Kate Middleton in beaded blue Jenny Packham for Bollywood gala dinner with Prince William

Kate Middleton in beaded blue Jenny Packham for Bollywood gala dinner with Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton were back at the the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel after a day of cricket and cleaned up slums for a Bollywood gala dinner hosted by The British High Commission and the British Asian Trust.

William and Kate with Bollywood stars
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

More than 200 of India’s top figures from the world of film, sport, and business attended the lavish gala. The money donated during the charity gala is going toward the three charities the Cambridges met with earlier: Childline, Magic Bus, and Doorstep.

William gives speech at Bollywood gala
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William gave a speech:

    “When Catherine and I were married, India was the first place on Catherine’s list that she told me that she wanted to visit. Two children and five years later, we have finally made it – and we are both honoured to be here. My family has a long and proud connection with India, and although our relationship has evolved, my family’s high regard for India – the largest country in the Commonwealth – remains unchanged.
    “It seems fitting that Catherine and I start our journey from here, a short distance from the place marked by the famous Gateway of India, where so many people, including my great-great-grandfather, have arrived. Catherine and I embark on a journey to get to know the vibrant India of the 21st century. An India whose traditions, culture and civilisation go back thousands of years, and yet co-exist with an India that is young, creative, entrepreneurial – an economic, cultural and political powerhouse, and an established democracy under the rule of law.
    “On a personal level, Catherine and I are full of admiration for this diverse and democratic society. No-one can come here without being awed and amazed; no-one can come without a sense of excitement about all that India has achieved in the past and the extraordinary promise it holds for the future.”

[pieced together from the Daily Mail]

“India was the first place on Catherine’s list that she told me that she wanted to visit”. Hm…. Kate does realize royal tours aren’t a holiday, right? If she wanted to visit India, she had plenty of time and her parent’s money to do so before marriage.

Shah Rukh Khan, an actor who has appeared in more than 80 films, said of the couple:

    “Is it ok to say she’s extremely beautiful and elegant? Well she is! If they spend more time here I think they’ll love it. I could definitely show them a good time! I’ll take them out. This was the first time I’d met them. He was taking about the collaboration of the British and Indian film industries. I was talking about my kids who are studying in London. It’s a very short visit and I said they should come back and spend longer here. They said they’d love to but they’d had to leave their children at home as their schedule was so jam-packed.”

Madhuri Dixit, an actress, said:

    “We talked about Indian movies and how they’re getting popular everywhere. The Duke said he hadn’t watched any Bollywood movies but he represents the British film industry was and interested in collaboration. [Kate] said she loves being here and the people are very welcoming this time, but she was worried she may miss her children.”

[Also from DM link above]

The gala featured a Bollywood dance performance.

The menu featured both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections.

The vegetarian menu featured dishes of: Himalayan morsels, peas and mushrooms, cooked in rich cashew gravy; blend of vegetables and hung yoghurt; spinach and corn tempered with garlic, finished with dried fenugreek leaves; a unique combination of homemade cottage cheese and pickled beet onions.

The non-vegetarian menu featured dishes of: Fish chunks flavoured with mustard, charbroiled in tandoor; boneless lamb braised with Indian spices, in smooth saffron enhanced gravy; chicken morsels cooked in charcoal oven, finished in rich cashew gravy; a unique combination of homemade cottage cheese and pickled beet onions.

Gala menu vegetarian Gala menu non-vegetarian
[Emily Andrews @byEmilyAndrews]

Kate wore a custom-made blue Jenny Packham gown with beading on the bodice and sleeves – the bead work was done in India in honor of the trip. She wore a matching beaded shawl and carried a matching beaded clutch.

Here’s a look at the dress without the shawl (I think I like the dress better without the shawl).

Kate wore giant blue earrings from Amrapali Jewels (an Indian designer). Kate also wore new Prada sandals (€620).

I mean, Kate looks nice. She wore an updo which is good and this blue does look good on her. But, I don’t know, I was expecting something… more in the jewelry department so these blue earrings left me a little down. They’re fine, but.. I guess there’s just too much blue happening and I would have liked some big diamonds to break things up. And considering this was the most “glittering” of all the events for this tour and Kate didn’t really “glitter”, it’s all down hill from here, which is a bummer.

Maybe I’m being too hard on her because of my disappointment. I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that Kate just isn’t a huge jewelry person – which is my favorite part of royal watching, so bummer for me – and I’m never going to be satisfied with her jewelry selections. Eh, she looks fine. Whatever.

William and Kate arrive at Bollywood gala
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Bollywood gala dinner table setting
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Bollywood gala dinner table centerpiece
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Here are a few other women at the gala whose dresses I really liked.

Aishwarya Rai – a former Miss World who is now one of the highest paid actresses in India and became the first Indian actress on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003. This woman is beautiful and I love her sari.

Alia Bhatt – a young Indian actress of British nationality who appears in Bollywood films. I love this dress, the leaf design, and the fact that it’s shorter.

Jacqueline Fernandez – a former Sri Lankan television news reporter turned Bollywood actress who has also starred in Hollywood films. I don’t like the neckline but the rest of the dress is pretty.

Here’s a short video of William and Kate’s arrival.

177 thoughts on “Kate Middleton in beaded blue Jenny Packham for Bollywood gala dinner with Prince William

  1. Oh I am really liking these dresses, and the saris! Kate looks nice, but I do not like these earrings she wore. They look gaudy and cheap to me, like those are just plastic chunks in the dangly part. They clash with the delicate dress and overwhelm her delicate face. Just awful. I hope I never see them again! That menu looks delicious and I am very happy to see that so far there have mainly been wins for Kate and no flashing or “wardrobe malfunctions”. She seems to be smiling with her eyes again… Maybe they are doing better.

    1. I agree, she looks really happy and relaxed here, especially comparing with the photos from the reception at KP a few days ago.

    2. Kate should have worn the Queen’s chandelier ear drops. It would have been so beautiful & dramatic, a touch of royal jewellery, a connection between India & the royal family. I guess it’s too perfect to come true…sigh.

    3. I think she does look happier here because she has William all to herself for 6 whole days. I get the impression that they don’t spend lots of time together, I think William does a lot of whatever he want’s to do…when he’s not working of course (hehehe).

  2. I see a lot of Maxima’s investiture dress in that one, but Maxima knocks the socks off hers.

    No major misses for Kate so far in the tour department. Granted, it’s only been a day. I still think it’s tacky for William to meet Bollywood stars but to snub the BAFTAs (especially repeatedly).

      1. I agree, Rhiannon. How could William not have seen any Bollywood films? How could he admit that, too? Does preparation for these trips, or events that he attends, mean anything to him? I mean, now really.

        Kate’s dress was lovely, but did not super wow me. I think it looked better without the shawl, too. As for those earrings? No! Not with that dress. Too much big blue!
        I also didn’t like her hairstyle. Up, but too severe. I would have loved to see a softer look, but still up. Does that make sense. The hairdo looked rather matronly on her. Another woman, maybe not so much.

        She did seem more relaxed and happier, so good! I wondered why she looked sad, however, in the photo where she’s holding the huge bouquet.

        The other women? WOW! What amazing gowns and they really owned their looks!

        The entire evening was really lovely. The hosts should be most proud of their gala.

        1. Where does William come off not having the decency to have seen any Bollywood Films in the time leading up to the trip? And, to admit that to the actors! Is he out of his mind?

          The Bollywood women had it rings around Kate, if you ask me. Just stunning. Her dress was another very safe one And, to me it smacked of Mother of the Bride. Kate is a young woman. Surely, there are more flattering dresses that are fashionable and not too daring, but would show her off in a more special way.

          Without the shawl, the dress was better. But the earrings were not right. On their own, they were lovely and with a different color dress they would shine. But, all that blue on Kate? Way too much.

          The beautiful flowers in the elephant planters were a lovely touch to a carefully orchestrated evening. So much work must have gone into making everything just right for the Cambridges. It’s a shame they don’t do much work when they get ready for one of their trips.

    1. Fucking William. India is the most populous country in the Commonwealth, but Canada is the largest. And he has never seen a Bollywood movie? Way to prep for the tour, you moron. He should stop speaking in public.

      1. Nobody edited his speech nor did anybody check the historical facts. I hope he won’t get mixed up with Mahatma Gandhi & Nehru / Indra Gandhi’s family. They’re not related at all.

      2. And Bollywood movies are AMAZING!!! I got bored years ago and put one on to pass the time. So entertaining and the dancing was incredible. It’s not a goto for me because I prefer action/horror, but i’ve very much enjoyed them.

        Considering how big Bollywood is and his current/future role how has he made it past 30 and not seen at least 1? It’s certainly not his busy schedule keeping him from it.

      1. What memory! What a beautiful dress & amazing royal jewelleries ( the tiara was exquisite!) to start a new reign. Even ex queen beatrix wasn’t phenomenal looking during her inauguration.

  3. This is much better than the blue gown she wore the other day. The beading is beautiful and this shade of blue is complimentary for her. I think it is a very pretty dress. That being said, it still feels predictable for Kate.
    I like the earrings a lot. Lapis stones are very beautiful. There is just too much blue in one outfit. I would say that this is a good outfit for Kate standards, but I’m definitely not blown away.

    Also a plus- her hair.

    I am partial to the gown she wore in Malaysia. I thought this was more of a wow dress. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/13/kate-middleton-malaysia-alexander-mcqueen_n_1881765.html

    1. That McQueen gown is one of my favorite all time dresses from Kate. As I said in my previous article, McQueen has made some great pieces for Kate in the past.

      1. KMR, I can’t remember what year you always want her to repeat clothes from. I’m thinking it’s 2012? I think she took a lot more risks back then. That dress is my top favorite from Kate. Maybe she will surprise us this coming week.

        Thanks for the great posts. I’m sure you have a busy week ahead.

        1. 2011 and 2012. Most of my favorite looks from her comes from those two years. I think she chose pieces that fit her better, were appropriate enough but not too stuffy, and she accessorized better. She also just seemed to have more fun with her clothes. I wish she’d bring that spark back.

          It’s especially busy because of the odd time difference.

          1. 2011 and 2012 were definitely the best for fashion wear for Kate. I guess it depends on who was choosing for Kate. When did Natasha Archer begin working for Kate. Pippa seems to have a good eye for fashion was she assisting her sister back then. How much input does Kate have for her own style. Or is she guided by many others. Does Rebecca Deacon weigh in. Just lots of wondering. Someone is goofing up in their advice or lack thereof.

          2. Yes, 2011 and 2012 were good style years for Kate. So far I have not liked anything she has worn. The red print dress was too busy and for a bespoke piece I cannot understand the raw edge at the waistline. The next dress should have been shortened 6-8 inches. IMO the very bottom pattern was pattern overload and would have looked fresher with one row of circles (to look like a banded hem). The blue gown looked better without the bag, shawl and earrings. Again, Kate cannot accessorize. She looks like an adult stuck in her childhood *Garanimals* phase. So far two expensive gowns and she has looked alright at best.

          3. McQueen just passed the year before. There were still so many ideas and designs within the fashion house. Things were still original and flawless.
            As his designs were used Burton (who took the helm) showed her style. That’s where Kate’s (imo) worst outfits came. Poor, uneven hems on bespoke items. Poor tailoring and draping. Poor color choices and structures. Just all bad.

            Now we get some recycled McQueen and it’s great, but not often.

      2. That dress from Malaysia is an all time favorite. She glowed this blue dress, not even close to a favorite. It is matronly and boring. It is pretty enough but look like a lot of other formal gowns of late. The bodice is decorated and the skirt just falls. There seemed to be too much material in the skirt too. The earrings are awful. I think I have costume jewelry like that from 1984. She needed to break up the color. Diamonds of course, but she could have incorporated a contrasting color like rubies or complementary one like amethyst. And the makeup is boring. Same colors, nude lip blah blah. The only positive, she wore her hair up.

    2. I loved that gown in Malaysia, however, the neckline was way to plunging for the country she was in. She shouldn’t have been trying to show cleavage-but that is Kate. Otherwise, it was gorgeous.

    3. At least this dress did not “swallow” her like the blue dress during the Bond premiere. She looks elegant & not too thin. I love the updo hair! She should wear her hair like this.

    4. Yes, but wasn’t that the gown that was insulting to the people because of its color? Correct me, if I am remembering this wrong.

  4. I love the color on her. But she’s too matchy. A pop of diamond or ruby earrings would have been better. I’m glad she wore her hair up as it suited this gown. Is it me or does she look older than her years?

    1. I share the same opinion : there are too much blue for me (and it is my favorite color). I would prefer a pair of earring or her clutch bag in other color. I prefer when her hair are up.

    2. Agree with the too matchy part. She looks like a smurf! Would’ve looked better with different coloured earrings, clutch and shawl. I should come to terms that Kate sucks at accessorizing. Sometimes I wonder if she decides on a colour and then picks from that section of her closet.

    3. Vickiv- I commented above prior to reading your post. We are of the same mind. This dress is mother, even grandmother, of the bride. Even with likely face treatments, she looks closer to 43 than 34.

      She only knows monocrome. Agree with the jewelry. In addition to rubies, I suggested amethyst as a complementary color.

  5. The decor was absolutely stunning. The colors were so vibrant. I love the elephant pm settings with flowers. The centerpiece is breathtaking. I wish I had a fork to try all of the food. The bouquet that she was given was spectacular.

    I liked the color on Kate. The dress was very pretty. I liked it without the cape as it accentuated her bad posture. Her hair and makeup looked nice. I didn’t care for the earrings. If I were Kate, I would have went for full hair and makeup. I will call this a win for her. She needs to own her look. For example, the other women that were covered stood straight and confident. Kate still looks mousy. Until she finds that spark, clothes will continue to wear her.

    Thanks for the quick, beautiful, and detailed review, KMR!

    1. Also agree that she needs to own her look. In that group shot, the other women have this spark, mysterious “I own it, don’t mess with me” look. And Kate’s just standing there, grinning away and crotch clutching her clutch like a school girl who’s star struck. And she may be star struck, but she’s just as much a star as the duchess and really needs to start owning it.

  6. I like this dress, the color and beading are gorgeous but as noted on another Kate-centric site the style is almost identical to the red gown she wore for the Chinese state dinner, beading on the top with a flowy skirt. I think I might have preferred this gown with 3/4 length sleeves instead of full length with a cape on top. Glad to see that she wore sandals but I don’t know if black was the perfect color for this outfit, I think silver would have worked better and why couldn’t she have worn a great color on her toenails? I thought her hair looked nice, it really showed off the neckline and earrings.

    Again I must complain about her posture, there is a side shot of her and William walking the red carpet and my goodness her shoulders are so rounded forward it’s almost painful to see. Does no one in her inner circle see this?? Are we looking at different photos?? Argh!! Sorry to bore you all with my constant bitching about this 🙂

    1. It’s not bitching, Lauri. Hunched and rounded shoulders makestrel any clothes, especially couture, look bad. If she stood up straight, she would look better and exude confidence.

      I’m with you on sandals. A silver would have been good. Diana often wire silver shoes with her gowns. And yes, put some polish on those toes!

      1. Rhiannon, Silver would have been fantastic! I was thinking exactly the same thing.

        As soon as I looked at her posture, I thought of you Lauri LOL. I would have preferred this with a different colour wrap, maybe silver? Silver earrings as well. Those blue things are just tacky looking.

        People have said that she looks happy. Of course she is bloody happy she is on holidays!

        1. Agree Tanya S, Kate looks happy because she is on holidays and is being the center of attentions. She loves this. She knows that in India she won’t be criticized, everybody will say only good things about her and everything she needs to do is to smile and look engaged. British public want action from her, but abroad she must not do much.

          1. 100% agree. Like when William made a speech, she is behind and smiles… and that why I love that she doesn’t made an event on the Women’s day.

      2. Good evening everyone,
        I have to agree, words fail me too regarding the Duke, do you think maybe he does not proofread what is put in front of him before he is up to his eyeballs in it! Is he writing this stuff himself? or getting advice at least
        I know it is picky, but I too am a polish on toenails girl! please splash some immediately!!!!!
        Beautiful colour of dress, beading lovely.
        This is a much better effort. The dress looks lovely on the Duchess. Silver shoes / bag would have been better yes as others have mentioned too matchy, and contrast earrings, someone mentioned chandelier diamonds wow that would have been beautiful, spectacular.
        Her makeup looks much better and her hair is controlled and elegant.
        The poor thing though, her posture as a lot of you have mentioned is very out, it does not matter how good an outfit you are in if you cannot stand straight, it ruins the whole effort.

    2. Lauri you’re spot on about the posture. It jumps out in every picture. She sadly turning into a crotch clutching hunchback and I hate to sound so cruel

    3. I was thinking a silver sandal would have looked amazing with this dress. The black does not fit the whole look. But at least she didn’t wear court shoes like she did at the reception last week. So, I guess it is better than nothing.

    4. Don’t you think with all the years of shoulder rounding, the damage is done? How can she cultivate better posture now? Surgery?

  7. Her posture is of a bowed over 80 year old woman. It’s distracting.

    I love the idea of the dress but the execution, as it is on Kate, is not good. The updo is similar to her other updos lately when she has done them and sloppy, if you ask me. At least she’s covered, unlike in Malaysia where she had her cleavage on display (had that not been so low cut I’d have loved that gown!). As with Kate, everything has to match–blue blue blue! The earrings, no way. Diamonds! It’s screaming for diamonds! A silver clutch, a silver sandal!

    I mostly am appalled at the stupid, rude things William said. This man is a future king and he’s going, “Oh, I’m a representative of BAFTA! I don’t know anything about Bollywood despite knowing about this event for months! We should do a collaboration! BTW hahaha do I have to sign that cricket bat, don’t sell it, plebs!” I get he tries to be funny but it is not, it is rude and disrespectful. Same as his comments about George, you know? Also, button your tuxedo jacket, my goodness, you idiot.

    And Kate’s vapid comments about missing the kids – is that all she can say? C’mon.

    1. William is moronic; if not for his ‘royal’ status he’d be just another yob mooching around the house all day. Same for Kate. I think that’s what annoys us all: that through an accident of birth/marriage and definitely not through hard work and talent, these two are feted. Yet still, despite any amount of professional assistance, William makes stupid, unfunny remarks and Kate dribbles on about missing her children (yet again). I can’t believe William said he represented BAFTA after his refusal to attend their functions two years running. Bloody cheek!
      I find it patronising that Kate mimics a country’s dress so obviously. William made insensitive remarks about Buckingham palace guests’ ‘fancy dress’ attire, yet his wife adopts that same attitude in her own pastiche wardrobe choices thus far. There is just no authenticity to Kate. Let’s hope the UK public cuts them loose soon. They have no business representing anyone.

    2. William is an unredeemable numpty. I’m convinced he doesn’t do much prep work but simply relies on winging it. Sorry but he is no longer in a position where winging it is enough – someday he will cause a real serious incident if he refuses to do proper prep work.

      Plus, he needs to stop with his “jokes”- they’re not funny.

      1. I just do not understand why he cannot do the prep work. It’s not hard. It’s not like his diary is filled to the brim. Open a book!!!! Learn something about the history of colonialism of India. Not just under British rule, but also under the Portuguese and Dutch. He could go on Wikipedia for all I care for the cliff notes version. I think his ill informed speech just shows how utterly clueless and ridiculous him and his wife are. That they should not be representing the British Crown. Also how did no one proof read his speech? They have a team. Isn’t someone designated for this?

        1. Of course they do; William and Kate are just too arrogant to take advice, hence the refusal to prep for any events wherever they go. They are really dependent on PR and media to make it all lovely, plus a whole bunch of gullible people to buy it.

    3. Ellie! I could not agree more!

      That’s the first thing I noticed! You’re in India, supposedly it was the first country you mentioned wanting to visit after you were married! You finally get there and all you can say is, ‘I’m afraid I might be missing my kids??’ Aye! I could pull my hair out! She’s a stay-at-home mom, by all rights!

      She’s getting a vacation from her kids for 6 days! And all she can say is something pathetic about missing her kids. I’m not against stay at home moms, but she should have known that in her situation, that would not be her role. She basically married into the WoRkInG role of public servant, living on the public dole. Imo, she does not have the right to be a complete ‘stay-at-home mom’ in the role she is in. Not while she’s on the dole.

      And even ‘working’ in her case would take her away from her kids for at most a few hours a day 3-5 times a week.

  8. First time commenting here, though I have enjoyed reading articles as well as comments on this blog for quite a while now. Thank you for providing a platform for people with diverse opinions to express themselves!

    I personally found Williams’s comments to be somewhat insensitive. While I have not spent much time in India, I am of Indian descent and through my interactions with my grand parents as well as with other relatives who were born before 1947 (the year when India became independent), I have become aware of India’s history and how the period before independence is one that evokes an emotional response.

    While the relationship between India and Britain has undoubtedly “evolved” as William pointed out, I did find his remark about how his family has always held India in “high regard” and how the British royal family has had a “long and proud connection” with India to be somewhat contradictory with history and with India’s colonial past. Also. the Gateway of India and his great-great-grandfather may be a pleasant memory for some but for the other side, it does represent a not-so-pleasant past.

    I don’t think that William meant to be insensitive, nor do I have a strong attachment towards India, but colonialism and the repercussions of colonialism are sensitive topics and I do feel that wording of William’s speech could have been better.

    1. You bring up a really good point, KP. It’s a bit surprising that William/Jason/Miguel Head approved so many references to colonialism in William’s speech since, while for the British royal family it may be happy memories, for the people of India it isn’t such a pleasant time.

      1. I have a question. When the Queen gives a speech overseas, it has to be approved by the government. Is this true for other members of the family? Shouldn’t these be vetted by someone in higher authority? Ok that is two questions, but the same subject1

    2. +1 very well said. I think any reference to colonialism should stay in the history books. William is not astute to be talking about it.

    3. I found that interesting as well.

      Queen Victoria was startlingly non-racist and accepting for her day, and was often mocked for it; it’s what I thought of when William was talking about his family, considering her orders and her tolerance was totally disregarded and we know what happened. She would lecture how they are people just like we are, and we ought to treat them like human beings, not like animals. Obviously nobody listened. One of the few things I admire her for.

      Colonialism is important to learn about–and learn from. Bringing it up as if it is something they are proud of is strange. One would imagine the government had a hand in writing the speeches, as they often do for tours (written by a press team with input from the government)… but still…

    4. I agree. If he’s going to bring up the history of colonialism (and he should) then be honest about it. Be upfront. Really talk about it in a way that may heal past wounds and drive progress instead of just mentioning it to “get it out of the way”. I have no idea if this was the “venue” to make a speech like that but since it was his first speech it would be a great way to start off the tour. I, too, don’t understand the “purpose” of this tour. What is the message? If he is representing his grandmother and his country, then what are they trying to say?

    5. I am of Indian descent and my ancestors were imprisoned fighting the British Raj! It is a proud part of my family history that our ancestors did not bow to the British. And here we have WK bringing a modern form of colonialism back by referencing the so-called glorious Empire and forcing these accomplished Bollywood actors to bow and scrape to them! Please Madhuri and Aishwariya (Madhuri Dixit is a living legend to Indian people btw) should have just laughed in the face of the hunchback of Norfolk and should have sent this workshy woman home crying back to her kids and Anmer.

      A poster mentioned very proudly here that Queen Victoria, the manipulative, abusive and evil woman (read up on how she treated her children)was the First Empress of India! Hah! And now you have her grandson and his useless wife treating India as a backdrop to their wardrobe and not showing any respect to the current India’s culture by doing any study beforehand and having the gall to laugh about their wilful ignorance!

      1. To be honest, I was expecting W+K to re-interpret the ‘golden days of the Empire’ through clothing: linen jackets, wide-brimmed hats, floaty skirts etc. I really don’t think they have any idea… The whole premise of the Tour is very weak. Since Charles and Camilla were on tour in India just over two years ago, one wonders why there needs to be another one so soon afterwards. It’s a huge expense for India and a lesser one for the UK, but the lightness of engagements doesn’t seem to justify it.

  9. I’m curious to know if the BAFTA people aren’t incensed that Will is at a Bollywood event when he couldn’t take the time to support BAFTA which he IS president of, AND give a speech. BAFTA even came up in conversation. Forget salt on a wound, this was hydrogen peroxide. How sad was Will’s speech, every other line “Catherine and I.” He wants to rewrite her history, probably is psychologically twisted around Kate and mommy’s finger trying to protect the innocent girl she played. So boring. Kate’s assumed posh accent goes with it; I wonder if she got teased tonight for how much time she spent chatting and not moving through the line (haha-bs).
    You know what she looks like–predictable. What makes me mad is how this trip is the same garbage–a learning tour vaca. They brought some attention to the slum area and they raised a few dollars, but a B celebrity could do that. CP Mary, Q Maxima, or CP Victoria could visit an area and there’s a connection because effort goes in to what they do. The guest comments echo ours with nothing to say about the Dudds of Cambridge except she’s pretty and he’s nice.
    I hope this trip didn’t cost British subjects a fortune.

    1. Isn’t that why she is looking so genuinely happy? Nothing is expected of her, all she has to do is turn up and smile. The plebs fall adoringly at her feet in worship……why doesn’t that happen at home any more????

      I’m sure the dress is stunning close up, but to me it is just another blue dress, very similar in style to others and poorly accessorised. Not a fail, but not a hit either. I am seriously concerned about Lauri from CA because this posture is beginning to freak me out, I hope it isn’t making Lauri ill.

      The Bollywood stars all look stunning. Do you know what Will and Kate, I bet the BAFTA stars also dressed up, looked stunning and would have only needed you to turn up and smile.

      I think they should release the cost of her wardrobe for this trip. I’m going on holiday soon and need to know how much one should spend for a 6 day trip away.

      1. I love the colour of the dress but imo it’s quite matronly & does nothing for her. The other ladies in attendance looked so glamourous and stylish in comparison.

        1. Agreed. Also, her hair and make up are on pointe, but the choice of earrings puzzle me. I guess they….match?? Back in the suitcase, sister!

    2. This trip will be very expensive – both for the British and the Indian taxpayers, since the host country undertakes a significant part of the travel, accommodation and (I guess) security expenses, even though they only were invited after HM government issues a request. The Brits pay for their standard security and Kate’s wardrobe.

      1. I think everyone is getting royally ripped off. And then today, her innumerable wardrobe malfunction. What absolute screw-ups. Sad

  10. All of the Bollywood celebs were looking absolutely GAW-gous, just GAW-gous!! And then there’s Kate looking blah as usual.

    “When Catherine and I were married, India was the first place on Catherine’s list that she told me that she wanted to visit. Two children and five years later, we have finally made it – and we are both honoured to be here. = A LIE if I ever heard this numbskull utter one and we’ve all heard enough out of his mouth to be able to.

    1) This sounds just like when Kate tries to tell everyone that George likes this, that, or the other based on whatever charity she’s visiting.

    2) We all know that she’s not interested in being anywhere that’s not a sunny island in an area that’s predominantly white. She spent her youth being nothing but his pillow partner. She had plenty of time to go … well anywhere in the flipping world actually. She didn’t but all of a sudden she had Diana’s ring on her finger and the first place she wanted to visit was India. Oh and married people have honeymoons. Where did you two lazies go? A sunny island! You could’ve went to India. All of the dozens of vacations you’ve taken since married, at the British taxpayers expense, some I’m sure the public don’t even know that you’ve taken and you could’ve went plenty of places. Amazingly enough, though not really, you two always managed to find yourselves in Mystique. *rolls eyes times a million, feelings of wanting to strangle them rising*

    1. I must admit that I too as others wondered about that I want to visit India by Kate and they had opportunities pre-George to go and enjoy India including a honeymoon potential. Just the usual that one would put in a speech.

    2. He says that every place they tour is the first place that she wanted to visit, or at least nearly every one. He said it about Canada, LA, and Australia.

  11. I think the dress looked better without the cape (though it looked more like a shawl to me). With it, her posture looked clearly haggard. But I wish it had more color to it than just blue. I will give her kudos for this nonetheless, as she looked alright. I think I am being mean but until Kate develops a solid work ethic, she will always be ”OK” to me. It’s a mental block for me!

    Erm … another thing, I feel kinda stupid to say this but … does anyone know what is the purpose of this tour? What do they hope to achieve exactly?

    One thing about Kate’s outfit is … I really wish she’d muster some courage to wear a cropped khaki pants (not too tight) and some nice white cotton top when she goes for a more relaxed/sporty event. Her boat shoes would be perfect for this as well. I think Mary of Denmark wore something like that once to her child’s school or something …

    And I don’t understand the need to constantly wear towering heels/wedges when you’re already fairly tall. I am a short girl and I would do anything to be able to wear flats any day but I can’t because it’s just this feeling of insecurity having people towering over you all day. LOL! No offense to tall women who love their heels, ok? Peace!

    1. For William and Kate to have a holiday jolly at taxpayers expense under the pretense that they’re actually doing something but that something is still unknown because it’s not really unknown but rather nonexistent though I hear tell that some prefer to go with the thought that the tour is for the two to help build and/or foster a better relationship with India or something to that effect.

      1. Fostering a better relationship by harping on about the colonial past? Why is this couple allowed to continue to be so inept?

        1. We’ve all been asking that question for the past five years. The only conclusion I’ve been able to reach is that the higher ups are stupid. They have to be to let these bumbling fools go around the way they are. Some like to say that QEII and/or Charles are letting them hang themselves. Honestly, at this point I doubt that and even if they were, the BRF can’t afford to be one of those families that let the members make their own mistakes, not the big ones that these two lazies make anyway. It makes everyone look bad.

          1. Most of the time I feel their tours are of no substance and value. If it is just ”to build and/or foster a better relationship with India”, I think the Queen had already done that and is in a better position to strengthen ties between both countries anyway.

            However, I would not say the same for Harry. He has a clear purpose for every trip he makes. And it is well highlighted!

            And is Kate still very very uncomfortable with her role that she feels the need to have Mr Scrooge beside her for all her engagements moving forward? I really would love to see her doing something huge on her own.

  12. This color looks nice on her, and I like the style of the dress, but not on Kate. It ages her and it actually reminded me of dresses Camilla has worn. A 34 year old woman should not be dressing the same as an almost 70 year old woman. I don’t even think Sophie would wear something like this and she’s almost 20 years older than Kate. The hairstyle ages her too, IMO. Even though I’m happy it’s up, she could be so much interesting and young with her updos. Something like this: https://twitter.com/Allure_magazine/status/718465636188491777 It’s similar to what she’s wearing now, but would make her look much younger.

    I agree with you KMR, I was hoping for something fun and dazzling, like the gowns from her first couple years, and was disappointed that she continued her matronly streak.

  13. There are little things I would change about the outfit (earrings/shoes or shoes/clutch or a combo of the like). However, seeing how Kate has dressed as of late, this is a total win. I think she looks beautiful! Her hair is up, the color of the dress is gorgeous, the fit and style is nice. I think she finally looks like a Royal here. And I am soooo happy the neckline is not all the way up to her neck. I like that boat-neck that shows her collarbone. So much better and not as stuffy, like the blue dress from last week. She also looks refreshed and happy (which I know is partly from the botox and fillers). Kate so far seems genuinely happy on this tour.

    William… I have no words.

  14. She always wears the same style and color, there are so many other colors then blue!
    She always looks the same:(
    They had all these articles saying she is going to glam it up, we are waiting!

  15. I like this dress and the color suits her so well! My biggest disappointment is the earrings. This is the most glamorous event of the whole tour and she didn’t dip into the vault??? She could have looked fabulous and I’m sure there is an amazing jewel or two in that collection that somehow tie back to India. These reminded me of something Max wears during the day, definitely not evening jewels. It was way too much blue and as many have stated, I think silver shoes would have looked better.

    William’s comments about Kate’s list of countries sounded ridiculous. They spent 10 years together and seemingly only went to beaches, Africa and skiing? Did they wait so they wouldn’t have to spend any of their own money?? If I was a reporter I would ask them what other countries are on the list.

    1. Or at least those diamond chandelier earrings she’s worn several times before. Just something to break up the blue.

      1. The earrings are from an Indian designer and i think they look great and appropriate. Honestly, can you imagine if she had broken into the tower to borrow some bling?? Please! You all would have skinned her alive! These were a gorgeous and perfect addition to a beautiful and tasteful look for the event. Now- don’t get me started on what was actually said that this event- which was weak (to say the least). But they both looked perfect.

        1. Well yes, everyone – and I mean everyone, not just us on here – would have “skinned her alive” for breaking into the Tower of London and stealing borrowing the Crown Jewels (which are what is held in the Tower of London). Those are not to be worn except by the monarch during State occasions like the State Opening of Parliament or the coronation. Also, breaking into a building and stealing borrowing something is a crime.

          I doubt anyone would have minded terribly had Kate worn something from Queen Elizabeth’s private collection of jewelry, though (in fact, many people were hoping for that). And certainly not the chandelier earrings, that I suggested above, that she’s worn 5 or 6 times before.

          1. I don’t think she has the intelligence to break into the Tower – it does of course have very high security as the Crown Jewels are worth gazillions. But she does wear royal jewellery loaned by the queen often – the Cambridge tiara for example. I don’t believe any commenters on here have ever suggested Kate breaks the law!!!

        2. I am sure that HM would have been more than happy to lend Kate some of the magnificent Jewels that she has, in her personal collection if she had of asked.

          She is going to a Bollywood Gala. Bling is warranted. Royal blue is my favourite colour and even I find this amount of blue too much.

          1. Birdy I keep having mental images of Waity dressed as a cat burglar in all black trying to break into The Tower of London and getting caught because she can’t run in her wedges.

        3. I wasn’t suggesting stealing but utilizing Queen Elizabeth’s collection as she has in the past. She wore the Queen’s maple leaf broach on the Canadian tour. All that blue is not my taste but everyone is has their own opinions.

  16. I did like this gown very much especially without the cape or shawl. She looked very regal. I too just wish she would be aware of her posture. People in other blog web sites have begun commenting on her poor posture so hopefully someone some where will put a bug in her ear. She has seemed to hear some of the opinions being written about her. Yummy meal menu and what a beautiful atmosphere with the gorgeous colors of flowers.

  17. On the good side: the dress is beautiful and good for the occasion. I agree with posters upthread who say she seems to be smiling around the eyes, and she seems less anxious. Likewise liked her liquid eyeliner and no heavy kohl.

    On the meh side: her posture seemed stooped with too much crotch clutching. The dress’s neckline is very conservative and I would have loved to see a one-shoulder sari inspiration or a deeper V neckline with a gorgeous necklace. I also would have liked to see the dress without the shawl.

    Also would have liked different hair- her chignon seemed a little too pulled-in, and for this gala, she cohld have gone for more glamour by either wearing it half-up or a slightly 60s-esque updo.

    On the I’m Sick of Blue side: I am tired of her wearing it so constantly. Yes, we know you have Diana’s ring, please wear another color. She could have pulled off green or pink. (And I didn’t like the earrings at all. Too matchy-matchy.)

    1. Oooh, a one-shoulder gown that is seemingly sari-inspired without actually being a sari would have been perfect.

      1. And why not a sari proper? My first thought was that she was going to wear a lovely embellished sari of an Indian designer. I think it would have been a fun choice, of the likes of Maxima’s. Instead she went for a safe choice, as it is this blue number which as said upthread, looks matronly and ageing.
        So far, I have to say my favourite is the red Alexander MacQueen. I think it looked best on her. It had interesting design & fabric plus the fitting and colour was perfect on Kate. The sun dress, I wasn’t impressed. Poor thing is so thin it looked too big and totally inappropriate for the slum visit and cricket match. I’m still waiting to be pleasantly surprised with an outfit of an Indian designer, I hope she will pull it off.

        1. Just because that might draw cries of “cultural appropriation” or something. I, personally, would love to see Kate in a proper sari.

          1. Indian ladies wear western dress and look beautiful, so I can see no reason Kate could not wear a beautiful evening sari. I would rather she did that than this sort of pseudo Indian look she seems to be trying for her day wear.

          2. Totally agree, Birdy. Diana’s worn traditional outfit in Pakistan, I don’t see why Kate can’t. Instead of a sari-inspired dress from a British designer, she should go for the original thing from a proper Indian designer. That is my view of her ‘paying tribute’ to the wonderful fashion and textile tradition of India. Let’s see how she will go on for the rest of the tour.

          3. I was told that for a non- Indian to wear a sari, she must have a certain swagger,good posture,good bone structure( not too thin) If not, the wrapped- around sari will literally swallow you or worse still, will become loosen. I think it will be too much for Kate.

      2. What about the silver one shoulder dress she wore early post wedding( I noticed many of the Indian women wore metallic hued dresses). Must have been late in the year, as she was wearing a poppy with it. It was a beautiful gown and suited her frame nicely. Her hair was half up half down, I think. Looked lovely. Another dress I loved was the one she wore, also early post wedding, off white Grecian inspired- when she last minute stepped in to attend a reception with PoW.

        1. How about if Kate wore that dress she wore in LA, that was pretty.
          As for shoes how about the Jimmy Choo “Vamp” silver sandals or the pink L.K. Bennett “Agata” strappy sandals, I wouldn’t mind having both myself as they are both pretty.

  18. While I don’t love this outfit, I don’t hate it either. I just find it disappointing that gown was not altered in some way that it gave it some pizzazz. Shorten the sleeves, add a sheer back panel, make it one sleeved, put a beaded drape in the front that went diagonally across the body to simulate a sari. Wear silver cuff bracelets, silver bangles, or silver decorations in her hair. I mean come on! I am not the most jewelry or gown inclined chick on the planet but I would at least bring a little extra oomph if I were meeting Bollywood royalty. Also, her posture is killing me. It was definitely apparent in the video of her and William entering.

  19. Thanks for the photos KMR. I like the blue dress, I think the shawl was overkill but she was trying to have less skin showing.
    I wonder why William never took his wife to India before now instead of the usual ski and Mustique or the Maldives sand and sun holidays.
    Someone said further up that Kate dressed better around 2012 . I tend to agree, she seemed more comfortable. I read that a friend of hers, Emilia Jardine-Paterson had started helping her around 2013 to try vintage and that’s when the shorter skirts and prints appeared then Natasha Archer started helping and would arrange for a lot of clothes and lookbooks to be sent to Kate so perhaps she needs to go back to her own choices.
    Anyway I think she looks ok. Just wonder about the wedges though.

  20. I loved her whole look. The makeup seems toned down and I really love that. Someone in another post said she could add a bit more color to her lippie and I do agree with that. She looks really pretty with her hair up.

    What ruined it all for me where their vacant, generic comments. So they can’t come back to India because they are so busy and have children? LOL. They say so little about themselves that they end up saying the same thing over and over. Modern Royalty isn’t trying to act like Jackie O from the 60’s where no one ever hears you speak. Modern Royalty is about reaving a bit about yourselves and what you are passionate about. The tides have changed. Royalty is no longer about being higher than the people, it’s about serving the people. Harry gets that and these two do not.

    Who is posting the social media updates from KP on the trip? Rebecca?

    1. They probably have a social media person. Either that or Jason or one of the underling press secretaries. Not a private secretary like Rebecca.

      1. I’d wondered if they had a social media person, but they like to keep their circle of people who work for them small.

        Anyhow, the pictures are usually blurry or a bit out of focus. Whoever it is could use a course in basic photography and social media.

  21. Finally a gown win from Kate,after the Spectre disaster(if only she had worn like it was shown on the runway,then it would have made her all time best looks ever),the Erdem fail and most recently the Saloni gown which combined racy elements with matronly elements.
    Not a fan of her rather clunky looking earrings here,but this look is beautiful

  22. When I fist saw the picture in the Daily Mail, I thought she has learned. Updo, no crotch clutch, genuine smile. Then I saw more pictures here and the crotch clutch was very much there still.The dress is beautiful and not as dowdy as she has looked before. It was ok. But then she obviously opened her mouth.

    “[Kate] said she loves being here and the people are very welcoming this time, but she was worried she may miss her children.””

    Nothing tells the people you are with, that you’d rather be not, than this.

    I’m not commenting on William’s thoughtless elevator pitch.

  23. Once again, Kate did not disappoint by sticking to her usual matchy-monochromatic-head-to-toe style. Would it kill her to wear earrings and clutch in a different shade other than blue? She reminds me of Violet Beauregarde who turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka!

  24. I think Kate looks good. But as always the clothes wear her rather than the other way, and she stands very rigid and always with her hands clasped in front of her, and her poor posture ruins everything. I agree with you KMR there is too much blue. Aishwarya Rai is very beautiful and her sari is gorgeous. It’s ironic that William didn’t attend BAFTA but now he is all smiles to Indian actors and actresses. But the reality is odd. One commenter in DM wrote: “Sorry, but this is obscene, One minute they are meeting the poorest people on earth, the next its banquet time.” This is true. Oh God, a week full of this and I can’t even take a vacation. I hope this week pass fast.

  25. The color, beading and updo are a plus but everything else is a negative. Why? Bad posture which shoes lack of confidence and, I’m just going to say it, she’s too damn thin and because of that, the articles of clothing (especially a stunner of a dress like this) wear her instead of the other way around. Also, those earrings are tacky and should’ve been replaced by something more dainty that wasn’t so cheap-looking.

    In that group picture of the W & C with the women, Kate looks like she’s the mother of the bride though (I’m assuming) she’s around their age or with girls who are older then them! Also, IMO, the smile doesn’t reach her eyes and I still stand by the comment I said a few posts ago.

    P.S. I think she (and the dress) look better without the shawl though it was put in place to cover up her thinness OR to try to make her feel extra “secure” in this setting.

    P.P.S. I swear, I’m not in a bad mood this morning LOL! It’s just that, for a while, I’ve suspected for a while that something is wrong with Kate and doing these engagements seem to gloss over whatever is really going on, IMO.

  26. On a side note: Since Sunday I’m waiting for coverage of this tour in the German gossip outlets. During the Australian tour W&K made headlines all over the place. Every single newspaper (gossip and non-gossip) ran stories about them and their every move. This time? Silence. There was one short article on bunte.de, another one on gala.de and both disappeared within an hour from the front pages. The top stories in the moment are a boxer who’s wife is pregnant, the divorce rumors around the Beckhams and Prince Harry’s upcoming visit to the US.

    1. Let us know what kind of coverage Kate gets in Germany. It’s interesting to know what kind of coverage W&K get in other countries.

      1. Still no major media buzz. The days of the Dazzling Duchess are over, I guess. Today only three gossip outlets put her on the front page (online). One headline read like “Finally a Fashion Highlight!” about the monochrome thing she threw on for the garden party. And then there were two stories about her Marilyn Moment….what else. One of those two articles compared her wardrobe malfunction to those of other stars….like Little Kim! 🙂

      2. Hardly any coverage here in New Zealand either for Kate and William, just 1 or 2 minutes on the news and it’s very brief too.

        It will be interesting to see if there is anything in Woman’s Day or New Idea next week?

      1. Thanks. I was so put off by Kate’s comment of ‘might start missing the kids’. She said this to Madhuri Dixit, who herself has three children and has been a full time movie star for her entire adult life! A week of work won’t kill you Kate.

        Also, the DM reports that the hosts announced beforehand to the assembled guests to stay at their tables and the Duke and Duchess will come to them. Something about not swamping them or words to that effect. Does the British establishment still consider Indians as natives? These were well educated, well to do professionals and businesspeople, I am sure that request did not go down too well!

    1. “…the sons of foreign kings are just unemployed brats now”
      Fabulous. Hope the thoughts contained in this article reach the British press, down to the critique of Kate’s pastiche dresses and William’s pathetic thoughts re. the Taj Mahal that ‘keeps his mother’s memory alive’.
      Sadly, there is a certain type of Brit who patronises those from ‘the colonies’, genuinely looking down their noses at them. It is important to remember that wherever William and Kate go, they are the least accomplished, least hard-working. least deserving people in the room.

  27. So far I think Kate has had a good tour. Her outfits have been nice, and I especially like this rich blue color and think it’s gorgeous without the shawl. Her makeup is much improved, and as many have said, her smiles do not look forced and that makes me happy. She looked more at ease with the kids than I’ve seen her in a while. I think she’s enjoying the trip. William is the one who disappoints me today with his comment regarding Bollywood. It would not be such a big deal if he was not president of BAFTA. One thing the younger royals have stressed is that they want to be involved in things they have a true interest in, and will concentrate their time and efforts on those subjects to really have an impact. He doesn’t seem to be interested in films, not attending BAFTA events at home and now unable to identify a Bollywood film he has ever seen….India is the largest country in the commonwealth and there is a vibrant Indian culture in London, so as president of BAFTA I would think it would be his job to be more aware of the art of film. If he isn’t interested, then give the job to someone who is please.

  28. Personally I don’ t like this shade of bright blue actually, but the dress is not so bad, it’ s just too big for her to me and I think that the shawl was unnecessary, since the dress has long sleeves. I agree, the blue earrings aren’ t so nice, they look cheap to me and I find them appropriate for a sundress, or a summer outfit, not for a gala. I agree again, Kate in this occasion should have sparkled and she didn’ t , I expected much more. That gown and that occasion need pearls and diamond jewellery. And the sandals. Why black?

  29. The whole thing reminds me of Tara PT at the K & W Royal wedding who blued up from head to toe. It’s all a bit much in my opinion. Her hair looks very pretty, her make up is a bit pasty for evening. She looks nice but I’m a bit puzzled as to why she’s nodding every outfit to her hosts…..overkill and a bit childish really.

    BTW Day 2 at the Indian Memorial to the War Dead, laying a Memorial wreath of respect, you guessed it……she did a full frontal flash to the War Dead. Emilia Wickstead cream dress circa £2000 clearly was not hem weighted as the skirt blew up in the wind right in front of her crotch. So if you had a bet on as to whether she was going to flash this tour……she got to Day 2 and couldn’t have picked a worse place to flash the Royal Lady Garden. I’m livid to be honest. No hem weights in as culturally sensitive a place as India in just insanity. The footage made the BBC news at 11.30 am if anyone wants to see it for themselves.

          1. Just checked pics on Dm. OMG even worse than I thought. One pic looks like she’s holding her dress up on purpose. This is only day 2. The Queen should call them back and sack them both. She should have sent Edward and Sophie if Harry was not available ddue to his other commitments. They are a disgrace.

          2. I think that after 5 years, she and her staff would learn. but no. Interesting to see this after the article on Lovelolaheart about “her best of flash”

    1. The photos in the Mail are fairly tame……on the BBC news as they were walking towards the Memorial that’s when the problem started. And at a War Memorial of all places. What with William’s ‘As President of BAFTA, I’ve never seen a Bollywood Movie’ remark these two need a right dressing down by Her Majesty. It’s totally obscene that after 5 years such elementary mistakes are still being made.

      1. Words fail me. I dont know how long I can continue to feel sorry for her. She should know better and do better. I’m this close to giving up on her

        1. Before she was Royal I felt sorry for her that pictures were shown of her getting in and out of cars. After all it’s less than a split second and then the whole world sees it. She was making her own wardrobe choices and she wore shorter skirts since she was young and going out on the town. On her first Royal tour, I thought well, it’s the helicopter wind and now with that embarrassment behind her, she’s learned. Then I grew annoyed at each tour’s incident. And, here she is, five years into Royal life, with all the advisers imaginable, with a tailored Emilia Wickstead dress, at a respectful wreath laying ceremony (!!) and she doesn’t weight the hem. Sigh.

          1. What’s even worse is where they laid the wreath, directly opposite was a guard of honour of circa 30 armed soldiers and next to them the press pack. They were all right in the Royal Flashing line. So those dignified soldiers and the glorious war dead were treated to the pubic parts of a silly, silly girl who won’t take advice from anyone and constantly thinks it’s ok to do her own thing and embarrass her hosts and her own country. As well as giving the press another eyeful.

    2. I just visited the Daily Mail site, MrsBBV. Thanks for the heads up. I have to admit, tears burned my eyes when I saw the photos. I got so angry, too! My legs are trembling, I am so upset.

      Such a solemn occasion and paying tribute to soldiers who have fallen, and such a mishap!
      This makes me angry. After, thinking the trip was better on Kate’s part, too! No, it is not better. This is another sign of not caring enough and not learning from one’s mistakes. The skirt of the dress is very full, so of course, it needed to be weighted. But, Waity could not bear to do that, could she? Shame on her and her handlers, too! Could someone, somewhere impress on her the importance of NOT FLASHING?

      I really am saddened for all the people who had to witness such blatant disregard for those who gave their lives and to those proud and brave military members attending the services, too.

      Really, so much for thinking Kate was doing better and seeming more relaxed and happy. This is disgraceful.

      KMR, I am sorry if this is your next post. I just had to go to Daily Mail’s website after the tip off and I’m so offended, I felt I had to post. If you do cover this, I am sure, I will post again and others will, too. You’ll bring it the light it deserves, far better than the DM, too!

      BTW, this entry is so beautiful and you mentioned the menu and showed the beautiful flowers and lovely set up so nicely. THanks for giving the gala’s planners such a nice salute in this post.

      1. I was so horrified by the photos, I did not read the entire story. Where did this happen, please? A war memorial? Or, at a memorial site for Ghandi? WHerever, this is just so disrespectful. I’m in shock. I’m also late to start working, so let me go. Just sorry for such a bad turn this trip has taken.

        1. It was at the war memorial for India’s fallen dead as they were approaching to lay the wreath and when they laid the actual commemorative wreath. TBH she might as well of just mooned at the Cenotaph in Whitehall such was the offence it gave me.

      2. Hi Jenny, I should apologise because when I saw the BBC lunchtime news I was just so upset and angry and this (& Lola) was the first place I thought of going knowing that like minded people would understand my feelings of embarrassment and fury. No less because I was having some empathy with Kate’s apparent vulnerability last week. The DM Comments board doesn’t have the most intelligent posters and the remarks on there can border on destructive so I just ‘needed’ an outlet. On reflection it was inappropriate of me to hijack a beautiful thread with such lovely pictures of last night. I am crazy about Indian food & culture so the menu was especially welcome and the flowers and table decorations were just amazing. KMR…..apologies for my breach in posting etiquette. Your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Xx

  30. I’ll have to catch up on all of the comments later, but I wanted to say that I did like the dress. The color is great, the shawl was okay, but the dress looked better without it. I am going to continue to give her a pat on the back about the make-up and hope she continues this trend. It is so much better than before.

    That being said, Kate didn’t pull it off as well as she could have if she would just stand up straight and look like she owns the moment. Look at how the women in the photo were standing. Proud, confident and we’ve got Kate just sort of slouching. It’s got to hurt standing that way all the time.

    I agree about the jewelry KMR, but I am also kind of happy that she didn’t get into HM’s jewel vault because she just isn’t made to wear the big rocks. Diamonds definitely would have been a great contrast to all of the blue.

    And I actually loved her sandals. I don’t know if they were right for the dress, but I love the rick-rack look.

    William’s comments about representing the British film industry! Who is he kidding!! He can’t even show up for their biggest event once a year and he rattles this off. It’s insulting. And then he never even took the time to watch one, just one, Bollywood film. The man has a huge pair of brass ones walking around with him to say something like that.

    The other ladies were gorgeous. Someone mentioned that Kate looked like the mother of the bride in the group photo. And unfortunately she does come off a bit that way.

    Oh well, we’ll see what else they get up to on this vacation. Wait, that’s actually the one thing that has stuck in my craw more than anything. That Kate had a list of places she wanted to see when she got married and India was at the top of the list. I didn’t realize the BRF was a travel agency. Did she think they’d just jet off to the spots on her bucket list and act like private citizens?? You’re going to earn these trips Kate. no free rides.

  31. Greetings Everyone,
    Have managed to check some of my messages, – and a couple of the “white washed and sanitised” versions of the “gratuitous holiday” articles that have been splashed all over the various papers.

    I will be straight to the point as I have not got the time or money to waste like these leeches…

    1. Blue dress – Jenny Packman bespoke, expensive, and stands out in colour only.

    2. The McQueen Monstrosity – well what more can I say? Expensive,

    3. The “slum dog” appearance. That is a absolute disgrace.

    The poorest of the poor have more pride than these two dimwits.

    How dare they trot the children in, use them as PR fodder, looking totally bewildered at the immense wealth that is shown in the clothing and of course the “damn ring” that their “betters” are wearing.

    Disrespectful, degrading and demeaning. How about these two over privileged spoilt tossers climb over the piles of rubbish these people “really live in”, walk the streets with the sewerage running in it, look at the bags of tin cans and other scraps the children pick up from dawn until dusk for a few rupees if they are lucky. Then look in the eyes of the parents and the real people and show true humanity and not humiliate them further.

    4. Playing cricket in a dress that at least covers part of her, but in wedges – which of course when kate is kicking a ball – it flies up to her knee and thigh area. A flash yet again..

    5. Latest idiot thing – refusing to eat a pancake – Kate refused, and stuff the excuse given for not trying it. Those “slum dogs” as they were referred to would have killed for a mouthful of food yet her prissiness says no. Billy boy tastes the pancake but pulls a face.

    6. Just how dare they. I am appalled and outraged that this is what the BRF have stooped to in order to promote these pampered dimwits.

    7. Billy Boy and the prissy one – have no interest in India, it’s people, their problems, their issues and could not watch a film, or even bother to do their homework.

    8. Referring to Colonisation on any level is not for the likes of these show boats.

    9. The Queen most likely refused to supply any jewellery for the lazy one (who cannot be bothered to do duties back in the UK) but when the jumped up madam puts on a show, when on a Holiday Tour – what is another 90,000 pounds in wardrobe and security costs? At a guess (for the clothing etc).

    10. I have seen the poorest of the poor as I am sure many of you have – whether they be begging on the streets, or like those I have just helped deliver food parcels and clothing to, the streets were rivers a day or two ago – that is real stuff.

    11. This is a Travel Brochure advertising stunt – from start to finish. Tick the boxes, copy mother in dresses, use the Diana card yet again and then they will not be seen for the next 6 months.

    12. The Indian people did not even look happy to see these clowns. The is a pure PR stunt. As for speeches that Billy boy gave especially the bit about Catherine wanting to go to India etc etc. what a lot of bull dust. She had 10 years to travel, had plenty of money at her disposal but oh no, she sits by the telephone, never working a day in her pampered life, waiting for Bill to put that cursed ring on her finger.

    13. Only reason that someone commented about the jumped up Madam being more relaxed is because she was not in the UK, and her cover was blown – she no more has anxiety issues than a drunk budgie – it is a put on. Academy award winning performace.

    14. If you want a white washed, simpering, sycophantic opinion – find it on plenty of the other syrupy sites but for the love of God this farce has got to stop.

    15. Today I walked down absolutely filthy streets, where people had lost everything, but they had more dignity, self respect and innate grace than we will ever find in these two vain specimens from the House of Windsor.

    16. At any time – they could have sold a pair of her shoes, or the 16,00 pd white horror dress that she got on, or one of her clutches to fund a pump for fresh water for these poor people but oh no….
    we get the pretty, dressed up, rent a crowd.

    If my post offends anyone – I am sorry but I cannot stand back and watch when people are used like two do – they are both master manipulaters. This is the downfall of the BRF if left in their hands.

    The only plus – is that they got out of bed and got dressed but it is cancelled out – from slums to a banquet, poor research, I guess I miss my children – says I do not want to be here and this is a bore.

    Well I said right from the start this trip would not be good – my instinct has proved right which I had hoped I was wrong.

    Now I have to go and take books, clothes, fresh drinking water, and see what I can do to held nail together shelters, maybe these two idiots should have thought about someone other than themselves here.

    My comments may be harsh however I refuse to stand by and watch the vulnerable be used as a “prop” or a photo opportunity for these users. They have no empathy, no substance and it hurts my heart to see what they have stooped to.

    Billy boy and Katie remind me of a house with the lights on, the door open but nobody is home. If this is how the BRF want to end up… then they should see this coming a mile off.

    My heartfelt thoughts to you all. Take care out there –

    A basket full of happiness to you all, joy to fill your heart and I hope that whatever you are doing – that there is kindness in the mix

    The Wild Rose

  32. To me, she is drowning in that colour like a weed in a carpet of bluebells; it’s overwhelming. I really don’t care for it, and I don’t think it suits her that much, unlike the red which perfectly suited her. She doesn’t have the strong colouring for it. If you replace the beaded overlay with lace, you have the Duchess of Drab’s standard uniform- dull and uninspiring. I do like the neckline, again, not on her. She doesn’t bring the pretty to it.

    Her hair style makes her look matronly. The earrings are a giant clang- again, overwhelming, and cheap looking. Everything is blue, everything! Who does that much blue? It’s interesting that no one else seems to be wearing blue. An entire room of glamorous women and there is no blue?

    BTW, all the women in the room blew her out of the water with their confidence and style and downright gorgeousness. I’ve not seen that amount of stunning fabrics and designs in….well, I can’t recall. So opulent. I also can’t imagine jonesing to meet either of the Dolittles and I certainly wouldn’t stand in a line for them.

    Where is Waity’s anxiety, nervousness, fragility, in these pics? It’s weird how it comes and goes. That woman adores the spotlight- that’s the only thing she really works. Here, she’s a *star*.

    1. Yes, and we should all remember the magical disappearing anxiety, fragility, nervousness next time Kate tries it on. The Indian women looked magnificent, so self-assured.

      1. I was starting to feel sorry for Kate, she’s lost more weight and was looking so stressed and so thin at that function at KP. But look at Kate now, it’s a different story.
        So was the stress, shaky Kate just an act?

  33. Greetings,
    Posted a long message a little while ago – then someone saw this on bbc and literally went off their rocker about the disgusting, disrespectful and thoughtless behaviour when the jumped up Madam
    did her usual stunt….

    “Flashing at a Scared War Memorial” –

    I am beyond outraged myself. I am just too ashamed for words –

    Please read my longer message if you wish – I must have known this was coming.

    I am going to have a good cry when I finish this message before I go out and help deliver more supplies.

    The Wild Rose

    1. The only conclusion I can come up with at this point, re the wind incidents, are that it’s a turn on for Wills. He’ll be right ready to spank her later for her bad behaviour. With a cricket bat. Sorry if I grossed everyone out with that. But why else would this keep happening to her, unless she WANTS it to. Then the question, WHY would she want it to, which led me to believe…

      1. Ray, I’ve thought that for quite some time. The flimsy fly away dresses, the thong (or less) undies. What woman in the public eye, in their right mind is going to get off of a plane or be in a windy environment and continually have this happen. Most people learn after one or two times at most.

        1. Lisa, most women learn because they are mortified and embarrassed. I don’t know what it says Bouton Kate that she is not. any women (and men, my husband is really good with the are you sure that is the right dress comments) should know the moment they put a dress or skirt on how the material flows and it’s weight. is she really not smart or does she like it??

      2. My feeling is that Kate will wear what she wants to wear and no one can tell her any different. That angry look in that photo says it all, “don’t cross me”.

        Now if it’s something she does as a turn on for William? ewwww! I’ve known some men in the past who would have thought it was a turn on in their girlfriends but would be horrified if their wives did it.

    2. Hello my love……yes I did go off my rocker as ‘FlasherGate evolved. And I do apologise for my poor forum etiquette in doing so. I was as apoplectic as if the boney cow had mooned on the balcony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall on Rememerance Sunday. Even more awful, as they stood at the memorial after the wreath was placed, the very haunting and emotive ‘Last Post’ was played only to be accompanied by cameras frantically snapping as Madam displayed even more uncovered flesh. What do our hosts think? And what with William not having seen a Bollywood movie and Kate refusing national culinary delicacies and asking dumb questions at the Gandhi memorial which could have been avoided by watching the brilliant film made by the late great Richard Attenborough who was a close friend of William’s Mother. And starring the great Oscar winning actor, Sir Ben Kingsley, today has not been their finest hour. This pair of plodders have no grace, no style, no panache, no manners and little breeding. Before these numpties ever tour on behalf of UK PLC again they need a week in a classroom with the amabassador of said country being briefed and schooled before they open their mouths. And Kate’s stylist needs to take every single piece of proposed tour clothing and put it in a room with Kate dressed in it and an industrial fan blowing. Let’s get these hem weights, slips, underwear issues sorted before they leave but why the hell am I having to spell this out to this feckwit. She should know all this. And while their at it, practice walking without a clutch clamped onto her lady garden in fact why do we have these clutch bags. I don’t remember Diana having them? Xx

  34. Ecccch!! Another mother of the bride dress and those earrings look like big blue pieces of plastic. With all this fab jewelry at her disposal this is what she chooses? Oy!!! All her clothes swallow her up, and all her Jenny Packham gowns are just a variation on the same design, some type of embellishment or belt at the waist and a flowy skirt below. Poor thing has no imagination at all. Well at least she was not buttoned up to her neck.

  35. While I am thankful that she wore her hair up instead of her usual channeling of a mop, I find her up-do’s to be more aging than some of her fashion choices. The low on the back of the head style, reminds me of two very sweet ladies who were members of the church I went to as a child. They always wore their hair in a low knot at the back of the head. One was in her 80’s and one was in her 90’s. I wish Kate would try a style that was piled on top of her head. Surely she has enough extensions to get it up that high.

  36. Greeting Anyone who gives a damn,

    I am very tired and extremely piss@@ off.

    Yes on this blog we talk about the hits and misses of various Royal Families

    What takes the cake is that not much is given to the totally disgraceful and disrespectful exhibition that katies flashing in front of a War Memorial – while laying a wreath and with it being shown on every news outlet in the world.

    This makes my blood boil.

    There is no grey area here – I am going to write a letter to Her Majesty and tell just how disgusted I am about Katie’s flashing, billy boy’s pathetic speech, being ill-prepared, that this is just a jolly for the pair of them and if this is how she sees the BRF going – as a person born in a Commonwealth Country – I am ashamed.

    This may well be a little thing to a lot of people. However you do not shame the dead.

    My internet is now crashing – the winds are extremely high, and it is going to be a while before I check any messages.

    Stay safe –

    Kind thoughts – my basket of happiness is too low right now but what I have – I will share

    The Wild Rose

    1. this comes on the heels of her blowing off the Irish Guard. you do not disrespect the dead, the dead that is lost in battle and unknown, or those currently fighting for their country. she is representing her country and it is a disgrace. if that solider was helping her with her dress, it was out of respect for the war memorial and not for her. shame on her.

  37. Can you imagine how striking Kate would have looked if she’d worn Aishwarya Rai’s sari? Not only would it have been culturally appropriate, but it would have looked stunning on her, I think! Hair up or down, it would have been glamorous and still modest! The blue dress just strikes me as nothing stunning or out of the ordinary. We’ve seen this silhouette and color on Kate so many times that it’s nothing new – just one of her safe variations, like the black lace dresses she’s so fond of.

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