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Princess Madeleine brings Princess Leonore to fairy tale party (updated)

Do we need some tiaras and cuteness? I think we need some tiaras and cuteness. Princess Madeleine hosted a fairy tale party yesterday, February 22, in the Mirror Room of the Royal Palace. Madeleine brought Princess Leonore along for the event and they both dressed in their finest Princess-wear.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton covers Newsweek: poll results reveal ‘end of the fairytale’, but does Kate want an influential role?

Kate Middleton covers the October 3 issue of Newsweek Europe and the article was released online titled “The Duchess of Cambridge: How Britain Stopped Believing in the Royal Fairytale”.  There is an accompanying poll commissioned by Newsweek Europe and published by YouGov which details how a randomized sample of 3,000 British adults feel about Kate.  […]

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