Kate Middleton draws picture of her house for kids, meets Indian Prime Minister with Prince William

Kate Middleton draws picture of her house for kids, meets Indian Prime Minister with Prince William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, started Day 3, April 12, of their royal tour of India in New Delhi visiting Salaam Baalak Trust before having lunch with the Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi.

I’m going to start with the meeting with the Prime Minister just because I want to say something nice about Kate’s outfit.

I said in my last post that I don’t like Temperley designs, and I stand by that, this Temperley London “Desdemona Lace Dress” in jade ($1,395) is too fussy for me in terms of the lace elements but I absolutely adore this color and think it looks fantastic on Kate (and it’s a departure from her norm which is fun to see). I think Kate’s LK Bennett “Fern” pumps and “Natalie” clutch go perfectly with it, and I even like Kate’s new Kiki McDonough “Green Tourmaline and Green Amethyst Oval Drop Earrings”
(£3,500.00). And the updo looks great. While I personally dislike Temperley, overall I think this is a fashion win for Kate. So, yay.

Earlier in the day, William and Kate visited Salaam Baalak Trust which is “an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organization which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children and other children on the margins of society. It seeks to dissolve the barriers that rob children of the opportunity to realize their rights.” They also provide health and mental health care. The Trust was set up in 1998 using the proceeds from the 1980 film Salaam Bombay which depicts the lives of vulnerable street children.

The couple visited a contact center near the railway station to see how the Trust helps children arriving alone to New Delhi, and met children from one of the Trust’s temporary shelter for boys. They also met City Walk Guides and met with outreach workers and psychiatrists who work in the Trust’s mental health care program.

William and Kate visits Salaam Baalak Trust 1
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

From the Express:

    “The charity’s director Sanjoy Roy told the couple about the charity’s work. ‘The boys come here for four hours of lessons and some food every day. When they’re not here, they’re at the railway station.’
    “William asked:’Is that dangerous?’
    “Mr Roy replied: ‘Yes so they try to stick together. We look after around 7,000 kids a year, but every day around 40 to 50 new children arrive at the station. They often have to deal with trauma, learning difficulties, ADHD and we have special programmes to help them with that. These children that we look after are the most vulnerable. Some may have their eyes gauged out or hands hacked off. The primary reasons they run away from home are misunderstanding with step-parents, physical and mental abuse, incredible poverty or a life event such as forced marriage.’
    “William asked: ‘What can we do to help?’
    “Mr Roy replied: ‘Spread the word. People think of them as street kids, beggars, thieves but they are just children. They deserve an education, future and a life. They have a right to a childhood.'”

William and Kate visits Salaam Baalak Trust 2
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

More from the Express:

    “As part of their mission to highlight mental health issues, the couple were very keen to learn about how the subject is viewed in India.
    “Kate asked: ‘What’s society’s view on mental health? Is it spoken about or is there stigma?’
    “William commented: ‘In the Western world it still hasn’t elevated itself to the highest levels.’
    “Mr Roy said that it was spoken about but the charity has been asked to work with the government and ‘spread the word’. He said: ‘On the last census 110 million children were out of school and mental health is a real challenge. We want it to be looked at as a major issue.’
    “Kate interjected: ‘And as early as possible.'”

William and Kate joined in with the kids playing a game on a karom board, and Kate sat on the floor to draw with the kids. Kate was asked to draw a picture of her house.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me there is something so charming about Kate sitting on the floor in her long dress drawing with kids seemingly having a good time. It’s this type of thing I want to see more of – Kate getting right in there and enjoying herself while doing so.

Here’s the picture Kate drew.

Kate wore a new maxi dress from UK brand Glamorous which cost only £35, and new Russell & Bromley “XPRESSO Crossover Flat” shoes in blush pink (£175.00), along with her Accessorize “Filigree Bead Short Drop Earrings” she debuted the other day.

William and Kate also met with a group of Indian women “to hear about a range of issues affecting women and girls in the country.” The meeting was at the personal request of William “who wanted an opportunity to hear directly from women working to support other women and girls. He also wanted to get a sense of work being done to help young women to achieve their full potential and for men to become more supportive of the women and girls in their lives.”

The couple met acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal and heard about her campaign ‘Stop Acid Attacks’. She explained her decision to stop covering her face in order to encourage other victims not to hide and also spoke of her successful fight for tougher legal restrictions on the sale of acid. Laxmi is now a TV host, and director of the Chhanve Foundation, a NGO dedicated to help survivors of acid attacks in India.

They also met journalist Soumya Menon who spoke about the role of media in these issues. She explained that the media can help women to tell their own stories and shine a light on the unique circumstances faced by individual women, but also stressed her strong belief in continuing support and empowerment for women who are brave enough to speak up so they are not abandoned and ignored after they have told their stories and the media have moved on.

William and Kate also met with Sunita Jaiswal, a survivor of domestic abuse, who, thanks to the support of the Azad foundation, has turned her life around and has now provided a stable future for her daughters. Through the foundation Sunita was able to train as a driver, giving her independence and an income which allowed her to send her children to school. She and Kate discussed the importance of mothers helping their daughters to develop strategies to become independent women.


“She and Kate discussed the importance of mothers helping their daughters to develop strategies to become independent women.” – BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phew, okay, sorry, just one minute… It’s too damn bad Carole Middleton didn’t get this talk 34 years ago, amirite.

210 thoughts on “Kate Middleton draws picture of her house for kids, meets Indian Prime Minister with Prince William

  1. Twisted thing is, she probably really believes she IS a modern independent woman. Thanks a lot Carole. I hope Charlotte leads you both on a merry chase and becomes her own person in spite of you.

    1. Ray I agree with you but is it really twisted to think that, when the only people who she listen to are her family and closest friends? Which probably feed the narrative ‘poor duke and duchess so much pressure you can take all the time you want after all you are in this family for life’.
      She made it very clear she does not have pressure from HM to do more and in her engagement interview she said the most important thing was not what others were saying but the opinion of her family and those close to her.
      So if the people around her are saying how amazing, down to earth, modern, and independent she is, why should she not believe it? She is a woman who give up on herself for a relationship so imo she does not have the strength to see how she is not the person being portrayed.
      I’ve been seeing her more and more saddened, she might feel terrible about who she has become and unless she fights to be better she will continue to bury her head in the sand, along with the press, and sugars.

  2. The photo of her sat with the children drawing, cross legged, is I think the most charming picture I have ever seen of her. She looks fully engaged, actually interested and content to be there. Well done at last.

    1. Agreed MrsBBV. Another visit with children where she looked fully engaged and happy to be there was post George. The one where she was miming along in song with a green hand puppet, met a little girl there who “claimed” her as her own that day.

    2. Actually that is the most humane picture I think I have ever seen of her. Usually she looks only like a painted mannequin that grins around, but this time we get to see her as someone “normal”, sitting cross legged and enjoying herself.

      She really should do this more. Every time I see her sitting with her legs tightly closed to each other in princess-style even when playing with children, and when standing crotch clutching very tightly, I feel that the blood flow on my legs are blocked as well. She needs to learn to relax!

    3. I think she did well today, though that mint dress is just tragic. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t like Temperly’s designs.

      1. That is exactly how I feel about Alice Temperley’s work usually but I loved the two piece from last night! I don’t really like the whole Boho look once you’re passed 30 and there’s been too much of it on this tour but I am just pleased we have made some actual progress today. I couldn’t face another day of national embarrassment like yesterday.

      2. Yeah, Temperley is just not a designer whose clothes I like. I’m more a Roland Mouret or Tadashi Shoji kind of girl.

        1. Her off white Roland Mouret with the long sleeves and side slit for miles is one of my favorite dresses EVER

      1. +2 The only dresses I have liked are the pattern dress, the blue dress for the gala and the red ethnic dress. All of the dresses have the same style. No fashion risks. Pleased Kate sat down cross legged with the kids and wore flats though.

      1. Yes , I loved that photo. This remembered me the time when I was a big fan of Kate and thought she was the savior of the Monarchy.

  3. hm,…. The red dress looks like something I would wear….on a trip to Goa, with a headband, while smoking pot….

    The greenish dress? Not my cup of tea. I really dislike lace. Lace is pretty on blonde, svelte women (Cate Blanchett type). The darker the hair the more aging lace can be…. Kate looks matronly once again. But the colour is pretty on her. The hair is nice.

    1. I agree Greta. The color is lovely,but the dress is too much for me. It also doesn’t seem to fit her properly around the bust. It seems to be stretched quite a bit. Am in love with the earrings. Gorgeous. The red dress looks like a similar version of what she wore the first day. The deeper color looks better on her. Someone has to be able to create a fun up do for her that doe not make her look so matronly

      Who knew, Will brought casual clothes!

    2. Now that you mention it I could totally see this dress on Cate Blanchett. Oddly, though, I don’t think I would have liked it as much on Cate. The only reason I like it on Kate is because the color is such a departure for her and I think it looks nice on her. I’m not a fan of the dress itself – too much lace.

  4. While I like the color of the Temperley dress, wow it does not flatter the Duchess in the bodice region. Again, modesty panels were added in both the bodice and thigh area but my goodness she really should be having the designer or a member of their team doing the tailoring not Tash. Wow, I just can’t get over how bad this looks, of course her posture is making a bad situation even worse maybe if she stood up straight it wouldn’t look quite so bad.

    I agree KMR it was charming to see her sitting on the floor drawing with the children. I had read that she spent the summer drawing portraits of her children and not wanting to be completely snarky but I hope they’re better than the drawing of her house.

    I can’t believe that William offered to be of help!! That, for me, is the biggest surprise of this tour or biggest surprise ever! Now I just hope he follows through and does spread the word of plight of street children. Second biggest surprise of the tour is that William wanted to hear about women’s issues!!! I guess being the father of a daughter is putting some things into to focus for him, wonder if he wants Charlotte to grow up and be like her mother? Hmmm, this might become interesting in the future…

    1. p.s. there is a photo of W&K with the women they spoke to at HRHDuchessKate. It’s a rather nice photo, W&K look at ease, actually side hugging two of the women present.

      1. This was the first thing I thought of when I saw her! It looks as though she is wearing no bra, or perhaps a strapless bralette because you can’t see any bra straps through the sheer panel on the shoulders. She’s quite small chested, so a real wired strapless bra should be plenty…

      2. I had the same immediate reaction. Just proves that all women need SUPPORT. Geez, she’s only got pancakes but even they manage to appear saggy and lifeless and not good in photos of her with a head-of-state. I get that bra straps would be visible here, but this dress screams out for a supporting strapless bra! I think this shows, once again, that she (and her staff, including mom and sis) don’t have a clue about dressing properly, from appropriateness of item to occasion (e.g. wearing cream-colored suede nubuck to stroll muddy streets? wearing lace cocktail dress for afternoon business luncheon? wearing a flimsy long dress and towering wedges to engage in sports, etc.) to proper underpinnings ( unsupported breasts, ALWAYS lack of slip with unlined dresses, wearing g-strings –or no panties at all — instead of sleek shapewear under dresses to avoid VPL).

          1. Her posture is horrendous and hopeless.

            My refined taste and sense of elegance (hehe) cringe when I see this:


            She’s like a snake, slithering along, always leading with her clutch-covered-crotch and those slouched shoulders coming in for a close second. When I saw the above photo, it made me lol and reminded me of HIM:


            Her hideous deportment could really make the case her formative years should have been spent at the ballet barre instead of on the hockey field.

    2. I am not sure if we’re thinking of the same bodice issue Lauri.

      The aqua dress fitted nicely. There’s nothing wrong with the Duchess wearing a triple (or whatever Victoria Secret calls) push-up bra. I don’t know why she didn’t with this dress. I think the horizontal lace right below the bra line just further pulled the line down and made everything looked flat and saggy.

      Makes me think of Benny Hill when he played an old woman with 2 tennis balls way down to his waist.

      1. LOL, I love Benny Hill!! Gosh I haven’t seen his show in years, thanks for the reminder 🙂

        Yes, we are on the same page, bodice wise. She really need a better bra with this dress, something to stand up against all that smushing!

    3. I wonder if he talked about women’s issues because he saw how much people liked it when Harry did that in Nepal.

      1. I think that he speaks about women’s issues because it is a well-known issue (in France,there are articles about raped women, initiative like Taxi drived by women for women.
        But this visit seems to have not well received highlight. But I agree with you about wanting to speak about that because Harry received good attention.

          1. It is more PR of this part : he learns about their issues. Each time he visits a charity, he is here in order to learn… I will concrete action .

      2. I agree Corgi. Everything William does is calculated. I don’t trust him, I don’t believe in him. Harry got very good attention for his speech about women and now William is speaking about women, and it was a personal request from him. It’s not coincidence.

    4. When I was looking at the photos I was wondering if Kate was wearing a bra because, you’re right, the bodice isn’t the most flattering. I still think the color looks great on her, though.

      Re William wanting to hear about women’s issues: How surprising is that?!?!??! That was crazy to me. Has William ever showed any interest in women’s issues before now? Or did he see Harry getting a ton of love for speaking up for women’s issues in Nepal and decided he needed to touch on that topic, too? That was the biggest shocker for me.

  5. KMR, I also liked she got down and drew with the kids. It was a nice touch hopefully we’ll see more of it in the future.

    I really liked she wore flats!!! Was it that hard? I don’t like them, but is my personal taste speaking.
    I liked both of her outfits today, the green dress leaves her shapeless but it’s a lovely colour. I’m really loving her earrings this tour.
    Her hair was nice and its efficient she had the top part done earlier in the day, it took her hair out of her face and probably shortened the time needed to make the up do for the PM meeting.

    1. SO happy to see her in flats! After seeing the photos of her feet at the Ghandi memorial yesterday, I am wondering if she doesn’t wear flats more often because she has quite ugly feet. I mean that in the least offensive way possible. They just did not look like they were in good shape and I think that tends to show more in flats.

  6. ““She and Kate discussed the importance of mothers helping their daughters to develop strategies to become independent women.” – BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phew, okay, sorry, just one minute… It’s too damn bad Carole Middleton didn’t get this talk 34 years ago, amirite.”

    O…M…G…I bet the level of irony that this talk could have had was completely lost on Kate.

    I think the color of the dress is nice, but I’m just done with Kate in lace dresses. Also, I think the hair fits the dress and the occasion, but I want her to get someone else to do her hair. She’d look so much more modern with a better up do. If she is wearing some extensions it could explain the limitations of pulling her up do up more from the nape of her neck because of issues exposing the attachments. A hair stylist who works with weaves, etc. on a regular basis would have this issue nailed.

    I did like the flats she wore. I think a red shoe would have been much better. This is the second pair of blush pink shoes she’s worn on this tour. A new color trend for her?

    Need to get the banana bread out of the oven now. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. I wouldn’t be done with Kate in lace dresses if she went with Tadashi Shoji’s lace dresses. I love his dresses and think they would look fantastic on Kate. And they’re her style, too. I don’t know why she doesn’t wear his designs.

      BANANA BREAD! Yum!

  7. I like Kate’s hair from when they met with the president. It looks weird from the front but the side view shows the style better. But I don’t like this outfit. It just feels suffocating which is a feeling I often get from the way she styles most of her outfits. It’s nice to see her drawing with the kids too. It made me remember the video she did for mental health week this year where she was sitting with the kids and talking. Someone commented that it would have made the interaction of Kate with the kids better if they were doing something together, like making those bracelets on the table in the vid or like this, drawing something. On another note, Richard Palmer made mention in a tweet that he found it poignant that Kate drew a house – which he assumes to Anmer Hall – to a street kid. I’m not sure if he’s shading Kate or what. I mean, if she was asked about a drawing of her house, what was she supposed to do? But this is the second time in this tour that the topic of their house came up. In the very first day, some royal reporters mentioned how the slum kids were surprised that Will and Kate live in such a big house. I don’t really remember if this ended being a real talking point between W&K and the people in the slums when they visited the Bangaga Water tank. I feel like there’s a discussion about social class and the discrepancy between the rich and the poor that’s missing here or just being a complete elephant in the room.

      1. He’s too disconnected to answer the simple and obvious query of an impoverished child about an unimaginable and unattainable dwelling.

        I doubt anyone has ever spoken so bluntly to William in his life. He’ll never give one second of thought to the matter again because neither he nor any of his tribe will ever be homeless, scared, hungry, cold or abused.

        Well, abused yes because I’ll never let up on the hypocracy of it all. LOL

      2. imagine for a moment how Charles, Diana, Camilla, sophie, the Queen would have responded. shameless privilegeand arrogance.

    1. Yuhkiminamitani, your last sentence rings especially true to me. What use is it that two over-privileged people are meeting under-privileged people, and where the latter is heavily ‘white-washed’ presumably to spare William and Kate the sight of grinding poverty? If there is no tangible action to alleviate the latter – and how would there be – this just looks patronising as well as the poor being used as a human backdrop to showcase a ‘caring couple’. Disgusting.

    2. To be fair to Kate, the kid asked Kate to draw her house. So she did what he asked of her.

  8. Oh,they did work relating to mental health.Good.Here are some statistics on India’s mental health situation for those who are interested:
    Now onto clothes:
    The red maxi has its charm.I can’t pinpoint what it is though.
    As for her ensemble while meeting Modi,it is elegant,the color is one that I’m particularly fond of.However,the pleats make it over elaborate for me.If the skirt had been all lace the dress would have been a perfect 10.But because of the pleats I’ll give it a 9.

  9. 1) Ugly dresses all round

    2) Kate does look the most engaged in the picture with the little kids yet it’s certainly not lost on me the fact that many of us royal watchers point out constantly what a child she is, can’t string together a sentence and always needing to be taken care of by her mother and then here we have a picture showing her being the most engaged she’s ever been (minus trying to hump Ben Ainslie and Harry’s legs), and it involves drawing like a small child and surrounded by small children.

    3) “Kate asked: ‘What’s society’s view on mental health? Is it spoken about or is there stigma?’
    “William commented: ‘In the Western world it still hasn’t elevated itself to the highest levels.’
    “Mr Roy said that it was spoken about but the charity has been asked to work with the government and ‘spread the word’. He said: ‘On the last census 110 million children were out of school and mental health is a real challenge. We want it to be looked at as a major issue.’
    “Kate interjected: ‘And as early as possible.’”

    Why does she always ask questions that she should know about! Maybe if you’d done some research on mental health in India instead of spending the time before the tour picking out ugly replica dresses and accessories then you would know yourself and would instead be able to say with confidence: we want to lesson the prevalent stigma or we want to continue to support the lessened/lessening stigma i India or we want to uphold India as an example of how to to treat those with mental illness. It’s so tiring that they continually go to charities asking to be educated instead of learning things beforehand so that the can contribute something besides the bare minimum.

    Can you insert gifs into the comment section because this deserves a gif that expresses my WTF feelings! This man child and his just plain stupid woman-child wife are trying to lecture us about the Western world not having reached it’s highest level? You’re a loser who can’t bother to work doing ANYTHING and your woman-child’s best contribution to society is flashing her ass and vag while asking the rest of us if we can test the smell by smelling it!

    4) “William asked: ‘What can we do to help?’
    “Mr Roy replied: ‘Spread the word. People think of them as street kids, beggars, thieves but they are just children. They deserve an education, future and a life. They have a right to a childhood.’”

    Sadly this will come to nothing. I don’t understand why they never have a solution to offer a charity. Be proactive, say we’re going to donate this or come back and help with that or help while we’re back in Britain.

    5) “She and Kate discussed the importance of mothers helping their daughters to develop strategies to become independent women.”


      1. LOL, yes!

        It’s so frustrating to be stuck seeing two people with power to do so much good, and instead they choose to do nothing. And unlike many I’m not going to fall into the habit of patting them on the back for the bare minimum.

        I notice many do that, and it’s not even because they’re trying to elevate Kate and William, it’s just that Kate and William have set the bar so low and we know we’re not going to get much of anything else out of them. But I just can’t bring myself to pat a thirty-something year old woman on the back for looking engaged whilst coloring but who looked completely checked out during the State Dinner for the Chinese president, , or a thirty-something year old man’s speeches and comments where he ALWAYS seems to be trying to call out other people but NEVER embodies his own standards. Or ether for always looking more relaxed and engaged on these holi-tours but never for the people who support them.

        1. I agree!!! Finally!!! People are so happy because Kate felt engaged with kids!!! Kate married the heir to the throne of UK!! What she’ s expected to do is not drawing a house on a sheet of paper. It’ s not showing again what shouldn’ t be shown, it’ s not looking bored during engagements and being totally unprepared to them. And what about her silly question about menthal health: it’ s her standard question, she always ask it to look engaged

        2. Sholux

          We must have been separated at birth!

          Watching a grown woman with a so called elite education sitting on the floor coloring like a six year old is maddening. You couldn’t dumb down a situation more than this one was so the dunce would be able to manage to ‘relate and enjoy’ while saying as little as possible.

          You’d never see ANY other royal woman doing this crap and getting kudos for it. It’s how a teenager forced out to interact with younger kids acts. Jeez.

          1. @livia It is her standard question lol. It’s everyone’s standard question when they know zero about the subject matter isn’t it. Oh and that stupid “As early as possible” comment is too. I’m sure she really thought that she was contributing in a meaningful way by tacking that on lol.

            @Cheshire Sister, sister! lol
            Dumbed down is the perfect way to describe it. Honestly, it just harkens me back to her comments from QEII’s 90th bday doc.

            They went to Leicester and you’d think that Kate would be able say that QEII gave her amazing advice or gave her the confidence to do good on engagements or inspired her to do better. You know something that, albeit cliched, always timeless and inspiring but oh no. Our dear Waity Katey can never fail to let us down.

            Instead we get that QEII made sure she was looked after and happy, O_o That’s something a child or teen would say or someone somewhere on holiday or staying with a friend’s family. That is not something someone says of a work day.

            Kate on the floor coloring is the physical manifestation of the words she mumbled in that documentary. A child who has to be watched over, made happy, and given paper and markers to keep them busy, but happy, and out of your hair.

          2. “Watching a grown woman with a so called elite education sitting on the floor coloring like a six year old is maddening.”

            Why? Someone can have all the education in the world and still be nice to a group of kids and sit and color with them.

            “You’d never see ANY other royal woman doing this crap and getting kudos for it.”

            Uh… yes, you would. Because I would say the same thing about a photo of Sophie or Victoria or anyone sitting and coloring with kids. It’s super charming to me.

            PS. If I were with a group of kids, I would also sit and color with them. Hell, I would sit and color just for the hell of it if I wanted to because coloring can be fun.

            And if that makes me a child, then I’m a f-cking child and I’m proud of it.

          3. It is so much fun when the kid in me can come out and play. I so enjoy coloring with kids and playing their games. Kids just love it when we as adults “play” with them. The giggles and laughter is so endearing.

          4. Kids are so easy to entertain because you shove enthusiasm for what they’re doing and saying at them and they’re happy. Plus, coloring, playing games, and running around can be really fun.

        3. I can’t understand why Kate gets kudos for sitting on the floor and drawing a rdiculous picture. There is no table with chairs on the place. Where else shold she sit for her drawing ? She has a degree in art history. I know, that does not mean she is an artist. but her picture is a little bit too naive for a 34 year old representative of a state.

    1. + 3 millions. I share your opinions about all your points :

      1) I don’t like the dresses : I don’t like green and the dress in general; the second dress is like a replic of the dress from day 1. But I prefer this one. I think that the two dresses (day 1 and Maxidress) look alike.

      2) She looks good engaged with the children but on another photos, some children don’t seem impress by them.

      3) For me all their engagement about mental health are the same : they learn, they must breaking the taboo of mental diseases, mental health is important and that is all. Her question is stupid : all societies see mental disease with bad eye (even if there are difference between the societies and their look about mental disease) , that’s why it is important to speak about and help the charities, associations, doctors who help people to get better. I hope I made myself clear…

      4) Independant women : she never earns a salary, she was dependant of her parents, then she is dependant of her husband and his family.

    2. ” It’s so tiring that they continually go to charities asking to be educated instead of learning things beforehand so that the can contribute something besides the bare minimum.”

      +1000 to this. It really is baffling that 5 years in they’re still learning from their patronages instead of actually helping them.

    3. Sholux you are on FIRE! I love it! That’s true why are there questions and comments so basic!? Why have they never announced strategies or steps that they will take to spread the word, donate, lessen the stigma? Why did they not ask this charity on their 5 year plan? On what programs they hope to implement and how they are working towards it? Those would be questions with some depth and would allow the organization’s programs and future goals to be promoted!

      1. because they may be held accountable for following through if they ask real questions, Red Tulip. at this point, I don’t buy any of it. they are not committed to charity. heck my cat does more charity in clearing spiders out of my house (am terrified of spiders!)

      2. Thank you 🙂 What Reilly said but I’ll also add, that I also know it to be because they don’t care. They show that they don’t care every day. Those hard hitting questions they wouldn’t think to ask because those are the questions of someone who truly cares about the charity growing and flourishing. All Chutney and Chopper (love those nicknames!) care about is putting out the appearance that they care to placate whoever they need to at and for the moment, while they sneak off on free vacations or have one right under the taxpayer’s nose.

        1. Sholux I love your comments. Although I loved the photo of Kate drawing, I agree with everything you said. It’s not a drawing that will turn her into the perfect Royal.

    4. Re point 2: Harry also looks the most comfortable and charming when playing with kids.

  10. Harsh critique here:

    People seem so happy when Kate is happy, comfortable and enjoying herself. Why? It’s still all about her. This has nothing to do with how others are enjoying themselves or are comfy around her, or that she takes joy in or cares for others. She doesn’t. So, I don’t care about her happiness, comfort or enjoyment. She is not there to be “well taken care of”.

    1. i didn’t think it was that harsh Maven. The sad thing is we have come to expect so little from Kate that when we get an honest emotion out of her as opposed to her overwrought gurning it’s like a breath of fresh air and we grasp at it and praise it in hopes sending out a little psychic fertilizer to make those moments grow into constant genuine ones.

      Kate didn’t marry William to work. Kate married William to be coddled. Ma set this up so that Kate could be coddled. Kate is her happiest when she is coddled and catered to and these vacation/tours are just that for her. She may be away from the kids, but she hardly looks like she’s dying without them. We’ve seen her pull sad faces, she did it at the reception in the UK before they left. She’s in her element right now. All of the eyes upon her, wanting to meet her, touch her, compliment her. All she gets is nasty press back home and demands to work! I would hope that the small amount of happiness she gets carries on when she gets home and she starts to eat and take better care of herself. But the realist in me knows it will be back to the same old thing after about a week.

    2. She is a spoiled brat who has never been held responsible for anything. If you watch other royal ladies, they seem to view their job as making others comfortable or speaking to others intelligently. They have something to say. This tour just highlights how little they have to offer because it is the same day after day. No children on laps like Diana, no embracing the crowd. Stick figures in absurdly priced clothing. It is tiresome.

    3. Maven you get all the praise for this comment! I’m tired of hearing that too! But yes another case of the bar has been set low.

    4. I believe in meritocracy and these two embody everything that goes against that philosophy. Two unremarkable underachievers who don’t have to struggle or work for anything and yet are treated on the world stage as if they are demi-gods.

      1. +100%. This is my objection to W+K: totally without merit, no work ethic, both as thick as pig sh•t. They exemplify why a hereditary anything is just out of place today as well as being completely unnecessary. If people need something to look up to (how sad), why not just invent something worthwhile?

        What comes from their various interactions with charities at home? I’d guess: nothing. What tangible outcome for the Indian charities visited in the past few days by these two? I’d guess: nothing.The charities keep on plodding away, without input from royals.

        I am unconcerned as to whether they ‘look happy’ at certain engagements. It is their job to represent their country and put others at ease. Yet they embarrass the UK and are just rude. The bar is set far, far too low for this couple.

    5. So Kate gets criticized for looking bored or grumpy, and also gets criticized for looking happy? I understand what you’re saying but at the same time I think it’s always better to see someone take enjoyment of the work they do. The work that gets done is done better when one takes enjoyment and pride in what they do.

      Have you ever had a nurse not give a sh-t about caring for others? Because I’ve had nurses like that and they’re a-holes. But nurses who love taking care of others and seem happy when talking to you are much better. A developer who loves coding will produce more, better code than a developer who doesn’t actually take any enjoyment from coding.

      No, royal engagements aren’t, or should be, about the royal, but the engagements are better when the royal actually looks like they’re enjoying being there instead of looking like a bored, grumpy a-hole.

      PS. Harry always gets praise for seeming like he’s enjoying himself and the work he does.

  11. After a long long time,i loved her dress,both dresses infact…those colors suit her so well….
    I’m sure if anyone from this blog will meet kate,that person will have cc position…,that cc vibe is so strong…

  12. I didn’t care for the green lace dress. But I loved the maxi dress with the kids. And agree with others how nice it was to see her get on the floor and be with the kids. Kids love this. Flats wow I am shocked. (cool). Thank you for keeping up in this tour. It can’t be easy but is appreciated.

      1. I thought the exact same thing. A 50$ dress? Sure sit on the floor and ruin it so she will never have to wear it again. Too bad she couldn’t let the sweet children see and touch one of her slightly nicer, “princessy” dresses. That might have been the experience of a lifetime for them. It’s so sad that when Kate finally does something “right,” snark rises so quickly to the surface :(.

  13. Hi KMR,

    I’m enjoying your coverage of the tour and the pictures of her clothes. Really beautiful pictures. (This is baffled by the way. I’m just not baffled anymore.)

    I turned my spare bedroom into a walk-in closet to resemble a boutique I saw in Paris a few years ago. After all these posts I’m going shoe shopping today.

    1. Hi Enjoying it, formerly Baffled!

      Thank you. What kind of shoes did you buy?

  14. Good there is a little bit about acid attack survivors. This is one of the worst crimes anyone can commit. It is so prevalent and on the rise in Asia.

    I am just wondering if you have a chance to meet and chat with the Cambridges or anyone royal, would you go giddy? I suppose I would. One time Pricess Di visited the Addiction Research Foundation and I was having a lecture in the building diagonally across. 2/3 of the class left the lecture to catch a glimpse of her yellow hat.

    I didn’t go. I just couldn’t careless and also being only 4’8, I wouldn’t be able to catch a glimpse of her shoes never mind her hat.

    1. I met Princess Benedikte last year. I didn’t feel giddy but it was nice being introduced to her and have a short chat about art at the exhibition she was opening.

    2. I wouldn’t go giddy with the Cambridges. They are just humans. Nothing more special about them than you or I. I would just be curious to see how they carry a conversation with me. Also, I would be curious to see what Kate looks like in person. But I wouldn’t go giddy over meeting them. There are very few people I would 🙂

      1. Especially if it were William or Kate, I would be especially interested in what they would say.

    3. Hi Beatrice. I don’t know anything about acid attacks in Asia. Do you know why they are so prevalent?

      I don’t know if I would go giddy for a royal, but I would go out to see one if they came near me, just for the novelty of it.

      1. Cambridges? I’d probably smack them in the chops and get myself arrested, or at least cautioned for verbal abuse! So no, probably best keep me far away from those oxygen thieves. Saying that I’d faint at Harry and would love to meet Camilla, she looks like she’d be great fun to chat with. My Dad has met Charles several times and likes him a lot (and my Dad is very Republican as a rule). He says out of the public eye Charles is relaxed, very polite, interested and a great storyteller, something he didn’t expect as he’d only ever seen his public persona. And he loves a good single malt!

  15. Until Willy has a plan, uses his connections and follows through, his asking “what can we do to help” is just another glib and easy response that makes him look good without him lifting a finger. Otherwise, it’s a nice little sound bite exploiting charities in the pursuit of his own sustained wealth and comfort- the end game.

    The concerned looks on their faces are so stereotypical. It’s like a caricature of empathy and care.

    1. He was pandering! He has a pathetic track record in his home country, let alone do charitable work for India. Give us a break, Will, you’re a tool!

  16. I agree with Maven.
    I’m all about being positive, and there’s a lot on this day to be positive about. Kate looks and acts like a normal human being instead of an idiot. Two wardrobe changes, flats (!), good hair including a change, facial engagement. Definitely a win.
    But here’s the rub. Are they worth paying for? They help raise money sure, but they do so little, bring so much negativity, and continual flashing is embarrassing. It really comes down to the public.
    When I throw it all on the scale, all I get is they “have been weighed, measured, and found wanting.”

  17. This was overall a better day for Kate on this tour, in my opinion, for the following reasons:
    1. No flashing: I think this one is self-explanatory
    2. She wore *gasp* FLATS: I’m so glad that she wore flats to the event with the children as well as a dress long enough that she could sit on the floor with them and participate in activities. Wish she would have busted out those shoes for the cricket event
    Re: the lace Temperly dress: I do agree that the lace pattern was extremely busy and i didn’t enjoy the cutout pleats in the skirt… Also– I wish that the bodice had some better support, maybe even a built-in bra or pads, in some of the pictures her boobs seem to be pointing in opposite directions… but the color is nice, and such a nice change from her usual black/ grey/ blue color palate…

  18. This would have been the perfect day for Duchess KEEN to make a contribution to the tour in the form of a speech on mental health–but nope she is asking stupid questions a “keen” person would already know the answers to –and otherwise just mute. Why does she have no engagements by herself? Would one speech kill her? She really thinks showing up in expensive clothing and flashing big blue (and her a$$) is her only responsibility. The taxpayers are funding your vacation you idiot–you need to do a little more than kick a ball and draw a house!!! Charlotte could have done a better job on the drawing!!! Art history major–ma obviously bought that degree. She is a future Queen –being praised because she for once looks “engaged” –no, it’s time this child woman started bringing more to the table. We need to HEAR you Waity–we need to see and hear that you are an intelligent person who has something to offer and deserves this trip to India. Being a mute clothes hanger is no longer acceptable. She looks like a bored teenager on a business trip with her daddy.

    1. I’m with you. Such praise for finally looking engaged when visiting kids?! Please!

      And, her drawing didn’t do justice to that house, did it? But then, she might have to answer questions as to how she and William and their kids communicate with one another in such a mansion.

      Forgive my nastiness, but I think I am really done with W and K. I feel my blood pressure rises dramatically when I read of their antics, their lack of empathy for others and their way of breezing through their engagements with little, if any, preparation.

      Maybe, it’s time for me to stop following W and K and just look at the posts that feature Harry, Victoria and her family, and the other wonderful Royals around the world who work hard and do what they can to make life better for others.

      Wow, would Diana be horrified by William and his “bride.” I think she would be offended, too, by Kate’s bizarre way of dressing just like her so many times. I’m sorry, I forget who provided the link to the blue dress that Diana wore during her visit to India years ago, but that really was an eye-opener. We all were aware of Kate’s way of dressing like Diana in the past, but this just was amazing!

      KMR, you work so hard and do a bang up job with this blog. So many wise and wonderful people post here, too. Still, I just feel the need to walk away from Kate and William for a while. There’s more to talk about for me at this point in life than their ineptitude. I don’t like being so angry and posting such criticisms, especially since, what difference will it make? These two are beyond everyone’s help. They do and will continue to do exactly what they please. So, I will be checking in to read about Harry and others, but need a break from the William and Kate Carnival! Stay happy, everyone.

      1. Big plus one. They’re not an pleasant escape for me when I can snatch a few minutes. They do nothing, crotch clutch constantly, make inane comments and have so little to offer, on top of being ill-judging, Fortress of Solituding over-expensed layabouts. There’s nothing fun about either of them, and I wind up being irritated instead of enjoying my moment of me-time voyeuring into their world. They don’t listen. God knows Kate doesn’t learn. I’m so glad you started covering CP Vic and the other ladies. I wish Sophie was in India instead. There’s so many important things we could encourage and partner with, but we’re stuck with Bill and Flash.

        1. This has absolutely nothing to do with the wonderful work you do, KMR. I just think I am getting way too critical of people I don’t actually know and how is that making any difference in the world or for them? I harken back to your New Year’s words when you mentioned that finding some positive things in every post would benefit us all. For the life of me, of late, I cannot find many positive things to post about W and K.

          At any rate, on to Harry’s next trip and to reading more about the Swedish Royals and other magnificent people. Just need to step away from the Cambridge Duo for a while. If they would only learn from their mishaps and really try harder.

          Again, KMR, your work is amazing. Too bad the Duke and Duchess don’t have your dedication and hard work ethic.

    2. One of my pet peeves– being an art history major in no way means that the person can draw or has actual artistic talent themselves… just knowledge and appreciation of art! 😉

      1. Yes, I totally understand that Megan–but we have been told that Duchess KEEN is super artistic, crafty, gifted with a camera, a great cook, a great decorator–you get the drift. It has nothing really to do with her degree—it is what little we know of her, what little we have been told about her interests. Why, she even spent last summer sketching her children–so, therefore, drawing must be an interest–right? The point being, if you would undertake drawing FACES–you should be able to produce a drawing of a house that looks above pre-school level. Her photography is not much better.

        1. And I forgot to add–when you have an art history degree, you SHOULD be able to intelligently discuss art. Waity asked if they are still making Faberge eggs. Clueless.

  19. I LOVE those kiki earrings. LOVE.

    I thought she looked great. Adore both outfits. They seem to be settling in and enjoying themselves. They don’t have this strained look as they often do back in the UK.

    But these tours are a bit dated, aren’t they? They aren’t seeing the real streets or the real slums. It’s a polished up, unrealistic version.

  20. OMG!!! Just caught a glimpse of the Assam portion of the tour on Twitter. Holy guacamole!

    KMR, I’m looking forward on your next post.

    1. Was there another flash? I just looked on Twitter and all I saw was yet ANOTHER long print dress -by yet ANOTHER designer-Anna Sui. Wow she and “Tosh” went completely apesh$t on prints, didn’t they? It’s now going into major overkill and getting cheesy. We get it –you’re in INDIA. I don’t even want to know the cost of her wardrobe for this trip–with most outfits only being worn a hour or less. And her contributions to this tour so far: she batted a ball, kicked a soccer ball, flashed the world at a memorial site, and looked SUPER engaged while drawing a house. Why not take the money she just spent on clothes and do something wonderful for the poor slum dwellers??? Then I would be impressed!!!! But no, they are so selfish they don’t even want a poor child to make money off a signed cricket bat. Just disgusting…,

      1. this comment made me laugh so hard lol… I completely agree that the printed dresses are starting to feel a little repetitive… but that’s sort of her thing, right? Find one thing that sort of gets a good reaction and just keep repeating it?

    2. Oh No!!!
      Maybe this is a plot. She’s trying to give the Queen a heart attack so she can be POW faster. Waity waits for no one anymore! (snaps Big Blue)

      1. the only way this woman expresses herself is through clothing and it is still closed off because of the bad accessories. being in India does not require continuous repeats of the same thing anymore than being in Scotland requires on to wear a kilt everyday. you show respect and give nod to local designers but dear God it is starting to look like a street bizarre. no offense meant to anyone. I just tired of the overkill.

  21. I do not understand why they half ass everything??? It’s not like they actually have real jobs. Billy Boy with his part time hobby/keep putting off the real world I mean Royal Family as long as I can. Wake up you two!!!! You are thirty somethings with children. Not teenagers or university students anymore. So stop acting like the world revolves around you. Honestly, I think Diana would be appalled by how William has turned out. Complete brat with a wife who is as shallow and superficial as he is. Get it together. Or step down from the line of succession, give up pampered lifestyle, go work as a helicopter pilot full time, support and raise your own children. And just get on with it. Accept what the hell you are or lack there of who you think you are. Just do your job. Even though you do not deserve any of it.

    1. Imagine if William really stepped down. Imagine if Harry took his place! Imagine the wonderful woman Harry will choose to be his wife/partner in crime. Imagine those two on a royal tour in India!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

    2. They do a half-ass job because they’re allowed to get away with it. That laziness combined with their ongoing refusal to listen and take advice from others does not bode well for the future. The ship is rapidly sinking and they don’t seem to give a damn. All the years of HM’s hard work and dedication to her position mean nothing to these two emptyheaded vessels. PW wants the throne on his own terms which translates into little or no work on his part. His lazy and shallow wife is only too happy to comply. Is there nothing that can be done to either kick these two into gear or make way for Prince Harry?

      1. Someone really needs to sit these two down. Lay down the law. No excuses anymore. I just see it falling on deaf ears. Or God forbid Billy Boy threw one of his tantrums. William and Kate need a serious reality check. Or disinherit them see how they deal with that. That might kick them in the ass.

  22. Does Kate not know pants exist? Wouldn’t pants be a more practical choice when you are walking around and sitting down in those places mentioned? Her red maxi dress is practically sweeping the floor. Nice dresses but not the most practical.

  23. I cannot stop laughing at the comments about the Duchess being a modern, independent woman. She has not stood on her own 2 L.K. Bennett clad feet since becoming an adult. I am stunned that the KP put her in the line of fire on that one.

  24. Any idea what they discussed with PM Narendra Modi over lunch? From what I’ve read of his growth-enhancing economic policies, incredibly novel attempts to monetize the country’s idle gold holdings, boost electricity capacity and give poor people more access to financial markets, he seems like he would not suffer fools lightly…A very interesting albeit polarizing in emerging market politics- I would just love the opportunity to to be able to pick his brain!

    1. They talked about George being a basher and Charlotte being a lady and the ruler of George, and Indian food.

      Willy couldn’t even be bothered to watch a Bollywood film. What chance is there that either of them immersed themselves in the issues of the day? Time to laugh.

      1. I hope they talked about TATA about the huge number of jobs being lost about cheap Chinese steel … If Will is representing the UK here this is what is worrying us. It’s a little political, but it’s not party political.

        I hope they talked about poverty and how one of the BRICs can have such wealth and such poverty, and about social justice.

        I hope they talked about those great kids they saw in Mumbai and today in Delhi, ensuring the government is trying to find ways of reducing the numbers of these wonderful young people with no obvious future.

        OK dream over, they probably talked about Their amazing super star daughter and thug of a son. About how hard they worked and how difficult and stressful their lives are, and about the unkind British press.

    2. The press was not allowed in but supposedly they talked about the Tata steel.

  25. IMO – good day overall. I love the green colour but hate the buttoned up matronly design. She seems to have misunderstood the culture and feels she needs to be covered up more than necessary. I love the earrings but really how much expensive jewellery does she need to buy given the Royal vaults are stuffed full of far more beautiful items ?? She seems to have no idea.
    FLATS – wow, why didn’t she wear these to the cricket? But she does need better underwear- big knickers and a decent bra!!

    My biggest and most serious issue is why can she perform abroad in a way she cannot or will not at home? I am paying for her lavish lifestyle, yet she refuses to adequately perform her duties at home. All thought of illness and excuses must surely be banished. She is just lazy and selfish with no thought for others.
    William is just a total embarrassment start to finish.

    But still in terms of the tour today she did good.

    1. I thought the same thing Birdy! Why didn’t she wear the flats during the sports events of the first day. Maybe she likes to show off what she can do in wedges?

    2. “My biggest and most serious issue is why can she perform abroad in a way she cannot or will not at home? ”


      She is not performing anything in India. She’s taking a Cook’s tour and very little is required of her. Unlike the UK, where she has patronages, where it’s gloomy, where something substantial is asked of her. In India, she is a star/celebrity and didn’t have to lift a finger to be celebrated. She just has to fuss about what to wear. Not so much at home.

      For someone supposedly crushed by anxiety, uncertainty, frailty, in her own country, she doesn’t seem to possess too many problems in a foreign land- she’s glowing. This seems rather counter-intuitive if you think about it.

      1. Maven I think essentially we agree. But here Kate is working a full day, several engagements, so why not at home. She also seems happy despite the cc and fly ups. Ten days a month of full days and evening engagements? Leaves loads of time to be with the kids.

        1. Birdy,

          She doesn’t have to lift a finger for the worship in India. I believe that is also the source of her happiness. Happiness= donothing+worship.

      2. Maybe she is glowing because there have been a couple of times when Will has actually touched her in public!

    3. Don’t worry Birdy, if she actually had to do work on a regular and/or permanent basis in India or any other country she’s been to on these “tours”, she would be just as horrible as in Britain.

      While I still think something is wrong with her, and not in the lets pity her because she possibly has anxiety or depression way but in the I think she’s mentally deranged way, my take is that people have to remember that these are holi-tours to her (and William).

      It’s not like they’re Harry choosing to spend 6 extra days building a school for young children and staying with a local family in so-not-five-star accommodations. He’s actually their to make a difference and WORK. These two tours are all fluff and poppycock. Side dishes to their five star hotel stays, the press preening and fawning over them, mingling with celebrities, and having the locals there to see THEM, perform for THEM, fawn over THEM. They in turn pretend to be interested and as soon as they get back to Britain nothing but their fond memories of another nice vacation at the expense of the British taxpayer.

      1. Sholux,

        I don’t believe she is mentally deranged. I think it’s hard for us to imagine someone this coddled and removed from real life. It’s hard for us to imagine a 1 per center. We will never know the cut of her jib until she is deposited on a dirt road with only the clothes on her back, a 100 pound note and a map to the nearest town. I personally think she would be eaten by stray dogs before she made it to the town.

        I don’t think there’s anything remotely wrong with her except affluenza (and possibly an eating disorder).

        1. Ah but counter point: There are people who’ve grown up with much more money than Kate could ever dream of. (Even now, though she probably doesn’t realize it, she truly has nothing to her name. Everything is William’s and the BRF’s.) People have grown up much more coddled than she has and they don’t act like her.

          Maybe mentally deranged isn’t the best word to describe it but I do believe that there’s something wrong with her mentally. She’s one of those people that if you observe for just a little while you immediately arrive to the general conclusion of: There’s something wrong with that girl. You may not be able to say exactly what but you know that something is.

          IDK, there’s just too much strange behavior. The many times she’s been seen and the lights are on but nobody’s home, the other times where she looks highly medicated medicated, SWF-ing her dead mother-in-law and William’s ex-Jecca (which puts me in the minds of Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction). There’s something off with her mentally. But I do agree with the eating disorder and eaten by a stay dog (lol) assessments.

          1. I’ve read that when she was at school, she was not bullied, the reason being that no-one noticed her. She was pretty non-descript: not super-talented, or attractive, just bland. It was only when she sexualised herself (courtesy of her mother) that her popularity grew. So she seeks attention that way. I agree that her behavior is odd. The SWF-ing of accomplished women is indicative that she lacks the ability to make a mark of her own and can only ape their outer appearances. There is no inner authenticity to Kate.

      2. Yep and this is why Kate looks so glowing and happy! Who wouldn’t be delirious with a free luxurious vacation and constant fawning, along with some sunshine and tasty food?

    4. It really does seem like a slap in the face to the British people that she acts so much better when abroad than at home.

      1. I am not British, I’m German. But even for me it seems like a slap in the face. As we don’t have royalty in our country anymore we rely on Britsh, Dutch, Sewdish, Danish Royal Houses. And YES! the Swedish, Dutch and Danish perform much better from our point of view. If our Federal President, Mr. Gauck, and his wife, performed like this on a “tour” I would be embarrassed!

  26. I haven’t read all the comments yet, so forgive me if someone has asked this. Why isn’t Kate showcasing more Indian designers? She is wearing clothes with an ethnic feel, however, they are made by British designers. I understand doing that somewhat since it is good to show the merging of the two countries. But at some point, instead of just wearing clothes fashioned after their culture, she should start wearing their brands. Maybe that is just me. I feel like she wore more from the other countries when she went on tour. Most of these clothes sadly, I don’t see her ever wearing again.

    Just my thoughts and wondered if anyone else thought them? I think Kate looked great today and acted even better. Good day!

          1. Essentially KMR said that Kate has never worn mostly local designers to the places she has visited, and this tour the numbers of local vs other designers is about on a par with all her other tours.

          2. There are a lot of comments from a lot of posts. I haven’t even read them all yet.

    1. From my comment from the other thread:

      Kate has never worn that many host-country designers during her tours. During the 2011 North America tour, Kate only wore 4 local designers (versus 18 non-local designers). During the 2012 SE Asia tour, Kate only wore 3 local designers (versus 11 non-local designers). And during the 2014 NZ/Oz tour, Kate only wore 5 local designers (versus 22 non-local designers). So far this tour, only three days, Kate has worn 2 Indian designers (1 dress and 1 jewelry). Plus she wore a 3rd Indian designer for the pre-tour reception. So she’s actually on par with her previous tours.

      I agree with you that Kate should wear more local designers. That was one of my biggest complaints about the NZ/Oz tour.

  27. Seems like a lot of people are not liking her style choices. I actually love both dresses and think she finally hit it out of the park. Even if there are a few things I don’t love, she is finally taking some risks and looks so much younger than she usually dresses.
    Looking at the pictures of Kate with the kids is actually quite endearing, not something I have seen from her in a long time or ever! Now if she can keep this up after the tour, that would be great!

    1. hi Rebekah, I have liked several of her choices but it seems to me that while the fabrics and colors have changed the look and silhouettes are so similar to what she already has. And her styling (or lack of) of these outfits has stayed the same. I understand that most women have a “style” that they stick with, one that they feel good in and feel compliments them but it seems to me that Kate has, since the birth of George, been stuck in a rut. While I like the color of the green dress today the bodice in no way compliments the Duchess’ figure. And I really don’t understand why she buys so many pairs of basically the same thing, I would really like it if instead of 10 pairs of black pumps maybe try a pair of black patterned pumps or black pumps with an interesting heel design, just something different.

      1. Hey Lauri!
        I definitely agree with you. After George was born, her style went downhill. Her accessories game is very lacking and boring. I have started to see a little change on this trip, with a few new pairs of jewelry that are flirty and fun! But she has a long way to go.
        I understand what you are saying about the colors and patterns changing but the silhouettes staying the same. I guess I’m hoping that the less boring colors and patterns she chooses will be the first step towards the right style for her. Does that make sense?

        I always find myself quick to find fault in her lately. Since I have been so critical towards her in the past, I was trying to see the positives yesterday.

        I have to say, I haven’t commented much on this blog before. It is kind of fun, like a little community 🙂

  28. Wow! I didn’t bother to look at the picture Waity drew of her home: that is one bloody sad, empty, and bereft of life (DEAD) rendering and shows she is happiest on a tropical beach somewhere (or India)- somewhere where the sun is shining, where there is light. This is probably her most significant and truthful statement to date. In addition, there are no people in the pic (most people would include their family).

    This is Kate’s self-portrait. I would love to have an art therapist analyse this, it is so telling.

    1. many therapists use drawing as a technique to draw out emotions and thoughts from young kids who cannot articulate. that flat house with little color would be a therapists dream.

      though someone ( I am sorry I cannot remember who) noted that art history majors do not necessarily know how to draw or create work. Fair point; however, she asked a pedestrian question about the statute of Ghanaian yesterday. she should be able to intelligently converse about art.

      1. maven, I am so sorry. my eyes went rightover your last comment about art therapy. did not mean to ape your comment!

      1. Why didn’t she draw her real home. She drew a little cottage. Those kids wanted to see a dreamy palace or large home where a prince and princess live. i wonder what they thought when they saw it.lol.

        1. Yes, I imagined a sumptuous home, at the very least, with a lot of windows and rooms and grounds (and family). Instead she drew the home of a lucky slumdweller and that wasn’t empathy speaking.

  29. I really hate this green dress. The high neck, the pleats, even the color, all scream “matronly” to me.

    However, I LOVE the red maxi dress! The only thing she’s worn so far this trip that I think looks great and is appropriate to the occasion and her age. I like this sooooo much better than the long dress she wore with the wedges. And she wore flats, FINALLY.

    I feel like when she wears things like heavy lace dresses that she looks like she’s playing dress-up. Like what she thinks a “princess” (circa 1950) would wear. She needs to focus on what she likes and what works for her and stick to it. The poster that mentioned Letizia and Marie and their styles was spot on. What I can’t figure out is why it’s taking her so long to have a real voice. ANY voice.

  30. Kiki McDonough says that these earrings were made for Kate to celebrate the birth of Charlotte. I wonder if William bought them for her, did she buy them herself, did Carole and Mike buy them or did Charles. My bet is on Charles, he seems to be the sort of man who enjoys buying jewelry for the women in his life, just look at some of the fabulous jewels Camilla has!

    1. Really good point! Love knowing they were for the birth of Charlotte. I have a soft spot for Charles. I bet he did give them to her. They are beautiful.

        1. On several other sites and forgive me but I don’t remember which ones, several posters who are quite knowledgeable about jewelry have successfully shown that the sapphire and diamond drop earrings are not the ones Diana wore. I can’t remember exactly what the differences were but when you see Diana’s and Kate’s earrings side by side and the differences are explained, it is fairly obvious that idea that they are the same is just another wishful thinking myth by the sugars.

          1. What @Sue said. The only thing Kate has of Diana’s is the ring (and more critical eyes have even cast a suspicious eye on that as being simply a replica, real, but a replica). She got those earrings to heighten the Diana comparisons.

          2. I think all of Diana’s personal jewellery should go to Harry. Kate will have full access to the royal vault.
            She shouldn’t even have the ring – didn’t that really go to Harry too?

          3. The story goes that, after her death, Harry picked Diana’s ring and William picked her watch to keep as a keepsake. There have been disputed reports over how that story is told and who actually got the ring. So it’s unclear, but most people think Harry picked the ring and William either took it without his knowledge or Harry handed it over when William asked for it – that part is disputed, too.

    2. Not impossible that Charles bought them for her but honestly I highly doubt it. Whenever Kate shows up in new jewelry it’s usually spilt later on that she bought it herself. I’d say she either had these commissioned her self, the Midds bought them, or Kiki McDonough gifted. The BRF, including William, don’t seem to give her anything beyond the wedding presents and QEII letting her wear some of the vault jewels sometimes.

    3. If Willy had bought them that would have been shouted off the rooftops by the PR team. They would have engaged a town crier in every city, or at the very least, tweeted it.

      I bet Charles bought them when she used her Black Amex.

      1. Rooftop? Maven honey it would’ve been shouted from outer space! LOL. Any jewelry Kate has is what’s she’s bought for her self on Charles’ dime.

  31. Finally, something I like. The Jade Temperley I loved. I guess she had to come out with something good to overshadow yesterday’s boob flapping dress fly up fiasco. The red maxi along with the flats were appropriate for the occasion. The pattern, however, was very similar to a tablecloth I bought from Williams Sonoma. Overall, I like both outfits so far today. The Black Temperley from the night before reminded me of a skeleton costume, I did not like that too much. The blue gala gown screamed grandmother of the bride. With the fashion world at her fingertips, why she chose that baffles me. I wish Kate would cut her hair and get a sophisticated hair style. Her hair is unattractive down, it’s stringy and looks like a wig.

    1. Kate is the only royal lady of the BRF who has flowing locks. Imagine if she was wearing a wiglet during that laying the wreath ceremony & that strong wind that blew her dress also blew away her wiglet!! I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified!

  32. A better day all around, I give the clothing a 7, I was hoping for an 8 today but the Temperley schmatte had a negative effect on my scoring system and the activities seemed a bit more meaningful. However, I do wish Kate would wear a better bra, you can be small/average chested and still need a bra that supports and uplifts a bit.

  33. So those pictures of her staff with luggage… seems like all the ladies wear Kate’s old cast off shoes! There’s one wearing the Minx wedges, another in the blue suede pumps, yet another in the pied a terre patent wedges!
    Makes you wonder if they were also hired because of similar style to Kate’s own rather than their own qualifications as stylists!

    1. Waity and her staff all appear to be on the same level: ALL of them SEVERELY LACKING in intellect, sophistication, sense-of-style, elegance & grace, knowledge of history and current events, etc. All about the same age and all of them (Waity especially) get no more than a “meh” out of me.

  34. Okay, I may not be completely supported here, but I think today was a fashion AND event win for Kate. She didn’t just listen with her concerned face painted on, but got right in there and participated. Both dresses are nice, and I particularly like the second one because of how fuss free and event appropriate it was. Also, the earrings are inexpensive, another plus. And the shoes are great too, I don’t remember the last time she wore flat shoes. I also think her hair has been great, where it’s in an updo for a more formal meeting, and pinned back but down for a more hands on event.

    Another couple of thoughts:
    1) While William hasn’t been great with his speeches, to the point of verging of offensive by calling India-Britain’s ties great, and people have criticized Kate for the prints, I actually like them. They have an Indian vibe to them, which is appropriate according to me. Even the green dress has an Indian-ish print, and I kind of like it. The length’s have been appropriate for the culture too. If only she could have thought and avoided the white dress Marilyn moment, and worn more from Indian designers too. She did look great in the Anita Dongre dress. *sigh*
    2) I was surprised Kate let the people put the red tikka (the red dot made from powder on her forehead, applied in India to show respect, offer good wishes and welcome them). I always thought she might be snobby that way, and might refuse that too, much like the dosa (pancake) from yesterday. I think it’s kind of cute.
    3) Is it just me, or did Kate’s drawing look too much like a first grader and not something from a 30 year old woman? Maybe I’m just picking on it too much, but that’s what I thought.

    Now, if she can continue this way for the entire year, people might just begin supporting her again.

    1. I agree but it’s an almighty IF. Back in the UK I think she will need a month off to recover, most of these very expensive clothes will never be worn again, and she will revert to her selfish lazy ways. She seems very happy in India, but hates Britain. India ….. She’s all yours, as long as you pay.

      1. That’s true too, unfortunately. I don’t see why she wasn’t at any events prior to the tour, and why she needs to take so much time off after too. The children excuse doesn’t work, because everyone sees CP Victoria working so late into her pregnancy and so soon right after, and Estelle is obviously not neglected just because her mother works.

    2. I’m 26 and I can’t draw if my life depended on it. I draw stick figures if need be. Kate’s house pretty much represents my level of artistic talent when it comes to drawing. I can sew, and I am creative in other ways, but I can’t draw.

      1. I agree, today was wonderful to see with real enjoyment and engagement from both Will and Kate with the children and at the dancing. She has a radiant natural smile, and it makes me sad it is rarely seen at home in the UK. Let’s hope her happiness flies home with her.

      2. Yeah, not everyone is a great creative force. And even if one is, one might be in one area but not others. And age has nothing to do with it – only practice does.

    1. That’s a lot of expensive plain black suede. I liked the satin and patent the best on that list! Now we need a list of blue dresses. And a list of lace dresses. She is a repeat repeat offender! There could be so very many lists from her closet.

      She has very pretty pair of open toe Jimmy Choo metallic sandals, she should wear those more, imo

      1. After the tour and if I can get around to it, I can try to put something like that together.

    2. Great compilation of Kate’s black pumps, but the list is not complete.

      1. Lol, 2 strikes today. I found the shoe list while looking for jewelry lists. I would love to see her other shoes if you had time to do it KMR. Would that include the wedges? I had a pair in the late 70’s that were cork and sometimes wonder how many styles she has had over the years.

  35. I would say the maxi dress looks beautiful on Kate. by far the cheapest dress has been my most favourite and very appropriate for the environment. She looks engaged and happy and is actually out there meeting some valuable organizations and people and asking questions, raising awareness with her media profile. It is what she should be doing on a more regular basis. It seems that Kate is capable of doing the job (sure she’s not amazing at it, yet) so why does she not do it in the UK?

  36. Love the color and hair on first outfit. Hate the design. Love entire 2nd look from head to toe with kids. I’m quite pleased that she got down and interacted with them.

    That’s all I’ve got. They are making me sad, angry, cantankerous, and snarky at once.

    KMR, you are this week’s MVP. You have stayed on top of this coverage and provide us with details that most journos would overlook. Your writing style and the community you foster is what keeps me coming back. I wish that the Cambridge’s had someone with your work ethic and polish that lives within you.


    1. @rhiannon– “cantankerous”.. lol.. I haven’t seen that word used in a sentence in a while… cracked me up lol 🙂
      I’ve been reading this blog for some time, but haven’t really commented on the threads until recently, but I just wanted you to know that I’ve always enjoyed your comments, they are informative and entertaining! always brightens my day when reading some hilarious comment you left on a post! Good luck with Prince Harry! 🙂

      1. You are so kind, Kristin! I love this blog and enjoy everyone’s opinions and views. And I love Harry. I need the universe to align.

        1. +2 for kristin’s comment..
          You are one special person over here whose comment,i cant afford to miss,i love love the way you say your point,the way you thanks kmr afterEACH post is something that deserves appreciation,i have followed many many blogs,I always love to read the comments…you are the only person that i saw who never forgets to say thanks to the person who puts all the effort in making that post….

          1. Hi, Aks! You’re so sweet for saying that. I know that I can be a bit wordy at times. 😉

            I think that we deserve feedback for our work. I thank KMR not to gain a response from her, but to show appreciation and a bit of encouragement. She’s a special lady to take this on with grace and compassion.

            Have a great day on purpose!

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