Prince William and Kate Middleton pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi

Prince William and Kate Middleton pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi

Prince William and Kate Middleton continued their royal tour of India today, April 11. They started their day in Mumbai visiting tech entrepreneurs, then traveled to New Delhi to visit India Gate and the site of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.

William and Kate arrive at Social Offline
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate started their day in Mumbai at the GREAT Tech Rocketship Awards launch at the Social Offline.

The Tech Rocketship Awards “will find and celebrate some of India’s best and brightest talent in technology start-ups. Ten young entrepreneurs will win a trip to the UK, which will include access to the best of British expertise and advice, and a chance to pitch to potential investors for finance.”

Social Offline is a collaborative workspace which combines the best parts of an office and a cafe where artists and innovators can come together.

William and Kate try out start up demonstrations 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate visited young entrepreneurs who showed them their designs and innovations, which included the couple typing “George” in Braille while wearing a VR headset.

The Cambridges met one tech entrepreneur who showed off his cooking machine which makes pancakes, crepes, dosas, and omelettes automatically once it has been pre-loaded with batter. William poured batter onto the hotplate and cooked it before rolling it up and taking a small bite from one end. He said it was good and offered Kate to take a bit, but she waved the food away with her hand.

William and Kate try out start up demonstrations 3
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William gave a short speech: “Being here today, it is clear that India is leading the way in so many areas of innovation and technology.”

William gives speech at Social Offline
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate then flew to New Delhi where they first stopped at India Gate to pay their respects and lay a wreath on the war memorial there.

The wreath reads: “Never forgetting those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for India.”

Wreath at India Gate
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The couple posed for photographers. It seems they are only happy posing for photos when they are not in the UK.

They couple then visited Gandhi Smriti, a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi – the leader of the Indian independence movement who was assassinated on his way to a prayer meeting in 1948. His place of assassination, Birla House, is now the museum. The Cambridges visited the site of the assassination and scattered rose petals.

From the Mirror: “Kate asked their guide, museum director, Dipanker Shrigyan, the significance of the statue. The director said the girl, who was holding flowers, represented hope, and the boy who was holding a dove represented peace.”

More from the Mirror:

    “[Director, Mr Dipanker Shri] Gyan said: ‘They told me they were surprised by his simple living, that such a man had such a simple life.’
    “He then showed the couple to the prayer spot in the garden where Gandhi regularly prayed. Inside, the walls are covered with murals of scenes from throughout Gandhi’s life, including him playing the violin as a child and dressed in a suit and tie when he was studying in the UK.
    “‘They were very surprised to know that he had played the violin and adopted British customs before returning to India.'”

William and Kate were given scarves and posed, again, for photographers (though only after some coaching to do so).

Kate opted for one of her lesser go-to designers: Emilia Wickstead. She wore the “Wool-Crepe Midi Dress” (originally £1,700 before being discounted and selling out). The wool crepe dress features a full skirt, a large peter pan collar, front slit pockets, and faux breast pockets (or boob flaps as I call them).

Yeah, the boob flaps kill this dress. I am not a fan of peter pan collars but it would have been alright if the boob flaps had not been there. Otherwise, I actually like the dress.

Kate added to her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch collection with a new oatmeal colored one (£495.00). Kate added to her nude pump collection also with new Rupert Sanderson “Calice” pumps in pink ($675.00). She also wore her Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven girandole earrings.

Emilia Wickstead Wool-Crepe Midi Dress

*Deep breath* Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room. Kate suffered another “Marilyn Moment” when her skirt flew up while laying a wreath at India Gate. Over the last almost five years, Kate has had many a skirt fly up, but she’s been fairly good about it the last year or so to the point that I had to break out tags that I haven’t used in ages. It’s a huge bummer that this happened because now the conversation is going to be “Kate’s an idiot; her skirt flew up AGAIN” instead of anything about what they actually did.

But… *bangs head against computer*… COME ON! This is ridiculous at this point. This isn’t “whoops, she didn’t know”, this is “you’ve done this 10+ times, you should know better by now”. It annoys me when I see people bring up Kate’s past mistakes, some a decade old, right before the tour and make fun of her for it because I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and take the tour for what they give us rather than taint it with negativity going in, but… STOP MAKING IT HARD FOR PEOPLE TO DEFEND YOU, KATE! WEIGHT YOUR HEMS OR DON’T WEAR SUCH A FLIMSY DRESS!

I’m including this photo because her face is all “Oh my god there is a photographer right there”.

In case you were wondering what Jason Knauf looks like, here you go.

333 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I was waiting for it to happen but didn’t think it would be so soon. I’m sure this is just the start of it. Someone will post a picture of her thong like last time.

      1. Yep, Lorrie, there will be frantic calls being placed to locate the full frontal shots (the skirt went so high as to expose her STOMACH).

        Every single time this happens, she’s wearing the same silhouette. Weights or not, she cannot wear this flimsy, flippy silhouette. She’s a grown woman & she’s wearing Peter Pan collars, boob flaps & a floaty skirt.

        So embarrassing for my country – and to Gandhis memorial. She should be ashamed. This was SO easy to prevent.

        1. Oh, JL, you need not be ashamed. You have dignity. You know what would work for such an occasion and what would not.

          It is a sorry turn of events for this tour. Of course, William’s admission that he never has seen a Bollywood film was not too savvy, either.

          I’m in a rush today, but had to check out this blog before heading out to a meeting. I must say, this is really sad and does show that Kate is totally clueless about what to do and how to behave. After the previous skirt issues, you would think….. Oh, well, I guess not!

          Jason looked beside himself.

          And, for goodness sake, the photo of Kate’s angry face being “flashed” toward the photographer is priceless. You want respect, Duchess? Then, command it by your actions.

          OMG. That’s how I can sum this up.

          1. Has she no brain or has she no shame? Or she hasn’t both. She looks like a nurse & her hair is everywhere! She should have an updo hair with an elegant hat. She’s representing the BRF,for goodness sake! She did this to herself. She’s mortified & angry with the press for taking those shots?!

          2. RIght, Ida. But, dare I say this? Her fans will be angry that the press had the audacity to release the photos. If you don’t like the heat, Kate, get out of the kitchen. You did this to yourself!

            Such a light-weight, full skirt needs weights at the hem. Better yet choose a dress with a slimmer skirt that wouldn’t burst upward during a puff of wind.

            She is just beyond help. She obviously doesn’t want it, or think she needs it. She and her husband are spoiled, clueless brats.

          3. To be fair, I read some people commenting that the hems seem to be weighed down. Still it’s no excuse. This has happened too many times before for her not to be extra cautious and wear a slip.

          4. Yes, a slip would help. Or, choosing a dress that had a slimmer skirt. The fabric seemed very fine. Do you really think weights had been sewn in? I’m afraid that I don’t think so.

          5. I can’t tell if it is weighed down, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. At this point it would be really, really dumb of her not to at least try to prevent this from happening. But as I said that’s no excuse. She should stick to pencil skirts in outdoor events from now on.

        2. Actually the pics of her Marylin moment were on the Daily mail, so I find it hard to remove them. I agree, very embarrassing fot UK and very desrespectful toward the place she was visiting

          1. From the last pics it’ s obvious that she was wearing no weight, they are dark ( my aunt was a taylor, sometimes he weighted hem)

    2. I thought the same thing. My god, it’s only day 2. We’ll see what happens in the days that follow. Bottom line is that there is zero sympathy. She’s a 33 year-old with 5 years experience under her belt, REPRESENTING A COUNTRY. Not just herself, a whole bloody country! I just pray that she’s got something on under there because we all know that Kate is fond of playing the exhibitionist.

      Let’s hope for better posturing in days to come. I pray that there’s no ass or nipples from here on out. Good god. I hope Jason makes boat loads because that spin doctor, my friends, earns every damn penny, having to clean up after this lot.

  1. That last photo of Kate is a good example of a photographer being in the right place at the right time. I’d say that it shows the real Kate.
    As for the flyup? It was going to happen, I only wish it had not happened where it did, at the memorial.
    Kate’s not going to learn is she?
    *shakes head*
    I’m not surprised Jason looks worried.
    Thanks for the posts KMR and all your hard work!!!!!!

        1. 🙂 Sorry, Rhiannon. Remember dag don’t wipe your face 🙂 We must be ladylike. Oh, I wanted to tell you that People magazine online had an article about how to snag Prince Harry and can you believe it one of the pointers was to act like Kate!!! I’m almost died laughing! I can’t imagine that Harry would have anything to do with a Kate clone. You just be your wonderful self and I bet he’ll fall head over heels.

          1. Lol, no worries. The sad thing is that women will take that advice to heart. I would want to do the opposite. Be your own woman and do your own thing. He will either like it or hate it. I see Harry as liking independent women.

    1. I think it was over at Love, Lola. Someone suggested it is a good think Kate’s brain stem was still functioning, because if it wasn’t, she wouldn’t know to breathe.

      Day two and this is how it is going. A real waste.

    2. What is wrong with this woman? The first mishap at the Canadian Airport would have taught anyone a proper lesson. But those little Marilyn moments keep happening!

      What a shame, as you said, KMR, that this trip will now be known for this flashing

      Of course, if this couple were more prepared, more in touch with the history of the country they are visiting…. If they cared more and really did their homework — well, the trip would be more than their own personal holiday. It would really foster good will among the countries and the people.

      I think this is a very sad turn of events. I do hope that the powers that be back home lay into Kate and William when they return. Kate misses her children! Yes, we know that. Perhaps, she misses being in their company, because she is so childish, too! Nasty of me, I know. Forgive me.

    3. Cathy you right. That photo says a lot about Kate. She looks mean and mad.

      I think Kate is lucky though, I don’t think the photographers are going to release any of the revealing fly up moments. And I am sure there where some.

    4. Surely a disgrace and offensive to millions – definitely not good for the Monarchy – HM POW the BRF – the children and marriage.

      It’s coming – from her worrisome look she has been warned and ordered – NO exhibition/flashing allowed! Especially HM birthday milestone among other.

  2. 1. If that isn’t a nurse’s uniform, I don’t know what is. (No offense to nurses on this blog. I’m with you, I’m a healthcare professional)

    2. The Marilyn Moment is UNFORGIVABLE at this point. This tells me she hasn’t learned and listened. That is gross stupidity.

    3. I hate to bring up the Botox issue but I’m 100% convinced she’s had one. Gone are the forehead lines, corner eyebrows and eyelids turned up are classic signs. I have no issue with Botox as I use it. But on a 34 year old?

    1. Nurse chic…from a distance I’d thought she had done a great job. Up close I was disappointed, were the boob flaps necessary? I do like the colour, cut & length. No sure why she’s wearing heels and what a terrible time to flash, such a lack of respect. Her questions are so juvenile & show her lack of interest. As an Art history major shouldn’t she be able to interpret the meaning of the statue herself? Such a waste of tax payer money…

      1. Maybe it’s from the heat but did you see her feet when she took her heels off?they look very swollen/cankle-y. Her feet and calves look much better with heels on. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t wear flats too often? I like those heels she wore today.

        1. Lela14 I am glad you said that! I noticed it too when looking at the DM articles. It probably from the heat or she is pregnant ;). I think the heels make her legs/ankles look nicer, so that is why she wears them all the time (though her ankles are normally more defined than that).

          1. Owww! That is brutal. I have been to Asia in the summer countless times and the heat and humidity can make you (me) swell (face, hands and feet). With that, I can sympathize with Kate and the torture of having to wear pantyhose.

    2. Hey, Yorkie! I also thought this looked like an old nurse uniform. It’s unfortunate that Kate always seems to have one thing that breaks a decent outfit. This dress would have been perfectly fine without the pocket flaps IMO.

      As for the botox,I sort of don’t blame her. Her skin was looking pretty rough at her last few events before the tour. I think she must smoke. It’s the only thing I can think of that would be aging her skin so quickly.

    3. Regarding the botox. I once knew some young women who started with botox in their early 20s and I was shocked! They had absolutely no lines or wrinkles so I don’t understand why they felt the need to use botox. I find that so incredibly sad.

      1. I think it is sad too : she just is 34 years old!!! I wonder if she use botox because she saws or hears some comments on DM or other sites… Because if it is the case, she should know the critics of lazyness and she has not yet changed about these subject.

        1. as with so many aspects of her appearance, she needs help. to me, it looks like she is a sun worshiper and smoker. the results show in her face. a good skin care regimen can make a world of difference but she seems to go for the easy fixes. perhaps it is genetic, but her mother and sister do not appear to have the same issues. a lot of the damage Jan be reversed. a good retinol can do wonders. it is sad.

        2. She started the botox right before her engagement. Went into overdrive in the first 18mths as a royal so that her face looked like a lacquered mask and she had serious bunny lines. She stopped with the first pregnancy, but of course it takes some time to wear off, and when it wore off, she had gained pregnancy weight so looked good.

          For the first 3months of Geotge’s life, she didn’t have it, but the lines weren’t too bad because she was still pregnancyt weight heavy-sort of. However, by 4mths, she was back to being skinny, and that’s not good for her frame and especially her face which becomes haggard and tired. The DM shamed her with an unphotoshopped pic from an engagement around then, complete with spotlighting her grey roots.

          She disappeared for about 3wks and was botoxed, hair roots dyed by the next engagement.

          However, between babies, her botox application has been mostly light application such that she could still move most of her heav, and the bunny lines were gone.

          Part of the reason for the OTT expressions in the first 18mths was because her face wss completely frozen, so she had to show her emotions with OTTexpressions.

          Post Charlotte, she had a small amount to between her brows and the ends of her eyes, and post the chinese state dinner, in her jowls. She’s one of those people whose natural face is tired and droopy and haggard. Botox in the right spots eg ends of her brows and her jowls has the effect of lifting her face and making her look ‘alive’.

          For this trip, she’s had the full face injected because all the tiny lines, seen in the few less photoshopped pics, that were present at a month ago have been removed. You can see the bunny lines threatening when she smiles/laughs in the photos.

          1. Herazeus: your comments are spot on. I believe she’s had what we call a “dermalift.” That’s where you get injected on each side of your face for a lifted and rested look. But the dead giveaway for me was the last picture–the upturned “growling” eyes.

          2. @Zoe Proof: This is what she really looks like with no botox and fillers (minus some in her cheeks in the first pic)

            You don’t go from having a face littered with wrinkles, saggy and pockmarked skin, saggy jowls, bags under your eyes that could double as suitcases, and basically looking a good 10 years at the least older than what you really are, to a clear and lifted face/skin without the help of medical intervention.

            Skin is affected by several things (barring actual conditions like dermatitis and other actual skin problems): genes, diet, sun. It only takes one look at her mother to see that she comes from a bad gene pool where the women look hard their entire lives, ala a picture of Cheese n Toast, holding Gary where she’s supposedly 10 but looks at least 13. We’ve all seen the pictures of Kate coming out of clubs looking completely toasted. When William finally gave her Diana’s ring, she started to diet herself down to nothing and still does 5 years in. You can google all pictures from all these periods in time and see for yourself.

          3. @Cathy Oh there definitely are. Even with botox, fillers, and the plastic surgery she’s had, Kate is not amazing looking by a long shot. She has the most horrible skin, wrinkles, and jowls that I’ve ever seen on anyone her age, no matter their race.

            Even in the world of celebrity it’s a given that they’ll be photoshopped to a certain extent but I definitely think the people who do it have to go above beyond with it for Kate because I’ve seen pics where you can see they’ve applied some photoshop and she still looks old an haggard. You can see it in pics from the wreath laying engagement they had in NZ. She was obviously photoshopped but still looked old and hard.

            The British press have really been laying off the photoshop for a while now in their passive aggressive stance to William and Kate pissing them off by not allowing access (plus I think Charles has put her on a budget of some sort because I don’t think she just decided on her own to stop bottoming to the max like she was doing in 2011 after they married). Like all tours, they’re to applying some seriously heavy-handed (so to speak) photoshop.

          4. Zoe: lovelolaheart blog has a post from last year (i think) in which she details all of the botox and improvements that Kate has done to her face, as well as showing examples of unphotoshopped pics vs photoshopped ones.

   also has a long thread of pre-botox/pre-photoshopped pics vs after botox/photoshop.

            Her forehead botox is obvious by common sense deduction eg the lines between our eyes which form when we make OTT expressions yet with Kate never form even when rest of her face is straining and muscles are pulled up.

            The bunny lines are a classic give away for nose/eyes botox application. Everyone, including celebrities who has applied botox in that area develops them. Nicole Kidman was particularly stand out example of a celebrity with bunny lines.

            From the links posted by Sholux, you can see the very obvious forehead lines on Kate’s forehead from engagements 6wks ago (pink dress) or last winter ( grey coat/pony tail). She didn’orhave to smile for the lines to show and they are pretty deep. Yet look at her pictures in India. Lines gone. Not even a hint that they ever existed.

      1. Thank you for the pics and comments Sholux. You’ve obviously put a LOT of thought and energy into this. However, everything you’re saying is still just speculation. You don’t really have any proof of anything you’re saying. She does have visible forehead wrinkles in 3 of these shots but that could also be explained by her facial expression, the angle, the lighting make up …. I mean, after looking at these I can’t tell you for sure that she has more or fewer wrinkles than I’m seeing in pictures from this week. It’s completely within your rights to guess and offer theories if that’s what you want to do. But ultimately it’s just that- guesses, speculation and rumor.

  3. First, lose the boob flaps on the bodice girlie and weight your hems. Then, weight your hems and up your accessory and shoe game. Finally, stop clasping your hands over your lady bits. It looks like you’re blocking a kick to the groin. It is defensive gesture.

    1. Seriously. That dress is jeuvinelle with the collar and flaps. A belt maybe with coordinating shoes and clutch and earrings would transform this dress. It looks like it is cream colored which I think washes her put. She looks and probably is jet lagged. A real makeup artist is desperately needed.

      1. I’m thinking a bright colored belt with a clutch and shoes in a bright, contrasting color would have made this dress pop. Of course, losing the collar and faux pockets would help too.

          1. Blue would be nice and she loves blue- some of the queen’s sapphires , blue belt and blue shoes – bright blue not navy.

            I’m paying so much for this complete idiot but am now prepared to increase that a little so she can afford weights for her dresses. It could not have happened at a worse place. I am ashamed, frustrated and frankly hopping mad. She need a WIL NOW ( and yes sorry KMR I am shouting at her ).

          1. I think she may have worn the white as she was visiting a memorial- so it is appropriate for the event.

            I have no words on her flashing her lady bits, that too in INDIA! AT A MEMORIAL! This woman will never improve as she never seems to learn. Instead she has the gall to be angry at photographers for being there and catching her exhibitionist tendencies. Most normal people, if they ever had such an incident happen to them in the world stage once, would make sure that they never let it happen ever again. Did this kind of upskirts ever happen to the Queen? To Diana? To Anne? To Sophie? To Camilla? I don’t think so.

          2. Coral pink! Candy apple red! Just thought I’d help out and add some more colors, Rhiannon! 😉

            1.) I just have three words for the latest Marilyn moment: WTF?!?
            Dude, at a memorial no less! And that hair! For the love of all mankind just cut it off!!

            2.) I can’t tell if she’s doing this stuff on purpose or what! I’m truly at a loss.

            3.) That last picture truly seems to capture the real Kate. Not the sweet, dimpled-smiled person (I refuse to call her a woman) we see many times.

            4.) the boob flaps. I think those were added to give the illusion that she has ta-tas (though she obviously doesn’t) and it looks plain silly. A nice, colorful scarf would’ve helped this dress, not the flaps nor the PP collar. Sigh. I give up.

            Last, Jason is kinda cute though he does remind me of Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian’s ex) LOL!

        1. I agree with everything you said except the bit about the belt. It is hard to tell for sure but it looks like Kate has once again had the waist of the dress moved above her natural waist. It is too high to be at her natural waist and too low to be an empire waist. Adding a belt at the higher level would look about as ridiculous as the boob flaps. If the waist was at her natural waist then the belt would be spot on.

          On a side note, yesterday I made the comment that it wouldn’t kill her to wear shoes in a color other than navy, black or nude. I mentioned red, pink, green, yellow, blue that wasn’t navy. But I meant a bright pink not a pink that is so pale that you can’t tell if it is off white or pale pink!

      2. And somebody teaching her decency. Someone teaching her not to have these Marylyn moments anymore, she’ s the only Royal having them ( maybe some other Royal had, but rarely and I’ m sure after it happens once it won’ t happen twice. With Kate happens twice thrice, four times…..)

  4. Jason looks like he smelled something bad. What is that Jason, the smell of despair leaking from your pores because your client flashed the world again…and at a memorial monument at that. No worries, you’ll handle it, that’s why they pay you the big bucks.

    Oh to have been a fly on the wall when they got back to their hotel room. I’m pretty sure it ended with William gnashing his teeth to stumps and Kate crying and running to the phone to call mummy.

      1. This is Jason’s first tour with Kate. He did William’s Asia tour last year.

        1. William and Kate are a PR nightmare. Just two days in we have seen the white washed slums, the utter non preparation of a gala dinner and speech. Kate wearing her “fancy” clothes. Her Marilyn Monroe moment I’m surprised you didn’t see a clutch under that shirt. Since her hair and grip on her clutch are here security blankets in life.

        2. It’s probably his last trip with Kate, too. Can you spell, “I resign!” ????

          I could just see you banging your poor head against the computer, KMR.

          This is so disrespectful and clueless on her part. And, yes, this trip will be known for another Marilyn Monroe moment, now. But, could the Duchess and her staff learn anything from past errors, at all? This is becoming so darn obnoxious on her part!

          The dress with such a full skirt and apparent thin fabric, demanded hem weights. Better yet, wear an A-line dress for such a visit.

          I feel so saddened for anyone who witnessed such apparent lack of dignity and respect for A MAN OF PEACE.

          I cried when I saw the photos. Then, I got angry. Who checks this woman out before she leaves the hotel? Who has the guts to say, “Don’t wear that, Ma’am.” Then, point her to a more sedate and careful choice.

          Shame on Kate. Shame on her!!!!!

          1. I agree Jenny, if he makes to the end of the year I’ll be shocked. I wonder if he and the Queen will be knocking back large Dubonnet’s over ice once this tour is over, I can’t even imagine what the Queen is thinking about all this.

          2. Dubonnet on the rocks! Good one, Lauri.

            BTW, I recently bought a bottle of Figenza. It’s a fig vodka and it’s to die for! I’m going to have some tonight when the baby is sleeping.

            I told my sister about the Kate flashing and she just emailed me after visiting this blog and Daily Mail. Her response: She wishes Saturday Night Live would do a skit. I asked her to post here, but she wouldn’t!

          3. Yes, I’ m pretty sure there were no hems, they are dark and the hem of her flowing skirt in the last pics is white and most of all flat. So no hem.And no decency

          4. Hi Jenny
            My personal opinion is that Kate mustn’t care about the flyups as she’s don’t it so often now. I get the feeling that Kate wears what SHE wants to wear and just doesn’t care about the weather, the wind, protocol or respect.

          5. Hi, Cathy:

            If you look at her face in the video of the skirt incident, you can see she is upset, but doesn’t know what to do. I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for her, though. I mean, this woman does not learn from her mistakes one bit. I think she was upset that she’s in for another reprimand from HM and more limitations on her wardrobe. So, she must care, but not in the way people who were shocked by this would care if it happened to them.

            Hope you are having a good day/eve.

          1. The future King and Queen of England. If the monarchy doesn’t implode by then. Two immature,disrespectful idiots. Who have not a ounce of culture combined. So sad.

  5. It is my favorite dress since the beginning of the tour : I love the color, but not the pockets and the collar.
    Just the title “prince william and kate middleton pay respects to Mahatma Gandhi” makes me laugh : the contrast between these 2 and Gandhi is just…. woah I have no words.
    Not only they don’t prepare really their trip but I think that they don’t know who is Gandhi if they don’t know how he leads a simple life with not opulence.

    But anyway today was not about paying respect, at the end of the day the only souvenir is the flashing (How many since she is a Duchess?).

    1. They were surprised at how simply he had led his life. Come on Will all you have to do is watch the amazing movie Gandhi ( BAFTA will lend you the dvd) – I do actually wonder if they got him confused with Indira and her family – she too was assassinated.

      1. Birdy, I was also pretty taken aback. He’s going to be a king someday. He should know enough about world culture to know that Ghandi lived a simple life…

      2. I’m now convinced that her prep work only extended to her wardrobe. His preparation: reading the speeches before he presents them? He appears completely unprepared.

      3. Yes Birdy I did mention in the previous blog that they might be confused about the 2 Gandhis. They’re so predictable & lazy. Can’t be bothered to read up or do research.

        1. perhaps this is a stupid question, but don’t they have people who can write up talking points for them, including questions and answers? I prepare materials like this all of the time at work. it requires them to read it of course, but it helps avoid gaffes. there may be no hope for these two though as they don’t seem to care much about connecting with their audience, country, charity, what have you.

          1. I’m sure they do but you’ve answered your own question: they’d have to care enough to read it. I genuinely believe that W+K think they have such ‘star power’ that people will be just dazzled by them, and be content with a smile and some vacuous small talk. Look at that arrogant look on that last photo of Kate in KMR’s post; says it all.

          2. I am sure they do have people who do that. But, how prepared are those people, anyway? And, you are right to ask, would Will and Kate read the questions and answers? They seem to prefer to wing it when it comes to their appearances. The other way requires their doing some work.

  6. 1. Cocker spaniel in white dress..without weighs in the hemline.

    2. Stupid questions about Gandhi! Well educated 30 somethings from BRF shouldn’t be “surprised” about those well documented facts. Just in case: there is a movie called “Gandhi”…but I suggest they were obviously even too busy for watching it.

    3. Poor Jason looks significantly less happy than during his tour with Harry.

    1. #2 all the way! You mean to tell me that they had no clue? It’s a known fact. They obviously did not read the recce. Or history.

      1. Oh I’m sorry I’m repeating people I’m just so angry have to spit it out quickly!!

        But Greta please don’t insult my beautiful cocker spaniel. When he does something silly or naughty he rarely does it again or he gets the look from me.!!!!

        1. So sorry!!! But you know….that hair is a good look for cocker spaniels, but not for an achieved woman in her position. Imagine you Cocker spaniel with a Tina Turner wig. That would be so wrong either! 🙂 And I LOVE Tina 🙂 <3

      2. Citation:“‘They were very surprised to know that he had played the violin and adopted British customs before returning to India.’”

        1. I wonder if they know that Gandhi had lived in London, if they know his live other than just he is the “father of the Indian nation”.

          1. Nope haha, north of the border! Just well schooled on a fitting turn of phrase by the lovely southern ladies here at KMR, many posts ago 😉

    2. Greta: regarding that Gandhi movie, it was directed by Richard Attenborough who was one of Diana’s speech/acting coaches and subsequent friend.

      Not to mention the President of BAFTA until William took over the role.

      Not to mention, they’ve enthusiatically supported his brother David Attenborough.

      1. And David is hugely into conservation. I’ve never heard David say it’s ok to get people to pay to kill old sick animals.
        Fabulous news about tigers today. Wow, such beautiful creatures.

          1. The world tiger population is increasing again for the first time for many many years. They are still endangered, but hopefully the protection is beginning to work.

  7. I wish next time,william should really help her with the must be so difficult to keep the dress in place from front and behind,

    william ,please take charge of atleast one side…

          1. It was in the late 80ies. My mom saw a documentary about the queen on TV where she learned the HM the Queen always has weighs in her hems. A few months later there was a wedding in our family, my mom remembered HM’s “advice”, took the weighs out of one of the curtains in our living room and put it in the hemline of her dress. The weather wasn’t windy on the day of the wedding….but well…. She never put the weigh back into the curtain 🙂 What do we learn from that? Even Bavarian housewives are able to follow a good advice! Any more questions?

          2. It doesn’t look like the soldier is helping on purpose to me. It looks like his hand just happens to be caught in the crossfire of her blowing dress.

            To be fair, William couldn’t have helped Kate with her dress, even if he wanted to, as he was holding onto the other end of the wreath. By the time they had it in place, Kate was perfectly capable of holding down her own dress. Kate should weight her hems or wear pants.

          3. Greta: you can ask a taylor for weights for hems ( there are different types and weight,it depends on the dress you need to weight, they’ re not so easy to find though)

    1. William seems to be generally inconsiderate towards Kate. I’m specifically thinking of the time she got her heel caught in the grate at the Irish Guards Parade and he didn’t seem to do much to help her.

      1. Any Gentleman would have helped a lady in distress. William is no gentleman.

        However Kate is no lady. This has happened so many times it is not funny. I am disgusted at this behaviour from Kate. She is a disgrace to the BRF.

        1. It seems Kate will not learn. Is this something we should expect of Kate when she attends any kind of function in the future? I am sorry to sound harsh but any person who keeps repeating mistakes like this makes me very uncomfortable.

          I’m mortified at the thought of Kate flashing at the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele.

          Ok, it may not happen but how many people thought Kate had learnt her lesson and there would be not flashing on tour?

          I’m feeling queasy at the thought of Kate flashing again on tour too.

        2. With those twitter photos was a comment: don’t be shy now, Kate, we seen it all….
          I too don’t think the guard stepped in to help – I think he first handed the wreath, hence was near, then stepped away.

  8. It was only a matter of time before one of her skirts would fly up. Will she ever learn? This dress just isn’t pretty. It does nothing for her but washes her out. And will she stop holding her hand in front of her! She looks so insecure and nervous doing that.

  9. There’s no excuse for the constant exhibitionism from Kate Middleton. She continues to operate out of the narrow boundaries which her job requires. Wills made a big mistake and I foresee divorce in the future. She’ll collapse when the kids are off to school.

    Also, I predicted that despite Wills unhappy childhood, he would still follow the male tradition of taking on a mistress and the Spain trip (and perhaps the Kenyan wedding) proved that I was right. Married Jecca will continue to be with Will. Poor Kate. Was it worth it in the end? After all, she did come from a financially stable family, despite not having the respect which old money affords.

        1. Yes…..but I don’t like the dress a great deal so the shoes are the redeeming feature for me. Just seen her outfit for tonight though and I love it and I am not an Alice Temperley fan by any means.

  10. A perfectly good looking dress minus the flaps at the chest region.
    I know my hope is in vain,but *hopefully* she wears a trouser suit.And since India was on top of Kate’s list of countries,*hopefully* she’ll give some sort of a short speech.
    The tour that I’m actually looking forward to is Kate’s first solo tour.Wonder when that’s going to happen.
    I’m actually more interested in her engagement schedule after this tour wraps up.Particularly interested in whether she was actually made Patron of Wimbledon and how she carries on her mental health campaign.
    Oh speaking of mental health,why does she not extend her campaigning in India or atleast show concern by visiting a mental health facility.Does she know about the situation of mental health in India?
    P.S:The skirt blew up,but nothing was exposed right?

    1. Hi Candice! I too am wondering what Kate’s post-tour work load will look like. Let’s see she needed to take almost a month off before a 6 day tour to be with her children (insert eye roll), now surely she’ll need to take another month off to recover and reconnect with them (insert heavy sighing) I’m sorry to be so snarky but history does tend to repeat itself.

      1. I think you’re right. There will be a couple of QEII celebrations at various points in late April and June. Can’t imagine they’d be up for anything much after India.

      1. Oh, no. More revealing. This is just so darn sad.
        William and Kate’s trip has gone up in smoke. A flash in the pan, if I may so.

        1. I am over this, her dress did not need to keep flying up. The pics of her stomach are not good. She wears slightly high,relaxed waistlines with full skirts which always seem to have this effect. I think there will be more photo releases. SMH.

        2. The initial Sky News video from the front and side showed the whole incident and you could see her left butt cheek. It’s one or the other, if she can’t be bothered to get weights put into her hems then wear full underwear so people aren’t seeing your bottom.

  11. I have to say I hope this is the last time Kate wears an Emilia Wickstead outfit. Almost every one of these outfits is almost identical, same waistline (too high), same draping and I think the same material. I really don’t like seeing a grown woman in a peter pan collar (much too juvenile looking) and those faux pockets are ridiculous. How is Kate able to look both childish and frumpy at the same time? Is it a special gift she has? I just don’t understand.

    I read yesterday that a child in the slums asked William why they have such a big house and how do they communicate in it. This child lives with 8 other family members in a one room “house” (for lack of a better word), William side stepped the question by remarking that he and Kate needed to work on their Hindi more. Do tell us William why do you and Kate need not one but two homes with 10+ bedrooms? What exactly do you do to warrant such plenty when so many others struggle through life with so little? I hope that this tour might open up their eyes a bit to the world around them and the suffering of others (sigh, head shaking).

    Not one bit surprised that Kate had a flashing moment….sigh….

    1. They were uncomfortable with that question from the little boy. To have so much is grotesque in light of others’ suffering but I doubt that they will reflect further. They don’t have that depth.

        1. For a child to ask such a question is so telling. For William to ignore the question is just too sad. Yes, Lauri, wouldn’t it be nice if this tour would open the eyes of the Cambridges to the plight of so many in India and around the world. I doubt they have the depth or character to think that they deserve everything that they have and more, though.

          This is a sad state of affairs and it makes you long for the days when Diana traveled and put herself in the shoes of the people she met. Yes, she had fine clothes and jewels and a lovely apartment at Kensington Palace, but she really cared about others and did what she could to make a difference in the world.

          Who can forget her campaign against land mines? Her care and understanding of the compassion and care AIDS patients deserved?
          I could go on, but what difference would it make to any people like W and K? What started out as a visit to India which showed some promise has turned into another horror show.

    2. About the kids: I was surprised to know they were allowed to ask something, there have been numerous reports that kids are specifically told to smile, wave and not ask questions. What is interesting to me is this does not seem to happen with Harry or other royals, except the Queen maybe.

      1. Like yesterday on the gala, it was forbidden for the people to take pictures with their phones (source : Victoria Murphy).

        About William, it just shows that he is not very good in interaction.

        1. Just to play devil’s advocate, I can understand the no phones thing. I recently attended an “unplugged” wedding. It was nice to not be constantly posing for selfies and have events ruined by constant photo snapping. It also can ruin nice photos when there are a bunch of people holding up cell phones. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, it seems that in this case they were trying to push people through to meet K+W quickly. I saw something (maybe here, can’t remember) that the Bollywood stars were asked to not come up to W+K and that W+K would come to them. Sounds like crowd control that’s coming off as being rude.

      1. Oh Red Tulip, you are so true. Hubby and I went to an open house on the weekend with Miss Four. She walked into one room and said that it was horrible ( she was right). Then she we went into the bathroom and she said that it smelled, they had been cleaning like possessed people before the open house, and finally she went to make herself at home by taking her shoes off to go into the hot tub out the back .

        At that stage I grabbed her hand and told her that we were going.

        I nearly died of embarrassment but she was speaking the truth.

        1. Thanks Tanya for making me smile! 🙂
          Miss Four is so cute! Does she give fashion advice as well as real estate advice?

          1. Not at the moment Thankfully Cathy LOL. We are selling our house and we have an open house this weekend. Guess who is spending the night before with her Aunty? We will pick her up after the open house.

            She is a brutally honest child. Hubby and I are the same and the apple did not fall far from the tree.

  12. That picture, presumably taken after she wrassled her dress into submission, is too good to be true. Just because you are at at war memorial does not mean a photographer won’t take a picture when your skirt blows over your face. I have to say that’s my favorite shot of the tour, we’re actually getting some genuine personality out her. Sassy, but at least it’s real.

      1. Yep Lauri, that was a pissed off look. It is one of the few that we have seen of her. Not a dimple or a fake grin in sight LOL.

  13. When I was 18, keeping in mind I never wore dresses till then, I decided to wear one to a wedding and guess what it flew up, it was embarrassing… However I learnt my lesson and never happen again regardless of how bad the weather got. This is why I still find it surprising when it happens to Kate, someone with access to tailors and innumerous brands that produce beautiful and light slips, imo only someone who does not care would be so careless. Not to mention the pics being used both here and in the press are not the worse of it, in DM even though from the angle one could not see anything, a little bit of flesh was showing and it could only be from her belly – that how high the dress went! (I having a feeling we will have see them after the tour)

    Is interesting they are being coached by the locals to pose for the press. Imo should happen more often by their own initiative and not bc someone is telling them how to do their jobs – you rarely see this happen to other members.

    The red McQueen had very poor tailoring.
    She should have used flats when playing cricket – would it be so hard to switch to flats during half an hour??
    The blue dress was very beautiful, especially without the shawl, it looked great on her when she was next to William during the speech. (BTW why does she always has to stand next to someone during speeches, it seems like she is a lost lamb, an ornament. If she and William switched the tour speeches between the two it would be much better)

    Today I think the shape of the dress looks great on her but that neckline and fake pockets…. Not to mention the poor tailoring – which happens every time she wore something from that designer!

    I LOVED her shoes today they are part of my wish list and she finaly cashing up with not everything goes with nude or black.

    Overall I like the idea and print of the dresses so far and she is playing more with her earrings which I like. I wouldn’t necessarily pair them with the same outfits, but I like her earrings this tour.

  14. Good Morning Mr Knauf! *bites lip*

    Yes, she should have weighted the hem. On a personal note possibly added some color? The outfit looks better with the scarf.
    Hair up would have been lovely.
    The shot of Kate’s glare at the photog is telling. The sun is hitting her and the photo seems less touched up so the real makeup and skin texture comes through. They almost always reduce the makeup on her from reality to print.

    Yes, pay respects to someone who fought for peace by peaceful ways. No shade. I just don’t think they knew anything about him leading up to this or will care to know anything after. If this wasn’t suggested I seriously doubt they would have thought about him at all.

  15. The sad part about the pictures of her flashing, besides the fact that she’s doing in the flipping first place *feelings of strangulation rising again!!*, is that they’re just the tame ones. I’m pretty sure she managed to show more skin because there’s one picture where you can see a very small portion of her stomach. They’ll either be covered up entirely (That person who took the pics of them in France basically said the same, that they hadn’t even released the really sordid stuff, which was saying something because this idiot changed from one bathing suit to another right there on the balcony!) or released later to a foreign paper ala her butt flash in NZ via The Bild.

    1. This happened in past tours also. We get the best shots 1st and slowly the biscuit flashing and wind gusts filter out. Chances are good she’s flashed again and in a few days or post toour we’ll see it. Just like the other times.

    2. In the very first Sky News snippet that wasn’t cut short and from a front angle and to their left, you could see her left butt cheek.

  16. I actually loved the dress if you lose the collar and the chest flaps. But add some color. Any color. Burnt orange or saffron yellow accessories would have knocked it out of the park. But cream on cream on cream on beige is a snoozefest.

    Kate’s fly ups are unacceptable. Does she not know about modesty? Does she know that it is highly offensive? Does she not understand where she is? She was at a memorial site! I’m starting to think that this is in purpose. I gave her the benefit of the doubt…until today.

    These two are a bit much. Unprepared, unprofessional, and short sighted. I don’t know how much more this can go on.

    Thank you, KMR for keeping us up to date.

    1. The flaps on the bodice are hideous. The dress, overall, was not bad, though. I’d have liked to see it in a color, too. And, until the “Thar she blows,” moment, the dress was fine. I just wish she would have weighted that hem. Live and learn, Kate. That’s said for a reason.

  17. I’m embarrassed for the BRF. There’s no excuse for the full skirts. And I keep wondering how in the world her “had do’s” are worth the $500 a day personal services? Good grief.

    I was excited when Kate came on the scene. I liked her style. She was fresh and youthful and individual. Now she’s boring and safe and boring. If she’s going to stay boring, she should go back to her High Street fashions and save the tons of money she’s spending on bad fitting/boring clothes. Good grief.

  18. Just a thought . . . I had a student who always wore a visor to cover her face. She had major weight issues and she used that to hide behind. She ended up anorexic and it took years of full-time in house counseling to get her beyond it.

    Kate must be using her hair the same way, because it makes no other sense in the climate she’s in. Scary.

    1. Kate often we’rs her hair back or tucks it behind her ears. Her hair being worn down is just a styling thing. If it was to hide anything that wouldn’t follow with all of her other behavior both in public and events.

      This imo is a case of Occam’s Razor. So many times people find an extreme to relate behavior to. To excuse it. When it’s likely a simple answer. Kate’s history of styling is bad. Never or rarely appropriate for climate or situation. Combined with her not wearing her hair down all the time or een half the time I can’t back this possibility.

  19. Another eccch and not because the outfit is ugly, it is just boring,. Another day, another 3/4 sleeve length shirtwaist style dress that catches the wind. Oh and buttoned up to the neck because it is freezing in India. Check the weather and put your hair up if it is going to be windy so you are not constantly futzing with it. So far her clothing choices are what I would expect from her….so she is meeting my non-expectations. We’ve all said it a billion times, I know this was a solemn event but accessories that pop a bit would help considerably, so maybe a shoe with a bit of embellishment or even a neutral purse that had some kind of texture, but at the end of the day she really has no presence and that just may be the way it is.

    1. She didn’t get the memo that visiting a memorial doesn’t mean you have to dress yourself in an all-white shroud as if you’re ready for burial yourself.

      1. That’s a great article that you linked to! I also deeply wish Kate would use her status to speak about the treatment of women worldwide. Will would have impact also, if he chose to speak out, but Kate could really take that on if she would. The article states, “India protects no one, least of all our women.” I realize it’s not a political tour, but there are many ways Kate could subtly show support or places she could visit that would have a bigger impact, right? Like the rest of us here, I just want her to do something besides set herself up to be mocked.

        1. Tomorrow there is an event about NGO supporting women : but personally I don’t want Kate to speak about women’s rights because she is not legitimate for me.

  20. On another note, it will be interesting to calculate how many new clothes, accessories, jewellery she got; their prices. Like someone said on twitter, I can’t see her wearing some of these new clothes again in UK.

    1. I have been thinking along these lines too: if the clothes are paid for by taxpayers’ money, it is not a good idea to spend large sums on things that can really only be worn once (e.g., because pattern or cut is rather specific to a certain culture), unless they are sold/auctioned post-tour and the money given either to good causes or used towards the cost of the next tour’s wardrobe.
      Another aspect: when she is seen out and about shopping: I would be interested to know if that is for ‘work clothes’ (taxpayers’ money) or for ‘private’ clothes? If the latter, how much private money is there, and what is its source?

  21. I think Kate was on her theme dress again, with Gandhi as the theme this time. That would make a lot of sense with the plain white dress and all “washed out boring colour” theme. Unfortunately everything that ended up showing is instead her insulting Gandhi, with ridiculously expensive dress (which is against Gandhi’s idea of simplicity and humbleness) and flashing at his memorial. It is all kinds of wrong and humiliating at once!

    £1,760 to look like an asylum nurse… Sigh…

    She always managed to make us speechless huh?! I think it was written somewhere that Kate chose her own wardrobe for this trip, so these theme dressing with overpriced yet ugly looking dresses are to be expected. But really she needs help urgently. 5 years is a long time and she hasn’t learned a thing.

    1. I want to say Lisa pointed out a few posts ago that the press keeps saying that Kate put together this wardrobe because no one else wants to be responsible for this mess.

      1. I actually doubt this is the case. With Kate’s position as the wife to an heir, no matter how difficult, they will definitely find someone to take care of her wardrobe shall she really wishes to. I mean, they managed to find Jason to scrub their mud pit, a stylist should not be as hard to find. I think she wants full credit for her “impeccable style” but it doesn’t work as expected.

        1. Well she has Tash who supposedly helps her with her choices and is probably the one who cares for her garments while they are on tour, I’m sure Kate has the final say in all items selected.

          1. Tash is Kate’s stylist. However, Tash is a useless somebody and so is Rebecca Deacon. They are nothing but extensions of Kate. Yes women who think think that she’s something to ring home about. Tash has no background in fashion as far as I know. So no matter who puts together these outfits between the three, we’re working with the same bad taste and undeserved arrogance, with Kate having the last bad taste say so. Then the public gets to look upon a million overpriced, ugly, and awfully tailored dresses. A million sympathies to the British public who have no choice but to support her.

    2. When I married my military husband (God rest his soul) it took me approximately 30 minutes to learn how to properly dress with respect. I still have approximately 30 little black dresses in various designs and beautiful shoes. Yes, I have proper downtime outfits, as well as accessories for a variety of occasions, but I realized quickly that my Birkenstocks were not appropriate for most events.

      Taking 5 years to learn nothing, is telling me that she does know what’s proper but doesn’t care and is going to do her own thing the way her husband constantly does his own thing. They know they can’t be fired and really won’t be reprimanded so they can do what they like.

  22. I just can’t believe she did it again !!! How anyone can be so stupid to do the same mistake so many times. I am speechless !!!
    Another thing is she looks so sickly and pale to me and her hair is such a mess since the begining of the tour. And did you see her pictures without the shoes (see the pictures on Daily Mail)? Now I know why she loves her pumps, wedges and platforms so much – her legs and ankles look so heavy without them.

      1. Thank you Rhiannon – I would love to be more present on KMR but recently my little one started walking and little tete a tete with you Ladies it’s luxury which I rarely can afford.

        1. Yes, so good to have you onboard again, PolishGIrl.
          A little walker? Now, the trouble starts! Wishing you luck with your little toddling one. How old? A boy or a girl?

          Please find time to check in. You have been missed.!

          1. Oh I will do my best to find some more time for you Ladies – Thank you Jenny 🙂
            Yes my Robbie Junior – a little trouble maker is 14 months old. It took him more time to start walking but now he is quick like lightening. He doesn’t waste time and keeps me busy all the time 🙂

  23. Shame shame shame!!! (channeling the high Septa from the season finale of GoThrones)

    Dear Kate:

    As an American citizen, I’m proud to claim that the term “wardrobe malfunction” was coined by our celebrity tablioid media. Janet Jackson was the first to be graced with that term at the unfortunate booby flashing incident with Justin Timberlake. Remember that? It’s was great and provided many laughs.

    Since then, we’ve seen wardrobe malfunctions from the Kardashians, Kesha, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lawrence, jeez the list of female American celebrities who have had wardrobe malfunctions (and get needed media coverage ) is endless!

    Kate, you can now claim solidarity with this illustrious group of women!! Given how CONSISTENT your dresses blow up and show thigh and ass, I *almost* think you are doing it on purpose like the lovely Kardashian ladies do. But unlike them….do you really need *that* kind of attention?


    For real, these dress problems are INEXCUSABLE. Its an embarrassment and frankly DISRESPECTFUL to Gandhi. And you really couldn’t try a piece of dosa? That’s just being rude to your host country…DOSAS are the bread and butter of the average Indian, but i guess you or Will wouldn’t know that since you put in ZERO preparation for this trip.

    And WILL, next time don’t admit you haven’t seen a Bollywood movie. Nothing says “I don’t give a F***” more than your casual ignorance of your host country’s culture. And yes, Will and Kate, Gandhi did lead a simple life…duh. That’s one of the reasons he is so admired. Again, preparation preparation preparation.

    I could go on, but i have a headache now.

  24. Lazy simpletons. Completely unfit for their roles and an embarrassment in their obvious lack of preparation for this trip. And it seems that Kate will NEVER learn the simple rules of proper dressing. This trip could’ve been of been so much more but I guess that would’ve been to expect the impossible from these two.

  25. I don’t know if I misunderstood but I read that William made like he ask to Kate (with laughter) if she would like made the speech. I don’t know if it is that or if he proposes her to take his place in the video games.
    Anyone has the answer for me, please?

    On another note it will be interesting to see how the Kate fans speak about the flashing : ignoring, denying that it’s a Marilyn moment, saying that it is happening with Camilla, Diana or the Queen….

    Some tumblr made a parallele of Kate and Diana clothes today : they both wear a white dress apart that :

          1. This is it, Birdy. The problem here isn’t the skirt flowing – that can happen to anyone, as gusts of wind are unpredictable – is the flashing. She should be prepared for these situations. I’m sure people would cut her some slack had she worn a slip.

          2. Seeing a slip or the lining of a dress is one thing, knowing the color of Kate’s tiny thong (and weather she has recently had a bikini wax), is another thing.

        1. The point is that it might happen once, twice, but not 14 (?) times in 5 years! And why not weight in her hem?

    1. I hope that HM rips them both a new one when they get back to the UK. Lazy, unprofessional and unprepared. Disgusting behaviour by the both of them.

  26. I can’t even. The refusal to weigh her hems down is maddening to me and must be defiance on her end. At a memorial honoring Gandhi?!

    I. Can’t. Even.

    And that dress is incredibly fugly. Nurse uniforms are nicer.

  27. I just want to put something out there. Diana, after five years of marriage, was working. Steadily. This was a woman who barely passed high school. She just got out for her teens years.when she married Charles. She was not a”brain”. But she had heart. She touched people with leprosy and AIDS, when it was considered verboten. She didn’t want to feed the children on the African village because she was afraid that they were being exploited.

    Kate is older than Diana, and on paper, smarter. Today was a disgrace to Diana and the Queen. I’m furious.

    1. I am right with you on this subject, Rhiannon. Diana cared. Diana let everyone know that she cared for them! Kate may have more education than Diana had, but certainly not more heart!
      And, Diana instinctively knew certain things. She did not need to open a book to understand the plight of so many people around the world. She felt their pain and reached out to them time and time again.

      Kate’s flashing today made me very angry, too. How disrespectful and unfeeling! How crass!

      The photo of her staring down the media as her skirt is blowing is most telling. That’s the real Kate Middleton! Someone with authority needs to put her in her place!

      1. Isn’t it amazing how for all the rah-rah the media created around her “education” when she first married in, Kate is actually dumber than a brick? I’ve always thought Diana was quite intelligent.

    2. You are so right Rhiannon Diana was no scholar but she had big heart. She said that the only way to forget about her suffering was to help other sufferers. She had extreme empathy because she went through so much pain herself and instinctively knew how to approach these people. Everybody felt she was genuine and true to her causes.
      It’s clear that Kate has different personality – she just don’t care about anything, if she did I am sure we would see that by now. For me she is empty head with empty heart,

      1. Kate has a personality? 😉 😉

        Diana might not have been book-smart but her emotional intelligence was off the charts and it’s quite clear which of her sons inherited that lovely trait from her (hint: it wasn’t Wills!)

    3. Right on. Diana cared about people and doing her job. She tried. These two aren’t trying. They are doing the bare minimum (great title for Kate’s biography btw) and it pisses me off. I’m not even British! I’ve concluded that they just don’t care. Charles won’t end the monarchy, it will be these two.

    4. You know, I actually doubt that Kate really is smart at all. I remember reading an article in Love Lola that Kate used to copy other student’s assignments and committed plagiarism for her paper.

      I think if Diana actually found something she really liked early on and went to get a degree on it, she would have done brilliantly. Kate entered the uni and chose the major for all the wrong purposes. I doubt she gave a damn about making use of the degree once she graduated.

      But what really confuses me, is she cannot conduct a decent conversation about serious topics despite having a degree. One example that really makes me want to pull my hair everytime, is her repetition of “addiction, homelessness and knife crime stems back to childhood”. She keeps repeating this as if she never read or know anything else. Other than that, just throw in George and Charlotte, and that’s about all she talks about.

      Diana was very flexible, and she did her homework, plus practicing before every speech diligently. You can throw her into a new field of charity and there she was mingling with people, lobbying them and draw focus into the causes. I think Diana was actually very smart and she worked hard to keep informing herself. She just thought and claimed she was not.

      1. I’ ve always thought that being smart is totally different than being educated. You can have a degree, but it doesn’ t mean you’ re intelligent, it just means that you’ ve studied a subject.

        1. Rhianno I agree with you. I adored Diana and I am well aware that she had her flaws ( as we all do) but these two are just disgusting.

          All of those fans that keep rattling on about how proud Diana would have been of Will have rocks in their heads. She would have been ashamed of his behaviour and that of flashing crotch clutching chutney. Although I still think that there is no way that Will would be with Chutney if Diana was still alive.

  28. Random suggestion – kate does not like her neck hence why she is always hiding behind her hair. It seems to me the up dos usually only come when she has some sort of wrap or higher neckline.
    As for her outfits. Dull, dull, dull. The Jenny Packham at the gala looked like something a woman twice her age would wear.
    Meanwhile, it defies comprehension that she has had a flashing incident and at a memorial. Given how many times it has happened before it really is a complete mystery as to why she keeps making the same mistake. Another public relations and diplomatic disaster for the Lamebridges.

  29. Clearly Kate’s 3 weeks off from her engagements pre-tour was to plan her next international flashing escapade and plan her wardrobe. If she even read a book about Gandhi, the way she reads her scientific papers, she would have known the basic facts of his life: such as his simplicity, that he studied law, lived in Britain like an Englishman, lived in South Africa, married to Kasturba in his teens….

    And to refuse food from their host, that is plan RUDE! Just taking a bite of a dosa would have given pleasure to their host, she couldn’t even do that to make someone else happy. In my Indian culture, refusing food from your host is rejecting their hospitality and is the height of rudeness! Of course, had she done her research, she would have known that.

    1. I’m glad someone else brought up the point about the food. I thought that was inexcusably rude. Unless you have a very compelling reason to refuse (ex: allergy, keep kosher or halal, are pregnant), take a bit of what is offered. Just a little bite! Especially when it was the result of a demonstration that was central to your presence. This woman. Oy.

      1. She praises the Queen when she put the chutney on the table but she has not maneers. Some people say that she doesn’t want her dress to get dirty, but I think that at 34 she is able to eat properly….

    2. Now that I think about it, it’s quite a culturally universal rule of thumb that it’s rude to decline food from your host. This is the second time she’s done that. In Denmark she declined to try the peanut paste, Plumpy Nut, while having no allergy to peanuts, which was even worse because Plumpy Nut is a food product UNICEF produces for malnourished children. I thought that was highly insensitive because although most of us royal watchers who cast a critical eye on her know that she’s too busy restricting her diet to nothing, so that she can compete with all of the thin celebs, Jecca, and William’s preferred body types, many people who don’t could have construed as her actions as her not thinking the product was good enough for her to eat and if it’s not good enough for her then why give it to poverty stricken and malnourished children.

      1. Perhaps, they need to hire a protocol expert, too.
        Why would she refuse a tiny bite of food that was prepared for her visit?
        That’s rude beyond belief. And, the story you told, Sholux, about her refusing the Plumpy Nut — a product that is made for malnourished children by UNICEF? Does she care for any children but her own?

        She has no manners. She hasn’t a clue as to how to behave. And, she is continuously allowed to get away with this behavior.

        As for the photo of the guard helping her with her dress, thank you for posting the link. What a decent gentleman. What’s with William? “She’s your wife, Petulant. Help her! And, next time, make sure she knows how to dress at a solemn occasion.”
        Particularly, on a windy day. Yikes!

        I recall seeing a photo of President and Mrs. Obama walking up the flight of stairs to Air Force One on one windy day and a gust was threatening Mrs. O’s skirt. The President quite naturally put his arm out to protect his wife and stop any fly-up.

        1. I don’t know if it is a rumour or the truth, but it’s Carole Middleton who said that Harry doesn’t have manneers. I don’t know Harry personnally but his attitude on tours, on events (giving the umbrella to Sarah Chatto for “Christmas Parade”) shows that he knows how behaving in public.

        2. Honestly, I don’t think a protocol expert would help. This isn’t even really protocol, though she’s no good at that, bu’t basic manners. She doesn’t even have that.

          I also don’t think it’s in Kate’s capacity to care about anyone besides herself, and that includes George and Charlotte.

          I know some always want to give her the benefit of the doubt but I’m one who believes that there comes a point where we need to call a situation for what it is. In every picture of Kate with George she looks like a bored teenage babysitter or an impatient teenage babysitter.

          George always looks as though he’s Timmy Turner, stuck with Vicky, and looking for Maria. I don’t believe that William spends much time around either of the kids but I think it says something that he looks more comfortable with William than he does Kate.

          George and Charlotte are nothing but 1) talking points to distract from the fact that she has nothing else to talk about. She can at least make up quick nonsense about the two, and 2) excuses to get out of work when she’s really going to do nothing but sit around doing nothing, shopping, and trying to get Charles to pay for her next round of botox.

          She doesn’t give her charities the time of day. I honestly doubt most people could name the 7 or 8 charities that she patronages. I know I can’t. Her facial expressions have only three possibilities: maniac, bored, and feigned interest. She tries to stand as far away from children, the elderly, and the sick whenever she has to interact with them.

          She talks about missing her kids but she surely didn’t care about missing George when she dumped him to go holiday when he was just a baby.

          There’s nothing to suggest she cares about anyone but herself. She’s self-absorbed and empty.

        3. A swift slap up the side of the head might go a long way to instilling some sense into this twit.

          I am in a rotten mood after this disgusting lack of respect from these two idiots

    3. While I agree completely I have to play devil’s advocate for a minute, I did see the video where the Queen was offered a glass of Guinness, she nodded to the gentleman who poured it, looked at it for a moment and then turned and walked away without taking one sip. Perhaps Kate was informed that it’s not necessary to eat or drink items that are offered if you don’t want to. To be fair, she did sample an oyster in Canada while Will declined it.

      1. Well the queen is not immune either – that was rude. We know she drinks alcohol, she should have taken a little sip.

    4. In Italian culture is about the same too. If you refuse food you’ re not kind at all, since that food may be supposedly being cooked for your visit and for you and not tasting it means not caring for the time wasted by your host

  30. I am far behind in my reading. Thank you for another post so quickly and special thank you for the PR guy photo of Jason. Nice looking young man.

  31. And she was doing so well…. sigh…. btw– the Daily Mail has quite the collection of this “flashing” incident… from all sorts of unflattering angles, some even more alarming than the ones on this post… This is such a shame… because you’re right, KMR– the story will no longer be about what they did… I’m curious though as to why KP allows this to keep happening… it’s a PR disaster every time… and given her history, it’s guaranteed to happen *every time* she goes on tour…

    Also– hate those boob pockets sewn to the front of the flashing dress… just…. No.

    1. Maybe it’s secret kink thing her and Will have going on…he likes exhibiting his wife and she goes along with it. LOL

      1. Ewww!!! And what’s with the copies of stewardess and nurses uniforms?? Some sort of … ewww…. I can’t even think it let alone write it but you all get my drift.

        1. Thanks for the link Kristin. I totally agree with those who suspect there was some weighting in the hem. It looks to me like the hem is weighted just NOT enough! Too awkward and she just looks miserable in all the pics after this.

          1. I don’t know for sure. It just looked like it form the way the hem is bending down while the skirt is going up. It looks like there might be some extra weight in the hem but just not enough to stop that much wind. But- I don’t think anyone can tell for sure.

          2. No weights which usually are metal curtain weights or fishing lures.

            People should start mailing boxes of them to the Queen to give to her grand daughter in law as a stocking stuffer and a birthday gift.

          3. In my opinion I don’t believe the weights- if they are there- would be at all visible. I used to use penny weights in this one skirt I had. They aren’t as heavy as the weighted ropes or lines but still work. They were a pain in the butt to sew in so I only ever used them in the one skirt. I would think that her team would know how to add weights to be as invisible as possible so they wouldn’t interfere with the line of the design. It’d be even more difficult with this dress since it’s such a light color. I honestly don’t think you can tell for sure so I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that her team planned ahead for the worst case scenario. But that’s just my opinion.

  32. Thank you Danny Willett for making me proud to be English with some Yorkshire blood. What an amazing day for you…. Pity your royal family couldn’t match your brilliance.

    George – perhaps you should take up golf???!!!

    The BBC are no longer showing the flashing incident I wonder why???

  33. Does anyone know what happens after these events? Do they get a debrief back in their hotel room telling them how things went, what the media has picked up on and what is being discussed about them in the ‘real world’? I’ve a horrible feeling they don’t, that Kate is probably blissfully unaware that she has flashed / offended most of humanity and all anyone says to them is how wonderful they are / she looked / it went. Their team just seem very young and inexperienced to me.

    I think Kate doesn’t know about this, and won’t care too much if she does because what she may hear will be heavily sanitised. They’ll tell her it was no big deal and all everyone is talking about is how hot she looked. I’d love to think someone out there is listening, reading these blogs and will tell them straight. It’s been 5 years! Do they get told? What do they get told, what do they see? These questions intrigue me!

    1. No way she doesn’t know. She looks mortified as it’s happening and in later pics. So disappointed this happened.

  34. This is getting ridiculous. She knows what to do but yet completely refuses to change. What is it? Is she stubborn, dense, a know it all, literally I can’t figure this out. It isn’t like she would have to sew in the weights herself, you have staff!! I was completely appalled when I saw these pics. She looks mad in some of the shots (I don’t know if they were before or after the MM) but she has no one to blame but herself. Kate, you cannot beat nature and the elements, they always win. Beyond the MM, why was her hair not up? She looked like a hot mess at what was suppose to be a solemn event. Most of the royal ladies tend to wear hats at these type of events but not Kate. If this is more of her “modernizing” the monarchy she needs to stop and show proper respect at the times it is warranted. In a nutshell she look undignified.

    The dress; I actually like the color and the fit and flare silhouette. The boob flaps are appalling. With a different neckline, maybe some darting across the top, this would have been very cute. But, this was not the type of event for a “cute” dress. I appreciate the fact that she has shoes on with some color. She needed a belt of something to tie everything together and break up all of the cream.

  35. Not to heap work onto you KMR but I think a roll up of the comments on your site should be forwarded on to jason@KP as a sort of post tour report. Then they can have an accurate temperature check of public opinion. Then send a copy to thequeen@BP None of this blowing sunshine up their overblown arses but a bit of telling it as it is would be useful.

    1. Beautiful idea. I also think we should all send him a package of hem weights. Maybe if care packages from all over the world arrive in KP official mail, Jason will take a hint.

  36. Well it looks like the Kate Middleton Special showed up again! Even if your dress or skirt isn’t weighted there is a way to keep yourself from being exposed. You bring the sides of the skirt forward and either keep them there with your hands laying over them acting as weights or you can gently tuck them between your knees.

    I’m sure people spotted her undies 😐

    1. There were a lot of photographers on her side and they were snapping away as fast as your eye could blink. They saw it all. Whether or not the world will remains to be seen. That skirt flew up past her waist, and so if she had ‘undies’ on, they did see them.

      1. Thank you Sequin Queen. Of course they would be snapping from all angles. Not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me. There were a few instances in the past where it didn’t phase me…such as Kate at an airport. But there are ways to tame the dress/skirt in without exposure. It’s really odd.

  37. Apparently there are some critics from Englih medias: Peter Hunt on BBC / Wow. BBC News @BBCPeterHunt just very pointedly referenced Williams questionable attitude to duty & service, contrasting it to HMs. (Source : twitter Jennifer Chic Happens).
    I don’t have access to BBC.
    He has also written this :

    1. Ooh that’s my tweet! I’m chic_happens_ on twitter 🙂
      It was on the main BBC news bulletin at 6pm – may be repeated again at 10pm bulletin.

        1. Fashion Baldrick? I like Ricardo – he takes (polite) criticism as well as he takes praise, which isn’t always the case with journalists. He’s willing to justify his stance when we disagree, which I greatly respect.

  38. Till now I kept my mouth shut. Now I cannot anymore and need to speak up.

    Dear. Ms. Middleton (or whoever is reading this space for you),

    Thank you for visiting our country. We are really delighted to host you and your husband. We expect a little more leg work to be done before you visit us.

    1. Didn’t watch a single Bollywood movie? Really? Were you guys living under a rock without television? You – do not perform 40hrs/ week job duties, have a nanny for your kids, have a mom on standby 24/7/365, have a fleet of people working round the clock from drafting your emails to cooking your dinner. I am very curious to know what your “normal” day looks like. In this “busy” schedule of yours, couldn’t you watch an Indian movie before heading to the Bollywood Gala? I am pretty confident that the British Airways’ First Class Suite has quite a few of them in their “in-flight tv choices”. The flight from London to Mumbai is about 8 – 10 hrs. You could have watched at least 2 movies in that time span! Anyway, I believe you were too busy trying to lead a “normal” life in the plane (like listening to the infant screaming its head off because it’s scared and nothing from mom really helps). At least read about the history of Bollywood!

    2. Don’t you have an entire fleet of designers and tailors at your disposal? Oh and also the monies to spend on them?

    3. If you really wanted to impress us Mrs.Cambridge thinking that red was the color of our nation, you have missed the bulls eye by many rings! Red is the color of our neighbor (China). We prefer orange, yellow, blue, etc but no all white or black outfits. That means mourning! A nice skirt suit or a sheath dress would be more appropriate.
    4. I am glad that your hemlines are finally below your knee. But flashing again? Didn’t you receive your hem weights package along with your royal etiquette list? If you really want to lead a “normal” life, please undo the hem line of your clothing, thread a needle, sew in some weights and hem it back again. You should be all set. Given the number of “duties” you perform, you should not have to spend more than a few hours on the entire outfits which have the flight risk!
    5. I have a strong feeling that you are trying to impress us by wearing sequin dresses, tunics etc. (in which you actually don’t look comfortable).Please invest in a pair of khaki pants (not skinny ones!), a pair of flat shoes (keds are okay to play cricket in). I am even surprised how you have never sprained your ankle in those wedges and heels you seem to prefer for sporting events. As a nation, we love our culture, but we are also open to other cultures. Please don’t dress up in Indian designer outfits just because you are visiting India.

    I believe your PA looked good in her Pink Khaki pants the other day. May be switch outfits with her?
    And if you really want to honor us, I can pick stuff which are more age appropriate and also in your “normal” budget. Have fun, wear outfits you can wear at your age. Please don’t flash though!

    And the jewelry! Didn’t the queen trust you with the jewels out of her nation? I thought you had your personal collection of diamonds. Bring them out lady!

    We are more than just “curry” you order during pregnancy!

    1. Since you are Indian, can you give us information about how the Indian people senses the visit of William and Kate, the opinion about the British monarchy?
      Thanks for your comment and sorry for my English if I don’t make sense or if I seem impolite.

      1. They have ruled us for quite a long time and lets not discuss that over here. Even though they left the country (or were kicked out) more than 60 yrs ago, after effects can still be seen (both good and bad). Folks like UK because of its proximity to India (in terms of flight time compared to US or Aus or Canada). But I dont think the mass population really gives a damn about them. They might be fascinated with them for a little time but with little in common (especially religion, language, culture), they dont really care. Folks liked it better when Prince Charles visited India and how he invited few of them to his wedding (
        Lets see, how many get the invitations to a “play date” with Prince George and Princess Charlotte 😉

    2. Thank you for writing that! Might I add… the sequin dress had the tackiest possible embroidery on it. Why get your embroidery done from India when its much easier (and possibly cheaper AND more intone with fashion) dress from any of the outstanding Indian designers out there? Why wear an embroidered dress at all?

      1. You are welcome! I really had to get it out my system! I was embarrassed to call the dress “hand crafted in India”. Ladies, no offense to all of you who liked the dress. I mean we can do a whole lot better than what Mrs.Cambridge wore. That is in no way a good representation of us!

        KMR – Thank you for doing the post! I should have said this before I even started my rant, but letter late than never!

        1. Thank you so much Michelle it is wonderful to have your insight.

          Can I ask you what you would think of Kate if she had worn a sari rather than that beaded dress?

          1. Thank you ladies. Feels nice to share the frequency over the Internet! If there is a half comment which I cannot edit/request deletion, apologies. I was trying to post over the phone.
            I don’t think she can/will wear a saree. She cannot carry it off. I can see other royals in a saree but not not Ms.Middleton. A saree is more billowy than her usual dresses. But not all Sarees are. And would require practice to walk in it. She doesn’t seem to be confident to be able to do that but we never know! May be she will wear one before jetting off to Nepal!

    3. I would be interested to know: how many people actually turn out to see them? (Not how many are invited, but how many come voluntarily, e.g., lining the streets).

  39. Out of curiosity…KMR did you cover Harry’s full Nepal tour? Or just when he built the school? I may need a dose of Harry in my life after this India tour mess…and a drink or two! *face palm*

  40. The boob flaps need to go. This would’ve been a great dress to add colour with her accessories. And I mean more colour than the pale pink shoes she wore. I thought they were another nude pair of heels. The blue earrings she wore last night would’ve worked.

    As for the flashing… I have no words.

    1. Thanks for sharing Anushe! I noticed that the Indian press has nicknamed the couple WillKat lol!! Very similar to Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes’ “TomKat”. I don’t think I’ll be able to get this out of my head 🙂

    2. Thanks, Anushe. She clearly is uncomfortable and must be dying inside.
      Why she chose that dress and why she just doesn’t “get it” when it comes to appearing more dignified and ladylike on these visits is beyond me.

      I guess I expected something to go wrong on the trip, but not this!

        1. I watched the video twice. William looks seriously pissed off. Kate just looks mortified. Almost looks like she is tearing up. I actually in a way feel sorry for her. William goes completely rigid when he stands up from laying the wreath.

          1. Perhaps William is realizing what a poor choice of wife he made. But the fact that he chose this woman-child, says a lot more about him than it does about her. He was born in the Royal family and had a mother and has a grandmother who exemplify public service, beauty and public decency- sham he chose to marry someone who is increasingly appearing to be the opposite.

      1. I don’t think i’m reading into to it too much, does any else notice that they are both trying to not smirk when the man starts tonal singing? Yes it was sudden and all but they’re just….juvenile

  41. Another Marylyn moment!! Again!! I hope HM will have a long talk with her. A very very long one. Why isn’ t she weighting hem? And if she doesn’ t like it why doesn’ t she turn to straight pencil skirts or dresses, she’ s very thin she would look good. She’ s representing the Royal Family, she can’ t be so embarrassing!

    Here’ s the link of what happened

    1. All those photographers on that side, too! We have a saying where I come from…bless her heart. That’s really all I can say at this point.

  42. I really thought the Queen has had a word with Kate concerning the flashings and that Kate would not dare to do it again.
    William did not even bother to watch a Bollywood movie before visiting India and meeting Bollywood stars? Incredible!
    Kate’s dress choices are ok but not overwhelming.
    IMHO until now this royal visit has not been worth taxpayers’ money.

  43. I assume KM likes the fact that the flashing pictures create!Maybe it is the only form of rebellion she has? I do not know!

    1. OMG!!! I am stunned that a Duchess of the British Royal Family would have her PA tailor her clothes instead of having a professional tailor do it, this explains a lot!!! I wonder is Tash was the one who put that modesty panel in the blue dress Kate wore at the KP reception last week? I am stunned!!

      1. I wonder if Kate allows Tash to do it because she’s comfortable with her and Tash won’t challenge her eg make her try things on, take time, argue the point that the clothes are not meant to be so pinched etc. It beggars belief that a professional tailor is not used. It’s certainly not in the interest of saving money.

        1. This +1. And also she and Bill are very odd about the people who surround them. They are incredibly paranoid about that.

          1. The Cambridge’s seem to distance themselves from people who have served other members of the Royal Family – maybe fearing they’d leak things back? It seems odd that a discreet professional can’t be found but given that Kate won’t budge from Norfolk it might be harder than we think! Plus Tash is available on tap, I’m guessing.

    2. I read the article and I’m not sure what to think of what the designer said. Apparently Tash took the design and DIY’d it into what Kate wore. The designer is supposed to be happy about it. That just seems weird with me. If I were the designer, I’d be livid! I don’t buy the whole “I loved it so much that I’m going to offer Kate’s for sale too.” I’d say it was more that Kate’s is a bespoke version and the designer released it after Kate wore it to get more business. This story just makes no sense.

      1. Miss K, it does seem inexplicable. If I were the designer, I’d be horrified. But it does explain Kate’s poor tailoring — for example, the crooked line of dots on the blue polka dot dress, and the frayed threads at the waist (removed belt) on the red McQueen. She’s letting her PA hack at her designer dresses which cost thousands of pounds.

      2. I can’t imagine any designer being happy with their work ‘re-designed’, let alone jumping on the bandwagon. Guess she thought she’d hit the big time with sales, so gushed accordingly.

  44. Am meant to be going to bed but spent ages catching up as I’ve been out all day.

    Flashing. Sigh.

    Also, how ironic is it that she finally proved she can walk with her hands to her sides (and look fine doing it), and it leads to her skirt flying up (at the walk up bit before the wreath)?!

    My mum – royalist extraordinaire – agrees, says her mum should’ve taken her aside years ago and said “no one wants to see your underwear dear”!

    The lack of Bollywood film watching makes me sigh too.
    And the comment about wanting to come to India more than anywhere else.

    And why a shawl for an evening in India, sure it was still hot in the evening??

    I was lucky enough to go to India years ago and I visited the Gandhi museum, I dreaded them going and they proved me right sadly.
    I almost feel they’ve tainted it somehow by going there – and asking stoopid questions.

    Hoping for something better the rest of the trip, hope springs eternal!

    Ps anyone know how long they were at the evening event? Wondering if it was a long one for them

          1. It is so shocking that she keeps copying Diana with her clothing choices. She should be stopped. As you said I am otherwise totally speechless!!

      1. wow! that is so creepy. I swear Kate and Scarole have scoured these pics for years on end. It’s so SWF. WOW.

        1. I can see honoring Diana’s memory. I don’t understand why it is done in a creepy and sick way? Also if this the only way to remember Diana by copying her outfits? That is sad… Who is driving Diana obsession? Kate and Carole? Or does William have a say in anything? I’m curious.

  45. I think the extent of her Gandhi research was googling, seeing Ghandi in white and picking a white dress. I think she purposefully hobbles herself in wedges and inappropriate clothing so the focus is on that and her struggling to walk/contain her clothing, instead of the purpose of her visit and what she might think/say about it. She has nothing going on upstairs.

  46. well if you needed any further evidence of an eating disorder, wearing wool crepe in the heat without sweating or otherwise feeling the heat would be it

  47. Oh KMR – here’s some Tylenol for your inevitable headache from bashing against your keyboard.

    I find it all so disappointing. Yesterday was not so bad. First dress – meh – second one I loved! And I think the wedgie heels were fine as the dress was so long. Then last night – well meh again. And even I’ve seen a Bollywood movie and I live in Ohio! UGHHHHHHH!!!!
    Then today – there are no words. Boring dress with stupid breast flaps for absolutely no reason. Emma needs to channel Tim Gunn. Then the unfortunate dress incident. I’m glad I saw the video, as she looked truly mortified. But honey, you knew that this might happen. Why did you choose such a flowy skirt?? And if so, why didn’t you wear proper undergarments? You should have worn a 1950s slip or something just to avoid this moment!! So sad.
    And I can’t even with the Ghandi questions. The first one about the significance of the statue was wonderful. Then you have to show your ignorance about his simple way of life?!?!?! I mean WTF? If you escaped school and university without acquiring this knowledge (quite surprising really considering how important he was to British history) then read up! Watch a movie for crying out loud! Now once again you look like an idiot. Surely you are not, are you??
    I really want to believe that they love each other and are a happy couple. I want to believe that they understand their roles and take them seriously. But they make it damn hard.

  48. A lot of people see these Royal tours as all-expense-paid vacations, but if the royal family wants us to take this seriously as a job maybe she should keep her skirt down . If I had to travel for my work , and this happened? I don’t know what the outcome would be

  49. It sucks that this happened again and I’m very disappointed because it will pull focus from everything else they do. But, other than that, I really don’t see what the big deal is. Especially after watching the video on India Today (someone linked it earlier). On the video it’s really a nothing event. Everyone’s getting blown around. Her skirt goes up, she catches it, no big deal. The pictures are way worse of course. But I still can’t get all that worked up about it. I’m more disappointed with how little they are promoting the people and charities they’re visiting. There seems to be many lost opportunities to talk about culture, education and history- especially with today’s visits. I feel like I learned so much about Nepal after Harry’s tour but I haven’t learned anything from this visit so far.

    1. The skirt blowing was not good, though given her track record, unsurprising Zoe- in all honesty. What bothered ME most when I watched the clip, was the facial expressions of the Cambridges after they stepped back from laying the wreath. Not somber and respectful. Irritated (heavy blinking going on there) and impatient on his side, disengaged and unsure of how to arrange expression on the other. Watch Harry in a similar situation. You will be amazed at the difference.

      1. Ray- I totally agree with you that Harry has an ease that I’ve not seen with Kate and Will- unless they are together with him. Harry seems to bring out the best of them in these situations. As far as their facial expressions I interpreted them as truly upset versus irritated. They both seemed very upset after that incident and it seemed to taint the rest of the day. I imagine that they realized that there would be fall out and then couldn’t shake it off to enjoy the rest of the day. With Harry when things go wrong it seems he can just go with it and move on. I don’t know that Kate and William feel like it’s that easy. But – of course- I’m totally just speculating. I have no idea what they are really thinking or experiencing or what goes on behind closed doors. My hope is that they can get past it and have a good day tomorrow- or today I think with the time difference 🙂 It’s in everyone’s best interests that this tour goes well.

        1. Thank you Zoe for your honest and thought provoking comments. There are times I just don’t see what others see and wonder.. From what I have seen Kate seems to be a perfectionist and doesn’t want anyone to know any of her flaws but we all have them. I just can imagine that she didn’t want a dress fly up of any kind. That messed up the perfect personna. I often wonder if that is why we don’t see the children that often..doesn’t want the public to see them misbehave or hello have a pacifier..or suck their thumbs or have a melt down etc. That has to be a heavy amount of stress to be that perfect. Have we seen Kate eat anything. I do think she and William have alot harder time at this public stuff than Harry. It seems like they are making it tough for themselves and end up making the odd mistakes. Just some thoughts I have.

    2. It’s a matter of decorum and respect. I don’t know what’s worse – the hair or the skirt. Kate looks foolish. She is and has been a representative of the British crown for five years now and has no sense of professionalism. Her husband is a sorry story as well.

      This is not the first wind incident, she is not a royal ingenue by a long mile. Nor would this behavior pass muster for The Queen or any first lady.

      I hope to the high heavens they stay far far away from the tata steel issue. Leave it to william to make one of his “jokes” and send things into complete chaos.

      1. It is a matter of decorum and respect, so thank you, Kip for pointing this out.
        For it not being a big deal, I am amazed by such a statement.
        Should we all go around flashing our privates and then say, “Oh, no big deal.”
        She gets away with murder, this Duchess. Everyone seems to fearful of being critical of Kate because of what happened to Diana.

        Wow. Kate will always seem to catch a break. Why should she try to learn anything from her mistakes. She is a disgrace. Not a role model to any young girl.

  50. The Mirror has a retrospective of Diana in India and she’s wearing a white or cream dress very much like Kate’s. So very odd. How powerful were those images though, of Diana touching and holding hands. Contrast to Kate holding her protective clutch to hide behind.

  51. Does anyone know is it done for Kate to walk ahead of William at official functions? I am just wondering as to the official protocol.I noticed William striding to catch up and he looked in a hurry.

      1. maybe I am stuck in a fairytale but I always thought he had to be a few steps ahead. it often looks like he is, but I also tend to make things up or so my husband says! correctif I am wrong get enough

    1. Royal protocol is that the royal goes first, so I’ve wondering about Kate walking through doors first etc before.
      No Kate, you are NOT the main event, they aren’t all there JUST to see you they are there to see William (the Queen’s grandson).
      Watch Prince Philip, he walks a couple of steps behind the Queen, he also lets her go through doors first. It’s not just manners but royal protocol too.

  52. Who is making Kate wear these ridiculous lengths!!!! It’s not the 1940’s she looks stupid in constant midi length day dresses.

    You can wear a shorter length and still look Royal and appropriate. Fergie and Diana in the 90s wore normal clothes as fit and fashionable for 1995 or whatever, not 1945.

    Every time I see her I can’t get over the length of her dresses it’s weird and unflattering. The short lengths she used to wear still look conservative and nice, they just needed the right hems to not fly up.

    No other royal is made to wear calf lengths. Countess Sophie dresses more youthfully. It’s just bizarre she’s a 34 year old woman in a monarchy in 2016. You can wear something above the calves. The other young Euro Royal women manage to dress for 2016 just fine without phoning the 1940s

    On the plus side her face refreshing went well. I’m only 4 years younger than her and she currently does not look like she is my haggard great aunt like she did a few weeks ago.

    How hard is it with all that money to have a fresh face and some fashionable yet appropriate clothes?? Princess Victoria and Princess Mary and Countess Sophie and Princess Letizia manage this day in day out.

    1. I think she goes for the longer hemlines because it’s her solution to the flashing problem. I’m speculating, but in her mind, shorter=flashing. Therefore, longer=no flashing. Girl just doesn’t have the brains to realize that’s not the case.

  53. Apart from the Peter Pan collar and the starched, awkwardly-positioned breast pockets, I like the look of this white dress. It looks cool, and the silhouette is slightly vintage, and I like the flowy quality of the skirt. (Then again, I’m in the midst of watching a lot of vintage tv: Poirot, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, etc., set in the 20’s and 30’s, so I’m currently biased!) But as we’ve all seen – and will see more in days to come, I expect – this is not a safe choice for a windy day. Or a sunny day. Or a rainy day. Or a blizzard day. It’s really reprehensible that this should happen again and again, and especially at Ghandi’s memorial. It shows a lack of awareness of others that is very anti-Diana.

    In all of the photos here and on the Daily Mail article, you don’t see an ounce of surprise or shock or embarrassment on Kate’s face that he skirt flew up. Such a shame.

    Ultimately, because Kate was responsible for her entire wardrobe this trip, I think there will be a big backlash against her when she goes back to the UK. In a way, I expect that we won’t see her for a long while as punishment for her inappropriate behaviour. I would really hope that both a protocol officer and a personal stylist would be forced upon this pair. They are clearly incapable of managing without those around them who know better and would contradict them.

  54. Jason looks different here. When he was in Nepal with Harry he looked like Scott Disick’s long lost twin. Anyway, when I saw Kate’s new Marilyn moment, I kinda laughed and shook my head. In some photos, it looked like she was inviting something to come inside the dome that is her blown up skirt. In others she looked as if she was willing to tame her skirt with her mind and patting down telling it to behave. I wonder if there are more incriminating photos but they were taken away as soon as the press team saw the skirt fly up? Well, if nothing else, at least we can expect consistency with her.

  55. As when arriving off the aircraft in Newzealand a few years back, the wind was blowing her hair and her coat/skirt (the red outfit), her hands went back and forth between trying to tame her clothes and trying to tame her hair. In the long clip of the memorial incident in India she can also be seen to be stuck between taming her hair and her clothes – it would simplify her life if her hair were tied back or were up, and her clothes were chosen to not be able to fly and reveal….
    On arrival in NZ additionally she was carrying George, and was trying to keep a hand on the hand rail coming down the steps off the airplane, so really could have done without needing to hold onto hair and clothes. Would have been a good moment to learn…..

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