Poll Results: Duchess Kate’s 2014 looks

Poll Results: Duchess Kate’s 2014 looks

The poll results are in! As voted by you, here are Kate Middleton‘s best dresses, coats, gowns, separates, and hats of 2014.

I want to mention one of the reasons I included the April tour outfits in the voting categories, even though we already voted for them before: I think Kate’s top pieces of 2014 came from the tour. And it seems I’m not alone in that thought. Out of the five categories, three of the winners were pieces debuted during the April tour.

The winners are: LK Bennett “Lasa” blue & white poppy dress; Alexander McQueen dove grey coat and dress; Jenny Packham “Ink Blue Silk Dress”; Alexander McQueen light pink shirt and skirt; Jane Taylor cream and pink hat with flower ruffle.

Kate’s favorite designer in 2014 was Alexander McQueen. Kate wore McQueen 10 different times** – three times more than any other designer. Kate’s favorite color to wear in 2014 was blue. Kate wore blue 14 different times**. The runner-up color was black – worn 10 different times**.

**I’m counting the different individual pieces here, these numbers would be higher if I counted every time she repeated a piece.

Below are the top 3 in each category. I’m throwing in a look at Kate’s best handbag and jewelry at the end. Kate is so boring in her handbag, jewelry, and shoes that they didn’t warrant their own polls. But Kate did carry one interesting clutch in 2014, and she did have two instances of memorable jewelry.

Top 3 Favorite Kate Dresses of 2014:

1) LK Bennett “Lasa” blue & white poppy dress (21.94%)
2) LK Bennett “Detroit” snorkel blue dress with built in lapels (8.67%)
2) Roksanda Ilincic bespoke “Lovina” coffee-colored dress (8.67%)

Top 3 Favorite Kate Coats of 2014:

1) Alexander McQueen dove grey coat and dress (24.73%)
2) Seraphine Maternity bespoke “Marina” coat in plum (10.75%)
3) Alexander McQueen cream coatdress (8.6%)

Top 3 Favorite Kate Gowns of 2014:

1) Jenny Packham “Ink Blue Silk Dress” (45.45%)
2) Diane von Furstenberg black lace “Zarita” gown (41.48%)
3) Jenny Packham ice blue slit dress with modesty skirt (13.07%)

Top 3 Favorite Kate Separates of 2014:

1) Alexander McQueen light pink shirt and skirt (35.26%)
2) Alexander McQueen ice blue skirt suit (21.39%)
3) Luisa Spagnoli red skirt suit (19.08%)

Top 3 Favorite Kate Hats of 2014:

1) Jane Taylor cream and pink hat with flower ruffle (19.63%)
2) Jane Taylor grey hat with ribbon (15.95%)
3) Lock & Company “Betty Boop” brown pillbox hat (12.27%)


The only interesting clutch Kate carried in 2014 was a repeat of her Anya Hindmarch fan clutch she debuted in 2011 – carried to watch a match at Wimbledon in July. I love this clutch.


Kate’s jewelry game is severely lacking, but she did wear two pieces of note in 2014. First, she borrowed the Queen’s Nizam of Hyderabad necklace for the National Portrait Gallery’s Portrait Gala in February. Second, Kate debuted a new set of emerald and diamond earrings and bracelet that were supposedly a private wedding gift at the St. Andrews Gala in December.

Honestly, other than a few standouts, Kate had a really boring year in fashion in 2014. Here’s hoping she steps it up in 2015… and for the love of god don’t wear red to leave the hospital!

104 thoughts on “Poll Results: Duchess Kate’s 2014 looks

    1. I predict we will be seeing her for a bunch of engagements in November to boost her numbers (she ALWAYS uses November to boost her numbers). Other than that, we’ll see her in red when she leaves the hospital with Baby Cambridge 2.

  1. I did vote for some of these looks. I wasn’t bowled over though. If she is not going to work, she needs to step up her fashion. Her evening wear makes her look too old and too harsh. I will have no comment on her hair and makeup as it’s a lost cause.

  2. For me, her best gown forever and ever will be the Jenny Packham tourquoise gown at British Olympics Gala in may 2012!

    1. That is my favorite gown as well. She really wowed me the week before in the cream Roland Mouret gown but the turquoise Jenny Packham was even better. I think 2012 was her best fashion year. She had so many memorable looks from that year. For me, there are 8-10 looks from 2012 that I still remember and love. I don’t know why but her style seems so boring now. There wasn’t one look in 2014 that I loved.

      1. I agree 2012 was her best year, followed by 2011. Her style tanked when she got pregnant with George.

    2. That was one of her better looks. She has had a good number of great looks, but they were all from 2011 and 2012. Getting pregnant with George killed her mojo.

      1. But why did having George change ger fashion sense so much? I know she is using Tash as a (God-awful) stylist. Did she have a stylist then? I know she has a different hairdresser now and that’s why her hair looks so different. Since having George changed her fashion for the worst then maybe having this baby will change it back or at least better than what’s going on now.

        1. I wonder if we find her fashion so boring now because we are used to it? The first year or two after the wedding, all that she wore was new and fresh to us. But now as she is entering her 3rd year as a royal we’ve seen all her fashion choices before so nothing is really jumping out and saying wow.

          I agree that her style sense floundered after George was born. She couldn’t seem to decide if she wanted to dress young and chic or matronly and demure. I feel like those dreaded skinny jeans have become the new “mom” jeans. ugh!

          1. I’m going to have to think about that, because I do think you’re right that her clothes were much more interesting back then. The one that really comes to mind was a full skirted dress she wore to her first portrait gallery event. It was fabulous and she looked great in it. Totally different to what she wears now and she never wore it again either.

    1. This was also a wonderful gown, but for me it is the jenny packham dress! 😉

      But it seems those days are gone 🙁 Maybe they are coming back! 😉

    2. Kate needs to hire the person who did her hair and the person who did her makeup and the person who picked that dress. She looked great that day and if she had those people on her team she would look great every time she stepped out. Get those names and contact numbers to Jason STAT!

    3. Hair and make-up were great, but that dress did not do it for me. A tad trampy, I thought. Just me, I guess. Others seemed to love it. The rear view and her skinny butt, oh, for a more healthy lady.

  3. I am sooo tired of seeing her with her hands clasped in front of her…um, crotch. I mean really can the woman not stand up straight? She wears absolutely beautiful clothes and then ruins the look with her bad posture. To me this is a sign of her lack of self confidence in her role as a royal, in that you almost never see her walking or standing like this in candid photos. Sorry about this rant but I this bugs me to no end. 🙂

    I don’t think this was one of Kate’s better years for fashion, as she seemed to get wrong this year almost more than she got it right. While several of the dresses/outfits she wore were gorgeous, the styling and/or colors are so similar that nothing really stood out for me, except the baby blue Jenny Packham (which of course was ruined by that horrible hand clasping). I clapped my hands a bit when I saw Kate in this dress as I felt she took a large step out of her fashion comfort zone. And of course no year of Kate fashion would be complete without remembering the too short hems, inappropriate color for the event or Kate’s now famous bum.

    Dear KMR, how about a poll on Kate’s fashion flubs?? I think it would be great fun!

    1. I agree 2014 was one of her worst fashion years.

      All of Kate’s fashion flubs over the years or just a “Least favorite outfit of 2014” poll?

  4. The Anya Hindmarch clutch also made an appearance (I believe it was on Canada Day), on their North American “honeymoon” tour in 2011.

  5. Because Kate wore a blue polka dotted dress like Diana did when leaving the hospital with her firstborn then there is a high probability she will wear red for the spare. But will it be a red dress or coat? Hmm…

    1. CaliGurl, I have bets going that she will wear red on the way out of the hospital with the spare and when she does, you will hear me screaming from Australia.

      Oh can we have a poll of the worst fashion for her. But I am afraid that the list will be HUGE, there were so many mistakes last year.

      I think that after the presentation in red of the spare, we will see Kate again at the Trooping of the Colour and then that will be it She might do something late in the year, but I am not going to hold my breath.

      1. You and I will be screaming lol, me from California.

        I wanted to remember what Diana’s red outfit looked like and so I Googled it and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a picture of Fergie’s departure from the hospital with Princess Beatrice in which she was wearing a navy polka dot dress! Not Fergie, my goodness, does anyone have individuality anymore?

        1. I just googled the Fergie dress CaliGirl and I think that it has love hearts of some other design on it, but very close to what Diana wore. I do now remember what Diana wore though so I will be on stand by to yell at Computer or TV when I see pics of Waity coming out with the spare.

      2. All of Kate’s fashion mistakes or just a “Least favorite outfit of 2014” poll?

        I was thinking of doing a “Kate’s fashion wins” post. Not a poll, but just a look back at some of the times Kate actually looked good. I could also do one for her worst fashion fails.

        1. I like that idea too. Are you thinking strictly fashion or inappropriate for the occasion? Inappropriate for the occasion broadens things considerably!

          1. Inappropriate for the occasion would certainly broaden things! Some of the dresses and/or coats she wore were beautiful just so not right for the event. Black for a children’s charity event for instance. hehe

          2. I was thinking just ugly in general, but I could have a section about inappropriate for the occasion.

    2. It’s got to be a dress; Diana wore a dress. Kate would fail at Single White Femaling if she wore a coat.

  6. Can we please do a January poll about how many engagements we bet she drag out this year?

    I am betting 38 for all of 2015. Most at the end of the year to pull up the numbers, of course.

    Then we can pull up the poll results Dec 31 and see how our girl actually did.

    1. How about having odds on if she gives a meaningful speech and if she stays at an event more than an hour? How many crotch clutches? Will she lock Jecca Craig up with a wallaroo? Will we get another booty call photo (please no). There’s enough here for Vegas.

      1. Yeah, KMR can we take a poll on how many engagements, how many flashes (I bet 2), and how many speeches (I bet 1)?

        Crotch clutching is every single time lol

        1. I am with Stephanie, the crotch clutching every single time

          It is like she is channelling Michael Jackson in his music videos where he goes for the crotch clutching!

        1. Personally, I’d like a “Treated like royalty day” where the winner gets a bespoke fashion choice, visit to a charity of choice, and finish off the day flying off on a fabulous vacation destination.

    2. Betting (in the form of polls) could be really fun. So number of engagements, flashes, speeches… any other categories? When she’ll make her first appearance after leaving the hospital?

      1. Although the poll would be Kate related, how about how many times we see George this year to distract from his parents lack of work?

          1. I’m curious about the Spencer family? Why are they never around providing any kind of counterbalance for Will, Harry or Kate? There are sibs, etc. I hate when one family rules and the other becomes nothing. Where are Diana’s friends? Who speaks to them with tough love from her now that she’s gone?

          2. Were the Spencer’s ever really a part of the boy’s lives even when Diana was around? Aren’t the in-laws usually ousted once a person marries into the RF? I thought that’s why it’s so weird that the Middletons hang around so much is because no other in-law family has ever done so.

          3. KMR, I think it’s not just that they hang around so much, it’s that they get so much press. That’s the part I don’t get. I don’t remember any other in-law of the BRF getting the kind of press they get.

          4. All the other in-laws know the deal, whereas the Midds want to be famous in their own right.

          1. Aww! I like those shoes.. LOL

            *shamefully slinks away*

            But even i am interested to know how many times in 12 months she turns to them….!!

            OMG KMR are we really doing these betting polls!? I am SO excited!

            And AND can we do one for when the baby is born, gender and weight?

            Like the options could be April 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 etc all the way to like, May 1-5 or something.


          2. Stephanie: I dislike them because I don’t like platforms on shoes. But Kate wears them all the time so they must be super comfy.

  7. The problem with kate she seems to wear the same clothes in different colours, her jewellery, accessories, shoes, hairstyles are just , dull doring!! Her european counterparts are doing much better overrall!

    1. Hi Adam,

      I so agree. The first couple of years after the wedding were so exciting because everything Kate wore was new to us but now it’s the same old, same old just different colors.

  8. I think that Waity’s problem is that now she is married to Wills, she really doesn’t care what she looks like in public. This is another difference between Waity and Diana. Diana thought that it was her JOB to look good in public, she did not know a lot when she was first engaged ( the black strapless dress for her first outing with Charles after the engagement was a disaster) but she learnt and she learnt fast. Waity seems to think that since she is now married that she doesn’t even have to try any more. If she thinks that she can keep copying Diana, she is wrong.

    1. I disagree slightly. Kate’s style greatly improved between her girlfriend years and the first couple years of her marriage. Kate’s style took a nosedive when she got pregnant with George. I think Kate thinks now that she’s produced the heir and her place is secure, she doesn’t have to try anymore.

      1. The only problem I have with that reasoning is that it kind of flies in the face of her ego. Kate as a girlfriend loved to show herself off (IMO) and she just ramped it up once she got her hands on her clothing budget from father-in-law. I’m wondering if that budget has taken a hit and/or she is so completely saturated in the belief of her sugar press and comments that she thinks she can wear any old thing and everyone will just ooh and ah at her feet.

        1. Hmm. My initial guess is that her budget had been cut BUT – her new clothes are still awfully, awfully overprices and expensive. Just ugly as hell now.

          I dunno, maybe she is just throwing a tantrum cause last year HM allegedly asked her to dress more modestly? So she is wearing ugly shit so the fandom will be feel so bad for her and hate that mean old bitty who told her to dress professionally?

          1. Stephanie, I have thought pretty much the same thing. Not so much about getting people cranky at the queen, but more rebelling against it but within the rules if you know what I mean. And you probably don’t, because I’m not quite sure what I’m saying.

          2. haha bluehare, no I get what you mean! I think Kate goes against the rules on purpose a lot of the time.

            PS I am glad you are still posting here lovey 😉

      2. No, I just think she has bad taste and bad advice. She’s a bore, really.
        Some women have a natural sense of style — what looks good on them. She does not appear to have that. What bothers me more, though, is her lack of any causes that she truly works for on a steady basis. I know she’s a new mom, but she has help and could do so much more to make the world a better place.

    2. I remember reading once (I can’t remember the source anymore) that Diana would spend a lot of time choosing outfits, and that included seeing how they would photograph and taking videos to see how they moved. I always thought that was really interesting, because we all know the dress can look great, but once you walk in it, it moves funny, or you bend down and show too much.

      I think Kate would benefit from doing something like that. Especially with the HD photography. There have been a few times where you could see her underwear (when she wore some) through her clothes because of the flash.

      I would really like to know what her procedure is for choosing clothes and how much behind the scenes work goes into them.

      1. Diana did take a while to choose her clothes and the fabrics and would also match it to the occasion, ie velvet for a visit to a blind charity so that they could feel the material. It does seem that once Waity had George she feels like she can wear what she likes and get away with it. I think that she will continue in the same way after the spare is born. And she will wear red to present him. And I bet that poor George won’t be there because he will be “Too noisy” LOL. I have a three year old little girl and trust me, noisy they are, but they are not to be hidden away either.

      2. You know if Kate took that much time to choose an outfit with videoing it and take photos, then she would probably make even less appearances because she has to ‘work’ so much on her outfit 🙂

      3. That’s a very smart thing for Diana to do, since clothes can appear different in real life, photos and video. Don’t want any surprise see-through numbers.

    3. I think Kate really cares how she looks in public. She knows her appearance is her best trait. That is why she gets so much Botox and fillers. I believe that is also why she tries to appear so thin. Kate cares a lot about her appearance and how she is seen. She likes attention and the praise for how pretty she is. If she didn’t care about her appearance, she would just let the grey roots show all the time and the wrinkles.

  9. She should hire a stylist or at least a personal dresser. There’s no shame in that. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t. Her PA Tash has the most boring taste in choosing clothes for her.

    1. I think it relates to A) not wanting to hire a lot of staff, even though they need them. and B) not being able to admit that they need the help. They’ve said that Kate’s PA is acting as her stylist. If she is actually taking that role, you can tell that she doesn’t have a lot of experience.

      While she’s at it, she should hire a makeup artist.

      1. Apparently, Kate promoted Tash to be her stylist because Kate liked Tash’s sense of style. But Tash has no experience whatsoever being a stylist. And personally, I don’t think Tash has great style at all, from the few pics I’ve seen of her.

  10. Princess Charlene of Monaco attended a religious ceremony because she returned to work, 2 days before the twins turned 7 weeks old! Charlene had a c-section less than 7 weeks ago, km has a toddler with a nanny, another 1 on the way & can only shop & vacation? Oh please give me a break!

  11. I’m still amazed that Kate wore anything with a “modesty skirt.” One would think the name alone would scare her off!

    1. Well the so-called modesty skirt was part of a mullet dress in which the front was a thigh-baring mini, so perhaps she was comforted by that :).

    2. well to be fair, “modesty skirt” was my name for it. You’re right, she’d probably run screaming at that name. but she still got to show off her legs in what was basically a mini skirt with a towel wrapped around it. So that’s a plus in her mind.

      1. Ah, knowing the source of the name makes more sense now (especially since Faye’s description is pretty accurate!). It is indeed just a glorified mini-skirt, like much of Kate’s wardrobe.

  12. Yep soo true halia , waity and her clan are there to milk the RF dry without adding anything of substance, Charlene does her part with class, and with no drama and her wardrobe is just fab!!!

  13. I think you made the right call including her New Zealand/Australia Vacation Tour looks in this poll, they accounted for half of her 76 engagements for the year.

    1. There’d be hardly anything left without the tour looks, and all that would be left would be ugly and/or boring.

  14. Thank you for the results. I did like the plum coat and the brown pill box hat. I do think it suits Kate when she wears her hair up with hats but the brown pillbox looks better with the long hair down. I did like the green tea dress she wore with prince George. I don’t exactly know what a coat dress is so I am sorry I am ignorant. Is it me or were her junior bridesmaids dressed the same as Diana had hers. I really don’t understand why copying Diana is meant to help kate. Please please do not wear red when coming out of the hospital and presenting the spare.

    1. I never noticed that about the junior bridesmaids/flower girls! I didn’t pay enough attention to it. The girls are dressed almost identically! Down to the gold sash, puffed sleeves and flowers in their hair!!

    2. By Jove, you’re right! They’re not 100% replicas, but they’re pretty darn close–down to the trim on the skirts! When I went to look up the pictures, I saw that OOS had also pointed that out. Who would have thought then that it was such a sign of things to come?

    3. Yeah, because of the flatness that brown pillbox hat has, it would look odd with a full updo.

      I had never heard of a “coat dress” before I started following Kate’s fashion. I think it’s just a coat that can be worn as a dress, like with nothing underneath it. But I’m not completely sure myself.

    4. Wow, that’s creepy about the flower girl’s dresses. Nice catch. Kate’s really are an updated version of Diana’s. I never noticed that before.

    1. The person smoking with Pippa isn’t Kate.
      At the moment, we have one photo of Kate with cigs in her bag 8 years ago as proof she’s ever smoked.

      Ok, and her shitty skin.

    2. Oh, wow. The photo of Kate in the car with the black and white mini dress is amazing. She is so damn thin! She has a health problem, that’s for sure.

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