) be an outcast in her mother’s eyes.

            Thank you, royalsareajoke, but I feel that I have to share my experiences, to both prevent them from going through what I did and to give them insight and let them know that while they are doctors and can explain this or that, they truly don’t know what it’s like to go through a transplant–don’t understand the physical, emotional, psychological and even mental toll an organ transplant does to a person, especially while they’re a teenager and still growing, learning and figuring out who they are as a person!

            I so wish there had been someone who could’ve guided me while I was waiting and recovering but there wasn’t so I’m trying to be there for those who are waiting and recovering now. I don’t BS it and one of the things I tell them, point blank, is that transplant is not a cure, it is a treatment and that’s usually a big shock to people because they automatically assume **snaps fingers** presto! Everything is fine and dandy now that you’ve gotten the transplant but, not so fast, it’s not that fine and dandy and even my dad had to be physically pulled aside by someone in the PFT (pulmonary function test) lab and be told that he was putting too much pressure on me while I was doing my blows to see where I was lung function wise. He had to learn that transplant is *not* like turning on a light switch!

        2. Agreed. She actually seemed happy and animated just after they were married and during their Canada tour, but she seems so flat, stiff and unhappy now. I think she expected the world to fall in love with her automatically and when that didn’t happen she went into retreat and hide mode. I think we’re seeing what happens when a very sheltered and spoiled woman is given a very public and influential role, but has never had to work for a single thing and has no one holding her accountable. Such a disappointment.

  8. My favorite is the purple Alexander McQueen. I would have liked if she had worn a different bag with it, maybe a dark purple bag instead of silver. But it was simple and timeless and had a Grecian vibe to it that I liked. I also think that Kate’s makeup looked nice and not overdone with too much black eyeliner.

    My least favorite by far is the one she wore at the James Bond movie. It was not fitted properly in the front at all and was really baggy in her chest area. But I did like her sparkly bag and appreciated that she pulled her hair back so that we could at least see her earrings.

    I just wish Kate would be a little bit more glamorous for this BAFTAs she will attend. Look at the Queen in the 1950s with her gorgeous Norman Hartnell gowns and the way she showed off her jewelry like the Queen that she is. Everyone always says Margaret was more fashionable, but I think that Queen always looked beautiful. I would like to see Kate in a modest yet youthful gown, with pretty jewelry that she doesn’t cover with her hair, and have her makeup professionally done so that she doesn’t wear too much eyeliner. I would love to see Kate sparkle at the BAFTAs looking like a real Princess the way Victoria of Sweden does. That blue Jenny Packham gown and matching coverup that Kate wore in India was too matronly on her. It looked like a mother of the bride dress, in my opinion. I wish Kate would work with a different stylist to help her a bit. But I agree with KMR, I do hope that Kate gets a new gown for this event instead of rewearing an old one. I am curious to see what she will wear.

  9. The Lombard gown is my favorite–love it’s simplicity and clean lines–but I don’t like it on Kate. She just looks strange in it with all of that padding around her bust. Plus, she doesn’t have the poise, grace or especially charisma to wear such a simple, elegant gown in cream without looking bland and dull. You have to add the glitz to Kate–she doesn’t bring any sparkle on her own.

    But it’s mainly her posture that gets to me. That with her heavy hair. It’s hard to stand with your shoulders back if you’re doing the crotch clutch. And the hair, when down, just seems to pull her head further down and forward, although when she wears it up it just highlights how much her shoulders roll forward. She really needs to correct this–practice standing up straight, looking confident even if you don’t feel it. Like tennis player Coco Vandeweghe says, “Fake it til you make it.”

  10. The Alexander McQueen purple gown is my favorite. But her hair, frozen body language, strained smile and heavy makeup just emphasize her lack of poise and how uncomfortable she is out in the world. I can’t get passed what an awkward, tense person she is when it is her job to focus on other people and to be gracious towards them. Carole is the same with very poor posture and trussed up body language as someone who has spent a lifetime trying to curry favor with people she considers her betters.

    1. I agree with you. I love the lilac color and the draping. Her hair could have looked better but it wasn’t her worst.
      I would have like the black lace temeperly if she had paired it with some red accessories.

          1. And she had the love of her fellow. How precious this time was. The dynamic that was so strong then seems lost in her persona now. My hope is that she finds her way.

  11. It’s not just the clothing that I usually find bland, it’s the Duchess, herself — most of the time.
    She does seem so nervous when out in the public — again, I add, most of the time. I wish the people who work with her would convince her that coaching would work wonders. She needs to be taken under the wings of a very special person who could teach her not only the things she so desperately needs to learn, but who would be kind, too. I just think her mother did a really bad number on Kate and someone needs to treat her in a more caring manner. Nobody is expecting major charisma or a star quality, but she has a very important position and she needs to fill it with poise, confidence and ease. She hasn’t really shown she can do that yet.

    I do like the McQueen number, too. Her posture ruined it, though. She does lean to one side in so many photos. Even on her wedding day, outside the church, with her dad holding her. Posture, as Lauri of CA points out, makes the woman!

  12. I cannot have much hope that she will look fabulous for this event, she just does not have “it”. Would love to see her in an off the shoulder gown, hair up, and some big blingy earrings, bracelet and necklace from the royal vault. She needs to play up the fact that she is a royal. I more expect to see her in one of those prissy gowns, with a jewel neckline, cap sleeves, belted at the waist with a flowy skirt…like what she wore to the Chinese state banquet or heaven forbid, one of those v-neck gowns that ties at the waist and looks like a bathrobe. I think she had a red Beulah London gown like this. The straws that would break the camel’s back for me would either be that hideous blue schmatta that was too big, that horrible multi-colored Tori Burch mess or that flowered Erdem bedspread. At any rate, if she wears her hair up and some lipstick so she does not look so pasty, that would be a win for me.

    1. I have a feeling a glowing tan and sun streaked hair will help stave off the mid winter pastiness. I’d be shocked if they aren’t on “some beach, somewhere” (great song ?).

  13. How can she make beautiful gowns look so boring? Its true the clothes does wear her while with Diana she wore the clothes.

  14. My best premiere look of Kate’s is the UK premiere of Mandela. I think she is really glowing there and I really loved the necklace and the hair. But I would’ve loved to meet Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston 🙂 Such class actors

  15. I am a few years older than Princess Diana and I can still see in my mind some of her gowns that left an impression on me…the velvet gown she wore when she danced with John Travolta and the white beaded gown with the stand up collar jacket. With Kate, there is nothing memorable that has become iconic.

    1. I remember so many of her oufits. I thought she looked spectacular and lovely in the kilt she wore on her Balmoral honeymoon with Charles. As you mentioned the midnight blue velvet, the LBD aka the revenge dress. The ice blue gown in Cannes. She also looked stunning in casual wear, eg, the one shoulder dress worn in Spain to visit the Spanish royals. Yet, the clothes rarely overpowered her charisma and good looks.

  16. Ok, this is weird. I commented, tried to post and world press said that I had already posted. I can’t find my post. Anyway, I was replying to Red Snapper’s comment.
    Who wear a see thru bathrobe to start with, and who dresses like a Cleopatra wannabe, and that dress looks cheap to me, the decorations look plastic. The lace number makes me itch and then there’s the I can’t flash but I’m going to show some leg. It seems that the uglier and ‘can’t make up it’s mind’ the outfit is, the more expensive it is. (please realize that this is coming from a sweats and baggy shirt person). Kate seems to think that $$$$ equals awesome look. On a second look at the ‘meet the celebs’ dress seems to be falling off her shoulders and what’s with the length? I remember an American gusher ‘I just can’t say how great she looks’ when she got to meet the Hollywood stars. I am with others who think that she considers herself to be a ‘celeb’, but in reality these people work for a living, some are very philanthropic and she’s just a title, and even that comes from her husband.

  17. No reply button by your name Kimothy, but girlfriend the reason you’re so impressive to me was right there in your comment. You want to help others, you feel **obligated to help others**. I knew that even if my sister was able to get a transplant that this was, as you said not a cure. The medications and precautions and all that goes with something this traumatic aren’t understood, and yes people think it’s all hunky dory. My sister had no insurance and certainly no means to afford such a procedure, for years I consoled myself with thinking that lung transplants aren’t as successful as say a kidney. Perhaps, in her case that was true but to have people like you out there sharing their awesome gift means a whole lot to me. Your journey will help others, your experiences will prepare them, so I’m going straight back to saying you’ve done more for people, real people, that the British Barbie and cheesetoast Billy ever will. I know I’m probably embarrassing you so will stop with a simple thank you. My sister is in Heaven and no longer suffering, that is beyond my human vocabulary to describe in words how that makes me feel.

    1. **blushes** thank you for your kind words royals. I’ve seen your posts on RoyalDish (specifically, in the W&K threads that, for whatever reason, I can’t respond or comment on that thread) and agree with what you’ve said there and understand your frustrations. Their comments are simply “band-aid” words when, in reality, one needs to dig deeper to take care of and heal the issue various issues surrounding mental illness rather than spout a glossed-over sentence here and there.

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