Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive, play cricket in Mumbai

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive, play cricket in Mumbai

Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially started their royal tour of India. They touched down in Mumbai this morning (April 10) and headed straight to their hotel to pay tribute to the terrorist attacks which took place there, before heading off to play cricket with children from charities in the Mumbai slums. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge then visited Banganga Water Tank.

PS. I will cover the gala dinner later. Please no threadjacking. Thank you.

William and Kate lay wreath in honor of 2008 terror attacks
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

After taking an overnight flight from London, William and Kate arrived at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and laid a wreath at a memorial inside honoring the 2008 terrorist attacks on the hotel. The card reads: “In memory of those who lost their lives and those injured in the senseless atrocities at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.”

They then met with hotel staff who helped protect guests during the attacks. William and Kate were given frangipani and rose garlands as they arrived.

William and Kate garlands

William and Kate ate lunch at the hotel before heading out for the rest of the day’s program. They had a lunch of vegetable kebabs, lentil curry and rice, ricotta cheese, and okra prepared by the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel chef Raghu Deora. He said: “It is all vegetarian because I was told that was what they preferred.”

Kensington Palace released a statement on behalf of William and Kate about the Kollam fire which reportedly killed 100 people: “Upon their arrival this morning The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were informed about the tragic fire in Kollam. Their Royal Highnesses are saddened by the news and send their thoughts to all who are assisting the victims.”

Kate wore a customized version of Alexander McQueen pre-fall 2016 collection. This look is… not for me. I don’t even like it on the model. There’s just too much clashing pattern going on for me. While McQueen has made some really nice bespoke pieces for Kate over the years, in general I’m not a huge fan of McQueen’s designs. So, not for me. One positive thing I will say is that Kate is one of the few women who can actually pull off a peplum.

Alexander McQueen pre-fall 2016 collection

Kate wore new LK Bennett “Fern” pumps in trench leather (this color is not currently available on their website, but other “Fern” colors cost £195.00); new Russell & Bromley “Curvy Clutch” in nude suede (£165.00); and repeated her Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven girandole earrings.

LK Bennett Fern pumps in trench leather Russell & Bromley Curvy Clutch in nude suede Cassandra Goad “Temple of Heaven” gold girandole earrings

Next, William and Kate moved to the Oval Maidan park where they met children from local charities as well as cricket player Sachin Tendulkar.

William and Kate at Oval Maiden for cricket
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Here’s a video of Tendulkar talking about William and Kate. He calls them “humble” and “simple”.

William and Kate met with children from Magic Bus, Childline, and Doorstep and they played sporting games and cricket. The couple also tried their hand at learning some Hindi.

William and Kate chat to local charity children during cricket
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate also took a bus tour around Mumbai with children from local charity Apnalya.

William and Kate take open top bus tour 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate take open top bus tour 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Next, the Cambridges moved to Banganga Water Tank where they were presented with garlands on arrival and scattered petals in the water.

William and Kate then toured the Banganga community where they met with women from the Smile Foundation who were making crafts. They toured the slums and met with the people living there, and played a little bit of football.

Kate in Banganga community
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate changed into a bespoke Mughal-inspired tunic from Anita Dongre (an Indian designer). Kate’s dress looks to be a customized version of the “Gulrukh Kurta Sharara and Dupatta” which retails for $591.50 (obviously Kate’s bespoke version would cost more). Anita Dongre updated their website with Kate’s dress listed as the “Gulrukh Tunic Dress” priced at $236.60. Kate also wore a new pair of wedges.

Kate’s earrings are also new: Accessorize Filigree Bead Short Drop Earrings ($16.00). OMG a Kate earring that I love that’s actually affordable! Want! **And didn’t order in time because now they’re sold out. Damn!**

Accessorize Filigree Bead Short Drop Earrings

I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorite Kate dresses of all time, it doesn’t even make the top 10, but I do like this dress for what it is: a nice, light, summer-y dress to be worn during hot weather which pays respects to the host country. I like the color combination, too. I could see myself wearing something like this during summer while running errands when it’s much too hot and I’m much too lazy for jeans.

I would pair the dress with a flat if it were me, but I don’t mind Kate’s wedges too much. People have gotten on me loads of times about my hatred for those Stuart Weitzman Wedges of Doom, but the main reason that I dislike them is they are giant and make Kate’s feet look giant. These ones aren’t as big, so they’re okay I guess. Wedges for running around playing games, maybe not the smartest choice. I’m honestly shocked she didn’t land wrong and break an ankle (I’ve twisted an ankle walking normally in flip flops).

Oh, yeah, William was around, too.

201 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive, play cricket in Mumbai

  1. I actually loved the second dress and thought it was appropriate and happy. And good choice in having them start off with the sports. Everyone knows it is where they shine. All in all, solid opening.

    1. Me too Jh. The second dress looks like a natural Indian style. But those wedges, OMG, Kate really seems not to learn. If she knows it’s a sport event WHY to put wedges?

      1. Agreed!! I adored this dress and want it for myself, but the wedges killed the look for me because I didn’t find them appropriate for the planned activity. They looked cute for a summer stroll or party, but not for playing sports.

      2. The thought occurred to me that she wears wedges because they make her tall (which she seems to feel the need to be, reason for which can be speculated on), yet avoid sinking into turf, sand or other soft ground that a pointed heel would sink into.

        1. I agree with you Rose, Kate is very seldom seen in flat shoes. I think the dress would look better when worn with flat sandals but IMO Kate like to tower over people so she can look down on them, it helps to make her feel different or maybe even “above” those she is talking to?

    2. I thought the second dress was a great choice as well. I like the wedges and have a very similar pair. However, I don’t see why she can’t wear flats when playing sports. I really think she doesn’t want to look short next to William

      1. If she does have issues with body image (meaning with her weight – and I’m not saying she does just noting that she must find it important to be slim), she might feel more thin wearing heels. And knowing that high heels just wouldn’t work, she chooses wedges? Either way, I agree that a pair of nice flats would have been better. Loved the dress though!

  2. Well, she’s lightened up the make-up so far for this tour so I really like that. I think she looks good in red whenever she wears it, but I agree that this suit just had a but too much going on. What will it take to get her to wear a more fanciful shoe? Every shoe she wears looks practically the same in style. Same for the clutch. I suppose I should be grateful she didn’t pull out her old go to tan court platforms.

    I’m mixed about the cricket dress. Nice lightweight dress but nothing really special and as she was playing cricket and jumping around why wouldn’t she wear a pair of trousers or khakis that weren’t painted on? We’ve seen her in looser cut pants in the past, why not now? The wedges, yes they were better looking than the old, but still so wrong for the occasion. No one cares if you don’t tower over them Kate. Might actually make you a bit more approachable to some.

    Hair should be up, we’ll see how she wears it tonight.

    William was wearing a new suit! I was happy to see that. He is working the slimmer silhouette in the pants but I’m torn between him looking like a dad trying to be hip or actually looking good in them as he did when he was batting at the cricket match. Just something about the width of his hips and the narrowness of the legs looks odd to me.

    On a side note, I saw a picture of Rebecca on Twitter and I realize it’s very warm/hot in India, but I can’t imagine seeing any staff with HM or PC dressed the way she is/was. I can only imagine the look they would receive if they stepped out like that.

    Only half way through the first day and I’m already exhausted by the whole thing.

      1. Rebecca has variations of several of Kate’s shoes. She has a variation on Kate’s Sledges, too.

      2. I love both of her dresses so far, and I think she looks really good (relaxed, happy, etc.), but those grey wedges? They are a a fail and can go back in the suitcase for the remainder of the trip. The SW wedge sandals she wore on the beach in Oz would have looked so much better with this sundress(?).

    1. I actually don’t think Rebecca’s outfit is that bad, minus the wedges. She’s wearing what I think Kate should be wearing at this engagement when she’s playing sports with kids and jumping around. The blouse looks nice and lightweight, and the pants look like cute, colorful trousers. I do like Kate’s second dress though and I thought it was good for all the little events they went to after that.

        1. I agree with both of you. While I love the dress, I think pants + flats would have been more appropriate. Maybe a blouse with the same pattern/material as the dress?

    2. Rebecca is a sloppy dresser full stop. She never, ever looks polished like she should be, and it really annoys me! Even a decent haircut could work that girl wonders.

  3. An appropriate dress in an appropriate length– that’s a first. And! We haven’t seen her panty-less ass! This is a promising opening.

  4. Since Kate will be involved in sport activities, wouldn’t it make more sense that she wears pants & sport shoes? She could pair it off with a colorful blouse & she’ll look comfortable & sensational. Sporting activities, particularly running on wedges?! She’s got to be kidding!! She could have sprained her ankles or fallen on her face in front of the whole world! No doubt she looked so happy & having so much fun but please, common sense rules especially when everyone is looking at her. Why isn’t William joining in the fun? That’s rather odd.

    1. Yeah, the wedges for playing games/sports is stupid. But just in general I do think these wedges are fine. Like, if they hadn’t played games, I don’t think the wedges would have been a problem at all.

    2. Lazy entitled Cannot seems stuuborn, mmature/adolence and deliberate , to embarassing HM, the BRF/PoW/the Firm. Jumping around in that dress was close to flashing the world (and against orders of royal dress code).

    3. She seems to be very comfortable in heels though. My heart skipped a beat when she disembarked from the plane in Wellington (on her New Zealand and Australia tour), carrying George while wearing very high heels down those step stairs … but she didn’t even wobble.

      She has worn flat shoes before … she did here in NZ when she went yachting in Auckland … and I’m sure she wore boat shoes at one of the events with Ben Ainslie in attendance, in the UK?

      … Although in saying all this I have actually seen footage of her nearly going arseyboo – when she was walking through a vineyard in NZ, in her very high wedges, and she lost her footing. Thankfully she didn’t fall, but it was a close call.

      1. TN When they were on Manly Beach in Sydney, I kept on chanting, “Take them off, take the wedges of doom off”. But Kate did not hear me. I love the dress though, It looks very comfortable.

    4. She does this all of the time, doesn’t she? I feel like I have seen many different pictures of her in wedges and dresses, or the equivalent, playing sports. It is almost boring. There she goes, playing sports dressed inappropriately again.

      And wow on the fillers and botox. Her forehead does not move!

      1. She usually has noticeable horizontal lines across her forehead where her makeup tends to settle… they are drastically softened in the pictures we have seen of the tour thus far. Also, fine lines around her eyes are much less noticeable.. so I’m with you on the Botox…

        1. I have to agree with you Kristin and Reilly. I thought it was my eyes for a moment, but the Duchess skin is very clear and unlined, close up photos her face looks filled out more. I am so glad she managed to stay upright in her wedges. I couldn’t walk in them let alone play sport! Love my flatties!
          lets hope for a positive tour.

  5. Well, they look amused at this carnival/photo op so far, so it’s a major win for their tour guides hosts.

    Oh, and, ‘keep up the good work, slumdwellers’.

    1. I realize “tour guides” was supposed to be a dig but “tour guides” would actually be appropriate since this is a “tour”.

  6. I really liked the second dress, the first not so much though red looks good on her. We didn’t have the usual flashing on arrival so that’s a plus.

  7. I’ve kept quiet recently about the rumours about Kate having serious anxiety issues. I rest my case today. Just a pity the lazy **** can’t perform her duties in the UK for those who fund her lavish lifestyle but seems perfectly capable when abroad.

    I loathe the first outfit, hugely expensive that she wore for about an hour with boring bland accessories. I like the second dress, I would wear that.

    I would hardly say she has visited the slums… It’s a very cleaned up and controlled slum.

    1. I thought it was interesting that W&K didn’t go to the slums to visit the kids, but rather brought them out of the slums to visit them. On the one hand, it’s great that the kids get the day to get out and play and whatnot, but on the other hand W&K really didn’t visit the slums. Even the water tank area was the cleanest slums the reporters visited (they visited the kids the day before).

      1. I think the water tank area has been cleaned scrubbed and bleached, and the ladies they met were spotless in clean (new?) saris. They looked beautiful, but I hardly think they looked like slum dwellers.

        I agree great that the kids had a day out, I hope they got a real slap up curry too. If nothing else it would be good to know they went to bed tonight with full tummies.

        1. In the one picture of Kate shaking hands with a woman in the housing community, it looks like there were official people forming a barrier or circle between the community residents and the people W and K were meeting. I’m sure much of this was to maintain order and give everyone space, but the optics of it seemed almost like a Bollywood movie set with people in the background standing casually watching but not interacting, moving or participating at all. No interaction, waving, taking pictures, talking to each other, etc. they are just sitting, watching.

          1. The royal reporters did note that the India security that was following W&K were a bit… much. Like, they were very crowded and were hindering photos at times.

      2. I agree with you and Birdy. I feel like the kids were trotted out and that makes me uneasy. I hope that it was a pleasant experience for the children.

        Diana and Charles would have gone to them so as not to create too much fuss.

        The whitewashing has begun.

          1. Absolutely. Charles and Diana, as has been mentioned, would have been right in the middle of the slums learning and engaging.

      3. Typical from William and Kate, to bring the kids out of the slums to visit them rather than visit the slums. When Harry visited Brazil he went to the slums in Rio de Janeiro, going up and down the stairs and interacting with people. But the future King and Queen? Absolutely Not.

        1. … then rushed inside hotel to take a scrub.

          These two entitled’ ‘I am a Prnce’, lack humility to speak nothing of geniune care for the less fortunate-if these two are the future of the British Monarchy and CW then we are in serious trouble!

        2. Queen Elizabeth always has her gloves on but when she met Mother Teresa she famously took off her glove to shake her hand, huge particularly in the days before Diana and the “human touch” with AIDS suffers.

          Harry’s the real deal, as is Charles Camilla and the Queen off course. William and Kate, snobs of the highest order, really trying to return to the pre-French revolution courts with their Norfork lot. Good times ahead.

      4. Here’s how a Mumbai slum really looks:

        The place the two have visited looks like a script writer’s idea of a poor Mumbai quarter in an ITV period show, something like the usual “English Couple goes Sightseeing” scene from:

        “Hercule Poirot and the Sapphire of Bombay”.

        Mr Poirot, I always say to Mr Cambridge “Those poor people in the slums are always so happy and sing and dance, William!, didn’t I ?”

        “Yes, Darling”

        “But Madame, they are putting on the show for your benefit, is it not?”

        “Now, do they really Mr Poirot? Why, isn’t that nice of them, William?” “William?” “Wiiliam!!!, isn’t it nice what Mr Poirot said?”

        “Yes, Darling.”

        1. HyacinthBucket thanks for sharing the photo of the worst slum in India (located in Mumbai) and the article. I read most all of the long article but reminded me of the slums in India. I have seen them in certain programs. I hope those seeing this tour don’t get the wrong impression. It’s 6 million people of the city William and Kate are visiting…half of its population are very poor people.

        2. As I saw the photos of them picking their way through an alley, I thought to myself that is one clean slum. No garbage, water, or stray animals.

      5. I’ ve never been in a slum ( I’ m a normal person, not rich enough to make remarkable charity) and I was surprised to see it so clean in the pics of Will and Kate.
        I imagined them dirty, filthy. And I was right, they’ ve been cleaned

      6. William asking that young guy to show him his (dance) moves was kind of cute. Who would’ve thought William to be a fan of hip hop? I can’t really imagine that. Maybe he thinks Bruno Mars is hip hop and edgy.

    2. “…perfectly capable when abroad”. Most likely because everything is more fun and doesn’t seem like so much work when you’re on holiday. Not only that, a holiday sans babies, oh the romance. Baby number 3 due late 2016/ early 2017?? *giggles*

    3. In the slum pictures, almost all of the people interacting with W&K have huge identity placards on. I understand the need for security, but those placards are a bit obvious.

    4. She has about as much anxiety as my dog when I hide her chew toy. She is, however, a narcissist who has realised that she gets an easier ride if she appears frail & wracked with nerves. She’s using the Diana card again, imho. She is perfectly fine, she’s just a smart woman who puts a lot of effort in to avoiding work with the grubby peasants.

      William is an arse to her, of that I’m sure. William was an arse to her throughout their relationship & she accepted it, so no sympathy required from me.

    5. You are so right about the slum. Those who interacted with the duo are all wearing clean and new clothes. Very staged and sterile. I wouldn’t be surprised if these people were bathed by Kensington team themselves the day before.

      One thing that really catches my eyes is the girl wearing bright baby pink dress on the top right side of the picture (you can see her better in this article by Daily Mail)

      We all used to have our most favourite “princess dress” that we asked our parents to buy after watching Disney’s princesses, and she was wearing that while hoping to meet and touch a real princess. For us, the dress probably wouldn’t cost much at all, but that is probably the best dress she has ever had. It just saddened me when I see this picture, because she can only look from afar.

      And you can also see that those standing next to Will and Kate were smiling, but those who stood on the balconies just stared down with empty eyes. They are the reality there. You can bleach all walls and floors clean, but these expressions show everything.

      I was really hoping that like Harry these two would be able to see and experience meeting with people living under difficult situations, and hopefully they will grow genuine interest in helping others. This is hardly a lesson at all. They see nothing here. They will go back to the UK being the same person they were, doing the same things they did.

      1. I don’t recall the name : but on twitter a journalist present in India says that the slum was different from others slums, like you said.

    6. Having been to slums in this area of the world myself, I’m kind of disappointed by this.
      When I worked in the slums, there was always a sense of hospitality, people did dress up and put on their best clothes. But this was because they wanted to invite you into their homes because there is such an honor based culture. People stare and get so excited because you are a westerner. Here they are just interacting with chosen few. This could have been an opportunity to show humanity and bridge the gap from their world to this world.
      But I guess I should not have expected anything else. There is such a mentality of “us” and “them.” It could have been a great opportunity here but it feels so staged. Maybe it’s just me, but this is a major miss for the Cambridges.

  8. I did not like the red dress. At all. It’s wearing her. Her wiglet/weave is too heavy. Her hair should have been up for both events.

    Here is what I love – the second dress. It’s lovely and light. The colors really flatter her. I would have worn a d’orsay or a gladiator or any type of sandal. Her makeup was nice too. It looked like she was engaged and enjoyed her work. There were a few “concerned” looks, but I will leave that alone.

    Those wedges. My goodness, they are not appropriate. They look just as heavy and cloddy as the others. I’ve seen too many women west them and roll an ankle. Kate even lost footing in Australia at the vineyards. Those things are horrific.

    Thank you for putting this post up so fast, KMR!

    1. I agree there are some amazing flats around at the moment, and some great colourful pumps. The wedges are dull and inappropriate. I love shoes and find it frustrating that Kate just makes such poor boring choices.

      1. I agree. I would have worn a red, gold, or silver flat. I would have even taken those platform sandals she wore during her South Pacific tour.

        1. Maybe it’s just the casual 20-something in me, but I honestly think she could’ve gotten away with wearing a light colored pair of Keds with this dress, too. They’re always in style and would’ve been much more appropriate for walking on unpaved streets and playing sports.

    2. Well said Rhiannon. Hair should have been up while playing sports and the first outfit is just fugly. Wedges have to go. In that heat my feet would swell like crazy. Why not wear light and easy footwear! Love the earrings. You can actually see them from a distance and they complement the dress. The first set of earrings were too heavy and should have been silver.

    3. When I saw her hopping around playing sports, the FIRST thing I thought was, “that girl is going to turn an ankle.” Good for her that she didn’t, she’s really risking falling flat on her backside and getting seriously injured by wearing these wedges instead of appropriate footwear.

  9. Hi everyone. I just have a few quick comments. First, the McQueen dress was designed to be worn with a belt. In most of the pictures, you can see the fraying threads and the seems around her waist. I wonder why she chose not to wear a belt to cover up the seam and frays of the fabric.

    Secondly, aside from the housing community she visited, it seems like there are hardly ANY people lined up to see them. Is that just a coincidence? Or are all of their events very private invite only carefully orchestrated events?

    1. I agree about the McQueen. I’m not sure if it’s something Kate does or if it’s the designer, but I find all of her McQueens are tailored horribly. Hems aren’t straight… fraying threads… wrong fit… Something just doesn’t look right. And some of them would look absolutely amazing if those little things were fixed.

      I didn’t like any of her dresses today.

      1. I’m firmly in the camp that Kate doesn’t send the correct measurements to designers or her tailor. Her clothes regularly look too tight around her ribcage and like they are tugging weirdly. I also see it on her breast area when wearing coats.

  10. I actually liked the second outfit, including the new wedges. I would wear them, too. And the colors of the dress are nice, the fit and length is ok. BUT for an outing where sports are involved and where you go to a slum? I would have worn something more casual, e.g. trousers and not a long flowy dress. I really don’t get it, it’s like she seldom gets it right: Either the dress is wearing her (THAT Erdem dress or the dress this morning upon arrival in Mumbai) or the outfit itself is nice but not appropriate for a certain event… But I noticed it hasn’t always been like that. I thought her outfits during the first years of marriage have been mostly appropriate (leaving the skirt blowing thing aside), but how come she doesn’t seem to be able to dress appropriately lately?

  11. Aggghhhh!! Wedges of Doom! It is a little anxiety-provoking seeing pictures of her playing cricket in those towering shoes…would a pair of flats have killed her? I noticed that she does this frequently (wears inappropriate shoes to sports activity- related appearances), which only adds to my cumulative irritation…. No flashing so far though, so this tour is off to a relatively good start…

  12. I don’t care for peplum on anyone just not a flattering style…need to be a broom pole for skinny. Red is certainly her color. I love the Anita Dongre midi dress even on the runway model (most models look awful in my opinion). I like wedges so this is not an issue for me other than doing sport activities.

  13. Guys, I just saw the pictures of that gala at the Taj Mahal hotel. And I can’t believe it – I actually really, I mean REALLY, like her outfit! I think this time she got it right. Color, cut, accessories, hair, everything. Curious what you think of her gown.

    1. I actually like this dress for the reasons you listed, but I’d like it even better on someone who stands up straight and has a little more weight on them. The sway backed, concave stance isn’t helping things any. And thank you, thank you to the person who put her hair up. I even like her little clutch.

    2. I’m going to cover that event later. Please save comments on that event for later. Thank you.

  14. So many things:
    1. The first outfit isn’t to my taste…too many clashing pattersn, but as KMR said, Kate is one of few women who can wear peplum well.
    2. Huge huge fan of the second dress. Not that I would personally wear it, but I felt it was appropriate for the part of the visit I was most worried about (“visiting slums” and cricket). Appropriate length, happy colors, not too expensive or flashy (in comparison to wearing McQueen in the slums).
    3. I’m going to stand up for the wedges. I prefer wedges over heels any day, and with the midi-length of the dress, they keep her silhouette looking slim and not cut off at the thigh. I think flats would have stunted her legs. Now…I think flats and loser pants would have been more appropriate for cricket, but when you’re doing multiple visits in one outfit, I’m not hating on the dress/wedge combo.
    4. Yes…it was all very suspect the “white washing” and the polished look of the slums. Anything to give them a good photo-op!

    1. Let’s compromise: Wedges for the outings when not playing sports, but changes into flats or tennis shoes for sports, then changes back for the rest of the outings. That would have been the best option, probably.

  15. I found the first dress to make her look very matronly–especially with the hair. She looked momish…like 45 year old mom with kids in high school momish. And also, did anyone find it odd that she walked several steps behind Will as they visited the Taj Hotel? She looked like a spectator and accessory while he did all the talking.

    I really like the second dress. It’s light and airy and looks cool and comfy without being frumpy. I didn’t find the style of her shoe off, as much as I did the material and color. That grey was really off in my opinion, and from afar looked like a white old lady pump. Velour or suede or velvet or whatever fuzzy material they were completely throws everything off. Winter materials aren’t meant to be worn in hot places. A nude patent or just plain leather would have been fine, though I would’ve gone with a chic flat–because I lack her amazing ability to leap like a gazelle in heels.

    They don’t really engage the children that much–not like Harry–and during the match, the children seemed a little uninterested to me, while Kate was pretty ‘keen’ on cricket.

    (P.S. Will saying he has a hard time with spicy foods a few days back…TMI Will, TMI!)

  16. I am an exception but I dislike the two dresses, the color is not for me : But she looks good. They look happy, it is good. I like her second earrings.
    The issue is that we speak about her clothes, about them playing cricket… But honestly apart the fundraising dinner, I don’t see how the charities win benefit.
    It is maybe just me but when I see William in these clothes and in these shoes, I think that he disguised in Harry (even if I know that it is not a style created by Harry, Harry is not the only man in shirt). I don’t think that this look suits him personnaly

    1. I’m with you, Clem. I actually don’t care for the second dress. I think it’s long enough to look matronly. I feel it could be a tad shorter and swing nicely, but not be so short as to show anything. I also dislike the full coverage across the top. I don’t think it’s flattering. A simple V would have looked more summery, in my opinion. And those wedges. Ughhhhh. I think they just look plain clunky. About the only thing I liked about the second dress was the color and the fabric.

      I also feel the first dress was too matronly. And I think the fabric is horrible.

      I’m hoping the rest of the clothes for the tour pick up a little.

      1. I would agree that the second dress would look better if it were a bit shorter.

        1. While I think the dress is “ok”, I have seen this length in high designer fashion. It is described as the “awkward” length that hits at the calf.

  17. I do not like the McQueen red dress to wear to a wreath laying ceremony where people were murdered, I cannot see the logic in that. She could have gone with more understanded/muted colors and looked far more appropriate. I agree with the above comments that her accessory game needs help ASAP!! Her thinking seems to be: hot weather all neutral shoes which certainly isn’t the case anymore. Finally I do not think those earrings go with that dress. Big, gold dangly earrings for a solemn event, again a miss plus they just don’t look right with the other elements of the dress. For me they clash. I think she should have worn her diamond studs.

    I like the casual dress and especially the earrings! They are cute and fun and go with the dress. The colors and appropriate length of the dress are wins for me. Really not a fan of the shoes especially for the activity. I think a colorful pair of flats to bring out one of the colors of the dress would have looked so much better!

  18. Second outfit was amazing,she already had enough practise of playing in wedges,that must not be a problem for her,

    cant wait for the taj mahal reception pics.
    After watching three outfits,i feel like she is trying to play safe. Not a single flashy moment on day 1.

  19. Thanks for getting the post up, this is going to be a busy week! I was thrilled to see the colorful red outfit but I loved loved loved the pink/red/blue dress! It might be my favorite of all time. My fav color combo. I’m trying to ignore the wedges, I don’t get them. Will’s pants look a little funky. His legs look too skinny or something. Kate looks a little tired but happy and comfortable. At least she can’t be called out for being the Dull Duchess so far.

  20. Ok, I think I will have the dissenting opinion here as I liked both dresses. As said above, Kate has the figure for the peplum style and while I’m not a fan of paisley I think McQueen did a nice job with it. The second dress is one I would definitely wear although I would alter the neck line a bit. All in all a nice start (fashion wise) to this tour.

    My only complaint (isn’t it always my complaint?) is Kate’s horrible posture. I did see a few videos of her at the Taj hotel and she is able to walk with her hands by her sides but once she is sure the cameras are on her she reverts to that frustrating crotch clutch. Imo, it’s not demure, it’s not Princess like, it childish and immature and needs to stop. Kate is a young woman with a back and shoulders of considerably older woman, if she doesn’t take steps to correct it soon she will have back and shoulder issues much sooner than she would like.

    1. I liked both outfits too. Though some dislike the pattern, I love it when Kate rocks prints and think she pulls it off nicely. I would have preferred the first look with her bangs out of her face and half-pulled up, but the first look is a good one.

      The second one is fantastic. Though the wedges of doom made me worry she’d turn an ankle, the look is a good one. Kate always shines when it’s an athletic engagement, and to see her looking so genuinely happy is a nice change.

      (And hello again KMR! Haven’t posted in quite some time, but here I am again!)

      1. Hi Lexi! Welcome back!

        Kate really does light up when she’s playing sports.

    2. I agree, her posture is awful when she is crotch clutching or walking with one hand over her stomach area. This makes her shoulders become hunched and rounded and then her hip/groin area is pushed forward. This cannot be good for her lower back. I have noticed her mother does this as well.

    3. Lauri – I agree, her posture is horrible!

      I think she is REALLY insecure about being in her position with all of the publicity and cameras. She is not a natural fit for her role.

      Ironically, I think she has what it takes to fulfill her role confidently.

      Hopefully, with more work she can get there.

      It may mean being who she is, NOT what she think she “should” be.

  21. Thanks for the timely update! I think the first dress is ugly and I don’t know what inspired the pattern (I’m not knowledgeable about fashion at all). I do like the second dress. But I think her high heels are another glaring example of her need to be above people.

    I am struck by the videos of their hosts proclaiming rather frantically that K&W are so nice, so humble, so wonderful. They seem to have been coached with the threat of stun guns if they don’t praise these two idiots.

    I don’t see any examples of them doing anything more than basking in the hospitality of the Indian people. And why did Wills challenge that young man to a dance off and then refuse to partcipate?

  22. I didn’t care for either dress. The McQueen was just too busy and heavy looking. Not appropriate for a somber moment. The second dress wasn’t bad but it just looks too big on her. I’m from California and live in Louisiana so I understand loose clothing but between the bagginess and the horribly bland wedges both looks were meh. I do love the earrings

    1. I think she’s lost even more weight recently . The McQ seems too big.

      I reiterate my earlier can she do so much on tour , yet is lazy and disinterested at home? It makes me very angry. I feel I am paying for her holidays and endless hugely expensive clothes.

      She should visit some underprivileged kids in the UK. She should attend the BAFTAs , she should visit Sports Aid.

      Aaaaagh I’m cross.

      1. You’re wonderful Birdy! Maybe she’s convinced that the people of Great Britain already adore her so she doesn’t have to work that hard. Now on to blind errrrrrr conquer the world with her keenness on everything

    2. I live in Florida and I’ve found that the more baggy my clothes the hotter I actually am in the summer. Like, if I wear more fitted clothes, I actually don’t sweat as much. So I feel you on disliking the bagginess of the dress.

      1. It’s more the material. I will wear looser fitting clothes in the summer but she seemed to be swimming in that dress

  23. I like the colors of her dresses. Not the patterns or the cut of them. I find them too busy. Also it always seems to be that Kate’s clothes wear her and not the other way around. Which contributes too her unease and awkardness.

    I just find William and Kate so underwhelming. Everything they do or say I think is half ass. Little preparation, lack of any sort of enthusiasm, just two dim wits. Who show up because they have to be there. Like its a punishment.

    1. Agreed on the clothes wearing her. She looked happy playing cricket (of course it’s fun and games) on the other hand she looked totally bored at the hotel memorial.

      1. William and Kate always show ethuisium for sports. Seems to me that is the only thing they bring to the table. That is just sad.

        I just do not understand how this woman will one day be the Queen Consort of England? Completely blows my mind. She has no clue how to act in her role as a Duchess. Her lack of understanding and non existent work ethic. Really shine through. Clueless is every way. She cannot grasp proper etiquette. Yet she will be a wife of King, Mother of a King, and Grandmother to the future King or Queen of England. God Save the Monarchy.

  24. Has anyone else noticed that Kate’s posture often mirrors Will’s? His posture is awful, too, and he stands with his hands in the same crotch position as hers.

    1. Not only that, has anyone registered that for the last couple of years they have been wearing Ray Bans. Like almost the whole RF now and the Middletons. Now, there is nothing wrong with Ray Bans, it’s just odd that they ALL wear them now. I wonder if Peter Philips made a deal again.

  25. It’s like they’re on like a speed dating version of a diplomatic tour. Did they spend more than 20-30 minutes at any of their 5-6 engagements today? Bell dings and time to move on to the next photo op moment with the peasants.

    Looks like Kate’s started doing fillers in her cheeks and jowls. And, of course, a heavy dose of Botox all over to accompany the fillers.

    I liked the second outfit that Kate wore much better than the first. It’s a lovely dress. Appropriate for the events and climate. However, her styling was still off. Her styling is always off and prevents these lovely outfits from being memorable.

  26. Going with the positive:
    I like both dresses, think the first looks better on her than the model (but that may be the weird glove things).
    Really appreciate the longer length of the second, especially for crouching down, appropriately modest.
    Carrying sunglasses seems to be the secret for combatting the crotch clutch as she seemed more relaxed when holding them than a clutch bag.

    On the not so good
    Should’ve worn trousers for sports and not wedges, but maybe she felt she had to wear a dress culturally?
    Looking bored at a serious memorial occasion is not good
    Hair should be up, she really needs to lose the security blanket and look more normal for a hot day, sports event, meetings, etc.

    But overall I would say a good start. No flashing hooray…yet.

    1. The similarities between Diana’s and Kate’s outfits can hardly be coincidence, if truly both on India tours: same shade of red, both styled with a peplum…..
      Perhaps Kate has a scrapbook of all Diana’s outfits, arranged by location/occasion, the something is made for Kate that refers to Diana’s outfit….

      1. @Rose It’s a theory that I’ve seen many state and agree with, including myself, along with watching videos of Princess Di so that she can imitate what was her natural facial expressions. It’s too often and too much to be a coincidence and t’s just plain creepy.

    2. There have been many times where Kate has worn something eerily similar to something Diana wore, but I also think there have been many times where people have been really reaching in their attempt to prove that Kate single white females Diana. To me, what you linked falls into the second category. To me, those two outfits look barely alike.

      I’ve thought about doing a “Kate SWFs Diana” post before and when I went through to try and find photos I found there weren’t enough true SWF moments and a lot of the ones people kept pointing out seemed like reaching to me.

  27. One of my pet peeves with Kate is that I wish she would wear some lipstick, the pop of color would do wonders for her. To me, she always looks washed out. By the way, on my clothes scale of 1 to 10, the McQueen dress is a 3, the dress for the cricket match is an improvement and comes in at an 8, but wish it was sleeveless to give it a more summery look.

    1. Boston Brahman. I have been saying that forever!! early on she played with lip color and it was lovely. at some point she decided to go as neutral as possible and she has not looked back. she has thim lips so heavy color may not work, but a lip liner with a gloss on top wold be very pretty and complete her makeup. she always looks half done. and I wish she would pick up a couple different shades of eyeshadow. she seems to be lightening up with respect to how much she puts on but it always looks like the colors are the same. with her skin tone, she needs some brightness. it would transform her.

    2. At least do something different with her makeup for evening events. She wears the same makeup to both day and night events.

  28. I don’t like either dress, but I will say that Kate’s facial expressions are so much better than usual and she seemed appropriately respectful at the ceremony honoring the victims of the Mumbai terror attacks. She really looked like she was saddened. Wearing red though to such an event?
    The second dress did look like something she would wear running errands on a very hot day and since she is so thin, she looked even more freail. And, oh no to the wedges. Ugh.

    She and William seemed to enjoy the sports. Kate in particular looked so happy. So, maybe this is going to go well. I certainly hope so. THe children were adorable and Kate reacted very nicely to them.

    Thanks, KMR> I am off to the park. It is finally spring like in April. Everyone is heading out for fun. P.S. I don’t have any wedges on!

  29. IMHO the first dress is a mess. Well, in fact it’s a two-piece, isn’t it? If she had worn the skirt with a white top or the top with a dark colored skirt, her hair in a Victoria-like chingnon and better make-up it could have looked appropriate, chic and stylish. This head to toe pattern stuff looks mumsy, out of date, bad taste. Big no!

    The second dress is not bad. Unfortunately she doesn’t fit in. Somehow this dress manages to emphasize how thin she is (and not in a good way!). The wedges….don’t get me started on this! No, no, no! Trousers and a tunique paired with flats would have been a better choice. But, well, we’re talking about Kate. Will she ever learn to dress for the occasion?

    And I don’t get all this theme dressing. Most comments say that it’s a nice gesture out of respect for the host. That’s true….for some occasions. But at every event? To me it looks like a bit of a masquerade. Or like, she doesn’t have a clue how to pay respect to the country she’s visiting and so she tries to express her respect with clothes? I don’t know…they are ambassadors for Great Britain, so why all those Indian style frocks? When I imagine they visited my country/town (Bavaria/Germany, Munich) and she would show up at every event in a Bavarian style dress up I would feel insulted a little bit. But maybe that’s only me and my special little brain. 😉

    1. I agree Greta she is not Indian, and does not have to dress like a pseudo Indian. Sorry to harp on but Diana got it right, Kate just doesn’t get it. She is young, slim and attractive yet she looks middle aged. I love the cricket dress and would wear it….I am Diana’s age. She could have worn some nice chinos , some pumps or sandals and a pretty colourful top. She is a talented sportswoman but looks ridiculous wearing wedges to play cricket.

      Wonder if George wants to be a cricketer…..??!!!!

      1. she dresses like some parents dress their kids, all matchy matchy and themed. whales for sea world, Mickey mousy for Disney world, all. shamrocks for St Patrick’sday. cute on 10 year olds . . .

    2. I would have preferred the top with a plain red pencil skirt. I think that would have looked better.

      If Kate weren’t wearing Indian style clothes or Indian designers, we’d call her out on that, too. It could be a lose-lose scenario here. Kate got called out a lot for not wearing many NZ or OZ designers during that tour.

      1. KMR – so true it is a lose-lose situation.

        I wonder if she balanced out the Indian inspired outfits, with more of her own style, it may have felt more authentic?

        In addition, the first dress was more Asian inspired, and less Indian inspired, making it look a little forced.

  30. I don’t love the dresses so far. I have never liked McQueen and neither the original nor the Kate version have changed that opinion. The second dress was ok for the climate but not for the event. As usual her sporting choices are a failure. A nice pair of trousers that weren’t painted on and a tunic style top would have been a better choice.

    I actually like the first shoes. Court shoes particularly if they don’t have that awful platform are an elegant shoe. Unfortunately, her heels resemble stilts. I like this trench color better than some of her other nude shades. It is a good basic color for the lighter colors of spring and summer instead of ivory or white. The problem is Kate will wear them to the exclusion of anything else. It wouldn’t kill her to have shoes in red, pink, green, blue that isn’t navy. Wearing a contrast to her dress color or even that matched her dress would be a refreshing change. As for the wedges, I like an espadrille with a small wedge in the summer. Kate always wears such a high wedge that it makes them look clunky and heavy. They were not appropriate for the event and one of the pictures showed that they were already starting to get dirty. Again, it wouldn’t kill her to wear flats for these type of events.

    One thing that really really bugs me is Kate’s daytime clutch bags. They are always what I would consider to be evening bags which makes them inappropriate for day. I have decided the reason is that 1. they are small enough to cover and protect her crotch and 2. they are strong enough to withstand the death grip. The reality is that they are just another example of her total inability to accessorize her outfits.

  31. I’ll say the love both of the dresses at first sight, even the red peplum! And I have had skirts that have similar pattern to the pink one that she is wearing; it’s a popular print in my culture and if I find something like this again, I’ll buy it again for the summer. Yes, she cannot accessorize to save her life though- that red outfit would have popped if she wore red heels of s similar colour of silver to contrast.

    And I agree with an earlier poster that said that wearing red to a memorial event may not have been appropriate. In South Asian countries, white is associated with mourning and funerals. Might have been a more appropriate choice to wear a white type of outfit for the memorial.

    1. White/cream – absolutely and would have felt cooler too ( temperature cool!). This tight red outfit with all the hair just looked so hot.

  32. I could never figure out what the real “purpose” of a tour is (obviously I’m American), but the whole thing is so staged and rehearsed. Do you think she hates every minute of it (I am very curious about that)? I like her second dress and I was thinking the gown (dress #3) makes her look very thin in the chest area.

  33. But I will say they look happy, relaxed and engaged with the people that they are meeting. It’s too bad that they cannot do this and Kate and Will both scowl and look anxious when they are in the UK. Do they really dislike the UK that much, you know the ones who actually keep them in their luxurious lifestyles? I suppose though that with the sun, the free tour and holiday and getting to see the sights and sounds of India (even briefly), they are in the best of spirits.

  34. I like both dresses. The 2nd one I LOVE. I’d love to wear that to work on a hot and humid day.

    Sorry everyone, the wedges seem entirely inappropriate to me. Even if the slum is white washed, they look ridiculous. No one plays sport in wedges. There are tons of fashion-y flats on the market. I thought they made her look really out of touch in the surroundings and activities.

  35. First day of this tour came to an end and I’m already bored…. I’m looking forward to the next news from the Danish and the Swedish Royal families. Their fashion is a joy, their actions an inspiration.

    1. WhatKateWore, identified them. I actually bought a pair identical to this last year for half the price :). Yay, Kate copied me, lol

  36. Not thread jacking honest but part of what I’m wanting to say involves this evenings gala so apologies but you’ll get what I mean in a moment:

    I know this is a Kate focused forum but pls KMR can you keep note of William too – especially his gaffes? There’s been at least two so far and it’s only the first day! His first was the cricket bat signing and his question re ‘selling’ it, – ugh – and the second was this evening when he admitted never having seen a Bollywood movie – he’s at a Bollywood gala ffs! There’s probably been more.

    These, from Prince Philip, would be headline events but we’re so focused on what she’s wearing they are going under the radar. Plus his trousers are too darn tight, especially around the crotch area, my eyes are getting offended. Otherwise hate hate hate the outfits – remind me of duvet covers from discount stores. I could never leave the house dressed like that, why oh why – what’s wrong with a trouser / tunic combo? Is she going hiking in a cocktail dress, on current form it’s entirely possible!

    1. Really??? Did he say he never saw a Bollywood film??? Ahahahah!!!! Me neither, but I’ m not representing UK in India and if I had done I’ d have watched a few Bollywood film for sure. Just to have something to talk about and to look more invilved

      1. Yes he did. Arrogant guy! He probably thought he was being witty and funny. And all I can see of William are his bald pate and crotch bulge. Nothing of substance here

        1. See, the smart a*se person that I am, I would have probably told him that since he signed it, it had decreased in value. What an obnoxious person.

          As for the Bollywood movie gaffe, my eyes are now hurting because I rolled them so hard. What a twit.

          1. I read the memoirs of Mineko Iwasaki (an extremely prominent geiko in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s), and one of her anecdotes involves meeting Charles, who proceeded to sign her fan without her permission, much to her horror. Iwasaki was a bit on the arrogant side, but she tried to give the fan to Charles to keep and ended up tossing it out. Someone should tell William about that story…

        2. What a dolt. It’s a joke that fell flat, but it’s an arrogant joke. I don’t think he knows how to be social in a normal environment. There really is absolutely nothing of substance with him. It’s probably why not many girls ever wanted to date him.

    2. Probably the cricket bat commentary was a joke that fell flat. He tries to be funny but ends up coming out as arrogant. The Bollywood thing is incredibly rude.

    3. Personally, I think that the joke about the bat could have been funny, but it’s all down to the delivery, and Wills not a fun guy.
      He wants us to think he is, but I just don’t think he’s got it in him to make something like that sound funny. (I haven’t personally heard this ‘joke’) When he says most of his supposed jokes, it just falls flat because they’re just words with no humor behind them. As a person who gets extremely nervous when meeting new people, strangers and having to interact, I could definitely have said something like that myself, but as Will tends to be rather superior in his appearance, speech, interaction with people (from what I see) his jokes makes everything uncomfortable. They’re not just nervous energy escaping – as is very usual with me – but rather attempts that doesn’t end up sounding neither genuine nor funny.

      Even if you’ve never seen a Bollywood film, don’t go to India, attend a gala for Bollywood and stand up in front of everyone telling them you’ve never seen one. Either put in the time and see one before leaving just to know a little bit, or skirt the subject, don’t say you’ve seen one – lying never works – but definitely don’t say you’ve never seen one either. I get that it’s not a part of the movie industry in the world that everyone is exposed to, because it isn’t even though a lot of people have heard about. But if you’re basically attending an industry party you don’t stand in front of everyone and say that you’ve been too busy or whatever to put in some work to find out what they do. That’s rude.

      Then again, that does sum him up quite nicely though. Arrogant, rather self-centered and a bit rude.

  37. I really don’ t like the red dress, no way, too busy, bad print. And the nude pumps didn’ t match at all, black pumps ( or navy or dark purple) would have been way better to me. The second outfit is not really bad, but not so good either. So so to me. But NOOOOOO!!!!!! The wedges again 🙁 Noooooo!!!!! I don’ t like them at all and I don’ t find them apropiate to play sports at all. In my opinion she should have worn a pair of cotton trousers and a colorful shirt and a pair of flats. Why doesn’ t she wear trousers? I mean trousers, NOT jeggings 🙂 ? We know she has manly… ehmm beautiful skinny long legs

  38. I totally agree with ABC–please keep up with the gaffes–they are making me furious!!! Bill Middleton almost refusing to sign the bat. Then at the gala he put it on the table, basically, that he is just like his lazy wife and does no prep work for tours. Can’t even watch ONE freaking movie??? I mean, we know he isn’t working or doing royal duties. He also just unwittingly told us this IS a vacation. He said India was at the top of Waity’s travel bucket list–oh, and boo hoo, it’s taken them 5 years and 2 kids to get Waity to India. Well, cry me a river.

    It’s just pathetic that there is nothing else to discuss about this VERY expensive tour–except Waity’s ugly clothes, even uglier shoes, and the hair curtain. They have said NOTHING of any importance–NOTHING.. They aren’t DOING anything of any importance. They are merely on a 5 star tour of India at the taxpayer’s expense. If these two idiots can’t do charity work in their own damned country–they should NOT be allowed to do these vacation/tours. The taxpayers should be outraged!!!!!

    1. Anne, I am a tax payer and I am outraged. So many clothes, so little substance, yet they’ve ‘worked’ harder today than they’ve ever done in the UK in a month. and just reading about William I am disgusted. He’s president or something of BAFTA so the film industry should be something he knows about. This gala has been planned for months. Just curl up one evening and watch a bloody movie.

      1. Or even fake it – Wikipedia is a wonderful thing for a quick 10min recce and no one is going to quiz him on a plot line! It’s just so unnecessary and downright rude to his hosts. Plus the ‘we wanted so much to visit India we waited 5 years till the UK paid for us to come, and then for only 4(?) days’. I want to reach through the screen and throttle him!

      2. Exactly!! It would be less than 2 HOURS of his time–and he can’t even do that!! I really want to know what this guy is doing in his very secretive life. It gets curiouser and curiouser. And these expensive outfits are being worn probably less than an hour in some cases. Think how many people in an Indian slum the cost of one outfit would feed. It hurts my heart that these poor people have become Waity’s latest supermodel photo-op. They are being exploited by these two arrogant jerks.

      3. Especially as Bollywood movies are just brilliant. So much fun, colour and energy. I’m not fussed with either dress, all the busy patterns are not my style and the whole boho vibe slipped me by but we are in the realms of more appropriate Duchess dressing so she gets a pass from me. But the wedges are ridiculous and had I been her it would have been a cotton shirt, chinos and loafers for me for the second round of engagements. Rebecca Deacon was more appropriately dressed for this afternoon than the Duchess but at least we’ve had no flashing…..yet.

      4. I’m so in agreement with Anne and Birdy. Kate looks perfectly fine to me. No anxiety at all. She should be ashamed for all the dour faces and skipped military events in the UK (70th anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day.) William is so arrogant it boggles my mind. What a jerk.

      5. Now I can’t imagine Prince Charles being ignorant about such a thing and he is the Prince of Wales.William is the next Prince of Wales he should learn.This is an example of the inadequate amount of dedication William puts in his official duties.
        I mean this is common sense isn’t it-you’re going to a gala where Bollywood heavy weights such as Shahrukh Khan and Aishwariya Rai are going to be present.I wonder how they truly felt when they found out that William had not watched any Bollywood movies.

    2. Wait, did I miss something? How do we know he never watched 1 Bollywood movie? Did he say it…

      And it is funny how he makes it sound like 5 years is sooo long to wait to come to India. Give me a break.

  39. I’m really impressed with Kate’s fashions so far! The colours of her outfits are just gorgeous, and both she and William look really happy.

    I’m not a fan of large, dangling, earrings; but Kate wears them really well – especially with the first outfit.

    I really love her paisley dress … if that came in peasant-style shirt, I’d be rushing out to buy it for casual Fridays at work! 🙂

    1. Hi TN, I would love to buy the second dress she wore, it looks like it would be so comfy and cool for the hot, dry summers where I live. I’m not a fan of paisley prints but McQueen did a nice with the print and you’re right, a peasant-style skirt in this print would be great!

    2. I actually like the McQueen dress and would wear it just the way it is. Like you TN, I am not crazy about long dangling earrings that pull your earlobes down. I knew one lady who had to surgically repair her earlobes after a lifetime of wearing long, heavy dangling earrings.

      2nd dress is OK, nothing to gush about.

  40. I don’t see the red dress with the bold pattern and peplum for a wreath laying ceremony. Too solemn an event for that color and pattern. This is the same fo pax that she did in New York at the 9-11 memorial when she wore bright pink. Tone it down girlfriend. People died.

    As for the court shoes, not with the red peplum dress. I see those shoes with a business suit or similarly simple structured outfit. They’re too neutral and safe for this dress. This dress needs something strappy, maybe in a metallic.

  41. Just going to mention this here KMR – I’m giving her credit for 6 engagements:
    1) Arrival/wreath
    2) Oval Maiden visit
    3) Bus Tour
    4) Banganga Water Tank
    5) Slum Tour
    6) Gala
    Easier to do a daily tally and leave a record. 🙂

  42. I wonder if information is available, KMR may I make a suggestion? that if time allows you to do a write up post-tour to break down what this visit has achieved, in real numbers? Did those charities in Mumbai get increased foreign donations? More website clicks? Did some trade deal come through because WK charmed everyone? What about the Tata steel jobs? If these royal tours are not achieving anything of note, then why waste the time and money on them? Especially in austerity times when average people are being asked to cut back for the good of the nation, why do these two get a free and pricey vacation to India?

    1. THIS!! They need to be held accountable if they are going to waste taxpayer’ s money. But if Chopper can’t even watch a 2hr movie to prepare– there is no agenda for anything or anyone except THEM. They wanted a posh vacation to India. That is what this farce is all about. I can’t believe what they get away with.

      1. I tried to find articles analyzing the post effects or influences of a WK royal tour but could not find it, thus far. I suppose an effect could be that the Banganga Water Tank area has been cleaned up ahead of this Tour.

    2. I’ll try. The problem is, is that unless the charity publishes their donation records and web traffic I can’t know any of that.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are fashion BFFs. The only difference is that Rebecca is the much sloppier, unkempt version.

  43. I liked the first dress on Kate. Wrong Occasion. Kate’s hair should be up. Or at least halfway up. This is because you can’t see Kate’s face. I do really like the second pattern dress for the cricket. However I do not understand why wearing the wedges of doom, and not flats like sandals or I even thought trainers to run in. I think Kate is just showing off. There is better interaction with the kids but still looking nervous and is that Will in the hotel just with his back to Kate leaving her there instead of guiding her. Honestly a good start but I am already tired. I would like to see Kate wear trousers and a blouse. I just don’t understand Kate.

    1. You know, your comment just made me realize why I dislike those two (and especially her) so much. It’s the imbalance! A good life is a life that is in balance…sadness, happiness, spending, saving, diet, indulging,…. Everything can happen during a lifetime, sometimes it’s our own creation, sometimes it’s the circumstances. But everyone I know (including me) will do everything possible to keep things in balance. This “rule” is valid for many things (if not all things), also for fashion.

      Kate is not in balance. Her fashion choices show this lack of inner harmony. She visualizes her inner struggle in a subtle, textile way. When I look at her I can literally feel and see this imbalance and it distracts me from my own balance, which I need to gain back at the moment….

      Just a few minutes ago I googled CP Mary and felt instantly better. This woman is at peace with herself, her family, her work. Her choice of clothing makes her state of mind visible and inspires me to try something else, something new, to think in a different direction. Not only fashion wise , but in general.

      Buy-bye Kate.

      1. that is very insightful Greta. I think you are right. she is always trying to be something she is not, there is no there there and her close wear her. if she does not have any self awareness or inner peace, she is never going to project anything but messiness and unhappiness

  44. I like the second dress, the first not so much. Kate looks genuinely happy which is nice to see. I like that they cleaned up the Banganga Water Tank area. I wonder if Kate is starting to believe, as the Queen was said to do, that the world smells of fresh paint.

    I am deliberately staying away from the news so I will see what Kate is wearing here first.

  45. Why do these two have to make everything about them? No matter what they are doing or where they are, the most important thing is that they are entertained and praised to high heavens.

    1. It’s always about them. Neither one of them bring anything to the table. No substance at all. They half ass everything. Complete and utter waste of space. They could make a difference if they actually tried. Yet the think they are better than everyone else. Completely not relatable. Bill Middleton having to wear his fancy clothes. And Kate just there enjoying the scenery. They’re on vacation. I mean tour. Give me a break. If I was a U.K. taxpayer I would be pissed.

    1. hi Bc. she has to have had fillers and botox. her forehead doesn’t move and the lines are gone. I don’t begrudge anyone their choice in doing so, but this is rather dramatic, and a little sad that a 34 year old requires so much work.

      1. I was thinking she look different as well. It is sad she feels to need to get so much botox/fillers at 34. It makes me wonder what she will look like at 50 since botox and fillers loose their affect after awhile. Plus, if the person stops they look worse since the muscles have lost all their affectiveness.

        1. I know. it cannot be good for the skin to have to constantly rely on them. she seems to always look for the easiest way out of any situation though so I am not surprised. I just don’t understand how, with what we know about skin care and what is available to her, her skin is aging decades ahead of its time. sun and cigarettes I suppose.

  46. Ooh ok. At first I thought it was the makeup… Not so heavy handed on her brows. She looks much different around the nose and mouth. Her smile is different too. Pretty. I just wish she would stop jumping around in wedges. She is of average height. Why does she feel the need to add 4 inches to height. She seems much more engaging without the nose bleed heels.

    1. I am just guessing, but photoshop can only do so much and she has skin that seems aged well beyond her 34 years. I have never used fillers or botox, but it seems like she had work done. she looks pretty in my opinion, so she had very good work done! that would allow her to wear less makeup too, having fillers and botox. again, I am guessing and not judging!

      agreed. am sick of her and the wedge jumping. enough already!

  47. Thank you Reilly. Just occurred to me her droopy eye is gone. She reminds me of Sandra Bullock now. Her eyes seem further apart now or more more open, crazy what skipping a few engagements can really open your face to become more appealing

  48. She spent months planning these looks?
    She should of went to a local Indian store, and could of gotten MUCH clothes!
    In half the time:)
    Why Wedges WHY WHY WHY:(

  49. First look-love it,the tailoring plus the vibrant color and pattern make for one of her most memorable looks ever.I would like to especially express my appreciation of the tailoring.
    Second look-just curious why does she wear wedges to sporting events?The dress is a good choice for a day outdoors in sunny India.I like the pattern and colors.

  50. Read a few comments and I seem to be a minority with this opinion, but I kinda, sorta like the first dress on Kate, more so in some pictures than other, it all depends on how well the red color has photographed. I think she wears red very well, and she definitely looks better wearing it than the model, that picture just had me frowning. However I didn’t like how she paired it with a pair of light pumps, I’d rather have seen them with black, but that’s my personal opinion, same with the clutch. It would have allowed the red to stand out even more.
    Though I agree that at a solemn occasion, she should have researched the country’s tradition more when it comes to colors and worn something else.

    The second dress….I’m on the fence. I both like it and don’t like it. At first I really disliked it and after a second and third look, I’ve realized that it’s actually something I myself could have worn. But there’s something about it that just strikes me as wrong, the length, the styling, the neckline. I don’t really know. I think it might have looked a little better if it was just a shorter closer to the knee, or even a bit longer. It just feels like it cuts of her legs at a very awkward length, being tall it’s something I constantly think about. Skirts/dresses don’t look right because they end up stopping at ‘the wrong place’ or fitted pants starts looking like capris because my legs are too long.

    And she paired the dress with wedges…I have no words. Some type of flats should have been worn, especially considering the sports part. Ideally IMO pants and a light top would probably have worked better for the whole engagement but then again I always thinks pants is a better choice during daytime events, unless its really formal.

    I get that she’s representing the Queen, she can’t wear sleeveless and deep plunging necklines whenever she feels like it, but the really high necklines she wears is just not flattering IMO. An inch or two wider, allowing the dress to not look like it might be ready to strangle her and I think she would look a lot less uptight and constricted. There’s something about that much coverage, especially in a longer dress, that make it go slightly girly.

    Considering some other things I’ve seen her wear though I’d call these two a moderate success.

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