Kate at Place2Be Forum: ‘It takes a whole community to help raise a child’

Kate at Place2Be Forum: ‘It takes a whole community to help raise a child’

Yesterday, November 8, Kate Middleton, as Patron of Place2Be, attended the Place2Be School Leaders Forum where she gave a speech to open the Forum.

Kate arrives at Place2Be Forum

The Place2Be School Leaders Forum, held at UBS’s auditorium, is a one-day conference bringing together senior leaders from schools that work with Place2Be. Delegates shared ideas, knowledge, and practical insights about how best to positively affect children’s mental health and provide practical support to children, young people, and their families in the school environment.

Kate gives speech at Place2Be Forum c

Kate opened the Forum with a speech, saying:

    “Four years ago, when I became Patron of Place2Be, I believed what you all know to be true: that getting support to children at the very earliest stage helps improve their outcomes later in life. Schools and teachers are at the heart of this support, and have a crucial role to play. You know your pupils. You know their circumstances. You can spot when a family’s having a tough time. You occupy a special position because you can identify issues and take action when it’s most needed.
    “Parents also have a key role to play in this support system. As a mother just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that It takes a whole community to help raise a child. Whether we are school leaders, teachers, support staff or parents – we’re all in this together. We are all working to give children the emotional strength they need to face their futures and thrive.
    “I’m proud that The Royal Foundation is playing its part too after the Heads Together campaign. Collaborating with experts like yourselves, we’re looking at providing easy access to information and practical tools to support teachers, parents and children feel comfortable talking about their mental health.
    “We are all here today because we share the belief that every child deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. When I came to this conference two years ago, I left with a real sense of energy and passion about what we could all achieve together. And I’m looking forward to learning even more today.”


I don’t know if it’s me or Kate’s monotone way of speaking, but I am having a hard time concentrating on what she’s saying in this video – I’m so bored that I can’t focus on her words. Having said that, I am glad that she gave a speech.

In addition to Kate’s speech, she ‘wrote’ a message for the Forum program.

    “As proud Patron of Place2Be since 2013, I am delighted that more and more people in the UK are having open and honest conversations about their mental health. The idea that talking about worries and asking for help is as normal as talking about the common cold is something that Place2Be introduces so well to children and young people as part of everyday school life. I firmly believe that the earlier we can equip children with this understanding, to help them cope with life’s unavoidable challenges, the more chance we can have of preventing damaging and deep-rooted adult mental health problems.
    “Despite the great progress that has been made since Place2Be was founded 23 years ago, there is much to be done. Children and young people struggling with their mental health often wait many years between first experiencing symptoms and receiving help. Parents too often feel ashamed or to blame if their child needs professional mental health support. Teachers can still receive little or no training to help them understand and support their pupils’ emotional needs.
    “Place2Be’s life-changing work with schools, alongside specialist mental health services, tackles each of these issues. In the 282 primary and secondary schools Place2Be works with, pupils, family members and teachers know they have someone to turn to whatever challenges they may be facing. In addition School Leaders who take part in Place2Be’s Mental Health Champions programme can go back to their schools inspired and equipped to make them more ‘mentally healthy’. The 1,000 counsellors and mental health professionals that Place2Be trains every year can become more confident and skilled in supporting children and young people at the earliest stage, before problems grow.
    “Every parent wants a positive future for their children. I am delighted to continue to support Place2Be’s vital work that seeks to create a world where all children have the opportunity to grow up with bright prospects.”

This is the best written message Kate has ever produced. Clearly Catherine Quinn is already an improvement.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

For fashion, Kate went new, opting for the “Eloise Tunic Dress” in Plum from Goat ($640.00). This dress mostly looks like a sack, but there is room for her growing stomach should she choose to repeat the dress later in her pregnancy. I do love the button detailing at the shoulder, though. Buttons aren’t my thing, but Kate loves them and having them on the shoulder like this adds the same interest a brooch does, so the buttons are a win for both Kate and I here.

Kate accessorized with her Mappin and Webb Empress earrings, her Cartier watch, her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black suede, and her Tod’s block heel pumps.

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Catherine Quinn was seen accompanying Kate for this event.

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138 thoughts on “Kate at Place2Be Forum: ‘It takes a whole community to help raise a child’

  1. I just don’t know – she seems to be in another sphere – dress had promise – but too much fabric in the back from what the photos show – well the front too – but I’m giving a tick on that as I hope this dress will be recycled in the next few months and she will need the extra “space” in front. No doubt the new lady on staff with a proven track record is shaking up KP – lets see what happens in the next few months

    1. I think she’s improved quite a bit. Her enunciation is much better.

      Oops; I was supposed to be responding to Jude below. Sorry!

  2. She’s hard to follow because she either didn’t practice the speech before, or she’s so horribly nervous that she can’t say more than two words without looking at her paper. It isn’t a natural way of talking which makes it hard to pay attention or follow.

    1. But if Kate had read the speech beforehand and done some run throughs reading the speech out aloud then she wouldn’t have that problem, would she?

      Did she even take a look in the car on the way to the engagement?

      1. I wonder if CQ reads it to her? Hopefully she will help Kate with this important aspect of her work. If it is something Kate finds stressful then she should practise, practise, practise. The Spectator lower down this thread rudely suggests I don’t know what cognitive skills are, so to make sure I did ( of course I did ) I googled it. And of course cognitive skills are skills that improve with use. Things you can train your brain to do better….Kate should try improving her attention skills and her speaking skills. And drop the fake accent.

        1. Hi Birdy
          Should it be necessary for Catherine Quinn to even have to read it to her? Kate’s a university graduate, she can read and she should be reading her speeches beforehand. That way she could put in place marks where she can take a pause and it would seem natural.

          Mind you, if CQ read to her then she may learn something about reading a speech out loud?

          Kate could also practice reading things out loud by reading bedtime stories for her kids?

        2. I can understand if CQ and Kate go through the speech together if CQ’s role is to coach her, though this does not seem to have happened in this instance.

          Kate is a university graduate and should be able to understand the expectations associated with her role. There is no reason to infantalise what is, at essence a lazy woman who – along with her husband – is giving the finger to everyone.

  3. She is never going to wear this dress again before she gives birth so it was a waste of money. Catharine Quinn looks very professional here. More so than Kate. Really Kate should be asking her how to dress. This outfit should be for something more casual and not a conference. But as we have said a million times Kate has never worked and has no idea how professional women dress.

    A commenter named Saucy on the Celebitchy site was present at this event and noted that in person Kate is very thin and the eyeliner looks bad. She also seemed a bit vacant and dim.

    I didn’t watch the speech with the sound on, but the video shows her looking down way too much. Practice Kate. It’s not like you have a choc full of events that you can’t prepare for such a basic speech.

    Really this is where Meghan is going to make her look so bad.

  4. If Kate would not always be afraid how she comes across, she could be much more courageous.I think.she is afraid to make faults.I know this and it’s hugely because of a dominant mother, how you wrote to someone in the last post,KMR

    1. And, she looks good in these pictures.On day, she seems too fragile, the other day, she looks healthy.
      Here, she looks good with a nice dress, I love the colour and those shoes!

      1. Oh, funny how differently I see her. I think she looks terribly drained in these pictures and her hair looks as though it still has all the styling gook from last night, leaving it rather flat and heavy at the top. The dress, with that extra fabric, while looking comfy also makes her appear more clumsy and even more awkward in her movements than usual, IMO. But I do like those shoes.

        1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Lizzie, I agree. She does look very washed out. A clearer, jewel tone would have been better. I think this pregnancy is draining on her. I don’t buy the HG diagnosis, but I think she had a hard first few months with morning sickness that may have lasted all day long. Still, not what the Palace has been trying to sell us. Most women I know have a hard time in those initial months. Myself, included.

          She looks really washed out by the color and tired. She smiles, but that smile never seems (or, rarely, anyway) to light up her eyes. I think this pregnancy is not an easy one. At first, when I heard she was pregnant, I thought, “boy.” hHen, I really thought “girl.” Now, I am wondering how to figure it out! I just don’t think this is an easy pregnancy, so her going out there deserves some credit. Still, so many women work through their nine months — many of which are very difficult, so I don’t want to go overboard in my enthusiasm for her working.

      2. If she looks well people rip her to shreds because they don’t believe she has HG. If she looks tired they rip her to shreds for looking tired. I would have a hard time not worrying if I were in her shoes.

    2. Lovely Blossom I agree with you. I think Kate is afraid how she comes across. She wants very much to make a good impression. She needs to r.e.l.a.x. when she makes a speech. Easier said than done.

      1. Yes,it’s not easy.But if she is aware of this, it might get better.
        She had a great education in these schools, she shouldn’t be so shy about her skills.

        1. I can usually figure people out, but Kate is a puzzle to me. Sometimes she seems insecure and shy, and at other times full of herself and a show off. Of course, people feel different at times and have many aspects to their personality, but it makes me wonder if something is going on behind the scenes which impacts her behavior.

          Some have mentioned her mother and William possibly being triggers for her tentative behavior. Also, who knows how much she reads about herself in the media, and the changes in her behavior due to what she sees online and in print.

          She does not seem all that shy to me. Kate did strut her stuff down the runway at university scantily clad. It does not come across as a shy person move to me.

          With Catherine Quinn on board, Kate does seem to be making some small improvements. To have been a fly on the wall, to hear how she approached possible changes for Kate, would have been a real treat. At least the unprofessionally attired former assistant is a thing of the past. I hope Ms. Quinn stays long enough to make a real difference in how the Duchess approaches her duties. Kate has a good deal to make up for since 2011.

          Ms. Quinn should start by having Kate slowly drop her fake accent. I bet her speeches would improve a great deal, if she could concentrate on what she was saying, and not on how she is pronouncing each word.

          1. You know how one of the strategies suggested to cope with speaking in public is to imagine that one or more people in the audience is in his undies or naked? Well, Quinn should just suggest that Kate do the exact opposite–imagine that she is the one exposing herself.

            I have never seen Kate more poised and regal-looking than the day news broke of her bits on the balcony being photographed and published. And during and after repeatedly flashing at public engagements she showed no signs of discomfort or embarrassment. It’s as though through flashing her flesh she gains confidence.

        2. Great education my ass. Kate is dull witted. The only education she ever really got was stalking and getting that ring from William courtesy of her gorgon mother.

          1. She went to St Andrews, arguably one of the best schools in the country. She went to Marlborough, another highly ranked school. Whether she’s dull witted or not is up for debate, but her education was good.

          2. No Bluhare going to a good school in the U.K. Often means you have wealthy parents. You know the saying you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink? She did go to a very highly academic school and Uni, but that doesn’t make her bright and intelligent.

          3. bluhare +1
            Kate must have displayed a relatively high level of cognitive ability as she completed secondary and tertiary education. The fact that these institutions require a high level of academic rigour indicates that she is not the underachiever some claim her to be.

          4. So The Spectator what has this woman achieved? She graduated and never got a proper job, she married and never actually delivers on her oft reported keenness? She clearly has no work ethic. I am genuinely interested to know why you think she is so bright, because I’ve seen no evidence of it.

          5. Birdy
            What do you not understand by the terms ‘cognitive ability’ and ‘academic rigour’? The institutions attended by Kate need to uphold a high academic standard to maintain their reputation as leaders in education. Furthermore how Kate lives her life is up to her. Whether she chooses to use her academic qualifications is irrelevant.

          6. It’s pretty obvious she isn’t bright. Her professors were quoted on that. I know plenty of dumb people who got into really great universities because they scored well on exams.

            I mean, William is dumb as a box of rocks and shouldn’t have gone anywhere near uni, but he did ’cause of his title.

          7. “I know plenty of dumb people who got into really great universities because they scored well on exams.”

            Without realising it you hit the nail on the head. ‘They scored well on exams’ therefore they can’t be, in your words, ‘dumb’.

          8. I think Kate has a very strong competitive streak, and that, rather than an intellectual curiosity, probably played into whatever success she has had academically. But, as others have noted, she has never shown any interest in anything outside her immediate sphere or in anything that is even slightly intellectual.

            Also, what little Kate has said spontaneously does not show her to be very bright, if she actually is. For someone whose studies focused on art history at such a school as St Andrews to ask if Faberge eggs were still being produced made her appear particularly dim.

          9. I think it’s a bit naive to think a university hasn’t graduated someone because of who they and their family are or in this case, their bf.
            I also highly doubt that William wales would have graduated but it would look bad for everyone involved to not have Prince William graduate.

          10. Lizzie
            Kate may well be competitive, as evidenced in her participation in sport. However, this in no way justifies the assumption that Kate does not have cognitive ability.
            Kate’s question about the production of Faberge eggs was pertinent in the context it was asked, as it was announced in 2015, Faberge would again make its Imperial egg for the first time in 99 years.
            It is also fanciful to think that a degree in Art History makes a person an expert in all areas of art.

          11. Please note I did not say anything about her intelligence. The commenter said “great education my ass”. I merely said her education *was* good. Whether she got in on her own merits or her parents bought her a spot, I don’t know. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that she had one of the best educations money can buy.

          12. +1 On paper she had a very good education. Whether she actually cared enough to take it all in and use it is another issue. But there is no denying that the education St. Andrews gave her was good.

          13. Parents sending their children to exclusive schools pay a great deal of money; for that, they expect academic success. Hence, the pupils are hot-housed to perform to examination specifications in order to open doors to reputable universities. It doesn’t mean that the pupil is bright if they get good A level grades; rather, they have been heavily coached (rote learning) to perform to certain known conditions. This happens the world over. Possibly now whitewashed, but one of Kate’s Marlborough teachers stated that she was an unmemorable student, and anyone who recalled differently was doing so because of Kate’s current status.

            No university in the UK would not admit a member of the monarchy. Nor would they fail them. I recall Edward lacked the grades for Cambridge, causing controversy at the time. But he still got in. You may also recall that Harry was reported by his art teacher at Eton for cheating in his A levels; the teacher was dismissed, though took Eton to court and won. Harry’s actions were fudged and he passed.

            I and my colleagues have had considerable pressure placed upon us by university management to pass students whose parents were prominent public figures; regardless of our resistance, backed up by the student’s poor or non-existent work, the student was passed and eventually got their degree. A blind eye was turned. It happens more often than not. You have to re-calibrate your understanding of universities: they are corporate businesses, first and foremost, and their product is selling the promise of a desirable future in the form of degrees. Most people genuinely earn their qualifications; others most definitely do not.

            There have been numerous stories smuggled out detailing how William was not often in class at St Andrews, and when so, suffered from hangovers. I very much doubt he was told to leave the room or reprimanded for negatively impacting others’ education. Kate was suspected, at one point, of plagiarising work as well as copying answers from a fellow student. Ellie, wasn’t one of your professors at St Andrews and had some unflattering observations of Kate?

            An undergraduate art history degree does not mean one is well-versed in every aspect of what is a vast subject; that would be impossible and an unreasonable expectation. But both Marlborough and St Andrews are known as quality educational establishments according to various ranking mechanisms. Regardless, it is entirely up to the student to engage in the almost limitless opportunities afforded them at university. A good education should channel a student’s curiosity, teach them how to think, prepare, critique, and articulate a position. What is puzzling, then, is that Kate exhibits none of these attributes; she can barely string a sentence together without ‘sort of’ fillers littering her speech patterns. She presents as incurious and unprepared… except in pursuit of a prince and the lifestyle attached. William and Harry too are inarticulate – look at the mess when KMR transcribes their words. It is unfortunate that people who have by sheer accident of birth (or pursuit of marriage) been given the privilege to lead but are just not intellectually up to it, have no ticker for work, and little empathy for others. And absolutely no humility.

          14. Lots of dumb rich kids end up in prestigious universities. Kushner’s dad bought him a place at Harvard after all. So that certainly explains William at St Andrews.
            Kate is a bit more difficult to explain only because she wouldn’t have had any notoriety at first. I assume she would have needed the A levels to get in. But there are definitely stories of Kate copying for students next to her in uni classes and some putting incorrect answers to trick her. And her extreme lack of intellectual curiosity since university certainly doesn’t put those stories to rest. she should have developed the skills to give basic speeches during her time there.

          15. Victoria of Sweden has a dyslexia and went to Yale.
            That was something that made me always angry, because there are many with real talent from poorer families who can’t go there but would love too of course.(not that I think Victoria is dumb, but it has to be hard to get access to such an university for some normal citizen with dyslexia).
            No wonder many of these rich kids are snobs if all doors are open for them.

      1. If she is insecure, that is important to see of course.The press and critics.
        But it’s hard to feel sorry for her after that long time.Everyone, I think, knows nervousness in front of people.But she will be Queen.It’s not just buying beautiful dresses and smile at the side of your husband.
        We all have to cope with nervousness, but we have to get it right.And most people here demand the same of Kate,.It’s not hate but a demand to the future queen of England to be more professional.
        What des she fear so much? A tiny little fault?
        Look at Charles and his life and he still stands straight and is not nervous or shy about himself or all the other royals.It’s something you learn if you grow up.

        1. And the press adored her until it became clear she wasn’t going to work and her keenness was only for shopping. In fact much of the press still love her, and the main TV channels ignore her most of the time, or have very short comments at the end of the news..not hate.
          What people want is a a princess who earns the taxpayer money she loves spending.
          And she can change all that. Anne was disliked when young, Charles has had some very rough moments as has the Queen.

          1. The problem is that Kate sees her role as fantasy Princess bestowing her rare fragrance upon us, while many of us see someone not living up to the actual role.

            What I see is a parasite, content to be a parasite, bloated with importance and excess, while she perceives a hard working swan in progress, a swan that certainly does not need improving unless her feathers get ruffled and then it’s back for more botox, etc.

            As a parasite, her world is narrow and carnal, hence, cognitive complexity not required!

          2. Sums it up nicely, MaventheFirst. Parasites, the lot of them.

            Considering Kate has never worked – I refuse to count the Jigsaw job, the sum total of time given to it could be measured in days – so anything along that line is huge for her, even if it is just turning up now and again for an hour and pretending to care.

        2. She is 35 going on 36. Time to grow up. Everyone has to face criticism and hers relates to the years of not working. That’s on her. And still there is fawning by many press members when she deigns to show up on occasion. It’s called being an adult and it’s time she figures that out. She gets so much in return for doing so little. Everyone else who struggles to survive can’t feel bad for her because they will never have the luxuries and privilege she has.

          1. Kate is totally spoilt by her parents, now by William.
            It’s no wonder she is overwhelmed with the demand on her that comes with marrying the crown prince of England.

  5. I am incredibly impressed by how professional Catherine Quinn is and how well-dressed she is compared to that slovenly Rebecca Deacon, who was a sartorial embarrassment to the BRF. But I am always struck that Quinn’s demeanor toward Waity is more like that of a warden who is keeping a watchful eye on her dimmest patient. I’m not kidding. Quinn seems like she is ready to either give Waity her meds or be on her hand in case Waitybot’s robot controls malfunction. She always has this smirk on her face.

    1. I noted above how someone who saw her in person yesterday commented on how she seems dim and since CQ is used to dealing with actual professional people until now, she is probably still getting used to the coddled 35 year old who gets praised for clothing and just showing up. Kate could not hold down any actual job and it shows and she sucks even with the lowered expectations of the BRF. I wonder how long CQ stays because if there is no improvement or desire to improve it will be like beating your head against a brick wall.

      1. Until now, Quinn has been surrounded by academics. The best and the brightest, publicly and privately. Her son is also Oxford-educated, her ex-husband is a professor, and her former partner heads a medical school and is an eminent HIV researcher. How do you go from that environment to one where you have to script questions for someone in order to avoid “Do you …um….test the smell of tea by ….um….smelling it?” moments and still maintain your sanity?

        1. Putting on my tinfoil hat, my speculative guess is that Catherine Quinn wanted to go on sabbatical without hurting her career propspects.

          This job beats doing nothing and she can go into any other job with the enhanced cache of working for royals?

  6. Watching the speech makes me cringe. The fake accent, how she clearly hasn’t even looked at it until stepping up there to give the speech… It’s not hard to be prepared, Kate, you’ve been married almost seven years. :/

    I don’t know why I expect improvement. At least she gave a speech instead of sitting there like a mannequin?

    Catherine Quinn can improve the speech writing and letters, but she can’t make silk out of a sow’s ear though I’m sure she’ll try.

    1. Watching Kate speeches grates so i simply read it.

      The only thing i can say is that Catherine Quinn was despearately needed because both letter and speech are miles better than the aneamic, shallower than a paddling pool efforts Rebecca put out.

      Grammar and sentence construction are still problematic, but i’ll take this.

      I wonder if Kate noticed the very significant and improved difference. I’d be so embarrased if i were Kate.

  7. I didn’t find Kate hard to follow, however, her constant looking down to her notes is a bit off putting.

    I don’t have any problems with her ‘sack’. I liked the shorter length of her frock and I love the plum colour on Kate.

  8. Quinn needs to go work for Meghan. She’ll have much better results. On another note, why does everyone call Meghan “Sparkles”?

    1. Because she sparkles! She shines. She has “it.” And, it does rhyme with her last name. Credit Mrs. BBV, I believe. Quite a great name for Meghan, if you ask me.

          1. I think the name Sparkles is fun. But I wouldn’t take someone with the name seriously. Meghan comes with a full background of work. When she marries Harry then that work is in the past and already counts for a lot. Kate doesn’t realise that starting to do engagements now will not make up any difference I am sad to say. It will I hope make a difference to those who use these services.

        1. It was only ever intended as a bit of fun. Certainly no malice intended in it. You know how I have nicknames for everyone……. and I do know you aren’t particularly keen on them. But so far I am very impressed with Meghan and Sparkles seems quite endearing. A lot of my family call me Bubbles as I’m quite effervescent so it’s just something I’ve always done. ☺️

          1. As Mrs BBV says, when she was first nicknamed, it was meant affectionately and for abit of fun.

            MM may be destined to be a Princess of the united Kingdom, there is a very popular toy pony named Sparkle AND it rhymes with Markle hence Princess Sparkle.

            Unfortunately, with time, people have reinterpreted it negatively and use it sarcastically when that was never the intention.

      1. I thought it was sarcastic, but I like it more now that I know it is intended to be complimentary. Still, Twilight is the original Princess Sparkle. That is a My Little Pony reference, for those who don’t have little kids, or use their little kids as cover for a mild ongoing childhood obsession.

        1. Haha, I ?me some pinky pie!!
          It was so sad when my oldest niece outgrew MLP, Sophia the 1st and doc mcstuffins!
          Good thing the youngest one is two so I can watch again (if still on) with her

          1. My eldest niece has a Princess Sofia doll which I might have held. I loved my little pony. I had the perfume palace where you squeezed the top and some revolting scent came out. I also had the stable and a few ponies. A couple of ponies you put in water as they had fins. I used to put them in a sink full of water. Until I got a Barbie swimming pool second hand. My favourite pony was the grey pony with pink hearts on it. I called her grey heart. I have no idea of her real name. My middle niece received a my little pony. Her older sister dropped it when middle niece went ‘its mine’. I am pleased middle niece stood up to her sister. It did give eldest niece a shock.

        2. No……definitely tongue in cheek with affection. It really started as Meghan Markle = Princess Sparkle = Sparkles and Jenny is absolutely right when she says it was more testament to Meghan’s ability to shine and makes us all sit up and take notice combined with some traditional, great, old British rhyming slang as Cockneys do.

          I wasn’t sure at first that anyone would be quite right for Harry but this girl is surfing on some of the charisma that Diana was blessed with. No wonder Harry loves her.

          1. And here I thought she was called ‘Sparkles’ because of her radiant smile. I thought it was complimentary. BTW, wasn’t Robert Pattinson also called Sparkles due to his vampire alter ego’s blingy skin?

            I do love the Cockney reference. A lost art.

  9. You would think considering the media and public says she’s so popular she would draw in huge crowds to see her in royal engagements.

  10. Catherine Quinn for the fashion win. Kate needs to talk to her lol. I guess Kate is going with the short retro style dresses she wore with George. Sadly I hate this ‘style’. I like the color

  11. New here, but long time follower. Her dress is way to short for a work occasion. Why couldn’t she wear one of her old maternity dresses? Or buy a maternity dress that actually fits, isn’t baggy all over, and looks appropriate? There are tons of great maternity dresses now a days, and Kate should really invest in some.

    She also needs to practice her speeches before giving them. Memorize parts of them so she can look at the audience for more then a second, and don’t always look at the same spot! And she needs to speak louder and pronounciate her words. I get not liking and not being good at public speaking, I had a speech impediment for my entire childhood, but I learned how to give good speeches because I practiced.

    1. She has done this before – worn non maternity clothes in a bigger size and it doesn’t work. It is so disappointing to see a new dress, maternity clothes should be reused. The Swedes have even shared theirs if I am not mistaken.

  12. I love the color of this dress, but in my opinion the buttons are hideous. Again I don’t understand why she needs so many new clothes. She has two pregnancies behind her and as a result her closet is full of maternity dresses she has used very little. This kind of attitude to consumerism definitely isn’t modern and sets a poor example in my opinion.

  13. The Duchess looked confident and had a professional air about her.I like to see her at Place2Be events.I associate it with her.That is the charity that pops into my head when I think of Kate Middleton Charity.
    However,that is not the case for EACH.

  14. I’d call this outfit a win for Kate. The color is flattering, the buttons give the dress less of a “sack” look and a bit more accessorized and I’d prefer her to wear this with black tights and boots rather than nude tights and heels.

    As for the speech? Talking way too fast, some moments of mumbling (it drives me crazy when people don’t annunciate) and as if she has marbles in her mouth which makes for a lousy combination, making it difficult for anyone to understand.

    Catherine Quinn for the win! Looking sharp and very put together!

  15. Catherine Quinn is a professional in Every sense of the word just from looking at her. The written message was very nice. Kate’s dress is fine, but unless she has a fourth child, it’s nothing we will see in public again. I’m glad since Quinn her dresses have been more affordable, still pricey, of course, but not McQueen prices.

    Happy she made the speech, but her accent always sounds like it is put-on like an outfit…like she’s wearing a royal voice. I wonder if she’s in regular conversation with people at the charities if she does this or if she slips back into a Pippa-like manner…which sounds fine! It’s funny to me since William and Harry are the opposite and try to put on the “we’re just regular blokes” way of speaking. Harry even slips in words like “ain’t” in interviews which the Queen would never imagine doing.

    Speaking of William, his schedule seems to have picked up this fall, a good move.

    1. I think kate will proably use this again when she is expecting her fourth baby.I don’t think kate will ever take on full time royal duties cause every time she expected to step up there is an excuse made for her.From the time she left university till her marriage she never worked.It’s pretty hard to turn a 35 year old soon to be mother of three into to a worker bee when she is use to being the queen bee. The fact that she can’t let her posh accent go and just be herself really shows how insecure she is of upbringing.

        1. I always had in mind they wanted four, like the Queen.
          I don’t know where I heard it.
          Perhaps, I imagined “four” as a big family,after their wedding-interview in which they said-I hope I’m not wrong- that they want a big family.
          Well, even if it was not said out loud, we see it now.
          I strongly believe that Kate will get pregnant again before she’s forty.

  16. Love this site – is there anything similar covering Melania’s fashion choices – long to hear others comments on Michelin man coat and pink fur cuffs

  17. On a completely shallow note I love Goat clothes. Their shift dresses are perfect. Not so sure about this one though. And I love her Tods shoes.

    Catherine Quinn looks like she means business. She even carries herself with substance. An absolute no brainer having Rebecca as the face of KP’s backroom. Sweet as she may be she was completely unsuitable for such a high profile posting. Kate needs the strength and self discipline of a woman like Ms Quinn driving her.

    1. As much as Quinn seems professional, I wonder if it’s already too late for Kate to change. The prime example is the speech, which was not complicated and since Kate literally had not spoken in public for months meant she had plenty of time to practice. But she did not.

      Someone also needs to have a real talk with Kate about her fake accent. She clearly can’t speak while trying to out posh the Queen.

      1. I’ve often wondered how the flunkeys deliver the unpalatable to the Royals. Apparently Patrick Jepheson and Diana had barnstorming rows but I can’t imagine many other Private Secretary’s having the gumption to fight back. And DoE it’s said, always employed people who stood up to him and respected them all the more for doing so.

        Not sure I can imagine even Ms. Quinn sitting Kate down and saying ‘listen dear….you’re perceived by the public as lazy, greedy, workshy, dim and intellectually challenged with a faux posh voice that betrays your middle class background. Let’s address this now before it gets any worse shall we? Although God knows it’s long overdue in being said. Do you think she was taking notes to feedback in that big, black document folder she was carrying?

        I’m still convinced the PoW is behind this appointment. It has his kind of quiet malevolence all over it.

          1. There is no way Rebecca would have had the strength to do it. Ms Quinn however……I think she might well have a backbone of steel. And imagine how it will look on her CV if she manages to get the laziest Royal since Princess Margaret shaped up into something worthwhile.

            Birdy…..I would pay good money to see that conversation happen.

        1. I agree Mrs. BBV and Birdy. I think that Charles and perhaps the Queen are behind this appointment. Catherine Quinn has an uphill battle imo. How do build a work ethnic in a thirty five year old woman? Who has never worked before? And working for Jigsaw was just a front. Not a job. So how do you reinvent someone who has been branded with being lazy, work shy, out of touch, spoiled brat? Best of luck to her. You have a lot of work ahead of you Ms. Quinn. On a side note, maybe Charles should cut Kate’s wardrobe allowance. Recycle your maternity wardrobe like the rest of us Kate. I’m doing it again for a third time.

        2. So totally agree with what you say here (and on an earlier post) that Charles is behind Quinn’s appointment. As he should be, especially since he is funding it. Can’t you just imagine all the quiet chuckles as he sits with his pressed paper having his morning tea?

          1. Actually Lizzie I credit Camilla with actually planting the seed in PoW. It has to be said with no actual evidence but my own fertile imagination.

            I can just imagine PoW cursing about Doolittle’s work ethic and Camilla saying ‘ Just a thought Darling but why don’t you…’ PoW then seizes on it as his idea (as apparently he’s wont to do, pinch others ideas) and before you know it we have Steel Magnolia 2 on the books. (Steel Magnolia 1 being Fiona Shackleton THE Royal and Society Divorce lawyer).

            End of Act One.

          2. I think Charles is happy to have an obedient daughter in law who doesn’t complain openly.He surely didn’t like Diana’s character.So, I guess, he will give Kate what she wants.He doesn’t have to work for it either.

          3. Oh I’m sure Camilla gently guides Charles in many of “his” decisions, like any good wife!

            But I still think that Lorraine Heggessey played a key role in Quinn’s appointment. I imagine that Deacon’s stepping down was seen both by Heggessey and Charles as an opportunity to plant someone in KP who could get Kate into “working” shape. If both the monarchy and the royal foundation are to thrive, they need the key players to be able to do more than smile and wear headbands.

        3. It’s not true that most people have a negative view of Kate. Kate polls well. Most people don’t follow the royals closely. They see the headlines and get on with their lives. Will and Kate know this. BP have their own polling budget. As much as we rage about all the bullshit, naked PR ploys, they work! Generally WK are very popular.

          1. Sarah, thank you.

            I wish. Sadly, it was work, work, work and more work.

            It’s more even keeled now, and i can come back to reading everyone’s witty comments.

        4. Mrs BBV, after reading letter and speevh, i’m 100% convinced Catherine Quinn was a Charles appointment.

          No way KP would add someone of such substance to their office. No way.

          And i think Catherine Quinn accepted this job for the long term cache it will give to her real career when she returns to it.

          1. It also has the bonus of working for the laziest Royal so part time hours on 100k+ …..hell I’d do it for that. It’s not exactly onerous.

          2. I wonder if the true purpose is for Quinn to be Kate’s window dressing. Quinn projects an aura of class, intelligence and substance. Kate gets the favourable halo effect. She too is now perceived as classier, more intelligent, more substantial even though she has not changed one iota.

          3. It can only be positive PR for Kate can’t it? Rebecca was / is probably a smashing girl to have alongside you bolsterignyour confidence but Ms Quinn looks like a professional handler not your mate who’s tagging along for the ride.

          4. I think it’s interesting, Mrs BBV, that CQ might be perceived as a ‘professional handler’. If I were Kate I would be mortified.

            No shade on Rebecca. She might have been a bestie but not a professional private secretary. I can’t imagine that Kate has any idea of what professionalism entails. Let’s face it, she’s ignorant.

            But I am certain that Kate feels reassured that CQ is there to coddle her and make her look good and important.

  18. Kate’s delivery of her speech was awful. Yes, KMR, it was difficult to concentrate on what she was saying. Will that be the next challenge Ms. Quinn undertakes? She really is a sharp and very together woman. Looks so professional and chic when she travels with the Duchess. Yes, she has her work cut out for her and how many people — except for us- will actually credit her for improvements in Kate’s ways? Kate will receive so many accolades for all the changes and I wonder just why Catherine Quinn would not want to be given more credit for her hard work?

    Oh, well. Kate’s dress looked rather messy on her, if you ask me. Early on in a pregnancy, when you wear something that is meant to be worn throughout your growing months, things can look not so polished. Still, I hated those shiny buttons and the bodice area did not seem to do anything for Kate. Shoes, a better look. She’s pregnant. Wear shoes that help you move safely, but are still stylish.

    Catherine Quinn, you rock! My one complaint is the photo of Kate at the bottom of the written message. What was that all about? Putting a face on the words? It didn’t feel right to me.

  19. I couldn’t listen to her speech in its entirety. It made me cringe. Someone please hire a speech coach for this woman. And drop the posh accent while your at it. I just do not understand how a thirty five year old can come off in this light. She looks like she lacks a lot of self confidence. Which a lot of people deal with. I wonder though if she had ever an original thought or opinion of her own? I’m not saying to sound cruel. I just think her entire life she has been dominated by an over bearing social climbing stage mother. Who has taught how to act. To be submissive. She seems to be a submissive person. Now William probably calls the shots. This just my opinion.

    1. I think kate has lots of confidence. She just is not confident in doing royal duties.It took a strong and determined person to withstand all the press during the waity years.

      1. Kate and Mommy Dearest wanted the ring. I do not believe she ever thought this was an actual job. On the books she is most educated senior female royal with a college degree. Yet she doesn’t use the platform she has. She could really bring a spotlight to her patronages. It’s seem a waste to me. All that education wasted. Or was it an education in how to land the Future King of England? Hmmm makes you wonder.

  20. Who is that youngish woman with Quinn? She has been pictured with Kate at each and every recent event, even when Becca Deacon was still on board. Hoping that Quinn’s professionalism will rub off on her as well.

  21. I don’t really have anything to add to the Kate aspect of things but her speeches seem to be getting longer so yay but if we tune her out does it matter?
    My excitement is for Catherine Quinn. That is how a professional woman looks!! Sharp, put together, no papers hanging haphazardly out of her bag! I don’t want to disparage Rebecca since she is no longer there but it just shows how unqualified she was for the job.

  22. Despite the hideous accent, and talking through her nose, I thought Kate started out speaking very well, but then about 35 seconds in she started taking longer pauses and started to sound more nervous and less sure of herself. She also spent a lot of time looking to the audience on her left side, bobbing her head and she really had no animation. You could tell she was thinking….let me finish this and get off the podium. Not a good way to be for someone in her position. As far as the outfit, it was there. I guess it is a good thing she did an engagement.

  23. I also love the color of Kate’s dress. And that’s it for her. The truth is since Ms Quinn came on board, I’m much more interested in a sighting of her than I am the duchess. Sigh, I guess they go hand in hand. 6 yrs in and my ennui has completely taken over- I listened for 10 seconds to that speech she mangled and that’s all I could do. Feign laryngitis and have someone else read it next time. I know…how about the other Catherine!

  24. She looks healthy, present and it is good she’s giving more speeches. She does seem more engaged when she’s alone. Her new 2IC looks every bit the professional and having had a substantive work history to help Kate appear to have the same. Re: Kate’s non natural accent, the affectation was a poor choice at the time and now she’s stuck with it. Practice would significantly reduce her nerves but nothing removes nerves like understanding your topic and thus you are able to speak with authority. Kate is talking to people who use the services she promotes, if she got permission to use that case study as an example, she could speak personally and authoritatively. She needs to do some work, in other words.

  25. “On Nov 16 The Duke of Cambridge will visit @GoogleUK and @YouTubeSpaceLon to launch national action plan to prevent cyberbullying.
    The Duke of Cambridge created The Royal Foundation’s Taskforce on Cyberbullying with industry, charities, young people and parents.
    The Action Plan has been inspired by the experiences of young people and parents, and will kickstart efforts to build a safer and happier life online.”

    This is gonna be good. To William criticism is cyberbullying. Doesn’t he get that these companies have stuff going about cyberbullying and such? Nah, William knows best and will tell them all to stop being SO MEAN to him. (Yes I am terribly cynical.)

    William trying to be relevant by telling everyone what to do when he has no clue and just has his smug head up his butt, gets applauded for being a hero, and leaves.

    1. Oh I am super excited to hear what William has to say about this issue at this event, given what he’s said about cyberbullying in the past. I’ve been waiting for this since his cyberbullying taskforce was announced last year. I can’t wait.

    2. What has he actually done in real terms re. cyber-bullying? Does anyone actually ever hold him and his PR goons to account for their over-blown claims?

        1. Thanks KMR. I’m wondering what has come from those meetings – action points and if so, what has been implemented, by whom and to what effect? What can William claim as his contribution, apart from sitting in a room of experts and ‘learning’.

    3. He, Sophia and Melania, the trio of hypocrites addressing cyberbullying. And since irony is dead, none seem to want to acknowledge their part in it. Just hop on the platform du jour

      1. I believe this blog does not accept political commentary; which in my opinion, Sarah, you have dived into the deep end of the pool. I would appreciate your commentary as it relates to Duchess Catherine. I believe there is substantial commentary to offer on this blog. I know I have gained much objective information and analysis by many insightful commentators.

  26. That dress would look a whole lot better if Kate had worn a slip (petticoat) underneath. It wouldn’t be sticking to her tights (pantihose) then.

    It’s the little grooming details that let Kate down, there’s always something. *sigh*

    1. I love it, Cathy. You’re so right. There is always something off with her attire. Yes, yes, yes, the dress was clinging to the tights. And, I wonder, too, why wasn’t the dress lined?

      As for the drinking game idea above in regard to William and cyberbullying, I’m in. It’s gotten so cold here and to coin an American phrase used often in an old TV commercial, “It’s Miller time. Miller is a beer. Of course, I’d prepare something other than beer for my participation in the game! Ladies, start your engines!

    2. Actually, in those photos you can see how windy it is by her hair, so it may be that it’s the wind and not a lack of lining or a slip that is causing the dress to cling to her legs in those images. Just a thought.

      1. Yes, but those things should be taken into consideration when dressing for an event and being outdoors. Remember the white full skirted dress fiasco at the Indian Memorial? Yikes. Does anyone ever think of these things when advising Kate? Or, is she just not listening?

        The dress she wore in the pictures above seemed like it was the type of material that would cling to tights.

        It is Veteran’s Day here in the U.S. and we’ll be off in a bit to put flags and flowers down at the graves of many of our relatives who served their country in uniform. The bravery and sacrifices those in the military make cannot be appreciated enough. Nor can the sacrifices their loved ones make, too. All over, people honor such brave men and women and I am happy they are appreciated. Kind wishes to all.

        1. Remembrance Sunday tomorrow, we all held 2 minutes silence at 11am . I think this year HM will not lay a wreath which is a huge changing of the guard. This is one of her most important events of the year and it is sad she is no longer doing it , but I do understand. Hoping to see the DofE tomorrow.

          11th of the 11th at 11 am.

  27. that accent is just not good… it seems so forced and deliberate… was there a problem with the way she pronounced her words before? Wonder who told her she needed to speak like this to appear more posh or regal…

    1. We have remarked often that she speaks very differently to her siblings and parents which suggests it is a put on accent to make her sound posh, but it just sounds unnatural.

      1. There’s a video on YouTube of Kate at some marketing convention a few years before the engagement with a very different accent, though just as vapid and had nothing to say.

  28. duchess Kate, it seems, her life is just that if being taken care of from mums, couch to William, and all the staff, and yet she can’t deliver on anything……..except more babies gosh!!

  29. There seems to have been an Express article saying Kate spends three days a week getting her hair done. If she truly is doing that then it’s disgusting because she has rarely if ever attended engagements three days a week.

  30. I think Km and the rest of her family are terrified that Meghan Markle will make the Duchess look hopeless & useless! Meghan will not have a difficult job accomplishing that! It will be very entertaining.

  31. Charles and Camilla at the Festival of Remembrance after a busy tour of India and Malaysia. Both nearly 70. William can’t be bothered to drag himself back from the post rugby drinking?
    Poor optics, which is my royal phrase of the week.
    I hate seeing Kate being treated as superior to hard working blood royals, given her complete lack of work ethic. Has she spent three hours at the hairdresser today (#express)
    Listening to what amazing sacrifices many young and old women have made for this country just emphasises Kate’s complete lack of work ethic. Yet she stands there taking the glory.

    Ashamed of her.

    Oh and having googled have found out she is in another new bespoke piece. Honestly what a waste of money she has had two previous pregnancies, surely she has something that will fit.

    1. This would have been a good time to use the helicopter. What I am annoyed with is Harry getting dragged into this one even though he has never been invited to attend.

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