Claire Foy thanks Queen Elizabeth II in Golden Globes acceptance speech

Claire Foy thanks Queen Elizabeth II in Golden Globes acceptance speech

This is only tangentially royal related, but since I wrote up my thoughts on Netflix series The Crown last year, I thought I’d post a little update on the show. Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth II, won for Actress in a TV Series Drama and The Crown won for TV Series Drama at last night’s Golden Globes.

In her acceptance speech, Foy thanked The Queen and called her an extraordinary woman, saying:

    “I really, really, really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some extraordinary women… one of them is Queen Elizabeth II. She has been at the center of the world for the past 63 years, and I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it, if you ask me.”

It’s a bummer that Foy got the year wrong – HM has been Queen for 64 years; 65 in February.

John Lithgow, who played Winston Churchill, was nominated for Supporting Actor in a Series but didn’t win.

Foy’s pink gown is Erdem.

Here’s a backstage interview the makers and cast did after their wins.

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  1. Congratulations to Claire! She was excellent as HM and I am glad to see her continue on as HM in another season. I wonder why Matt Smith didn’t get nominated.

    1. He didn’t really have the great of a role in the first season – it was mostly about HM and Churchill – so that may be why.

  2. I’m so thrilled that The Crown has done so well in the GG’s. If you are prepared to suspend a bit of disbelief and take it for what it is, it really is the most glorious piece of TV. Gorgeous sets, costumes, music, writing and acting. Just realise that it is not a 100% biographical. There are some elements that are there to make the drama flow…..I didn’t mind that at all because I am 100% ruled by emotion and this pulls at you in the most unexpected manner. I cannot wait for Season 2 to start.

    1. Amen to all of your sentiments. I completely fell in love with their portrayals and felt much as Claire has expressed– that it made her develop an even deeper admiration for the Queen.

  3. I’m probably in the minority here, but I tried to watch The Crown when it came out, and I couldn’t get past the first episode. Is it a slow starter?

    Do you think the queen (and other members of the royal family) finds it weird that all these people impersonate them in movies? Do you think she watches any of them? I know there were reports that she watched The King’s Speech, but since it was about her parents, she wasn’t really impersonate in that.

    1. Worth it to persevere, the first episode was not the best, but it gets better, especially if you are interested in the political side of things.

    2. Carter, I’m with you. I haven’t been able to stay awake during the first episode and I’ve tried several times. Perhaps we should just skip to the second?

  4. That’s nice Claire acknowledged The Queen. Thanks for letting us know KMR.

    Pretty gown, nicely referencing the 1930s evening gown shape.

  5. I love the series… beautifully shot and great acting and costumes!!! Completely off-topic it seems like Tumblr is going crazy because looks like Megan Markel and Harry no longer follow each other on IG?… Break up is fast approaching if not done already… some speculating that she in fact was not with him in Norway… eeek

    1. Who knows? Even if they did break up I wouldn’t write them off just yet. If reports from his past relationships are anything to go by, he breaks up/has cooling off periods and then makes up again frequently.

    2. They are probably still together and trying to maintain whatever little privacy they still have. I’m sorry if this will sound rude, but the fact that people keep track of who they both follow is kind of creepy.

      1. I find it really weird people follow Harry’s supposed Instagram which is private. But they do it to other celebs, Facebook stalk them, etc. It’s creepy.

        “Oh, Harry posted something new on Instagram!” Um, so, you can’t see it, creeper…

        1. Honestly I’m really surprised he regularly updates any social media account for that reason. Social media allows for so little privacy whether you are a public person or not. And the privacy settings are a joke if you are looking for total privacy.

          1. People keep hacking into his social media accounts no matter how often he changes them. As far back as Chelsy and facebook.

            I think it’s because his personal friends are known and people follow their social media accounts which by a process of deduction reveals his social media accounts.

            Apparently one of his more determined fans posted his IG address on the royalblogs which maybe the cause of him deleting it or creating a new private one. If that is true, it may explain why he isn’t following her anymore.

    3. I think it is more likely, as other wrote, that they have decided to move their relationship away from prying eyes. There are tumblr fangirls who have the personal mission of finding and exposing his private social media accounts. (Sorry, this ended up in an odd place. Must have clicked the wrong Reply button)

      1. They slashed the odds of Harry and Cressida marrying after she accompanied him to WE day or whatever that thing was called. Clearly that didn’t pan out. I’m not sure why everyone is making a big deal of them apparently going on vacation together. I would expect them too. They are a couple. Couples go on vacation. It’d be weirder if they didn’t.

        1. I think it’s because it’s not the typical royal vacation spot – the Caribbean, Africa, or skiing. But the press had been saying Harry and Meghan would go on vacation since before his tour in November, so their vacation isn’t shocking.

          1. That old saying about a broken clock being right twice a day! They were likely to go on vacation at some point, so the royal reporters figured if they kept writing that it was happening, eventually it would turn out they were on vacation.

          2. I have a feeling Harry, William, and Kate vacation in places we don’t necessarily expect them to quite frequently. It’s got to be boring to vacation in the same spots all the time.

            It was speculated that Harry was going to take or took Cressida to see the northern lights, although I think they were reportring Iceland not Norway. Who knows if they actually ever went. Maybe Harry reads the tabloids to get ideas about where he will vacation next 😉

          3. Not saying they don’t. I just meant that those three are pretty much the only vacation spots that get reported on so people are used to those. They’re not used to Norway.

            I think the royals, including Harry, vacation way more than gets reported on.

          4. I think Ellie Goulding went there last yr and aren’t they peeps?
            I was googling trying to decide between Norway, Sweden and Finland for my next attempt at trying to see northern lights and I remember seeing pics of her in one of the locales that I was viewing. Can’t remember which one tho

  6. I loved the Crown. Congratulations to Claire Foy. Well deserved win for her and the producers of the show. I was skeptical when John Lithgow was cast as Churchill. Yet he did a fantastic job. And should have won in the supporting category. As well I think Jared Harris should have been nominated for his role. Yet he wasn’t. Thank you KMR for the update.

    1. I loved Jared Harris in that role as well. He was so good. I was really emotionally attached to him, especially when he went to his brother and asked him if he would really place this role on his girls.

  7. Congratulations to Ms. Foy, who is lovely and a wonderful actress. And, makes sense that she so graciously acknowledged the Queen. Although, I also wonder how people feel when others portray them theatrically.

    I’m trying to remember — and Please, I am not putting Erin Brockovich in the same category as HM, but didn’t Julia Roberts forget to “thank her” when she received the Oscar for the film based on Erin’s investigations Yikes.

  8. Theresa May praised William, Kate and Harry’s leadership in her Charity Commission lecture today. *facepalm*

    ‘Organisations such as Mind who have led the way in helping those experiencing mental health problems. The Heads Together campaign – and the fantastic leadership shown by their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry – that aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health problems.’

    Everything she says of course has far, far more substance and intelligence than anything W, K and H have said about mental health and issues surrounding mental health stigma.

    1. Over and over again it’s the same words. Break the stigma around mental health. If Kate, William or Harry spoke of their own mental health issues (if any, but come on, for example, Kate’s anxiety or bullying at school), THAT might break the stigma because for extremely well placed people to talk about their own mental health would be helpful. Kate turning up in a new outfit for each PR opportunity to mouth platitudes and look uncomfortable is not breaking any stigmas. Harry taking an AIDS test was helpful and reminiscent of Diana touching AIDS patients which really broke barriers.

      1. I think the same words parroted over and over is pretty much all the trio has got. Unfortunately, praising them so obsequiously for doing sweet f a only entrenches their lack of worthwhile engagement. As a result, expect more of the same.

  9. Here’s oping Ma and Pa Middleton have left the Cambridge abode. And, left the couple and their kids alone to celebrate Kate’s 35th!

    Happy Birthday to the Duchess. Here’s hoping you are on your way to making an imprint of your own You have it in you. Now, go for it!

    Life really is worth living!

  10. I’m really excited that Victoria starts next wk on pbs!! Woot woot
    Any more news about the fate of her coronet? The ministry was supposed to revisit the option of an international sale after dec 27th. I haven’t been able to find anything. Makes me wonder if it got sold quitely

        1. Oh that’s pretty but I think aquamarines are lovely in an understated way.
          I was hoping a museum would come up with the funds to acquire it. I would find if funny if Pippa’s guy bought it for her, so she too could have a tiara =)

        2. Another tiara, traceable to the royal family via Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood, was on the open market for about 5yrs until last november when it was finally sold.

          The company selling it loaned it to Downton Abbey to use as a costume prop and you can see it worn by Lady Mary and Lady Edith at their weddings.

          Given it’s price(£145M) – cheap considering it’s provenance, Carole’s need to elevate her family to be seen to be royal plus Kate’s love of Downton Abbey, i’m surprised they didn’t purchase it.

          1. Is there a decimal missing? Because 145M is not cheap and there is no way the Midds have that kind of money to spend on a tiara.

          2. I think it’s 14.5.

            I don’t think the Midds have much money, period. Isn’t a lot of their lifestyle funded by Gary, Carole’s brother, and Mike’s inheritance funds he got? Lord knows it’s not from running an overly priced mail order business.

          3. I licked on the Bentley and skinner page and it’s no longer available so I guess it’s a moot point now.they did have some other lovely tiaras available for purchase tho =)
            Victoria’s coronet I believe was going for upwards of £5 million last I heard. At least to keep in the U.K.

          4. After looking at the other tiaras I think he price was £145,000.00 not mil?
            They have some absolutely beautiful baubles!

          5. A private company not releasing their financial information is not sketchy. If it’s a private company then they are under no obligation to release that info.

          6. The only time I’ve ever seen anyone use M to mean thousand is when the date is written in Roman numerals. I have never seen anyone colloquially use M to mean anything other than million when discussing money.

          7. Hazards of being old, it was once the standard abbreviation but has been replaced by k, and in metric it has only meant million. (I did a little research.)

          8. Oops. Major typo and correction.

            I didn’t notice that I typed millions instead of thousands until now (several days later!)

            The tiara was sold for £145K ( one hundred and forty five THOUSAND pounds) not millions.

            Royal jewellery with proven provenance tends to sell at prices closer to a million or over, so this tiara is relatively cheap.

          9. My birthday’s coming up. Let’s pool together and buy it! 😉

            It can be the Sisterhood of the Traveling Tiara, we can share it.

  11. On the one hand, a British person should know their history to avoid making such a glaring mistake such as the wrong number of years the Queen has reigned, BUT Claire shot this mini-series 2 years ago when the Queen was at the 63yrs mark.

    Claire has been very busy having her baby (they did a great job in hiding her pregnancy belly in the wedding to Philip with props and CGI. She was about 5mths along when they shot the wedding) and then shooting other things, so i doubt she’s kept up her knowledge during the interim years.

    In her speech, she’s referencing the research she remembered from when she was shooting the series 2yrs ago.

  12. Interesting that so little is being made of Kate’s b-day today. But then again, it would be really hard to publish a list of her accomplishments as she has not done anything that would even spark a change or start a conversation. There are just pictures of her so-called 35 best looks and best candid pictures. That just speaks volumes about her lack of substance and her laziness. I would like to think she can turn this around in 2017, but I do not hold out much hope for that.

  13. I’m totally a Claire Foy fan girl now. I’ve watched a few interviews with her and I think she’s brilliant, so I am thrilled. And she’s in an Erdem that I actually like!

  14. I’m watching Westworld currently and just about finishing up the 1st season. ‘The Crown’ is next on mine and hubby’s watch list! Clair Foy is beautiful and this is the only pretty Erdem outfit that I have seen- Claire looks lovely in it and so 1930’s siren.

  15. What always seemed sketchy to me about the Middletons was when they purchased
    the mansion they now have. They bought it not to many days after William received
    his inheritance from Diana. I’ve always believed William put in a large amount to help the Middletons buy the home. It was in the news Carol had looked st the home several times before Williams funds had been released. Then days later they bought it. Could be just the way the timing was but we all know how much William loves Kate’s family.

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