Kate repeats black lace DVF, debuts more loaned jewelry from QEII

Kate repeats black lace DVF, debuts more loaned jewelry from QEII

Yesterday, November 7, Kate Middleton stopped by the Anna Freud Center’s 2017 Gala, held at The Orangery at Kensington Palace, where she met with donors and people the charity supports.

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The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, of which Kate is Patron, is a children’s mental health charity which improves the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of treatment by bringing together leaders in neuroscience, mental health, social care and education to work together to develop, disseminate and deliver evidence-based treatment, through scientific innovation, research and collaboration.

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Upon arrival at the gala, Kate met key supporters of the charity, along with families the charity has helped. Some of the people Kate met spoke with the press after meeting her.

    “The Duchess met Terell Llewelyn, 11, from West London, who is now back in mainstream school after being helped by the charity, and his father Wayne Llewelyn. Wayne said afterwards: ‘It makes a difference that the Duchess of Cambridge has taken an interest in this. It’s brilliant. There’s a lot of children in London who could do with this kind of help.’
    “The charity’s chief executive Peter Fonagy said: ‘She’s very interested in maternal mental health. One of the things that we are interested in is intervening as early as possible in children’s lives to improve their chances of good mental health throughout life. And she’s particularly concerned that mothers’ mental health plays a major role in this and that we are able to support mothers to support their children.’


Kate left before an auction was held to raise money for the charity.

Kate Middleton at Anna Freud Centre Gala cs
[Anna Freud Centre]

For the gala, Kate repeated a gown she previously wore while pregnant with Charlotte in November 2014 at the Royal Variety Performance: the black lace Diane von Furstenberg “Zarita” gown. Kate also carried her black Prada clutch for this outing.

2017 on the left, 2014 on the right.

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The press is making a big deal about the fact that Meghan Markle wore a version of the Zarita dress back in 2012. But the Zarita dress, in its many colors and short and long versions, was a popular dress. Other people who have also worn this dress include Princess Madeleine in 2012, a woman at the RVF with Kate in 2014, and Emily VanCamp in 2012.

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Anyway, back to Kate. As I did in 2014, I find this dress super boring. But what this outing has that 2014’s outing didn’t is the Queen’s jewels. Kate brought out Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Pendant Earrings for a fourth go-round, and debuted yet another piece of HM’s collection: The Diamond Quatrefoil Bracelet.

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The Queen wore this bracelet to the opening of parliament in 2010, but other than that there isn’t much known at all about this bracelet. Kate is racking up quite the collection of jewelry loans from HM.

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136 thoughts on “Kate repeats black lace DVF, debuts more loaned jewelry from QEII

  1. I wonder why The Queen has been loaning Kate so many jewels to Kate, but won’t give her a royal order? Also, how much money does these charity galas make when Kate shows up?

    1. I ask the same question Kitty, 6 years married and the Queen didn’t give Kate a royal order. I don’t know why. I once heard a man on TV saying the royals only wear black at funerals, I thought he was wrong because I remembered Kate wearing black and I am right. The royals can wear black. About the press comparing Kate Zarita dress to the Zarita dress wore by Maghan Markle, well I hope the press is not pretending to say that Kate is imitating Markle because Marke wore an Erden dresse recently and at Skippy wedding in Jamaica. Erden is one of the favorite brands wore by Kate. These comparations are ridiculous and not necessary.

        1. I also hope so Kitty. Off Topic but have you seen an unseen photo from Prince George’s christening in 2013 which has been released? It’s so cute.

    2. I wonder if she will ever stop flashing big blue ( her trophy) she seems to feel a need to remain people I’m wearing princess Diana’s ring.

  2. Well at least there was no new dress! Why does she not stay at these events til the end? Missing the auction seems rude. Maybe she hasn’t managed to get any cash from her Cayman Islands account?? ?

    1. What Cayman Islands account? Kate has never made money of her own to invest in anywhere.

      1. And isn’t that pretty sad. That is something that happened to women generations ago but not someone born in the 1980s. For all the ambition Carole had, she never instilled a work ethic in her children. It’s a disgrace really.

        1. They contracted affluenza. If you catch it early I hear it’s treatable…Carole must not have been familiar with symptoms?

      2. It was a sarcastic comment.. there has been a lot in the news about first the Queen, then Lewis Hamilton, then Prince Charles investing money in ways that may be slightly unethical but not illegal. We are just waiting for what will pop out of the Paradise Papers today – I imagine there is a possibility that both Will and Harry have the same tax/investment advisors as Charles and the Duchy, so they may too have fallen into the trap.

        1. I know. I was intending mine to also be a sarcastic comment. But the sarcasm must not have translated through text.

          1. Try these for sarcastic comment:
            ” :-7 ”
            tongue in cheek, sarcastic

            ” ;-s ”
            sarcastic wink

            ” 😉 ”
            wink* |semi-colon dash left-parentheses|

            *Sometimes programs automatically substitute the emoticons with emojis now.

            At least that’s what we used with IM.

        2. I think they eat all from the same pot.
          You really should know what you’re advisers do. There is no possibility that you have “accidently” an account on the Cayman Islands.Does not everyone in this world have to subscribe when you get a new bank-account?

          1. Yes, I don’t think any of them lie awake worrying about ethics but about how much they can get away with, how much they can burden the taxpayers with the cost of their lavish lifestyle, and how much they can rip off the peons (eg., Chuck’s underhanded attempts to take ownership of the Duchy of Cornwall)

            Yet we are to believe that the queen can’t be blamed in not overseeing her investments/avoiding taxes that would serve the commonweal. She manages to game the system robbing Peter to pay Paul (BP reno monies squandered on other things, passing on of public monies to the fam) and begs poverty (Windsor Castle), but she gets a pass for avoiding taxes. Meanwhile I see an all encompassing attitude of entitlement, shadiness and venality. In my estimation, the BRF are just another mob of whinging .0001%ers, but with tiaras.

          2. Maven, I note that in the Guardian, the Duchy is referred to as Prince Charles’s private estate. At no point is it described as a public resource in the hands of Charles under certain historic conditions. It is unfortunate that media is either insufficiently informed or too cowed to write a more accurate, sharper picture.

    2. I find it in incredibly poor taste that she doesn’t stay till the end at these events. If she hadn’t done it before, I’d be more willing to cut her some slack and say maybe because she’s preggars but she did it last year when she wasn’t.
      Keen Kate cares so much she cuts out early?

      1. Been to enough ‘galas’ that have a celebrity or business guest of honor. All the photos are taken at the beginning of the evening. Half of them leave after 90 min, counting from entrance to the event, sometimes before dinner is served. Reminds me of the time running down on a parking meter. Their time is soooo valuable that I’m surprised they don’t leave a shoe on the stairway as they run out.

      2. 90mins?! What amateurs.?

        When i interned for celebrity PR firm at the start of my career, we had our clients stay maximum 20mins.

        These days, when i see photos of my former boss at these events, it’s clear the routine is still in place because it’s usually red carpet and nothing else.

        Very rarely, photos inside event.

  3. If she left before the auction then how long was she actually there?

    I guess in light of the Paradise Papers it was smart to wear a repeat. More of this is needed.

    1. An hour at most, I’d say. Maybe less – more like 45 minutes? Judging based off of Twitter post times.

      1. So if she is only going to spend an hour at things, then why can’t she attend more of them. One hour is nothing. She spends more time shopping.

        1. Between hair and makeup and picking out an outfit and getting dressed, Kate probably spends more time getting ready for an appearance than actual at the appearance.

  4. I thought she would wear black.I don’t know why.
    Finally, a repeat, it’s good to rewear something if your wardrobe is so big.
    The dress is alright and I love the jewels, these earrings and the braclet are so classical beautiful.
    Kate looks ok, but still so thin.It’s worrying, in my opinion.

    1. I agree Lovely Blossom. I like this dress on Kate. I think the length is appropriate and the jewellery I exquisite as well as the length of hair. The body language is still awkward though.

    2. I think this is the best of the lace dresses, where the top part is see through. My local newscaster was wearing one the other day, but it was terrible.

  5. I usually have some niggle about Kate’s outfits but I think this time, she looks lovely.
    I prefer her hair down with this neckline rather than up.
    And her beautiful jewels elevate the gown.

      1. Just being facetious here…how come her hair is so healthy when she’s been suffering from HG? When I did, and many others here agree, my hair was a wreck. So is this her hair and she’s not been that ill ( regular morning sickness which I’m sure is horrid but hey trust me is not HG) or has she winglets?

        1. One could also ask why Kate seems to be the only woman on the planet whose hair is getting thicker as she gets older. To my eye, her hair looks thicker now than when she graduated from St Andrews.

  6. Richard Palmer stated in a tweet today that the Court Circular listed the visit to the Duke of Westminster as an official visit. That is utter bullshit. It was a private visit. He also noted that Kate only made 3 appearances outside London this year excluding the out of country tours. Again so bad. She clearly was anticipating another pregnancy so why couldn’t she stock up attendances in the beginning of the year.

    1. Huh, I went and checked and yes the Duke of Westminster memorial was officially listed in the CC for Charles, Camilla, William, and Kate.

      1. I thought Charles and Camilla have been travelling in Asia? It shouldn’t appear for any of them, but for C and C at least they have solid numbers for real appearances.

        1. I believe Palmer was talking about the memorial in Nov 2016 for the 6th Duke of Westminster, which is what I looked up. There is nothing in the CC for Kate for this past weekend.

          1. I think so too, although he was talking about the funeral in his article. According to what I read the funeral was held in family circle just days after the Duke’s death so I don’t think anyone from the Royal Family was there.

          2. That’s correct. No Royal family members were at the actual funeral, but several attended the memorial.

          1. I should get a subscription for the Times. The website CC is awful!

            I know going to memorials often counts as ‘work,’ and has done before, so wouldn’t shock me at all.

          2. I’ve been thinking about getting a Times subscription just so I can see the CC. Because yeah the online one is crap. KP is always let’s in updating it for W, K & H.

      2. According to the local newspaper about the 5 November sighting in Chester:

        “It isn’t known why the family were in the area but there was speculation on social media they may have been visiting Eaton Hall where the Grosvenors held their annual bonfire and fireworks display on Saturday evening. ”

        “A spokesperson for Kensington Palace said protocol was to offer ‘no comment’ unless the royals were on official duties.”

        If no CC listing then not an official visit.

    2. Just as well they have those foreign tours to lift numbers; they seem to be ‘make work’/ PR exercises for just that purpose since there’s zero impact or import. Even so, the numbers are poor overall. It is pitiful to pay millions for just a couple of dozen sightings in the UK per year, mostly in London, staying for a mere 45 minutes. So much ‘interest’ from Kate. So much ‘care’.

  7. The cause is a very good one so I hope they had a good time.

    As for Kate? Colour me bored. IMO she’s looking just like she was sold to us, as “the girl next door”. Where is the polish? Where is the sparkle, apart from HM’s diamonds? Mucky hairdo, average makeup, at least she’s not wearing another expensive new dress?

  8. It was so clear that she would wear something black, new or repeat. She strongly prefers black (and colourful patterns) when pregnant, it makes it harder to actually see the bump. I think thats sad, I was always proud of my bump, small or big. I hope that she does that trick because whe does not want people to focus on the bump, and not because she feels bad about the body changes.

    1. Unfortunately, I believe it’s the latter which is definitely sad. If I’m ever blessed to become pregnant (at the rate I am, I doubt it), I’d enjoy the sh!t out of my changing body and be so flipping proud that it will allow me to carry a child.

    2. I don’t blame Kate for wanting to hide her bump ( I hate that word). I wouldn’t want the media talking about or taking pictures of it either. It’s a private thing. And many women do’t enjoy the bodily changes that pregnancy brings. There is nothing wrong with that.

  9. This is a classic lace dress and she can wear it many times and it won’t go out of style. It has added interest in the small flare, and the back being different from the front. If she didn’t have so many lace dresses, I think it wouldn’t seem boring. She can repeat this many times and I won’t complain.

    The jewelry is lovely, no Kikis! It elevates the look. And I do like her hair this length. When it was longer, it really needed to be up at elegant events as it distracted from the rest of the look or made her look like a teenager at prom. This way, she can wear it up or down and look sophisticated.

    i dont mind she left the auction. When it’s an event with kids or learning about an organization, I get annoyed by a quick exit because I feel she didn’t devote proper time to meeting people and it seems almost rude. But, at an auction, Kate is not the focus and she can’t really participate on bidding, and can you imagine her as a emcee? Or her clapping repeatedly front and center? She is self conscious clapping at a tennis match! The charity likely knows she’d be uncomfortable.

    1. I am not meaning this to be personal, but why should we never expect Kate to do something she finds a little tricky or a little uncomfortable? I had the same thought when another poster said she should stick to sporting events because ‘she likes them’. Surely part of her role is to step outside her comfort zone. I feel just turning up to shake a few hands and then sneaking back off to the sofa in her mansion next door is very rude. She could offer something for the auction rather than buy something – something personal, perhaps a personal guided tour (not by her) of one of the exhibitions at KP? If she wants to make a real contribution then she has to do more than turn up in a pretty dress – to me this is what ‘modernising the monarchy’ should be about – few charities, get genuinely involved.

      1. Totally agree Birdy. As a royal she needs to go outside her comfort zone, but we clearly see her discomfort. It makes me sad. And about the round table she did about maternal mental heath, OMG KP chose a picture where Kate is smiling. It’s a very serious topic so they SHOULD have chosen a picture of Kate serious, looking concentrated but instead we got her grin. It seemed a meeting for tea. Ridiculous.

        1. I like the idea of donating an item for the auction. And, I do agree Kate should sometimes step out of her comfort zone, but I think she also has to be true to herself. That’s why I think sporting charities are a good fit for her – just wish she did more events with them as opposed to the one or two public visits.

          For example, she could visit schools and speak about the connection between exercise, teamwork, and mental health and then play a game with kids.

      2. Kate is the “Snowflake Princess”… she feels entitled and it is evident in her work ethic. As with everyone who takes on the responsibility of a job… she knew what was expected of her when she married, but it appears that she only likes the perks and not the actual work involved. Nice gig if you can get it… Enough said.

      3. If she has full access to the riches by being in the BRF she also has to take on the not so great aspects. It is part of game. Otherwise, her clothing budget and renovation budget needs to be slashed in proportion to the work she actually does. Tons for excuses for this lazy woman.

      4. Why on earth should Kate do only the things she supposedly likes? Why is she deemed so special, so fragile? She is supposed to be in service to others; it’s not about her. Yet, sycophants are out in force at these events, telling us how interested and caring Kate is for the 30-45 minutes she’s deigned to attend. Apologists all, refusing to hold her and the family she’s married into to a higher standard.

        1. She has been sold to the public as special and fragile since the engagement was announced. Didn’t William tell her she wouldn’t have to do any appearances, etc? The fact that she bought into that is amazing to me. She wasn’t a teenager! How could she not realize the responsibilities that would be expected of her?

          Kate is constantly being looked after because it’s obvious that she cannot stand on her own I also think that QE may have had some guilty feelings about the way Diana was treated by the Royals and to make sure William felt better about things, the Palace cut Kate tremendous slack on many things early on. Now, it must be hard to change. Bringing in Catherine Quinn is a sign that some more work is being expected of Kate, but I wonder how much of a major impact Quinn will have on Kate and William. Oh, I think she will try and may come up with some of the ways to inspire Kate that most of us would like to see. However, I am from the school of thought that Ms. Quinn will eventually get fed up with the Cambridges and bow out of her job gracefully. I just don’t things changes that much. Baby Three will be an excuse for not working and then, well, there always could be a Baby Four, etc.

          1. Kate had no trouble standing on her own when it came to withstanding the brickbats over the years and muscling away the women surrounding William. She wants us to believe she cannot stand on her own.

            I don’t believe CQ will have any effect on Kate unless Kate’s lord and master demands it.

          2. I agree, Maven. I don’t buy at all that Kate is fragile. I think she uses that to keep work and expectations to a minimum. No one with Carole for a mother has trouble being tough and manipulative. I have always thought she runs William’s life.

          3. I just want to point out that, for some people, having someone like Carole for a mother would be detrimental to their own self esteem and would cause them to be even meeker, less tough, and less confident than they would have otherwise. I’m not saying that is how Kate is, I do not know Kate so I cannot say how she is, I’m just speaking in generalities here.

          4. KMR, I agree with you, but I have known people in that situation who are meek to their domineering Mother, but domineering to others in their lives. And get more determined as they age and their mothers matter less. William has always seemed a weak character to me. Stubborn, stupid people often are.

            Sometimes I think we mis-read Carole’s ambition. I don’t think it was pure snobbery and social climbing. I think she pushed her daughters to marry well so that they would never have to work hard and run the family as she did. That was the man’s job. God knows what she desired for her son…

          5. I agree that Carole thinks marrying a prince will solve all problems, as long as you put up with his cheating. I believe she thinks that’s why Charles and Diana ultimately split up. So Kate is tolerant of everything. I would not be shocked if the press confirmed that he had flings on the side. It would explain Kate’s body image issues as well.

      5. She is a woman-child. It is not within her and chances are it ever will be, to get creative and participate with her charities in a more deeper and involved way. She will spend the rest of her life turning up to her charities to “learn” about basic concepts in her area of interest, attend galas and receptiOns for an hour at most and turn up new clothes to get her to do the bare minimum.

      6. ‘Engagement’ means getting your hands dirty and pitching in. Kate is never engaged. She swans in and swans out at will and living the dream since capturing the golden goat. Her fragrant presence is enough and she does like to see gratitude and worship in the eyes of the great unwashed for that great favour.

  10. No Royal would stay at an auction for an official engagement. It’s a bit vulgar really ……like talking about money. They would lend their presence to publicise the auction but I would not expect to them to attend never mind bid. Not the done thing at all.

    At a private event organised by friends say Boodles Boxing Ball then yes but not at an Official Engagement.

    1. I respectfully disagree, helping to raise money for her charity is not vulgar. If an auction is vulgar then she shouldn’t be involved in the event at all. I am not suggesting she bids for anything.

      1. As I said Birdie their presence highlights the cause.Take Christie’s Dress Auction Diana wouldn’t have been seen there! Her Headway Charity auctions had Jeffrey Archer running them …..Diana always withdrew before it started. It’s just not the done thing. Even a raffle caused some costernstion for Diana as she won first prize which was a holiday in The Maldives and had to give it back to be drawn again. Form dictates that on this occasion Kate has done the right thing.

        1. I stick to my view and respectfully disagree. I wish we would stop comparing her to Diana, times have changed.

          I’ve been to things where I’ve won two things in a raffle and of course you reject the second and ask another person to be drawn. I don’t have to be royal to know that’s good form.
          Let’s agree to disagree.

          1. I have never ever won anything in a raffle, not even pass the parcel.

            I actually think the Diana template is still relevant as she was so ahead of her time and she was instinctive with her etiquette and protocol. Dignified but not stuffy. She is my behavioural benchmark for Kate and she will be for Sparkles. That kind of humanity and style never dates.

          2. On this I agree with you Diana was simply something else, despite her many and obvious faults. But I don’t like the comparisons because Dianas come rarely , so we cannot expect so much of Kate, but we can and should expect very much more than she is giving.

            I think Leti has elements of Diana, and in different ways she is treading a very difficult path in a very turbulent Spain.

        2. How odd then, Mrs BBV. I thought they were all about modernising the monarchy (she said archly).

          Let’s face it, I doubt she knows or cares about the protocol but wants to scram as soon as possible. She is not Diana- she has no class and this instance doesn’t change that, IMO. Nor has she ever shown herself to be conscientious. I’m not willing to ascribe to her a history and attitude she does not possess and never will.

          1. I live in hope she’ll grow up and get her sh*t together. After all she did, in her engagement interview, recognise what Diana was so why not at least use her as a role model? Not just borrow her jewellery. She doesn’t have to be a clone but to learn from her would be a start. But you’re right …..it mattered to Diana from the start that she was good enough, didn’t let the family down, was up to the job of representing the country. That her husband was proud of her. That the RF were proud of her. Madam appears not to give two hoots about how she’s perceived by the public. It’s her way or no way.

            Such a strange woman she is because in her position I would be a sponge to take in all that was available to stimulate me mentally. To be so unquestioning of life and what it has to offer beyond her own little patch of Royal fiefdom is very odd and suggests a very closed, undeveloped and immature mind.

          2. William wanted someone who would tolerate his antics, be they women on the side or anything else. He didn’t care about someone who could do the job of Royal. And Kate clung long enough to prove herself. She will never change. Not unless a disaster in the BRF forces her to.

    2. What is the Boodle Boxing ball? I know Kate turned up in a lovely aquamarine dress. I thought wow. Jecca wore a red dress if I recall.

      1. Kitty…..Diana most certainly did not attend auctions. Jeffrey Archer would call at KP after the auction to brief her on how it had gone. Christie’s phoned Diana the morning after the auction to let her know about her dresses success!

  11. I just think Kate is so lacking in spark and personality. To me, she makes jewelry look dull. I know I whined a lot about her long hair and her hair is shorter, but even at this length it is just kind of nondescript. So she repeated a black lace (of course) gown, but she still looked boring.
    She lacks poise and looks awkward and uncomfortable, which she tries to compensate for with her goofy facial expressions. I have been seeing pictures of Queen Mathilde on a trip to India and while I am not a fan of how she dresses most of the time, she has an aura of confidence, maturity and calmness about her. Kate lacks that quality and may never have it. There is something so immature about Kate. Sorry, but at almost 36 years old it is time to grow up.

    1. +1 times infinity! This! I just don’t get an ‘adult/grown woman’ vibe from her AT ALL! Princess Madeleine is the same age and just oozes sophistication + girl-next-door vibes+classic style to me!!

      1. And have you seen Leti welcoming the First Lady of Israel? She has looked stunning and her care for the obviously ill First Lady has been very touching. I agree about Mathilde in India, she looks good ( I also don’t like her style), but she looks engaged, relaxed and honoured to be there. Wonderful lady, who like Leti , seems to be adored by her husband.

        1. Leti is a beautiful, caring woman. That picture of her holding the hand of the wife of the Prime Minister speaks more than a thousand words. Thanks for the heads up on it. Truly a lovely moment.

          1. I have such a girl crush on QL. She exuded compassion and comfort with the Israeli PM’s wife. Some people find body contact and disability discomforting to touch, to be natural and unaffected by. As ever QL looked like she was born to it with total sincerity and not an ounce of patronising in her. Like Diana instinctively knew how to be and act.

        2. Okay everyone back off QL is mine!! lol She is my posture Guru, gosh just thinking about her makes me stand/sit straighter. I do agree with you all though, she looks engaged, compassionate and thoughtful and it’s obvious that Felipe adores her.

          1. Count me in as another person with a girl crush on Queen Letizia. She carries herself well, speaks multiple languages, gives well written and rehearsed speeches, and actually works more than a few hours a month. Top it off with a fabulous wardrobe that she has repeatedly reworn, she should be a someone that Kate should emulate since she has no idea how
            to conduct herself. I’d love to see more coverage of her!

            I initially was a big fan of Kate’s but it didn’t take long to figure out that her sense of duty and service was lacking. What a disappointment!

    2. After all this time, I am convinced Kate sees herself very differently from her critics and even some of her fans. My guess is that she moves in a fantasy world where she really is the much beloved fairy princess. Her plastic looks, expensive clothes, endless jewels and grooming, her legs and her exhibitionism are her worthy projections and trappings, a walking dream. Her narcissism is her comfort.

        1. Could be worse…we’ve just got real housewives of Sydney on the TV here…unbelievable the way those women behave, and trust me I love almost all Aussies.

          1. I went to college near the Real Housewives of Orange County. Oh, my God. Such a stereotype but so true, I babysat for a woman like that for some extra cash and I quit. She was crazy!

      1. I agree, Maven. I believe Kate lives in a fantasy world where is the bestest, sparkliest princess ever. A fantasy world created by the social climber that is her godawful mother. Kate is going to have a RUDE awakening when the real Princess Sparkles comes on the scene. She won’t know what hit and she will have a fit and do all she can to humiliate Meghan, get the attention back on her and make a point making sure she will always have precedence over Meghan.

        I also feel the real reason Kate doesn’t step up is because William doesn’t want her to. He does not want Kate to follow in his mother’s footsteps. He doesn’t want her to work. He likes her being a Stepford wife.

  12. I like the dress. It’s plain, but it is a classic look. The jewels made it shine. It’s not exciting, but compared to her 1940s cosplay looks, it is really nice and flattering.

  13. Am I the only one who is a bit scared that the monarchy isn’t going to be as strong as the royals thinks once The Queen passes?

    1. I’m terrified at what might happened to the Monarchy without HMTQ. I believe in it and I don’t want a republic but without HM a little more of the reverence and magic dies and there are still so many in the country that do not care for PoW and Camilla.

      I look forward less to King William & Queen Catherine then I’d do PoW coming to the throne. He’s a compassionate man who loves his people and his country whereas William remains untried and untested and has yet to convince me anything beyond his own sphere matters to him.

      As for losing HM herself……part of Britain’s backbone will die with her. She’s not without her faults but she’s my Queen and I love her. I literally dread the day.

      1. Lol Ellie! If you think about it we all post “the same thing over and over again month after month”. We might vary it a bit but really how many ways can one say “Kate has no sense of style”, “Kate has no work ethic”, “Kate has no charisma”?

        I can’s speak for Mrs BBV, but when someone has an issue that weighs heavy on their minds they can bring it up frequently. Yeah, it can get frustrating but it would be much kinder to realize that that person is upset about something and feels that this is a safe place to share it.

    2. It depends probably if you care about the monarchy. Many people are interested in complete different things today.
      If people could have decided, it often would have been abolished(after Diana’s death for example).
      I think the Queen knows this and fears it too.She accepts many things today, she was stricter in her younger years.
      The monarchy will go on, even with those lazybones like William.But it’s true, I’m not looking forward to his reign.

      1. Honestly because I am not British I am okay with monarchy ending. It’s pretty demeaning actually to the regular folk who pay taxes to support this crowd and the Windsor family is simply pulling off a more discreet con on the British people than what is going in the US. And one that encompasses more people and lasts far longer. Will that money ever get properly redistributed? Who knows, but Will and Kate are just more vulgar versions of royalty and they are giving the bird to the plebs who are supporting their ridiculous and indolent lifestyle.

        And really I want Canada to cut off this charade when QEII is gone. We don’t owe anything to that family and frankly they were behind the atrocities that decimated the indigenous people already there.

        1. +1 Nic919. I agree, ‘royalty’ is nothing but an elaborate con. Being at a considerable distance and therefore not captive to the daily saturation of ‘royals’ in our lives, our respective countries do not see them as necessary. Australia will move to a more independent state in due course following the Queen’s death, as no doubt, will Canada.

  14. Anyone else find it odd how Kate keeps getting so many jewelry loans from the Queen, but still has no Royal Family Order?

    1. I think the Queen values the family order more than the jewelry. Kate hasn’t earned it at all. Jewels probably don’t mean as much to her. That said I bet Anne gets her personal collection as well as some pieces to Beatrice and Eugenie.

      1. When there are buckets of jewels, loaning a piece or two out is like loaning someone a fiver, I think. I’m not seeing any truly meaningful bling from the queen so far. The order seems far more personal.

    2. Note how Kate only gets “loans” of jewelry and no gifts. Usually when people get to be the Queen’s age they start giving things to their children. Of course, how would the media know they were only loaned and maybe they are gifts to Kate. We have no idea what goes on in the BRF and can only speculate. Still, the absence of the family order for Kate speaks volumes.

        1. W&K went to a movie gala (?) early in the marriage. She wore a red stone necklace & earrings, & a bracelet. Wore a black velvet strapless dress. Have never seen a photo of her wearing that jewelry again. Were did it come from? Why isn’t it worn?

          1. Supposedly those Mowad (sp?) pieces were a wedding gift. Who knows why Kate hasn’t worn it again. She has loads of things she’s only worn once.

            PS. Not a movie gala. It was the Sun Military Awards.

  15. DVF, designer of the wrap dress that always seems in style, made no impact with this dress, imo.
    The lace looks cheap. Like the heavy and ugly lace put on cheesy looking dresses sold in rock bottom price stores. If you use lace, make it memorable!

    So, she stayed 45 minutes and then ducked in next door, or wherever, to relax. No need to complain, she paid her dues. It really is bothering me more and more each and every day at how she slacks. Yes, she could have stayed for the auction. Or, auctioned something off which spoke of her involvement in this important non-profit. But, no. Why bother.

    As others have said, she’s in her mid-thirties and is so immature. Just take care of me is her motto. My God, she will soon be the mother of three. Isn’t it time, she show more care for others, too. She really had her growth stunted by her mother. We all want to help our children and give them good lives, but we also want to give them the confidence to stand on their own. She got a good education. Why not use it in some way in her Royal role?

  16. Maybe the Queen is as tired as we are of all those blah Kiki’s, because I’ve noticed an uptake in loaners from her this year!! I also find that she seems to finally been wearing more of Diana’s jewelry lately odd. Why now? Whatever the reason because those ladies have/had spectacular bling! Love the bracelet. Adds some sparkle to the boring black lace dress.

  17. On another note, did anyone read about the announcement of Harry and Meghan’s engagement? Some sources say this month, but now I’m reading that he wants to put it off until after the birth of Kate’s baby. Who knows??

      1. Kimothy I am with you on this one. They are supposedly both adults in their 30’s and by now they should have an idea if this relationship will work or not. As far as Meghan getting a visa or even becoming a British citizen or whatever else needs to be done I am sure strings can be pulled to speed up the process and make exceptions. Ah, the joys Meghan will have in that rarified, entitled atmosphere.

      1. I think living together for a while, or at least living in the same city for a while, before getting engaged is a good thing in the long run, especially for a decision like marrying into the BRF.

        1. Now that would be interesting. She won’t have a job, and who knows what Harry’s up to. They’ll have a lot of togetherness and some real challenges.

          Perhaps they can announce an engagement and then live together till the wedding next year. This should make all of us happy, I’m thinking.

        2. Nooooooo!!!! *sobs*sobs* I don’t want logical explanations KMR, I want diamonds and tiaras!!!!! who gives a rip about what’s sensible when diamonds and tiaras are on the line??


        3. Very true. She needs to get some idea of what she will have to deal with. I think the biological clock is ticking, though.

        4. Lord, have mercy. People suspect this November and you say one year x)
          What a tragedy it would be if they would break up?
          People would lose their believe that Harry will ever marry.
          We will see!

          1. I actually want to see Harry make a commitment. I don’t want Harry to pick the wrong one but I think it is about time he married. I think he wants too as well.

        5. I don’t think that can happen because of the visa issues. If they get engaged they need to be married within six months. I think they announce before the end of the year. I also don’t think she can just move in without anything more concrete either.

          If someone is serious about a relationship they make it work and it’s not like Meghan hasn’t already been exposed to the press scrutiny in the last year. And if she is leaving the show, then a serious commitment has already been made. You don’t quit your job to just try things out.

          It’s not like she can’t handle the princess stuff. She can give speeches and socialize like a full grown adult, something Kate still can’t do years later.

          1. She can skirt the visa thing by leaving the country for two wks then come back in and that’s assuming she and/or Harry don’t take a long holiday out of the country anyways during that 6 months to begin with?
            I’m in favor of that she should at least move there for a bit to see how things go before deciding on marriage but each their own.

  18. Maybe a lot has changed – but as an Australian passport holder I could enter the UK for 6 months – could not be “employed” and had no access to any social service etc – so if your employer wanted to send you over there in a Management capacity and pay you in $A into your bank account in Sydney and pay all your costs there then you get in. I was there for 10 months but also travelled to the Dutch offices for a week at a time on several occasions. As far as I know the 6 month limit was reset each time. This was not a “dodge” re the Visitor visa – just what the business required – I managed a global IT project and spent time in US and NZ as well. So Megan has many options I would think – none of which would be too hard to comply with.

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