Prince Harry in Nottingham

Prince Harry in Nottingham

Prince Harry was in Nottingham yesterday, February 1, to visit two Royal Foundation projects: Coach Core and Full Effect.

After visiting Nottingham in October 2016, Harry was back to see how Coach Core and Full Effect were doing in the three months since he last checked in on them.

Harry joined a music and sports session at Nottingham Academy where he met a number of students benefiting from the Full Effect program, and heard first-hand from staff about the positive impact it has on the local school communities.

Full Effect empowers young people to engage their peers and communities in the issues that matter most to them while developing key skills, aspirations, industry networks and employment opportunities through Early Intervention progras and building a wider support network for Young People.

Harry witnessed a kickboxing class and watched as children rapped during a music class.

Harry then traveled to Nottingham Council House where he attended a graduation ceremony for Coach Core apprentices.

The Coach Core apprenticeship scheme gives young people aged 16-24 the chance to become the next generation of inspirational coaches. Coach Core is a program run by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

Harry spoke to the graduates, but the royal website hasn’t put the transcript online as of time of posting. Below is a short video with some of his comments.

Harry also did a walkabout with the crowd that had gathered to see him.

PS. KP announced another engagement for Kate. On February 14, she will visit an RAF base in Cambridgeshire to meet with the Air Cadets, of which she is Honorary Air Commandant. Kate now has 5 engagements scheduled for the first half of February. In the first month and a half of 2017, she will have visited 4 of her 13 patronages.

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      1. Yes, it’s got to be all the yoga. :p

        Am I the only one that feels like the silence from Harry and Meghan is deafening? Neither have been spotted outside of service/advocacy events. No social media sightings – together or apart. Nothing at all for well over a month.

  1. Thanks for sharing what these groups do! Harry looks delighted to be there as always and having read some articles everyone seemed pleased he was there. It’s nice to see him working for once. Does it bother anyone else about him going to events and things for the Royal Foundation and his name is tagged on like an afterthought? I’ve read before that W&H were supposed to be this dynamic charitable duo, thus the foundation, and then William shocked everyone by getting engaged so it threw that plan way out of whack.

    Kitty, I think he’s lost weight too; he looks a bit sallow and too thin for his clothes.

    Harry and the kids just makes my heart explode.

    I hope we start hearing more about Invictus in Toronto and the plans for it.

      1. There is a dear old lady who often turns up to Harry’s engagements with a bag of Haribo’s. Apparently when he was little she use to give them to PoW. Harry often picks her out in the crowd and goes to her to get his Harrybo’s and find out how she’s doing. I guess that sums up for me what Harry means to people, not a bunch of kids pulled out of a local school to make the crowd look substantial.

  2. Seeing Harry in action puts a smile on my face, he’s always so at ease. He could really use some styling tips though – that jacket doesn’t go with anything else and his shirt looks so wrinkled.

    Good that he and Kate seem to be upping their game a bit.

    1. Wow, Paula, I need to go back and view the photos. All I noticed was his caring demeanor and the fact that he seems to put everyone at ease and knows how to have fun. THe pix with the children made my heart beam, too. Or, explode, as said above.

      I guess if Kate were more engaged and less anxious, my eyes might not take in her wrinkled clothes as much as they do now.

      Love Harry. Just love him.

      1. Hi jenny, I know it’s superficial to talk about his clothes, but people often drag Kate (and Rebeca) for dressing unprofessionally, while Harry sometimes looks like he rolled out of bed and gets a pass. Like Kate, he’s representing the Queen in these events, so the standards should be the same.

        I know if Kate did her job better we wouldn’t only focus on her clothes, but I can’t help to think there’s a lot of sexism in the way people talk about her way of dressing (not from you specifically, I’m talking in general).

        1. Hi, Paula:

          I get where you are coming from. I still find that I am more interested viewing Harry’s demeanor and friendly manner, the way he related to people, etc –rather than focusing on his clothing. You are right, we view Kate about her choice in wardrobe and whether we like how it looks on her and whether it’s pressed, or mussy. I am still convinced I would cut her more slack in that area if I felt she was really doing the job she was sent out to do. Just me, maybe. Oh, and I just looked at the photos again. THe shirt was not as neat as it could have been, but maybe, I just like him too much, because I kept seeing his smile and his engaging manner with the people. He is relaxed and enjoys himself at these events. You are correct, he represents HM, so a pressed shirt — even without a tie — could have been a bonus!

          1. Some of the criticism towards Kate (at least from me) comes from knowing the cost of the new item she is wearing.

            What did Harry’s wrinkled shirt cost? It is easier to identify an item Kate is wearing and more difficult to put a brand and style number on an item a man is wearing (at least for me).

        2. There may be sexism involved in criticizing Kate and not Harry, but I also think there is a heavy dose of Harry bias, too. People like Harry so he gets a pass; people don’t like Kate so she doesn’t get a pass.

          1. Do we really think that statement is true? “People don’t like Kate”. This forum is certainly a place to be analytical, but outside of this forum, despite the critical press, there are still loads of people who like Kate. It’s very easy to find favorable articles about her every day, and random people who just love her. Just today Drew Barrymore was quoted as saying she would love to be with Kate Middleton (go figure). Many people love her appearance, her wardrobe, her charitable work, how “natural” she is with children, her relationship with her family, on and on. I think we have to remember that this forum’s overall view is a bit unique. Bottom line, I don’t think it’s accurate to say “People don’t like Kate”.

          2. I was only talking about people on here who comment on Kate’s clothing choices but not Harry’s. On here, most people don’t like Kate. The overall public opinion on Kate is not relevant to trying to explain why people on this blog tend not to criticize Harry’s clothes but always criticize Kate’s.

          3. There’s a lot of bias, but I think it goes beyond that. I’ve seen many pics of Harry with his navel/underwear showing and people don’t seem to mind. There’s even pics of him in official engagements with visibly nothing under his pants. Meanwhile Kate is dragged because she shows her legs in slits, wears skinny pants and doesn’t cover her bum. It bothers me when people try to make this just about professionalism, clearly it’s more than that.

          4. Oh really? I’ve never seen those. If that’s the case, then you’re probably right that there is more to it.

          5. Hi Karen- I believe people who post here want to see Kate succeed, but she has turned out to be such a disappointment and we are frustrated. Until she reveals to us that she has some substance and works harder I know that I will continue to tend to focus on how she looks because there is really nothing else right now. Sadly, I would have thought that by now she would have cultivated an air of maturity, but I guess that has not happened yet.

        3. Harry and William both need to start looking into a valet, a dresser, I don’t know. Someone to help them look as put together as their father and grandfather are. No, they don’t need to wear ties and pocket squares, but some consistency in looking professional would be great. They look really unkempt. If we criticize Kate for it we should criticize Harry. Yes, Harry has more substance and empathy in him compared to Kate for a lot of us (I don’t notice his clothes like I do with Kate, who I feel is a glorified mannequin), but it doesn’t matter when he doesn’t look professional whatsoever.

          1. I bet Prince Charles and Prince Philip have a valet to dress them – they’re both old school that way. The always look sharp.

          2. I don’t think there is any sexism going on here. I stand by my statements that Harry gets a pass from me because he always is so engaged and seems to really make an impact on those he’s meeting. Thus, I don’t notice when his clothing is a bit off. I also did criticize the wrinkled shirt when I spotted it after it was pointed out. Still, I think that we (most of on this board) are female and like women’s clothing, so for goodness sake we will talk about what we like and dislike on many of the Royal Women. I’m not in the habit of going ga ga over men’s clothes. I know when I think a guy looks great and I hate slovenly dress in both men and women. Still, I’m under the impression that many of us here are fair when it comes to Kate, although some people never give her a break. I try to be positive when I see her doing well. I also have mentioned a few times that I feel sorry for her because I believe Carole and William have done a number on her self-confidence. All said, I really don’t think Harry looked terrible. He was casually dressed and I have never noticed that he wasn’t wearing anything under his trousers in any photos of him, which someone just pointed out. Call me naïve. And, yes, we have posted many times that William’s trousers are often way too revealing in a certain area. So, he has been criticized, as well as his wife.

            Ok, done!

          3. I think there is a major difference in Kate’s flashing, than in a wrinkled — probably linen — shirt worn by Harry. Yes, Harry is liked by many here, but does get called out, too. Kate’s incidents over the years have really worn on many people Myself, included.

            If Kate really worked hard and took more of an interest in her clothing, I don’t think she would get the criticism that she does. It was foolish to meet the King of The Netherlands in such a wrinkled mess of a suit. A steamer should have been brought along to repair the damage she got while sitting on the jet. Or, she could have worn something different inflight and then changed to that suit. That’s just one example of never thinking things through. How about a side-by-side comparison of that heavily wrinkled skirt and Harry’s shirt, which wasn’t quite as messy, imo. Kate’s staff is slovenly at times, too.

            Let’s not turn this into a war between the sexes, please. If I may say that. As Jenny pointed out, we women are more interested in women’s clothing and are more in awe of what we like and more critical of what we don’t. I agree with you, KMR, that many people on this board never give Kate a break. I hope I do find time to offer praise when she deserves it. Harry, however, may have his flaws, but when he shows up to an event, he shows up!
            There is rarely a time when he isn’t giving 100%. So, if that makes him likeable, there’s a lesson there for his brother and sister-in-law. A solid work ethic and really showing the people you meet that you are interested in them and their work does make a difference. More so than a creased linen shirt, which could have looked a lot worse, if you ask me.

          4. But giving 100% and looking presentable are not mutually exclusive. Charles and Camilla always look engaged with the public while being well dressed. Not to mention they both work circles around the trio. As I said, the standards should be the same for the three of them, so I still don’t see why Harry’s wrinkled shirt gets a pass and Kate’s dress doesn’t.

            @ jenny I wasn’t implying that focusing on Kate’s clothes and ignoring Harry’s is sexist, so I’m sorry if it came off that way. I mentioned sexism because of previous comments (made by a minority, but still) about how Kate flashes us on purpose because she’s an exhibicionist, how she’s indecent and vulgar, how she dresses to show off her body and how she’s always sexualizing things. A lot of inferences about her behaviour just because she wears jeggings or an inofensive slit. Not to mention when she’s called a mattress… It’s very different from pointing out that an outfit is ugly or too informal, or being critical about her style. So I say there’s sexism because this isn’t about Kate not giving us anything else to discuss, it’s judgement based on modesty standards that, let’s face it, only women are held to. Harry and William would never get this kind of flack because of their clothes.

          5. William has a valet. He’s had one since he was a child. I’m sure Harry had the same.

            For his own household, William appointed a new valet in 2013. He is seconded from the army and is usually papped when they go on tour and a retinue of staff descend the plane with their luggage


            From the above picture, the valet is the the third person descending from the plane.

            Speaking of servants, let’s not forget those adverts they placed in 2011 for housekeeper, butler, valet, dresser


            Later they advertised for cook, nanny and cleaners.

            At that point they were still living in Nottingham cottage.

            Yet they managed to fool the public into believing they were managing without staff or at best skeleton staff.

            Too bad they held their 2012 christmas staff party at a public restaurant where it turned out they had 27 staff by then.

            This fiction that they don’t have staff or are unkempt because of lack of staff has to stop.

            They’ve always had staff. For william (and Harry) since Childhood and for Kate since she started living with William – perks!,

            Harry is alittle better because he lived on base for most of his adult life and catered for himself. Since leaving the army, he operates with little or no household staff, certainly not as extravagantly as William has always lived.

      2. I’ve said this so many times but you know Harry’s the real deal because you cannot pull wool over children’s eyes. They instinctively know a fraud when they see it. On KP’s Twitter yesterday there was a thank you note to Harry from the parents of a small child who 24 hours on was still talking about meeting Harry. Apparently their son wants to see Harry every day now. That’s the joy of Harry. He is what he is to his own detriment sometimes but essentially he’s a good man and people know that.

    2. I agree. He and William both have terrible sense of business casual style (William’s whole style is terrible) Their more casual slacks are blah. They always look faded. William’s are always too tight and sometimes too short.
      Harry needs to step away from the blue shirts. This one has a linen look to it so maybe that’s why it looks so wrinkly?
      He does have a great smile tho =)

      1. I carefully ironed a blue shirt to wear to work on Tuesday and by the time I drove to the office it looked like I had slept in it for several days. Sigh…some days one just can’t win.

          1. Old Navy has a couple of styles that don’t do that for me at all. I know, weird place to buy trousers. But I got tired of my JCrew pants and their wrinkles!

        1. That was like my whole darn wardrobe when I worked as a State Assembly staffer. I was so careful and had my fancy little dorm-sized ironing board and so on and I still looked like I rolled out of bed some days.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but one thing I’ve noticed about Harry’s causes is that there is no consistency in them. Sometimes it’s sports, sometimes mental health, sometimes community welfare. I still don’t see what he is passionate about. He does come across as very charismatic when he is out and about, but I don’t get the sense that it’s his passion (although the Invictus Games may be). Tbh I don’t get that sense from William or Kate.

    It continues to surprise me that the 3 young royals are doing so much in the first 2 months of the new year. And when I say “so much” I mean the numbers are a great great improvement from previous years.

    1. Harry does seem all over the place. He’s got Sentebale, his AIDS charity, which he’s had for a decade, but then only last year did KP say Harry was really going to focus more on HIV prevention, etc. He’s also got Invictus, for wounded vets, and he’s done things with vets for a while. Plus now he’s got mental health. Plus KP announced last year that Harry wanted to focus more on sports and how that can help people. Plus he’s been involved with this Full Effect thing for a while so he’s got the community outreach thing going on. Plus, he’s done two month-long trips to Africa and is now Patron of a rhino charity in Africa, so he’s got the conservation thing going on, too.

      Not saying that Harry can’t have multiple focuses that he works on, but as much as people claim Harry does so much behind the scenes, I still think he’s not consistent enough with his public work with all of these focuses. People demand Kate and William do more for their focuses, but I think we should be demanding Harry do the same.

      1. But he does. His focuses are veterans (he has that covered with Invictus and several event for armed forces mental health), vunerable kids (the full effect programme, coach core, sports as a mean to help), HIV (Sentebale and his visits to UK clinics), Conservation (working on the front line). All causes he worked with for years.

        1. I agree with lobby and abby. Harry’s causes are interlinked and consistent with the exception of conservation which was always William’s pet cause.. Attn: Long winded walk through…….

          He has been focused on AIDS and children since he was 19. Sentebale was opened to help children orphaned by AIDS in that country. He was particularly moved by a baby that had been raped by a man as part of an AIDS cure prescribed by a witch-doctor.

          As the years have gone by, he has remained focused on children and AIDS. His recent turn into AIDS in the UK and AIDS awareness is a continuation of his work in that area.

          At some point he started working with Wellchild. A charity that works with terminally ill children afflicted with severe disabilities. He remains devoted to that charity and it continues his overall work with children afflicted with various medical challenges from disabilities or AIDS.

          After he left Afghanistan, but before he retired from the army, he added wounded veterans to his plate. It’s rarely mentioned these days, but he remains devoted to Help for Heroes, one of his earliest wounded veterans charities plus he attempted to walk to North Pole 2011( derailed by William’s wedding), but completed the walk to the South Pole 2013 for Walking with the wounded. He remaind their Patron and it’s through these two organisations that he went to America to see Warrior games which was the template used to develop Invictus.

          Along the way he added sports in schools whereby Rugby is taught to children in schools. He regularly joins in with coaching sessions. Plenty of pictorial evidence.

          That continues his theme of working with children, but in a different way than the ones afflicted with disability or diseases.

          He does alot of fundraising and awareness events for his 3 specialist areas eg Polo matches, fundraising dinners – in Dubai and SA, awareness gardens – twice at the flower show in chelsea.

          Also part of his work with children, he once helped out at a Big Change charity event. This was the event he was unofficially accompanied by Cressida. Big Change is actually Beatrice’s personal charity focused on children and helping their

          Continuing work with children or youth, he visits several youth programmes eg whenever there is a media blackout for his visits to Nottingham, that tends to involve visiting a youth programme that is developing skillset of youngsters.

          He was never big on conservation. I think the initial Royal Foundation line was it would cover 3 major areas divided up as follows; William – Conservation, Kate – children, Harry – veterans.

          Somewhere in all that, Harry’s incorporated charities meant that he was bleeding into areas that should have been covered by the other two.

          There was no mental health angle at the begining. It was all about addiction, but i guess as Kate started to develop an interest in Place2be – i still think this is only because of her children and she mainly attends those events that line up with her children’s ages, as if she’s being taught how to parent her kids without directly asking for the help – i digress….

          William’s early attempt at conservations was a right titsup. He kept complaining about his Lion roaring sound alike baby and not in a good way. Then he is caught on a hunting holiday weekend in Spain when he was chairing a hunting conference the following week.

          The media ripped him a new one such that poor Harry was dragged along to the conference as a buffer. Harry’s stock had risen to a record high due to his triumphant PR and walk to the South Pole in aid of WWTW in the preceeding months.

          Perhaps Harry paid attention during the conference, but he went off to Africa to spend sometime working on it as soon as it could be arranged, and has now gone back a second time.

          Once again, Harry to the rescue of a Royal Foundation aim that was supposed to be William’s personal cause, but which he keeps ballsing up.

          My guess with HT is that this is conservation all over again.

          Harry mentioned mental health in various wounded veterans’ interviews as well as his post Afghanistan interviews, but he was more focused in how physicality via sports could be used to heal/alleviate mental issues that the veterans suffered as a result of their injuries.

          Given how often he mentions the veterans’ mental health as well as his own, HT doesn’t seem a surprise.

          However, i feel that unlike conservation, he isn’t contributing much to HT because this is Kate’s primary cause and you do not ‘hear’ his voice in HT. He is very articulate when discussing mental issues of veterans and how various programmes as well as Invictus helps them or could help them and why they need that help.

          You do not see or hear that Harry in HT.

          HT is as unfocused as conservation. The difference in how Harry discusses conservation vs how William discusses it is night and day. Not simply gecause Harry has been on the ground, but even in an intellectual theoretical way.

      2. I feel like his areas of focus have been pretty consistent, actually: military vets, at-risk youth, HIV/AIDS, and conservation. More often than not, his activities connect to those areas. And it’s looking like his mental health awareness stuff is focusing primarily on military and service personnel.

      3. I don’t mind a multifaceted Harry but 2 of his big efforts are African centric. Which wouldn’t be a problem in the bigger picture if he did more in the U.K. How much work does he do in Scotland (not just balmoral)or Northern Ireland? He branches out to Nottingham but the trio seems to be mainly focused in London or to get Kate out, Norfolk area. They need to branch out more. His conservation efforts don’t seem to extend beyond the African big 5 which I take umbrage against.
        The off the books work is easy/nice because he doesn’t have to have any consistency with it. He can show up when it’s convenient
        At least he’s not as 1 dimensional as William and Kate. Yet, he still has some work to do for me not to put him in the same category as them.

    2. I disagree completely. Isn’t that what people want them to do, to have more causes and not just one. Harry has worked with most of his causes for years- young vulnerable people, HIV, veterans. That hasn’t changed. Conservation is his “newest cause”, even though he has been interested in it for years.

      1. I won’t speak for anyone else, but for me with Harry (as with William and Kate) it’s that he claims to be so focused on a particular cause but then only hits it up a handful of times a year. It’s not like he’s making 500 engagements including a ton of bread and butter and government stuff which takes up a lot of his time. He, along with William and Kate, claim to want to keep the number of patronages/causes small so that they can put more focus into the ones they have, but then they don’t. They all have so much time on their hands that they could be putting into their royal work, but then they don’t.

        1. I think he does. A lot of his causes are connected to each other. What Everild said didn’t have anything to do with how many engagements they do, but that he is “all over the place”. And that’s just not true imo.

      2. I agree. I don’t find anything too off putting about his wide variety of causes. But he needs to step up the work, as KMR said above.

        Also of late, Harry seems to show a bit of gravitas during his appearances.

  4. I really do adore him. He has his Mother’s charisma and ability to connect to people like no one else in public life. No wonder HM brings him out when she needs her big guns. I still maintain that with H. there is an awful lot going on unreported and unlisted on Court Circular so as not to make the Cambridges look bad. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think he’s putting in 60 hours a week but I do think he’s doing far more than he’s getting credit for. @_peppersmint_ on Twitter seems to have an exceptional track on what Harry is doing quietly and consistently behind the scenes. Definitely worth a look if you haven’t see this Twitter feed before.

    Cambridge’s next public engagement……make sure you check out the hands for signs of tanning. I’m pretty sure they’re in the Caribbean.

    1. I guess my question would be– why does it matter if W/K are on vacation? If they’re actually doing engagements (not saying they can’t improve on that significantly, but 2017 has started off much better than normal), why aren’t they allowed to spend a week or two on vacation as well? I’m not trying to be a “sugar” but I feel like everyone has been saying “oh, they’re in Mustique” for the past year… I mean eventually you’ll be right, but I guess I don’t care as long as they actually up their engagement numbers this year when they’re home.

      1. People who are critical of Kate have said for years that if she and William worked more then we wouldn’t begrudge them their vacations. So if they are working more, why begrudge them their vacations. Especially when no one is begrudging Harry his vacations.

      2. I guess I find their secret squirrel approach nauseating. There’s a constant need to hide everything from everybody unless they want it publicising.

        The lack of transparency is almost dishonest. Sadly a flying start to the year combined with action man at work William photos in early January brings out the cynical side in me based on their past performance. Do we believe that a good start to the year is not really a balancing act with tree planting at KP and holidays which will garner negative publicity.

        The whole we’ve moving back to KP which of course isn’t the truth when you read the carefully crafted statement, planning meetings added to Court Circular to bump up engagement numbers. Finishing work at EAAA in March but letting people think it’s late summer is another piece iof masterly spin that’s been dealt since this flying start to the year (3 engagements is 5 weeks).

        So in answer to your question of course everyone is entitled to a holiday but the lengths they go to engineer holidays with the dissembling and misleading is a tactic they are increasingly adept at.

        The constant trade offs, the manipulation and the deception makes me question every move they make and why they’re doing what their doing and how it fits into a strategic picture of appearing to do more without actually doing any more.

        1. I agree that they shouldn’t mislead anyone – better not to comment than to be cagey – but when it comes to their personal, private time, I think there’s a fine line between being transparent and submitting to surveillance. That is, I don’t think that their private time should be up for public consumption.

          In the end, I agree with KMR and Megan. I don’t care about how they spend their personal time and I think that it’s a good thing that they’ve taken steps to be more active in the new year.

          Also, I think planning meetings should count toward engagement numbers. It’s “work” technically, imo. I know that’s not a popular opinion lol.

          1. I think the issue is when you only “work” 63 out the yr you have more “private time” and when the lifestyle is funded by the taxpayers it makes people question things. Yes, they are entitled to private time but when 90% of their time is spent not working makes it seem a bit ridiculous.
            If I thought they truly went to behind the scenes meetings then I’d be willing to count some of them. The problem is that William and Kate are the boy who cried wolf too many times. No one should/would believe them now if they did say they were. We know they can’t be bothered with reading their briefs about engaging why would they do behind the scenes meetings?
            Fool me once….

          2. Yes but they’re not constantly pilloried by the public for a poor work ethic. You know as well as anyone that the GBP have been waiting and waiting for W & K to step up and now they’ve found another way to bump the numbers without actually doing anymore work. As the future they should be looking to work harder not manipulate the figures just because the Wessex’s do.

          3. But what about when they lie about their private time? Thinking specifically when they said they were preparing for a tour and couldn’t attend the Paralympics but were actually on holiday in France? Sadly they are the architects of us questioning everything they do and say because they have been downright duplicitous up to now.

          4. IMO they don’t “work” enough to pop off for holidays all the time. They behave as royals of different generations have. They hide everything, do very little “work”, and then people defend them for their holidays. They were on holiday for a few weeks at xmas and then put in 3 engagements, so that they could pop off for another holiday. That’s beyond wrong, particularly when they are supported by the public. Everything that they do should be accounted for.
            Can you imagine if someone is actually on welfare just popping off for holiday for two weeks? No, because it doesn’t happen. They are required to either work or volunteer 30 hours a week. Then their bank accounts are combed through to ensure that they aren’t bringing in money from outside sources. Even worse, how about drug testing?
            The bottom line is that they are public servants who receive welfare while hiding everything they do and then the work 63 days out of the year. The 63 days aren’t even full days. So no, as far as I’m concerned they don’t deserve a holiday unless they work enough to earn it.

      3. Personally, I have a problem with them going on vacation because they work so little they’re basically already on break for most of the year. They don’t really need a vacation and they definitely haven’t earned it. Last year for example, Kate worked 63 days, so she spent less than a fifth of the year actually doing her job, while basically being on a staycation the rest of the time. And this year they might’ve of done more engagements to start, but that doesn’t mean they have earned a vacation yet. They actually already had 3 weeks off between their last engagement of 2016 and first of 2017. And then only did 4 under two hour engagements in 3 days over a 2 week period. So why do they need to go the Caribbean now (if they have in fact gone)?

        I feel the same with Harry, especially as we learn more about his secret trips, though at least he seemed to have taken his vacation during his 3 week break.

  5. Apparently today is mental health talk day (time to talk) in the U.K. Harry is out there but where are Will and Kate? Isn’t this something they should be a part of since mental health is supposedly such a big issue for them? Are they on holidays? Honestly it’s pretty hypocritical for them to pretend to be supporting this issue when something like Time to Talk is happening and they are no where to be seen or heard.

    I know the media is mostly focused with the orange one, but it would be nice if the UK press confirmed whether Will and Kate are even in the country. Especially on Time to Talk Day.

    1. Harry has this solo HT event today, and W&K have two HT events next week without Harry. I don’t see the problem.

      Also, Harry took that vacation to Norway with Meghan earlier this month, so if W&K are on vacation then I kind of think it’s fine since no one criticized Harry’s vacation.

      1. Mental health is supposed to be their big issue with Heads Together though. The fact they are doing nothing for it really shows how little they care about this issue. Don’t they say in their speeches that people need to talk about me like health more? So on the day to help spread that message they are incognito? Sorry not good enough. They haven’t done so many engagements that they have earned a vacation and are being hypocrites on an issue they supposedly care about.

        Harry is at least smart enough to be visible on this day. He may take vacations too but he plans them better. Also he won’t be benefitting from the same amount of riches that William will get. I don’t think they should be held to the same standard at all. Princess Anne makes them both look bad because she works harder and isn’t in line for as much as either, but as between Will and Harry, it the heir to the heir who should be working hardest and so far he doesn’t match up.

        1. It feels like Harry got dragged into this HT nonsense. He never is with the program, and he usually is always on the ball.

      2. But wouldn’t it have been better if they all did something today for Time to Talk. Since they’re all focusing on mental health and their main goal is to get people talking, then the official Mental Health Talk Day definitely should be when all 3 of them are out doing an engagement for HT. And there is no reason they couldn’t also do more HT engagements the next week. If they actually worked full time, it wouldn’t be that unusual for them to do an engagement per week for Heads Together especially as the marathon is getting closer.

        1. Which is exactly why the cynic in me thinks W & K are on holiday because today was too big a day in Mental Health terms not be a part of when they claim the main focus of their ‘work’ is now Mental Health.

  6. Harry just knows how to relate to people and whenever he meets the public, they must go away with amazing feelings about how special he is and how he really seemed to connect with them.
    That’s not something everyone can easily do. I do think people can learn to be a bit more like him though. However, I also say that star quality is unique to only a few.

    Harry with the children ??? Just wonderful. He really is a special man.

    Oh, and I didn’t realize that his wardrobe was not tidy. Just looked at his beaming face, and the happy faces of those he met with. Those little children were so dear.

    1. From available information, they seem to exist only to give money to charities. There is no ‘Royal Foundation’ charity programme per se. Instead RF partners with an existing charity and match funds them or gives them a small endowment. HT seems to be the first time the RF has added a PR aspect to the match funding whereby they’ve brought together several charities/progeammes in the same subject ie mental health, are partnering with them to raise awareness as part of forthcoming fundraising event(s) – London Marathon

  7. Harry may be a bit all over the place when it comes to his causes and could use some focus, but I think he is genuinely interested and engaged when he is out and about. I think he is committed. I am not a lover of his beard or any beards, so I think that contributes to his carefully arranged casual look.

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