Victoria, Sofia & Madeleine at Swedish Academy Gathering

Victoria, Sofia & Madeleine at Swedish Academy Gathering

The Swedish royal family came out for the annual Swedish Academy Formal Gathering held on December 20 at the Stock Exchange in Stockholm, marking the end of the Academy’s working year.

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Queen Silvia wore a blue sequined dress she’s worn several times over the last couple of years.

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Crown Princess Victoria wore her hair in a half updo fashion, which is rare for her. She usually wears her hair up, so seeing her hair even partially down is a treat. Victoria’s burgundy velvet gown (which I love) is by Camilla Thulin.

Princess Sofia repeated a blue Lars Wallin gown which she first wore to the State Visit from Canada in February of this year.

Sofia also wore a very pretty headband thing.

Princess Madeleine wore a Tiffany Rose gown which she previously wore to this event in 2013 when pregnant with Leonore. Victoria borrowed this gown for the State Visit from Tunisia in 2015.

On December 21, Prince Carl Philip and Sofia attended the concert “Jul i Vasastan” (“Christmas in Vasastan”) at the Gustaf Vasa Church in Stockholm. Sofia wore a new “Flounce Dress” in red from Hugo Boss ($445.00).

39 thoughts on “Victoria, Sofia & Madeleine at Swedish Academy Gathering

    1. In the beginning of their relationship, they said it between Madeleine and Sofia(because of her TV-past).
      But I think they are all adults and want harmony in their family. Sofia never behaved silly since her wedding,she cares for her children, husband and I think the rest of the royal family,she does her job like Madeleine and Victoria do.So,it was worth to give her a chance, Carl-Philipp clearly loves her and people sometimes change if you give them the chance.
      I don’t think she was her true self in those old pictures.I don’t like them at all(I.don’t think she is proud of them). But if we don’t let people learn from their missteps and always judge them for it, it is horrible.
      We could start again seeing Harry as a party prince which would not be fair, because he doesn’t want to live in this way anymore, as far as I can see.

      1. Sofia has said she is very proud of her past and doesn’t regret any of it.

        She was sixteen when she did the first nude photos which is underage even for Sweden so they did them in Thailand. Her mother encouraged her to do it, so says Sofia in an interview.

        1. AFAIK Sofia has not said that she’s proud of her past but she says she has no regrets and that “experience shapes a person.” She is not the first person to make that type of statement.

          Sofia did a single photoshoot where she was visibly nude, I think she was in her early twenties.

          She did do a shoot in Thailand when she was a teen that I would deem sexy / adult themed but she was not visibly nude. I don’t like the idea of teenagers doing sexy / adult themed photoshoots but it definitely happens in the fashion industry. I don’t know all the nuts and bolts of every editorial I’ve seen, but I have seen teenage Swedish models in adult themed shoots where you actually see their bare breasts which was not the case with the photos Sofia took when she was a teen.

          1. +1
            It is always sad to see so many exaggerated or out of context information on her. She made some questionable decisions but who didn’t in one way or another. How about some good old Christian forgiveness and charity at Christmas. She completely won me over when CP talked about how much she helped him with his worries about his dyslexia. This evening when people laughed about him when he couldn’t read right on stage must have been the utter horror. I don’t know if I ever would have spoken in public again. So if she gave him confidence, love and piece she is for sure the right partner at his side.

      2. I don’t think that she’s changed. I think it’s that she wanted to be rich and or famous (nothing wrong with that) and since she married CP that means she no longer has to make out with porn stars to achieve that goal.

        1. Precisely. I don’t talk about Sofia because I have such a visceral reaction to how gross I find her as a human being. And I feel I can’t even talk about how awful a lot of crap I’ve read about her is because people think she’s great and would jump on me.

          A lot of stuff has been whitewashed. I’ve read about her way before I read, say, Royal Dish or other blogs. She ran a blog where she mocked disabled teachers, talked about her sugar daddies, and a lot of other gross stuff with a friend of hers when she lived in New York. IMO it shows her as she is.

          If she showed she’d changed, sure, but she hasn’t. Like using the palace address for some made-up business with her mother and sisters listed there? Or how she’d not be involved in Project Playground but still is? When Daniel had to give everything up when Carl Gustav finally agreed to let him marry Victoria? I think she’s smarmy as hell and has shown such since she was a teenager which is a damn shame.

          The fact the newspapers trash Madeleine as some out of touch princess who wastes taxpayer bucks (when in reality she only gets any compensation when she does royal work; otherwise no, and her husband supports them all), stalk Chris’s tax records and stuff, and then praise Sofia and frame Madeleine as her arch-nemesis…

          1. Count me in the I don’t really like Sophia club. Anyone who bullies anyone else like Sophia has done with people with disabilities, is cancelled in my books. And Sophia was an adult when she did that too, so she’d know that what she did wasn’t right.

            Frankly, Carl Philip was a lazy, wastrel, useless playboy and Sophia was a gold digger- no wonder they are married and are perfect for each other. They both need to go and get proper jobs.

    2. There is talk in the Swedish rags (who are mostly all very supportive of Sofia and bring down Madeleine) that Sofia had a fit about Madeleine inviting her best friend who happens to be Carl Philip’s ex Emma (who CP cheated on with Sofia) to her children’s christening. This would not surprise me whatsoever.

    3. I think that it’s projection more than anything. There are royal watchers who vehemently dislike Sofia, which is their prerogative, while liking other members of the SRF, Victoria for example, so since they have a problem with Sofia, their fave Victoria must have a problem with her as well.

    4. Like Ellie said I think on LoveLolaHeart it was said that Carl-Philip was in a serious long term relationship with a very close friend of Madeleine’s, Emma. Sofia apparently set her sights on Carl-Philip regardless of his relationship status. The had an affair, Emma was out Sofia was in and the rest is history.

      1. Carl Philip’s ex-girlfriend announced their break up and she said that it was a mutual decision. She then began a new relationship, had a child, got married and had another child.

        Carl Philip and Emma broke up in 2009, there were reports that the relationship was in trouble going back to 2007, and Carl Philip’s sisters, who liked Emma intervened and encouraged them to work on the relationship which presumably they did but the relationship ended anyway.

        I read the LoveLola article and it not only comes off as not credible, but it seems like a mischievous effort on her part to pander to her readership who does not like Sofia.

  1. Leah, Sofia takes a lot of abuse for her past. Try to do a little research on her present and you might change your mind? I think that like Meghan she makes her man very happy, he seems to adore her, which must means she is a good person surely. She certainly made choices many of us wouldn’t in her earlier life, but now she appears to me to be trying to do better. I give her kudos for that.

    Posting at the same time as LB but hey…great minds!

    I love Vic’s dress and hair down, but for me the smartest are the men. White tie just looks fabulous.

  2. They all look good.I.don’t like the furs they wear, is it real fur?
    Finally, they wear dark, rich colours for Christmas-time which I love .The colour and fabric of Victoria’s dress is beautiful.And her hair is not pulled back so strongly.
    Sofia looks so.different with this hairband and her hair is so long!
    It’s always nice to.see them attending events together, as a family.

    1. Agree 100%. I like this family. I’m of some Swedish descent, so I feel a small connection. I would love to visit someday. Rick Steves (famous American travel writer) said Christmas is a great time to visit.

  3. Victoria looks lovely in red! I am amazed she didn’t do anything super severe with her hair this time.

    Madeleine is insanely beautiful, I’m always jealous looking at her!

    Sofia looks nice in the red dress but I do not get the curly sausage curls she seems to have been inspired by Kate to wear.

    1. Concerning Madeleine – I KNOW! She is just incredibly beautiful and really has the added glow of pregnancy (which I never had!!) I’m not even jealous, just in awe lol

  4. All the ladies look really nice here! I especially like to see Victoria try something different with her hair.

    But please, Sofia, ditch the sausage curls!

  5. Wow – Vic looks sensational – love the partial hair out – a much softer look for her than usual – gets my vote for sure. Sofia – sausage curls on anyone over about 5-8 years is just . . . . trying to be polite here – I’ll settle for “not a good look”. Maddie – she looks stunning – she recently has had some questional fashion picks – but this time she just glows

  6. Wow, everyone looks great, and Victoria, I love her hair.

    I normally don’t like flared sleeves, but Sofia’s red dress they echo the hemline, so it works. Agree about the sausage curls.

    Don’t they wear fur because it is a big industry in Sweden?

    1. It’s really cold in Stockholm in winter, especially when the wind is blowing up off the sea. So some women and some men wear fur to keep the cold out.

      1. If you are thinking about the fur stole Maddie is wearing, from looking at the style it looks like it dates from the 1950s.

  7. They all look stunning. I love the “sausage curls” and definitely would wear this style if my hair wasn’t too thin (it looses every curl or extra volume no matter how little or much product I put in it).

    1. What helps me, I have lots of fine hair, is spray it with some sort of product first like a texturizing spray. Then spray the curling iron or hair itself with some hairspray, lightly, and then do the curl, then more spray. lol I know, it’s a pain, but it works okay and makes it last a few hours versus…um…5 minutes.

  8. Love seeing Victoria with her hair down! And Maddie has lovely maternity fashion. I really like that she re wore a dress from when she was previously pregnant and it is so great that the sisters even share clothes.

  9. It’s also Silvia’s 74th birthday today.
    Happy Birthday,Queen Silvia!
    I’m happy for the Swedes to have such an elegant and engaged Queen.For many years in health and happiness for Silvia!

  10. Victoria looks amazing with her hair down and I love her dress. Can’t go wrong with a red velvet! She has a pretty prominent chin and with her hair down, it completely softens her face. I hope she wears down more often next yr. we got a slow progression, she did more ponytails this yr I think, so maybe??
    Madeleine looks absolutely beautiful! I don’t remember how far along she is but she looks great. I love how the sister’s borrowed clothes. My sister shot up height wise in elementary school so I never got the luxury of doubling my closet contents =)
    And loooove Silvia’s jewels??
    Not a fan a Sofia’s hair! Bleh sausage curls need to go out with the lace and high collar trends! I also think platform shoes shouldn’t be worn over the age of 30. I love high heels and when I was in my 20s had ton of platform heels, Now I just find them unattractive past a certain age.
    Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

  11. I love Sofia’s red Hugo Boss dress. It’s gorgeous! You know, I’m not wild about some things she’s said and done in her past, but I really think she’s trying to do a good job now. She sort of won me over a few years ago when I saw photos of her on Holocaust Day in a synagogue, escorting an elderly Holocaust survivor and being very sweet and kind to her.

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