Prince William ‘thinks Harry made a mistake’ in releasing statement on Meghan Markle (updated)

Prince William ‘thinks Harry made a mistake’ in releasing statement on Meghan Markle (updated)

The Daily Mail (I know) has an article about Prince William‘s reaction to Prince Harry‘s statement defending Meghan Markle against the racist and sexist attacks she was getting after their relationship was exposed, and it’s too cute by half. There is also an article from the Financial Times in here about the relationship between the press and the royals and their team. There are also some photos of Harry’s tour at the end.

You can read the full thing at the Daily Mail, but here are some quotes from “sources”:

On William’s thoughts on Harry releasing the statement, a “well-placed Palace source” said:

    “He thinks Harry made a mistake in confirming the relationship and releasing such an emotional statement so soon [into it]. He feels that the statement offered up too much information and only served to fuel speculation about how serious Harry is about Meghan. It could also put him in a difficult position in the future regardless of whether the relationship leads to something or not. William knows that his brother can be hot-headed and understands that it is something he felt very strongly about. Privately, he shares a lot of the sentiments he and Meghan expressed as, make no mistake, she was very involved in the statement too. But he believes it was wrong to make his feelings so public.”

The DM says William “was made aware of the statement before Harry put it out”, and a KP spokesman said:

    “The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him.”

The “source” said:

    “William is of the opinion that you need to keep your powder dry on these sorts of things and they, as a family, should only resort to making public statements when there is no other option left. He just doesn’t feel this was a big enough issue to make a fuss about.”

That first quote sounds like someone has been reading Twitter and blogs, because those are literally the same things many people have said on Twitter and blogs about Harry’s statement: that the statement was too emotional, that is only served to fuel speculation on the relationship, etc.

This article makes me giggle, though, because it seems like someone (William, his team, the DM?) was sitting around thinking of ways to make William seems better since no one cared about his Vietnam trip, and they read the reaction to Harry’s statement from royal watchers, and were like “Kill two birds with one stone!” and came up with this: that William totally agrees with many royal watchers that the statement should have been worded better. Bam. Done. Cut the check.

UPDATE: The Telegraph has a story saying William approved of Harry’s statement before it went out. A royal source told The Telegraph:

    “They don’t issue statements like that without talking to each other, and they talked about the Meghan Markle statement extensively in advance of it being put out. The Duke was as alarmed as anyone about what was happening with Meghan. No-one wanted to have to put that statement out, including Prince Harry, and there was concern about confirming the relationship. But over the course of one weekend things escalated to the extent that Prince Harry felt he had to act.”

Another royal insider said: “There is just no way Prince Harry would have put that statement out if William had disapproved.”

Lulz. No matter who came up with the DM story (which reads like fan fiction), it seems it got under someone’s skin. Lol, this whole thing is so stupid.


Speaking of royal/press relations, the Financial Times has an article about how William and Harry are trying to “redraw” their relationship with the media. The FT story has quotes from various (unnamed) journalists and photographers, and one from Jason Knauf himself. An excerpt:

    “Mr Knauf and the team surrounding the royals, many of whom are in their 30s, have deliberately kept the traditional media pack at arm’s length. One senior journalist who asked not to be named decried Mr Knauf’s ‘really poor press operation’ and said the statement from Prince Harry about Ms Markle had been ‘shockingly immature’. This tension has been exacerbated by the palace often choosing to use social media to release new pictures of Prince William, his wife Kate and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. […]
    “The Sun’s royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who has been covering the family for the newspaper for almost 40 years, said that in recent months a ‘them and us’ stand-off had developed. ‘Kensington Palace thinks they can control it all themselves. They want to ignore newspapers — but the newspapers aren’t going anywhere. We’ll still be here when Twitter’s finished.’ […]
    “But their attempts to redraw the relationship have met with resistance from newspaper editors who believe they have overreacted and taken attempts to freeze out the papers too far. ‘I think they basically want levels of privacy around them and their lives which society is not willing to give,’ said one senior journalist who asked not to be identified. Bob Satchwell, from the Society of Editors, said: ‘I think sometimes the royal family forget all the positive pieces which the papers run.’ […]
    “David Yelland, a former Sun editor who now runs a communications consultancy, said newspapers were emboldened after passing through the phone-hacking scandals. ‘The tabloids in particular have got their peckers up,’ he said, adding that it was an error to shut them out. ‘The young royals clearly don’t like the press and they are making the mistake of making that very clear.’ […]
    “Speaking from St Lucia, Mr Knauf dismissed the suggestion he was cutting the newspapers out. He said: ‘Eighty per cent of our time is spent supporting the media. ‘It is true that we simultaneously release images on social media and to broadcasters and newspapers. It has become increasingly clear that we have a responsibility to reach people wherever they are. A lot of people are not buying newspapers.'”


I don’t think there is anything wrong with releasing photos on social media, but maybe there could be a compromise between the press and KP: KP releases some photos on social media, and then either releases other photos straight through the press or does photocalls periodically so that the press gets their photos. Compromise.

PS. Here are some photos from Day 3 of Harry’s tour on November 22 when he was in Barbuda. I will have more coverage of the tour at a later date to cover all the other days I’ve missed. On Day 3, Harry visited Holy Trinity Primary School and Nursery, and joined the school children preparing celebrations for the school’s 93rd anniversary of their Founders’ Day. Harry also visited Sir McChesney George High School where he gutted a fish. And he unveiled a dedication to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy and Arbour Day Fair at Queen Victoria Park Botanical Gardens.

189 thoughts on “Prince William ‘thinks Harry made a mistake’ in releasing statement on Meghan Markle (updated)

  1. The press and the RF are an ouroboros, constantly using and being used by each other in an endless circle. Articles like this are pure celebrity fluff. This isn’t reporting on a royal visit or speech, but is a leaked opinion, supposedly. Which is silly since William shouts to anyone who will listen that he values his privacy, but this seems like a strategically leaked opinion piece, as KMR said. So the only thing I understand from this article is that William is a hypocrite. Keep telling yourself you are smarter at press manipulation than your parents. Your strategies are obvious and sad. Trying to score points on your brother is pathetic.

  2. Some background from the web site:
    ”The Duke of Cambridge is committed to helping children and young people to build their skills, confidence and aspirations. Through his charitable work, His Royal Highness has strived to raise awareness of how serious issues affecting young people, for example homelessness, bullying, and mental health problems, can spiral out of control and cause ongoing suffering if left unaddressed.” (Part of the Heads Together campaign.)

    A speech by The Duke of Cambridge at the Founders Forum 2016:
    ”…I believe that, by your coming together creatively and openly to tackle bullying, you will be creating an enduring model for how the Internet should progress into the next stage of its development.”
    I have avoided commenting on the PH gf social media kerfluffle. I think that PH missed a golden opportunity when his original statement was issued. Complaints of social media bullying could have been the opening salvo from PH as a rep of the Heads Together campaign against cyber bullying. Why didn’t they take it? MM could have been a ‘close friend’ that had been subject to cyber bullying because of a friendship with PH.

    The second opportunity was PW getting involved by letting it be known what his assessment was of the initial statement. PW could have made the issue an example of cyber bullying and how quickly it gets out of control with serious, hurtful consequences.

    Were these statements the compromise between PR and lawyers?
    All they had to do was couch it all in terms of an example of cyber bullying taken well beyond the bounds of decency.

    I’d like to write more about PR deficiencies but I also realize that they have been constrained in the past and probably were this time too. None of the younger royals have taken a degree in communications. Geography and military training override PR training and experience.

    1. If the DM article is true (if), then I actually think it’s really stupid of William/his team to say that the MM thing wasn’t a big enough issue to warrant the KP statement. I think the statement is a great opening for William to talk about cyberbullying and if he really does think her experience wasn’t a big enough issue to warrant comment, then that just shows that he doesn’t really care about cyberbullying.

      But Emily Andrews has said on twitter that the press never got a response to anything from KP until the statement was issued. Like, KP didn’t try to say anything to the press to stop the attacks for over a week. I’m surprised KP didn’t try to calm things down off the record before going straight to issuing the statement. And when they did issue the statement without saying anything first, I actually thought W or H was going to piggy back off that and say something about cyberbullying, but they never did.

      1. The initial statement against cyber bullying should have come from PH. He, his brother and his SIL are the face of the Heads Together campaign and bullying, in any form, is a plank in the platform. If they believe in the programs they have started, PH and PW should have used this instance as an example and a forum to reinforce their belief in their program. Neither man did, not just PW. It seems that neither man cares much about their program.

    2. That would have been so brilliant! Like, really, really perfect. It’s too bad they do t have someone in KP who can think strategically.

  3. As far as I recall, the photos released on social media have to do with George and Charlotte and not anything related to Harry.

    I still don’t think most people have a problem with Harry releasing a statement telling the UK press to back off with the racist and sexist articles. They were out of bounds. Royal Dish posters have been analyzing this to death along with and IG photo posted by MM, but the average person will not be obsessing that much. And traditional media is just mad because this statement took a story from them. There were UK media people trying to get into her garage in Toronto… this was excessive.

    As for Will, he is just a hypocrite and I still think he and Kate don’t like Harry and mm getting positive attention, especially from the US magazines, where it has all been positive. Meghan would be an actual American princess, and boring Kate pushed by the way side.

    And what about those articles on Carole the super grandma… that is obviously Middleton concern about Meghan being more popular.

    1. I wandered over to Royal Dish for the first time after the Meghan news broke and those people frightened me so I left and haven’t been back.

      Like I said in my article, the DM article reads like someone trawled the blogs and came up with a reaction fit for William to make him seem likable to a certain section of royal watchers. It’s oddly specific.

      The FT article is separate from the DM article and does talk a lot about the release of photos of G&C on social media. I just grouped the two articles together because I didn’t want to make a separate post for either.

    2. I think it was the Financial Times article that said that if UK media had been involved in anything approaching harassment (printed or gathering info) then KP would have been quick to file a complaint with the International Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) as they have been so quick to do with other incidents. The fact that they did not, according to the article, means that KP and Jason Knauf knew full well that they had no grounds to do so.

      That doesn’t address the issue of cyberbullying though, and y’all are right–excellent opportunity totally missed by those young royals who are supposed to be so passionate and “keen” about the issue.

      And just a FYI, regarding the IPSO’s stance on reader comments, in the ruling on the DM breaching Beatrice’s privacy, they say that “user-generated content, including reader comments, falls within IPSO’s remit once it has been reviewed or moderated by the publication. In this case, readers’ comments were removed from the article once they had been brought to the publication’s attention and subjected to review. This content therefore fell outside of IPSO’s remit.”

      1. The invasion of garage incident was in Toronto and they wouldn’t have jurisdiction in Canada. IPSO is only for the UK.
        Besides it was a criminal incident under investigation by the Toronto Police Service and needed to be handled at that level first. As for the articles about her family, the ones who weren’t volunteering information on purpose anyway, again they would be doing this in the US and since they are about Meghan, an American citizen and not a U.K. Citizen, it would be hard for IPSO to appy here too.
        It is quite possible the meeting with lawyers did include discussions of making complaints, but we are dealing with three separate countries and different laws for each.

        1. I understand that the IPSO only applies to British press–and not all participate–so that perhaps the harassment they are referring to was by the American media. They certainly didn’t make anything clear. But I do get your point that the forced entry is a criminal incident and has to go through other channels first.

          However from what I understand the IPSO does apply outside the UK–for example, Princess Beatrice wasn’t sailing off the Cornish coast but in the Mediterranean. It was that the article, pictures and comments were on a UK media site.

          And not sure that the IPSO only applies to British subjects: After a quick search I did find at least a couple of cases where they investigated complaints from an African and a Polish woman about articles in the British press.

          If Meghan or her family did file a complaint, a ruling would take months. But by doing so it would send a very strong, immediate message to the media, and not just those in the UK.

    3. Seems indicative to me that none of them are bright or experienced enough…. PW etc. ought to know and acknowledge they lack experience (being young-ish), and surround themselves with people who have been around longer and thus gained experience. Creating a ‘young court’ may seem more fun, but is not clever.

  4. I walked by a new People magazine tonight. The cover said “Kate’s Secret weapon. Carole Middleton.” I am over that family. I won’t be buying that issue


      Someone else in bill middleton access – carol kmiddleton family PR scheme is on the attack of Prince Harry’ s Meghan family, and spoken for secretive, bill middleton. Just shows jealousy and lack of…that whiny is in charge of 32 year old Prince Harry (over the POW and HM); scared to think that Prince Harry is serious of MM in less than 10 years wait-y.

    2. I haven’t bought a “People” magazine since George was born. Utterly sycophantic and all but groveling. Nauseating. I did write a comment about it, something to the effect of say what? ‘From our humble family to your royal one’? That set me off like a fire cracker on the Fourth Of July.
      This whole thing with Harry and Meghan is to me something that started as a tiny flame and somebody somewhere in the deep recesses of the palace, with very little oxygen since there are no windows decided it was a good idea to pour gasoline on the little flame and now it’s a raging out of control fire. Jason, Jason, Jason whatever were you thinking? The young royals don’t like the press, eh? I rather suspect that one married in loves loves loves the press, or maybe not so much with recent attention placed elsewhere. Even a ‘royal’ can’t have it both ways, use the press for their own benefit and then shun them when the wind turns. William is absolutely delusional if he thinks he has control of the press, and this firestorm is way out of his control. Like anyone cares what he thinks. He’s an idiot. Pot meet kettle. His royal rampaging is simply highlighting his hypocrisy and total lack of how the ‘real’ world works. The press won’t go away, and it’s almost comical at this point, rather like the “Keystone Cops”, which way did he go, which way did he go? Personally, I think this is the best entertainment to come out of Britain since waity katie. Oneupmanship, and then add the super granny to the mix and popcorn sales should soar. This is getting better by the minute in entertainment terms. Meghan’s family is blabbering, and there isn’t a thing that can stop them. America is funny that way, what with freedom of speech and all that jazz:)

  5. This is a royal thirst trap. It seems like he’s looking for publicity because Vietnam was a coverage flop. Also, William did nothing to protect Kate during the Waity years – he shouldn’t expect Harry to be just as uncaring.

  6. To be honest I am over Chopper and Brown Barbie – Harry seemed to have some gravitas but that seems lost too … keep up the good work on reporting on them

    1. I’m tired of the H&M stories. If the relationship looks to go the distance, I’ll want to know more, but this constant rehashing of her past (not on this site — thank you, KMR) has gotten old. However, I’ve paid attention to Harry’s tour, and his gravitas remains largely intact. Some evidence of caring, good manners, and good speechifying going on in the Carribean this week. Some poor clothing choices (I snark at Kate, I’ll snark at Harry) diminished it only slightly.

  7. You know what I’ve realised? That William, more than anyone else in the Top Six has the most privacy(this goes in hand with less press). Kate (and/or the children) th can be pap’d shopping in Ken HS(or elsewhere) while Bill won’t be pap’d heading off to a shooting weekend. Non-royal watching people don’t wonder/speculate about his whereabouts – he’s that forgetable.

    1. Could be by his own design. The problem comes when he’s so forgettable and no one cares about him that they don’t pay attention when he wants them to pay attention to him – like when he’s doing his conservation thing or cyberbullying thing.

      Oh, and whatever happened to William and male suicide? KP said that was going to be a big focus for him but he hasn’t done much with it the last several months (I don’t think).

      1. Could have been one of the ‘private’ meetings or engagements that have happen now and then. Only the CC will show the activity if he wants it known without using his PR staff.

    2. I have never seen one picture of William with his wife and kids just out and about going to lunch or the park together. Never. I can recall that shortly after Princess Victoria gave birth to Prince Oscar Prince Daniel was pictured taking Estelle to get some pizza, just the two of them. I remember thinking how sweet it was that Estelle had a special day with her daddy.

      I think it is very, very odd that we have never seen even one picture taken by someone with their cell phone showing William with his kids. I also think it is very strange that we have never seen a picture of William and Kate kissing each other besides the balcony kiss on their wedding day. Check out the Royal Forums and see the thread called “sweet moments between royals” and all of the other Crown Princes and Kings have been seen kissing or holding their wives.

      It is very odd, IMO.

      1. He likes to put his hand on her lower back, but that may be more for steering her around. She puts her hand on his leg, when sitting next to each other, as often as she can.

        She still looks at him like he’s all that and a bag of chips, and you can clearly see they both love their babies, but he seems formal/indifferent/dutiful towards her. She serves a purpose in his life, but you can see she wants more. I don’t get the loving partnership vibe, not since George was little anyway and I really I think it’s on William to give them a chance to be happy together. Better for everyone in the long run if this man really will be king one day

        1. I think part of it is “Brits are cold fish” bit=) and that I think the BRF are taught not to show much emotion. That’s why the queen getting so excited about cows was such a joy for me. Plus, he could just not be that into pda.
          I thought the hand on his leg was a relatively new thing for Kate to do. I think the way she looks at him his quite sad, like she’s trying to get even a crumb from him still looking for acceptance/guidance
          I do love how Letiza and Felipe still manage to give each other looks at engagements? and I’ve seen pics of them out on date night.

          1. The hand on the leg thing is very rare. That’s why it was so shocking when she kept doing it in Canada.

          2. I kind of feel that the hand on the leg thing was almost matronizing. She looked more like a mom patting her son on the leg. It was awkward. I agree that Kate looks at William like she adores him, but he seems indifferent to her. Yet he does cuddle and kiss George and Charlotte during official photocalls.

            I just don’t get how during eight years of dating and five and a half years of being married no one has managed to get a paparazzi picture of Will and Kate giving each other a peck on the lips or a sweet cuddle/hug. They don’t need a lot of PDA, just little signs of affection. I barely see them hold hands. None of the other young royals seem to have such paranoia about it.

            Will and Kate’s wedding seemed really cold to me, too. Mette-Marit cried during her wedding and when her husband read his speech at the reception. Victoria of Sweden kissed her husband’s hand and stroked his face. And Maxima was very warm during her ceremony. She held the hand of one of her bridesmaids. It was sweet. Sometimes it looks like William doesn’t even like Kate. Like he just tolerates her. It’s kind of sad.

    3. The press/royal volleys are interesting, more so than the individual royals. My longstanding question has been what do the royals owe the press/public given that the royals live an unimaginable and luxurious lifestyle completely paid by taxpayers? Personally, I think a lot.

      The occasional tour just doesn’t cut it. Cute photos, shaking hands, attending galas don’t justify the wealth the public bestows on the royals every single year. And the fact that Her Maj is allowed to spend unaccountabley is shocking to me.

      WK have demonstrated how they aren’t even capable of communicating with an understanding towards people who are generous towards them (see W’s horrid whining about his domestic struggles during an interview in Vietnam where being middle class means earning about $150 a month). The entire MM drama underlines H’s shallowness. Let’s face it H is never going to fall for a Marion the librarian type no matter how lovely. He spends hours texting self promoting actresses and models for his recreation. The royals are devoid of any real connection to the people who pay their bills.

      In my opinion, they are failing miserably in not fulfilling a sacred trust they have with a very generous public. And though the press has behaved badly at times, it seems to me the media only balks when WK, H and the rest of the royal lot are delibetately secretive, vague, hypocritical or contradictory.

      Thanks for letting me give my two cents. I’ll now go back to reading my library copy of Alexander Hamilton’s biography.

      1. I agree. The royals do owe a lot to the public (whole existence) and this I don’t won’t to be be photographed unless working is bull. They only “work” 10% or so out the year!!! They way the queen does things might have worked in a non 24hr news cycle/social media time but times have changed and the royals need to adapt.
        Are you reading the chernov book on Hamilton? It was excellent. I saw Harry was in Nevis and I got the songs stuck in my head again!!!

        1. Yes, I got the Chernow book and can’t believe how good it is. Tonight our local PBS station has a documentary on the making of the musical adaptation. I plan to watch it.

          1. That documentary is really good….I’ve watched it several times already. Will add the Chernow book to this year’s Christmas list.

          2. The PBS show is great! His dad makes an appearance and he’s so cute
            There’s a scene where he asks to sit at hamilton’s desk and the ranger says no-next scene he’s sitting at the the desk with the pen!! Haha
            I saw where he’s in London making a movie there. A take on Mary poppins I believe!!!

          3. Following Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter is one of the things that gives me joy. He is so optimistic and inspiring even when trying to cope with the Trumpocalypse.

        2. Sarah, have you and your niece been to Hamilton yet? I saw in the latest Pence kerfuffle that the show was booked out until August 2017!

          I haven’t seen the documentary but am going to download it as it’s on YouTube. Am looking forward to getting hold of the Chernow book.

          1. YES!!! *squeal* I’m officially they coolest auntie EVER!=) it was amazing and wonderful and when I’m eating pasta for the next yr I’ll remember our awe and happiness and be able to swallow the next bite=) and am now grateful that there’s 8yrs difference between nieces so can recoup until I do this again.
            Yay for aunties
            You’ll love the PBS show

          2. I’m so glad you and your niece had such a great time. Such experiences are remembered forever, have profound influence on one’s thinking. Your niece will always remember that wonderful introduction to Broadway, even if it means a diet of cabbage soup for you for the next decade.

          3. Jet I’m assuming from your handle that you’re in Texas? It’s going to Houston if that’s near ya or you have an excuse to take a little trip =)

          4. I would love to take a big trip across the pond to see it in the US! It’s on my list … even if my bank account does not quite agree yet!

  8. Knauf says ”A lot of people are not buying newspapers.” The RF’s loyal supporters buy the magazines, books and special editions that contain picture collections. Supporters. Newspapers & print publications still have a permanence that the web does not. Supporters can view and save photos from the web but print is easier to view and save. No electricity or device required to view print media even 20 years later.

    KMR: ”I don’t think there is anything wrong with releasing photos on social media, but maybe there could be a compromise between the press and KP: KP releases some photos on social media, and then either releases other photos straight through the press or does photocalls periodically so that the press gets their photos. Compromise.”

    True. It is the periodic photocalls that show the RF as a ‘family’ and not only as the titled persons that go to the engagements. It makes the human connection.

    1. Yep. And newspaper readership in the UK is still substantial. He’s talking about a worldwide audience. Why does a British royal family need worldwide adulation? It’s because the UK press reports on them to the taxpayers that pay for them. The American media and the world media runs sycophantic articles and don’t have to report on how much they cost because hell their readers aren’t paying for it.

  9. “no one cared about his Vietnam trip”

    Well, didn’t even knew he went. And I live in the SE Asia! Absolutely 0 news. Not even the fluffy bits from some tabloid site. Heh.

    1. I only found out on KMR that he was here. I’m also in SE Asia. No news at all.
      But the bits I did read on here I’ve already forgotten too. Nothing stood out to me.

  10. There was a Telegraph article contradicting the stance of William being irritated, so I’m not sure which story to believe. I’m not well-versed enough in the news organizations to know which reporters have the “real” story (and I use real in quotes because do we ever know the real story when it’s third party? We all have lots of opinions on Kate, but those are of things we actually observe, or quotes that are disseminated, upon which we’re able to draw conclusions).

    1. Thanks. I added it to my article. No matter which story is “real”, it seems the DM story got under someone’s skin if the Telegraph put out a contradictory story the next day.

      1. Both papers are royalists. And both papers gave deep connections directly at the palace. The royals tend to sanction DM and Express articles when they want to make a point. Charles has done it often enough and William has done it a few times. Diana was often the ‘source’ of all her own articles in the DM, Camilla was (and probably still is) often the ‘source’ of Charles articles in the media.

        In terms of why the DM sanctioned story is true, Rebecca English is not in the habit of writing royal stories that are fanfiction when she is quoting directly from Palace sources. That’s usually Katie Nicholls. Rebecca is also someone who goes directly to the source ie to William himself, not to Jason or JLP when he was in charge.

        In terms of why this story appeared, you have to remember that the media reaction to Harry’s statement was anger at being accused of racism, sexism, breaking into her home etc.

        Richard Palmer was tweeting like mad about how various editors were really angry at what they saw as false accusations. Even the guardian, republican newspaper extraordinaire, got involved and published various op-eds in reaction to Harry’s statement.

        Rachel Johnson wrote an article directly saying her Maghan article, seen as the leading offender, wasn’t racist and also revealed that Jason told her that he hadn’t read her article when the statement was sent out.

        William’s DM sanctioned article is directly shifting blame away from KP to try and calm down the behind the scenes row. It’s a mea culpa of sorts that explains in lots of details that he would have preferred not to act, that harry is a hot head, that it was all Meghan’s fault.

        Unfortunately, the resulting article makes him look like a d-bag hypocrite who doesn’t support his own brother.

        And clearly Hot headed harry in the Carribean must have objected because the new KP statement, official and all, was given to a reporter currently with the press pack in the carribean on Harry’s tour and to a rival paper.

        The second statement is very deliberately trying to walk back the original sanctioned story in the DM and to show a united front unlike the original article.

        And both show up Jason’s incompetence and inability to control his clients AND his poor press relations.

        Further he is very wrong in saying newspapers don’t sell when he is representing royals. Newspapers don’t sell for general news, but they sell for royals. The most ardent royal fans collect every royal booklet, pamphlet, newspaper pictures, prints etc That is not going to go away any time soon.

        1. Forgot to mention that the original sanctioned article in the DM doesn’t make any sense whatsoever in terms of timing.

          No one was looking for William’s opinion at anytime on anything Harry related beyond his views on Meghan as the new girlfriend.

          This article came out of *nowhere which means it was sanctioned and points to behind the scenes drama.

          *there was an article sortly after Harry’s statement that directly said that Harry’s statement clashed with Charles’s long held strategy about these sorts of things. Therefore if anyone was going to send out a ‘hot headed Harry’ statement, the expectation was Charles. Definitely NOT William.

          1. I agree–the timing of this is just incredibly odd.

            Why, as you said, when the furor over the statement had died down, why oh why bring it up again?

            I think it is all William and that Jason was caught completely off-guard. I think the speech from the Prime Minister of Antigua highlighted Jason’s lack of control and that William saw the opportunity to drive the knife in further and also to distance himself from that initial press statement. Appear to be the wiser, elder brother with a comforting arm around his emotional brother. Remind Jason, the media and even Harry who is really the boss. Put Jason in a completely reactionary mode and deflect media attention away from tour events.

            I also think that William must be enjoying the fact that, because Jason is on tour, he can’t hide in his office and delegate responses to his assistant–he is having to be literally face-to-face with the press almost every minute of every day and endure their questioning. William knowingly has created an absolute nightmare for Jason, and I bet he is giggling at it all from behind his Anmer hedges.

            In any case, this situation just emphasizes the total lack of respect that Jason Knauf has from his employer, his own staff, the media and even the public. Time for him to go.

          2. Okay, I’m officially confused here. What kind of backstage drama are we talking about? What have I missed (not that I follow this stuff religiously)? Does anyone have any idea? Herazeus?

            Is this all about Harry’s statement, which would be kind of weird making a tempest out of a teapot, IMO. Things seem to have gotten really complicated now.

          3. Maven: Harry’s statement was met with anger by the media.

            There has been an on-going row behind the scenes about the specific accusations in the statement and lots of public tweets calling out KP for being unco-operative when the media wanted to clarify pre-statement situation.

            It seems the reporters tried to get KP to confirm or deny various things about the rumoured relationship, but KP didn’t respond at all until the statement accusing the media of harrassing Megan.

            You can still find various tweets about their anger/incredulity at the statement on twitter.

            From the public perspective, the row died out after a few days, but going by the defensive over-explaining article from William, row was still going on behind the scenes because his comments came from out of the blue.

            If he wanted to support his brother publicly, his second statement to the telegraph is all he had to say, if at all.

            Instead we have the first unnecessary article followed by a statement walking back most of the first article.

    2. Actually the DM was more subtle than that – they said he approved of the statement in that he understood Harry’s desire for privacy and his desire to protect those “closest to him”. But that he thought the nature of the relationship (early days)did not justify making a statement at that time. And that it could cause difficulties in the future if Harry terminated the relationship (paraphrasing).

      So both the Telegraph and DM are saying essentially the same thing – the Telegraph leaves out the extra stuff like it was early days in the relationship and the caution about the difficulties the statement raised in terms of Harry getting out. That was allegedly info given to the DM by a highly placed source (Jason).

      So I do not see the contradiction – all could be true at once.

      1. Thank you Jamel. Yes this, times 1000. This may look like KP amateur night but if you ask me, this is the first shot in the opening salve to get Harry out of what is fast becoming an epic mess. This is preparing everyone–maybe even Harry himself–to not start buying your hat just yet. This has been a fiasco for the BRF and Harry has been totally and royal played by a publicity seeking actress, who YES may love him, but who loves the spotlight more, and I think at this point that is undeniable. I think it speaks VOLUMES that the DM article, which as Herazeus explained, can be taken quite seriously said Meghan had a lot to do with the KP statement. It basically stops short of saying she wrote it herself! Think of that! Think of the hit to the seriousness and the credibility of palace letterhead that they are taking by divulging that–but still it’s calculated because what I think they are trying to say if you read between the lines is that Meghan (and perhaps her management who justifiably have an interest in her reputation and image) came in strongly.

        It also bears mentioning that many publications are still saying the original meeting took place in May, as Camilla T originally reported (makes more sense that whoever gave the scoop would get that detail right), which means that our dear Harry and Meghan got together when she was still in a serious live in relationship in Canada. What does that say about her? What does that say about him? What does it say about him that he still pursued other girls after having done that.

        Harry may have all the goods in his public life–he’s warm and natural, blah blah blah, but he is seriously lacking in judgment and apparently just as indulged and indulgent as we blast William for being. My estimation of him has nosedived, I’m afraid beyond repair.

        For once, I think William deserves kudos here. I think he’s trying to help his brother get out of this mess, even if lovestruck little Harry, down there fondling bananas for photo ops in the Caribbean, is too daft to see it.

        1. I don’t think William would take a bullet for Harry. Actually the DM article doesn’t make any of them look good, so I don’t know who could have leaked this.

          I also wouldn’t blame Meghan if she pressured Harry to release a statement. She has a career that relies heavily on her image, so she can’t afford to have negative press just because she’s dating him. But her being involved would explain why they agreed to release something so emotional: it was more of a PR move to garner good will from the public rather than something to denounce the press.

          Just to be clear, I don’t agree she’s manipulating poor Harry. He’s an adult and probably not half as naive as people would like us to think.

          1. Am beginning to wonder if the media stories about Harry and model Sarah Ann Macklin played any part in the timing and creation of that initial press statement confirming Harry’s relationship with Meghan. Those stories, which claimed that Harry was pursuing Sarah Ann at the same time he was pursuing Meghan, first appeared November 5, just a few days before the KP statement. I can completely understand how that news, combined with facing all sorts of online abuse and scrutiny, could make Meghan demand that Harry prove to her that he was serious.

          2. Paula, I don’t disagree with you. I don’t think William is so much taking a bullet for Harry as he is trying to placate a very pissed off press pack which he and KP have to work with whether they like it or not. I think he’s trying to be the adult in the room and also hint that there were some behind the scenes dramatics that might have played into the statement.

            And I totally agree that Meghan has a reputation to protect, and her management does too. Her image is her bread and butter and while I may not care for her with Harry as a member of the BRF, I do not begrudge her that at all. I don’t know if you saw my comments downthread but I said this very thing–that it’s total BS if they play this like sweet little Harry got bamboozled. I think the BRF has just never dealt with someone who was a public persona so they might have been caught off guard that they couldn’t just let her twist in the wind. Shocker, I know.

            And I absolutely think the Sarah Ann stories played a part. And here we have WHY the statement was so muddled. They may have released it under the totally justifiable premise of calling out the racist and sexist attacks, but there was still other stuff clouding the issue (and the judgment of everyone involved it seems)

  11. Speaking about the relationship between the Palace and press, I don’t think the Palace realises that it’s not the 2 way relationship they necessarily think it is. The Palace need the press, but if the Palace continues to “control” the press as Arthur Edwards put it, the press can easily turn their backs against the Palace. That would not be good in terms of PR for the royals. Although I do think the statement regarding Meghan was necessary.

    1. We’ve already started to see this happen. I don’t think any of the royal reporters went with William to Vietnam, and they only reported on his trip when he mentioned George and Charlotte in an interview. Not as many reporters went with Harry to the Caribbean as went with W&K to Canada. There were not that many reporters and photographers at Kate’s more recent engagements. The press have already started to turn their backs. If the trio continues to ruin their relationship with the press, then the press won’t be there when the trio wants them to be there.

      1. Totally agree KMR. The young Royal act the way “look at me but only when I want it”, and this is ruining their relationship with the press, as you said.

      2. Have you guys considered that maybe the trio are OK with the monarchy gone? Their behaviour tend to prove that. They are both wealthy enough and William have displayed and still displays at many times his disdain for the top job.

        There was an article by Palmer back in February or March (during the workshy William articles) where he said that William wouldn’t mind if the institution was brought down.

        1. No way are they prepared to give up the perks, William and Kate in particular. They have shown no evidence of being aware of their privilege and Kate’s 200k pound wardrobe this year alone shows that.

          Harry may be more prepared only because he was not raised to be the heir and knows his position of importance will lessen as time goes on. And yet he does more charitable endeavours not credited in the CC than the lazy duo.

        2. If the monarchy fell then they would have to pay for their luxury themselves. They have money, but not enough to live like royals the rest of their lives without the monarchy paying for them. They may want the monarchy gone, but they’d be in for a rude awakening if they got their wish.

          1. I don’t think William and Kate will walk away from it but if there are rumblings of a Republic, I don’t think they’ll fight for it the same way the Spanish Royal Family are.

            I don’t even think their lifestyle would diminish tbh. Nothing would prevent them to accept freebies. They’ll be fine. And most importantly they’d be free to do whatever they want without asking for anyone’s input.

      3. One reason it has been said not as many folks are with Harry is they spent so much money on India/Bhutan and Canada so the budget isn’t there for them to follow Harry as well.

        I think the kids going to Canada sealed the deal for the massive press pack to go.

        1. If Harry sold very well they’d find room in the budget because it would be worth it to send people.

          1. Do you think? I think Harry’s more popular but I don’t know, considering he’s not married and no kids, thus them salivating over this Meghan rubbish (i’m not interested in his personal life, it’s none of my business!). They probably spent a darn fortune on India/Bhutan. Sad in a way as Harry isn’t the one who boots media out and treats them far better, ie Arthur Edwards’ stories of Harry taking the press pack out after every tour for drinks, dinner and off the record chats.

            Hope you had a great turkey day, KMR 🙂

    2. The UK press is remarkably supine when it comes to the BRF. There is the occasional rebellious post – noteworthy due to its rarity – but the journalist quickly falls back into line. The press could certainly withdraw its lavishly applied sycophancy to most articles. Kate may no longer look ‘stunning’ as so often described, nor be a ‘fashion icon’ in her ill-fitting granny gowns, which effortlessly takes us to the cost (wastage) of her wardrobe. Similarly William’s EAAA hours could be revealed, along with his disgraceful turns in the RAF and at university. It might be interesting to know how Harry actually spends his days. And on it goes… Or the press could simply not print anything about royalty. It would be an interesting exercise to see who blinks first.

      The trio should be more concerned about remaining relevant to the UK people because, in case they haven’t peered outside their bubbles recently, the world’s attitude to entrenched privilege is undergoing a gear change. Their causes appear to be PR-driven exercises rather than dedication to something beyond themselves.

      Of course, no-one saw to link comments about MM to cyber-bullying because no-one could see beyond their own self-absorption. The silly statements of both William and Harry reveal their insularity from real life problems. Neither are fit for anything much.

      1. Ideally, the press, whatever their beat, should be their readers eyes and ears, reporting openly and truthfully about power. But royal reporters are held hostage to their paper’s loyalties and the need to get the gossip from ‘sources’. They’re pretty poor though. It seems the real work of the royals is snitching on each other to press lackeys. That’s not much return to the public on their substantial investment. A pox on them all.

    3. It’s not only the press but the people. Are newspapers not sending out reporters becuase the cost doesn’t justify the coverage any more? that they not only not sale papers but that their constant need of privacy have made people no longer interested in them. you should be careful what you wish for! They’ve almost made themselves redundant

  12. I agree there are less press but I think that there are several reasons which explains that. Maybe the press decrease the coverage of Kate, William and Harry to “teach their lesson”, maybe there are less interrest in general in them (I wonder how Canada’s trip would be covered if the children were not present).

    I think that the main reason is also the financial aspect : for two days in Vietnam it cost more than the 1st trip of Kate in Netherlands : the distance, the lack of interrest in William from the public and the boring personnality of William….This trip was also next in time from Harry’ tour. Even for Kate in Netherlands there were not many press (I wonder if it is because some engagements were closed to journalists, and like she doesn’t speak, the only interest is her clothes, so just photo are important…)

    For Harry’s tour : there are less press -> less interest, cost (travels between all the islands, it is the 4th tour of the year for the youngs royals), zika… But other journalist from the same journal take the place of the royal journalist (like R. English, E. Andrews….).

    1. I agree it’s lack of interest and lack of sales driving the decrease in coverage. The trio just aren’t that interesting. That’s why the press have glommed on to Meghan, because she’s new and different and more interesting for them to sell.

    2. Exactly–why would a paper spend lots of money to send a photographer and journalist if the key events are closed to them? And haven’t there been numerous, recent occasions (like the hike to the Buddhist monastery) where the press thought that the would be included only to find out at the last minute that they’re not? That’s just plain rude.

  13. Well I don’t know if William really said this but if he did I agree with him. That statement was just prime idiocy. Unless he was prepared to marry Meghan he should not have acknowledged her as his girlfriend. If he wanted to put out a statement it could have read “Prince Harry is saddened that any woman he is rumoured to be linked with is subjected to criticism and harrassment. In this latest case there has even been a degree of racism, which in this day and age, is especially egregious.” But

    Here are my thoughts about Meghan Markle (I divided them on some parts):

    1) About Meghan:

    I am frustrated. I wanted Harry to find a woman strong, hardworking, who liked charitable work and be mature. When the Meghan rumours began I didn’t believe at first, like other romours about Harry’s GFs. But even before the rumours turned true I was wary of Meghan Markle.
    To post anything hinting on lovers having sex in this position/sleeping amidst rumour-storm of them dating, and a jigsaw puzzle while half of the world guesses are they/aren’t they while she is “drinking tea from elephant tea pot” is not even remotely cute. It’s a pr game. and all the following hoopla happend only because he didn’t confirm relationship right on spot!
    The comments being made about her on various news sites by people who claim to have worked with her (mostly posting from Canada I’d note) is that she is nasty to underlings and very demanding – acts like she is a big star when she is in fact a supporting actress on an obscure cable show. We see this exhibited in the letter released by KP – guarantee such an unprecedented thing occurred because she DEMANDED it.
    The other thing that seems apparent both in these comments and in the statements she makes in interviews and on her blogs shows a woman with an exaggerated sense of self importance. She also has an enormous need for attention. So combine these characteristics and frankly – she cannot help herself. Yes she knows that a Royal GF should be discrete but she cannot help herself – she wants attention and after all she deserves it. When you have an exaggerated sense of self- importance it often allows you to think you are in control and can do things others might not get away with – hence the lie about the break in into her garage. Of course someone was going to check that story and find her out as a fraud – she should have realized that yet she did it anyway. She is so important that she can get away with such things. And face it – she has. Thus far. But it tells you a lot about her and I find it disturbing.
    She initially tried to pass the spooning bananas off as her creation until she was called out for it on her IG and had to admit she’d found the pic on the net and did not author it herself. I would guess there are plenty of other such exaggerations or outright fabrications in her bio.
    Her sense of self-importance comes across in her aggrandizement of all sorts of things she does -she brags the head of the UN led the audience in a standing ovation for her speech. She portrays herself on her blog as often being the star of all things she does. She has a very thin resume as an actress – her only role of any significance is this supporting role on this cable TV show. Unusually for a serious actress – there is no indication of studying acting at any of the various workshops for actors in the US.
    I’d like to say something about her UN speech – the first and only time I viewed it my impressions was the story she told about boys saying girls belonged in the kitchen seemed a clear lie. Boys in a California school speaking that way even 20 years ago is ridiculous. That sort of thing disappeared back in the 80’s – before this twit was born. Even the commercial she referred to in the speech which she claimed precipitated the boys remarks has not been shown on TV in decades. The speech was based on a self-aggrandizement of her feminist cred even as a child – but it was all a fraud.
    From comments made about her it seems that while she treats her inferiors (in her mind) poorly -but she really works hard to impress those she sees as important – she is a relentless networker. So I would expect she probably does come across very well when she works at it – and I’d bet for those she seeks to impress she seems quite a dynamic woman. She is also pretty.
    That she is very shallow is apparent from her blog – an enthusiastic ode to the lifestyle of conspicuous consumption, trendiness and vacuous pursuits.
    So what we have here is a woman – pretty, ambitious, shallow and a constant self- aggrandizer who makes things up routinely with no fear of being caught, an blatant attention seeker who is apparently very appealing when she turns on the charm. She will be her own worst enemy eventually – the question is – will this be apparent to calmer heads in the RF before she can do a great deal of damage to the RF and sweet but dim wild child Harry?
    She was already ‘with’ Harry by the time she talked to Piers Morgan (According to Piers the day after she talked to Piers she met up with Harry at Soho House). She had to know that once her relationship became public, the DM would trot this conversation out. Something, and I can’t put my finger on it, but something seems fishy with this relationship.

    As someone pointed out up thread, her biggest obstacle may be cultural. An American princess has a nice ring to it for some people but it will be interesting to see how she actually gets her mind around it. To go from Meghan Markle media personality and ‘social justice warrior’ to HRH The Duchess of Sussex may require a decompression chamber to someone not born and raised singing God Save The Queen.

    I’ll always remember of her posting the banana pic the day rumors broke. I personally think her action that day is why many non media personally aren’t too fond of her right now. It was not tactful by any standard, celebrity gossip or potential Royal. She’s not a giddy schoolgirl & should be able to operate with discretion. There’s a reason people say stay low & build.

    She certainly loves herself a tad too much, and I do have to say that she seems smarter than Harry, but that’s another story.
    Remember her article about how she can be both actress and humanitarian? Obviously she meant it. You can do a fashion photo shoot in Rwanda while the poor and sick people wait to get access to the clear water you promised. And why should you search for one of those fashionable decayed locations in the US to get the right background for such a shoot if it’s already there in some originally scruffy room of real poor people in Africa? That’s multitasking. To me she is the kind of person who thinks that she deserves everything.
    Hearing she was asked to leave before the family arrived, was shown the door, it’s all terribly vague and something we’ll never know the truth if. I do know flying that distance for two days is just weird.
    And it may have nothing to do with anyone but she talks about how easy it is for her to cry on demand in separate interviews. She even joked that she could produce a single tear from one eye. Really makes me wonder about how dramatic things got before the KP statement was released.
    The whole thing has nothing to do with nationality or race. It is more or less about a not so shy PR hungry actress who has a tendency promote herself in a very brazenly way to become more famous (which is okay) and (this is the tricky part) a new member of the RF.

    This is why people are very skeptical and do not like her that much. She sees this as a game she has to win with her staged charm and actress charisma. Like she does all the time. Most of the time it worked. With KP, I am not so sure.

    No other girlfriend of a British royal has been narcissistic like this before, and the whole thing hasn’t started yet (means: they have not be seen in public together-which would be a statement). What comes next?
    She has been over the top with all her PR and maybe wonders right know why all this does not work out like it normally does.
    Maybe because some no showbiz, everyday people are watching and look behind all the glitzery blablabla …

    1. Jamal, I have to agree with you. At first I though MM sounded great. Her actions and coyness since have me side eyeing her in a big way now. I almost forgot she was an actress! Then I slogged through her personal essay and was even less impressed. If you are humble and truly philanthropic, your actions will speak for you. But actress. So, we shall see…

  14. My feelings abou:

    2) The Breaking in Meghans’house:

    Meaghan claims she was followed into her garage – not just noises in her laneway – and that a photographer threatened her and a friend (so she was not alone) refused to leave and tried to break into her home. Rather peculiar and unlikely behavior from a photographer eh?
    Especially the bit about breaking into her home – as if she would not call the police when such a thing occurred – why would he break into her home ?

    So – my question – if such egregious behavior occurred why no arrest?

    Why would a reputable Canadian newspaper such as the Globe and Mail question the veracity of Meaghan’s story? There are neighbors who confirm the photographer’s story why should I not believe them? Where is this so called witness friend of Meaghan’s who could confirm her version of this story if it is true? Why has this friend not come forward to dispute the Globe and Mail article? Especially since the article makes Meaghan look untruthful?

    I’d say given the competing stories there is equal reason to believe Meaghan exaggerated the story as there is to disbelieve the photographer and neighbor’s. And again – consider. What if what the photographer says is true? Shouting a question at her mother in front of her house is hardly harassment.
    There is no way that I believe that professional photographers entered private property. They know the law and could lose their license and jobs and she’s not worth that. They also have telephoto lenses that refute that claim. And I also don’t believe it could be a private Canadian; they’re just too nice a people. Maybe, just maybe it might’ve been a private person entering private property to sell a photo to the media but that’s a real long shot.
    She’s a celebrity from LA and knows full well all of the above and is no stranger to this so I also do not believe that she’s a shy, retiring innocent who is shocked and dismayed. It’s not adding up for me. She also, undoubtedly, has a cell phone to take pix of these “invaders” so where’s the arrest reports. No. It doesn’t pass the smell test.
    I’ve got to say, after the wholefoods (in DM building) + alleviate poverty bag + Harry’s hat and boots in front of KP – I just can’t stand this woman.
    Harry defended her from the imaginary break in, the media packed off from digging into her past and even apologized in open letters to Harry, yet she still goes to the press to flaunt her relationship. Who does that?
    There is something about her I just don’t like, not sure what it is but there is definitely something. Smugness perhaps, not sure. I saw videos of her walking and being photographed by paparazzi and OMG she looked SOOOOO SMUUUUG, her hair on the side, walking like she was the biggest diva in the world. I really tried to like her, she supports a lot of causes I do and I love international relationships like her also, I liked her style but there’s something that doesn’t convinced me of her, maybe is this pr games I think she’s playing. Harry is displaying behaviours and playing pr games in a way we have never seen before. This is not good. Not for him and certainly not for his royal role. This woman is an expert at attention seeking and self- promotion. Unfortunately she appears to be teaching Harry all her tricks. So my problem with Meghan is Meghan.

    1. She made a complaint to Toronto Police and they investigated. Since you aren’t Canadian you should not be speaking about a country and laws of which you know nothing of. I am a lawyer qualified to practice in Canada and can tell you nothing Meghan did was outside the norm of what happened when someone enters your garage unauthorized.

      i have seen so many of these same arguments in Royal Dish comments and they are just bizarre and ridiculous. Complain about the banana Instagram making her look like a publicity whore all you want, but when the press go on your property it is not allowed period. Even in Canada where everyone is nice. The UK press came over once the story broke and started to act ridiculous in Toronto. That is why the police were involved. Instagram posts after the fact don’t justify trespass of property.

    2. Agree with both your comments 1,000%. There are just too many things that seem off for me to get behind this girl; and initially I really, really wanted to love her.

      1. I’m not following anything about her at all, know almost nothing about her except for the Harry brouhaha, but man, I really want a big posh wedding to drool over.

    3. Well if someone told me paparazzi tried to enter her house I would not be surprised. Especially if they were from LA. The amount of papz from that area is huge not to mention those type of people will have no problem breaking the law to get the pic they want.
      So I find it odd that they named “photographers”, which implies a conection to a newspaper/tabloid, they usually have to respect certain rules, so why would they risk it? – Especially since the younger royals have been very actionable against them which brought consequences to them as a group (like being barred from attending royal engagements, and private meetings for press people).
      Unless they were referring to photographers working for publications outside of the UK, that might be the reason why are so many generic points about the harassment she received. A UK prince trying to control world wide publication might not be the best thing, that’s probably why, imo, they brought racism into it.

  15. My feelings about:

    3) About PR Games

    Meghan’s choice of bag to carry as she entered the gates of Kensington Palace, with the slogan “Alleviating Poverty Worldwide” has to be the most contrived and cynical fashion choice ever. Throw in the poverty bag she was carefully carrying so everyone could see the motto on it – wow – she sure is working this hard. No excuses here. If you do not want to be seen – you do not put on a performance costume and all. Another funny thing – Americans do not wear wellies in general. Country mud wear is usually duck shoes not wellies.
    Right now she has Harry in her pocket – Harry has happy dick syndrome – so she thinks she is in control. You all are right – she does not understand the UK nor the RF. This sort of heavy handed self promotion might work in LA but never in the UK. The royal reporters are loving this – a royal GF desperate for attention – and it is so detrimental to her cause to do this. First the indiscrete IG pics now this. Girl is sabotaging herself – Harry may not yet see it – but for sure lots of others including the tabs see it. Eventually they will have to rein her in. Silly girl.

    A famous Italian actress, Claudia Gerini, said regarding paps, that if you don’ t want to be seen, you know how not to be seen by the journalists.
    I mean journalists aren’t anywhere anytime, there are a lot of places where a celebrity won’ t be photographed at all because paps are not there, paps are in certain known places.
    Meghan stood out with her odd attire and made sure to go to the DM office building at lunchtime knowing that the reporters would definitely be there. Make this madness stop. She deserves the judgement just like all others who acted like her anyway…these girls are no innocents they know what they want and what they can get by being in such types of relationship.
    I get sick of it too. IF a woman chooses to make a mess of herself, she needs to live with the consequences. I am certain that none of these princes have any right to go all chivalrous over this type of woman and frankly consequences are the result of bad choices. These women and princes need to stop behaving as if they shouldn’t have to answer to anyone and frankly I would be sick of how these princes go about.

  16. My feelings abut:

    4) About Meghan’s Humanitarian Work:

    With regards to her charity. Really ‘saving kids in Africa’ snapping photos of yourself playing with them? Another way to get famous? I don’t see her in any soup kitchens or helping the poor in Canada or wherever she stays. Just another celeb trying to be Angelina Jolie. Not a fan of fake people. Who goes to Africa to have a photoshoot of themselves?
    On paper she looks perfect for Harry, it’s when you start looking closer and realize all of her “humanitarian” work is PR arranged and driven and see the pages and pages of posed photos and see the cutesy interviews where it’s all about MEEEEE that you start to see the chips in that paint.

    Her so called humanitarian work is all a pr stunt – her trip to Rwanda was arranged for her by her pr firm Kruger and Cowne who specialize in humanitarian profiles for their clients. Former clients include Fergie and Bea. They specialize in arranging humanitarian profiles for their clients and it was the pr firm that got her the UN gig and they also arranged the speech.
    The heart warming pics of her with kids in Rwanda – a fashion shoot. Hello Beautiful accompanied Meaghan to Rwanda for 2 days and did a freaking fashion shoot. Meghan does philanthropy in style. She managed to look effortlessly cute and stylish the entire trip, while not bringing too much LA glitz and glam to the impoverished area of Rwanda. She stuck to earth colors? ? vibing in neutral tones with an hombre trend to meet the local children. In order to keep up with the kids, she wore flats allowing her to dance joyously with them.

    The whole article…anitarian-glam-in-rwanda/http://

    Have you watched the video of her in Rwanda?

    At one point the group of kids are having their picture taken while she is giving the interview. She notices and shouts at them “Hey guys, wait for meee!” and inserts herself in the middle.

    Her UN gig has also been arranged for her by her pr company. It is all fake – everything about her is fake – fake nose, fake humanitarian work, fake story bout how she met him, fake fake fake. All pr image building. Rwanda glam? How cynical can you get? That video of her in Rwanda looked like she was shooting a commercial. Another thing I discovered is that her so called job at the US embassy was a three week internship and she has a pre Harry history of complaining about threats being made against her.

    Her so called job with the US Embassy which so many tout as proving how remarkable she is? A three week internship done as part of a course she took at University. Let’s remember it was an internship that was purchased (class credit) not earned. Towards a degree she didn’t complete. (name not listed as alumna) That her dad paid for (sister claims) & acquired debt that lead to him filing for bankruptcy & fleeing America. HM doesn’t deserve to witness this circus under her reign, especially her final years.

    People think that because a person do “CHARITY” and poses on their Instagram means that they are doing it for the right reasons or from their heart. Things doesn’t work like that. And then if we are not agree we come across as a: JEALOUS, HATE FULL OR as an ENVIOUS person
    And the interview for Elle UK about her humanitarian work is an idea of KP. She is an actress with some saucy scenes so they try to paint her as a great humanitarian. But they tried too hard that sound fake.
    Why is all these wannabe celebrities, fame seekers, camera whores all go to Africa and other poor destitute, war ravaged, deprived places in the world to get their Vague photo shots taken? I mean can’t they just get their photo taken in some ghetto in some neighbourhood down the road in their own countries to make it more interesting? Why do they get their photos taken with these people who have become nothing more than props – and let’s face it, them being there only compounds their desperate state- and they leave soon after they photo session is over. What happens to these poor in need people? I can’t seem to find any of these fame-seekers donate some of their money to helping their photo props…or better still stay on, roll their sleeves and help these people rise above their wretched situations. Otherwise, it is tokenistic, colonialistic and white vs black or rich vs poor. It’s only pr. When you’re trying to up your credibility your PR team says “hey, let’s find you a charity. Africa is hot right now”. There are probably quite a few out there who quietly do work in their own home country without publicizing it. I don’t get it and find it very annoying to see these people standing there while these kids dance with/for them and sing to them. I don’t get that at all. I do like the work Harry has done with Sentebale, but I think because he is doing this as a joint venture with Prince Seeiso it has been more successful. It’s not just an instance of a royal or celebrity flying in, posing, handing over a little money and flying out. There’s a consistent effort so it is succeeding. Harry is at his best when he has something to focus on (Sentebale, IG, Walking With The Wounded). It’s when he’s not focused that the playboy party prince comes out. The best thing for him would be some kind of appointment or job to keep him focused. That’s why he did well in the Army, it’s a pity he couldn’t deal with a desk job and left.
    Meghan has a real job, but the “look at me, I’m a humanitarian” thing is annoying. And I can’t speak to Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, or Norway, but there are tremendous social problems and out of control poverty in the US, like there are here in Brazil and everywhere. In Meghan’s home town of LA, there is an entire section of town that is literally a shanty town of tents. Start in your backyard if you’re so concerned for the world, celebs. Otherwise, it all seems so fake. And she used charity visits as pr which is not what it’s supposed to be about. She should be promoting the charity in question, not promoting her own “I’m a humanitarian” image.

    Cringe! Cringe! Cringe!…if you are a true humanitarian you would 1) be humble, not self promote and not talk about experiencing poverty like a bucket list item and 2) would genuinely struggle with the life around the red carpet after experiencing the struggles of the poor. Instead of talking about what your humanitarian work does for you, talk about the actual issues these people are experiencing!!!. Nevermind looking at her as Harry’s girlfriend, she is off putting as a person, – the face of vanity! Trying to come across as down to earth – let’s start with stopping all the pouting, seductive selfies!

    When the story initially broke, Meghan was being painted as a well to do humanitarian who is willing to help out any individual in the world that needed help. I believe her sister felt that Meghan’s humanitarian interests only included those individuals in Africa or some other third world country, so she called out Meghan’s hypocrisy in the matter. Her humanitarian deeds did not extend to members of her own family when they needed help.

    As I have watched this story play out over the last week or so, I have to say, I am so tired of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry relationship. I am so over this “relationship” and all that it entails. As a mere follower of the BRF, I find it ridiculous that this is the type of relationship that Harry has fallen into. It reeks of a high school relationship with no basis in the real world; the “white knight” comparisons are enough to make me heave. IMVHO, I have never in my life seen a more disastrous handling of a royal relationship in my life. I was thrilled to hear about the relationship in the beginning, but it didn’t take long before my eyes were opened by Meghan herself. Harry will go and do his usual great job on this tour – but meanwhile he is screwing a chick who uses poor black kids as props for a fashion shoot and then sells a fake image of herself as a humanitarian.

    1. I think you make some very valid points about celebrity philanthropy, but there is an irony in criticizing the Meghan Markles of the world for their so-called agenda-driven activism when every humanitarian effort undertaken by the British Royal Family is done to further their brand and endear them to the public. That’s not to say that Harry and co aren’t genuinely invested in their chosen causes – I think they are! I’m just saying that every philanthropic move they make is aligned with an overall public relations strategy, and that’s something they maybe have in common with Markel. To be honest, I don’t have a problem with their work (or Meghan’s)so long as they’re actually helping people.

      That said, I spent a lot of time (too much, probably) googling your points here and found that a lot of what you’ve said is inaccurate:

      On Humanitarianism:
      She went to Rwanda almost a year ago, in her words (as well as the sponsoring organization) to “learn” about issues facing locals there. Clean water access is one such issue, and that’s the issue she promoted online – and later raised money for at a fundraising event she hosted upon her return to Canada. The event raised 15k to help build wells in Rwanda. I think that’s pretty cool, I like that (contrary to what you’ve said here)her advocacy didn’t end when she left the country, and I don’t mind that her work helped her build her brand.

      Btw: She wasn’t accompanied by Hello beautiful on her trip to Rwanda. I’m not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. The article they posted to their site (thanks for the link) was a compilation of posts they pulled from markel’s Instagram account- not an editorial. It was literally a stream of embedded Instagram posts. It’s seems unfair and sort of dishonest to label it a photo shoot when it very clearly wasn’t.

      I’m a bit of a cynic, so I can see that Markel’s humanitarian streak is informed, at least in part, by a desire to cultivate a certain public image (sort of like the Brit Royal family) but I have no problem believing that she has good intentions and genuinely wants to help people – and given her background in international relations, it’s not a leap to assume that the things she’s doing dovetails with her personal interests. I do like that the clean water project, her work with the UN, One World, and the USO trip she took to Afghanistan all happened pre-Harry – 2014 onward.

      Some other inaccuracies worth addressing:

      UN internship – She has said herself (2013 marie claire interview) that her work at the US embassy was a short term, for-credit, academic internship. I can’t see where she’s ever framed her time there as a career-track gig and tbh, I don’t see how the fact that it was an internship makes the experience any less noteworthy or authentic. And I’m not sure where you are from, but here in the US, embassy internships are difficult to secure for students without industry connections. Even if you come from an elite school like Northwestern University, the application process is rigorous and competition is fierce and – they don’t just hand them out. So to say she “bought” and didn’t “earn” her internship, is not only innacurate, but it’s insulting.

      Northwestern University: You’ve said that she didn’t complete her degree at Northwestern and is not listed as an alumna. This is another (really blatant and inexplicable) inaccuracy. I googled “Meghan Markle Northwestern” and the very first hit was an article in Northwestern’s official alumni magazine! She’s an alum of the 2003 and she returned to campus in 2014 to participate in a discussion and screening for that “Suits” TV show she’s on.

      Now I’m not saying that you are a hater or that you’re envious of Markle, but you dislike her – so much so that you’ve repeatedly invented biographical details to support your negative opinions of her. Idgi. There’s really no reason to make up reasons to hate the woman.

  17. My feelings about:

    5) Racism:

    I am not a fan of this current relationship of Harry for several reasons but race is NOT one of them. I just don’t think Meghan is the type of character who is suitable for royal life. I predict trouble, but I am happy to be proven wrong.

    I have an issue with them crying “racism” and being offended that the press digs into her past and family history. That exact same thing would have happened if he’d be dating a blonde British aristo. That same thing happened when he dated Cressida and there were articles all over the place about her mother and her mother’s infamously juicy past.
    The same thing happened with Chelsy, when the press went about digging her family’s past and writing stuff about her father. None of the articles have anything to do with racism. And pointing out their heritage and that her mum possibly (don’t know and am not bothered) lives in a badish part of town? Hardly racist. The world must be so PC, that as pointed out above, she is so used to cry racism and get immediate attention and that’s what happened. I can understand that it is grating to be called “exotic”, but it’s hardly an insult. Give me a break.
    Oh and I have also come across few if any racist remarks in comments too. Not saying there aren’t any, but the “racism” card is blown out of proportion, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. And if she can’t stand the negative comments, then she is not only wrong for the rf, but probably chose all over the wrong profession. Maybe it’s time for her to break the circus off and go into “producing” and “directing”.
    I despise racism (my best friend is black and I have black cousins), but I also despise those who use racism to defend themselves against their mistakes. I worked with a black man who had an extremely unprofessional attitude. He arrived late every day, did not do the job right, kept talking on the cell phone, fought with coworkers and clients and did not obey the bosses. But when this man was fired (for all these reasons) he did not hesitate to claim that he was being a “victim” of racism. He sued the company saying he was fired only because he was black, but he lost the case because the Judge noted (and told him) that if the bosses of the company were racist he would not even have been hired. I have seen many cases like this. As for Meghan, I read a few articles that observed that she was the daughter of a white father and a black mother, but that observation was classified as racism. If calling someone white “white” is not racism, why call someone black “black” is racism? She is biracial but it does not necessarily mean that whoever says this is being racist.
    I think that furthers the race talk, by so many using it to their advantage. Once the topic is so over talked that no one can listen to it anymore, it will become a huge problem, only because some special snowflakes wanted special treatment. Defeats the purpose of being “equal”, no?
    And if she has experienced supposed racism in London (or elsewhere in England, though I doubt it very much), then she doesn’t stand a chance. Also no one needs a duchess who’ll cry wolf every time someone looks at her, in the delusions that a lesser plebeian has an issue with her heritage/ skin colour. Says a lot about her overall, the whole scoop and I cannot wait for you to hear more. Yeah, I read comments made by Britains and they said this is what I meant by her lack of cultural understanding – what she can play in the US will not play in the UK.

    1. The racism related to the articles by the U.K. Press, DM in particular, going on about her mother having dreadlocks and suggesting she grew up in gang infested Compton.
      There was no excuse for it at all and it was never done to his other girlfriends.

      1. They also continue(d) to allow racist comments in the comments section. I have had to complain to the DM in the past to have racist comments about Michelle Obama removed, so was not surprised that the DM would allow multiple racist attacks on Meghan Markle.

    2. They didn’t say she lived in a baddish town. They said “Harry’s girl is almost straight-outta-compton”. The connotation is definitely racist towards African-American. The article wasn’t Meghan’s mother lives in Crenshaw. If that was the title, there would be no problem since it’s the truth. But they didn’t.

      As a biracial woman I hated reading what they were saying about her and then to read left and right that she was using the race card, made my blood boil.
      Same with the “exotic blood” from Johnson. Just hated it too.

      1. I’m biracial too and I agree with everything you just said. Why don’t people get that calling someone exotic isn’t a compliment, or simply annoying – it’s microaggression?

        1. Oh my, thanks for letting me know that ‘exotic’ is **not** a compliment. I am afraid these days to say much because I’m not from this generation. For instance, I didn’t know that midget was derogatory, my daughter calls her kids the midges. I really mean it when I say thank you, because in one of the many puke inducing articles Meghan was called ‘glamorous’, and I looked it up. One of the synonyms was ‘exotic’. At this point things are so out of control and beyond ludicrous that I don’t believe much of anything. My personal opinion, Meghan should have flat out zipped her mouth shut, and not put those juvenile little hints out there, she’s acting like an infatuated teen. She’s the one who opened herself up. And no, absolutely not saying that she deserved in any way shape or form to be attacked on any level, simply that she had control. Harry tried. Just my own personal opinion.
          It seems that no matter the subject, there are always going to be people who hide behind keyboards to create their own forums and climb up onto their electronic soap boxes to let their feelings be known, and generally should someone dare to disagree resort to personal insults.

      2. I didn’t like that “exotic” statement, either. But apparently Jason Knauf told Johnson he never read her article. I think that the statement was mainly aimed towards “trolls” on social media who were saying some pretty awful things about Meghan on her Instagram.

        1. By no means do I want to victim blame, but if all Meghan was concerned about was trolls on Instagram she could have turned comments off on her posts or made her account private until the media storm blew over. But she didn’t do either.

          I do think there were other concerns which prompted the statement.

          1. I’m not quite sure what those concerns are, though. There were so many articles that were produced after Camilla Tominey broke the story there was no way for me to read them all, but were the sexist/racist comments from actual journalists or just the comments section of online articles and social media?

            And if the concern was that someone tried breaking into her house, I am not sure what the truth is anymore because some people are claiming she lied about that.

            Some people are also saying that no one harassed Meghan’s family, that she actually is asking them to speak. Her mother and father both celebrated Thanksgiving with her. The whole thing is a mess and I can’t keep up with it all.

          2. I never read any of the comments sections on articles, but there were actual articles that had racist and sexist things written in them.

            As far as her father spending Thanksgiving with her and her mom, I don’t know what to make of that. I thought I read that her father lived in Mexico and she was estranged from him. But maybe that article was wrong. Who knows what’s real and what’s not with these two.

          3. I’m now doubting my memory of what I read, so let me take a look.

            She wrote: “Giving thanks for so many things – including these two gems, who brought me into this world. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours #thanksgiving #homecooking #passthegravy #family”

            I don’t read that as the photo being from a previous year, but I could be wrong.

        2. Isn’t it part of Jason’s job to read these articles? I can forgive him for not reading all the comments or blogs or following tweets because he wouldn’t have time for anything else. But the articles he should read.

  18. My feelings about:

    6) Harry:

    I think the only real person to blame for all of this is Harry. He controls who enters his life. I would have had no problem with him having a fling with this woman. But cementing her into his life with a statement?!!! Is this the sort of person he really wants? It is clear that Harry will do what he wants. If he continues on with this relationship, he is not as devoted to the monarchy and his grandmother as I thought he was. He is not the man I thought he was becoming. Maybe he much more like his brother and uncle Andrew than I ever dreamed possible. He’s in way too deep for someone he’s known a few months.
    Harry, in particular, has been described to me as someone who becomes even more entrenched and resolved when he’s challenged. The kind of person who if you criticize he’ll only do it more. The more the British press are attacking – and they’ve dialed it up even more ever since the Love Shield, calling his letter “preposterous” and barely stopping short of characterising Meghan as a famewhore – the more Harry digs in. [Sounds like he’s just like Bill]
    I read that Harry is giving the republican movement more ammo with this ridiculous relationship. Harry is not a normal citizen who can choose his life partner without no comeback…. he will do well to remember this. The worst part is that former fans of Harry are now turning against him. They say because of this relationship “The Royal Family is getting less and less royal.” And worse: “The Royal Family is becoming a celebrity farce.” This is sad. This has ruined Harry. Just a few short weeks ago he was on top of the world, being more praised than his brother, running a very successful charity that he founded and with many people (including me) clearly wanting a possibility of him replacing his brother in the succession (“Good King Harry”) and now this.
    I find it hard to believe that he’s always pursuing the women and they play hard to get. Judging from how she’s a manipulator, I would think that she went after him with full force. She had the Yorks and that clothing designer to give her Harry’s details on how to contact him and to get her in his face at places he’d likely be. Around the IG in Orlando that took part in May, he was still harping on about not having a gf and wondered if he ever will. Remember when he said “when and if I have a girlfriend, we’ll be comfortable with each other before we go public” something along that line. Anyway, she jumped the gun with her games because I think she was just a party girl who he’d meet up with whenever their in the same place, IMO.
    I think Harry is just playing with fire like his brother does. Unfortunately Harry is in fact getting burned and is burning out quickly. All that popularity and goodwill incinerated all because he likes to toy with people’s lives and he has now basically torched his years of hard work in just under a week.
    I don’t think that the KP letter is the biggest problem. The problem is that he is going all in for the wrong girl. What he does for his girl is really admirable. I’m just not sure if this particular woman deserves it. She seems pushy. I don’t like pushy women.
    Yes, it’s like lots of people said here before, both Harry and William claim they can spot a user in the blink of an eye and yet they end up with these women, clearly they’re not thinking with their brains. You know the worst part of it is that they get to meet some amazing, beautiful, hardworking honest women during their engagements and charity work who wouldn’t bring any controversy if they were to date any of them. But for some odd reason, they end up being associated with users, posers, troublemaking broads. They have zero excuse to complain when the press prints articles about what they’re about and the venting their disgust. I doubt if the press would be interested if Harry were date a woman who doesn’t bring any drama or a shady past. She’d be run-of-the mill normal and that wouldn’t keep the press too interested so they’ll be left alone to get on with it.
    Funny how during the Vegas naked scandal, they seemed to have his back. I guess after reading about him hob bobbing at the member’s only SoHo house and messing around with entertainers, reality show, hangers on that they’ve had enough.
    He needs to respect that his position comes with responsibilities and expectations; the public and press will comment if they don’t agree with his choices. He also needs to consider that he looks like a hypocrite being protective of a woman he has known for months, when he seems to have not criticized the woman who went on to marry his father after hurting his mother so badly.
    I doubt Harry chooses his women by what’s best for the RF, but by how they make him feel like most people. You’d think that by now, he’d want a nice stable quiet lady that gets his position but will be ok as she has her own life. He’s still going after common, party going, lose women who throw themselves at him. Maybe it’s good that Mehgan thought she was so special and took him to task on his viewing her as a mere fling. She exposed him and hopefully he’ll think twice about dealing with women he doesn’t make the effort to get to know them first.

    I want Harry to be happy. To be with someone who won’t make a fool of him or change him for the worse. This woman has done both in a matter of months. I dread to think what Harry will become if this relationship lasts long term. He is being mocked because of his girlfriend. I read a question which asked: “What will be Prince Harry’s title when he gets marry? a) Duke of Bananas; b) Marquis of Idiotshire; c) Earl of Dunceshire; d) Baron Suits.” Meghan is being called “Her Royal Goopiness”, “The Duchess of Las Vegas & Bananas”, “Countess of Instagram”, “Lady Duckliprwandaglamping”, “Baroness Whole Foods”. It’s becoming a joke.
    Sorry for the long posts. Thank you very much and have a good day everybody.

  19. Harry’s tour, aside from the Antigua party, has been enjoyable as always. Lots of great interactions with kids and adults alike, plus baby turtles!

    But, unfortunately, his relationship with Meghan Markle is the story in the U.K. and the US, and his work is lost in all the headlines. The statement had good intentions (stop the racist remarks, don’t stalk her!) and I think Harry and William were concerned about Meghan’s life being turned upside down…but it was a disaster for PR. Jason should have known better, seeing how he is paid to be a professional who can see the ramifications of such statements. The problem with Will and Harry scrapping Charles’ team is they lost a staff with loads of experience in such matters.

    As for Meghan, so far she’s treating all this as a Hollywood romance, where you tease your fans and promote your projects. I find it really weird that the US publication People magazine has Carole Middleton as a cover story this week…it’s as if Carole wants the attention back onto her daughter. It’s beginning to remind me of the silliness of Fergie vs. Diana, and that is not a good thing for anyone in this story.

    1. UK editors are on record in numerous royal documentaries admitting that they set up the Fergie vs Diana narrative.

      That said, it was well known that Diana often set up Fergie’s press falls and or used her as a canary for some action she wanted to take and seeing the media outcome would either follow her or avoid the situation.

  20. 1) I don’t think William is in the position to call anyone out on over the top emotional press statements after his own that he released about pictures of George and Charlotte.

    2) That statement was so poorly executed. In fact the entire handling of this relationship roll out (if that’s what you want to call it) has been appallingly bad. All it accomplished was 1. Publicly confirming the relationship and 2. Sending press and social media speculation way into overdrive. To the point that the prime minister of another country felt he could mention it in a speech. If Meghan didn’t respond at all (no cutesy social media posts, no coy responses from her official PR company, no pap stroll at lunchtime wearing Harry’s hat to the DM office etc) and if he never put out this statement none of us would be talking about this anymore. People would have assumed it was nonsense press speculation like the rumors he hooked up with Ellie Goulding and the other actress from doctor who.

    3.) I’m insulted by the narrative that’s beginning to start that Meghan forced Harry into putting out that statement. Maybe she did demand that Harry put out that statement, but Harry is a grown man not an innocent, vulnerable child. He is capable of making his own decisions. Meghan’s behavior in my opinion is not any different from any other Hollywood actress. Harry knew this about her and decided to start a relationship and go public with it. Any ill consequences or ill will that come from that statement and his handling of the relationship in the press are his fault.

    4.) I think this episode has really revealed that Harry is not all that different from his brother behind the scenes, unfortunately. He has been unemployed for almost a year and a half and only does “part time” royal duties. What does he actually do with all his time?? I used to believe what people said that he worked hard behind the scenes and things just weren’t getting counting in the CC, but the coverage of this relationship has revealed that he takes just as many secret vacations as his brother. I don’t think he has gone to the point of no return like his brother has though. He generally does really well with his engagements and connecting with the public. He either needs to step up to royal duties full time or find himself a job (and actually go to it).

    1. Point 4: it’s confirmed by the MOD and various twitter sightings that he volunteers part time with their wounded soldiers rehabilitation programme. 3 times a week.

      We often get twitter sightings when he visits programmes helped by the royal foundation or his own charities

      Royal reporters often mention that he has visited a place, but no press allowed so we have to assume they are telling the truth.

      Sometimes, he undertakes military exercises that aren’t covered by UK media or embargo-ed until after the fact eg when he undertook military exercises with Norwegian military at the end of September in their annual re-training of military rescue relief of civilians in disaster zones. That was covered by norwegian media though the appropriate papers seem to be behind a paywall which makes it hard to post the details here, but if you are willing to pay, here is an article and pictures.

      People who work with him regularly speak up about it. None of that makes news nor is it in the CC.

      Perhaps he should give up all these other things and concentrate on royal duties alone so that his name appears in the CC everyday so people can believe that he works.

      1. I have a question about the military exercises. The guy doesn’t have a job. What is the point of these exercises? Sounds more like play than anything pertaining to a job.

        And what is the point of visiting places undercover especially where it won’t be observed? He is supported by the taxpayer which keeps him in obscene luxury and gives him ultimate freedom and yet he is beholden practically to no one.On another note, is he getting paid for his personal super secret charity visits by the taxpayer?

        1. My guess is that he is trying to keep a hand in the army since that is the only thing he has ever wanted to do. He can’t stay in the British army because he is at a level where it would be more of a desk job which is not his strong suit.

          No he is not being paid by the tax payer for his volunteer jobs or charity endevours.

          However, sinde he lives at KP, has offices at KP and has tax payer funded bodyguards, we can’t say that he isn’t using any taxpayer money.

          He is old enough for most of his trustfunds to have kicked in, and we know Harry isn’t a skinflint like William and pays his way often rather than relying on freebies from rich friends.

          We also know that he tries hard to keep expenses to minimum when ge is using taxpayer money because when accounts have been released for all royals, Harry comes out with the lowest sum spent.

      2. If he wants to continue to work with the rehab, I think he should get formal training and be hired to work with them officially. That is the only way the critics will believe that what he does 3X a week with wounded warriors “counts”.

        1. Getting formal training is an excellent idea, not because of making CC lists, but because he would be in stronger position to offer professional assistance. If Harry sees this as his life’s work, it’s very much worth considering.

          1. That is a great idea. I hope Harry considers something like that.

            He has said being royal means he has a vast amount of privilege to use to help other people. He said it again the other day on his tour. Getting professional training in some way and really becoming a voice for others–that would be /perfect/ for him. He would have the purpose he so wants. He is aware he can do so much good, he wants to, but I don’t think he has a good team around him to really support him in that endeavour.

          2. “I don’t think he has a good team around him to really support him in that endeavour” > Ellie, I disagree. I feel like people are always trying to find excuses for Harry not working enough as he should. If he wanted to do more, he would. Imo he’s pretty comfortable with his situation now.

          3. I think it is the ongoing rock-and-hard-place.

            In order to make William look good, Harry has to have fewer official engagements. A lot of what he does should count, but it ends up not being added to the CC or officially counted. A two day trip full of engagements at one organization counted as “one” instead of the multiple meetings he had each day.

            An official job with a rehab would balance that out, his outside job and Wm’s outside job. If he ran around doing 500+ engagements a year, Wm would look even worse.

    2. +1 Carter. I especially agree with #4. The guy is not tied down to much and flits about at will, mostly at the taxpayers’ expense, enjoying his exotic holitours and exotic internships. He is much like his bro, just more charming with it. One almost gets the idea they hate the UK, certainly barely care about the people, and would prefer to be anywhere else but home.

      1. Much like their grandfather. The Queen is the only one that seems to appreciate the British people and British culture — hence her admiration and friendship with Sophie, the most “normal” of them all.

  21. I have to say that I’m glad Harry released the press statement that he did. Prince Harry has always worn his heart on his sleeve and that’s a big part of why I think so highly of him. I find it rather sad that his brother can’t support him without making some sort of negative comment, but really can William do anything with making a negative comment?

    1. I do think the timing of these supposed William thoughts smacks of the “throw Harry under the bus when he’s getting good press” schtick that William and KP have done before. It’s past time that the PTB get the whole KP operation under control via a clean sweep.

  22. I think that Jason K is a liar. He does give news to print media- to People mag. It reaches Americans, while he ignores Brit media. What the heck? Who would believe anything this mendacious manipulator puts out there?

    Moreover, the guy just has no class and has no idea of what the BRF is about. He’s made celebrities of the KP lot, unworthy of respect, and stimulated insane fan worship of a ludicrous image. Basically he’s helped make them infamous.

    Plus, KP’s PR statements are barely literate crap.

    1. I don’t think I really understand why KP recently seems to be favoring US media outlets. I guess to stick it to the British press? But what are they hoping to accomplish? If there is ever a referendum on the monarchy American’s opinions don’t matter. The BRF definitely enjoy their status and perks of their position. Having the British press on their side will definitely help them keep their position, not the American press.

      1. Lainey stated the recent items about Harry and Meghan were given to American press as a response to the racist articles the U.K. Press were doing.

        1. But shouldn’t they be trying to deal with the racist articles directly with the British editors/press?Instead of passive aggressively going to the US media? Especially since they are going to Us weekly and People magazine which are celebrity magazines. Not exactly high brow journalism outlets. Even going to Canadian outlets would make more sense. Meghan lives in Toronto and the monarchy is relevant to Canada.

          Americans don’t matter to the BRF. Americans don’t have any say in their position or their future. They need to stay relevant to British people not Americans. I wonder if this is all Jason’s idea because he’s American.

          1. They have connections to US media through Jason, see the People articles that are surgary.
            Canadian publications don’t have the anywhere near the same readership as US ones either.

          2. I have only seen the People articles online. I haven’t flipped through the actual magazine, but she/they are not on the cover. The only cover story I’ve seen so far has been Us Weekly. Or maybe it was OK Magazine. Either way she isn’t plastered across the covers on the checkout lane and none of the tabloids have picked it up. I keep seeing stories about Camilla and Kate but not Harry and Meghan.

            So it really isn’t the page burner it’s being made out to be online here either.

        2. I know everyone’s been taking Lainey’s view as law but something about that doesn’t add up. First, if Harry prepped his people about Meghan in August, as Lainey claimed to indicate the seriousness, and this is the shit show they came up with? They had three months to plan for the roll out or intro of Meghan–or at least do oppo research so they knew what was coming–and this is where we are? God help us all.

          Also the details fed to the American press? Where he was and with how many bodyguards? If KP is truly divulging those details about a royal who is a legitimate terrorist target then that over the top KP statement is the least of anyone’s worries.

          And then there’s the whole they’re going on vacation and he’s said I love you! Is this what KP press has become? If that’s the case, the monarchy is well and truly cooked.

          I think Lainey’s sources are Meghan–Ben Mulroney connection and all–and that she’s playing the game with Lainey too.

          Therefore I’m just not sure how much stock we should put into the theory that KP is feeding anything to US press. KP’s only strategy is to have no strategy at all.

      2. I think it’s because they figure Americans are still interested in them. Popularity/interest is dwindling in the UK so sell the story where people will buy it.

  23. And more news comes out about the corrupt lilibet (who also calls herself the Queen), spending 1.4 million pounds on formal dinners. At a time when the public sector has to make do with cuts, when the national health care system has to tolerate cuts leading to poorer health care aweevice for the populace. No wonder the younger royals are half educated, secretive, most likely corrupt and largely a work shy bunch- they learned it best from their Granny! Lilibet’s only achievement is to outlive better and more worthier people than her. That’s all! Can’t believe a woman of little intelligence, skill, beauty and character like our darling Elizabeth should be so celebrated. What has been her contribution or achievement to global history really? Let’s seriously ask ourselves that, before we fall over ourselves praising her for her duty, all the while spending increasing public money with no accountability.
    The rot starts from the top.

    1. Very well said!

      There is irony in the fact that her very lengthy life on the throne has finally begun to unravel the corruption and greed inherent in the BRF given the increasing financial distress of her subjects. History is beginning to show that she was and is a poor steward, and uses her anointment by G-d as the ultimate entitlement. She is now not going to leave on a high note as her real character and machinations come to the fore (and Chuck’s). She was my queen growing up but now she’s just a Great Disappointment.

    2. I just read about the money spent on food, etc. for state dinners and garden parties, etc. 1.5 million. But that’s feeding 96,000 people. So a little over 15 per person. Really not that bad. It’s not like she’s spending that solely on herself.

      1. I agree. If that was the bill for her personal food, it’d be a different story. You can’t have the president of [insert county] come for a state visit and feed them McDonald’s and a bud light (or whatever the British equivalent would be). Although a McDonald’s value meal plus a bud light probably comes pretty close to 15 dollars per person. 🙂

      2. Every government spends money on state dinners and hosting things. Getting on the Queen about that is ridiculous unless you’re going to bash Presidents and Prime Ministers and others as well. It is part of the Head of State job.

    3. But isn’t that what’s she supposed to do as head of state? Host dinner and garden parties? I don’t know the budget or which pot the money comes from (I guess all is eventually tax payer) but isn’t that the same when POTUS or others countries host such affairs?

      1. But why is there even a need for this unelected person to be a Head of State? Personally, head of state jobs should be for those elected by a majority of the people of the state itself (ok coalition and minority governments do happen). I have no issue with an elected official spending this money on garden parties for the public and diplomatic dinners, as soft diplomacy is part of the job that they’ve been elected to do. Why do we need the self anointed royals for this though? Why do we need royals to act high and mighty around the public when they are living off of public welfare and goodwill and stealing/misappropriating public money?

        1. You are most definitely right that people should get to vote for their HOS. And to question the budget. I really don’t know how this equates into the bigger budget picture of things . I just figure this is part of her job.
          I do think there is rightful frustration over this especially in light of the bp renovations costs coming to light.
          I think there should be more questioning of their budget/costs and no longer be able to hide under FOI. Time for some accountability

      2. Good point, Sarah. It is part of the Queen’s job to host events. But these are statistics without context; they obfuscate without clarifying.

        Is the Queen is paying the 1.4 million pounds out of her Sovereign Grant or does it come out of other pots of money eg Foreign Office for the hosting of overseas visitors at banquets?

        How many banquets per year, how many guests and what is the cost of each?

        How many garden parties, how many guests and what is the cost of each?

        I would guess that the taxpayer is paying for the lot when it all boils down to it.

  24. Ugh, and here I thought this story had died down. I never thought I’d say this but what happened to the mantra “never complain never explain”
    Re Harry: this trip shows Harry at his best. Interacting with people, showing empathy and generally relatable. I wish he could find a balance. Whatever he does, he needs to do more of it becuase his goodwill is starting to dwindle for me.
    I read part of the DM story and it made me laugh. It talked about how close Willaim and Harry are! Really?? I’d say at one point they were close but I don’t think William is close to any of his family any more. Harry maybe more than some of the others.

    1. I think it’s truly unfortunate. Harry tends to do really well on tours. His work is being completely overshadowed. To be fair it’s not all because of the stories about his relationship. The announcement about the upcoming BP restoration is also not helping.

  25. And if the dinner is $15-$20 per person, I have to say it’s heavily subsidized for the amount to be that low. Who’s bearing the weight of the subsidization though? Who is willingly taking less money than they are due for their hard work, just so they can have the chance to serve these “royals”?

    1. They don’t host that many state dinners each year. As stated elsewhere, this covers the cost for things like the Garden Parties (6000 attendees each). That’s one-two tiny cakes plus a cup of tea per guest.

      1. According to BP’s website, each year HM hosts 5+ garden parties. At each party, guests drink 27,000 cups of tea and eat 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake. That comes to (for a party of 6,000) over four cups of tea, 3 sandwiches, and 3 slices of cake per person. Arguably money well spent. I bet all the hardworking charity workers being honored appreciated the generosity.

        1. The rule is two state visits a year. If there is no monarchy, there will still be state dinners; they will cost just as much, but the magic draw of the Queen will be absent. Who would you rather have dinner with? One of the reasons the Queen has not gone to circular tables is because every guest wants to say “I sat at the Queen’s table”, even if it was 100 yards away at the bottom of the table.

          1. Five garden parties x 6000 folk = 30,000. Throw in 3 more parties for good measure = 42,000 people. Two state banquets = ? many attendees. So where does the figure of 96,000 people come from? I agree that the garden party food is rather beautiful, very hospitable and enjoyed by all attendees.

          2. Oops. My maths was off. I meant to say that 5-8 garden parties = 30,000-48,000 guests. I’m still wondering where the remaining 48,000-66,000 guests come from if there are only two state banquets a year?

          3. Yeah, I have been unable to understand how that comes to 96000 guests a year. Given the obscure accounting that is used to justify BRF expenses I think we should wonder.

          4. 96,000 people total; not just guests. From what I remember, BP feeds their employees lunch everyday (possibly more meals than that, I just remember lunch). From what I remember, free food is part of why their salaries are so low.

          5. The papers confirm that the 96,000 are guests at receptions, garden parties, banquets and other events; don’t think staff is included in that tally. What struck me is that the Queen releases this information regarding spending but is reticent in revealing more, claiming exemption under FoI.

        2. If I were some charity worker or someone nominated to go to a garden party you bet I’d be thrilled and feel so honored and like someone cared about me and what I did. It gives so much recognition and encouragement to people, which means hell of a lot. That’s the whole point of why Philip instated the garden parties after dumping the stupid debutante balls. (AFAIK it was his idea.)

  26. Someone upthread mentioned that Harry had said that he’d keep any relationship as private as possible for as long as possible. I wonder if he just waits until he’s at a tipping point — not so invested in a relationship that he can’t end it without a broken heart, but sufficiently interested that he could picture a happily-ever-after with the woman. Then he steps back and waits to see what kind of dirt the press (and now Tumbler, etc,) dig up on the woman and how well she copes with the press attention. Then he can decide whether or not to continue. Or maybe this is a speculation better suited for a different blog. More conspiracy theory orientated. If Meghan turns out to actually be the alien baby of Elvis’s ghost, I’ll repost this.

  27. I caught myself thinking that this statement in reality wasn’t about cyber bullying or privacy or whatever, but it was a strategic move by Harry to announce his relationship with Meghan to force his family to at least tolerate her. Just a thought…

    1. Somehow, to me, that doesn’t sound like something that Harry would do. Can you imagine what it would be like to be essentially forced down the throat of the ‘firm’? Oh waity…….

      I couldn’t resist. Seriously, I don’t understand where this is at any given point, so who knows? Anything is possible, but this frenzy is way out of control I think. Can’t help but take a bit of pleasure in picturing the great controller (Billy) pacing the floors. Why exactly he decided to poke his snoot in and didn’t just zip it is beyond me. Then again, this is the ‘firm’ ‘family’.

    2. Maybe the statement was meant to serve all three purposes : admonish racism, assert privacy rights, and make his intentions toward his new lady clear to all – family members, especially.

  28. The issue as the UK press sees it — and I agree — is that the mainstream papers, even the Daily Mail, aren’t pursuing he royals the way they have in the past. William had unprecedented privacy at St. Andrews. Deals are made and the mainstream media uphold their end of the bargain. The photographers — even the ones chasing Kate ten years ago — are freelance. The UK mainstream papers, even the tabloids, haven’t bought those pictures in years. Do you know how much money they passed up not publishing Kate’s topless photos? They see this as all part of the deal and them being on best behavior.

    In return, they have been shut out of even basic pictures like photocalls. They are punished for reporting on the royal family as newsmakers — how much money they cost, the actual legal scandals they are involved in — Andrew coming to mind here — AND also for reporting on them as entertainment subjects.

    UK newspaper readership isn’t down nearly as much as in the United States. Newspapers are still a major part of their media. Jason full well knows this. People who aren’t buying newspapers are elsewhere and their worldwide media outreach is about getting puff pieces, especially to a US audience. Because no US media is going to report on how much they cost — why do we care? We aren’t paying for it.

    So make no mistake — you can believe it’s about the excesses of the UK media all you’d like, but it’s about freedom of the press. And if the Daily Mail so deeply awful, maybe the Middleton children should stop giving them exclusive interviews about their latest interest of the moment.

    1. Exactly.

      I also think that non UK residents don’t understand how much a paper like the DM is an establishment paper because they only see the trashy showbiz section of the online website. A section that doesn’t bother to hide it’s poorly researched articles curated from other trashy sources around the world and edited by a team that is completely separate from the overall editorial team culled from our more salacious tabloid papers.

      I’d also wager that they don’t go past that section to the rightminds section or the news sections because those parts are more reflective of what the print DM paper looks like and those parts are held in high regard by the establishment.

      The establishment works with these papers to put their point of view all the time either directly or indirectly so it can’t be dismissed out of hand.

      Jason clearly doesn’t understand how our media operates despite close to ten years working in Britain in PR nor has he advanced a new way to make it work for him in light of his poor understanding of how it all works.

      And he is saddled with uncontrollable clients together with his overly emotional, verbose approach that doesn’t play well with the British public or media.

      1. Interesting information about UK papers. Thanks.

        I agree about the writing style issues. I keep wanting to tell Poor Jason, “more Hemmingway. Less Faulkner.” As a fellow American, he ought to understand that.

      2. Yep — it’s partially because we use tabloid in the US differently than the UK. Tabloids here are exclusively gossipy trash magazines, or the NY Post and NY Daily News, but that’s because New York is one on of the few big cities that always had a newspaper culture sufficient to support not one but two tabloids AND multiple broadsheets. Most American places don’t have both, let alone multiple types of both. So they hear the Daily Mail is a tabloid and assume it’s US Weekly, which it isn’t.

        The younger Royals have been signaling for awhile now that they see themselves as worldwide players and it’s just asinine. They don’t pay for you!!! You have to also cater to the people who pay for you! It also shows completely that they do want to be celebrities, not royals.

      3. Wasn’t Jason one of the last choices for this position but William didn’t want them because they weren’t sniveling sycophants? He wanted someone who would answer only to him and worship him and call him YRH, Sir, and grovel to him. William didn’t want any decent people Charles recommended; he wanted someone who would only do as he dictated and who wasn’t a part of the UK establishment or even a Brit in general.

    2. Is there a legitimate established news/media that would interview them? I don’t get why they are so newsworthy at all, and when a story pops up I go to the comment section. Maybe in doing that I’m missing something ever so important and headline worthy?

  29. Here’s to Harry get burned, getting so epically and royally burned that it makes his Nazi fancy dress and Vegas shenanigans look like palace-sanctioned character building exercises.

    I have a been a staunch critic of Meghan’s nearly from the get-go, but I think there’s more at stake here than just the two of them as individuals. She is what she is, and the royal press pack and the public saw that within days if not hours of this story breaking. She is an actress. To be shocked that an actress seeks publicity is to be shocked by gravity. How oblivious? How sheltered? How inoculated from the consequences of your actions must you be to think you can dally with someone who seeks publicity as PART OF HER JOB?

    The answer is Harry. You have to be Harry, who has always so conveniently had the BRF to mop up his messes. Only this time, there is a woman involved and though she is not my cup of tea at all, she cannot be denied her hustle and that’s no dig in my mind. And so what I dread is that to extract “poor Harry” from this relationship it will only be a matter of time before we start getting all the stories about how manipulative, scheming, etc. The veracity will be beside the point. The ultimate goal will be to absolve Harry, which only reinforces the sexist notion that women are these maniacal sociopathic creatures that exert some mysterious force field on poor innocent unsuspecting men.

    Oh the delicious irony of KP having to employ one of most sexist tricks in the book to exonerate Harry in the court of public opinion from having released a statement prevailing upon the public to not be sexist.

    1. Greentrees, I agree with all of your points in the comments you left on this thread. I felt sympathy for Meghan the first two days or so that we knew about her because I believed she was being harassed by the press and I tried to imagine myself in that position and thought it would be awful. But very quickly I started to feel that Meghan was too indiscreet, not suitable, and fake. But I have stopped commenting as much as I used to about how I feel because if I try to explain why I think Meghan is fake (such as a two hour long photo shoot in Rwanda where she basically used African kids as a prop for Instagram pictures) people accuse me of being racist. They say “you are only saying that because she is biracial/American/Catholic.” I happen to be an American Catholic myself and there isn’t a racist bone in my body. I really just believe that Meghan loves this attention. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she leaked the story in the very beginning herself. Maybe she told a friend to tell Camilla Tominey? And I don’t believe it was an accident that she walked right past the Daily Mail offices and into Kensington Palace. She wanted the world to know she was there. That was deliberate, I am sure of it. Just like the Thanksgiving picture where she had her mom and dad place their hands in the picture to show the world she was having dinner with her parents. She is playing games with the press, just like she showed us with that jigsaw puzzle picture. She is leaving the clues and she wants us to put the puzzle together. I think she is calculating and manipulative.

      1. .Yep!! I agree, and I too am an American Catholic and I have many bi racial family members. If Megs wants to play on the ‘poor me, they hate me, dislike me, yada yada yada because I’m not a wasp’ that belittles her in my mind. I still don’t see the misogynistic aspect of this so I know I’m missing something. It doesn’t matter because I am so done with all of these articles and back and forth, and I can’t keep track of who said what. Agree agree agree with your post, the only thing different is that I never felt sorry for Meghan but I came into the party a wee bit late so maybe in the beginning there was reason, but I didn’t feel sorry for waity so in all likely hood wouldn’t have for Meghan. These women are a whole lot alike in a whole lot of ways in my opinion. However, that is **just** my opinion.

    2. I very much agree with most off your points except that Harry is getting burned. To me that would imply Harry is being duped in some way. I don’t believe he is. He has been in the spotlight all his life. He knows how this works. He knows that posting something on IG will be front page international news. As long as Meghan keeps doing this kind of stuff I will assume that it doesn’t bother Harry, and he is giving his tacit sign of approval by continuing to be in a relationship with her. He is a very willing participant in all of this.

      I don’t blame Meghan for any of this mess. She is what she is and has never pretended to be anything else. She has hustle, and I respect that.

      If this relationship goes south and KP plays into the narrative of Meghan being this manipulative, sexy siren who duped poor, innocent Prince Harry that’s already starting to form, I’ll be very disappointed at the hypocrisy and sexism of it all.

      1. Carter, maybe I didn’t express myself well, but that’s exactly what I’m saying. What I meant by saying I hope Harry gets burned is–I hope he gets his ass handed to him, by the press, by the public, by granny, and by Meghan too because he has everything to do with this and is in no way a victim of anything here. If anything, he’s more responsible because he’s lived it for 32 years. So by burned, I didn’t mean duped or betrayed. I just meant, I hope this teaches him a lasting lesson and that he is NOT able to trot out that, “I got taken by a woman” bullshit.

        1. Ahh I misunderstood! I agree with everything you are saying. It will be interesting to see how this relationship plays out.

          On an unrelated note, I hope your little one is letting you get some sleep! I feel like sleep is a distant memory 🙂

  30. I think it is immature and childish that Meghan is still posting cryptic Instagram pictures like the one of her holding some flowers with her arm strategically placed so we can see her Harry bracelet. She acts like a 14-year-old with a high school boyfriend, not a 35-year-old woman dating a prince who is on an official tour representing the Queen. Tacky.

  31. What I don’t understand is Williams released statement from KP saying ‘he understands the situation concerning privacy.” William made it about privacy because he likes to complain about the lack there of. But I thought Harry’s press release was not about wanting privacy but wanting the attacks and racial slurs to stop. So, why did William release a statement then about understating the privacy concerns when that was not Harry’s point? It is like William didn’t even read Harry’s statement.

    1. Harry’s statement was not about privacy; it was about the racism and sexism Meghan was experiencing. However, because the statement was so emotional and long and not to the point, many people did think it was about privacy. So I wouldn’t be shocked if William misread it, too.

      1. I agree. I mistakenly believed it was a ‘leave my girlfriend alone and give her privacy’ kind of a statement so it wouldn’t surprise me if William made that mistake too because the statement was not a concise, two to three sentence statement. And it appears that most people online also made that mistake because lots of people are turning on Harry in comments sections, especially the Daily Mail. It was an emotional, over the top essay. It was convoluted. Harry should have released something simple and to the point. Instead, it came across like Harry was whining about lack of privacy since he was a young boy. That’s how I remember the statement.

        Jason is also to blame for this, though. The statement sounded like Harry talking, Jason should have interpreted Harry’s concerns and then made a concise statement where he articulated Harry’s main message in a professional, simple way. It was just way too long and emotional for a formal statement directly from Kensington Palace.

        I think both Harry and William are surrounded by sycophants. And I do not believe Harry asked Prince Charles for his opinion because there is no way that Charles would have approved of that statement. Camilla got lots of death threats after Diana died and Charles did nothing. And Kate dated William for eight years and during that time she had photographers shouting “whore” “bitch” and other terrible things at her when she walked down the street.
        I wonder how it makes Kate feel that Harry did this for his ‘girlfriend’ of a few months and William never did this for her in eight years of dating.

      2. I was surprised at the statement and it’s release too. The language used was not clear and concise, it just waffled. It did make me wonder if it was just Jason’s idea (at first) to release the statement. My reason for thinking this was that Prince Harry didn’t sign it, or have his name at the bottom, or even the top?
        What the statement did have was “A Statement by the Communications Secretary to Prince Harry”. As it says it’s from the Communications Secretary, ie Jason, then any mistakes, I feel, are his and imo that includes releasing this poorly written statement. Perhaps William should be talking to Jason and not talking to the papers about Harry?

        1. These statements are Jason’s writing style.

          The over the top emotional accusatory waffling that doesn’t quite get to the point is his ‘voice’.

          We saw it in the two previous letters he wrote asking the media to stay away from George and to stay away from Anmer Hall.

          And as in previous instances, those efforts garnered negative reaction too.

          Jason has shown poor judgement and poor handling of media relations and really should be fired because relations have gone downhill completely since he was hired last year.

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