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Prince William ‘thinks Harry made a mistake’ in releasing statement on Meghan Markle (updated)

The Daily Mail (I know) has an article about Prince William‘s reaction to Prince Harry‘s statement defending Meghan Markle against the racist and sexist attacks she was getting after their relationship was exposed, and it’s too cute by half. There is also an article from the Financial Times in here about the relationship between the […]

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Kensington Palace issues statement on harassment of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle

Well this is an interesting turn of events. Kensington Palace has issued a statement at the request of Prince Harry on the harassment of Meghan Markle since news broke two Sundays ago that the two were dating.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi

Prince William and Kate Middleton continued their royal tour of India today, April 11. They started their day in Mumbai visiting tech entrepreneurs, then traveled to New Delhi to visit India Gate and the site of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

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Kensington Palace issues letter on publication of unauthorized photos of Prince George

This morning, August 14, Kensington Palace issued an open letter about the publication of unauthorized paparazzi photos of Prince George and has requested both the media and the public to stop purchasing them. The letter comes directly from Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry‘s Communications Secretary, Jason Knauf, and is written in first person.

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Prince William’s elephant sanctuary embarrassment and ridiculous tour costumes

**Quick Kate Middleton update before the William post: Next Thursday, March 12, Kate will visit the set of Downton Abbey at Ealing Studios. That makes five appearances over four days next week. She really is packing in the appearances before she disappears to give birth, huh.** Prince William‘s latest controversy proves how completely incompetent Will […]

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Cambridge Survival Guide for Will and Kate’s new PR guy, Jason Knauf

In the comments on the last Duchess Kate post, a welcome post was suggested for Jason Knauf – Prince William and Kate’s new PR guy. In the wake of Prince Andrew’s latest disturbing PR/legal nightmare, I thought a little advice from us to Jason would be a great idea. So here’s to you, Jason. Welcome […]

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Will and Kate’s office issues dress code to American journalists: rude?

So… about that dress code thing… American journalists have been issued a dress code for when Prince William and Kate Middleton visit New York City and Washington, D.C. in December. There was possibly an email sent to the American journalists – as claims the Daily Beast – but all of the other stories I read […]

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