2016 in Review: Kate’s coats (POLL)

2016 in Review: Kate’s coats (POLL)

In the second of three polls about Kate Middleton‘s 2016 fashion, let’s take a look at the coats Kate wore last year. You can still vote in the Gowns and Separates polls if you haven’t already.

Since this is going to be a rather long post, I won’t go to much into statistics, but this is one that I thought was interesting: Of the 23 coats Kate wore in 2016, 8 of them were new and 15 of them were repeats from previous years. Kate wore a lot of new clothes this year, but over half of her coats were repeats.

1) LK Bennett red ‘Ami’ coat – Kate wore this red coat to the RAF disbandment parade on February 18. This coat is a quad-peat; she wore it in 2011, 2012, 2013, and again, for a fourth time, in 2016.

2) Catherine Walker red coat and dress – Kate wore this repeated-from-2011 coat and dress on June 13 to the Order of the Garter ceremony.

3) Carolina Herrera red coat from the CH AW16 collection – This new red coat joined Kate’s coat closet on September 28 in Canada.

4) Emilia Wickstead light yellow coat – Kate wore this yellow coat, which is a repeat from 2012, when landing in Bhutan on April 14.

5) MaxMara Sportmax long green coat – Kate debuted this green coat in 2015 and repeated it for her February 24 visit to Scotland.

6) Erdem green ‘Allie’ coat – This green coat got a three-peat when Kate wore it on March 10 for visits connected to suicide prevention.

7) Catherine Walker bespoke green coat-dress – Like the coat above, this is another green coat which debuted during the Oz/NZ tour in 2014 to get a repeat in 2016. Kate wore it to the Chelsea Flower Show on May 23.

8) Hobbs green Persephone Trench – This green coat, which also debuted in 2014, got a repeat while in Canada on September 27.

9) Alexander McQueen bespoke blue coat with large pockets – This is yet another coat that debuted on the Oz/NZ tour which got a repeat in 2016. Kate wore this blue McQueen to visit the Air Cadets on February 7.

10) M Missoni blue tweed coat from AW 2010 Collection – This is another quad-peat. After wearing this coat twice in 2012 and again in 2014, Kate repeated it again in 2016 when she visited an EACH Charity Shop on March 18.

11) Michael Kors indigo twill jacquard swing coat – Kate really dug through her Oz/NZ tour wardrobe in 2016, because she repeated a good many clothes from that tour in 2016. This is yet another one that got a repeat, at Hampton Court Palace on May 4.

12) Catherine Walker bespoke light blue coat with white lace embroidery – Kate debuted this blue coat at the June 10 Service of Thanksgiving for HM’s 90th birthday.

13) Mulberry blue ‘Paddington’ coat – Kate debuted this coat, kind of, when we spotted her wearing it on February 7 taking a helicopter from London to Norfolk, but she officially debuted it on November 4 when she visited a women’s prison.

14) Day Birger et Mikkelsen nude brocade coat – Kate has worn this coat a bunch of times since she debuted it in 2006 during her girlfriend years, but she wore it in 2016 on June 14 at the Northern Ireland Garden Party.

15) Catherine Walker bespoke cream coat – Kate debuted this coat when leaving Canada on October 1.

The #RoyalTour comes to an end
[Province of British Columbia]

16) Alexander McQueen bespoke white coat – Kate repeated both of the outfits she wore to her children’s Christenings this past year. This one, which she wore to Charlotte’s Christening, got the nod on June 11 for Trooping the Color.

Kate and Camilla Trooping the Color 2016
[MOD Crown Copyright 2016/Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC]

17) Erdem bespoke grey coat with lace – This coat saw it’s debut on March 14 for the Commonwealth Day Service.

18) Missoni ‘Long Snake Stitch Coat’ – Kate debuted this coat in France on June 30 for the Somme 100 event.

William, Kate, Harry arrive at Thiepval Memorial Somme
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

19) Temperley London Callas Evening Coat – Kate debuted this new black coat for the Festival of Remembrance on November 12.

20) Diane von Furstenberg Lio style coat – This black coat got a three-peat to the same event. Kate wore this on Remembrance Sunday on November 13.

21) Alexander McQueen bespoke velvet patchwork coat – After debuting this coat on Remembrance Sunday 2015, we finally got a full look at it when Kate wore it to the November 28 Memorial service for 6th Duke of Westminster.

22) Hobbs ‘Celeste’ coat – This is another coat that Kate has repeated a bunch of times. The quad-peat came on December 25 during the Bucklebury Christmas Pap Stroll.

23) Erdem coat from Resort 2016 collection – This black, blue, and pink creation entered our world on October 14 when Kate visited Manchester.

Now it’s time to vote on Favorite and Least Favorite among all these coats!

86 thoughts on “2016 in Review: Kate’s coats (POLL)

  1. A lot of people liked the bespoke green coat that she wore to the Chelsea Flower show but it’s my least favorite. I never thought I could think too much green– I rather like the color most of the time– but there was nothing at all to add interest. Just the tiniest bit of variation in texture or color of the belt or other accessories could have made it a real standout for me. And that snake coat was just blargh.

    But she had lots of other wins so I’m kind of ok with the few misses. I’ll always love her Day Birger coat. And the red Catherine Walker ensemble with the red shoes! She wore red shoes!

  2. I’m really feeling the volume and side pony tails she’s been sporting lately. Lots of barbie volume and parting, big pony hair pony tail to the side, looks youthful. She needs that too because she’s become a bit frumpy in the past few years. She’s a lot more cozy so she’s leaning towards her nerd style and wearing a lot of floral and embroidery. Ages her

  3. I like the pink Catherine Walker coat she wore on the Canadian tour. But honestly, how did she age so much? She has the most easy luxurious life ever!

  4. I’m surprised that my favourite and least favourite coats were both Erdem – the print one she wore from the resort collection looked fresh and a bit different. The others were bulky. The Catherine Walker coats were nice, too, and cute well for Kate’s body shape, especially on the shoulders.

    I do wish she’d spend some of her considerable wardrobe costs on a bit of wardrobe care. That Ami coat looks crumpled, as does the Mulberry Paddington coat.

    1. I find it amazing they go on and on about how modern and hands on they are and down to earth, blah blah, but look so frumpy and their expensive clothing is not well taken care of. Don’t they have a valet? Kate needs a real assistant, not some yes-girl like her stylist who gets clothes poorly tailored and has no clue.

      1. I was shocked when I saw how poorly the iridescent Jenny Peckham looked when she rewore it.
        Not only that but I think their team is young and how many times have we seen Rebecca deacon looking like a wrinkled mess and generally unprofessional?
        When your team doesn’t really care, they probably won’t say anything/notice when your wardrobe Isn’t looking/holding up either.
        Off note. I have seen too many pics of Rebecca in them, maybe she’s looking more professional?

    2. You got that right! So crumpled. The blue coat with the big pockets also shows some rather strange blobs which I assume are from the dress she is wearing beneath it. I wish she would learn to sit properly when traveling to events. I hate such sloppiness in regular folks, but when you are representing the Royal Family, I find it really horrific.

  5. I really like the Catherine Walker cream coat but it’s a bit bland and screaming for a pop of color in the shoes! Burgundy, or plum, and if you wanna go crazy maybe a fun pattern! Floral? i don’t know but it’s screaming for color in the rest of the outfit. I also like the yellow one, but it needs some tailoring help because it always looks a bit odd/off/something.

    1. The lawsuit was filed in 2012 right after the photos came out. It’s taken this long to get to trial. That doesn’t mean they’re just filing the lawsuit now.

      1. I thought directly after the event there was a ruling that the magazine had to retract the photos and that they had to give the originals to the Cambridges. Is this a separate trial? And is this a criminal or a civil trial?

        1. No, as KMR says, this is the trial finally coming up. They sued in 2012. For whatever reason, it’s finally worked it’s way to the front of the queue.

          Unfortunately for WK, the public had forgotten about it, so it gives impression that it is new and WK are pettily suing anew. This will end up having streisand effect and not in a good way because people don’t like them as they did in 2012 plus they aren’t being given that big benefit of the doubt as they did in 2012. If the same sequence of events had taken place this year, the bunking off the paraolympics AND being on holiday AND being naked on a balcony facing a road would all have created a BIG scandal and not in their favour.

          KMR: I made a typo mistake in my post in the previous thread which unfortunately diverted the conversation in a different direction. I’ve only just seen it after going back to read other comments.

          The tiara featured on DA cost £145K (one hundred and forty five THOUSAND pounds). NOT millions. That’s why I thought it was affordable enough for the Middletons (or Terribly Rich James Matthews) to buy it.

          Apologies to everyone.

  6. Gosh. How many coat dresses does a royal need?

    I would like the Catherine Walker better if the white lace wasn’t sticking out at the bottom. That bothers me for some reason.

    1. I find that particular coat dress very twee. Perfect for a tween or early-mid teen, not at all acceptable for a grown woman. The lace overhang makes it worse.

      The yellow Emilia Wickstead was re-tailored for this outing. It was shockingly bad the first time she wore it. Surprising given it was bespoke. The hem was so wonky as to give impression of mullet hem, several points were unfinished, too big on some parts of her body and curiously tight in other places. Awful. I used to like Emilia Wickstead until Kate started wearing the label. The female staff at a hotel close to me are dressed by the label and they look very elegant and beautiful. Somehow Kate’s clothes from this label look like unfinished school projects. Not good reflection of basic tailoring skills. Infact, going by Kate’s samples, the label has no tailoring skills.

      1. I’ve wondered for some time now…could it be possible that some of Kate’s cloths are tailored not according to Kate’s measurements, but someone else measurments; thus the ill fitting?
        I’ve taken a closer look to the fitting of the cloth after reading the comments. Some pieces look odd on Kate. That is why am wondering if the cloth could be tailored according to another person’s measurments (could just be Kate sending the wrong measurments as mentionned by several commenters)…

    1. A very interesting article, and she has had quite a life journey, but somehow the idea of people gathering up dead baby alpacas to make hats is still a little creepy.

      1. I don’t find this creepy or wrong at all. From my perspective, it’s simply utilization of the available natural resources to the fullest without exploiting them. The frozen/dead alpacas would be eaten by natural predators. Depending on how these people deal with the carcasses, their actions would fit into the natural ecosystem quite nicely. For example, if the animals are skinned on the spot and carcass left where found – it would still be available for the scavengers. This might be difficult to do though, since the carcasses might be frozen and stiff. They could rig tents in the field for the thawing and the skinning, but that’d be a lot of work.

        They might bring the carcasses home for thawing and skinning. In which case there are still ways to ethically deal with carcasses. Meat can be eaten of given to dogs, bones can be boiled for broth, etc.

        I understand some people have objection against killing animals for food, but these are claimed already dead. From my perspective, using their fur and everything else is just good stewardship of available resources that can help avoid unnecessary cruelty towards the animals who still live.

        Finally, the very story of the company, highlighting the hardship overcome by these people, and their hard work, their skill and ethics is wonderful. I’d give the Duchess a bit of credit for the thoughtful choice of clothing in this case.

          1. Maven: that may well be, but her action (whether selfish or not) has resulted in substantial highlight for those people. It’s okay to be happy and grateful for their sake.

        1. Wonder if she knew the whole background of the hat since she purchased in UK. Also article mentions she bought four of them, in black, chocolate brown, champagne and grey.

          1. I am Canadian and while it actually can get cold enough to wear fur I would not do it. Older hats are fine, but this is pure decadence on her part and if her husband is about conservation, this is complete bs. She should be strongly condemned for it, along with all her other wasteful greedy habits.

  7. My favorite coat was the Catherine Walker pale blue with white embroidery. I thought the color looked lovely on the Duchess and the fact that it didn’t seem to strangle her like most of her other coats do, was a big plus point for me.

    For my least favorite coat I was torn between the grass green Catherine Walker and the grey lace Erdem. The bulky cut of the Erdem pushed into the least favorite category for me, but it was close.

    I have to say that my disappointment with Kate’s clothes has more to do with her posture, how and where she holds her hands and the lack of styling. I have seen photos of other royal women wearing very similar coats as Kate’s but their posture, hand position and styling elevate their outfits instead of drowning them in boredom. It’s such a shame that so much money is spent on these coats but the wearer just doesn’t have the panache to pull them off.

    1. I also quite like the baby blue Catherine Walker piece with the white embroidery. But to me, that along with many other pieces, seem quite aging and more appropriate for someone older than Kate.

      1. I agree Em but I think the aging is really down to her poor posture (she’s slouches like a much older woman with a bad back) and her inability to accessorize. I think a few pieces of fun jewelry, a colorful scarf or a great pair of shoes would really elevate these pieces and make them much more youthful looking.

  8. Is there a shortage of designers who can design non-frumpy coats? Many of these coats are better suited to a more mature woman. I can imagine mother-of-the-bride in that Catherine Walker embroidered number, and well, pretty much anything with the label Erdem attached. The ill-fitting nature of many of these coats is puzzling too, from looking gaunt in the LK Bennett red and Catherine Walker bespoke cream. Yet Kate looks good in something approaching chic eg the McQueen patchwork and properly fitted. Sadly, she won’t go for the looser looks embraced by Charlene as they don’t cling to her body and it’s all about The Body. I still think an older woman is advising choices; the clothes would suit an older woman. Unfortunately they age Kate, and together with hunched posture and clasped hands, she does not carry herself with confidence.

    1. Speaking as an older woman, I wouldn’t be caught dead in these coats except for the Missoni. They are dowdy in and of themselves, fussy, largely looking like they’ve been pieced together by committee.

      1. I don’t think you’d find Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep in those coats either! I can see the Queen’s lady-in-waiting in some of them – just so conservative, and lacking panache in the main. The Missoni is one of the more contemporary of the lot. I think I just find the coat-dress a rather odd concept and says, “I’m here but I want to be able to dash off.”

        As others have said, the hair needs to go. First, the fake stuff, and then something more flattering for Kate’s age. I think she would look great with a Charlene type bob – it would make her look younger. I wonder if the reason things don’t gel is that she is channeling her early-mid 20’s hair-wise, yet many of the coats are better suited to an elderly LIW.

        1. Carole also wears her hair long and it has obvious wiglets and doesn’t suit her either. Money can’t buy class or style apparently.

          1. I didn’t know Carole wore wiglets. I never get beyond the beady eyes and thin lips before averting my eyes. She and Kate really are living each others’ lives. Oh dear.

        2. I wish that Charlene would grow her hair out…it is too boyish. She would look so feminine and pretty with longer hair…doesn’t have to be real long either. Chic and easy to care for but boyish and always the same.

          I hope Kate enjoys long hair for quite a while. There is plenty of time for short hair. Many celebrities still have long hair in their 40s as well as other Royals in various age groups. I have always thought her Mum looks really good for her age (Dad too) and that the
          Middleton have good genes in that area.

    2. It makes me wonder if Kate just has her mother choose her clothes or somehow involved because we know they share clothes, which is bizarre at this age, I think.

      The problem is Kate never has actual fittings and they use a terrible tailor, so it’s not a real bespoke coat in that sense. Why spend so much money to get an inferior product when you put a bit of effort in? They’ll come to Kate at KP or Anmer, for Christ’s sake, for a real fitting.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised. Carole’s influence seems to be all-pervading. Not good, and as you say, bizarre. The tailoring, or lack of it, drives me nuts. I also loathe the short waist thing happening in many outfits; It looks odd. I’d say Kate was directing the alterations aspect of her wardrobe though and no-one has the guts to tell her that her thinking of way off.

  9. Question:Do we get just one vote per category or multiple? After this last election (USA), I do want to follow the rules……
    Actually, one of my favorites is/was the black and white “Dalmatian”from a prior year.

  10. Tough decision since the majority of coats are so boring and just re-works of typical Kate style. I find the lace Catherine Walker particularly matronly and I picked the Erdem green ‘Allie’ coat as my least favorite because I do not like dress coats that zip and even worse, a dress coat that has an exposed zipper…IMO, exposed zippers make all clothing look cheap. All in all, I am not a fan of anything Erdem. For my favorite coat, I picked the McQueen black velvet patchwork coat as it seemed to be more adventurous than her other choices and I love the velvet detailing.

    1. Oh good, I’m not the only person who thought most of these costs were terrible. Exposed zippers, choking necklines, bulky volume, boob flaps, matronly, repetitive….I struggled to pick the one I disliked the most. I love the color green, but all of her green coats were awful. This woman is not a style maven.

  11. Internal monologue:
    Points taken for bad tailoring, points taken for wearing a coat obviously indoors, points taken for poor accessarizing, points taken if wrinkled, points taken if outfit seems like princess cos-play…..now, what can I vote for?

  12. Too. Many. Coats.

    For faves, I went with the Michael Kors Indigo whatever because I like the simplicity of the dress and design. I feel that it can be mixed and matched and even worn with (gasp!) dark denim or smart black pants.

    Least fave: that Erdem dress that zips at the front. Just, no on so many levels.

    Feeling a bit cranky because I slept poorly, woke up late and got to work late (grrrr).

    On the good news side, I was able to make a great first impression upon the new property manager when I stopped by the office to drop off my money order for the first month’s rent (and pick up the key!). How did I do this? I learned that she’s from Maracaibo, Venezuela, the same city where my uncle, aunt and cousins live! In fact, she even high- fived me when I said that I visited when I was 12 and was impressed that my mother is from Barranquilla, Colombia and, as I was leaving, said that we should talk some more! Woo hoo!!

    Also, I got to test out the keys and check out my place. While it’s not as nice as the place I’m in now, it was clean and nicer than the first place I moved into; I actually did a small happy dance while in there and started saying to myself, “this is how my bed is going to be positioned….where my dresser is going…..this is how I want the TV and couch set up….” Oh yes, I started organizing my furniture in my head! Yippie!!

  13. I’ve always liked the Missoni. Couldn’t vote for one I liked the least because there was no “the rest of them” category. I really hate all the belted ones. They do nothing for her. I find most of these coats fussy as well, overly detailed.

    It was actually shocking to see them all together and how awful they were, one after another. I think that makes a more concentrated impact- into the bottom category of ‘fugly’.

  14. She’s got a lot of great coats! I couldn’t choose a favorite. I think the only one I didn’t like was the baby blue one with the lace on the front.

    1. That blue one with the white lace looked like something my preschooler would cut and paste together. It doesn’t gel at all.

  15. I tried to find a coat I liked. I really did. Unfortunately, not so easy for me to do.
    The closest I came to a fave needs help. The green coat that Kate wore to the Flower Show seems to be a favorite shape of hers. I think it looked nice. I would have pulled the zipper down more and added a scarf. The belt was too green, but I am wondering what other color I would have liked on that coat,

    My least fave? All the others seem to fall into that category. I did not like the coat with the lace. As already mentioned, very mother of the bride. The snake coat. Ugh. And, the red coat in the first picture — aw well as that hat! No! I think she dresses way too matronly and I don’t like her in white or cream. Especially, when she does not add a pop of color. Oh, and the black coat with the velvet really bothers me.

    Kate really looks better in jewel tones!

  16. We all know that Kate’s looks have changed as she is no longer a young woman in her 20’s, which is to be expected, but it is just so glaringly obvious that her long hair is really dragging her face down and aging her. If she cut her hair so it just hit the tip of her shoulder and wore it wavy, she would look so much better and the shorter style would lift her face. It would also add some style and sophistication.

    1. I’m with you on the hair. I doubt she will cut it, though.
      The coats really don’t thrill me. I think she relies on the same shapes way too much and many of them are not accessorized well.

      I think the problem is that I don’t like Kate’s taste. I don’t blame her. If that is what she likes, then wear it. I just don’t jive with the styles she seems to adore.

      So, a favorite? I really don’t know. The least favorite? I really don’t know that either as I am not a fan of the coats at all.

    2. That’s good advice, BostonBrahmin. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I think I will do the same. Long hair does tend to drag the face down–definitely not a look I am trying to achieve! Kate looks best with her hair off of her face, either half up or an updo.

  17. We can clearly see the Kate favors coats in red, blue and green! Most in the same style
    My fav was the Carolina Herrera in red. I do love a pretty red coat

    1. Hmmm…I wonder if this is some sort of security requirement and that she wears bright colors in crowds in order for her security people to better keep an eye on her.

  18. For me, KM’s security blanket hair completely ruins her look every time. KM’s hair hangs by turns like a rag, or spaniel eared, or twisted into a croissant, or plastered against her skull while the rest of the hair is left untended and unwashed. The only photo remotely pretty is #19 Tempereley London. She would have looked attractive with a shiney, swingy, shoulder length cut. Sorry I can’t be positive about her, but her hair makes her look very unkempt no matter which outfit she wears.

    1. I so agree with her hair. Most women have at least experimented with their hair at least once. Kate’s only done the bangs thing.
      I read a fashion article once that says a lot people get stuck to age/look when they thought they looked best, even if it no longer fits. At one time, Kate’s hair was indeed gorgeous but she’s no longer in her 20s, she’s had 2 kids and she clearly has a restrictive diet, all affects the hair.
      If she cut it, she would no longer be able to hide be hide or fidget with it so it probably won’t happen. I get that hair is a personal thing, I’m constantly growing one out then chopping it all off, I’ve been every natural color then had some purple. It’s fun to experiment but one has to be confident in oneself and be more than your hair, which we know Kate’s not. I love how Letiza plays around with her hair and style

      1. Oh when I was in my 20s, I dyed it a nice auburn color (think: actress Julianne Moore’s color) and when I was a kid, I went from waist-length to chin to everything in between! Then, at 29 years old, my mom cut my hair to where it looked like I’d just gotten a military cut; it had been falling out (off and on) since 2006 and by January of 2009, it was stringy, matted and just needed to get hacked off to allow new hair follicles to grow. Seeing as how I was on the hospital for a week, and Mom was bored out of her skull, she asked a nurse for scissors and voila! She hacked it off though, interestingly, she now doesn’t remember doing it! Anyway, I wore works for over 2 years until I felt comfortable/confident enough to be without one (plus, it was too hot in the summer to wear one).

        I think where I’m going with this (yup, I forgot 😉 ), is that Kate needs a “Mom” intervention where they will do something to you that you don’t want, but, in the end, it’s for your own good. She needs to change her hair style and not just those random bangs but a good ole’ makeover!

        1. Yes 😀 “a good ole’ makeover”.
          Am sure that there are some good “visagiste” (sorry, don’t know the correct translation of visagiste in English). A good hairstylist that will get her the hairstyle that works best with her features :D.
          Until about two years ago, had my hair shoulder length. Went to the hairdresser, came out with an inverted bob. The inverted bob works with my facial features so all good. That’s what Kate needs, a good hair cut that will make her shine.

          1. I understood what you meant!
            Excuse me if I offended you in any way with my reply!

            What I meant with my reply is that I agree to your last paragraph:
            “I think where I’m going with this (yup, I forgot ? ), is that Kate needs a “Mom” intervention where they will do something to you that you don’t want, but, in the end, it’s for your own good. She needs to change her hair style and not just those random bangs but a good ole’ makeover!”

        2. She and Carole both need a hair intervention. I’ve had long, short, and everything in between. As a 33yo mom of 5, I know that long flowing locks simply aren’t in the cards for me anymore, especially with my constant nutrient deficiencies from Ulcerative Colitis. Kate’s diet can’t be good if she’s looking so gaunt and her hair lacks luster. Less Botox, more good food.

  19. Hey KMR, don’t know if you made it to Sweden to view the wedding dress exhibit (or if you still want to) but sales are starting. And this is for anyone. There are some amazing deals going on if you live in/near any of these cities

    I think your’re in the south? There’s a Miami to Reykajavik (Iceland is great) then you could get cheap flights from icelandair to Stockholm =) I love traveling woot woot trying to make some of these work for me=)

    1. I had a friend who flew from Florida to Iceland on WoWair and said it was fine! I don’t know if I could do such a cheap airline from LA to Europe though, I got spoiled when we went to London as we used credit card points to fly business! lol

  20. It was hard for me to pick one favorite, but there were only a couple that I absolutely did not like.

    I can’t believe she didn’t recycle that gorgeous electric blue Christopher Kane from 2015 (Scotland in October). That was one is the best of all her blue coats choices imo and the most flattering on her as well. I would wear that every chance I had…”oh, was that a snowflake?? Where IS my Christopher Kane?”

  21. I wish we could vote for the new coats separately from the repeats. There are some that are all-time favorites/duds but I have already voiced opinion on those and want to vote on the best/worst of the new pieces

  22. I really wish Kate would wear more brooches. They would add a bit of sparkle to these coats. For #8 Hobbs coat, I wish she were wearing the scarf and not just having it draped over her arm. Like the #3 Carolina Herrera coat is a really bright red that would have looked nice with a string of pearls or some other necklace or maybe a brooch just to break up ho much bright red their was. I like some of Kate’s coats and I think she is trying to mimic how the Queen dresses but the Queen always wears such lovely brooches. Kate just needs to accessorize better.

        1. True Hen. I think I meant historic ones from The Queen’s collection. Does anyone know the worth of The Queen’s personal jewels are worth?

          1. They are priceless because they are heirlooms and they have royal provenance.

            Let me put it this way, a coronet belonging to Victoria was purchased for around £5M. That’s just one tiny item. Imagine the combined worth of all the other jewels!!!!

    1. What Kate needs to do is stop accessorising with ugly belts! Especially that ugly McQueen one which she seems to like to wear with everything, or nearly it seems.
      I thought we all had Lupo trained up to make a raid on Kate’s wardrobe and steal the thing away?

  23. My favorite is the indigo Michael Kors, only because I lack a blue coat and would totally wear it myself. I have black and red already. My least favorite was a tie between both of those hideous lace concoctions. Slapping a few doilies on fabric do not a good coat make. I also hate the button nipples on that bright red coat from Canada.

    I’m in total agreement with comments about her mop of hair dragging down most of these looks. Blah.

  24. Something positive: I like that she rewore so many coats from previous years. Even if I didn’t particularly like them. I also like that she generally keeps to a sleek silhouette. She has a small frame and would be overwhelmed by puffer coats, cocoon coats, or anything with a lot of extra fabric. That said… she can stop buying coats now.

    She has enough for a varied approach to 2017. Instead, she should focus on her accessories. Maybe that was her thinking with the church appearance. Old coat, new hat, new scarf. I didn’t like it because none of it worked with the coat, but good on her for trying. I’m not even kvetching about her shoes this time because I recently read that in the recent past, when women wore hats regularly, they focused on styling the hats. It was thought that neat, neutral shoes would provide a base for the ensemble while the hat would “finish” it and draw attention to the women’s most important feature: her face. Not her feet. So now I really want to see more hats. And not hair. Ha.

  25. My first impression of this list is: “My goodness! How many red/green/black coats does one woman need?!?!?”

    After taking a second look at all these coats, it strikes me that they almost all give the impression of unapproachability. Perhaps she wears so many as a defense – we don’t see what she wears under* the coats, and it prevents us from knowing anything more about her from her sense of style (or lack thereof). Almost all the coats are buttoned or zipped up to the neck – giving the impression that she’s being choked by fashion, or ready to leave at a moment’s notice…not necessarily a good message. In addition, I totally agree with Angel’s comment about Kate’s princess cos-play. All her accessories are just that: empty accessories. She may carry a tartan scarf, but it’s Scottish Barbie dress-up. I can’t wait for the day she drops one of her clutches and it pops open to reveal…nothing inside.

    *I also wonder if she is actually wearing a dress or separates under some of her dresses. Or, if she’s wearing something that is against protocol, like a mini skirt.

    There are only a few coats that stand out to me as being really practical, and something a modern woman would invest in and wear year in and out. The Hobbs Celeste coat is a good example.

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