Kate Middleton and Prince William attend garden party in India for the Queen’s birthday

Kate Middleton and Prince William attend garden party in India for the Queen’s birthday

Here’s a quick update on the last part of Day 2 of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s royal tour of India on April 11. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a garden party in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday at the residence of the British High Commissioner in New Delhi.

William and Kate arrive at Queen's birthday garden party
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate chatted to some of the 2,000 attendees from the worlds of politics, business, the armed forces, and academia while the band played a medley of Bond themes. Food included canapes of Murg Malai Tikka, Aloo Sabutdana Ki Tikki and apple Stilton Welsh Rarebits, mini beer battered fish and chips, and thin crust cheese and tomato pizza.

One guest Kate talked to was Professor Bulbul Dhar-James, who teaches political science at Jamia Mellia Islamia university. Dhar-James said:

    “We said ‘how do you lose all the weight after having two kids?’ And she said ‘I am running after my kids’. I asked her ‘aren’t you tired of smiling?’ And she said ‘I’m just reciprocating. Everyone is so warm’. They were both really gracious. She was so welcoming and warm. We told her ‘You look much better in person than in your photographs’.”

Kate also talked to Venu Nair, MD of Marks and Spencer in India, who said:

    “The Duchess was really interested to hear about Marks and Spencer here in India and our 53 stores. She was asking about our operations here and how they differed from the UK. I would never have dared asked her where her dress was from!”

Deepa Thomas Sutcliffe, VP and Head of Communications Nissan and married to Paul Sutcliffe from British High Commission, said:

    “I told the Duchess I have been a huge Royal fan my whole life and I adored Princess Diana. I was five years old when she married. [Kate] said ‘unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting her’. We also talked about Mumbai and she said ‘Mumbai is fantastic. We had a lovely time and got to sample lots of things, even a bit of cricket.’
    “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am star struck actually. I never thought I’d get to speak to her. I think the royal couple are gorgeous, down to earth and very modern. The older royals are very stiff upper lip but the Duke and Duchess are willing to talk to anybody. I think they are a big hit so far. India is very heavily influenced by the British and there is a huge respect for the British Royal family.”

[all quoted from Daily Mail]

William gives speech at Queen's birthday garden party
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William gave a speech paying tribute to the Queen:

    “Tonight, we are celebrating the links between our two countries. This is the first time Catherine and I have been to India and we have been incredibly impressed to see just how much this great country is on the move, and how India’s dynamism is matched by the warmth and welcome of its diverse people. I am honoured that we also have a chance, tonight, to celebrate a very happy milestone for the United Kingdom and for my family in particular.
    “Next week, Her Majesty The Queen, my grandmother, turns 90. I am so grateful to all of you for turning out tonight to help us mark that occasion. The Queen is very fond of India, having visited this great country three times during her reign. And India of course is the biggest country in the Commonwealth, the family of nations to which she has committed so much of her life’s work. India’s contribution to the Commonwealth is something that is enormously important to her. As my grandmother’s birthday gives us a chance to celebrate the partnership between our nations, I hope you don’t mind if I take the opportunity to pay tribute to The Queen on a more personal note.
    “I am incredibly lucky to have my grandmother in my life. As she turns 90, she is a remarkably energetic and dedicated guiding force for her family. And I am so glad that my children are having the chance to get to know The Queen. George and Charlotte, too, will discover how lucky they are to have such a wonderful great-grandmother – a role model for the rest of their lives.”

William also read a message from HM:

    “Now, it is important that everyone here tonight understands that I am here as The Queen’s representative. She may be my grandmother, but she is also very much the boss! And with that in mind, she has given me a message that I am privileged to read out to you all tonight:
    “‘Prince Philip and I send our warmest good wishes to all you attending this special Garden Party. I am delighted that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been able to join you this afternoon during their visit to your country. I have fond memories of our previous visits to India. This event today is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the enduring friendship between our two countries, our shared culture and the business opportunities we can create together. It is with great pleasure that I entrust another generation of my family to strengthen and renew our bonds. Signed, Elizabeth R.’
    “Now I can report back to Granny that I have done my duty!”

[from the DM linked above]

William and Kate were asked to cut a birthday cake for the Queen with a sword, which William immediately handed to a surprised Kate.

Kate wore a new embroidered Temperley London “Delphia crop top” ($1,525) and “Delphia long skirt” ($2,995). The crop top plus maxi skirt is a new choice for Kate, but (IMO) ugly designs from Temperley are not. I’ll be up front, I don’t like Temperley’s designs. At all. This one is… eh, whatever.

Temperley London Delphia top and skirt

Kate debuted another new clutch, this one from Prada in black with a jewel clasp (£ 940). She also debuted another new pair of black sandals.

Kate’s earrings are from at least 2007 and have never been identified. They resurfaced when she wore them to Christmas lunch at BP in 2014.

On a positive: I like Kate’s hair.

114 thoughts on “Kate Middleton and Prince William attend garden party in India for the Queen’s birthday

  1. I enjoyed reading that KMR. The photos were lovely. Credit where it is due, I did like the outfit Kate wore. William spoke well and they both seemed to enjoy it and I do hope they continue to do so with the remaining days they are on tour.

    1. The dress is okay, not more, not less. But the accessory game is dull. The busy pattern of the dress paired with busy earrings and busy hair and no hint of color. Ugh. She should have paired this gown with the blue earrings and an up do (without curls!) and maybe a blue or red clutch. But not one of those teeny tiny pillboxes. IMHO, styled like this it’s just another fashion miss.

      1. This top and skirt come in a light blue color that would have looked amazing. I don’t really like it in the black.

          1. I agree with you Birdy, the blue version is beautiful. I rather like Kate in the black version and the temperley dress she wore to meet the Prime Minister too.
            (not sure why she needed modesty panels when she could have just worn a slip? You can get plain slips in a variety of colours, should someone tell Tash?)

          2. Cathy
            There are a few photos of Kate in the dating years where a breeze blew her skirt up enough to show a slip. And the slip was working. So, she knows what they are and how they work. She chooses to not use them anymore. Unless of course she’s suffered amnesia..

            And I woul wear the hell out of that outfit in blue. Unfortunately it’s too busy of a pattern to be able to repeat as often as i’d like. Maybe the skirt..

        1. My problem with Kate is that it is very difficult to see her as a princess because she doesn’t carry herself as one. She may have worn a tiara three times (and that’s counting her wedding). She is just too plain and boring. She brings no excitement. It’s so sad. I remember a few years back when a group of children (especially the little girls) at a school was so excitement that a real live princess was visiting there school. To their dismay she showed up in plain street clothes. The kids were so disappointed because she didn’t look like a princess. They had no interest in her. A few of the girls ask where was the princess because it couldn’t have been Kate, as she didn’t have a tiara and she didn’t remotely looked or acted liked a princess. I hope she’s reading this. Get it together Kate with your boring ass. Your country spends a lot of their hard earned money for you to be royal and regal and to keep this worthless and useless monarchy going. Walk the walk – Talk the talk – Look the part – that is what you signed up for.

        2. I agree,I don’ t like the black and white combo at all. It’ s too much. I think if she chose to wea the skirt with a black silk top that wold be okay to me. I don’ t like the black embroidery of the top at all it looks like an arch to me:) a big arch from head to toe 🙂

        3. Totally agree……..the light color was gorgeous. Thought exactly the same thing…They black and white on the top reminds me of an arched window.

          1. Completely agree. I like the hair but it is a bit childish. From a distance it looked like she wore different makeup, but alas. She did wear lip gloss though. She cannot pull of these looks because she won’t let her personality come through.

            Is it just me or are all of her clothes starting to look alike? Variations on a them. Kate is in India, thus Kate must look like she is in India.

      1. Hi Cat. I was looking at pics of Diana in India. It looked like she wore the Spencer tiara with a beautiful black gown that had silver beading the coordinated with the tiara. She also touched people and held children on her lap and had conversations. So even though I was curious about the clothes, I ended up focusing on her humanity and the response she elicited from those who came to see her.

        There is no substance to these two and it is embarrassing.

  2. I have decided that Kate is using this tour as an excuse to buy all new shoes. Even though they are all similar to other ones she owns. In the last 2 days she has worn 5 new pairs. And the black sandals from tonight are similar to last night’s. God forbid she wear the same pair both nights since you can’t really see them. But no she had to buy 2 similar pairs. I even thought the light pink ones today were the LK Bennett fern pair at first. That is how similar all her shoes are. I wish she would venture out a bit. I love shoes and think they are so fun. A great way to show your personality

    1. I love shoes, too. They are a great way to express personality and they always fit no matter how heavy or slim you are.

      1. KMR that’s what I love about them. Even if you gain 5 pounds they still fit :). I own so many. I can only dream about the shoes I’d buy with Kates money.

        1. Oh man, if I had Kate’s money, I’d have so many pairs of shoes. And earrings. Those two are the things I love – for the same exact reason, too.

          1. I will have my own Mariah Carey’s walk in closet.

            But I think I would much prefer marry a filthy rich guy who is not a prince, especially if the prince is someone like William. Too much of a headache. I’ll bear any royal responsibilities if it is for someone like Harry, Haakon or Frederik.

          2. Oh I agree, I love my shoe collection.
            I wouldn’t mind a walk in closet to keep them in too, like the closet Big had built for Carrie in the first Sex and the City movie.

        2. Hey everyone,

          So why are we begrudging the Duchess for spending all that money???

          We would do the same thing. Man with my money, I already have all kinds of coats, shoes, bags, dresses. I have all types of tights and hose. I dress according to seasons and the weather also. There are heavy winter coats to light breezy coats….same with shoes, bags etc…

          Now, I can’t imagine with free money like the Duchess….um…

          BTW Overit, have you scored any nice pairs? I wear size 3.5 so can’t really find shoes. I was going to have another pair custom made but our Canadian dollar went down so I don’t want to pay over $200 for a pair of pumps.

          1. Beatrice, I’m only speaking for myself in this response. I get upset at the amount of money she spends for the following reasons:

            – She didn’t earn a penny of it herself. Most people have worked for what they have and can spend what they earn any way they please. Kate has never worked for a wage in her life. Everything has been handed to her and the work she should be doing to earn the right to spend as she does is avoided as though it’s the plague.

            – She buys the same styles over and over and over. It’s pointless.

            – She wears them poorly (on a lot of occasions). If you’re going to spend that amount of money, make sure it looks amazing on you and is tailored to within an inch of its life. Then take care of it, don’t get out looking rumpled with shoes that haven’t been properly maintained.

            I guess for me the biggest is the disrespect she shows to the people who are paying for her lifestyle. It’s just rude.

    2. Overit, you have to have a personality that you are willing let people see in order to pull off fashion. She just does not have it. The fact that all of her shoes look the same says something too.

  3. 1) Stupid engagement!

    2) Top/Skirt isn’t horrible but I don’t love it by a long shot.

    3) I am so damn tired of her buying a million look alike expensive versions of shit she already owns!

    4) “We said ‘how do you lose all the weight after having two kids?’ And she said ‘I am running after my kids’.

    See how dumb as a brick she is? She’s mistaken herself for Maria!

    5) We told her ‘You look much better in person than in your photographs’.”

    That’s not a compliment dearie O_o

    6) Kate also talked to Venu Nair, MD of Marks and Spencer in India, who said: “The Duchess was really interested to hear about Marks and Spencer here in India and our 53 stores. She was asking about our operations here and how they differed from the UK.”

    Do I really need to say it? It’s like a broken record of how stupid and vapid she is and a testament to how stupid and vapid this party was.

    7) “I would never have dared asked her where her dress was from!”

    Why the hell not? You already asked her a dumb vapid question (I asked her ‘aren’t you tired of smiling?’ And she said ‘I’m just reciprocating. Everyone is so warm’.), what’s one more?

    8) “And I am so glad that my children are having the chance to get to know The Queen. George and Charlotte, too, will discover how lucky they are to have such a wonderful great-grandmother – a role model for the rest of their lives.”

    Yet another lie. We all know they spend very little time around the BRF, including the Queen. Not to mention, William him self doesn’t see any value in the Queen or anyone else that could actually give you good advice. That’s Harry.

  4. I thought Kate looked beautiful and really liked her hair. It was nice to see several photos with clutch held in one hand by her side. I doubt very much the whole reason for her figure is due to chasing her kids around…but this is a canned response. One has to be quite good at being able to meet and greet with alot of people and have careful conversations. So the common responses are safe ones without revealing too much yet aware of just what will no doubt make it to the press. Thank you for your coverage.

    1. The “I lost all my baby weight chasing my kids around” line is the canned response from most celeb moms. Very rarely do you get a “I worked my ass off at the gym to get my body back” from celebs.

      1. She’s lucky people don’t pay attention to pap pics unless they suscribe to australian magazibes or twitter because there are pics of her working out in the park with her personal trainer. Not to mention her well documented daily work outs, kids or no kids.

        Personally i hate the ‘i lost weight so fast because i run after my kids’ canned response from celebrities. People’s bodies respond differently to after effects of pregnancy. Some women snap back, lose the weight almost immediately, others do not.

        Also taking into consideration their post/pre pregnancy diets and workout regimes.

        1. Imo that expression not only is a stupid response, that put unwanted pressure on mums around the world, is a illogical response as well. From pics she probably recuperated her shape in terms of weight and figure at four, maybe less, months after George was born – so are we supposed to believe he was up and running at four months????? Not to mention it seems like the 24/7 nanny those the lest amount of work, which I find very hard to believe.

          I understand royals and celebrities have a hard time letting people know about their personal lives but guess what so have the mothers who are asked why they didn’t lose the ‘baby weight’.

          1. What is so wrong with saying I worked hard through a combo of exercise and eating right, though I question the eating part. I worked my a** off to lose weight, even when I had a baby and a toddler.

      2. Well, losing baby weight at Mach speed by “chasing the kids around” only works in conjunction with mainlining green juice for 3 mo straight. Can’t believe she forgot to mention that, huh

      3. KMR, I have a question…I think I have read in the past there are doubts that she had the children and they were borne via surrogate. Is this true or am I hallucinating?
        Great post, as always.

        1. It is true that there are rumors circulating the internet that Kate used a surrogate. Whether those rumors are true or not is anyone’s guess.

        2. I take real umbrage at this. A Royal birth is signed off by world renowned doctors – this is not Beyonce or Kardashian style. There is no way George and Charlotte are via surrogate – the British Monarchy would not, does not, would never engage the finest Doctors available is some elaborate cover up.

          W&K are idiots in lots of ways & have told lies, but no way in heaven is the birth of their children – heirs to the throne – anything other than legitimate. To suggest so is offensive to the honour of my country & my Monarchy.

          1. Would you like me to remove the comment, JL? It’s been sitting in moderation all day because I wasn’t sure if I should approve it since I really don’t like people bringing up the surrogate conspiracy theory.

          2. No – it’s your blog, I respect that. I’m frustrated that W&K have lowered opinions so much that the legitimacy of birth of heirs is questioned. The Monarchy is so much more than those two numpties.

          3. It’s actually shocking how little people think of William and Kate that those theories have been able to take hold the way they have. I made a decision about a year ago that I wouldn’t comment on a woman’s pregnancy body anymore because I started to really become uncomfortable with the way people were taking about Kate during her pregnancy with Charlotte. So much so that “surrogate” is one of my “send to moderation so I can check it out” words because I’ve gotten really terrible comments about that subject before.

          4. It’s a situation of their own making, I totally understand that. But it’s also deeply about the integrity of the Monarchy & that can’t be allowed to be eroded by idle gossip (imo). Not only is it deeply offensive but let us not forget Kate was hospitalised with Georges pregnancy & that had a tragic ending. It’s offensive to all carers of Kate – Doctors, nurses, everyone – that it’s implied they’re all liars. Jacintha Saldanha had integrity, of that there is no doubt.

          5. I totally agree with you. It’s a huge insult to the monarchy and to the Queen that people think that type of thing (especially the lying about it) would be allowed.

          6. I vote to keep it… Still, I think it’s total fantasy with no factor in reality.

            This is my “bread and butter” so to speak. I’m a nurse with my masters in an obgyn office part time and per diem at a private hospital’s maternity ward. With over a decade of experience under my belt. 6 years of licensed midwife on top of that. I see pregnancy from start to finish with overlap to pre and post. There is NO indication Kate was not pregnant and many signs she was.
            No secret I don’t like them as I feel they’re lazy and entitled brats ignorant of their positions so I have no bias to favor them in this.
            Those rumors started on a blog citing a woman who was fully discredited in several factual ways on top of character, but by then the rumor had legs and no one cared about any truths.

            That’s my 2 cents.

  5. I feel ambivalent about this dress. It reminds me of window pane designs you see on hallmark cards with schmaltzy words. She’s drowning and disappearing as if she’s merely a hanger for the dress. It’s a bold in-your-face pattern preferably suited for someone who exudes more strength and confidence. Probably someone with more meat. I totally see Mary rocking this. Kate not so much.

    Kate could have made a statement with a red lipstick and a messy up-do.

    1. Not sure if she is a lipstick person. Her lips are rather thin and a bold red would only emphasize it. I have the same “problem”. And imagine the next time she flashes (and she will! Maybe in front of the Dragon King?)! She wouldn’t only end up red faced but with a red stain on her skirt!

    2. I think in some of the photos her skin looks poor (see photos of her arms on this tour). To me she looks dehydrated in conjunction with the weight loss.

      1. That is really interesting because humidity should hydrate your skin. When I’m in Asia, you can fry an egg on my face because of heat and humidity. So I wonder if her makeup dries her out or something else.

        1. Yorkie and others – the heat is quite dry in North India (Delhi, Agra) but humid in Mumbai, Assam etc. So, at this garden party, she may possibly have been dehydrated. That is apart from long-term health or diet issues I know nothing about and am not qualified to comment upon.

  6. This dress is just … meh. It looks like a white drawing block and someone just drew a henna pattern all over it. I would actually love to see this dress on either Mary or Sophia. Both women have natural curves to make the dress work. This dress on Kate made her look very stiff and accentuated her man-like physique, especially her arms. It is predictable, safe and rather boring.

    I’ve said this plenty of times – Kate Middleton is not and never will she be a style icon. The media hype over her is overrated. The way I see it is she sees an outfit that is appropriate and nice and buys identical pieces in different colors. So are her shoes.

    1. I quite like the outfit but it would look better if she didn’t cc – it spoils the line of the pattern! I think her hair should be more up – it just looks flat and unkempt. She has a hairdresser with her, yet I think her hair has been disappointing on this whole tour.
      Accessories – well she just doesn’t does she?? So many new shoes, two very similar pale courts, and now two very similar black sandals…is it really necessary?

      And this was an occasion to wear some proper regal jewellery.

      I do like the outfit, but £3,000 for something I cannot see her wearing again? Is it really necessary for every single outfit to be both new and designer? Does she think she has worked hard enough to earn it?

      1. The only thing i like about this appearance is her hair styling and facial expression.

        The make up has improved, the hair doesn’t look like it’s stuffed with extensions, earrings are cute and appropriate for the hair style, and most important of all, she looks like she’s enjoying herself. Not forced expression.

        1. I imagine the wiglets had to come out – can you imagine how hot they must have been? I just think a very simple, loose updo would have looked much more grown up.

          She clearly likes India better than home – as I said in an earlier post it is because she is getting lots of very positive attention. She is only there for a week so there is no time to get bored with her.

  7. I like this outfit better than the red one she wore on her arrival and better than the Blue reincarnated one from Diana. But not as much as the Peasant one she wore to play cricket.

    And her hair is out of her face! Miracles do happen.

  8. Thanks for the update! I actually like her outfit and due to the crop top, I consider it something new and daring in comparison to the cuts she usually wears. And it was appropriate for the event and occasion, so that was a win IMO. What I don’t get is that sometimes, her outfits are fashion and occasion wise great, and sometimes she just looks…bleh. How come there is such a huge variation in her fashion choice? It is like she does not have an own sense or taste but just wears what whoever puts together for her. I mean look at Queen Laetizia of Spain, I love her style – but even if you don’t, her style is consistent at least and she has a fashion personality. Princess Marie of Denmark – I don’t like her style at all, but again – it is consistent and she seems to have her ideas of what she wants to wear.

    1. Agree on all accounts! I actually quite liked this dress for this occasion. And you’re right, Kate doesn’t seem to have a strong sense of personal style in her formal wear. I will say that she seems to in her casual wear.

      1. Never thought of this, but your are absolutely right. Think of all the times she has worn her skinny jeans/Breton stripes top combo, eg in different variations during the Olympic Games, you could see it was HER and it reflected her and she felt good in it. Some criticize her for wearing the same outfit over and over again, which I also get, but on the other hand: why not wear something you feel confident in over and over again? Is that really a bad thing? I would say it is at least better than trying to be “stylish” at all costs when at the same time it doesn’t reflect who you really are.

  9. I like her earring, I love the dress at first sight but after when I look in detail I find the structure strange : a little like an impermeable, sometimes transparent.
    The shoes are the same at last night, and I don’t like them.
    We don’t see really her clutch… I love her hair like that.
    There are many dinner on this tour… Like Overit said, she uses this tour like an opportunity to buy new clothes, new shoes : I wonder what will be the final prize at the end of the tour.

    1. The shoes aren’t the same. The ones she wore with the blue gown have a wavy strap over the toes and these have a straight strap over the toes.

      1. That is something I have a hard time understand: the amount of similar shoes she has… How many pair of black shoes she has, 12? and navy 4? It doesn’t make sense and of course this is just what we get to see she probably have much more clothes and accessories than we think.
        I think she should be doing better choices especially with someone else’s money (maybe that is what makes it so easy, bc she was not like this on her dating years)

        1. It’s probably because she has almost unlimited access to money so it’s easy to talk herself into multiples of this and that. I can see why she has multiple pairs of plain pumps, thinking they are bland enough to go with anything. But then she doesn’t bother with the statement shoe which can really make an outfit. She really does need a top-notch professional stylist who will firmly direct her in a better direction. I think Kate doesn’t like taking advice. Some humility would go a long way.

  10. I think the dress is OK but I think that Kate doesn’t looks good in it. I don’t know if it’s because she is too thin. And William saying “Now I can report back to Granny that I have done my duty!” Oh My. Only William to think that because of this tour/vacation he is doing his “duty” well. He is REALLY CLUELESS.

  11. I don’t mind the dress but I do mind the price tag. Must everything be from designers or bespoke & SO, SO expensive? She paraded some of these clothes in front of the poor people at the slums. The price of one gown could feed so many of them! Is she going to wear these clothes again in London?

  12. I’m stacting to think that this tour is an April Fools joke. I’m not going to discuss William. That speech was malarkey. When William refers to duty and service is makes me ill as he represents the opposite.

    The guest that remarked that she looks better in person threw shade. Plain and simple. Running after kids keeps her thin? Um no. I like her hair and makeup. The makeup is simple to balance that dress. Her hair is pulled back nicely. I loathe the dress. The pattern is kinda neat, yet her posture and cc take away from it. And the color washes her out. I really want her to wear jewel tones. She would look so lovely in them. And if I’m not mistaken,.why would you wear floor length to a garden party? Or is it a cocktail hour?

    KMR, you are my hero for putting these posts up so fast. Thank you for your generosity and beautifully written updates.

    1. Yes, I apologise, I have not said thank you thank you thank you. Love your posts KMR and the fair assessments you make.

  13. I too have never loved Temperly, but this is my favorite of the brand she’s worn. The details are interesting without being gaudy.

  14. I loved this outfit when I saw it on net-a-porter and put it in my wish list in the hope I might get it in the sale because I could no way afford it at full price…..no chance now. I’m not an Alice Temperley fan at all but I love this. So far it’s the only thing she’s worn as well as the Rupert Sanderson shoes and the Russell & Bromley clutch I would want. One thing I never understand is why she uses so much suede…..especially in clutch bags that in this heat are a magnet for sweaty hands and greasy marks. It scruffs up so quickly.

    1. I agree MrsBBV, I’ve always thought of suede as more of a fall/winter fabric for the exact reasons you mentioned, plus I don’t think it breathes as well as leather does.

      1. Just seen the light blue version of this combo. Pretty but she would look like a piece of Wedgwood China. Unlike Kate to buy something that’s current that other women can copy though.

  15. As much as I like this dress I don’t think it was the most flattering for the Duchess, the beige color really washes her out, I think if she had gone for the blue it would have been a much better choice. Imo, this look is okay but again with the light makeup, lose hair and this dress Kate really looks pale.

    It seems that the Queen did not loan Kate any jewelry for this tour, too bad as a pair of bright colored stones would have been a nice contrast to this rather blah ensemble.

    1. Agree. I don’t understand her fascination for “oatmeal” neutrals. They work on her with her coloring, but only if you add pops of color elsewhere! Accessorise!

    2. I just can’t understand why someone would wear nude-toned beige in India, where there is so much beauty to choose from by way color, embellishment beading, and metallics. She wore BEIGE.

      She looks like a set of seamed stockings. My friend thought she was wearing a table runner.

  16. I like this dress. It’s the best one so far (for me). Um, the comment about them being so down to earth and willing to talk to people. They don’t realize that is if you can scale the wall they’ve built around them of staff, RPO’s, actual fences and the limited time they make themselves available to meet and chat with people. That comment made me laugh. They had to talk to the people who are paying for their vacation. They’ve probably said more to the people of India than they have the people of GB in the past 3 years.

  17. I liked the outfit is probably the first time I think Kate looks better than the model on the web. Her earrings are also very nice, it seems they are gonna be Kate’s jewellery statement (as they used to be on the dating years).

    So far I’m liking the overall idea of the outfits however things like flying skirts and bad fitting are easily avoidable but apparently not for Kate and her team…

    PS: for someone ‘thrifty’ she spend a ton of money in this tour she has numerous nude shoes and clutches yet, correct me if I’m wrong, everything has been new.

  18. I like her hairstyle a lot.As for the gown it is interesting.I actually like it,but not love it.A pleasant surprise considering its Temperley.I would have loved it if the crop top and the skirt had the same pattern of embroidery.I’m a fan of black on white.
    Btw I’m impressed by the “I’m reciprocating” answer.

    1. My thoughts exactly!! I’m impressed she would know a big word like reciprocating!!! And I’m totally trying to imagine her saying it in her uber posh accent with her lower jaw jutted out beyond her nose.

      1. Which comment made me think of Jason. I doubt that her brain produced this word. Should we applaud her for being more authentically false in successfully mimicking the PR feed ? Are we sure she doesn’t have an earbud feeding her lines? 🙂

  19. I like her hair. The color of the dress is just blah. Enough of the beige Kate. It washes your skin out. Seriously get some color in your wardrobe. She spends all this taxpayer money on clothes. The best she can do is beige or cream. Or clone a Diana outfit for the 21st century.

  20. Ugh. Generic speech by Willy. And again, they didn’t do their research before coming to India because all Kate could talk about was Marks and Spencer??????

    On the positive, I like the earrings.

  21. I wonder if the lack of Royal jewels has something to do with the fact that many in India (and I think even the government??) have asked the BRF to return the Koh-I-Noor diamond that is in the Crown Jewels. By keeping it low key and by using local designers it deflects the discussion. Of course that is a clever thing to do, so clearly it came from the Boss and not Will & Kate’s terrible team.
    I actually like this dress a lot. It’s fun and interesting. Better than the overwhelming blue of the previous evening. Don’t love the hair – it seems a bit tortured. Will’s speech seems vetted so it’s not filled with gaffs. Good stand-in for HM.
    And I know that it is always about the Queen as she is the head of state and it’s an important birthday year, but I once again noticed how Will never mentions his father. It is always how the Queen is his mentor and how she is showing him the ropes. I think a lot of that is exaggerated fluff because he’s hiding in the country and playing with helicopters, but as a future POW he has surprisingly little to say about the man who’s been in that role for what, 50 years?

      1. Thanks KMR. I couldn’t recall exactly how long. But long enough to be of use to the next man up. And Wills will be POW long before he becomes King -God willing. I think it’s just all a slight on Charles.

    1. Hi Amy, I actually had the same thought about the lack of royal jewels on this tour, especially for the Queen’s B-day party. Still the Queen has lots of jewels that have nothing to do with India that Kate could have worn maybe not for a large event but for one of the smaller ones, you know something to remind everyone that the Queen really does like Kate, she doesn’t secretly call her Duchess Do-Little.

      1. It does seem like a waste, right Lauri? I mean if there was ever a place to wear lots of bling it would be India.

  22. It really bothers me that on the previous tours, nearly everything late wore was by designers from those countries; and on this tour, nearly everything is by British designers. I was really looking forward to seeing Indian designers brought to the forefront on a woman who is so influential that shops sell out of her clothes hours after she debuts them, but instead we get Indian-inspired designs by British labels. Even if the only brand she could find was Saloni, then she should’ve made her wardrobe for this tour out of their clothes. Very disappointing.

    1. Actually, Kate has never worn that many host-country designers during her tours. During the 2011 North America tour, Kate only wore 4 local designers (versus 18 non-local designers). During the 2012 SE Asia tour, Kate only wore 3 local designers (versus 11 non-local designers). And during the 2014 NZ/Oz tour, Kate only wore 5 local designers (versus 22 non-local designers). So far this tour, only three days, Kate has worn 2 Indian designers (1 dress and 1 jewelry). Plus she wore a 3rd Indian designer for the pre-tour reception. So she’s actually on par with her previous tours.

      1. Thank you. Very interesting statistical facts. I knew about the NZ/Aus tours not wearing much of the local designers but not the others.

      2. Wasn’t it noted with some tours Designers sent her items in hopes she’d wear them, but she refused? … I’m thinking warmer climates… Forgot the locations. The tropical 1 early on…
        And the NZ/AUS tour she was said to have commissioned thousands and thousands into gowns from local designers that were never worn (or completed?), but instead went with more basic designs from international designers?

  23. The more articles and comments I read the more I admire you, KMR, for your patient, balanced view on Kate. Thank you!

    Me on the other hand, I don’t have enough patience in the moment. In a weird way I am even grateful for Kate’s underwhelming performance because this gives me the opportunity letting out all my anger instead of hurting people around me. AND I have a chance to learn how to handle my anger and not get lost in hatred.

    Someone above mentioned Kate’s question regarding Marks & Spencer. I think her question had a valid point and wasn’t half as dumb as some might suggest. M&S is an international brand with many shops in India. I as well would like to know what the differences are. It might be the same brand but the cultural background of the customers is completely different.

    Maybe Kate is a shy and more quiet person. I could imagine that – if that’s the case – she simply feels overwhelmed by the heat, the noise, all those people, the cameras, the questions,… I couldn’t do all that.

    BUT if I where in her shoes (although my shoe game would be much more fun :-)) I would seek help in everything I’m not good in. I had a proper stylist, I had a speech coach, I had a catwalk coach for better posture, maybe even acting lessons? My motto would be “Fake it, till you make it”. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to handle her job as well as I imagine I would do…

    She is not only the Duchess of Doolittle, but kind of a real life Eliza Doolittle, so far without the happy end as a “My Fair Lady”.

  24. Here’s the thing for me about Kate’s fashion: most of it is so mind-numbingly boring that when she breaks out some “adventurous” and objectively ugly dress, I’m inclined to like it, just because it’s different. This dress is hideous, but I don’t yawn when looking at it, and that’s a massive plus.

    1. Oh, thank you for saying it’s hideous! I think so too. Is this what India looks like to her?

      I love the flower at the crotch and the little temple arch above leading to and sheltering it. And the vertical pathway to it.

  25. “Star struck” says it all. The sycophancy is remarkable and sickening.

    I find the dress garish, way too busy.

    I’m not quite sure all Indians are that thrilled with the British.

    This is my favourite quote: “The older royals are very stiff upper lip but the Duke and Duchess are willing to talk to anybody”.

    Yes, they’re willing as long as they approach you first (good luck if they don’t like the cut of your jib) and you’re willing to stand behind barricades in line to be able to view them and don’t take any photos of them.

    Both of them are glib and boring, as are Willy’s speeches. They do not engage whatsoever. And yet they are celebrated. Over and over and over again. Shows you how much of any society can be impossibly shallow.

  26. I think this tour will go down in history as being another nail in the coffin of the Monarchy. William and Kate have messed up big time, if you ask me. His comment at the Bollywood Party that he’d never seen a Bollywood film was the height of insult

    Her latest flashing at such a solemn ceremony was just appalling.

    I hated her dress. Way too busy I thought the two of them were their usual boring selves and the comments from those who had the chance to speak to them made me think they were plants.

    I’m typing with one eye as my other one won’t open. Some allergy thing that is not making me happy. SO, if there are typos, excuse me.

    KMR, I also send you thanks for getting your posts up so quickly and with such flair. You are the go to place for the latest Royal news.

  27. I actually don’t mind the dress. Love that it’s a crop top. And I love her hair. I think it emphasizes her youth and it’s not all big and fluffy.

    What I hate are the earrings and the shoes. Those sandals look matronly to me. And the earrings, while nice in their own, just blend in with the dress. Color with the jewelry would have been nice.

    But wasn’t this billed as a “garden party”? If so, I think wearing a tiara would have looked out of place.

    Finally, I agree that, overall, she looks unhealthy.

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