Royal Round Up: Victoria brings Estelle to Baltic Sea lab; Charlene at celeb-filled gala

Royal Round Up: Victoria brings Estelle to Baltic Sea lab; Charlene at celeb-filled gala

I love it when Crown Princess Victoria brings Princess Estelle to engagements, so Estelle’s attendance at a Baltic Sea lab is worth a royal round up. Rounding out the post is a fashion show from Princess Charlene as she attended a charity gala and hit up Milan Fashion Week.

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On Friday, September 29, Victoria and Estelle traveled to Trosa archipelago where they visited the Askö laboratory, from the Stockholm University’s Marine Field Station, which offers scientists opportunities to study the Baltic Sea. Victoria and Estelle were given a tour of the center by the directer, where they saw plants and animals from the Baltic Sea and met researchers at the center. To end the visit, Victoria got in the water with one of the technicians and helped catch plants and animals for the researchers to analyze.


Also yesterday, a new photo of Victoria wearing the Cancer Fund Pink Ribbon was released ahead of the Pink Ribbon Campaign starting on October 1. Victoria is patron of the Pink Ribbon Campaign. This year’s ribbon was designed by jewelry designer Efva Attling.

Crown Princess Victoria Pink Ribbon 2017 s
[Andrea Björsell, Cancer Fund]

On September 28, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation hosted the first annual ‘Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean’ which was honoring Leonardo DiCaprio. The event, held at the Opéra Monte-Carlo, raised $14 million for ocean-focused initiatives.

BTW, Albert with a mustache is freaking me out.

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Charlene wore a strapless black Atelier Versace gown, which I don’t hate, but her hair seems too casual for such a gown. Her hair should have been styled better.

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On September 22, Charlene was in Milan for Milan Fashion Week. Her first look, at the Giorgio Armani show, I quite enjoy. I would never wear those shoes, but overall she looks great here.

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However, her second look, from the Versace show, should have stayed on the cutting room floor. Not great.

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60 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Victoria brings Estelle to Baltic Sea lab; Charlene at celeb-filled gala

  1. Leo DiCaprio is starting to morph into a Benicio delToro look alike.

    It’s nice that Estelle goes on engagements. I don’t know her age but she seems to know how to behave in these situations and doesn’t seem to be afraid of the press.

      1. Oh, Albert. That “mo” must go as the spectator so aptly says.

        Doesn’t he look swarmy? And, note to Charlene: Red lipstick is your calling. And, hair pieces, though we rail against Kate’s extensions, can work for some special appearances. Your evening gown was lovely, but your hair, not so much! And, I so love your hair in more casual, or business looks.

    1. Leo reminds me of Jack Nicholson, especially when he is a little heavier. He has the womanizing thing down pat as well, lol. Leo was cute when he was younger. Like all girls, I had such a crush on him–remember the Titanic years, tweens swooned :). Not so much now, but he is a great actor.

      1. Idris Elba is a few years older than Leo but looks so fine ! And he has done great work that doesn’t get praised the same way as Leo and his adventures with bears.

  2. $14 million dollars raised from one event? Wow! Well done!

    Victoria is doing a great job in introducing Estelle to the role she will eventually inherit.

    1. Hi, Cathy:

      Never got around to replying to your previous comment concerning your nephew, the firefighter. You must worry about him, but be so very proud, too. He seems to excel at his job. All the best to him and a big warm thank you for all he does, too.

      I agree that Vic is awesome when it comes to fundraising. And, getting her feet wet. Sorry, could not resist that one! She looked, dare I say it, so pretty in pink. And, Estelle is such a sweet, well-behaved, inquisitive child. Her parents are doing the right things by introducing her to so many things and to her future Royal role.

      Thanks, KMR, for this wonderful round-up.

  3. I would love to see Vic with her hair down occasionally – but I do like the pink ribbon photo.As for Charlene – I think she has been in the Monaco bubble so long that she no longer “sees” what some so called fashion really is – or maybe there is just a mirror shortage there

  4. I love the visit of Victoria and Estelle at Baltic Sea Lab.And I like how Victoria actually does the things herself and not just let explain.That’s how you teach your child modesty. “We’re not better than the common people, we can do it the same way.” Victoria teaches Estelle great things.
    I quite like Charlene’s first outfit for the fashion show. The second! It looks like a costume for a 80s party. I wonder why she chose it. Whereas, I’m not a fan of strong pink, but it has a meaning here and I like it on Victoria.She wears it well.

  5. Estell seems so well-behaved!

    But Charlene… just NO! That dress she wore to the Versace show was wayyyy to skimpy for a Princess. The horrible cutouts right on her tummy & breast! What was she thinking??

  6. I love it when Estelle attends engagements.This particular engagement was an educational experience for Estelle.I hope she enjoyed it.

  7. I am trying to imagine Kate in an ensemble like the one that stunning Charlene wore to the fashion show. First problem: What would Kate do with her hair? And, again, that coat, even thrown over her shoulders, would wear her, not vice versa.

    As for the cut-out dress? It was awful. Frankly, if Kate weren’t under the Royal Family’s guidelines for dress, — which seems to have become more strictly enforced after all her mishaps — I think Kate would enjoy wearing something like that. Exposing a bit in the past never seems to have been a problem for her. Again, what do do with all that hair? Besides a snug pulling of it back and tucking the “bun,” or whatever, into a hairnet? Some women have fashion flair and others, just don’t.

    1. Kate does not have any fashion sense whatsoever. It appears that she can only follow the basics set forth by BP, i.e., necklines not low cut thereby ensuring that she does not show cleavage, and altering the waistline to give the illusion that she has some kind of waist/hip division. I think she buys one set shoes/dresses, et al., and if there are positive comments about them, then she she orders more along the same lines. She dresses Charlotte and George practically the same way. Additionally,because she only wears a dress, etc., once, if it’s a miss she has the option of discarding it and never to see/wear it again, as it’s not her personal funds that she uses. It’s sad that she has such a flagrant disregard for such wanton waste. The cost for her ensemble for one appearance could feed a family for several months. Easy come, easy go. I often wonder what the UK residents think about her wastefulness? However, that’s debateable because it’s more or less the poorer class that seem to praise her for her clothing choices and fawn over her.
      As for the cut-out dress, Kate would not be allowed to wear a dress that’s so obvious, but she did go braless when she wore that outfit for the James Bond Spectre premiere. I guess it was to capture Daniel Craig’s attention. She also wore some dresses that were low cut after that venue. Perhaps she has never been taught that clothes should leave something to the imagination. Now the jegging/legging she wears are so tight and the tops are so short that nothing is left to the imagination. Everything is on display. I have to think that William likes that Kate endeavours to flaunt her nether regions especially since his pants are obscenely tight and outlines his jewels. LOL.

      1. For most of us we have to think long and hard especially if buying something expensive. Will it go out of fashion, will it wear well, can I accessorise it differently to give it a different feel etc etc? For Kate she doesn’t need to bother because as you say if the first outing is not a success it just goes into the Narnia wardrobe never to be seen again.

        1. “For most of us we have to think long and hard especially if buying something expensive.”

          I’m of the same mindset as you, Birdy. Thankfully my profession is one that requires us to adhere to a very strict dress code without deviation, hence, the only problem I encounter is the price tag. I pair my suits with a lot of blouses, scarves and brooches which breaks up the monotony of my wardrobe. As a result, I purchase the classics which remain relevant regardless of the trend.

          I have seen it stated that KM”s parents were/are rich, but from what I’ve read, that was not always the case. Uncle Gary was the banker and helped with the funds to educate them at pricey schools. Also, when Carole was paying for Kate’s clothes most of outfits were from the rack and not custom made. Kate lived in low priced jeans and tops, hence this attitude of wearing an outfit once only began after marrying William. The fact that Kate had virtually very little jewelry of her own is a testament of nouveau riche. I’m happy for her that she married into the BRF, but I cannot condone her wasteful spending. But, as the saying goes, when you have it flaunt it, which Kate is doing to the hilt.

  8. Yea I was fully into the Leo mania era. He has not aged well. Gimme my Jack Dawson Leo back!!!!

    And Charlene looks miserable and uncomfortable. Wonder if her and Albert are having some issues?

    1. She seemed unhappy during the wedding years, a long time.I don’t know the reason, of course. But after the birth of her two babies, she seemed much happier, which is nice.
      I think Letizia was also not happy in the spanish royal family.The only ones who give her stength are her husband and two daughters, it seems.
      The only happy one and carefree-one seems to be Maxima, in my eyes.She leads this family with her husband and Beatrix seems to be down-to-earth grandmother.

    2. Not only has also not aged well, but his constant modelizing and dumping them when they turn 25 as he is 42 now just grosses me out. I know the girls aren’t forced but his actions scream misogyny to me and that influences my views on his movies and his charity work. I think he is a hypocrite on the environment too because he uses private jets all over and has a far bigger environmental footprint than I do. Fits in well with royalty I guess.

      1. Totally agree Nic 919. I know this discussion veers off-topic, but I have to wonder what a 42 year old Leo can talk about with his 22 year old (just about out of her teens) girlfriend?

  9. Hope Estelle had a lovely time! What a wonderful learning experience and I love how she has learned to engage with people at a young age, take interest in other things and is so curious. Good job on her parents and caregivers.

    1. I do enjoy seeing this little girl interact with people. Who knows whether monarchy will exist in Sweden in the future – it has been a volatile issue in a country that champions genuine equality – but I like to think that curious and intelligent Estelle is being exposed to all these experiences not only for her supposed future but giving her real life/educational/career choices as well down the track. That appears to me to be excellent parenting.

  10. Gah! I so enjoy Vic and Estelle! What a great event to bring her to. My enjoyment with the Swedish family is so at odds with my views on monarchy in general.
    Now to Charlene I think she must be growing her hair out a bit? I loved her hair then she either cut it and/or died it not too long back and it wasn’t my favorite. But I like it here. I think what was missing from that first pic was some sort of statement jewelry. Either dangle earrings or a big necklace. She usually does jewelry well so sad to see it missing. I love the grey look but your right, the shoes are a big no! As for the silver it’s a failure in on fronts!! Albert needs to get rid of the porn stache! Yuck I’m not a fan of mustaches to begin with but his-bleh
    Thanks for the round up! Do we (you) know when the baptism is yet? I would think it would happen before Nobel Prize ceremony

        1. Oh, Elina, thanks for sharing. How beautiful a little boy he is. That face! Don’t you want to pick him up? So adorable!!

  11. I love that Victoria has taken Estelle to the Baltic Sea lab. An educational visit and to help prepare her daughter by easing her in gently. Estelle looks like she is paying attention to what the lady is saying. I like how Victoria joined with presumed enthusiasm to help with no I can’t do this my husband isn’t here with a rather helpless kind of energy. That photo of Victoria does look stunning. I certainly value the times I have seen Victoria with her hair down. Admittedly only once but I like it.

  12. I love any stories about the Swedes. They just know how to do it right.

    As for Charlene, I love that first dress, would’ve liked the pantsuit without the wrinkles, and have no words for the silver thing. I don’t think I’ll ever understand high fashion. It does look like she’s growing her hair out. I got my pixie hacked away today after being a good 2+ months past due for a trim. I told my stylist “Give me the Princess Charlene with more edge” and he nailed it, as usual. But now her hair is considerably longer than mine. Ack, well…

  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, especially our food delivery guy who was shot in the chest and is in surgery.

      1. Oh, Lauri. Do let us know how the man does. Yes, thoughts and prayers to all who suffered from this violence. Their families and friends, too. An absolute nightmare.

  14. Hi all,
    I wanted to give you an update on our food delivery driver. He pulled through surgery and is expected to make a good but lengthy recovery. Our small town has put up a Go Fund Me page to help with his expenses. It’s so very heart warming to see communities and folks from far and wide come together in times of crisis.

    Many thanks to all of you here and at MMR who have sent your good thoughts and prayers out to those affected by this horrible, horrible event. More than ever I am proud to be part of such a caring online community. Love to you all, Queen Lauri

    1. Thanks for giving us good news about his horrible ordeal. Saying a prayer for a good clinical outcome.

      Are you allowed to give more info about the Go Fund Me page so a donation can be given? I don’t want to break any rules, but it would be nice to send something.

      1. Oh, Laur, thank you for the update. I am happy to hear this gentleman has come through surgery so well. I can imagine his recovery will bee a long and difficult ordeal Keeping him in my prayers. His emotional health will have been hurt, too.

        If you can give info about the Go Fund Me page, please do.

        So many horror stories from that day. And, all the hurricanes and the earthquake and terror attacks, too. What a dangerous and scary world. The bright light is that so many people care.

    2. I’m glad he’s okay. Been praying for him and everyone else. <3

      I know several people who were killed (not well, but it still shakes you – one of them I grew up with, his dad passed away). It's awful.

      1. Oh no Ellie, I’m so sorry!! I know what you mean, our driver wasn’t a close, personal friend but still I see him and wave at least twice a week. I was just numb all day yesterday and today I’m still feeling not quite right.

        I just can’t say enough how grateful I am to be part of such a great online community! Thanks again (and again) KMR for the awesome community you’ve created here!

        1. A friend I grew up going to school with lost his dad, and someone who works at the school district who I knew peripherally was killed. I remember his dad being such a fun, wonderful guy. 🙁 you know, kids’ parties and stuff.

          A close, close family friend of my father-in-law’s was killed, her son is safe. My FIL is devastated, they grew up together and he thought of her as another sister.

          We’re only a few hours’ drive from Vegas, so a lot of people go there over the weekend. My parents visit a lot for a mini-vacation… I’m so glad they weren’t there.

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