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Poll results: Kate’s 2016 outfits

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 fashion polls – I always enjoy seeing the results! The results are in and the readers’ favorites of Kate Middleton‘s 2016 wardrobe are: the Naeem Khan blue and white dress; the Catherine Walker red coat and dress; the Roland Mouret Nansen gown in royal blue; and the Goat Binky Blouse & Banana Republic Geo Jacquard Skirt.

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Predictions 2017 poll results

And we’re back with the poll results for our 2017 predictions. Some of the results were predictable, but some of the results were not what I was expecting at all. And there were some write-in votes that I hadn’t thought of.

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Poll Results: Canada Tour 2016 + Prince Harry in new video for Heads Together

Here are the poll results from our Canada Tour 2016 polls. Thank you to everyone who voted! According to the KMR readers, it seems Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s 2016 Canada Tour was not the rousing success that KP wanted it to be, and paled in comparison to the 2011 Canada Tour. Also in this post, Prince Harry in a new video for Heads Together, and my thoughts on that organization.

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Prediction Poll Results

I was hoping I would be able to add some Kate or Harry news to this article but there isn’t any, so here are the poll results for our 2016 prediction polls.

I made the mistake last year of not writing down what I voted for so at the end of the year I had no idea whether I was right or not. This year I’m going to write down my picks.

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Poll Results: Favorite and least favorite of Duchess Kate’s 2015 outfits

The polls have closed and the votes are in! Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 review polls of Kate Middleton‘s dresses, coats, gowns, separates, and hats. There were some predictable outcomes in certain categories, especially for least favorite; and there were some surprises I was not predicting in some of the categories, though I’m happy to see some of my favorites near the top in some of them.

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Kate Middleton covers Newsweek: poll results reveal ‘end of the fairytale’, but does Kate want an influential role?

Kate Middleton Newsweek Europe cover

Kate Middleton covers the October 3 issue of Newsweek Europe and the article was released online titled “The Duchess of Cambridge: How Britain Stopped Believing in the Royal Fairytale”.  There is an accompanying poll commissioned by Newsweek Europe and published by YouGov which details how a randomized sample of 3,000 British adults feel about Kate.  The article uses the poll’s data to suggest that the fairytale attitude towards royal women has dissipated since Diana, which may be good for Kate and the monarchy in the long run.  The article also suggests that Kate is hugely influential to the future of the royal family and to William and will basically be the “power behind the throne” and almost a “co-regent in all but name” because she’s the most intelligent royal and holds a lot of power over William and George.

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