Kensington Palace issues statement on harassment of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle

Kensington Palace issues statement on harassment of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle

Well this is an interesting turn of events. Kensington Palace has issued a statement at the request of Prince Harry on the harassment of Meghan Markle since news broke two Sundays ago that the two were dating.

The statement in full:

    “Since he was young, Prince Harry has been very aware of the warmth that has been extended to him by members of the public. He feels lucky to have so many people supporting him and knows what a fortunate and privileged life he leads.
    “He is also aware that there is significant curiosity about his private life. He has never been comfortable with this, but he has tried to develop a thick skin about the level of media interest that comes with it. He has rarely taken formal action on the very regular publication of fictional stories that are written about him and he has worked hard to develop a professional relationship with the media, focused on his work and the issues he cares about.
    “But the past week has seen a line crossed. His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment. Some of this has been very public – the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments. Some of it has been hidden from the public – the nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of papers; her mother having to struggle past photographers in order to get to her front door; the attempts of reporters and photographers to gain illegal entry to her home and the calls to police that followed; the substantial bribes offered by papers to her ex-boyfriend; the bombardment of nearly every friend, co-worker, and loved one in her life.
    “Prince Harry is worried about Ms Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her. It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm. He knows commentators will say this is ‘the price she has to pay’ and that ‘this is all part of the game’. He strongly disagrees. This is not a game – it is her life and his.
    “He has asked for this statement to be issued in the hopes that those in the press who have been driving this story can pause and reflect before any further damage is done. He knows that it is unusual to issue a statement like this, but hopes that fair-minded people will understand why he has felt it necessary to speak publicly.”

I said the other day in a comment that if one party in a relationship stays silent and leaves the other out to dry when being harassed the way Meghan has been, it makes the silent party seem like a jerk. So I respect Harry all the more for having KP issue this statement. It shows that Harry isn’t a jerk and is will to publicly protect the people he cares about.

Although this new statement has reignited the press and public flame over their relationship, I do hope that it quells some of the sexist and racist harassment that Meghan has been receiving – because she has been receiving it, and it’s not acceptable.


293 thoughts on “Kensington Palace issues statement on harassment of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle

  1. I’m finally commenting on a Meghan/Harry post because last week, it was just one on top of the other and it was hard for me to keep up.

    Wow!! I truly was shocked when I saw this show up on my Facebook this morning! I thought this was some gigantic PR stunt or something! Kudos to Harry for keeping this under wraps for almost six months *and* issuing a statement so soon to take care of her!! If Meghan is “The One” then I sincerely hope he’s happy and not pursuing her because he feels like the “last man standing” amongst his family and friends.

    I did some Googling/Binging on Meghan and she is a looker! I remember some article comparing her to Pippa?! No way, Jose! I don’t see it at all!

    P.S. Does this mean *I* have a chance with an aristo?! #hopeforGeorgePercy Hahahaha! 😉

    1. Prince Harry’s private life was private until whiny lazy w&w and the caol middleton’s and their PR leaked to the press about Megan.

      Now the same PR team release statement – the whole coverage Smells! The whiny lazy middletons using Prince Harry life to cover the useless w/w negative news coming, including the high cost to Canadian taxpayers for a very lack luster Canada Tour.

  2. Kudos to Harry for making this statement. At the same time I feel sad for everything he and particularly Meghan have had to put up with. I truly hope all the harassment and racist comments will now come to an end. Nobody should have to face that kind of attacks. Like I said before, I believe the relationships are private until people decide to go public. I hope they will be left alone now, and I have decided to skip all the papers and blogs that spread rumors about this relationship.

    1. All the BS reports contradicting each other got old a few days in. That’s why I stopped reading them and reporting on them. Hopefully now things will calm down now.

      1. Tried to edit my comment but it went wrong – just wanted to add that’s why I like your blog, no empty rumors spread here!

    2. Indeed, I cannot understand how someone could keep up with that all and even be interested! That’s why I like your blog – no empty rumors spread here.

    3. I was only following the coverage here and on Celebitchy and my God, I had no idea things were so bad. I knew she was getting bullied on her IG account, but that DM “straight out of compton” headline and the porn site stuff… Ugh. These tabloids are really trash.

  3. Hello All- I agree, that it is sad, in these times that such a statement was needed to give the press pause to think about tempering some of their actions because we all know this is not going to magically stop them as they have a job to do. Hopefully they will be more respectful and give M & H a bit of space. However, I am glad that the speculation is now over as to the nature of their relationship. Although it is early days for this relationship, I would also hope that Meghan has been advised to discontinue to post cutesy coy things like the 2 bananas or pictures of her wrist with the same bracelet as Harry as these actions really whipped up the press frenzy. IMO, I think she either needs to just stop posting things on her social media accounts, even if temporarily.

    1. Unfortunately everything can be made to be of her relationship if people decide to think that way, I think:-(. If it’s food, they can be believed to enjoy it together, if it’s a sunset someone decides they’re watching it together.

        1. I didn’t mean to criticize you, I’m sorry if I made it look like I did! I only mean people tend to twist and bend things just like they want:-(.

    2. I was just wondering whether there was this much ruckus while Harry was dating Chelsy & Cressida. So weird & out of hand. IMO Meghan in the end won’t give up her freedom to join the BRF. Unless she really, really loves Harry & willing to sacrifice everything. The Queen’s permission also plays a part. So good luck to you Harry!

      1. Yes there was this much rukus when he was dating Chelsy. More infact. She was stalked all the way in South Africa, her family stalked, paps taking pictures of her in class, in her home (through the windows) and chasing her everywhere.

        On top of writing numerous articles about her unsuitability and so forth. Especially compared to the lovely Kate and her perfect family. She was rudely called Miss Piggy and referred to as a drunk mess, papers frequently manufactured cheating rumours about Garry until he sued to stop those particular rumours and so on and so forth. When she went out, paps would shout rude things at her to get a reaction and or to make her cry.

        Cressida was lucky because the family gas media connections so that they were able to shut down alot of the chatter and stalking.

        Chelsy, not so much.

        1. I’m laughing at the “perfect Kate and her perfect family”……………..LOL! I’m looking forward to the press finally showing who they truly are!

      2. Letizia, most likely a Republican (the anti-monarchy kind) was the top newscaster under 30 in Spain. She gave it to marry Felipe. If these two want to get married, Markle will walk away from her career.

    3. I agree that I don’t think she’s helped matters. I think they both handled things poorly once the news broke.
      I hope they’re able to make it work if that’s what they want but she either needs a private account to do her cutesy stuff with and a more public one, that is more for work/general interest

    4. I find this statement and blame on the media by PR JK suspect, and more in the line of whiny secretive bill/kat/carol than Prince Harry relationship with the media.

      Prince Harry really needs to separate from whiny cambridge middleton- KP PR, and return to CH or his own PR people. Whiny will destroy Harry for his own sake.

    5. Wow.

      If Harry had wanted to continue to keep this relationship quiet, he certainly didn’t communicate that well to Meghan and her team. The timing of the leak of the relationship to coincide with her clothing line debut screams of the actions of her publicist. The timing of her blog piece on her humanitarian efforts also strongly suggests that she knew of the upcoming leak. The posting of cryptic Instagram photos strongly suggests that she wanted to fuel the press speculations and that she was enjoying all the media attention. Not the actions of someone concerned with privacy.

      Meghan isn’t an innocent, sheltered teenager like Diana was. She lives and makes her living on the media’s interests. She surrounds herself with other media-hungry people. She has invited the media and her fans into her private world through her blog and social media. But now, it’s not just her fans that follow and comment, and publicity no longer is just all warm and cozy. It’s become invasive and abusive. It’s not fun anymore. And she and her publicist are out of their league.

      It’s not that I like the hate that is spewed on the internet. I most definitely don’t. I struggle with what is the right balance between protecting an individual from harassment and protecting the rights of the press and free speech. But I do think that if you put yourself out there on the internet, easily accessible, advertise your site even, then you have to be willing to overlook a lot of nastiness that comes your way. Not everyone is going to be a fan.

      1. I also agree that Meghan and her PR team have fueled the media to some extent. Obviously, that does not excuse racist or sexist comments by anyone. However, I agree with many of the above comments that she could’ve been more judicious with her social media posts if they were truly not ready to have the media involved.

          1. I also found it interesting that this broke right before her new clothing line came out, and she continued to fan the flames, even if inadvertently. Call me a conspiracy theorist…but one must wonder about the timing.

    6. For 35, she seems rather childish in that regard, if you ask me.
      The couple does have a right to privacy and if they both want that, she needs to stop her little online teases. (I don’t think that is the correct word, but I am between assignments and need to get back to work and just wanted to post). Such nasty things being said about her, though. Just horrific and out of line.

  4. How is this different than what Diana endured?

    Meanwhile, the internet (which is what this statement largely addresses) will always be a cesspool. Why give it any credence, why bother with it? Why read any of this crap and give credence to faceless losers? Ignore the slings and arrows and get on with your lives as best you can. Make a short statement of support and leave it at that.

    He feels helpless to protect her? Is it his job? Did he actually think he could? Honestly, what about a reality check?

    To me, this just amps up the Willy meme of how terrible the press is and his ongoing campaign to suppress free speech. . The media have always been like jackals when it comes to this stuff, so where is your plan to deal with it and rise above it instead of whining about it? Instead pour some more gasoline on the fire. When is the guy going to get his own PR team who aren’t lame like Jason? There is nothing classy about this statement.

    As I said, I still see this tactic as a way to suppress the media, nothing more. I see lawsuits in the offing and attempts to muzzle further reportage. Grow up, Harry. Grow up royal boys.

    1. I think it’s a natural feeling you want to protect your loved one. And if your security is being threatened, it’s hard to ignore it.

        1. My point here is that I think Harry acted the way a caring partner should act in my opinion. I cannot honestly think of ways of dealing with this kind of situation when the other party is a working person who has to carry on with her life, has been subject to racist comments and even her mother has been dragged into it. To me, a partner who doesn’t take stands in a situation like this feels like a jerk.

          1. Exactly. To leave her to deal with this crap alone makes him look horrible. Especially if people are trying to break into her home. I think that’s the driving factor here more than anything else.

          2. I can’t believe people are trying to break into her home. How horrible!! I saw that police are now stationed around her home, but I wonder if Harry has also stepped in to help pay for private security (which are also said to be around) and the “legal battles” that he mentions. Those things get pricey quick, and while she is an actress, she’s not a hugely well-known or wealthy one.

            I agree that as a partner Harry has done what he needed to to step up. Makes me wonder why he didn’t do the same for Chelsy or Cressida…

      1. Their security is not, and has never been, threatened by the press. That’s a line that their advisers have been peddling because people buy it in these times of mindless fear.

        “Illegal entry to her home” can be as simple as being at or near her driveway, or inside a courtyard if her building has one, etc. They weren’t smashing through her doors.

        1. According to the statement people have been trying to break in to Meghan’s home. I think that counts as security being threatened.

          1. If you read the statement very carefully, you will see that line has been carefully phrased. It says reporters and photographers gaining illegal entry to her home.

            If people were trying to break into her house/living quarters, it would say that. It’s meant to give the impression that’s what happened but if it had happened, it would say it.

    2. I agree with you 100%.

      She’s not even recently graduated from university Kate, all of 24 when it was happening. She’s a 35 year old woman in the public eye. How did they not have a plan? Why did they not roll out an actual introduction? Because they didn’t want to. Better this way so Harry can whine. The “helpless to protect her” line is straight from William’s past statements on Kate, Jecca, etc. Protect her. From what?

      Her family keeps speaking to the media — including positively.

      The media is not the one harassing her with racist posts.

      And you release the day of the US presidential election right when interest was dying down? Great strategy.

      Literally all he had to do was be spotted with her in public once to confirm the rumor and show support and disappear again.

      The public statements are whining. And if he thinks it will appear to consumers he’s crazy. No one who wants to buy a supermarket tabloid won’t buy it because it makes Harry sad.

      1. “The media is not the one harassing her with racist posts.” Clearly you’ve not read the DM’s articles. There are very racist tones in the DM’s articles about Meghan and her family.

        Although I find it so odd that KP would release this statement on the day of the US election. Do they want it buried by election coverage, or are they hoping to outshine the election? So odd.

        1. Why can’t they just contact the DM about this and have a dialogue? What is the purpose of whining to the public about the DM? Do they think that the public will turn against the DM? Seriously? He sounds powerless, victimised, neither of which is true.

          1. Have you read some of the comments in the various comments sections and on Meghan’s social media? The racist, sexist comments go far beyond the DM. This statement is not just about the press, it’s about the public and about how people have been attempting to break into Meghan’s house.

          2. Well, for what I’ve been reading now, it’s not just the DM. And you really think that calling out the media on serious issues such as racism and misogyny is “whining”?

            I often criticise Harry for his treatment of the press, but this time he’s 100% right. This is NOT acceptable, and I’m actually surprised by the mental gymnastics people are doing here to hold this against him.

          3. But it’s not the public who have are being accused of trying to gain illegal entry, but photographers and reporters, so why not deal with those media outlets directly? Why make a story even bigger by putting it out there to the public at large? I think it’s naive to believe that an appeal like this will cut back on sensational press and abusive comments, even if it does make Harry look like he’s standing up for his girl.

          4. KMR,

            No, I haven’t read the comments on social media or elsewhere because I don’t get my news from there. To me, social media largely are an unfiltered, unruly swamp of gossip and innuendo. If I were in Harry’s and Meghan’s shoes, I wouldn’t give them the time of day.

            As for people trying to break into her house? It’s a criminal act. I don’t know what that has to do with anything. Anything can set off the criminals and the wackos. In essence, it would take the complete suppression of news for anyone to have total security and even then, maybe not.

          5. Paula,

            How is calling out racism and misogyny by KP in this case effective? I do believe people on social media as well as here have been calling it out. Do you honestly believe it makes a difference?

            Perhaps Harry should take racism and misogyny as his causes then since it’s so personal to him. Do you think we’ll see that?

            IMO, his primary whining is about his entitlement to a normal life and to normal privacy. The racism and misogyny are added fuel to justify his outrage at the denial of that entitlement.

          6. Part of the statement includes a pointed section aimed at online trolls. The DM regularly allows racist comments about Michelle Obama to stay online. No doubt they are allowing horrible comments about Markle to stay. Whatever gets them clicks.

          7. Hi Maven,

            I don’t see how him calling out the journos for being racist and sexist relates to his privacy concerns. To me they are clearly separate issues. He didn’t object about the press reporting on their relationship, only about the way it has been done. This goes beyond his complaints about the media intrusion. And just because he doesn’t tackle sexism or racism in his charity work, doesn’t mean he has to accept them.

            As for being effective or not, we’ll see. I agree this won’t put a stop to the press’ interest, but I do believe papers will think twice before crossing the line so badly as they did.

        2. Although I have tried to avoid these stories, I have seen some comments on papers’ websites that have been really racist, and which haven’t been deleted although the sites state they are moderated, and I think it speaks volumes, too.

        3. The racist overtones, I’ll give you. But what a bad look then for two Middleton children in the last two months to have given exclusive interviews to the same newspaper.

          I meant the direct harassment on social media, etc.

          The election part of it I truly don’t understand. It won’t overshadow it. It will just get lost. All anyone will take from it is that they are dating.

          1. Funny you said that, bluejay. That’s what I’ve taken away from this emotional tempest in a teapot- that it is confirmed that they are dating. He could have handled this way, way much better. I wonder if William egged him on.

            I also think that the statement was rambling, so typical of KP PR. It should have been concise and to the point.

        4. The DM columnists at the weekend were just disgusting. There was a very real insinuation that her colour, family and career made her an unsuitable consort for PH. I think the statement is ill advised but I totally understand him wanting to put it out there to be seen to support her. He must feel so hurt and frustrated that the press in his own country could be so viscous never mind the paps and foreign rags. The bribery offers of ex boyfriends, family and friends is a Murdoch Press tactic from the ’80’s. I thought Leveson had moved us beyond that. It would appear not.

          A slight subject change. You must all watch The Crown on Netflix. A few historical inaccuracies maybe but I have watched all ten episodes in two days. It’s powerful, stunning, extraordinarily moving. The music, the settings, the costume, the acting are just amazing work by all involved. It’s must see. Xx

          1. I missed the DM this weekend, but I believe you and KMR and everyone else. TBH, I got bored with it last week and stopped paying attention.

            Not aimed at you, but I still think that it’s just not effective. Ineffective complaints signals to me that the person is doing it for the attention/PR and not to actually try to get something constructive out of it.

          2. Glad I’m not the only one Mrs BVV I’ve watched 9 episodes over the weekend. Agree historical inaccuracies but it is very addictive nevertheless!

    3. Totally agree!

      Thia is whiny secretive bill/meme more that Prince Harry. It would seem lazy wandw mddleton/Kanuf is at work on remaking Prince Harry’s image do over.

    4. How is this different? Because it is the age of social media.

      FFS, people with royal blogs are bullied if they don’t like a dress Kate Middleton wears. One Middleton-critic on tumblr had a miscarriage. A bunch of Middleton fans went on her blog and said it was a good thing because she and her baby deserved to die.

      Head’s up, cyberbullying doesn’t have an age limit when all of a sudden it becomes ‘ok’ to attack them because they’re “old enough to know better”.

      Mary Beard: I almost didn’t feel such generic, violent misogyny was about me
      Professor Mary Beard tells of her shock at the horrific abuse she suffered from internet trolls after her Question Time appearance, and the support she’s had from colleagues and strangers alike

      I have no doubt that some of the fringe element (and fringe of the royal fandom) has been going after Markle online, in ways I don’t want to think about. Ways Diana never had to deal with.

      1. Diana was called “Crazy” “A lunatic” etc by the paps who haunted her. She would be in her car and they’d scream horrible, nasty things about her and most were based on the idea that she had mental health issues. So, they were damn horrible all the way around. They should be ashamed of saying things about Meghan and bringing up race and religion are awful tactics. I cannot blame Harry for wanting to protect her and I think the media should back off. I guess that won’t happen, though.

  5. Good on ya, Harry.

    It is bewildering what people will do for money. Because that’s what it’s all about – to get paid for the story, to get paid for the next greatest photo. Who cares if I destroy a person’s life, as long as I get paid. It’s my job, right?!

  6. When she revealed their relationship to her family, she should’ve briefed them on how to behave with the press. We shouldn’t be reading things from her family until an engagement -if there will be one – is annouced.

    1. I agree– but you’re assuming a united family front that is supportive of her. It sounds like she’s from a divorced family with some siblings or half-siblings that may be jealous of her success/not close to her… and she can’t really make them behave appropriately with the press.

      1. It sounds like there are some major family rifts, which is unfortuante and makes her family harder to handle. I also don’t think they are playing the master plan long game like the Middleton’s were. Clearly, Meghan’s sister has some personal issues with her. Honestly, when I read that her complaints were that Meghan hadn’t helped family members out financially, I thought that was BS. I don’t have a great relationship with my father and I don’t know if I would bail him out of bankruptcy either…

        So sad she has to have her family’s dirty laundry aired by someone who’s blood related to her.

  7. Whiny, self indulgent rambling. A simple confirmation of the relationship would have sufficed. He has only got away with this because Charles is out of the country; I doubt it would have happened if Charles had been here. It breaks the major part of the royal code: never explain, never complain. She is not royal wife material and soon he will be forced to make a choice: forgot her or leave the line of succession.

    1. What should a woman be like to be royal wife material? I want to ask this question as the royal wives I can think of are a heterogeneous bunch of ladies. So I cannot understand what would make Meghan unsuitable.

      1. And there you have the problem in black and white, no pun intended. She is not royal wife material, what? Says who? Because she is an actress, American, mixed race, not an aristocratic remnant?
        If he loves her, she loves him and they think they can make a life together then that is all that matters. The hate and judgement have to stop so well done to Harry for calling it out.
        I cannot believe the vitriol I am reading, it is vile and disgusting and those doing the judging need to take a good look at themselves because guess what people, we are all born naked into this world and we all die, and what makes for a good life in between is not money, status or what we own but if we leave the world a better place for being here by loving, caring and supporting our fellow humans however we can.

      2. I think she’s perceived by some as not traditional Royal wife material…..not WASP. That’s got to be a real advantage to my mind. I never thought Harry of all people would go that route anyway. Too much of his mother in his personality…..he’ll follow his heart that boy and good for him. Don’t be surprised if he ends up not living in Britain….it wouldn’t surprise me one jot especially now we have one heir and two spares.

    2. Alice, your, let us call it bias, shows. This is a very beautiful woman and Harry is a mature man who knows what’s what. If he wants her, he’s not going to ‘sacrifice’ his love for a right of succession that’s a) remote and b) not really interesting for him. Hey William Wails has produced a heir and a spare, Harry can go and marry whoever he wants.

    3. She has a dual degree in theatre and international relations. She interned at an embassy after graduation. She speaks more than one language. She does humanitarian work. She knows how to deliver a speech well. She knows how to work to earn a living. Cannot emphasize that last one enough.

      Seems like a good choice of potential royal spouse to me.

      1. ‘Not royal wife material’ means that according to Alice’s prejudiced mind ( yes i’m going there), she is not of the right class, wealth, nationality, religion and race.

        These comments are short hand for race in particular because i doubt Alice gad thevsame thoughts about Autumn Philips, Mike Tindall, Sophie Wessex.

        And in the marriages where the spouses were of the right calibre in all the above, their poor behaviour was excused precisely due to the same prejudices.

        1. That’s a completely inappropriate and unjustified thing to say. I, too, find her to be unsuitable for the role of royal wife, and it’s certainly not because of any of the factors you have mentioned.

          First, no one gave a flip about Mike, Sophie or Autumn because of who their respective partners are. While Zara is very well liked, who the hell cares about Eddie or Peter? No one. They’re periphery royals with little public interest. Harry’s paramour is different because IT’S HARRY. He’s a) incredibly well like and b) he’s a major player in the young, “modern” monarchy. And, for those who hate royalty, and this has been mentioned, should their relationship continue, and should they marry, she’s on the public purse as well. I personally don’t care about that, but it’s been brought up.

          As I stated previously, I too find her to be unsuitable for the role of royal wife. And as I stated it has nothing to do with her race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, nothing; it’s the fact that she’s done nothing but cause a hail-storm, feed it, and then watch it explode around her and she’s not owned up to a lick of it.

          This was created by her. She’s the one that leaked the news, she’s the one that’s posted cryptic social media posts, she’s the one that’s fed into the drama; she’s the one that’s got a family that’s all too happy to talk, she’s the one that’s clearly loving the attention and cameras, and she’s the one that’s playing the victim, clearly, behind closed doors. It’s all very pathetic for a woman who’s supposed to be so worldly.

          If he’s happy– great, if he loves her– even better. It’s not my life. But he needs to understand that it is part of a game. Royalty is nothing more than a very pretty, very archaic game of self-indulgent, inflated ego’s poncing about like they matter in some way, when in reality it’s just a tap dance of opulence for public consumption. I’m sorry that she, apparently, doesn’t like it; but I’m sure if he looked a bit closer he’d see that she’s the cat that got the cream.

          And, as an aside, who in the hell do they have writing their press release(s)? They’re terrible; so poorly written that it detracts from the message. Hire someone more suitable for that because, let’s be honest, bullshit makes this all possible and they need someone who’s much better versed.

          1. Kate Middleton and her family have the Daily Mail on speed dial and used them for decades to promote herself and the relationship. So your objection on that basis is groundless.

          2. No. I’m placing blame on her because no one knew a thing about this until she started dropping social media hints, culminating in this. Then, low and behold, she has a clothing line come out mere days later. Shocking. Really ground-breaking, jaw-dropping stuff here.

            So because Kate and the Midds do it, it’s suddenly acceptable? That’s the most ridiculous argument. It’s not okay that they do it, and it’s not okay that this one does it.

            Bottom line is that royalty is different than celebrity, or at least it’s supposed to be. Not any more, unfortunately, and it would be nice to return to tradition.

          3. I do have to agree to much of what you said and yes people can attack me if they choose.

            When I wrote on HuffPost that I didn’t like Kate’s wedges, both me and my autistic daughter were attacked over everything. I get that, but I don’t normally put my family out there simply because of what my husband’s job was. However, I loved this pic and it was attached to facebook.

            With that said, I have said all along, that she has a large instagram following and decided to play “coy” with the press. We may not know who leaked the story, but it was leaking while she was posting the pictures to her open account. These seem to mainly to fuel the fire after the story began to leak.

            In my opinion you cannot complain about the press while leaking bits and pieces to the press.

            I absolutely do not condone anything racist. We are a very blended family and being military, we were all on the same team because color had no place for life or death.

            I noticed that there was a response to DM which mainly stated what others have said here: we received no notice when the story was breaking to act sensitively. Instead they received a press release at the same time all of the public received one.

            The younger generation doesn’t seem to realize that they need the press and that their goodwill with them, is going to end if they continue to pull stunts like this.

            You can only call wolf so many times before no one looks or cares.

      2. I’d take that over Kate any day. What has she done that makes her worthy of her title? Nothing. Just as it’s, Meghan is way better at the job of a royal than Kate. I hate comparing, but it’s happening. It’s 2016. If Harry wants to be different, so be it. Why are interracial relationships stil so taboo? A human is a human is a human. Who cares what color they are?

    4. She is not royal wife material because she is divorced, makes her living as an actress doing raunchy scenes in her TV show, poses in skimpy clothes and is addicted to social media. She is the opposite of demure and discreet.

      Britain is not America, things that are good there such as being seen to be successful are not important here. Nobody cares what you’ve done or not done if you’re not from the right background. And she is not.

      He will have to choose between her and retaining the HRH. He will choose the latter.

      1. There is nothing in her background or career that means they cannot marry or that makes her an unacceptable choice. She is a grown up, a working actress who works on tv. She is not Koo Stark nor is she Sofia Hellqvist.

        If they want to marry, they will marry. He would retain his HRH, she would get an HRH, he would remain in the line of succession and their children would be in it too.

      2. I think Alice you’ve been watching The Crown. Life has moved on. Charles, a divorce is married to Cam, a divorcee and he will be king. Harry will never be king. I’m British and I want Harry to marry a hard working lady who loves him. Her colour is so irrelevant it disgusts me that it is mentioned. Suits is not raunchy , watch it and see.
        Oh and by the way I’ve seen all the private parts of Kate, my future queen. Is she suitable?

      3. Kate wore skimpy clothes in her runway show which is how she attracted William’s attention. Plus she’s from a middle class background but her mother was from an even lower class background and worked to get into a higher economic class. But Carole’s success means nothing I guess and Kate isn’t from a good background at all. Plus she leaked to the paps all the time when she was a girlfriend. So she’s not royal wife material either.

          1. I understand why my comments may look hypocritical, but I made that comment about Kate specifically for the sake of showing how hypocritical Alice’s comment is. I think there is a difference since I was bringing up Kate to make a point other than to make one or the other look good or bad, but I understand if you don’t think there is a difference. I will take my own advice in the future and not discuss Kate when discussing Meghan, even if other comments are doing so.

          2. KMR, it seems strange if you decide to never compare the two of them, especially if they both end up as Windsor Wives. It is your blog, change your mind as many times as you want.

        1. King Felipe of Spain is married to a divorcee. I don’t think anyone has thought Letizia is an unsuitable queen because of that.

          1. I think there was some comment in Spain in the beginning, but my goodness, she performed so well, and been such a dignified representative for her country. Better than some of the born royals.

      4. “Britain is not America. Things that are good there — such as being seen to be successful are not important here.? WHAT? I’m sorry, can you explain that better, Alice?
        I am offended by your words. Being from the right background? What does that mean? Blue bloods can commit crimes, can be racist, nasty, cruel, you name it. But, because they are blue bloods, that’s ok? I have to get back to work, but this American is so offended by your comments, I could scream.

  8. I have so much respect for him now. The comments directed toward her was horrible.

    My only fear is that should this not work out, will he need to do this for each girlfriend?

    1. I agree. The fact that he put out this release made me wonder if they have already discussed marriage or at least a serious, long term commitment. Otherwise, why would he go through the trouble?

  9. I’m glad he’s speaking up. Regardless of who she is, no one deserves the absolutely awful treatment she has been receiving in the press and from keyboard warriors. I’m still miffed that he got confused and went after the wrong Meghan. Alas, my husband and kids probably wouldn’t appreciate me taking off with a royal.

  10. First off, I found this site a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to have found a place where people comment intelligently without just going straight for the attack or mindless praise of the royals. Now, onto our new lovebirds.

    First, like others mentioned, I’m amazed at how chaotic this has all been. How did Harry not plan this out beforehand? He’s done this before. It would look so much better if he took control and introduced Meghan instead of waiting for a leak. In fact, I can’t think of a single time William or Harry did that. They always seem to just skulk around, and then look like a deer in headlights when they’re caught. There must be a better way.

    Second, the statement did strike me as somewhat whiny. I like Harry, I don’t think he’s amazing, but he seems like a nice, albeit not super-motivated guy. However, he was born into a life filled with wealth and privileges that far surpass what the majority of the world gets. Of course there’s going to be a catch, and that catch is the world is interested in your life. I absolutely don’t think Meghan (or anyone) deserves the attacks she’s getting, but for Harry, yes, this is the price you pay for being a prince. People want to know what’s going on with your life. He seems to be focusing solely on the fact that his privacy is being invaded yet forgets that he was able to hop on a plane to visit his girlfriend without any worry of money or missing work. Must be nice. You can’t reap the reward without accepting the drawback.

    I find it interesting that Will, Kate, and Harry all complain incessantly about the media, and yes, I’m sure it’s hard, but they could all leave the BRF at any time and get 9-5 jobs and a big decrease in their lifestyle. Then Harry can see how he likes making a long-distance relationship work with two weeks vacation and a salary that doesn’t leave a lot left over for plane tickets.

    1. I agree, this is the price royals pay for their incredibly privileged lifestyle, which they “earn” by the accident of their birth, and which they cannot maintain without the press fueling their popularity.

      I think the statement, however chivalrous, is a mistake. There will now be more interest; just look at the flurry of comments here. No surprise considering how incompetent the KP operation is. I wonder what BP thinks?

      1. I saw this brought up elsewhere, but I think it’s interesting that KP released this while Charles is out of the country on a tour. I wonder how well this will sit with Charles. For one, this is not how royals usually do things, but most importantly Harry just took away any press that Charles and Camilla will get with their tour.

        1. Hmmm…..I was beginning to think that Jason timed this press statement with the US election in hopes that it would get buried, but I didn’t think how it fits in with other royal activities, especially that of Charles. Guessing Jason didn’t think of that either. Also, BP press office can’t have been happy that the Colombian state visit was overshadowed by the Harry/Meghan story, although Jason had nothing to do with that. Still, the relations between the press offices must be greatly strained atm.

          1. Obviously can’t know for certain, but I really doubt Jason would have leaked it at the same time as that state visit, while Meghan’s people would have had no interest or concern about that. And that both the time of the leak occurred within a couple of days of that really long Tig post about her life and humanitarian work as well as that release of her clothing line point to both her and someone on her team being involved in the leak. So I really think Meghan’s team had more to gain from the leak and Harry more to lose–so no, not Jason initially.

            The timing of this KP release, though, is just really odd. The release itself is odd, too. Jason must be going bonkers caught between the BP press, Meghan’s publicity team and a furious Harry.

        2. I guess that I am surprised that the relationship was rolled out this way. If this is an authentic relationship based on mutual trust then Harry was okay with Megan divulging the relationship – because face it, she was the one who let the cat out of the bag with the bracelet pictures and then the suggestive banana picture. And if that is the case then it’s a bit rich of Harry to come out and issue press statements like this. Why not take up the issue with the papers individually? Is he trying to shame people into not leaving racist comments ? Or is he just showing solidarity with Meghan.
          Now If Megan leaked the relationship without his knowing or consent then I guess I don’t really think that the relationship will stand the test of time. Which is a pity because I think she is fantastic and would really help Harry become the man he can be.

          1. I agree that the relationship rollout was mangled and tacky. However I don’t actually think it’s too rich of Harry to now ask the press not to write racist crap about Meghan. Even if his team leaked all the quotes and info on their relationship, his team didn’t tell the press to write the crap that they did. Even if Meghan leaked the quotes and info, that doesn’t give the press the right to write racist crap about her. Just because one or both of them is involved with leaking the relationship doesn’t give the press or public the right to write nasty, racist remarks about her, or to put her security in danger. So I don’t see this as hypocritical. He’s just asking people not to go overboard as they had been doing.

          2. I agree with you that he should certainly ask the press not to write racist crap. What I mean is : why release a press release this way instead of taking it up directly with the press ? I don’t quite understand the point of a public statement like this. He is either trying to shame the public (not just reporters but those who leave racist comments) OR he has other reasons for this public stance.

            My take is that Harry has been quite bothered by the Bridget Jones image that the British media have foisted on him for years. And would like the world to know that he has a hot smart articulate girlfriend, thank you very much. It is as much of a vanity thing as it is about “protecting” Meghan.

      2. I think if they kept quiet it would have been better. I usually don’t read the DM (they got me with the Kate isn’t a silent mannequin because that was too funny to pass up) I do go over to skim their headlines and they usually have 10+ of the trashy kardshians. I was over the other day and it seemed back to kardhasian central so it was already starting to simmer down an they just now stoked the flames again.
        What happened to the good old days where KP don’t comment on their private lives.
        This was handled wrong on so many fronts. I agree that Harry shouldn’t let her fend for herself but I think she handled things poorly on her end too.
        I’m so over this relationship and it’s just starting

    2. I agree, Livia, that Harry and other royals perpetuate some of their own harrassment by the media. If you want to be left alone, pull a Duke of Windsor and leave public life. But when you’re living off the public coffers and this woman might potentially be doing the same at some point, people are going to be interested. That of course doesn’t justift harrassment, but neither of them should expect to be left alone.

    3. I totally agree with you Livia.
      Both William and Harry ( and Kate too) seem to accept only the perks of their lifestyle.
      Harry can’ t have it both ways, if he wants to live such a priviledged life ( I agree, a “normal” man couldn’ t afford such a long distance relation) he must also accept his lack of privacy.
      His extremely luxurious lifestyle is funded by the taxpayers, he lives on public money, that’ s why he’ s a public person

  11. I didn’t comment on this subject :
    – I understand the statement : honestly the photograph who tries to enter her home, it is not normal! I think the statement is balanced, not totally against the media
    Some article were really bad : the allusion of porn actress, some racist allusion or clear remark about her color of the skin…
    I don’t know if they will married, but one thing is sure I love her speech for the UNO about the sexist publicity when she was a child : she is very good to make speech. She likes her work and that is good!

  12. Well, rumor officially cleared. I think the statement is well done, and being that it is more articulate and personalized than anything I’ve seen come out of KP, was probably verbatim from Harry.

    The attacks on Meghan are disgusting and shouldn’t be happening no matter the high profile that Harry and she have. It’s really becoming a violent, ugly world rather than one where any personal respect is shown.

    1. I thought the statement also sounded like it came straight from Harry’s mouth. It could’ve used some polishing and cleaning up from his press people. However, the KP press shop is quite horrific at press releases and statements in general. I enjoyed the heartfelt nature of this, but found it rambling and unprofessional. A good press secretary could take his voice and statement and make it more appropriate for public consumption.

  13. I think that the statement is telling in different ways. Kudos to Harry for being a stand up guy and not letting Meghan and especially her family and friends twist in the wind and be harrassed by unscrupulous reporters and photographers trying to get any morsel of information about Harry and Meghan. Not that the pursuit is going to stop but hopefully support will now be provided to those in Meghan’s circle when it comes to dealing with the relentless media.

    Now my other reaction to reading the Harry/Kensington Palace statement is that, “Harry needs to get a damn job!” Like someone mentioned above, social media, and I will add in the comments section of media like The Daily Mail, is a cesspool. I am just picturing Harry on his laptop or tablet switching back and forth between the Daily Mail’s comments section and Meghan’s Instagram page with steam coming out of his ears. The KP statement lost points with me because it gave way too much currency to the online trolls, and now that they know that they can get to Harry, they really aren’t going to let up.

    1. I do agree Harry needs to either get a job outside of royal duties, or step up his royal duties. We’ve criticized William a ton for his “job” and not stepping up his royal duties yet Harry hasn’t had a job for over a year and people don’t bring it up. Harry takes all sorts of vacations that people don’t criticize yet any time William or Kate are gone from public view for too long people bring up that they may have gone on vacation.

      1. Yes. And the problem here too is Harry does a lot that is not counted but he needs to figure his crap out, too. He is a real asset, he is aware, and he has that sense of duty and obligation. It is up to him to USE that.

  14. Ok this is my crazy working theory here–

    Meghan and Harry are real but it’s early.

    This was leaked by someone in the Yorks’ camp, to piss off Charles for sidelining Beatrice and Eugenie. It got that off the front pages (all comments were supporting PC which PA couldn’t have liked), and had the added benefit of knocking Charles and Camilla’s Mideast tour out of the news completely. C & C are doing 50 engagements in 7 days and no one cares. Also Meghan and Fergie share or shared a PR rep in Kruger Crowne, which doesn’t necessarily mean she was complicit AT ALL but KC’s statement and her IG posts are questionable.

    The last two exclusives Camilla Tominey had before this one were York related so it’s probable she’s got a source with them.

    Harry was caught off guard. He scrambled the strategy to feed some stuff to American media so she wouldn’t be totally devoured by the beastly British tabloids, so to speak. She arguably fanned the flames with IG posts. Her family didn’t keep quiet.

    News came out that Harry might have also been talking to David Gandy’s chick around the time he and Meghan got together.

    Someone on his team (maybe Meghan) convinced him that he would look like a total cad if he didn’t step in and say something on her behalf. Maybe William urged him to do it. I’ve always wondered if W gives him advice under the guise of it being in his best interest and Harry is just too naive to realize he is being screwed over (Nazi fancy dress anyone?)

    I want to note that this bonkers theory in no way is meant to discredit Meghan as a woman. I happen to think she’s a delicious badass with more presence in her pinky finger than our darling Kate has in a whole head full of wiglets.

    Still, this rollout has been….sloppy.

    1. Tina Brown was on Sky today adamant that the leak has come from Meghan’s circle. She was pretty robust in her interview when challenged but I have to say your analysis also sounds very plausible. All that said, no matter who leaked it the treatment of her in the last week is proof that most normal girls wouldn’t take this crap even for the chance of a Disneylike fairytale and a gorgeous Prince on their arm.

      1. It came from Meghan’s instagram. She was itching for the press to notice the bracelet and posted multiple pictures until they caught on.

    2. GreenTrees,

      I think yours is a good theory. This does feel sloppy and hastily thrown together. If Harry and Meghan break up, they may regret it later if Harry’s future girlfriend doesn’t get a similar statement from Harry. But on the other hand, as others have pointed out, if Harry didn’t say anything he would look like a jerk.

      IMO it was way too early to make a statement like this. They have only been dating a couple of months!

        1. I thought 6 months was originally reported but that’s since been trimmed down to “a few months”, per the KP press release and Tominey’s subsequent reporting. I think if they could legitimately claim 6 months they would have said that because half a year is way more substantial.

          And Lindsey, my understanding is that he did not make a statement like this for Chelsy or Cressida, but someone like Herazeus could probably weigh in on this and set us straight.

          1. The fact that Harry (to my knowledge) didn’t put out a statement like this for C or C makes me wonder about a few factors. 1) Are he and Meghan really already this serious? They must be pretty committed if he’s getting KP involved. 2) Has he just grown more weary of the media and his fuse with them is shorter now than in his 20’s? 3)Is the harassment Meghan is facing worse than that of C+C? I remember Chelsy getting raked across the coles… 4) Did Meghan push him to do this or did he do it on his own?

            All questions I doubt we will ever have an answer to, but I would love to know a fuller picture of how this has played out.

          2. Lindsey–

            I second all your questions!

            I saw somewhere else that “a royal source” (whatever that is) had indicated that Harry wanted to do this because of who HE is, not because of who SHE is, meaning it was the noble thing to do and he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t defend her.

            All I can think of is when Emily Nash infiltrated their group of friends over that ski weekend and described Harry as an overgrown puppy dog. He was wearing this necklace Chelsy had made for him and it broke so the beads went flying everywhere. Nash described Harry as being on all fours in the middle of a club picking them up because they were so special to him. He’s a hapless romantic sounds like, with a massive heart.

            I think he genuinely does not like to see anyone hurt, but maybe in the past cooler heads have prevailed when it came to his PR strategy. And I must say, perhaps he was with more cautious women. The cynical side of me thinks he’s being played.

          3. It’s hard to tell if he’s being played or if they are just really this bad at PR.

            Forgive my celebrity comparison, but this reminds me of earlier this year when Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were an item. Reports claimed that Tom was really working up the relationship for the media and wanting to flaunt it. Although Meghan has obviously not been at that level, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry eventually tires of her indiscretion in the same way that Taylor reportedly did with Tom.

            IMO, the right woman would’ve been more discreet. I hope that if Meghan is in this relationship for the right reasons she has learned her lesson and will show a bit more respect and discretion in the future.

  15. KP runs stuff like amateur hour.

    Harry I think jumped on his white steed to save her and protect her–I can see why he’d want this and see things this way–despite IMO her courtring a lot of the attention. It’s suspicious on her end, but there are accounts of paparazzi trying to break into her house through the garage or open doors! And then the comments from lots of lovely people all over the internet about her, which means these people are bottom feeders and disgusting so I can see why he’d release something like this.

    It won’t do anything but whip up the frenzy about them. I cannot help but feel Harry does feel responsible for it, and wants to take care of her. That’s very noble but he needs to accept he is a public figure with no private life because people like that will want to just dissect every. little. thing.

    So I’m a bit torn. Glad they released a hackneyed statement (Jason is no professional, my goodness), but rolling my eyes a bit because Harry, honey, you need to put on your big boy knickers and just suck it up.

    There’s a reason for the BRF’s never complain, never explain.

    I think he’s in a bit of an impossible position because it does sound really, really awful but I think on the other hand Meghan totally courted the drama and enjoyed it.

    I like Harry and want him to be happy, I find it sad he can’t conduct a relationship but he needs to look at who leaked this, how, when, whatever, because he seems to pick some bad friends. And I’ll bet you money Meghan’s people leaked it.

    1. Whilst the sentiment is pure Harry, the over-wrought hacneyed detail therein is pure Jason.

      This is his type of press release. Remember the letter he released a last year (?) Telling the press to back off from the Cambridges.

      Ditto the letter sent out to evetyone aroubd Anmer Hall when WK were confirmed to gave moved in.

      Both letters backfired and so will this one.

      This letter could have told the press to back off in a simple elegant style without giving away details, but instead we have this emotional flood.

      1. Herazeus, I have to agree, I read the letter again and now I feel a bit emotionally manipulated. They could have toned it down a bit. Still think it was a good thing to call them out though.

        1. It’s way too dramatic to be professional. I understand Harry’s sentiment, but find his tone and wording to be whiney, and yes, hyperbolic. I think he’s hurting his own case by putting out poorly thought out statements like this one.

          This should’ve been crunched down to two concise and less emotional paragraphs.

  16. I’m very glad he released a statement. Wish he had done this earlier. There is a previous history of not acknowledging stories out there, as noted in this particular release. However, once the story broke and began to mushroom into what it has become a simple, elegant statement confirming the relationship, yet requesting privacy and a bit of sanity may have gone a long way in quelling this storm. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that JK doesn’t understand the meaning of a simple, elegant statement. And if stories were fed to US press you can bet that came at the behest of JK as it’s what he does best.

    I don’t know who leaked it, but I do tend to lean towards Ms. Markle’s camp. For whatever reason someone leaked this story. Was it a huge pay day of some kind for them, did the party or parties involved want it leaked? We’ll never know, but what we do know is the relationship is real, Harry is the knight in shining armor to Meghan’s damsel in distress and the media are the ogres. I’m pretty sure the parties involved didn’t think it would get as nasty as it has in some comments, but would have been more of a “wow, look at Harry’s accomplished, smart, pretty girl.” Hate to say it, but welcome to the real world.

    Lots of comments are just too rude for words and this release hasn’t stopped them. Just briefly glance at DM today and you’ll understand what I mean. DM could moderate the comments, but they’d need a team of about 50 people going non-stop to clear or delete them in a timely manner. Then that starts to smack of playing with freedom of speech.

    Who knows where this will all end up. I just hope they are happy and don’t jump to any long term decisions that could prove wrong down the line.

  17. As noble as KP’s intentions may be by releasing such a heart-felt plea, unfortunately it does nothing to decrease the value of the “scoop”, especially that first picture of them together. It is a shame that the BRF has yet to master the public “roll out” of a new girlfriend. I can imagine that they’d like to keep it private as long as possible, but privacy is less likely today than it was even ten years ago. It’s a shame they can’t get out ahead of the press, make an organized announcement complete with photos, thereby “scooping” the press, and devaluing the story and photos in the process. Can anyone tell me why Harry would not take a more realistic tact than blindly hoping for endless privacy? Especially in the age of social media? I understand he is under no obligation, but wouldn’t it be refreshing to just once avoid some of the chaos?

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the comment. Harry isn’t going to release a pre-emptive photo with any woman he dates for the simple reason that they are dating, not necessarily looking at something long term down the road. To do that would imply not only to people seeing the picture that this is real and serious, it would signal the same thing to the woman involved. And until he is ready to put a ring on it that’s the last thing he’s going to do. That could open up a can of other kinds of misery should things not work out.

      And there’s always the protection of the woman involved. She may not want her identity revealed until things are so serious that it’s appropriate. But not every woman is like that and I think this may be one of those instances. What she wasn’t expecting was the firestorm she’s the center of. A kinder, gentler firestorm, yes, but not the name calling, race baiting one this has become. JMHO as are all other statements I make.

      1. Hi Lisa and KMR

        Long time reader here. Although I have never posted, I think I have read every single one of your entries. I enjoy them and the comments your readers contribute.

        Lisa – you asked why Harry did not release a pre-emptive photo? I think there are several reasons:
        1.) Harry was not at the point of the relationship where he felt it was that serious. Which is also why we have never seen a photo of the two of them together.
        2.) Harry never expected anyone to leak anything because no one else ever has.
        3.) He is Prince Harry, most women/girls he has been involved with have followed his lead and most have kept silent.

        He has never been involved with someone as media savvy as Ms. Meghan. If she did not leak the relationship, she certainly fanned the flames and her postings were purposely meant to get press attention and clearly point to Harry.
        My guess is that Harry was unprepared for those Instagram posts and was most likely caught a bit off guard by them.
        Ms. Meghan clearly was ready for it to be public knowledge, while I think he was not.
        I think in that respect, she out-maneuvered Harry and got what she wanted; I think the timing was planned and is very telling.
        The nasty comments directed to Ms. Meghan certainly show the low depths that people will go, especially when they feel they are incognito.
        As much as I would like to believe that the world is beyond prejudice it is not. I work in an office that services many cultures from around the world. I wish I could say that all my fellow employees are open minded and accepting of different cultures, they are not.
        That said, I do agree with you about Ms. Meghan envisioning a kind, gentle out-pouring of acceptance and goodwill. I am sure the majority of comments she received before this were from fans who left messages of admiration and acclaim. One can never foresee how the public will react, especially when it comes to someone they feel they are connected to, as so many feel about Harry.

        1. Hi Elizabeth. Happy to see you posting. But I actually didn’t question why he didn’t release a photo. I basically gave the same reasons you did in response to Karen’s post. I agree with what you’re saying as well. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. I’m not sure where it’s heading and hope it all works out for the best to all parties concerned.

    2. “Harry would not take a more realistic tact than blindly hoping for endless privacy?”

      Because he’s not that smart and doesn’t have smart advisers.

      1. Meghan certainly didn’t help her own cause by using her Twitter feed to fuel speculation. Inviting comments brings out both the good and bad in people.

        I imagine that Meghan is probably a lovely person, but fueling press intrigue the way she has makes me wonder if she is cut out to be a Royal. Celebrities keep secrets so that they can reveal them later. Royals keep secrets forever, at least theoretically. Dropping tantalizing hints to the press just sort of irritates me in situations like this because it doesn’t exactly show grace and poise.

        1. I agree, Kimberly. Her behavior during this period of rumors has not indicated the discreet temperament that has come to be expected of the royal family. If things truly played out as others have speculated they might have (Meghan’s team leaking and her purposefully fanning flames), I hope that Harry reconsiders his relationship with her. He doesn’t need someone hanging around him who is using their relationship for extra publicity.

  18. I took the statement as a request to back off from Meghan, not to back off from Harry’s private life. The statement acknowledged that he knows the public interest in him is par for the course. It is Meghan who is being treated unfairly and viciously. For this reason I believe that suggestions for Harry to “put on big boys pants and suck it up” or “quit whining” are misdirected: the primary message in Harry’s statement is to back off from Meghan, not to back off from him. I agree, the statement could have been phrased more succinctly and directly to make that clear. I can only imagine that KP might be following a protocol where they try to avoid actually telling press what to do or not to do.

    1. I agree. This is not denying anyone’s press freedom; Harry’s just asking them not to make racist, sexist comments toward Meghan. I don’t think calling out the press for their racist, sexist treatment of someone is a violation of freedom of the press.

  19. This is certainly an interesting situation that will bring out many people’s concerns and complaints about the BRF. I think that the racist/sexist remarks are completely and totally out of line — there is no reason that a person of color could not be a princess. With that said, I do wonder if Harry is wise to become involved with someone for whom celebrity is a defining characteristic. I think that part of the entire reason for the BRF to exist is to be a sort of anti-celebrity — cultural leaders who represent the “high culture” rather than low/middle class culture. If the BRF ceases to represent this aspect of British culture, it raises questions about why the taxpayer should continue to support an institution that could essentially be replaced by Hollywood.

    America’s culture is largely represented by the Kardashians and red carpet celebrities. We don’t have the equivalent of the British aristocrats, who promote fine artists and arts, exhibit the most representative manners and rituals of our society, or have social obligations to use their power and influence for good. Celebrities have no shame. Even in America, we see the culture of celebrity gradually seeping into our politics and public discourse. I don’t think this is a good thing.

    So my only real concern in this situation is that the Monarchy will lose the very features that make it unique by becoming a watered-down, celebrity-driven institution that is no longer definitively different from Hollywood, etc. I believe that would be a cultural loss. I think a lot of the discussion on this board deals with the fact that W+K don’t seem to realize this problem, and how important it is to make themselves into something other than “famous for being famous.” I was hoping Harry would be circumspect, but I am not so sure.

    I’m a British-American, by the way.

    1. The kennedy’s were great for the cultural advancement.
      The Obama’s have tried to some extent. It was at an event that Lin Manuel Miranda first did a song from Hamilton, when he was still working on it.
      I love see pics of the Spanish royals taking their kids to cultural events. I think appreciation of it can start at an early age

      1. I agree that there are some heads of state (political ones, too) who have been great for cultural advancement. All of the examples that you gave, though, are of leaders who tried to represent the best that a given country or culture had to offer. In my opinion, that is a characteristic of good leadership. I may be surprised at Meghan’s level of cultural appreciation, too. In the meantime, however, I would hate to see Britain’s history, culture, and traditions eclipsed by Hollywood.

        1. Oh I agree! London has some of the best theaters. I saw The Lion King there and it gave me goose bumps! I think Charles and Camilla enjoy the theater but I don’t recall any pics of them going. I’ve stated before that I’d love WK to go but I don’t see that happening. They don’t even do BAFTA events.
          I think if you’re aren’t raised to enjoy the theater then it can be hard as an adult to start going. That’s what I love about Hamilton and The Book of Mormon, they kinda got younger people out to the theater!
          The arts always needs funding (at least here in the states) so it could be an easy way to bring recognition to some events. The wouldn’t even have to be briefed on anything. Just show up. What their good at?

    2. I think you may have gone to the heart of the issue. Royalty is royalty and when they become more celebrity in their appearance and actions, the public begins to wonder what the purpose of the monarchy is and why should the monarchy continue.
      This has been questioned with W&K due to some of things they have have done.
      I think, for some, that is the issue with Ms. Meghan; her actions are far more celebrity-like. And many, like you, hoped Harry would be more circumspect in choosing a girlfriend.

      1. Exactly. This is not at all a personal criticism of Ms. Markle. Much of the criticism directed toward Kate is legitimate, but at least Kate understands the concept of royalty and (usually) does not attempt to be a celebrity instead. People criticize her for being dowdy or conservative in her style, but that is in part how she avoids being conflated with the likes of American celebrities. I think it is a good thing. As Lindsey said below, being “above” celebrity is the role of the leaders of a culture and people.

        As someone who is very proud of my British heritage, it makes me feel robbed when the monarchy behaves like celebrities. I’m generally a monarchist and learning about the monarchy was an important part of my family growing up and in part how I learned about my own culture. When she posted the spooning banana picture, I was like, Harry, please, no, just please, no . . .

        1. Middleton is constantly playing to the idea of celebrity instead of royal. She has no concept of the duty or work required for a royal role. The only engagements where she appears engaged or interested are movie premieres or when Ben Ainslie shows up.

          Someone who understood her royal role would not spend $200,000 a year for less than 200 hours of work. She wouldn’t keep buying evening gowns with thigh-high slits, trendy items, or keep having ugly originals made by high-profile designers. Middleton appears to be all about the money and celebrity, rather than work or duty.

          1. I’m not saying she fully comprehends the nature of the job. But she isn’t like a celebrity. I suspect that she imagines being royal as just showing up and looking pretty, but that lack of understanding isn’t the same as acting like a celeb, IMO.

          2. To me she acts every bit the celebrity, from the 3x a week hair appointments, annual vacations to Mustique, her multiple legal complaints about photos legally taken in public places.

            The enormous wardrobe, instead of a simple working wardrobe. Continuing to get freebies, albeit directed through her family. Buying huge amounts of clothes, putting them away for a season or two, not wanting anyone else to buy what she wears. It all smacks of self-absorbed celebrity WAG, not a working royal.

    3. +1 my understanding is that the BRF has strived to be “above” celebrity. Marrying an actress would undermine that, no matter how lovely the actress may be.

      1. W&K have already made their roles about lying to the press and attacking the press just like celebrities. And they never look happier than when hanging out with celebrities.

        IMO a working actress would understand the idea of *working for a living for your new country”, just as Grace Kelly (celebrity and actress) did.

    4. Kimberly I agree with you!
      The Royal Family, actually the yougest members, are turning into celebrities and this is what may end the whole Monarchy IMO

  20. I don’t care if her bone structure is like the one of pippa. I don’t care if this is something “serious” or not. I don’t care if her skin is black, white or somewhere in between. As long as they are happy together I am happy for them. Love rulz! ❤️

  21. Ugh–the more I think about this, the more I’m annoyed with Harry et al. What does this do to his Caribbean tour? It’s going to be a total sh!t-show, no? I just feel like he takes one step forward, two steps back.

    1. Ohhh good thought GreenTrees. I hadn’t even considered the upcoming tour. This statement is going to detract from any real work he does there. I can see this being all reporters want to talk about.

      I do hope that his media team is able to keep the focus on the people and charities that harry is visiting, but the team has proven to be so incompetent that I doubt they’ll be able to do so.

    2. Is he supposed to put his personal life on hold because he has a tour coming up? I’m genuinely trying to understand this line of thinking…

  22. Darn there goes our Harry and Rhianna romance rumor. Joking all aside i think its all a little too to late. The press are being viscous and people forget she’s only human. How much of this can she honestly take? They were probably in the honeymoon phase when they were dating in secret, now the gloves are off and her privacy is being violated, she’s being teared apart, not to mention some will probably try and stalk her, I’m wondering when is her breaking point? Now the true test of their relationship begins, she seriously has to think how much she wants to sacrifice for him because she getting a taste of her sacrifice right now and it’s just the beginning. It’s not a two way street.She’ll have to put up with his wondering eye, rumors, and the contents distance. She’ll have to sacrifice a lot of things to stay with him, yet he wont sacrifice very much for her in my opinion

        1. Chelsea said he cheated on her when they had broken up one time did she? I don’t know for sure but i thought that she said that.

        2. Harry has had two serious relationships, neither of which ended due to rumors about cheating. Because the rumors about cheating just aren’t about him. Whereas there is photo evidence of William straying, and confirmation from their set. W&K’s relationship began that way.

      1. I also don’t think it’s fair to deem Harry a cheater. From what we’ve seen, he seems to be a true romantic. I also think many men are wrongly subjected to cheating rumors when they are in the public eye. Not everyone is a scoundrel just because many women want to sleep with them!

  23. I agree with the Camilla Tominey – Eugenie leak. Not from Eugenie herself but someone working in Andrew’s camp maybe. Ms Tominey confirmed that he WAS in Toronto partying with Meghan, Eugenie and her boyfriend, that Meghan has NOT been to Balmoral nor met Charles. She also confirmed it wasn’t the designer friend Misha who introduced them (new possibility is her friend Markus). Some other respected journalist (can’t remember who) also confirmed that KP have known about this relationship since August and also had 3 days’ notice that the Express had this scoop before it went to print – so plenty of time to release a statement and yet they did nothing. So don’t feel sorry for Harry; not one bit.

    1. If they knew the story was going to break, there is no excuse. Why not do their own release highlighting all of Meghan’s better qualities and have *those* run in the papers, instead of letting journalists dig up every bit of dirt they can find on her first? It seems they would want to give her a leg up on negative publicity.

      While I understand that living in a fish bowl must be difficult, that is often the price that comes with being a leader. Any woman must know that dating Harry — let alone marrying him — is going to be an internationally visible leadership role. As with Kate, it is a position that comes with a great deal of privilege and opportunity, and one will end up accountable for using that to its fullest potential. I think it is hypocritical to “audition” for such a prominent role while attempting to claim that she doesn’t want press attention, especially when she stoked the flames herself with Twitter.

    2. Ordinarily KP would not have issued a press released about a relationship, so your “don’t feel sorry for Harry” doesn’t make any sense. They do not do pre-emptive “Oh isn’t she lovely” press releases.

      The reason this statement has been issued has been because of the vast amount of violent, hate-ridden, racist attacks on Markle in the last three days.

    3. If Harry announces the relationship, he will be criticized : people saying they don’t care, people thinking that they will be engaged, or that he speaks about his private life so they will wait to always hear about his private life.
      I don’t know if I am clear for the last part of my sentence…

  24. Is it sad one of my thoughts was how this takes attention away from the issue of W&K’s wasteful holitour spending?

    I don’t feel sorry for Harry about this. It is how his life is. That and let’s face it, KP is not professional and is run by William’s hyperbolic yes-men.

    But I do feel sorry for Meghan even though I feel she loves the attention and courted it willingly. It’s still totally batsh*t crazy for people to say the things they have said and done the things they did.

  25. Whilst I don’t agree with the abuse or racial comments. The hypocrisy of Harry is a bit galling as it’s not like Harry has an exemplary record on racial sensitivities. Anyone recall him referring to a fellow Soldier as “our little Paki friend” and dressing up in a Nazi uniform? Prince Phillip has been known to make racial slurs over the years.

    Ordinary people suffer racism everyday and I don’t see him defending them and making that one of his charity Royal causes.


    “If you don’t want Miss Sparkle trolled on social media, advise her to stay away from posting pictures of bananas spooning on her Instagram account for her 1.2million followers and teasing pictures of Buckingham Palace.

    And if Meghan wants to launch her own fashion capsule wardrobe in the same week as your relationship is leaked, expect attention.

    It’s a bit like going on Embarrassing Bodies then complaining when people saw your haemorrhoids.”

    I agree with this to a certain extent. I in no way think that anyone deserves to be the target of sexist or racist or verbally abusive comments. And if people are trying to break into Meghan’s house that is unacceptable. But IMO the way that this ‘relationship’ was introduced to us was tacky. The pictures of Buckingham Palace and other teasing Instagram pictures were tacky and immature. The comments from Meghan’s half sister, brother, and nephew were tacky. If Meghan respects Harry and his family, and if she really would like to pursue a relationship with Harry, she should have been more discreet. If it were me I would have deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts entirely, or at least made Instagram private, and I certainly wouldn’t have posted pictures of Buckingham Palace. And for those who may say that this is how she makes her living, there are many actresses who do not have social media and they do just fine. The touristy pictures of Buckingham Palace and the tea pot with puzzle pieces and the bananas spooning were all really tacky. Stop playing games with the public. it makes you look like you are loving the attention.

    Unfortunately, the way we found out about the relationship, and the way Meghan teased us on social media, has left a bad taste in my mouth. I think she is bad news. An opportunist who is trying to take advantage of Harry. I think it is tacky and indiscreet. Which is a shame. I am all for Harry marrying an independent career woman who does charity work. I would love that. I would love Harry to marry someone like Princess Victoria of Sweden, she’s my favorite.

    If we were introduced to her in a different way I might not have felt this way. If we had just seen a picture of Harry and Meghan skiing or watching a football game or something that would have been better. I would have just said “oh, Harry has a new girlfriend. Cool.” Instead of this tacky game of cat and mouse with the press. It was an absolute mess. If she really is the one, great. But she needs to be more discreet. If she is not the one, then Harry would be expected to make these kinds of statements for every other girlfriend he dates or they may feel he doesn’t care about them as much.

    As a side note, I wonder if Chelsy or Cressida feel crappy because Harry never did this for them. Chelsy had a tracking device on her car and people treated her horribly. Calling her fat and Miss Piggy and all sorts of horrible things. And I still have questions as to why Cressida was able to be discreet for two years before going public with Harry but Meghan barely knows him. If they have only been dating for a few months this all feels like too much too soon.

    1. I agree that Meghan’s teasing the press makes her seem very opportunistic. That’s why I think she doesn’t understand the difference between being royal and being a celebrity.

      1. +1 Kimothy. As much as she might’ve “fit in right away” with W+K, William hates nothing more than indiscretion and if this relationship continues to get more serious, the expectations from the family about her level of discretion and her behavior are going to change rapidly.

        I mean, should she still be doing racy TV scenes or photo shoots if she’s dating the prince? That’s a legitimate question that she and Harry will need to hash out.

      2. And if she acted holier-than-thou and aped royalty, she’d be criticized for that too. She isn’t a royal, she’s an actress. When and if she even becomes a royal, then we’ll see how she acts.

    2. I agree that she went about this the wrong way, hopefully she’ll be more discreet in future. I think the last three days have been a reality check, it’s a shame she’s had to endure such nasty, mean spirited comments. I have a feeling the press will retaliate…

      1. I agree! Sexist or racist or verbally abusive comments will forever be wrong and same goes for someone trying tobreak into her house and so on but I can’t help but wonder a bit about their actions here. From someone leaking it to media, her instagram account and message from KP, it’s all handled pretty badly.

      2. I agree the press is going to be out to get them with the accusations that Prince Harry tossed about in this statement. The race to get the first photo of them together is going to be more heated than ever.

    3. Cookie, I agree with you.
      Whilist I liked Meghan because she’ s an accomplished woman, she can make a speech, she has her own life and job, I really disliked how she leaked.
      She posted all that hints on her instagram account ( these are things you do when you are 15 and most of all when you are not dating a Royal) her family leaked.
      It all happened right before she launched her clothing line.
      IMO she’s probably using Harry and that statement by KP was in my opion needless, since Meghan is an adult 35 year old woman, not an early 20s, she is an actress therefore she is used to the attention of the press.
      And IMO Meghan wanted that attention, if she didn’ t she wouldn’ t have pested that pics.

  27. I’m not surprised Harry is dating an American, I was quite shocked by the racism in relation to the media reporting. I mean, her ethnicity is not obvious or important to me, I would have thought they would have gone the whole divorcee route. I think the statement is too long and that William and Kate will try and link their mental health/bullying campaigns to this request. Interesrting. On a shallow note, Kate has her work cut out for her. An actress is going to be a good’performer’ internationally.

  28. Honestly I can see Meghan wanting to move to the UK if the US election results hold. It won’t be a good place for anyone not lily white.

      1. Meghan is American and Suits may last one or two seasons at most. And since everyone is discussing whether or not she would give up her career to move to the UK to be with Harry, the current US political situation is definitely a factor as to whether or not that would happen.

    1. I really don’t want to talk about politics right now. Please let’s all refrain from bringing it up here. This blog is escapism and is not the place for politics.

  29. I have mixed feelings about the Meghan relationship. In a way, this Meghan relationship is refreshing. She is 35 and mixed. The other day I posted about Meghan being mixed and another commenter got bent out of shape over it because Lady Davina is married to an Aorian. Well, Lady Davina is not a major royal. Harry is. And also, the royal men date younger women. Kate was the oldest bride at age 29. So I like that about Meghan. But I don’t know how I feel about her. Her Instagram posts were tacky and she seem like a fame whore. I am disappointed.

    1. Sophie and Edward married when she was 34.

      The Duchess of Kent and Camilla are both two years older than their royal husbands.

      Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein is married to Princess Angela (formerly Angela Brown). She is 11 years his senior.

      Most of the European royals in this generation married women who were post-30. Maxima, Letizia, Mary. CP Victoria was 33 when she married Daniel.

  30. Good morning everyone. About Harry and Meghan here are my thoughts. Harry is an affectionate, genuine man, and really cares about his charities. However I always knew that he would actually be judged as ‘excellent’ royal depending on his choice as girlfriend / wife. As I said before, I admire that Meghan Markle has a steady job and is engaged in humanitarian causes, however I ask: she can be good to Harry but is she good for the Monarchy? Harry must think that if a woman is beautiful and works that is enough, but for monarchy it is not. I have no problem with Meghan being American, actress, divorced or bi-racial, but is this good for monarchy? Meghan has much more luggage than Kate but many people are comparing only the humanitarian work of the actress and the duchess. I just do not like how Meghan managed this situation (considering she reportedly was engaged with a man when she met Harry and she immediately split up to be with Harry, could it be another sign of her looking for visibility). Those bananas looked like a post from an teenager not from a 35-year-old woman. Harry said in his statement: “He knows commentators will say this is” the price she has to pay “and that is” all part of the game “. I have strongly disagrees. This is not a game – it’s her life and his “. I, Jamel, strongly disagree from Harry. Scrutiny IS YES the price she has to pay. This is what happens to public figures and both parties are public figures. The rumors were given away by Meghan loudly posting hints that she was dating Harry and having her family give non denials. It looks like she was dying for this to be out there and has been trying to get him to release a statement that he’s dating her for now. Kim Kardashian is more media shy than this woman. She got what she wanted and with the attention comes criticism so she does not have room to complain. She now has to take the good with the bad. He’s dating an older and American divorcee – a situation that did not work out well for his great uncle and is bound to draw comparisons. Harry dragged her into the family and is now expecting people to potentially wave at and respect her. It’s a horrid thought. She’s so indiscreet. By the way, this is what I dislike most. She actively encouraged the rumors through her own posts, her family are her worst enemy and Harry can not have it both ways – he has to take the good with the bad – he can not just expect the public to only take an interest when He wants them too – sorry Harry you’re royal – start acting like one. I know Harry has every right to preserve his private life, but his private life affects the monarchy. Harry has to wonder WHOM leaked the information to Camilla Tominey. She did not guess, someone told her. Someone on either side of him or Meghan since there was no blatant paparazzi or cell phone photo. If Meghan has somehow forced him into assuming the relationship, I’m afraid of what else she can do. A woman at her age will not wait 3, 5 years to get married. Many are already saying that she is pregnant, which would be a disaster for the Monarchy. But Harry’s statement makes it clear that it’s not just a fling, but that things are really serious between them. Poor Queen, she does not deserve this. I’m really trying to like this new couple, but definitely the bad impression this relationship left on me leaves me feeling discouraged. This is not the way to present a girlfriend for the public and the media, nor is it the way a future Royal has to present herself to the public and the media. I have seen someone comment that you only have only one chance to make a good impression, and despite her professional success Meghan did not leave me a good impression (nor on many people). But if Harry is happy, I’ll root for him.

    1. “Dragged her into the family” – really? Dragged?

      And yes, he *does* have every right to expect that his family should show respect to people he cares about…why on earth wouldn’t he?


  31. KMR, are you very worried about the results of the US election? I hope you are ok across the pond 🙂
    While I am still in shock over Trump really winning (and not even close!), I am trying to imagine a state visit to the US by European royals – seems almost impossible…

    1. No, I’m not okay – I keep fluctuating between being completely numb and bawling my eyes out.

      1. You can join me across the pond! I’ve found some properties in range that appear to be run as b &bs! If I hire (I think it’s2) peeps it gives me a work type visa=) thinking of forgoing nursing and trying that angle if need be=) it’s the Scottish highlands I’m looking is a wee bit cheaper there than in London! It can be a KMR type b & b

  32. After the travesty of the US elections, this blog and what these silly royals get up to is a welcome escape and an eye roll. I feel so numb, tired and discouraged, is all.

  33. It is an ironclad rule of the internet that – YOU DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

    Well, the trolls just got a huge dinner.

    I did not see anything in the mainstream press that was out of order or any different to the last 30 years of Royal date watching. It may be unpalatable to interview friends and family but that’s standard practice.

    Hand wringing articles about her sexiness or divorce are normal comments.

    I did not see anything out of order on her sex or her race. If KP went diving into the comments section, random blogs or troll threads on Reddit that’s their bad. Do not feed the trolls.

    None of this has so far been anything unusual from what you would expect of a high profile person. royal or otherwise, who announced a new partner.

    Kind of makes you see Kate and the Middleton’s in a different light – Kudos to their classy grin and bear it strategy?

    1. Say what you will about Carole and Kate, they have always played the long game. Just like the BRF.

      Interesting KP just announced a new engagement for Harry, along with the photo of him being tested for HIV, arguably the high point of his public life this year, no?

      Even if this engagement was in the works, this to me just underscores how completely bush league Jason Knauf is. There is no *strategy*. They just twist in the wind, then try to put out fires with ill-informed, knee-jerk responses. I suspect the British media knew that as well, which is why they pressed the model/Gandy story. They knew it was bait Harry’s team couldn’t resist. There is no discipline.

      1. Everything that the KP press team puts out seems rushed, unprofessional, and ad hoc. They don’t have a long game, or if they do, we just don’t see it.

        It’s funny to see that the Middletons outperformed someone with a professional PR team. To be fair, Kate seemingly had a lot less baggage that Meghan has. Kate didn’t have social media, chatty relatives, or a previous marriage. Her family schooled the press and played the game like experts. Regardless of your feelings about them being scrappy or social climbing, they’ve achieved their goals and did so with the aid of well-timed media leaks and stories.

    2. The press tried to break into her place. Kate never faced that nor did she face racist comments because she is white. Kate also was never called out for being in direct contact with the press. This is not the same at all.

      I find the comments that blame Meghan for this all because of a banana IG post very disturbing. Does she deserve racist comments and articles because of daring to post a few IG photos ? She should just be quiet and never speak? What kind of message are we sending to women. “Just shut up or else we will make you pay. ” Sounds dangerously close to slut shaming.

      1. I certainly don’t think that posting on Instagram, or anywhere else, constitutes receiving racist comments. My argument is that if your goal is to maintain your privacy, which Harry’s statement implies is their aim, you probably should be more judicious with your social media posts and think critically about what they might suggest to the public. If they truly wanted to make the story go away, don’t post anything! Posting photos that imply their relationship is her prerogative and I have no problem with that. The problem comes in when you post on social media in ways that overtly imply a relationship, sparking and fueling interest, and then demanding you be left alone.

        Either way, even if she had posted a photo of her and Harry or anything else, no one deserves racist or sexist comments, period. She should expect some respectful commentary, though.

      2. Nic919–

        I really appreciate your comment because this is something I’ve been struggling with. I want to flesh out a counter argument here but please know that my intention is to be entirely constructive. I can’t figure out exactly where to come down on this but this is what I think I think.

        First to clarify the press incident as I understand it. A photographer attempted to follow her assistant into her garage. They had him removed. If there were an actual crime committed, she would have filed a police report (as any citizen would) and we would have heard about it. Does this make it ethical, moral, right, not scary as hell? No. Is it to be expected when you are dating the son of the late Princess Diana, a man commonly referred to as the most eligible bachelor in the world? Sadly, yes.

        There is a significant difference between “comments that blame Meghan for all this” and those like me, who believe she has been complicit in whipping up some of the frenzy. The only ones to blame for vile racist and sexist bullshit are vile racist and sexist assholes. Please excuse the swearing but I simply can’t be strong enough on that point.

        But to point out that she hasn’t been discreet is in no way tantamount to saying she should never speak up or sending a damaging message to young girls. Legitimate criticism is not shaming.

        So let’s review her actions, with the understanding that social media is nothing if not a narrative. It is what people, especially famous ones, employ to conjure a very favorable story about themselves. And it is manna from heaven for lazy journalists.

        The twee bracelet posts, the shots of Buckingham palace, the spooning bananas, the tea-time jigsaw puzzle, the bearded ginger look-alike Harry in the ridiculous sweatshirt, etc, etc. I’ll give her a pass on the photo of her two dogs looking plaintively out the window that she posted within minutes of the release of the smokescreen story that Harry missed his flight to Toronto. I will also give her a pass on family members talking because I come from a broken family and I know how unwieldy that can make everyone.

        Are we reading into this? Yes, that’s what social media is for, especially celebrity social media. It beggars belief that she did not push this story with Harry in some way. Does that make the “abuse and harassment” ok? No. But nor does it make us slut-shamers to call her out for it.

        I would genuinely love to hear your thoughts.

      3. I don’t stand for racist and sexist comments.

        But one thing I find pathetically uninspiring is the rise of the Instagram model/lifestyle blogger ‘thing’.

        I don’t think a young women’s goal in life should be to aspire to have a lifestyle blog where they recommend paid products, to post pictures of themselves online just look pretty as a virtue, and to occasionally do a faux ‘good cause’ post. That’s not what was intended for women as people of substance or equal to men.

        I grew up with the idea women could be lawyers or doctors, so I am sad to see the next generation is growing up with the idea that a Lifestyle blogger is a solid goal.

        Markle is an average actress with one hit, at the age of 35. She then joined the lifestyle blogger/influencer brigade. It’s hardly inspiring stuff and deserves ridicule.

        1. I run a blog. Do I deserve ridicule, too?

          I don’t think any job makes people deserve ridicule. People may deserve criticism for their actions, but they never reserve ridicule. There is no job that automatically makes people deserving of ridicule.

          1. A lifestyle blog/public instragram life/being a brand is a particularly narcissistic thing to do and you don’t deserve respect for that and your motives in pursuing a high profile relationship deserve scrutiny.

            It’s not running a blog, it’s making yourself a pubic figure for the sake of it.

            The It girls of old got the same feelings from people about their pointless look at me activities, from Tara PT to Paris Hilton to this new breed of posers.

            The plea for privacy is pretty ironic

    3. The Middletons have never had a grin and bear it attitude. They have used every pap, reporter, and incident to their advantage that they could. Relationships with paps, feeding reporters information, hiring a tabloid PR hack as their PR hit man behind the scenes.

      The Middletons are not clean in what they’ve done to manipulate the press and public in the last 15 years.

      1. Clean? No, not clean. Lindsey said they played like “experts” and that is true. I think the point is that the Middletons wanted to gain entry to a higher class, so they learned the rules of that class and played by them.

        1. I don’t think they’d played it like experts. If they had, it would have been fully invisible instead of tracked, discussed, and mocked for 15 years.

          For all the other things they did, they didn’t muzzle Uncle Gary. One of the biggest mistakes in their PR campaign, a campaign some people think they didn’t wage.

      1. Thanks, I’ve decided that too after being on it. They post the local realtors underneath a listing, so can check them out too.

          1. Will do. I sent an inquiry to see if my nursing education meets with their standards. It of course seems to be a process. If that doesn’t work out I’ll apply to grad school there. I had applied here in the states but in light of recent events find the need to live abroad for awhile.

    1. I have a bad feeling about where this is going. So much, so soon. And just careless.

      Anyone know how far into his relationships with Chelsy and Cressida Harry was before it became public?

      And one more thing–if it is true that Harry was holed up at Meghan’s house when she posted the banana pic (and I cannot believe how much time the world is spending on this damn fruit), then I’m nearly done with him. He knows better. What a fraud.

  34. And Emily Andrews: When asked for specifics, KP wouldn’t give any.All paper reporters left scratching our heads…partic when KP refused to engage w/us at all.

    1. I also think stating so many details was unwise on KP’s part. If these claims are in anyways deemed untrue, Harry will be severely discredited, if not at least seen as whiney. It will certainly set back the BRF’s crusade against the press.

  35. Just out of curiosity I am wondering how did KP get their hands on this stuff , especially the newspaper stories, before it became public ……. “and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments. Some of it has been hidden from the public – the nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of papers”

    I am beginning to think issuing this statement was a big mistake. If KP felt a statement needed to be issued it should have been stern in tone, and brief;, acknowledging that this woman is Harry’s girlfriend and racist comments are not appropriate and to please respect her family’s privacy or maybe it would have been better if KP just kept silent and stuck to the “never complain, never explain” mantra .

    1. I agree with all but the part about respecting her family’s privacy. This would be the same family that appears to be talking to the media?
      I think the problem is when you’re a celebrity, the notion that any/all attention is good but that doesn’t necassarily work for royalty. She needs to find a balance.

    2. I actually am glad it happened because it shows that KP PR is trawling social media sites to take the public (‘fan’) temperature and adjust accordingly. This has the lame Jason’s fingerprints all over it. It is reactive, which I think is very different from before for British royal personages.

      And from the looks of it, to Jason the American media matter so much more than the British media to the extent that the latter might as well be a squeaky toy.

      ITA with your second paragraph.

    1. Ugh. I now agree releasing that statement as they did was a huge mistake. The press is not backing down, and the public doesn’t seem to be on his side either.

    2. Wow. I took a look though I never go to the DM as a rule. What is so interesting to me is that we have never seen cartoons of Waity and she is a satire waiting to happen. That raises a lot of questions.

    3. So a woman who has come from nothing, worked hard to get where she is, uses her fame so acquired to get further, is problematic? Why, because she is an ambitious women, and ambition is only ok in men? Why, because she is not the stereotypical conservative Brit or seen but not heard Royal? Good on her that she worked to get where she is, that she is unashamedly ambitious, and that she uses her fame for good. And good on Harry that he has used his position to speak out against racism and misogyny, which the conservative press fuels. If more people in positions of power spoke out, perhaps we wouldn’t have a fascist in the White House today. Finally a royal proves that s/he is more than just a privileged ornament. And shame on those who think that because she is ambitious and self-promoting, and he a public servant, that people are entitled to harass and humiliate them. Whether he/she/they leaked the story, and whether she posts spooning bananas , has no bearing on the fact that stories in the press and comments on social media (including here) are, if not outright racist/sexist, implicitly so. That is what Harry was objecting to, and all the buts and ifs are merely justification to make people better about their bigotry.

      1. I don’t have a problem with her using her fame to get further. I have a problem with her using a human being to further her fame.

        Please see my earlier response to Nic919, and my even earlier comments that I think Meghan is, as a woman, a badass.

        I still don’t like how this show is being run. I do not think, nor have I implied, that anyone is “entitled” to humiliate anyone. And I am categorically not a bigot.

      2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a woman being ambitious/driven.
        The problem is that yes royalty/celebrity may be on the same road but there’s a fork and they should diverge and never meet. Yes, we want royals to be out there using their name for causes but there should be a difference between the two. A fine line but a line of demarcation none the less.
        It comes off looking absurd to tell the media to back off when in some way she’s been courting it.
        And of course, racist hateful remarks are never acceptable but Harry and his team have handles this all wrong. Most people love/enjoy Harry and forgive him a lot but this is starting to turn people against him, like it has William.

  36. Please don’t laugh, but this old fogey has a genuine question. What is the point of her twitter blog (if that’s what it’s called.)? Does one make money from # of hits? Do all celebrities have one? Is the number of followers verified (she has a lot, but most of us have never heard of her)? Is KMR a social media site?

    1. Celebrities create things like this to help establish their “brand”, whilst hoping to become what is known in social-media speak as an “influencer.” The bigger your influence, the more money-making opportunities come your way. The point of it all, it seems to me, is to round you out as an entity so that there are more “synergies” that can be leveraged with potential partners.

      The only thing I’m laughing at is that you keep calling yourself an old fogey;). I love that word!

    2. A lot of celebrities use such accounts to hock numerous goods. Without trying/appearing to be. So not only name recognition but also $$ they’ll post things like: my stay slim smoothie is so yummy and gives so me so much energy.
      That type of thing i.e. Kardashians and their sites.

    3. Hi Fifi,

      I see five questions in your comment (plus a need for clarification), so I’m going to address each one:

      1) Twitter and a blog are two different things. Twitter is a specific website and company which allows users to sign up and to post short, 140-character long messages. A blog is a generic form of writing that involves an individual or small group of individuals creating material and posting it on one’s own website (whether it’s self-hosted or not self-hosted doesn’t matter, a blog is still specific to the individual author(s)). On both Twitter and a blog, at the discretion of the owner, people can post comments and replies to a user or blog writer’s posts.

      2) A. The point of Twitter varies from user to user, but mostly it’s about expressing one’s ideas and conversing with others (as is the point of all social networks). I prefer Twitter over other social networks because it is short, sweet, and to the point – the character limit allows/forces people to be concise. Also, if you follow the right people, you can get a good snapshot of news and articles really quickly.

      B. The point of a blog is personal expression more than anything. People have different reasons for writing blogs, but the base reason is to express one’s ideas.

      For both Twitter and blogs, self-promotion can be a part of the point of them.

      3) I’m not sure if you mean Twitter or blogs when you ask if people make money off of hits, so I’ll give an answer for both:

      A. On blogs, if one includes ads, one can make money off of clicks every time someone clicks on an ad. That’s why I have ads on my site: to make some money to off-set the cost of hosting my own site (ie. buying the domain name and server).

      B. Twitter is a longer story. For most people, no you don’t make money off of Twitter. However, if you have a certain number of followers, you can make money by being an “Influencer” and posting links or ads to various company’s campaigns. It’s called Influencer Marketing. Companies reach out to various Influencers with a certain number of followers in the company’s target demographics, the Marketer will have a campaign they would like the Influencer to post about, the Influencer will come up with a post idea, and the Marketer will approve it. Then the Marketer will pay for the Influencer to post the campaign. People with a certain amount of followers and follower engagement (which is the biggest deal) can make ten of thousands of dollars off of one Twitter post. This type of marketing happens with other social media sites as well.

      4) Not all celebrities have Twitter – there are celebrities which are famously not on Twitter – but many celebrities do have a Twitter account. What they post varies from celebrity to celebrity.

      5) No, the number of followers is not verified. In fact, there are many celebrities which have been called out for buying followers in the past, where some of the accounts following them are not real people (Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian are two that come to mind).

      6) Kate Middleton Review is not a social media site. This is a blog.

      I hope that answers all of your questions.

      1. Thank you, KMR, for very enlightening answers. As you can tell I don’t do much on the internet and don’t have a social media profile, I don’t think.

        I am glad to know about the ads and that they give you a way of re-couping some of your expenses for what is one of my favorite sites.

  37. I don’t agree with the bullying or racial slurs – irrespective of whom they are directed at. As for media interest in this couple – well IMO it is to be expected. Meghan had a public profie in the pre-Harry days – as an actress, and by virtue of the social circle that she mixes in and the press they all get. Pre Harry she would have wanted as much press as she could get – to keep her name out there in the minds of those casting the next TV series, or movie, TV ads, modelling opportunity etc. Most people who live in this space tip off the paps as to where they will be or what they are doing – a la Kim K. So it is a bit a a stretch for KP to have any “privacy” expectations at all.

    1. This statement is not asking for privacy. It is asking for the racist and sexist harassment Meghan has received from the press to stop.

    1. I honestly think everyone missed the point of Harry’s statement if this is the response. He’s not saying “don’t write about my private life”, he’s saying “don’t be racist”. I don’t think calling out racism is denying press freedom.

      1. Hypocritical though? Given that he himself has been criticised for racial controversies. Odd that he only speaks about racism now?

        1. That was years ago. People can change, and Harry has done nothing to indicate he didn’t. And everyone has the right to call out racism whenever they want.

      2. Hi KMR, I agree and I think the mistake of that announcement was that it had too much information and should have solely been focused on a broader statement that KP is disappointed in this day and age that the media has chosen to publish racist articles of any kind and harass family members of friends of royal family members. IMO, a statement like this would have confirmed that PH was in a relationship.

        1. I agree. Now the press is using these exaggerations to justify their behaviour and nobody’s paying attention to what he actually meant. Messy PR

        2. BB–you nailed what would have been perfectly sufficient.

          The statement they released suggests that KP sits around taking the temperature of public comments on news websites and social media. They are always trying to appeal directly to the public with these dramatic statements, rather than working with the press to create a positive public profile. It’s no wonder a senior royal predicted to Richard Palmer a while back that “everything will go to twitter and instagram” and royal reporters will be obsolete. That had to have been William. What an idiot.

          1. ……and just goes to show us that KP and probably the British government is trolling the trolls, which I guess is to be expected as this could also could have something to do with security and perceived threats against the BRF. By the way, I do not write this as some conspiracy theorist, but just as an assumption.

      3. I think the problem is that the statement was written so poorly. It was way too long. KP needs to learn the KISS method. Keep it simple stupid. It’s too long winded that it’s hard to understand what their point is.

  38. I’ve been thinking a lot about Harry’s response. He is spot on in the vileness of racist comments and innuendoes. Much as we would like to think we live in a post racism world, we have only to look at the vile abuse that has been aimed at Pres. Obama to understand that racism is still a disgusting thing lurking under our world’s rock.

    I’m less sure about the sexism. Meghan seems like a strong woman who doesn’t depend on anyone for her place in the world. I think it would be hard to make sexist remarks about her. Maybe I just missed seeing that.

    Both of these topics would be excellent foci for Harry’s work in the future, and fit into the mental health thing that seems to lack meat right now. But how effective he or anyone could be is questionable. I’m afraid we all are preaching to the choir. The internet has enabled this disgusting behavior to be too easy.

    On another topic. I saw Harry compared to Prince Albert and was puzzled. I mean, Prince Albert married in, and was famously in love with, and loyal to Victoria from a young age. Then I realized I was in the wrong century–Prince Albert of Monaco.

    1. I am sad to say I think I am officially bailing on Harry. Yesterday *someone* conveniently leaked that Meghan had asked for time off from Suits to deal with something important. Push her, push the story once more. Tomorrow, she’ll be on the front page of the DM, having been oh so conveniently papped whilst shopping at Whole Foods in London. Adorably, she’s wearing Harry’s hat and carrying a bag that urges us to help alleviate poverty. I just can’t with this one. I hate myself for the cynicism but this is too coy for me. I did watch about three minutes of her on YouTube today and found her energy mesmerizing, but I feel like I’m getting played one way or another. Ultimately I can’t reach any other conclusion than that Harry himself is a fraud. Maybe all the skeptical royal reporters have always been onto something.

      I would love for one of you to change my mind.

      Edit: Great minds, Matty?

      1. At this point all I can think is that it has been serious for a while, and that KP had a hand in this sighting. I think she is meeting the family and may be leading up to the big announcement.

      2. GreenTrees, I’m a huge Harry fan. Could give him the benefit of the doubt on a lot, but this just seems too fast, too soon and too grasping for lack of a better word. This Whole Foods visit screams pap stroll to me. Whoo boy, I hope he knows what he is doing cause I’m getting ready to lump him in with his dense older brother.

        Also, could be nothing but Aya posted a gorgeous ruby and diamond ring on Instagram a couple of days ago that is a custom design. Would be very tacky to have your ex girlfriend design your current girlfriends engagement ring, but he’s such good friends with all of his exes I wouldn’t put it past him.

        1. This may just be me, but I would be pissed if my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend designed my engagement ring. I would want to pick my engagement ring out myself.

          1. I wouldn’t even want my fiancé’s ex girlfriends attending my wedding, but Kate didn’t seem to mind that.
            But then again I wouldn’t have wanted Diana’s ring as my engagement ring, either.

          2. I hear you KMR, but these guys not only stay friends with their exes, they invite them to the weddings and parties after they’ve moved on. So I wouldn’t put it past Harry to pull that move. A bump for Chelsy’s company. But still too close for comfort.

          3. I wouldn’t necassarily want to pick out my own ring but my guy should know my cut (asscher or cushion) =)??
            The problem when you only date (generally) not only within your socioeconomic stratus but also social one (which for the royals seem to be the same group)you pretty much have to make nice and hang with the same peeps. When I’m done with an ex I try to hopefully never see them again =)

        2. Surely there is no way Chelsy would post that before he proposed. And also wouldn’t Harry propose with something from the family jewels? And wouldn’t Meghan push for that? Methinks Chelsy is just trying to capitalize on the publicity, even if historically that hasn’t been her m.o. She has a business to build now, and I honestly think Harry has probably more or less given his blessing for this since she’s done interviews where she’s mentioned him.

          I’m sorry but the fact that MM is there during the Remembrance Day events and all this silliness could overshadow our fallen heroes? Harry’s done two tours. He founded the Invictus Games. He knows better.

          1. Charles didn’t purpose to Diana with something from the family jewels. Most BRF engagement rings have not been from the family jewels.

          2. Agree that it’s a beautiful ring. But it’s too much like Diana’s ring. Personally, I’d want something totally different and reflects who I am. Glad my boyfriend knows what I like and don’t like.

      3. GreenTrees I don’ t like her either, I just don’ t like it all, how things have been handled and IMO she looks like a fame seeker.
        I hope time and her deeds will change my mind

  39. Front page of Daily Mail. Pics of Meghan Markle wearing Harry’s baseball cap. Returning from shopping to Kensington Palace.

    1. This all feels oh so staged to me… Also, I guess the RF family is over the premarital sex thing since it’s become blatantly obvious that she’s staying in his home? I’m not saying I care or think less of anyone who partakes, I just thought premarital relations wasn’t kosher with royals?

      Either way, this sends strong signals about the seriousness of the relationship.

      1. I think that ship sailed when Kate and Will lived together before they were engaged. Probably paved the way for this situation. Or who knows, maybe they sleep in separate bedrooms. There’s plenty to spare at KP. But… I highly doubt it.

      2. I don’t know about the photos, but side-eyeing her badly for bailing on work to be with her boyfriend. That’s very Waity of her. The show’s producers and the crew must have loved this.

        I’ve worked on film and these production schedules are usually tight and organised so that you don’t waste money nor time. So either this story is fake or she’s very unprofessional.


    So Meghan wrote a blog post two years ago that referenced “Princess Kate” and the royal wedding and how all women want to be a princess. This is a bit embarrassing. She talks about interviewing Princess Alia Al-Senussi her blog and she had a ““pinch-myself-I’m-emailing-with-a-princess” moment.

    I saw someone else post this on another site and thought I would share it. I really hope Meghan actually cares about Harry, I don’t want him to get hurt. I don’t trust her. Just my instinct.

    1. Firstly, Ugh at the annoying fonts. Secondly, wow that was short and frivolous. I expected the Tig Talk thing to be some deep interview about the person’s work, not the pointless questions that were asked.

      ETA: I read some more of the Tig Talk posts and they all have the same questions. Why not ask these people about their work if you have the opportunity to ask them questions?

  41. Yes, I’m a skeptic on this, but I am determined to see the other side and to prove myself wrong. (I have a newborn at home so it must be the post partum hormones that have me all over the place and that keep me up able to comment all hours of the night!)

    So that said, I encourage everyone who hasn’t to go to YouTube and watch interviews of Meghan. She is captivating and has an undeniably contagious energy. She has a positivity. It is not at all hard to see what Harry sees in her. I really mean that.

    I hope it’s real and they are real and in it for the long run.

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