Baby Cambridge 3 Poll Results

Baby Cambridge 3 Poll Results

I realized recently that I never did post the poll results for our Baby Cambridge 3 polls, so I’m posting them now.

William, Kate Royal Variety Performance 2017 s

When will Baby Cambridge 3 be born?

Because the date picker’s default Year setting was 2017, there were quite a number of responses for Jan-May 2017. So what I did when I calculated the results was I changed all the 2017 dates to be in 2018, and then calculated the percentage. For space, I am only listing out the top 10 results here.

  • April 25 – 13.70% (My pick)
  • April 28 – 13.70%
  • April 29 – 10.80%
  • April 26 – 7.90%
  • April 27 – 7.50%
  • April 30 – 7.50%
  • April 21 – 6.60%
  • April 20 – 6.20%
  • April 24 – 4.10%
  • April 22 – 2.90%

Will Baby Cambridge 3 be a boy or a girl?

  • Girl – 56.70%
  • Boy – 43.30% (My pick)

What will be Baby Cambridge 3’s name (boy)?

Responses in italics are write-in responses.

  • Philip – 25.30%
  • Arthur – 24.90% (My pick)
  • James – 15.70%
  • Alexander – 14.90%
  • Albert – 9.60%
  • Frederick – 2.70%
  • Michael – 1.90%
  • Andrew – 1.10%
  • Henry – 0.80%
  • Alfred – 0.80%
  • Thomas – 0.80%
  • William – 0.40%
  • Christian – 0.40%
  • Albert Philip Michael – 0.40%
  • Spencer Philip Charles – 0.40%

What will be Baby Cambridge 3’s name (girl)?

Responses in italics are write-in responses.

  • Alice – 43.40% (My pick)
  • Victoria – 19.70%
  • Alexandra – 14.10%
  • Elizabeth – 5.90%
  • Mary – 5.90%
  • Grace – 3.60%
  • Emily – 2.60%
  • Caroline – 1.00%
  • Diana – 0.70%
  • Anne – 0.30%
  • Sophie – 0.30%
  • Eleanor – 0.30%
  • Frances – 0.30%
  • Margaret – 0.30%
  • Amelia – 0.30%
  • Carole – 0.30%
  • Penelope – 0.30%
  • Cecilia – 0.30%
  • Catherine – 0%

When will Kate begin her maternity leave?

  • Third Week of March – 30.30%
  • Fourth Week of March – 21.10% (My pick)
  • Second Week of March – 18.40%
  • First Week of March – 17.40%
  • February – 7.60%
  • First Week of April – 3.30%
  • Later Than the First Week of April – 2%

What color will Kate wear to leave the hospital?

  • Green – 33.20%
  • Blue – 20.20%
  • Pink – 12.70%
  • Purple – 12.70%
  • White – 7.80%
  • Yellow – 6.20%
  • Red – 5.20% (My pick)
  • Orange – 1.60%
  • Brown – 0.30%
  • Black – 0%

Who will take the first photos of Baby Cambridge 3?

  • Kate Middleton – 64.30% (My pick)
  • Chris Jackson – 23.70%
  • A Different Professional Photographer – 5.80%
  • Michael Middleton – 4.50%
  • Prince Harry – 1.60%

Prince George first official photo 2

Kate and William present Princess Cambridge 1

Prince George kissing Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton

93 thoughts on “Baby Cambridge 3 Poll Results

  1. Merry Christmas KMR – and thanks for all the posts this year. As for the baby – I suspect the name will be “old school” – no real thoughts on name – but those at the top of lists are likely. I think the interest will be much less than the last two. My sister is 4th in the family and looking back at old photos – she is not in many of them . . .

    1. I’m a 4th child but the only girl….still very few photos of me ?

      I agree it will be an old school name, I would like Alex for boy or girl.

      And thanks KMR for your two wonderful blogs. Next year is going to be fun filled and harmonious ….well I can dream!!

    2. Yes, thank you KMR for all your hard work and wonderful posts this year. You provide us with great photos, tons of information and a good deal of fun.

      I must be the only one who thinks Kate will have her baby more towards the beginning of April. My guess was April 7, 2018… also, a girl named Elizabeth. Except, Victoria is a very, very close second and probably the more logical choice.

      Why do so many people think Alice? Is it a modern popular choice?

        1. Thank you Miley and Meghan. I forgot the family name connection. That would be special for Prince Phillip. Also, it is a very pretty name.

          1. Ugh, I keep saying this, but I despise the name Alice. Sounds like Ralph’s annoying wife on The Honeymooners, or a waitress at some dive. I am going for Phillippa, to pay tribute to the DoE and to Pippa. Or, maybe as a special nod to QE, the baby will be Margaret.

            I believe the baby will be a girl. If it’s a boy, I will be shocked. And, I think the baby will arrive earlier in April than later.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’m sure the name will be an acceptable, traditional Windsor name. Probably Philip or Albert for a boy. George already has Alexander and Louis in his name. Alice or Mary for a girl since Charlotte has Elizabeth and Diana. Alice Alexandra Mary would be very nice.

    1. Mine too! Perfect name. Alice Eleanor Grace would be nice 🙂

      And thank you, KMR, for all your hard work in providing this forum for us to share out views, varied as they may be. It’s always a joy to tuck into people’s comments and often learn something new. I hope the season is joyous for you and for the entire KMR community.

  3. It’s not quite regal enough, but I’ve always just adored the name Oliver. And Olivia for a girl. Oliver William Thomas. Olivia Catherine Grace.

    Ah well, a Weatherby can hope!

    1. I suspect this is a maybe list – but I would have no specific name to support – could be any toff version of Cheryl or Wayne . . .

      1. Merry Christmas KMR, and thank you for all your posts. It really is a lovely blog. Isn’t Alexander one of George’s names? I can’t remember. I think the name Victoria will be in there somewhere if it is a girl. I look forward to the new year.

  4. Have a peaceful and happy Christmas KMR!

    Thank you for all your hard work this year, next year is going to be exciting for Royal watchers! A wedding plus more baby sashes!

    I hope all the regular readers have a great holiday and best wishes for 2018!

  5. I hope those who celebrate have a very wonderful Christmas.

    I’m really up in the air about names for a boy but ❤️ the names Alice or Alexandrea for a girl! I can see FrancisFrances being used as a middle name for either gender.

  6. Diana wanted to name a daughter Victoria so if it’s a girl I call Victoria. Andrew and Sarah wanted to use it but they couldn’t so Beatrice it was!

    Albert for a boy I think. Arthur perhaps. James is great but James Wessex so that’s out…

    Merry Christmas friends!

    1. I think it was Annabel that Sarah and Andrew wanted for Beatrice. Beatrice was Queen Victoria’s last child. Beatrice was nicknamed, Beetroot by Sarah. Eugenie is Eugenie Helena Victoria York.

      Merry Christmas to those who celebrate :-)and a peaceful new year!

      1. I’ve read in various books originally they wanted to use Victoria but Diana was in a strop about it, claiming it if they had a daughter…

        I read about Annabel too. Arabella is a Stuart name… Annabel no way! lol

      1. Yes! He seems like a sweet boy, and his sister Louise is growing into a lovely young woman who seems very polite, kind and poised. Sophie and Edward (and nannies) are doing a good job.

        1. Thank you Ellie 🙂 I agree. Louise is becoming a lovely poised woman and James is full of fun . I liked it when Edward and Sophie hugged after completing the bike challenge for charity. It was so sweet.
          Annabel is the sister of Sarah York. I believe or so I have read.

          1. Kimothy, if it is not her sister then it is in the family somewhere. I think I am going to have to write my predictions down in the new year. 🙂

          2. I believe you may be thinking of Camilla’s sister who is Annabel as I recall.

            I will choose Alexandra and Arthur for names, although it would be nice to honour Philip at his advanced age. Alice is nice though and I also like Caroline although it is similar in origins to Charlotte.

  7. Thank you KMR for all the hard work throughout the year, for what is a very informative and up to date blog.
    Merry Xmas to you and to all fellow readers from here in Aussie land.
    God Bless

      1. Thank you Jen and the very best wishes to you.
        We have had our ups and downs, but hoping 2018 will improve.
        All the best to you and your family for 2018, lets hope that the world will be a more peaceful place.

        1. Hello, Sophia. I’m sorry for the difficulties you faced this year and hope the New Year brings better times for you and your family. Did you have a Happy Christmas? I hope you and your daughter and, I think I remember you also have a son — I hope you are all well. Happy New Year.

          1. Hello Jenny,
            Lovely to receive your message. Thank you we did have a nice Xmas. Another busy year ahead. I hope you also had a Happy Xmas with your loved ones.
            Your memory is incredible. Yes I do have a son, we managed to spend Xmas day with him, he has been working on the Naval base in Perth. At the end of February he is going over to Bahrain for 2 months for his job. So I am hoping there is peace and harmony over in the middle east and everywhere else for that matter. Lets hope and pray that we don’t lose anymore innocent lives in the world be it wherever they are or whatever they are doing. With a New Year and hopefully the promise of more peace and kindness to one another in the world.
            Enjoy the New Year celebrations Jenny. Best wishes.

  8. Longtime reader, first time poster. KMR, you do a fantastic job running this blog! All of the time and effort that must go into it are much appreciated.

    As far as my predictions for Baby Cambridge #3, I think it will be a girl born in early April (12th???). I think her name will be Alice Philippa Caroline. Alice as a nod to Prince Philip’s mother; Philippa for Pippa and the feminine form of Philip; and Caroline perhaps for Carole. I see them sticking with traditional names, and Alice is not a name currently being used by any other royal.

    That was fun! ?

  9. Has anyone suggested Alice Elizabeth Caroline (or Mary) for the baby’s name? I just realized Charlotte has Elizabeth in her name. Alice Alexandra would have a nice sound.
    As for a boy, my father’s name was Philip, and I’ve always loved that name. If I had had a son his name would be Philip Edward. Edward was my mother’s father’s name and used quite often in British history. Yes, I’m a little prejudiced with my male names picks.

    1. Alice Alexandra is gorgeous. If I had a daughter I’d name her that! Even though our last name starts with an A, so it would be AAA. lol

  10. Merry Christmas to all!
    Thank you KMR for the work you put into this blog and the unending patience and tolerance for the diverse set of posters who come here.

  11. Merry Christmas (as it’s the 25th here now!) to all my KMR friends. And a happy new year. May God bless y’all. I’m so glad I’ve found this place. I hope you all have a lovely day.

    Especially you, KMR who work so hard on this site and MMR!

  12. Good morning to everyone.

    It’s Royal Church at Sandringham and Meghan is looking glossy and swishy, Kate has buttons galore and Camilla has slayed them all by turning up in the most glorious peony pink with black trim ensemble.

    Viscount James, Lady Louise and the Phillips girls are there so I think the cut off was five years old this year. Younger than normal but definitely no George or Charlotte. Mia is in Australia with Zara & Mike.

    Better pictures will follow on the way out of the service I’m sure.

    1. Kate in a coat that doesn’t fit and an ugly hat, overjoyed William’s holding her hand for once… he looks disgusted at the plebs as usual.

      Meghan’s outfit is horrendous and she’s clinging to Harry for dear life. I wonder why no hand holding.

        1. Meghan did have some gloves that matched her hat and boots but she carried them most of the time so I think it was to show the ring off. Sky News interviewing the crowd was interesting, by all accounts she seemed very nervous. She certainly didn’t glad hand the crowd or walkabout and if anything seemed very reticent to do so. I wonder if she’s hanging back a bit so she doesn’t appear too showy? Or she’s read some of the foul press she’s had? Or maybe Harry explained to her that the Christmas Day walk is HMTQ’s show and the rest of them are bit players?

          She was very, very low key but the crowds were enormous this year. I have no doubt mainly to come out and see her.

          1. After the pure hatred Meghan has received on this board, the MMR board and most of the UK press, I don’t blame her for being lowkey. If she had been high energy, you all would be calling for her blood. She can’t do anything right.

            Everyone hates her so much already and it’s sad. I am sure Meghan knows of her press. I feel bad for her. She does not deserve the hate. By all accounts she seems to be a nice person and is doing the best she knows how. It’s disheartening.

          2. Leah… far as I’m concerned she walks on water. From all most the get go I have been one of her greatest supporters as most regulars on both boards will attest to. The only thing I’ve ever called her up for is the pap stroll to and from Whole Foods in Kensington at the very beginning as it was too contrived. Apart from that you’ll be hard pressed to find one iota of criticism from me.

          3. Leah, it seems like you brush with very broad strokes and any criticism of Meghan here or on MMR is perceived as hatred. Both KMR/MMR are critical blogs about each woman. They are not hate sites. I would say it’s a collection of royal
            watchers who know enough to want to look beyond the spin of the media, facade of the palace, and narrative of the individuals. That would also now include Meghan and her own PR. It’s ok for people to like Meghan. It’s ok for people to look at her skeptically. Same as with Kate. But I would ask that you would please stop saying she’s received hate here- I think that is not true, and it really takes away from the great dialogue that has been such a hallmark of KMR’s blogs because people simply won’t post if they are branded as hateful for having critiques of Meghan.

          4. Leah,
            My take is that Meghan has made some big mistakes. but they are understandable. She reported that she did not know anything about the Royal family. She has a steep learning curve in front of her. Not only learning this peculiar institution, the monarchy, but also a different country which may seem similar to the U.S. is really quite different. I would still bet money that she will figure it out and come out ahead. She is a very bright and capable woman. I hope she is reading the MMR and KMR and other websites and getting valuable feedback. Many of the posters on MMR and KMR are very insightful and I don’t believe even tinged by racism. As a POC I sometimes battle that doubt.
            I don’t see it as hate. It gives a fuller picture of the public’s reaction and why it’s not all racism. A lot of it is simple PR mistakes.

            Don’t despair about Meghan. She has the skills and abilities to correct her mistakes. I thought she looked very chic today when maybe the British Royal Family look is more costumey with vivid colors. She will learn how to blend the two by next year.

      1. Mrs. BBV, thank you so much for clarifying. You know I root for Meghan. I read some fresh hatred toward her on Twitter today that was awful.

        I have seen pics of Camilla where the coat looks red and in others pink. I struggle with my feelings toward Camilla. She has done a great job as a royal, yet, I can’t ignore her history.

        I want to like her…

        1. This coming from one that could take or leave the DoCnwall, but I believe in my heart of hearts that she has paid her dues to society and to everyone involved; the woman deserves a break. Its been more that 20 years since all that happened, the kids grew up into 2 fine young men, one now married with kids and the younger’un on his way to starting his own family. Camilla’s history needs to be laid to rest, the PoW’s was, Camilla deserves the same courtesy.

      2. Maven I tend to agree. I don’t know if it’s just my phone screen, but the first thing I thought when I saw the pictures was it’s too bad that her hat color matches Harry’s hair and beard. Once I noticed that I couldn’t unsee it. Something about the coat length looks off to me too with her petite ness. While I like the pieces separately I didn’t like the combined effect.
        With Kate, I am a sucker for plaid so I like that but I do wish she would embrace maternity wear. The buttons on the coat bother me because you can tell they’re not hitting where they’re supposed to. I’ve noticed that she is wearing that black stacked heel a lot and it makes me wonder if she’s having leg or back issues with this pregnancy and chooses them for comfort so I won’t knock her for choosing them tho they’re not my favorite look.
        I was startled by the Queen’s orange, but if anyone can pull it off with aplomb it’s her.
        Merry Christmas to you all, and thank you KMR/MMR for all you do!

    2. Camilla wins hands down. That pink is gorgeous.
      Sorry, Kate needs to retire that hat to Siberia where it looks like it belongs!
      And not a fan of Meghan’s ensemble either. I like the boot and purse, that’s about it!
      Hope everyone had a delightful Christmas!

  13. Kate’s Xmas coat was £2,655, from Miu Miu. Doesn’t fit either. Yeesh girl, reign in that spending, please. How many coats does one woman need?

    1. If it is Meghan’s own money that she is spending, it is not our business. She is not a married in royal yet. IT is her money that she EARNED, she can do what she wants with it. She is not costing the UK public money.

      1. Crap. ellie, I owe you the hugest of apologies. I thought you were talking about Meghan’s account. I am having trouble seeing due to a huge insect bite that has left my eye swollen. Ellie, again, my apologies.

        1. It’s okay! I was confused. How is your eye? That sounds awful! <3

          I think Meghan's coat was only a few hundred. I have no problem with hers, but Kate's, good Lord…

  14. Merry Christmas to all my cyber family and friends and most of all to you KMR/MMR. Thanks for the hard work and to the member posters, thanks for coming here and making these 2 a great community.
    I just came here to mention how Kate and Meghan look beautiful beside their significant others on this Christmas morning. Meghan seems verve us as hell, so I think that’s why she holding onto prince Harry’s arm. And I love that the Cambridges are holding hands for once. I think it was pre decided that the Cambridges will do the hand holding this time and Meghan hold Harry in this fashion, but it worked out in Mega favour due to her nervousness. Both gals look very pretty.
    Merry Christmas to y’all!

  15. Is that a a maternity coat on Kate? It doesn’t fit right and I don’t like that fur thing on her head. Is Camilla’s coat red?

    Re Meghan- the coat is nice, the color is a big no. You don’t wear brown on Xmas. Festive colors! I love her makeup and hair and hat and bag. She did a very nice curtsy, better than Kate’s.

    As far as Meghan’s interaction with the crowds, this is a direct quote from someone who met her and was there:

    A lady who saw Meghan at Sandringham today @RobronFan09 said “Was lovely to see her and she took so much interest in everyone around her? was very caring”

    1. My quote was from members of the crowd who were there being interviewed by Sky News live on the news after the Royals had gone back to the house. ?

      Camilla was wearing peony pink, HMTQ was it an orange flame colour ?

      If you all do get a chance do listen to HMTQ Christmas Speech this year I would encourage it, it’s very moving. The theme is ‘home for Christmas’.

    2. I actually like Meghan’s coat and hat. She looks far more chic than the red and green plaid button clad duchess. Also I don’t like fur hats. It’s not Russia and the weather is never cold enough for it there. You barely see fur hats in Canada and right now it is -8c.

      Anyway Merry Christmas to KMR and all the posters.

        1. I think it’s real fur. Hasn’t Carole worn this over and over again? Pipster too? Kate’s got a brown one that’s definitely real fur.

  16. For Christmas Day, Meghan is wearing a Sentaler long wide collar wrap coat in camel ($1,295), a Chloe Pixie small leather and suede shoulder bag ($1,550), Stuart Weitzman Hiline over the knee boots ($798), and Birks snowflake earrings ($5,995)

    Love B & E

    1. Hope she bought this
      Outfit with her own money. Won’t say Harry bought it for her, because it’s not as if he works and can afford the lifestyle that he has become accustomed to. It’s a chic outfit but wowza, almost 8-9K!

      1. I personally don’t think she is buying any of these clothes with her own money. The moment she became engaged she became a member of the royal family.

  17. Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal KRM and everyone!

    Thanks KRM for your work this year.

    I think that Baby Cambridge is a boy.

    About Christmas at Sandringham: both Catherine and Meghan look great. I don´t think that Kate´s coat isn´t a good fit, looks good to me and like the colors, looks like xmas. I like Meghan´s hat, it´s interesting looking. I also really like her purse and her makeup looks on point.
    I dislike the coat, looks baggy to me and the colors aren´t very festive, also her dress is black so not very Christmas.
    About Meghan looking low key, I belive she is not very happy with her dog in this situation with his broken legs, so it´s normal she is not super fuzzy today. I don´t think she is reading all the bad press so I don´t think she is that aware right now, but if she is, it´s a good thing for her since Harry doesn´t seem very helpful guiding her.
    Looking to the big picture all this dress madness is going to wake her about the fact the UK public is not the same like the Hollywood one and they are craving for different things, she is smart and that can be a great opportunitty for her to step out the Hollywood Glam mindset and enter on a more British state of mind.
    I think she will do fine very soon, but she will try some more Hollywood Cinderella moves first. Also she needs to stop hanging for dear life on Harry, he is not going anywhere and we all know that she is his girl.

  18. I wish MM has chosen something other than a neutral belted trench for Christmas, it’s too similar in style to the trench she wore for the engagement announcement and not festive. Even though she wears it well, I don’t think a belted trench in general is super flattering as it can seem casual and bulky. Most of the other ladies wear button down coats that match the dress/outfit, which seem to photograph better. Wish she has chosen a deep jewel toned color which I bet she could rock. MM’s hair and makeup were pretty and understated.

    Kate’s coat could have used an additional 2 inches of length but that may be because it’s not designed for maternity wear and riding up, I don’t know. Don’t get me started on Eugenie’s trainers.

    1. That headline about B’s trainers is deliberately misleading in it’s implication that B ignored dress code for a formal occasion.

      The family attend 2 services on Christmas day.

      The first service is very early in the morning and every person who attends is casually dressed. No hats. Not a pap stroll, nor is it intended to be.

      This is the service to which B wore trainers. The core royals are the only ones in attendance. Queen doesn’t appear to have attended this one though Philip is did.

      And if you look at pictures from this earlier service, everyone looks rough, B specifically is in entirely different and casual outfit and no hat. Ditto rest of family. Camilla is wearing a headscarf and horrid, but very comfortable boots, Charles and Andrew look like they just woke up, Sarah Chatto looks rough rather than polished.

      For the formal 2nd service, B like everyone else is as formally dressed as everyone. no trainers. Blue hat, grey coat. Rest of family is in attendance, including the Cambridges, MM and Harry and the little Philips.

      This is the official pap stroll to which entire family dresses up.

      To compare, here are pictures from years past of dress code from earlier private service.



      And in case you were wondering, this is Kate at the later, formal pap stroll :


      1. I understand the situation. But wearing trainers at a Christmas service (particularly when you know you will be papped) can’t be the wisest fashion move. If nothing else, it seemed a bit juvenile…something more expected from a teenager.

  19. Is it okay that I just want to wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas and Happy 2018?

    -We’ve got another royal wedding to look forward to (you can tell Harry and Meghan are on Cloud 30! ?)
    -Two royal babies (Kate\William and Madeleine\Chris)
    -Two big birthdays (Princess Beatrice turns 30 and Prince Charles turns 70)

    Did anyone get any memorable gifts?

    1. Definitely okay Kimothy! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and are well. I was thinking the same thing in regards to a big 2018 royal wise next year! The best present of all this Christmas was spending the day with my newest nephew, only 12 days old and such a smooch, aunt Cat is his favourite, I can tell already!

  20. So weary I hope this makes sense. Yes, the procession seemed in order of precedence – and appeared paced, looking at the way they came out the door.

    I thought Kate looked very happy and love the tartan, but wish it was longer, especially when she bent over – it would be splendid with trousers or a longer skirt. I quite like the Dr Zhivago hat. The fit doesn’t trouble me as I hope she can use it after pregnancy.

    I thought Meghan looked very nice – I liked the coat and colour and. like Kate, she has such a pretty smile and seemed after rushing out of the gate to be picking up the less exuberant royal pace much better. It’s on the job learning. I could do without her holding on to Harry so constantly but it’s an informal occasion and I suppose he likes it. It’s not the first time William and Kate have held hands – they did before when she wore a tartan coat a few years back.

    All the rest of the family looked nice. Perhaps we shall see George next year. I think it is less a specific age than the ability to be quiet in church – so girls may be ahead of the lads.

    The queen’s speech was most moving and so happy to see everyone healthy after last year – and a safe and healthy new year to all here.

    1. See, I love tartan in a way that is unhealthy, but I didn’t like this. The buttons! Dear God, why is it always the buttons? Her clothes always end up looking like the guy in “The Wizard of Oz” who is the Wizard, but pretends not to be.

      1. LEAH STOP. I snorted soda out my nose. <3 That made me laugh my head off.

        I do like the tartan. The way she styles it, the styles she chooses, meh. I have a lovely tartan coat inherited from my grandmother (she's still around, she just loves to send me her old stuff if she thinks I'll like it–jewelry, coats, scarves, my grandfather spoiled her). It's way cleaner looking than this with black buttons. I have no reason to ever wear it, sadly, but it's beautiful (she got it in Scotland).

  21. Late to the party. Too many holiday festivities with family and friends, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas — those who celebrate the day. I hope others enjoyed Hannukah and even others, just had a good time during this special time of the year.

    Thanks to KMR for her hard work all year long. And, to the commenters who make life interesting and often, fun.

    It would surprise me — in fact, shock me — if Baby Three is not a girl. As for her name, no offense to those who like the name, but I detest the name Alice. I do think that name will be one of the babies names, however. Maybe not her first, though. I’d love to see a Baby Victoria. Or, even though I don’t like this name either, Margaret. The Queen would be most touched if her own sister’s name were chosen, I think. I have not even thought of boy names, because I can’t imagine this baby being a boy, as previously said.

    Happy 2018 to all.

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