Kate spotted in Chester with William & kids

Kate spotted in Chester with William & kids

Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were spotted on Sunday, November 5, at the Chester Railway Station heading back to London.

The Cambridge family were spotted next to their Range Rovers along with Nanny Maria, who can be seen carrying Charlotte. You can view the photos here. The Chester Chronicle reports:

    “Prince William, Kate and their two children are believed to have boarded a train at Chester Railway Station back to London on Sunday. The family were seen next to Range Rovers in the Carriage Shed, alongside the station about 2.30pm yesterday (November 5), where it is possible to gain direct access to the platforms without going through the main entrance. Staff at the station saw the young family walk past including Kate with her ‘bump’ as she is pregnant with her third child. The Chronicle understands the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by royal protection officers, missed their original train at 2.33pm so had to get on an ’empty’ train to Crewe about 10 minutes later.
    “It isn’t known why the family were in the area but there was speculation on social media they may have been visiting Eaton Hall where the Grosvenors held their annual bonfire and fireworks display on Saturday evening. The two families are close. The seventh Duke of Westminster is a godfather to Prince George. And his mother, the Duchess of Westminster, is William’s godmother. But Grosvenor Estate says it does not comment on private visits so cannot confirm or deny whether the future King of England was in residence.
    “Stephen Foote, a solicitor with Allington Hughes Law, stumbled across the royal party at the railway station by chance. He thought they were about to get into the nearby Range Rovers but it now appears they had just alighted before catching their train home. He said: ‘There was one plain clothes officer who asked me to walk a different route to get to my car parked in City Place. No outriders. Looked like two Range Rovers. Think the children were with them. William looked very ordinarily dressed with a green sweater and Nike trainers.’
    “Stephen managed to sneak a couple of long distance photographs which appear to show Prince William and Kate, with her back to the camera, plus a nanny holding what looks like Princess Charlotte and possibly a plain clothes police officer. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace said protocol was to offer ‘no comment’ unless the royals were on official duties. Cheshire Police indicated a training exercise last Thursday (November 3) involving a Bentley being escorted through Chester by police motorcyclists was unrelated.”

Kate has a gala appearance later today for the Anna Freud Centre.

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  1. “… plus a nanny holding what looks like Princess Charlotte and possibly a plain clothes police officer.” My goodness, that’s a big load for Nanny Maria to carry!

    I wonder where is their (seemingly) personal helicopter? And what happens if/when they catch a scheduled train? Is a carriage cleared for them and security?

    1. The comment from the guy is he was led around so I assume it’s cleared for them, since they go in the side entrance directly onto the train.

    2. Am I reading this correctly, because they missed their scheduled train they took a completely empty train instead?
      Hmm I’m torn between is it more of a waste to travel by their personal fav the helicopter or have a completely empty train escort them home!!
      What a waste

      1. “The Chronicle understands the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by royal protection officers, missed their original train at 2.33pm so had to get on an ’empty’ train to Crewe about 10 minutes later.”

        According to the article they took a train to Crewe which is only about 32 km (20 miles) away. The “empty” train could have been returning to base at Crewe? Who knows? That article doesn’t say how they then got back to London so lets not go assuming they had a special train called up just to take them back to London. But if they did then I’m really not amused.

        1. Only 20 miles away? For goodness sake, why not drive instead of commandeer an empty train? It would have taken just minutes.

      2. Sarah, it seems so. An extra (empty) train was there to carry them to their destination because they missed the scheduled train. Goodness knows how much it cost. Also, I’m still not sure had they caught the regular train whether an empty carriage for them and their security detail would have been provided. I assume so. Again, cost to others. Surely the BRF should pay for private activities (and their security) from their own pockets if indeed their pockets are not overstuffed with public money.

        1. They should have made the train they were meant to be on? And if they missed it then should have waited for the next one – like the rest of us do?

          Mind you, did the station master just want them off their platform as soon as he could? Imagine having to suddenly have to supply security for a bunch of Royals?

  2. I wonder why the Nanny is always with them ?
    Kate is pregnant, but William could hold his own daughter for sure.Or just for the camera at official engagements?
    Kate shouldn’t make it too comfortable for William.all the time, we’re not living in older centuries.
    I like their normal clothes, but I guess, these two will never be sympathetic to me.

    1. I do hope Nanny Maria gets some time off? I assume she likes her job because she has stayed for 5 years. There must be other nannies though surely we just don’t hear of them.

    2. I think that William and Kate look good in their normal clothes. Kate is neat and presentable in her outfit. William seems to prefer the top and jeans look. I wonder too why Charlotte is being held by the nanny. Is George with them? I hope they all had a good time with the Grosvenor’s .

    3. Sadly, I think she makes it easy for William because that is how she acted the entire time she waited for him to pop the question. It’s so ingrained by now. I imagine she is schooled constantly by her mother to act this way and not to rock the boat with PW. Nauseating behavior. I wonder if Kate will ever wake up.

        1. But nannies only go so far. They are not parents. When the baby cries you hand them back. That is the deal nannies strike.

          1. I don’t think the crying babies get handed back to William. Kate maybe. I don’t think nannies for royals have the same deal as nannies for regular folk.

            And when William and Kate were in the Maldives when George was a young baby, Nanny Maria was on her own.

          2. I had not a thought that a crying baby would be handed back to the parents. I assumed the Nannies comforted them. If the crying persists and Mummy is around, I guess then, yes. William, though? I doubt it. Unless it was George doing the crying. He’s really very close to his son. I would enjoy a photo of him with Charlotte that shows him as a caring parent. The one thing I noticed in the video where the family was leaving their final destination on the last European trek and ready to board the plane, William did guide Charlotte up the stairs of the airplane. However, Kate took over rather quickly. The relationship between fathers and daughters is so important, I hope that when out of the public eye, Charlotte and her Daddy have a warm and caring bond. It is apparent that George does have that with William.

  3. Kate is attending a flashy gala at the Orangery at Kensington Palace today. It seems like she likes glittery royal engagements.

      1. I think Kate likes the attention. Why else would she party etc more than once after the infamous split. I think William is the homebody. William seems reluctant to be seen with Kate. When they were at Polo matches in the dating years William was no where around Kate as evidenced in the photographs. No holding hands or anything.

        1. It’s hard to tell with Kate.
          On the one hand, she seems shy, on the other hand she like the attention of course.
          Kate’s intentionts were so obvious the times she went roller-skating in those bright clothes.I always wonder how William could fall for such a lousy trick. Why should I want someone back who is laughing and happy after a split?
          I still think.that she often has to force herself to go to engagements.But you’re right, these engagements with new dresses will be her favourite ones.

          1. People who are shy don’t dress proactively. It really comes down to modesty versus bold. I don’t think there is much emotion in their relationship. It comes and goes but there is no attachment and Kate is not William’s mother. I feel sorry for George, Charlotte and the new baby.

      1. And new samey Kikis . . . . yes I’m not giving her a “pass” – wear a previous outfit and accessories – like we all do

    1. Public transport, like trains, are much better for the environment than cars — or helicopters!– so I’m pleased that they’re traveling by train. People can stretch out a bit more on trains, and walk around if they need to, and use the restroom. When I was a pregnant mother, I’d have much rather taken a long journey on a train, especially if I had an entire car (not train, probably) for my family.

  4. I don’t think it’s wrong to travel with their nannies. Maria is obviously adored by the children and it doesn’t mean Kate and Will can’t be hands on parents. This way they can spend time with their kids but also have time with their adult friends without worrying about what the kids are doing. It’s a perk of royalty or the very wealthy.

    This is the type of getaway I don’t mind at all. It doesn’t interfere with their royal duties and the kids get to know England. Plus, they did not try to use the helicopter. With the recent crazy threats by ISIS over George, Sadly security costs are necessary.

    1. I wonder if the helicopter is being used more now by the Queen? The stories about Philip’s retirement to the country have said she takes it back and forth. If so, it may not be as available to W&K as it seemed to be in the past. This story makes it sound as though a special train (an empty one) was run for them since they were late and missed their planned train. Perhaps that was the plan all along for security.

      I do think its a bit unusual we’ve never spotted William carrying Charlotte. Children can go through phases preferring one parent over the other but never? In 2 1/2 yrs?

    2. I hope they pay her enough because she seems to be on the job all the time. Idk other families do weekend-getaways on their own as well. Especialy when they are going to a friends home. It just seems weird that even though both of them are there Charlotte is being held by Maria and George is nowhere to be seen.

    3. There is nothing wrong with having nannies. It’s just that they pretend to be super hands on parents and cannot do as much work as a result of it when they actually have two nannies. George is probably with the other one.

    4. I’m sure they have rules about travelling privately. If they don’t take the nanny, they would have to take extra security people. I’m sure the kids would prefer the nanny to an additional personal security person.

      1. If the kids go they already have extra security because each kid has an RPO of their own, not to mention how W&K have 2-3 each when they do anything, sometimes more (Kate has had up to six with her, it’s insane).

      2. nanny replacing a security officer? Is Maria packing heat? I don’t understand your comment Marion. If the nanny did not travel with them they would have to take extra security with them?

  5. I think that Kate is the epitome of the “Snowflake Princess”… At around the same age Diana was cradling babies with AIDS and bringing awareness to landmines. Kate gets kudos for showing up to play tennis with children and attend movie galas or nice dinners in fancy clothes and tiaras. Nice gig if you can get it… Enough said.

    1. I know that I’ve totally lost interest in Kate and William. I only came here because the royals were travelling together as a family and by train, and wanted to find out the details.

      I suspect that I will stop watching the royals once the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the other senior royals (Anne, Princess Alexandra of Kent etc) are gone. I don’t know how much my disinterest in the royals is because I find the British royals much less interesting and involved than the Scandinavian royals or the Belgian and Dutch royals, and how much it is because of William and Kate alone. I used to be an enthusiastic royal-watcher until 2015 or so, following royal events keenly online and via print. (This was mostly for British royals but also for other reigning houses and a few non-reigning houses).

  6. I hated the comment about Kate with her “Bump.” Ah, we know she is pregnant. Does the press have to make mention of that physical change? It really irks me.

    THey missed their train so an empty one was dispatched for them? That seems rather wasteful. Unless, of course, it picked up other passenges enroute to London, too. I assume, the Royals have their own private car (carriage).

    Really, this is news? The train trip? I am getting bored beyond belief with them. So, they went away for a weekend. So what? The world is in absolute chaos and William and Kate are spotted with the kids and a Nanny and security person at a train station. Ah, life goes on.

    P.S. I also wonder why William can’t hold his daughter.

    1. I find the bump nonsense stupid as well. You can barely see anything anyway and for many women it would be how they normally look. But sadly Kate does so little with her life that it’s the only thing the press can comment on. If she wasn’t stuck in the Victorian ages she would tell the press to focus on her charitable activities and then do a hell of a lot more of them.

        1. Isn’t there a time when a woman or girl places a hand unconsciously on her pregnant tummy? That bonding moment? I don’t like the term bump watch.

  7. I wonder what type of lace curtain Kate will show up in for tonight’s engagement or do we think it will be a floral Erdem monstrosity? I am going with lace, bell sleeves, high neck up to her earlobes and the bottom of the dress having tiers. I hope I am wrong.

  8. Prince Charles now in hot water over his investments coming out of the Paradise Papers.
    Duchy of Cornwall is an issue and we need much more information . We are financing these people, Charles fails to be non-political, and things need to change fast.
    An example is a special train being put on because W&K missed their train. What happens if anyone else misses their train? They need to wake up to reality pretty quickly.

    I suspect this is not going to go away.

      1. Not good enough. The Saturday night event is very special and very emotional. Poor optics in a week of poor optics. What’s more important…rugby or honouring our present and past service men and women?

        1. Rugby to William certainly. Harry’s going to a different game.

          I wonder why Harry has never been invited to the Festival. Not even in 2014 where they had a thing about Invictus was he invited. I’ve read HM controls the invites and who in the family come with her.

        2. The heir to the heir should be there. Unlike Harry he is invited every year and if the monarchy doesn’t collapse he will be commander in chief eventually. But he can’t take a helicopter for that I guess. Rugby over soldiers. Nice.

          1. Shame on William and Harry for missing tonight’s event. It looks and is quite uncaring. I posted elsewhere that it is Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and the lives of veterans are remembered with love and thanks. I simply don’t understand how a Rugby game could win out. Is Harry, who loves the military so much, going to the bame, too? Really, this must be a mistake.

  9. i am so sorry for the brits. Lady Diana had mistakes but she was such a great lady. she knows to use her royal status to do something good. She makes the world make attention to problems like HIV and landmiles. Maybe she wasent perfect but people which to something good are often not perfect so what. She had style and heart. But Cathrine has nothing she is so boring. Saw her now at the Anna Freud gala and i think that her all perfect smile and dresses are so boring. She does nothing to do something good. Her always perfect smile is so boring. She just wants to becoming a duchess and now she is doing nothing. I am very upset. The Queen should be ashemed of her. Cathrine should take a her and Diana as a role modell. The Queen for a duty and Diana fpr her heart on the right place. Real hope and think megan will do it much better.

    1. My view is a bit different but same aim. Kate can never be Diana, but she needs to stop her people saying she is keen and start delivering. Quite frankly being pregnant is no excuse for not working. She needs to find her own position and start making a difference. Even the sugar sites are finding it difficult to support her work ethic. Wome who have HG but are not in hospital still drag themselves to work every day. Unlesss she is too ill to be off the drip she needs to get out and work. Most people work at least 8 hours a day she only has to work 1 hour. In her spare time she should watch the BBC news, the royals do not look good ATM .

      1. I honestly don’t think they care. Kate shows up in some dress, smiles and waves, all is well,she did her job, she’s well looked after as she repeatedly says and never has to do crap. I doubt they believe they have to earn the love and trust of the people; they think their wedding did it.

        I think HM will still just stick her head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge or do anything about anything unless people are banging on BP’s gates.

      1. I think this comparison is really dumb and I hate that this is the angle the press is going for. Kate wore this dress way before Meghan was in the picture, meaning Kate didn’t ‘steal’ Meghan’s look. There was literally another woman at the same Royal Variety Performance with Kate who wore this same exact dress Kate did. And Princess Madeleine also wore a version of this dress. This is a popular dress style from DVF and many women have worn it, it’s that simple.

        1. I think the NZ Herald must be having a slow news day?

          (One of the “big” stories here today is that the new Prime Minister’s cat was run over)

  10. Wasn’t it rather gutsy of the Chester paper to print those photos? Guess they knew that KP would never offer them any royal tidbits or access, so nothing lost by publishing them and most likely upsetting William in the process.

    1. depends how it looks I guess, being photographed naked on a balcony and skipping boring olympics is not ok, catching a train and being thrifty is a good PR look.

  11. So a deliberate photo op of K & W being frugal and catching a train then, instead of a helicopter. How many times are kate and William photographed out and about? very rarely.

      1. I don’t, obviously. I used the wrong word entirely. I should have said I don’t think they would especially mind these photos being taken and wouldn’t bother trying to inhibit the random guy photographing them or subsequent publishing. The photos reflect positively on them, catching a train, like the Queen does. She’s praised for that, while K & W use of helicopters os criticised.

        1. Except they missed their train and a special wa slur on for them. 2 of my sons were trying to get back to work/uni on Sunday the trains were awful. One was dumped at Northampton and found 200 people waiting for a bus to London…3 hour wait…the other was just told train cancelled come back tomorrow.
          I assume this duo and their staff didn’t have to wait on cold platforms? William has never understood the real world, and if Kate ever did she has long since forgotten it.

    1. I doubt this photo op was deliberate. If it were deliberate, the photos would have been better.

      1. These types of photo ops are the best kind of PR. Being blurry is best because it enhances impression that it isn’t deliberate.

        Did WK en family pose for the photos? Given blurriness, i say no.

        Did WK realise the PR gold potential of allowing these photos showing their thriftiness and wholesome family togetherness, nannies and bodyguards notwithstanding? Yes!

        Otherwise they would have pulled them down and definitely not allowed them to be used across the globe.

        This my friends is sneaky PR.

        The photos enhance a good PR narratibe that is the bedrock of their hands on parenting image, nannies and bodyguards notwithstanding. The commentary in the article adds more PR gold.

        And if anyone thinks these weren’t approved or couldn’t be pulled after publication, i give you the 2012 disappearing christmas photos when Kate was first pregnant.

        Photos and news stories posted or published christmas morning, and by early afternoon, story / photos disappeared.

        They still exist on the internet, but only royal watchers remember that they exist.

    1. Is this in reply to my comment that “Kate wore this dress way before Meghan was in the picture, meaning Kate didn’t ‘steal’ Meghan’s look.”? I know when Meghan and Kate each wore their dresses. What I was saying with my comment was that Meghan was not in the royal picture at the time, as in she was not dating Harry and Kate had never met her, so Kate wasn’t ‘stealing’ Meghan’s look by wearing the Zarita dress. The Zarita dress was a popular dress with many women wearing it publicly. It’s just a coincidence that both Meghan and Kate like the same boring lace dresses.

  12. So they don’t comment on what W & K do when they are off duty? Well then I’m assuming they are only paid for the few hours they work each month. This behavior is ridiculous and I cannot believe that the British people are okay with this. We have protests over Trump and his frequenting of golf courses but even he works more than W & K.

    1. Sorry if this is too political please delete KMR but if Trump looks better than W&K they need to take note. Whatever your view on his politics he is a hugely controversial figure and W&K should not be.

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