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Prince William gives speech at Tusk Trust dinner

Do you think Prince William is upset by the fact that his engagements this week have gotten outshined by not only his brother, Prince Harry, but also his father, Prince Charles? There was no press at all for William’s United for Wildlife meetings in Switzerland on Monday while Harry got lots of glowing press for his appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show, and William’s Women’s Football Team visit got little press while Charles got a ton of press for his visit to Ireland (which I’ll cover later). William attended a Tusk Trust 25th Anniversary Dinner at Windsor Castle last night, and still he got little coverage. Granted, most of the royal reporters are in Ireland with Charles, but still. I wonder if William notices how little coverage he gets when he does events solo, and I wonder if that bothers him.

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Kate steps out for 100 Women in Hedge Fund’s Gala

Kate attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala on Thursday… and then went shopping on Friday.  First of all, it bugs me that Kate attends the 100WHF gala every year since she really does not belong anywhere near any accomplished woman ever, since she threw her life away for a ring.  She has done nothing of merit with her life, yet she gets fawned all over and treated as something special, like she deserves to be in the same room as women who are banking executives at major institutions and directors of multimedia business groups.  Having said that… Kate kind of has a reason to be there this year; the 100WHF is raising money for Action on Addiction, one of Kate’s charities.  Of course, this type of gala event is the only way to get Kate to do anything for her charities, because all Kate wants to do is get dressed up and play princess without actually having to do any work.  The gala was held in the state apartments in Kensington Palace, so Kate didn’t have to go very far to get there. 

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