Prediction Poll Results

Prediction Poll Results

I was hoping I would be able to add some Kate or Harry news to this article but there isn’t any, so here are the poll results for our 2016 prediction polls.

I made the mistake last year of not writing down what I voted for so at the end of the year I had no idea whether I was right or not. This year I’m going to write down my picks.

Kate’s Engagements

I think Kate will do anywhere between her 2014 numbers (91) and her 2012 numbers (111) this year, because of the boost the Spring tour will give her. But I voted that she would do 76-100 engagements (because I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for over 100), and 33.72% of you agreed with me.

How many engagements will Kate make in 2016

I know last year Kate did most of her engagements in October, but November was a close second and every other year the majority of her non-tour engagements came in November, so I chose November for this poll. 35.08% of you agreed with me. Or I agreed with 35.08% of you, whichever.

when will the bulk of Kate's engagements take place

58.49% of us voted that Kate will only visit 3-5 of her patronages this year. Yeah… I won’t say too much because I have a full article on Kate’s patronages visits coming tomorrow, but the results of this poll are really interesting to me after having done that article. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

How many of Kate's patronages will she visit in 2016

I voted that Kate will take on several new patronages this year. I think she’ll do at least two (I’m predicting the Anna Freud Centre and possibly the Fostering Network; so we’ll see about that). Only 14.5% of you guys thought the same way I did about this one. 46.32% said Kate will only take on one new patronage and 39.18% said she won’t take on any new ones.

Will Kate take on any new patronages in 2016

My choice for this poll was more wishful thinking than anything, really. I want Kate to make at least one good speech, so I voted that Kate will make one speech and that she’ll be good.

The majority of you think if she does make a speech she’ll be bad, with 35.22% thinking she’ll make several bad ones and 27.39% thinking she’ll make just one bad one.

Will Kate give a speech in 2016

I would love for Kate to make a solo overseas visit. She was going to make one to Malta in September 2014, but she cancelled due to pregnancy. So my head is saying she won’t make one this year either. The vast majority of you (90.54%) agreed with me.

Will Kate make a solo overseas visit in 2016

I didn’t originally have the “Yes, one but I’m not sure which” option for this poll, but I’m glad I put it in there because I and 52.84% of you guys chose that one.

Will Kate attend a State Banquet in 2016

Yeah, I don’t think William and Kate will attend the State Opening of Parliament. 88.34% of you don’t either.

Will Kate attend the State Opening of Parliament in 2016

Kate’s Fashion

Not only do I think Kate will wear the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara again this year, I’m hoping she does and it’s to an event where we get a full face photo of her wearing it. I really want to see what Kate looks like in it.

I know a lot of people disliked Kate wearing this tiara because of the Diana connection, but 65.78% of you think she’ll wear it again this year.

Will Kate wear the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara in 2016

I and 76.43% of you don’t think Kate will wear another new-to-her tiara this year. Kate already has three that she’s worn, she can’t have all the tiaras. Save something for Harry’s wife.

Will Kate wear a new-to-her tiara in 2016

I’m actually surprised that the Lotus Tiara won this poll with 46.42% of the vote. Looking back at the tiaras I think the Lotus Tiara didn’t look right on Kate. I think the Halo Tiara fits Kate’s personality better and just looks better overall.

Which tiara do you prefer on Kate

Kate sure loves her blue. The results of this poll were fairly close but Kate wearing blue 31-40% of the time won with 28.05% of the vote (which is the one I voted for, too).

How many times will Kate wear blue in 2016

This poll was less close, but Kate wearing black 21-30% of the time won with 29.98% of the vote. I voted for the 11-20%.

How many times will Kate wear black in 2016

The top two vote getters for this poll were very close. Alexander McQueen won by a hair with 41.36% of the vote; and Jenny Packham came in second with 41.12% of the vote. I voted for McQueen. Kate loves McQueen.

Who will be Kate's most worn designer in 2016

The top two vote getters for this poll were close, but not as close as the last one. I and 34.46% of you think the Sledges will make a return and be worn less than 10% of the time; and 32.05% of you think the Sledges will not make a return at all.

How many times will Kate wear her LK Bennett Sledges in 2016

I really hope Kate branches out with her shoes this year, but I and 23.8% of you voted that she’ll wear the Power Pumps 21-30% of the time.

How many times will Kate wear her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps in 2016

This one was close as well, but 31-40% won with 24.47% of the vote (I voted for this one as well).

How many times will Kate carry her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in 2016

I and 32.82% of you voted that Kate will wear her hair up 21 – 30% of the time.

How many times will Kate wear her hair up in 2016

I and 42.18% of you think Kate will only have one tiny wind incident this year instead of a full flashing or even a partial flashing. There was no full flashing last year – we didn’t see her bum like we did the previous years – but some of you consider the upper thigh we saw when she wore the Ralph Lauren dress counted as a flashing.

How many times will Kate's skirt fly up in 2016

Some of you have faith that the Queen of the Crotch Clutch will finally stop clutching her crotch, but I and 36.93% of you think she’ll clutch her crotch 100% of the time.

How many times will Kate crotch clutch in 2016

Cambridge Children

Seeing George 3 times this year got the most votes with 26.18%. The one I voted for, seeing George 5 times this year, came in third with 18.7%.

If we only see George 3 times (officially) in 2016, it will be the least amount of times we’ve officially seen him in one year since the year he was born. Hopefully we’ll see him more than that.

How many times will we see Prince George in 2016

Seeing Charlotte 2 times in 2016 won with 33.92%. Only 12.66% of you guys think as I do that we’ll see Charlotte 4 times this year.

How many times will we see Princess Charlotte in 2016

72.36% of us think the Cambridges should release photos and do photocalls a few times a year. Surprisingly (to me), 13.32% of you think the Cambridges should bring the kids on engagements (this is surprising to me because it was the second highest vote getter).

How do you think the Cambridges should handle their kids and the press

Royal Babies

60.51% of you think Kate will announce a third pregnancy by the end of the year, while 33.26% of you think Kate will not announce a third pregnancy by the end of the year. I hope that 33.26% of you are correct – I don’t particularly want William and Kate to have a third child.

Watch Kate announce a pregnancy next month now that I’ve said that.

Will Kate announce a third pregnancy in 2016

I know several of you guys said you didn’t like this question because you didn’t want to speculate on Kate’s health, especially with a condition that can be very severe, but I asked it so I’m going to go ahead and post the results. I and 61.19% of you said Kate would have HG with a third pregnancy because “anything to get out of royal duties”.

If Kate announces a third pregnancy, will she suffer Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I voted that Victoria will have a girl. But the majority of you (60.47%) voted that she will have a boy.

Will Crown Princess Victoria have a boy or girl

The majority of you (60.21%) also think Sofia will have a boy. I think Sofia will have a boy, too.

Will Princess Sofia have a boy or girl

The majority of you (56.79%) think Stephanie will announce a pregnancy by the end of the year. I and 37.96% of you think that she will not announce a pregnancy by the end of the year.

Will Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie announce a pregnancy in 2016


Zara won silver at the 2012 Olympics in London, but I and 31.75% of you guys voted that she will not win a medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Prove us wrong, Zara!

How will Zara Phillips' Rio Olympics go

47.12% of you guys think Harry will not have an official girlfriend in 2016. I was surprised that only 14.79% think you would dislike his girlfriend if he got one, whereas 38.08% think she would be someone you like. I voted that if he got a girlfriend she would be someone I dislike, because I didn’t like Chelsy or Cressida. I want Harry to date/marry a woman who is everything we want Kate to be (and that she isn’t currently), but given his preferences and the circles he runs in I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

Will Prince Harry get an official girlfriend in 2016

The vast majority (95.14%) think Harry will not announce an engagement in 2016. I am in that majority. I think even if he did get a girlfriend this year getting engaged this year would be too soon.

Will Prince Harry announce an engagement in 2016

This one was fairly close. 48.7% think Beatrice will announce an engagement in 2016, and 46.67% think Beatrice will not announce an engagement in 2016. I think Bea will announce an engagement this year. She’s turning 28 this year and she and Dave Clark have been together for ages.

Will Princess Beatrice announce an engagement in 2016

This one was not so close at all. I and 87.69% of you don’t think Eugenie will announce an engagement this year.

Will Princess Eugenie announce an engagement in 2016

This one was closer that Eugenie but not as close as Beatrice. I and 58.06% of you think The Pips will not announce an engagement this year, though 34.95% of you think she will.

Will Pippa Middleton announce an engagement in 2016

To spice things up just a tad, here are some photos of Prince Harry visiting Mildmay Hospital, a dedicated HIV hospital, on December 14, 2015 that I never posted.

65 thoughts on “Prediction Poll Results

  1. Thank you for posting this just in time for my lunch break. Results are interesting, let’s see how we did next January .
    Great photos of Harry but I have to call him out too for not doing anything since before Christmas. I think junior royals should work harder during HM’s extended Christmas and summer breaks. If he’s not going to be a full time Royal he needs to get a job.

    1. At least Harry has scheduled an appearance for January; Kate’s first appearance isn’t until February. And William hasn’t even scheduled an appearance yet. But I do side eye all three of them for not doing sh-t. And personally, I would side eye Harry getting a civilian job about as much as I side eye William playing pilot. It’s not like Harry would be living off the salary he’d earn. He’d be living off daddy and playing at whatever job he had. It’s way past time for all three of them to make the transition to full time working royal status and lessen the burden on the older royals. Remember, it’s not just QEII and DoE who are getting super old. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are 71 and 69, respectively, the Duke of Kent is 80, and Princess Alexandra is 79. And they all did more engagements in 2015 than William, Kate, and Harry (except for Princess Alexandra who did 88, but that’s still more than Kate).

      Some people use the fact that the budget only supports so many engagements a year as some sort of excuse for W&K&H not to do more, but they should be taking over for the older royals and allowing them to do less and/or retire in their old age. They shouldn’t just wait for them to die before finally becoming full time working royals.

      1. The number of engagements undertaken by older royals vs. those of the younger is disappointing. This Middleton trainwreck and the Cambridge life of undeserved luxury are going to generate widespread public outrage in 2016 should these figures become more broadly circulated. I love the Queen, Prince Philip, Charles, etc., but W & K are almost offensive in their disregard of duty. Were I a British subject, I would enjoin my MP to ask questions in the House about these 2 with a view to kicking them off the Civil list.

      2. I’m willing to be proved wrong, but I think that budget argument is bull-sheet (so to speak). Aren’t the Kensington trio already personally protected at all times? I would think that it would be way more of a hassle protecting the direct heir to the heir while he’s playing helicopters and dear Harry while playing soldier than it would be to tag along on a few more charity visits. Yes, I know travel is often involved, but again – take the train to Birmingham or a flight to Mustique?? Which seems more valuable to the paying public?
        And yes, of course the older, second tier royals should rightly be able to retire. Even though she does very little, having Kate as your patron has more potential for fundraising and exposure than the damn Duchess of Kent!

        Ok- took a deep cleansing breath ….

        I voted that Harry will not have a girlfriend or be engaged in 2016, but I really want it to happen! He’s such a dear and like you, KMR, I am ever hopeful that the future Princess Henry of Wales will actually be a fully engaged Royal. I know you have it in you, Rhiannon! I’m guessing you’ll make your move at the Invictus Games – good choice! Wishing you all the luck!

        And PLEASE Kate don’t get pregnant again in 2016. Poor little Scarole – sorry, CHARLOTTE, will be barely a year old. She is already the invisible one. Lord help her if rough and tumble G gets a little brother or if a new little sister is a blonde.

        1. I bet that the Cambridges’ security costs an absolute fortune – William’s helicopter job would necessarily put more strain of the security, not to mention the charity he “works” for in order to accommodate his RPOs. The same goes for their vacations – the security has to be housed, feed, etc. That is not cheap – just the Maldives trip would have cost the British government a small fortune. I also wonder if security has to check out all the shops that Kate visit in advance? I think there are good reasons for royals not shopping in person because of such issues.

          Then there’s the thorny issue of the security upgrades to the Middleton’s home because Kate wanted to stay there with George instead of staying at her home, which was already secured. That meant that her family got a upgrade to their home funded by the tax-payers. Furthermore, every day Kate stays at her parents’ home cost the taxpayers thousands of pounds every single day.

          Harry’s stint Afghanistan must have been an absolute nightmare in terms of security, especially with the British media disclosing his locations. So I bet that his security detail was larger than normal during his time there.

          It certainly shows that the younger generation of royals aren’t very respectful of the public’s money that they spend through security, etc. Just remember William’s £80.000 helicopter ride for a private visit that was later reclassified as public so the transport bill went to the public!

          I understand that the security costs for teh royals aren’t publicly disclosed so we have no idea what the actual cost is to the British tax payers – but I think we can all agree that the cost must be astronomical.

          I recognize that they do need to be protected because, unfortunately, they are targets. However, it would behove them to be mindfull of the expense of security when they are on their private time because it isn’t their money that pays for their security.

      3. Yes, the trio’s failure (so far) to really step up is both concerning and selfish. It puts unnecessary pressure on the very much older members of the family: so unfair to them. I agree that playing at a ‘normal’ job is eye-rollingly dumb. The rest of us have to work hard and prove our worth, and it’s offensive when royals play at having ‘jobs’ they have not earned. Their ‘family business’ affords so much scope to get as deeply involved and hands dirty as they wish. Surely all three can design a portfolio of respective interests to keep them active and engaged?

  2. Completely agree. I also think that Will and Kate should start doing some of the European events instead of Ed and Sophie , not because the latter are doing a bad job, but it is disrespectful not to send a senior member (Will is heir to the heir) to major Royal events. How would we feel if some two bit junior nobody turned up to a royal wedding, or the next coronation?

    1. I have to disagree with you here Birdy, Sophie and Edward are hardly “two bit junior nobodies” they are very respected members of the royal family and when attending European events are warmly welcomed by all. I don’t know how to classify junior versus senior members but I don’t believe that S&E are juniors.

      1. From the perspective of a person who lives on continental Europe (and reads the tabloids/newspapers here), I can tell you that just sending Sophie and Edward *is* taken as a snub by many Europeans. For the funeral of Queen Fabiola, nobody from the BRF came, and that was very much noticed and commented on!

        I’m not saying S and E aren’t wonderful and all that, but just letting you know how it’s often perceived on this side of the Channel…

          1. Lauri I did say I don’t think they do a bad job at all – they are however junior in terms of distance from the throne, he is the youngest son, and with his elder siblings having children and grandchildren he moves down the order. I love Sophie and respect what she does and her work ethic, but think the weddings funerals etc of crowned heads should be honoured by a more senior Royal.

          2. Yes you did Birdy, I guess I didn’t care for the “two bit junior nobody” comment when talking about S&E, mostly about Sophie though and my hackles flared. My apologizes.

          3. Well, I don’t doubt Sophie is an excellent ambassador and I know people respect her.

            You know, I also get the impression that Europeans seem to accept the fact that the BRF is more isolating and aloof from the other European royal families. Kinda fits in with the British being European, but not *that* European.

            Finding it hard to put it into words… it’s at the end of the work day and I’m trying to comment while cooking and toddler wrangling at the same time lol

          4. When I lived in England I definitely got the feeling that the Brits in general sees themselves as apart from Continental Europe, like they’re not really part of Europe.

        1. Well to be honest Art Historian we have spent centuries fighting most European countries at one time or another, and politically we continue to struggle with our role within Europe. Our Victorian empire stretched across the globe but didn’t include any European country. So I think many Brits don’t feel quite as European as mainlanders (if that is a word). Also people around the world speak ‘our’ language, yet no other European country does. So yes it is an interesting point.

          1. Birdy, no need to defend the British political stance. I’m in Europe but I understand the history behind it. Are you the only Brit here? Because I hate it if it seems a little unbalanced for you that we’re all criticizing your RF.

          2. Perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly. I was making an observation, not a criticism, based on my own experience. I do think that the fact that Britain isn’t physically connected with the Continent plays a role in terms of a “national” mentality. I do think that geography plays a role when it comes to these kinds of collective identity formations.

            History doesn’t account for everything. The various countries of Europe has been at war with each other throughout history and language does play a role (but don’t forget that French was the lingua franca of Europe for a good part of the 18th and 19th centuries).

            Summa summarum, I do think that geographical isolation plays a part when it comes to a sense of cultural isolation.

          3. I didn’t take it as a criticism Art Historian. I do think the Brits in general as well as the royals are a little conflicted about our European-ness even if the Channel is only 21 miles ( and I know because I am swimming the distance in the pool for charity!!)

          4. I’m a very proud Brit, so we’re represented by me too.

            We’re not European like mainland Europe – we’re an island & our culture reflects that.

            Rule Britannia runs deep, even now!

    2. I agree, Birdy! Will and Kate are going to be king and queen at some point – they need to get out there and start networking.

    3. The Earl and Countess of Wessex are the son and daughter-in-law of the reigning monarch. I would not call them 2 bit nobodies: lots of people get excited about them. Sophie Wessex works very hard to represent HM and she has a lot of charm.

      1. I have already said my use of words was poor but the reality is Edward is 11th in line – do you know who is 11th in line to the Swedish, Danish…..etc thrones? I don’t . I have said that I have a lot of respect for Sophie, but she is not a senior Royal. Charles, Camilla, Will, Kate, Ann, her children…. Well you get the picture.

  3. Very interesting results! I’m curious to see how this year goes, I hope you stick with us to fill us in on all the details. 🙂

  4. I voted Kate would not get pregnant in 2016, but I guess with Kate following so many patterns, she could space a third pregnancy like she did with PG and PC. This would mean she would become pregnant mid-April and have HG symptoms by early summer.

    I do not like what is happening with Harry. So many of us love him and expect more from him. I still wonder if he is dating someone in secret. What else could he be doing all day. I can’t picture him sitting home on the sofa eating cheese toast with Will and binge watching favorites on telly.

    1. I saw the rumors of Harry and Maria Olympia of Greece. And yes, I know, bunch of fluff, after all she is only 20. BUT, that’s the kind of wife that would give Kate and fam pause. Someone who has has grown up the same as Harry. Part of a royal family. This girl would not need any type of coaching in any situation, she’d be as familiar with it as him. All the things Kate had to feverishly learn (polo, when to curtsey, who’s who in the royal circles, and how to converse with them), will be part and parcel of this woman’s upbringing. It would be a hard act to stay in front of, and I don’t know that the Midd machine would be able to keep up. It would be reeeeely interesting to watch the family dynamic unfold, if a Harry married a woman with those credentials. Sorry Kate, oops and Rhiannon 😉

      1. Ray, as you said, it’s only a piece of fluff and probably doesn’t deserve any more commenting, but I have to politely disagree with you on Maria Olympia and the credentials of Harry’s future wife. Not that he needs our opinion or anything, but I certainly hope the woman who gets Harry will not be just an entitled, rich (and spoiled) socialite.
        ArtHistorian has already pointed out that Maria Olympia and her brothers come from three different lines of succession of European thrones but I’m afraid this fact and the familiarity with the royal circles don’t qualify as Harry’s wife material. Age difference set aside, still this immature girl hasn’t accomplished anything for herself. I’m hoping that Harry can find a developed woman with substance and purpose in life. That being said, I agree with KMR that in his circles it is highly unlikely.

        1. IMO Harry needs a wife who has lived a little, worked a lot and has an understanding that being part of the royal family should be a serious career as well as a happy marriage. Max and Mary and Charlene – ok so maybe Charlene hasn’t had a career but my goodness to be an Olympic swimmer you have to understand hard graft and commitment. As an outsider all these marriages look happy because they are marriages of equals. Not being Royal doesn’t make you inferior but as in any marriage each partner must bring something special.

          1. Agree 100%! Harry even entertaining the idea of Olympia has Charles-Diana 2.0 written all over it. Eww, and would inevitably end badly. Olympia is just out of her teens, and has yet to find her voice in every way. There is no equality between the two of them, just a superficial link based on status.

            Personally, I hope that Kate and William do not figure a jot in who Harry eventually marries. Like you both, I think he needs, as you point out Birdy, “…a wife who has lived a little, worked a lot and has an understanding that being part of the royal family should be a serious career as well as a happy marriage.” Perfect. However, his social circles are limited to the extreme and he is unlikely to find a woman with those attributes.

            Like Mary up-thread I think Harry should be disentangling himself from his brother and sister-in-law and set about working more consistently. W and K are tarred with indolence and it would be best to distinguish his work ethic /efforts from theirs.

            However, I’ve read somewhere (can’t put my finger on it) that Harry is equally difficult as William, but plays the game with the press more effectively so they turn a blind eye to his personal behaviour in return. I hope I am wrong.

          1. It would be great if ‘modern’ and ‘normal’ translated as:
            (a) Good character : open, honest, good hearted;
            (b) Hard worker: did her best in every situation;
            (c) Good humoured: didn’t take herself/ position as one of superiority;
            (d) Empathetic: mindful of others.

            There must be tons of women with these characteristics; whether a woman would take on the scrutiny and confines of the role is another question. Harry mixes with an entitled set whose mettle is rarely, if ever, tested. Too cocooned by privilege. The military seems to have been a fantastic experience for Harry. I’m sure being exposed to all sorts of people must have brought home to him that he can find a kindred spirit from anywhere, should he be open to the prospect.

      2. Agree it is a piece of fluff. Still, she is way too young for him and I’m sorry, but Rhiannon better meet her prince soon. He needs to move away from the same type of woman he always seems to be involved with. I, for one, am not impressed by them, Chelsey, Cressida, and even the thought of Maria Olympia, do little to inspire me and would not give Kate the competition that many hope she gets from Harry’s wife. He needs a secure, compassionate and loving woman. A woman who has worked hard and knows the responsibilities she will face as Harry’s wife A woman ready to take on those responsibilities with hard work and devotion Maria Olympia, is probably just another spoiled girl.

      3. Doesn’t Harry work with the Ministry of Defence regularly as a volunteer sort of position for the recovery/rehab efforts?

        I don’t see him doing much, even if he wanted to, as I can’t imagine they’d allow him to outwork the Cambridges.

        I think the queen is fine with things as they are. Let the younger generation be lazy while she and the others do their duty. It’s annoying but…

  5. I have to say I’m not too surprised by these results. They clearly show how low the bar has dropped for the Duchess, both work and fashion wise. It is rather shocking though how many of us believe that Kate will visit so few of her already few charities, I guess her track record speaks for itself. I do believe that she will attend an event for her 1851 sailing charity, any excuse to see Sir Ben and giggle like a schoolgirl.

    KMR can we compare last years results with the last years predictions? I would be interested to see how well we can predict what the Duchess does.

    Thanks so much for the great pics of Harry!!! He always brightens my day!

    1. Questions – 17
      \/ (correct) – 6
      X (incorrect) – 9
      N/A or Not sure – 2

      Percent correct – 53%


      How many engagements will Kate make in 2015? X
      Prediction: 31-50
      Actual: 62

      Will Kate give a speech in 2015? X
      Prediction: No
      Actual: Yes

      How many times will Kate stay at an event for more than 1 hour? Not Sure
      Prediction: <5%
      Actual: Not sure, but not very often so probably less than 5%

      How many times will Kate hold her hands by her crotch while at engagements? \/
      Prediction: 100%
      Actual: 100%

      How many times will Kate wear her nude LK Bennett Sledge pumps? X
      Prediction: >40%
      Actual: 0

      How many times will Kate wear blue in 2015? \/
      Prediction: 30-40%
      Actual: 30%

      How many times will Kate wear her hair up in 2015? \/
      Prediction: <10%
      Actual: It was about 25% I think is what I calculated a month ago.

      How many times will Kate's skirt fly up in 2015? X
      Prediction: 2-3
      Actual: Depends on what you consider a fly up, but 0-1.

      Will Kate wear red to leave the hospital with Baby Cambridge 2? X
      Prediction: Yes
      Actual: No

      When will Kate make her first appearance after the birth of Baby Cambridge 2? \/
      Prediction: At Trooping
      Actual: At Trooping

      When will Baby Cambridge 2 be born? X
      Prediction: April 19 - April 25
      Actual: May 2

      Will Baby Cambridge 2 be a boy or a girl? X
      Prediction: Boy
      Actual: Girl

      How much will Baby Cambridge 2 weigh at birth? \/
      Prediction: 8 lbs
      Actual: 8 lbs 3 ozs

      What will Baby Cambridge 2's name be (boy)? N/A
      Prediction: Philip
      Actual: None

      What will Baby Cambridge 2's name be (girl)? \/
      Prediction: Charlotte
      Actual: Charlotte

      How many times will we see Prince George in 2015? X
      Prediction: 1-2
      Actual: Officially we saw him 6 times (Outside hospital, Charlotte's first photo, Trooping, Polo, Christening/Birthday, Christmas).

      When will the bulk of Kate's engagements take place? X
      Prediction: November
      Actual: October

  6. Ah, the results are in….. Fun taking the poll and fun seeing the results. A lot of work, so thank you, KMR. I am changing my vote on Kate’s possible pregnancy, even though it is too late, I say, she will announce a pregnancy this year. Maybe, toward the early fall, or closer to late Nov.

    I was interested to hear that many Europeans are slighted when Sophie and Edward attend funerals on behalf of the Royal Family (UK). I can understand why. Didn’t the very young Princess Diana attend Princess Grace’s funeral? I seem to remember seeing photos later on of her crying. So, what is with William and Kate? They cannot be sent to such serious events? I guess not. Or, Charles and Cam?

    The photos of Harry made my day. Even if there’s no news about what he is up to now. He’s just enjoyable to see, isn’t he? In photos!!!!

    I have a happy piece of news that I would like to share, if you don’t mind. Jenny has given me the ok to do so, from her pov, so here goes: She and I wrote a trade publication and it was published last year and we had yet to see any money except for the cash advance we received early on. Yesterday, we were delighted to get checks from the publisher and are now feeling a tad better about the entire ordeal we went through. Very demanding client and tons of work and when the money was missing, it was not something we were happy about, needless to say. Pursuing payment is not something anyone wants to go through. Well, all’s well that ends well, if I may quote my favorite playwright. We are very pleased and feel so much better now.

    1. Congrats to you and Jenny! It is too bad you had to wait, but I am glad this problem is resolved and behind both of you. Shame on the party for not keeping their contractual obligations. What is wrong with people?

    2. Mary Elizabeth, I can commiserate and understand how it feels to beg and wait for what is rightfully yours after pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into a project. Well done and congratulations to you and Jenny!!

  7. Congratulations Mary Elizabeth and Jenny. Did you know each other before KMR? Can you tell us more about what you wrote.
    Hope you are able to have a little celebration with some of the money.

    And yes Diana did attend Grace’s funeral. They had met in London and Princess Grace had extended a welcoming and supporting hand to the very young Diana. What an influence that friendship could have had – and both to die in similar circumstances. Very sad.

    1. Can’t imagine how devastating Diana was in Grace’s funeral. And the tragic irony of life, Diana had to go in the same way, young as well, even younger than princess Grace. Birdy, you touched such a sad chord here.

      Makes you think that opportunities in life must not be waisted. Sadly, Kate doesn’t seem like a person who makes the most of them, as reaching for a mentor in life. It could make such a huge difference.

  8. Thank you, Lauri and Birdy for your kind words of support. I feel strange putting too much info on this blog, especially after saying the experience was tough. The book is about the wedding industry in the US and is marketed toward wedding professionals. It was a good deal of work for us both. We are just so pleased to be able to put payment to rest!

    Yes, Birdy, Jenny and I have known each other for years prior to our coming to KMR. I think I came here first and told her and she thinks the exact opposite. Oh, well!!!!

    I agree, Birdy, concerning how sad that Diana and Grace died in car accidents. How young and special they both were to their families and the public. How special of Princess Grace to have taken the young Diana under her wing . I think they would have developed a wonderful friendship. Kare needs a similar mentor. Perhaps, she is not open to one, though.

      1. Congratulations, Mary Elizabeth and Jenny from me, too. It always feels nice when hard work is paying off. Even if I’m not an American wedding planner, I think I would find your book interesting. I remember at one point years ago, I was hooked on this wedding planning show on tv and was seriously thinking it as an alternative career, mostly because I love making things with my own hands. In my own wedding, I made all the guests’ favours and some decorations from scratch. Anyway, I wish good luck with your work.

    1. Rhiannon are you reading – you have two wedding experts to help you put your personal stamp on a Royal wedding. How great is that!

  9. Thank you for the results KMR. I think Eugenie will get married, because the royal family have short engagement’s? Eugenie must be 25 years old now? I think Dave needs to make up his mind to be honest. Beatrice and him have been together as you say for ages. Does it really take that long to decide if you want to marry someone? I have no experience I figured it would take less than that. One of the York girls would be wearing their mother’s tiara. I just figure it would be Eugenie. Each to their own.

    1. Would love a Royal Wedding for one of the York girls! I imagine Beatrice in some outrageous avant garde gown – so awesome! Not awesome, though, would be Fergie’s tiara. If I remember correctly it was bought in – not an heirloom – and very 1980s (read – hideous). Maybe B will turn it into a crazy necklace and giant bangle. That would be something.

      1. I don’t think Sarah’s tiara is that hideous. Certainly not more hideous than the Burmese Ruby Tiara or the Modern Sapphire Tiara.

        1. Fair point, KMR. Nothing is uglier than the Burmese Ruby tiara. 🙂
          I just remember it looking very “Fairy Princess.” Kate’s tiara offerings have been much more classy and stylish.

          1. Sophie’s wedding tiara is indeed an eyesore, which is mainly due to the fact that it was cobbled together by already extant ornaments in a clumsy way.

            It is not unusual for other types of jewellery being made into tiaras. The Greek Antique Corsage Tiara is made up of an heirloom corsage ornament cosisting of three brooches. It was made into a tiara by Queen Ingrid to her daughter Anne-Marie who became Queen of Greece.

            The Swedish Amethyst Tiara is made from a heavy necklace that Queen Silvia wound cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear, which is why she had it put onto an armature to be used as a tiara.

        2. I have nothing against Fergie’s wedding tiara. It is a typical, if unimaginative and rather pedestrian, example of the scroll/garland style that characterize Belle Epoque tiaras. That style can be absolutely breathtaking in the hands of a master – there are some gorgeous examples made by Cartier and Chaumet, which are the premier jewellery houses when it comes to tiaras. Chaumet alone has made more than 2000 different tiaras. They actually have a wall with replicas of their tiaras in their showroom.

  10. Oh dear, in reference to the wedge question, they may be back as I just saw pictures from Chanel at Paris Fashion week and the models appeared to be wearing wedges!!!!I predicted no wedge sightings for 2016, but I could be wrong.

    1. I know LJA! I saw it too. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean that Kate will think her wedges are now super cool. Anyway, thank you KMR for the polls and results, it was really fun.

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