Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Duchess Camilla

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Duchess Camilla

Time for another royal round up! This one includes a Kate Middleton update (as she and Prince William have reportedly landed in Mustique), Princess Madeleine being a lovely person, Crown Princess Victoria‘s last two days in Silicon Valley, Queen Letizia chugging along in her duties, and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall coming back from her back injury that kept her MIA during Christmas.

Duchess Kate and William have landed in Mustique to start their holiday.  Prince George is with them and he and Kate will stay for at least two weeks.  William might head home sooner due to “studying”. We all knew Kate would be taking off for Mustique soon (she’s not about to let that goodwill from those three working days pile up on her without taking an extended vacation). I’m a bit surprised if William is actually with her. I guess he’s taking a break from “studying for exams” or whatever it is he’s actually been doing lately (we all know he gives no cares about skipping out on exams to go on vacation). I hope we get pics like we did the last two years (don’t fight it, William, just let the pap photos wash over you!).

Princess Madeleine gives preference for Hélène Benno

Now on to some heartwarming stuff from Princess Madeleine. Firstly, Maddie held a preference for Hélène Benno, Secretary General of My Big Day, on Tuesday, January 20. Maddie is Patron of My Big Day. After the meeting, Maddie said: “It was rewarding and interesting to meet Hélène Benno today and get an update on My Big Day and the important work they do to delight seriously ill children.”

Now the actual heartwarming part: Maddie was spotted by a fan while having lunch with her husband Chris O’Neill and baby Princess Leonore, and instead of being a jerk, Maddie actually took a photo with the woman and complimented her on her outfit (thanks to Aj for alerting me). I feel like this is such a great way for her to handle this situation. She didn’t complain, didn’t refuse the woman; Maddie was sweet and took the photo and went on with her day – and probably made that woman’s day. It’s lovely when people are nice to the fans.

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Victoria and Daniel visit Nordic Innovation House

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were still in Silicon Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 20 and 21. They visited Stanford University (brown coat, red dress); then visited Google, Y Combinator, Nordic Innovation House, and Facebook (black and white outfit).

Victoria and Daniel visit Stanford University 1 Victoria and Daniel visit Stanford University 2 Victoria and Daniel at Nordic Innovation House 2 Victoria and Daniel at Nordic Innovation House 1

Queen Letizia attended the annual Foreign Ambassadors reception at the Royal Palace on Wednesday, January 21 (black dress). Along with husband King Felipe, Leti received and welcomed the new foreign ambassadors to Spain. On Thursday, January 22, Leti and Felipe inaugurated the Museum University of Navarra (pants outfit), which is a new study center for visual and performing arts with main objectives being the applied and interdisciplinary research, teaching and education on art.

For the ambassadors reception, Leti looked like she was attending a funeral, dressed in a full length black Felipe Varela dress with a sequined top and giant belt. I don’t like this look at all. She looks like she’s an old Italian Countess in mourning. This dress is a repeat from 2012, and I actually like Leti’s styling from 2012 better. As much as I love a good updo and think royals should usually put their hair up, I actually think the updo with this dress ages her. I prefer her hair down the way she wore it in 2012.

Felipe and Letizia Foreign Ambassadors reception 1 Felipe gives speech at Museum University of Navarra Felipe and Letizia view sculpture at Museum University of Navarra Letizia views art at Museum University of Navarra

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall made her return this week with three days of engagements. On Tuesday, January 20, Camilla met with Chris Evans (not Captain America) after the launch of BBC Radio’s “500 Words” competition – a children’s writing competition (the white dress). The next day, Wednesday January 21, Camilla visited Weston Park Primary School to visit with children taking part in the “500 Words” competition (the blue outfit with dragonfly brooches). Camilla has been an avid advocate for children’s literacy over the years.

In an interesting twist, Camilla seems to have taken my advice I gave Kate: saying a few quotable words at each engagement. Camilla spoke at the school (and was quite quippy); this is not the first time she has said a few words at one of her engagements. She said a few words when she decorated the Christmas tree with sick children in December, and she gave a statement after her visit to a rape counseling center in Colombia.

Camilla said of the “500 Words” competition: “I have a step-grandson called George and while he is too little to enter now, I hope one day he will. If you can read and tell stories you can sit in an empty room and take yourself into all sorts of exciting worlds. It’s something my father taught me and then I went on to read to my children and now grandchildren. Sadly I am at least 100 and far too old to enter, but I hope everyone who can will.”

I love that Camilla is so passionate about reading because of her father, and I love the joke at the end about being “at least 100”. It shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is willing to poke fun of herself.

On Thursday, January 22, Camilla visited Victory Services (the purple tweed), supporting retired and serving members of the armed forces.

Camilla Duchess of Cornwall at Weston Park Primary School 1 Camilla Duchess of Cornwall at Weston Park Primary School 2 Camilla Duchess of Cornwall visits Victory Services 1 Camilla Duchess of Cornwall visits Victory Services 2

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Photos: Kungahuset/Nordic Innovation House Facebook/Getty/Casa de S.M. el Rey/Rebecca English Twitter/Clarence House Twitter

49 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Duchess Camilla

  1. I love Camilla, she’s such a character.

    I have no problems with Mustique – everyone would get some winter sun if they could afford it, let’s be honest. I would have raged like a mad thing if they had left George behind like they did on their second holiday last year (I forget where they went – Seychelles?)

    1. I’m really liking Camilla more and more.

      I’ve come to terms with the annual Mustique holiday. I don’t mind that they’re going, I’m just glad Kate actually did some work first. And I really do hope we get photos.

      Re everyone getting winter sun if they could: I actually hate the beach and I don’t like tanning. So no, I’d skip Mustique. I’d rather visit London to be honest. The British Museum is everything.

      It was the Maldives Will and Kate went to last year without George.

      1. Oh yes, Maldives – good shout.

        Please do come to London! I’m not a beach fan as it goes, I just meant sunshine as we’ve had grey skies here for 3 months and some Vitamin D would be nice!

      2. I am still kicking myself for missing the Magna Carta when I went to the British Museum, KMR. I got all boggled by the Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibit they had at the time, and totally missed it.

        I agree with both of you. Camilla has grown on me quite a bit; she does her job and just gets on with it. And Kate goes to Mustique every year; It’s an annual vacation so why waste energy complaining?

          1. That’s why I went. Got tons of photos on my phone too, along with the Rosetta Stone. Except it’s in a glass case and I couldn’t get the glare off. They are beautiful. I wanted to see them while they’re still in England as the odds of me getting to Greece are pretty slim.

            I think the Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibit is travelling now. If it comes somewhere near you, it is well worth seeing. I was blown away by it.

        1. A vacation from what? She would do well to follow the example set by Sophie, Duchess of Wessex. Catherine is an example of exactly what the royal family does not need and her sense of entitlement and pretentious attitude is becoming more intolerable with each appearance and photo op. time for the Palace to have some serious discussions with her and to revamp her image as a self-absorbed photo opportunistic person who does little, if any, real charitable work or work of any type other than waving at the press photographers and the general public. Her public speaking is dismal at best and she really needs to concentrate on bring more than just a clothes hangar who exits chauffeured autos, waves at the press, accepts bouquets of flowers and disappears.

      3. Well they have to take every chance of the annual family holiday in January while they can! In another couple of years, once Georgie has started pre school and school, they will have to take holidays at the same time as everyone else. Because the grumble of them holidaying without doing any work is one thing, but it will be one hell of a lot worse if they take him out of school just to go away!!! Mind you, I can see Kate going away and leaving wills and george at home!!

    2. I think I must be part polar bear. I love when winter comes around! I’ll take my heat and sunshine in the summer and be happy (or maybe even mope a bit about the heat).

      1. I dislike when it gets too hot. I dislike it when it gets too cold, also, but I’d rather have the cold because it’s less uncomfortable.

  2. I thought Victoria and Daniel’s trip here was a definite success. She did a good job building new relationships and showing her emphasis on clean tech. She really shows Sweden and her people what an effective leader she will be when Queen, and isn’t waiting around, just putting out her face for some good cause here and there. The San Francisco Chronicle ran a cute story about how the crowd waiting for Victoria practiced singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” etc. with a guy on guitar along with learning some basic Swedish. They were all mystified until Estelle showed up with her parents. What a cute, smart ice-breaker, and very relatable. I hope more people start taking notice of this great family.

    1. The song for Estelle is adorable.

      Victoria is doing a very thoughtful job of forging relationships with influential business leaders while balancing commitments to charity. Like Maxima, she is a lady of depth, despite the challenges she’s encountered. I didn’t realize until recently that Victoria was face blind–that must make her job more difficult, but she does everything with aplomb and class.

      1. I just recently learned about Victoria’s face-blindness, too. I was surprised, but she seems to be working around it. It’s great that she’s not using it as an excuse, and keeps chugging along at her work anyway.

  3. Oh, Camilla. I love her. That 100 year old comment was so cute. I agree, KMR, it’s nice that she had anecdotes to share. The story about her father was so sweet and rich. It was a perfect illustration as to why reading is important.

    I think what Maddie did was incredible. Kindness and goodwill is lost among many. Leti looked okay. I prefer her in bright colors.

    Victoria is going to be an awesome queen. She is in touch with tech and is able to be an innovative and in touch queen.

    As far as Will and Kate. I can honestly say that I don’t care. Really. We all know why she double stacked those engagements. She is not gonna work until she wants to. Hopefully the surf will inspire more work.

    1. I hope Camilla keeps it up, because she really is making me like her. I like covering her because she actually makes comments.

      I think what Maddie did was really nice. Not everyone would have done that, and I’m not just talking about Will and Kate (who I’m sure would have been super rude and complained about privacy or something), many celebs wouldn’t have stopped their lunch to pose for a fan.

      It’s very smart of Victoria to learn about the tech industry and get involved with that. Technology and science are our future.

      I’m just hoping for vacay photos from Will and Kate, but I doubt that will happen. I’m over getting upset with their Mustique holiday.

  4. I am loving the Swedish Royals. Maddie is so approachable, so kind. Beautiful through and through.

    Likewise, Victoria. A great family and yes, we need to hear more about the positive impact they are making. Who cares about Will and Kate? Seriously? I do hope they have a nice vacation, but they don’t seem to inspire people the way they could. I just don’t think they give a damn.

    Yes, Camilla’s love of reading thanks to her dad, is very touching Nice to hear such words. They seemed to ring true. She also was funny regarding her age. A real person.

    Leti? Looking thinner and thinner. She is a beautiful lady who does take her role very seriously. I just wish she would take on a few pounds as she looks way too thin to me. Not healthy.

    1. I quite like Camilla. She seems to be a nice lady with a good sense of humour. I also like some of the causes she supports, like initiatives against sexual violence and the children’s literacy programme. Learning to read was a magical moment for me and I’ve had my nose in a book ever since. My mother was a primary school teacher and she took my sister and I to the library every week. CP Mette-Marit is another royal who shares her love of reading with children.

      I just watched a documentary about CP Mary’s foundation that works with various social issues like loneliness, bullying and violence against women and it is really impressive how the foundation is organized because it has forged some important relationships with some of the major Danish industries. The foundations does a lot of work and Mary is very involved with weekly meetings, etc., planning of conferences and the launching of various programs. She often gives substantial speeches at events like conferences, etc.

  5. Could King Felipe look any more handsome in that photo?

    Nice to hear the positive stories about the Swedish royal family. Princess Madeleine, is showing those who marry royalty, the way a blood princess knows how to behave.

      1. He looks even sexier now than he did when he was younger. The salt and pepper beard works for him.

  6. This was my comment in dm about kate:

    “Hahahaha i knew it will be soon in january yes is a ” hard life ” dm but it have a price!sell the soul to the devil have a price dm!!!”

  7. I thik KW should not have gone on vacation, because they basically are lazy & unemployed! I wonder what kind of a hold the middletons have on the r.f. because they do what they want & never face any consequeses for their actions! On another topic today is Princess Charoline’s birthday January 23. Princess Charlene of Monaco has a birthday on January 25.

  8. So, I have no problem with them taking a vacation (lucky Kate though-2 weeks). My problem is the media. I am so tired of them fawning over them! Hello was writing about how Kate deserved a holiday after her busy January with her birthday and several appearances. LOL, give me a break. I am glad she did some ‘work’, but she only did it so the public wouldn’t get upset.

    I really hope we get some pictures. But I kind of doubt we will 🙁

    I was also thinking about something else off topic. I was thinking about how Kate is so obsessed with staying thin. I was wondering if maybe that was part of Will and Kate’s agreement. When they broke up, Kate lost some weight in order to get him back, just like her body was what attracted him at University. It seems her figure is what always draws Will back. Anyway, when they got back together it was mentioned that they had an agreement that a wedding would come sometime in the future. It just made me wonder if Will would also require Kate to stay so thin since that is obviously what he likes (like an unwritten agreement)? I wouldn’t put it past him to be that shallow. I’m just curious if anyone else thinks that is a possibility or if I am just over analyzing things :)?

    1. Hi Overit, I think you are right and Kate knows that’s what keeps him interested and he’s said he likes her body and girlish long hair. I do think though that Kate played the virgin card well. Some people think I’m wrong that Kate was a virgin and Will was the one and only but it fits his psychology because of Di and Charles.

    2. Oh My, Waity would not know what hard work was if it bit her on the butt. She did about five hours of work in five days, not even a full days work by most standards. And by the vacant looks on her face at most of these events there was no preparation for these, so you cannot say that she “Read up” on the places she was visiting.

      As for the comments about Will and Waity having a secret agreement about her staying thin and the hair it would not surprise me. When they broke up and got back together I read from different sources that Carole had a chat with Wills about a time frame of proposing to Waity ,Which to me fits in with lifestyle that they have now, For some reason Carole has Wills under the thumb. Personally I think that she would be the MIL from hell. What makes me sad is that her Engagement ring (Diana’s old one) was given to HARRY and he gave it to Wills to give to Waity. I really wish that HARRY had of kept it to give it to the girl that HE was going to marry, I think that he will settle down a bit later and marry someone who is right for him and who is not afraid of hard work.

      I think that in the future Waity’s true colours are going to show I think that the royal family is in for a HUGE shock.

      1. So, I am not the only one bothered about Kate getting Diana’s ring. At the time I thought it was sweet, but I have grown so disappointed by Kate’s behavior, I wish she had never been given the ring. She seems to wear it a great deal of the time.

        I wonder if William asked Harry for the ring and he quickly gave it over, or if he gave it a bit of thought. Also, wonder if he regrets it now.

        I hope Harry makes a good choice and we all have tons of positive things to say.

        1. Oh I have a Huge problem with it G.A. I think that Harry would have just handed the ring over because at that time he adored Kate. Looking at the Xmas Church pics I think that he might be starting to see through her. He adores his brother and wants him to be happy and I think that he thought that Waity would do it.

          Oh I hope that he settles down with someone who can give him the loving that he needs. I think that with the right woman ,Harry could shine like never before.

        2. I think Harry got Diana’s gold watch in trade. I imagine his wife and/or any daughter he has will get it. Personally, I think that’s nice; she gets something of Diana that not everyone associates with her, but she had that watch for years.

          As for the ring, I think Kate got it as she will be Princess of Wales when the Queen dies, as was Diana.

        3. We do not know how William ended up with the ring, or if Harry ever gave his permission. We know that Harry was caught on film swearing when surprised by the engagement announcement news – and the news of which ring was used.

          The announcement was sprung on HM after the press was alerted. The engagement story sounds suspiciously like the story told by another couple in their set – told before W&K told their cobbled-together version.

          It is an iconic symbol of a failed marriage. It should have been put away for at least a generation. But William is far too cheap to purchase a ring himself. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was given the fake one instead of Diana’s real ring.

          1. I have read and seen interviews where Wills said that he asked Harry for the ring and he said that he gave it to him with his blessing. Mind you that could be all poppycock too as I did not know about Harry swearing about which ring was used.

            I think Diana left the ring to Harry knowing full well that however married Wills would also be a POW and that they would be compared to her and I bet that she was trying to avoid this.

            But if Wills is too cheap to buy his own ring and gave Diana’s ring to Waity then I agree it is a symbol of a failed marriage, and it should have been left in a vault for a generation. Harry might not have wanted to use it when he proposes to the girl of his dreams.

            Oh that would be great, a fake ring for a fake Duchess LOL

          2. Diana did not leave the ring to Harry. It was her former employee (Burrell?) who wrote the story in his book. The boys were allowed to choose one item each from her collection after she passed away. William chose the watch, Harry chose the ring.

            I have never seen or read an interview of William stating Harry gave him the ring. I’ve seen a great deal of speculation in blogs and discussion boards, insisting that the ring was never Harry’s to begin with (despite Burrell’s book). Never a video or interview of William stating flat out that Harry gave him the ring. If there is such a thing, I’d be very interested in a source. As you pointed out, if it exists it is entirely possible it would be William lying yet again.

      2. I’ve always wondered what Kate thought about receiving Diana’s ring. Whether she would’ve liked a new ring, or at least a less iconic ring better. I think that by the time Will got around to proposing she would’ve taken any ring at that point.

        It’s always reminded me of the scenario in Sophie Kinsella’s book “I’ve Got Your Number.” The guy always gives his fiancees an heirloom ring because it’s easy to get out of the vault and he doesn’t have to spend time/effort looking for a ring that he picked specifically for his fiancee.

    3. I don’t think Will would make any kind of demand that Kate maintain a low weight because of his experience with his mother’s eating disorder. He may be an ass now, but as a child he was quite sensitive to his mother’s distress. If he made any demand of Kate, it would most likely be that she NOT obsess about her weight. I think Kate’s weight and body image issues are her own (and Carole’s).

      1. Dag I see what you mean. But William also saw how badly it affected his mom when Charles was cheating on her. Yet that never stopped William from cheating on Kate. So I am not sure that he would be sensitive enough to not tell Kate how he wants her to look. As long as she is not bulimic, that is the only time I think Will would care. Otherwise, I have a feeling he wants her thin. Though I do think a lot of Kate’s weight issue is from Carol and her owns. But seeing how William reacts to her being so thin probably also makes her want to be that small (even if there is not contract).

    4. Well, the last three years she didn’t realize she needed to do some work so that the public wouldn’t get upset at her vacations, and this year Jason finally made her realize that she needed to do some work FIRST so that the public wouldn’t get upset at the vacation. So… baby steps.

      Re Will forcing Kate to stay thin: I don’t know if it was some official agreement, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Will only really pays attention to her when she’s thin, and so Kate responds accordingly by staying as thin as she can. I’m sure there are a lot of women who do that, unfortunately.

  9. Thanks KMR for the this blog about the Swedish and Spanish royals. The charming story about Maddie and the fan shows how a blood princess acts. Even those who have married into a royal family can be classy look at Camilla and Leti. It makes me even more sad at how much Kate is failing to make the grade.

    1. Agreed, but that is due to very excessive dieting. As she gets older it is only going to look worse. When you compare photos of years ago, when she was dating William, even when first engaged for that matter she was just a little more rounded and she was much softer in the face. She was very pretty. She diets herself to a stick, when not pregnant this is not natural slimness not a very good role model for young impressible girls. Sophie even though at 50 looks softer and very attractive. Her figure is very feminine. Her clothes always fit her perfectly. There is no comparison. As for the Cambridge’s holiday, no one begrudges them that, but what have they done to earn it. Kate’s work ethic is non existent, the effort she makes has been of a very substandard nature, she could make such a difference, so many people out there needing and support, help and strength. She only seems to make a few appearances when she is about to go on holiday, take the heat off her. I do agree that William is resentful of his duties but takes all the grace and favours that goes with that role. He needs to grow up and accept his lot in life just like the rest of us and the pair of them need to just get on with it and make a real difference , up until now the pair of them have been a real disappointment.

      1. I have to disagree; I think her haggard looks are down to the smoking and tanning. A very slim woman in her 30s, especially one who exercises regularly and eats healthily, should looking good and have great skin. I’m 35, only a few years older than Kate, and I look about 15 years younger. However, I’ve never smoked and always stayed out of the sun. I have friends who smoke and tan, and nothing, *nothing* ages you like those two things.

  10. Well, we all predicted those two jetting off to Mustique, although you didn’t need to be Miss Cleo to get that right! I kinda want some paps to get pics, just to piss William off. I’m petty like that :).

    Love the coverage of the other Royals -thanks for including those! I’d love to see a vid of Estelle singing. That kid is adorable. And my love for Leti is well known, but I have to admit she looks too severe in that dress. Oh well, everyone is entitled to an off day.

  11. The thinner you are as you age, the more haggard you look.
    Kate, with a rounder look when pregnant is better than stick-thin Kate.
    Obviously, she is constantly fretting over her weight. I think it’s her issue. Not William’s.
    Her issue and Carole’s. She (Kate) has plenty of other issues, too. Her flashing! A major problem.

    1. Agreed. That is why the Duchess is bent over, her posture is terrible. She does not fill out her clothes, they just hang off her frame. She was softer and prettier when younger and more curvy, not stick thin, it is very aging and hard looking now. It is not a natural thinness, it looks very unhealthy.

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