William & Kate hold hands for Christmas 2017

William & Kate hold hands for Christmas 2017

Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge joined the British royal family for their annual walk to Christmas service at St. Mary Magdalene Church yesterday, December 25.

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Like they did in 2013 and 2014, William and Kate held hands while they walked to the church.

Lady Louise Windsor, pictured above ahead of William and Kate, walked with her grandfather, Prince Philip (not pictured).

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For her Christmas walk this year, Kate chose a non-maternity Miu Miu Velvet-trimmed double-breasted tartan wool-blend peacoat ($2,197.50), and those Tod’s black suede pumps (£335) she’s been favoring lately. Kate wore her Kiki McDonough Eden Diamond Flower and Citrine Drop Earrings (£2,900) she debuted in June 2016, her Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in black suede, and her Cornelia James Imogen gloves. She also wore a new Lacorine Sumac – Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat in black (£187.50).

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William bowed and Kate curtsied to The Queen.

Harry and Meghan walked and stood next to William and Kate – I have covered Meghan’s appearance in full over here.

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Kate received flowers from well wishers on the walk from the church.

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Queen Elizabeth II, who arrived by car, wore a bright orange coat and hat with the Australian Wattle Brooch. The Duchess of Cornwall, who rode in the car with HM this year, wore bright pink and The Queen Mother’s Rock Crystal Brooch.

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The Countess of Wessex walked with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Sophie wore a new Erdem Kristen Jacquard Coat Dress (originally £2,630; currently £1,840) in a pattern of navy, purple and green flowers.

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Other royals in attendance included The Prince of Wales and Prince Andrew, who returned a hat to a well wisher after it had blown off, Princess Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence, and Prince Edward who walked with his son, James, Viscount Severn.

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Peter Phillips and Autumn Phillips were also in attendance with their daughters, Savannah Phillips and Isla Phillips.

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A video of the royals arriving to the church.

In HM’s Christmas message, she spoke (and there was video) of her first televised Christmas broadcast in 1957 and how not only the technology but the presenter has changed since then. HM also spoke about the ‘home’, and then transitioned to speaking about London and Manchester, as well as the Caribbean and Grenfell. HM then spoke about celebrating 70 years of marriage with Philip, and how when she was born the term ‘platinum wedding anniversary’ hadn’t been thought of because “you weren’t expected to be around that long”. She also mentioned Philip’s retirement and welcoming new family members next year.

HM wore the white coat she wore on the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla in 2012 and the Jardine Star Brooch.

The photos displayed in the video include (L-R): a photo of Harry and Meghan at their engagement photocall; a photo of Charles and Camilla; a wedding photo of HM and Philip; a 70th wedding anniversary photo of HM and Philip; a 2nd birthday photo of Charlotte; and a 4th birthday photo of George.

Queen's Christmas message 2017

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  1. Can anyone tell if the Queen was wearing the snowflake brooch in the Christmas message? It seems like it but it’s hard to tell.

    Kate’s coat… meh. I don’t like the fur hat. Autumn Phillips looked nice and while I like Sophie’s outfit in theory, it seemed off for the occasion.

  2. Kate‘s look somehow reminds me a bit of the winter fashion in the late 19th century when Russian inspired dresses were very popular. The coat and the hat together just give me this vibe. And while she looks very happy, the choices of clothing ages her.
    Very happy that DoE is well enough to walk.
    Her Majesty looks lovely and I wish there was a good picture of her and Camilla.

    1. Kate’s look, particularly her hat, was very a very popular look in 19 century Russia. Ironically, they still wear those hats today. My parents were from Poland—who dealt with communism vis a vis the Russians. She had a very similar hat to Kate’s; the coat I don’t think is a Russian thing, but I could be wrong. My mom never mentioned that type of coat being popular.

  3. Two things that leapt out at me: 1.)the photos of George and Charlotte as the only two children and 2.) said photos being one of George that was publicly shared and for which we have all seen, whilst Charlotte’s was one that hasn’t been publicly shared.

    Can an experienced royal watcher help me to decipher the nuance of this imagery? Herazeus…? 😉

    1. Charlotte’s was from her third (I think) birthday photos Kate took and published on Twitter, so yes, they’re nothing new to the public.

    2. I thought it was interesting that she had a photo of Camilla and Charles as well as the engagement photo call photo of Meghan and Harry on another table in that room. So her marriage photo, photo taken of Philip and herself taken today, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George.

    3. I though it was a mistake that all of the family photos were previously distributed public photos. Wouldn’t a mother/grandmother have a couple of personal photos of her family in her home? That made the arrangement and selection of the photos seem overly staged and impersonal.

      1. Also, Charles’s hand (or his PR person’s) is very heavy in the selection of photos: nothing but the current monarch and Charles’s line.

      2. Then why wasn’t there a photo of William and Kate? That’s what I found odd. The children, Harry, Meghan, but no William, the direct heir and Kate?

    4. Yeah,I didn’t care for the selection of the photographs.It is not like the Queen has only Charles.She has other children,who while not in direct line of succession are her family.They have the same blood relationship with her.

      1. It is strange that only Charles’s family was highlighted in the photographs. No York sisters or HM with Peter (since he just turned 40)? No Phillip with Lady Louise riding in the carriage together (could’ve sworn I saw a picture floating round this year). Huge snub to the rest of the family, IMO.

      2. HM chooses things to promote the image of the line of her, Charles, his kids, grandkids. It’s just how she does it. Or she puts photos there of her parents. It’s all HM’s PR and what she wants.

      3. These photo selections are always subliminal messaging. Whose line is going to rule? Charles and his progeny. So that’s why we usually only see. It’s the Queen saying “look! Here they are, all displayed in my home, all will be well” type.
        I think last yr it was a big Charles picture front and center.
        Of course that’s just my take on it

        1. I do wish they weren’t publically released photos, it makes it look like it is – a stage set, not a home. It also says we’re not allowed to see what they don’t want us to see, ‘us and them’ which kind of denies the inclusive message they try and promote. You feel the Queen prob saw this room for the first time 5 minutes before filming began.

  4. Kate’s coat would look cute on a 3-year-old. I’m not digging it on her. Maybe if it weren’t so bright I’d like it better. And without her beloved nipple buttons. Hate the hat.

    I’m also finding Sophie’s coat dress disjointed from the rest of the group.

    HM looks fantastic!

    1. Meghan, I so agree with you. The coat (Kate’s) was definitely childish. And, that hat? It did not look good on Kate.

      Move over, Max, HM looked very spiffy in your color, Orange! Although, I think I prefer her in blue.

      Meghan? Don’t even ask me. She looked way to smug in that little curtsy photo. Or, perhaps, I should say, she looked as if she was trying too hard.

      Well, I wish everyone all the joys of this special holiday.

      1. This is one of those times where the photo conveys a message opposite what is really going on. I’m an admitted judger of snapshots but I saw the video of this scenario. Meghan was terrified. Will, Kate, and Harry were giving her pointers and trying to make her feel comfortable about the upcoming curtsey but you could see her nerves. She put on a nervous smile and did what the DM called a “wobbly bob.” I really felt for her but at the same time it was nice to see her real feelings on her face. She was scared and I would have been, too. I was pleasantly surprised to see Kate smiling and appearing to offer genuine help.

        1. I did not see the video, so I misjudged the expression on Meghan’s face. Thanks for the clarification. I am sure she was very nervous and if Kate was supportive of her, that is a major plus.

          I so hope that things work out in the best of ways. When a couple is in love, others in their families should be happy for them. The world needs more true love stories and it’s nice to know that Harry is so supporitive of his bride-to-be.

          Have not had time to scour all the publications, but what was the photo of Meghan making a face — sticking out her tongue, all about?

          1. I truly believe she was just moisting her lips and photographer took that split-second picture and, instead of deleting it published it and now it looks like Meghan was being goofy/silly and sticking her tongue out. I don’t think she was being cheeky, just making sure her lips didn’t crack in the cold weather.

            Seriously, what jerk publishes an unflattering picture like that?? **makes another stink face**

  5. Sorry to say this but I felt their holding hands had a lot to do with Harry and Megan holding each other. Maybe, I am wrong through. I think he only did it for one other Christmas, right? when Kate got pregnant for the first time…Kate was ecstatic. I am curious how well Meghan and Kate get along in private. It did look like they were walking together in unison. I really hope they get along; it would be lovely for Kate to have someone else in the family for support..

    1. “Sorry to say this but I felt their holding hands had a lot to do with Harry and Megan holding each other. Maybe, I am wrong through. I think he only did it for one other Christmas, right? when Kate got pregnant for the first time…Kate was ecstatic.”

      +1 William never pays much attention to her and seems to behave with such contempt often towards her in public, that these displays of affection are for PR and make me so sad for Kate, the joy in her eyes that he’s finally paying attention to her. 🙁

      1. And have you ever seen Wills so smiley? I was worried he might pull a muscle with all that broad grinning during that video clip.

        1. And I don’t remember Kate being this smiley and enthusiastic in a very long time either. She seems tremendously full of confidence in the pics from the church walk, while Meghan seems more nervous and withdrawn than at her other public appearance.

          1. I thought Meghan looked nervous and overwhelmed which surprised me. And possibly herself. This BRF stuff is not for the faint hearted!

    2. As I linked in my post, William and Kate held hands for the Christmas walk in both 2013 and 2014.

      1. Exactly KMR. Some people also said Kate touching William was because of Meghan BUT we here on this blog know Kate sometimes touched William before. Oh guys, it will be terrible is from now on everything Kate does will have to do to Meghan. And it’s not “William was very smiley”, it was, IMO, Harry who looked less smiley than his usual.

    3. I might be wrong here but I think that Harry having his plus-one is putting some life back into William and therefore into Kate. I hope so. They’ve needed it for so long.

      1. It will be interesting to watch for changes in Kate and William’s PDA and fashion styles as Meghan is brought into the royal family fold. I wonder which couple will have a greater influence on the other couple. This isn’t meant as a comparison competition; rather it is a common occurrence for many newly married couples as they adjust and navigate all the dynamics of their respective families.

      2. The Cambs are upping their PR game, IMO, now that Meghan is in the limelight. No doubt about it. All this megawatt smiley lovely dovey bit- a far cry from last year’s royal Cambs court royal procession complete with photogenic kiddies and an extendedete Middleton posse trailing along like handmaidens holding their robes (or diaper bag).

        Did anyone catch any interaction between Kate and Meghan? If so, who initiated it?

        If HM are staying at Anmer, are the Midds as well? Why do we not hear anything about the Midds this year, or where the Cambs will be spending their time? I can totally see the entire clan co-opting Meghan when they get her alone with them. It would be interesting to know if there’s love bombing going on on the Midds’ side or whether they perceive Meghan as a bit of a nuisance. Do they want to keep Harry sweet too? Will we see Harry and Meghan morph into Midds as well?

        Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘As the Palace Worm Turns’. I love palace intrigue.

        1. Oooo I would love to see the Harry and Meghan morph into Middletons! Perhaps Meghan will return to Instagram and post duck-face photos of her and Pippa with the caption, “sisters from another mister!”

      3. The Cambridge’s have been skating by doing the minimum for too long. A little competition from Harry and Meghan is a good thing if the Cambridge’s are forced to try harder. Be a little more friendly and affectionate. Be truly keen to do their jobs.

    4. They hold hands every year when they walk to church at Sandringham, it is nothing new and has nothing to do with Harry/Meghan. You can look it up in old photos.

    5. I too felt that there was some element of H&M rubbing off on the Cambridges. They also smiled quite a lot to the press when they went to Buckingham dinner the other day, so I think they’re being infuluenced by H$M which is nice. I liked them holding hands and dispelling all the innacuarate narratives lately of how they don’t hold hands because they’re future king and queen and so can’t display any PDA.
      Kate looked lovely, this pregnancy seems to agree with her; I don’t think it’s the HEG this time, it was probably more morning sickness than the severe condition that was reported earlier.
      I think the ladies are getting on quite nicely and they might surprise a lot of people when they become very good friends. Both Cambridges appeared to be really nice, warm and sensitive to Harry’s fiancé and that was really nice to see.

      1. They don’t do PDA because William is a cold fish. Kinda like how “oh, I refuse a wedding ring because it’s not done” when it’s a lie in that family; it’s because William doesn’t care and is selfish.

        Kate always looks overjoyed when he shows her even the modicum of affection, it makes me sad fro her. Like her doe-eyed “I gave you a present, aren’t you happy?” when the kids were born, ignoring the babies, swooning at her husband as if she’d finally won his approval. :/

        1. It’s possible Harry will wear a ring. It’s not traditional in the royal family and not uniformly done in Britain – it’s an adoption of a European/American custom, which is why neither Charles nor William wear a ring.

          But Prince Andrew did wear one when he married Sarah – so there’s a precedent for those lower down in the family doing so. Ironically, I believe Prince Michael wears one.

          1. Signet rings aren’t wedding rings which is what I meant. Charles wore his signet ring before he was married to Diana. However, he does seem to wear a band with it since marrying Camilla. I’m not sure if he did with Diana.

          2. Julia – It actually is tradition in the BRF for the man to wear a wedding band.

            Charles did have a wedding ring (band) when he married Diana. As MavenTheFirst wrote, Charles wore it on his signet ring finger, next to his signet ring (Maven wasn’t implying that the signet ring was the wedding ring). Even after Diana died he wore his wedding ring for many more years.

            Phillip also wore a ring until he got older, perhaps stopped due to arthritis or swollen finger like many of the men in that family have. You might have to enlarge it a bit, but it’s clearly visible here: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3f/b8/33/3fb83332d22738fbe1a3edfcf25895d5.jpg

            I think it’s bogus that William chose not to wear one and hope that Harry chooses to wear one when he marries Meghan. In this day and age – unless your job makes it hazardous or someone has metal allergies, etc – I think both partners should wear it. Otherwise, especially in a family such as this, it’s like a harken back to when the woman was the property of her husband (IMO).

  6. The Queen and Autumn are my votes for best dressed. And special mention to Princess Anne’s hat- very fetching on her. I thought Kate looked very nice, though you can still barely tell she’s pregnant!

    1. From a regular person standpoint, she does indeed look ‘barely pregnant’, but from a ‘skinnier than a catwalk model’ aesthetic that she maintains, she looks very pregnant.

    1. For real. **face palm**

      If it had been all blue (like the color on her right side), I would’ve been in heaven because blues look great on her!

  7. I did not like the kate’s coat it looks like a great gift wrapped package!
    Meghan looks pretty and chic but looks a little nervous here!

  8. I wouldn’t mind Kate’s coat if it was a FRICKING MATERNITY COAT. I’m so over Kate wearing non-maternity clothes. Not a fan of the Russian hat, either, but oh well. Her mom and sister like it as well.

    Other than that, she look very happy and I’m happy for her.

    I think the Philips family looked the best!

    1. Why she needs to wear maternity clothes?? Not every woman likes it, I am very much pregnant and I hate maternity clothes and wont wear.

      1. That’s fine for you, I’m not going to insist you wear maternity clothes lol

        But Kate wears regular coats and they fit her awkwardly at this stage in her pregnancy. It looks bad (in my opinion of course), and I think it’s ridiculous. With her money, she has access to the very best quality maternity lines and I don’t understand why she doesn’t take advantage of that.

    2. She doesn’t need a maternity coat, any more than I do after eating a huge Christmas dinner. Maternity coats have room for an enormous belly, they would not fit her without a fair bit of tailoring.

      1. I think she needs a tailor. This coat looks snug across the bust, not the belly. I think you’re right, a maturnity coat would not fit, either.

    3. I agree, LizB. I don’t think she needs to buy maternity mu-mus but there are basically any type of clothing available in a maternity style – so she could easily keep her super tight, short-skirted aesthetic.

      The Christmas coat clearly was too tight across her breasts (buttons pulling). I would assume that maternity clothing is also cut more generously in the bosom where the pregnant woman’s breasts are also growing (another reason to wear it). And, another drawback to not wearing it is that non-maternity clothing will be shorter in the front than the back because of the pregnant belly. This coat was like that in some shots and something else she wore recently was also like that.

      Her main issue is that she refuses to employ a tailor (or, if she does have one, they are incompetent). I will never forget that coat she wore in her last pregnancy where someone had moved the buttons (again, because it was too small for her as a non-maternity coat) and you could still see the old indent where the buttons had been before being moved.


      And now, as I look at the above photo again, it’s even worse because the hem is ridiculously uneven too. It’s a complete and utter mess. For someone who spends 170,000+ pounds a year on clothing, there is really no excuse to look this jacked up (not to mention the coat worn as a dress is too damn short, IMO. Oh, but, lol, it appears she had it shortened for the pregnancy. She cracks me up! Never change, Kate, never change. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/bd/30/1e/bd301ebf0d4f4feb53f03a0084ef9456–pink-coats-english-royalty.jpg ).

  9. Why are people making such a big deal out of W&K holding hands. They do it occasionally and it has nothing to do with H&M. I think Meghan needs to loosen her grip on Harry. She looks so clingy. I’ve noticed her clinginess from her first engagement. There is video footage from the first engagement showing Meghan reaching out to grab Harry but Harry kept walking to shake hands with the people he was meeting.

      1. I agree with you. I’ll just copy/paste what I commented on MMR, because it seems to fit.

        “The video really touched me for some reason… seeing her nervousness (I’ve seen people complaining about her “hanging on Harry” and I believe it to be out of nervousness) about curtsying to HM and Williama and Harry talking to her beforehand. I’m American, but I married a non-American and moved to his country and was basically absorbed into his sprawling family, so I have a very soft spot in my heart for Meghan’s situation. It’s not easy, and even if she has years of an acting and PR career under her belt, it’s still nerve-wracking.”

    1. My reasoning behind discussing the hand holding: William and Kate don’t hold hands in public all that often, plus there is never much of anything to write about regarding the Christmas walk except that they walked and what they wore, so the fact that William and Kate held hands is just a framing device for my article and headline. It’s something to write about.

      1. Also when Kate and William are usually seen together they are supposed to be working so I don’t think the hand holding is necessary or relevant. I think Meghan is doing it just for extra support at the moment.

    2. +1 I think it’s out of nervousness. And Harry being the gentleman he is wants to help her through it, rather than let her fend for herself.

    3. My assumption about MM’s holding onto Harry is that she’s one of those touchy feely people. Harry is the same. Some people’s love language is physical contact. In this case, the few times we’ve seen them together, even when papped unawares, they have been touching which speaks to that.

      Of course doesn’t rule out nervousness or clinginess.

      Time will tell.

      Though if their relationship breaks down, the lack of touching will give it away faster than any words or PR imaging.

      1. Problem is Prince Harry has not been clutching Ms Markle at all. It has been Ms Markle clutching Harry all the time. And this is to say, “this is my man and he is in love with me!!” I can relate to this. When I first dated my husband, I did a bit of this and I am not a touchy, feely person.

        I do not see any signs of nervousness or clinginess.

        1. Beatrice, I’ll just suggest you look at prince Harry pictures during their nights out in London before they went public, look at the invictus games videos (several of them actually) and look at their engagement videos, then lastly look at their Nottingham trip video. If in any of those it’s just Meghan “clutching Harry but he isn’t reciprocation” as you put it, then I’m the queen of England. I know how some like to push the narrative that Meghan is clinging to Harry or the how some are in overdrive with the Harry doesn’t love Meghan but is being blackmailed into being with her theory, which is sad in this day and era, but both Meghan AND Harry hold and touch each other equally as much. To claim otherwise is just being ridiculous.

          1. It”s not being ridiculous. I have the same observation, too. Meghan clings on to the point Harry down, but not much holding from Harry to see him stooping to Meghan.
            I see it more as this guy is mine, I bagged this Prince!
            If Meghan walked Hollywood.next to a list actors with hundreds of cameras flashing, this event should not have been that difficult.
            I suppose if a Prince psoposes to you, drop your career, your dog, your everything to nurture your Prince. While this trait may be stuff for fairry tales, I find it more weakness.

          2. Just because YOU have the same observation doesn’t necessarily make both your claims true. I suggested you look at all the evidence I provided and in many of those, it’s prince Harry initiating contact, he is the one holding Meghan’s hand or rubbing her back etc. Yet I don’t hear any of you branding him clingy, all, I hear is his not holding her hand for once is suddenly “disinterest” or “not reciprocating”. None of you know prince Harry personally to draw these conclusions but as the man himself has repeatedly said, you just think you know him and can therefore draw some informed conclusions from just looking at some picture of clip. Look, it doesn’t matter, Harry is marrying his girl, the haters can sling all the crap they want, it doesn’t change a thing, he is that into her and she into him, period. Talk to me when he decides to dump her and marry some “English rose” but until then, all this “she is clingy” or “she needs to stop grabbing Harry” is just nothing but meaningless noise.

          3. It also — for some women who cling to their men — a way of making the man feel important. “Oh, she’s nervous. SHe needs me.” I’m not saying that is why she does it, but I don’t think it has to do with her saying, “Look at me, I bagged a prince,” either.

            They both seem to touch each other and show a good deal of affection toward each other in several different ways. I think Kate must wish that William were more demonstrative toward her in public, but since he is the heir, perhaps, that is not done so much.

            At any rate, William seemed very happy when George was born and being shown to the world outside the hospital. With Charlotte, he barely paid attention to Kate, who was so happy and proud. That saddened me. He just seemed to want to give the media one quick photo and then get the heck home with the baby.

    4. It’s a big deal because usually William acts coldly towards her and treats her with no respect. I have never seen him solicitous of her. Once a year, they make a big deal out of holding hands, the walk to church, which is a total PR opportunity, “happy families” and all that. At other times, caught candidly, he can’t help showing his true husbandly self.

      1. I won’t disagree with you that William is definitely less tactile than Harry. But I do recall some pap shots and iPhone shots from locals when they lived in Anglesey where they were strolling down the street holding hands, wooing on the beach with Lupo cuddling, walking at Balmoral holding hands… it happens, we’re just not privy to it all. As Hera pointed out it is a tell… so if it ever were to decrease it could cause lots of speculation that hey probably wwould us to avoid. Frankly, HM come off as a little more immature in the touchy-feely department but I am more reserved by nature and would lean a little more towards WK direction in public.

        1. “I won’t disagree with you that William is definitely less tactile than Harry. But I do recall some pap shots and iPhone shots from locals when they lived in Anglesey where they were strolling down the street holding hands, wooing on the beach with Lupo cuddling, walking at Balmoral holding hands… it happens, we’re just not privy to it all.”

          kateincali +1

    5. The fact that the Cambridged hold hands only occasionally is more reason to write about it since it’s not common. Also, the narrative being pushed lately, is that the Cambs don’t hold hands in public because they’re future king and queen, which I’m glad the Cambridges dispelled this incorrect narrative. It very amusing to me that people that haven’t followed Meghan long enough are quick to comment on how she clings to Harry or grabs his hand. People, Meghan and Harry hold hands ALL the time, just because you just starting to notice them doesn’t mean it’s a new thing to them, this is their norm. Interestingly, the Nottngham trip video shows Harry reaching out and grabbing Meghan and rubbing her back as equally as she grabs him but these details are conveniently left out to suit the Meghan is grabbing Harry narratives, SMDH.

      1. True, but Harry wasn’t holding on to Meghan here – his hands were shoved in his pockets – rather than holding his arm across his body as a gentleman should correctly do when a woman is holding his arm. He disengaged her arm when preparing to bow. The gesture seemed to be on her part – not that it means he minds, but he wasn’t reciprocating.

        (Edward’s hands were also in his pocket – which along with the hand-holding of William and Kate, shows informality is accepted here – as hands in pockets is not good manners for royals or others in formal settings. It is very cold along by the Wash, and neither man wore gloves. )

        1. Oh please this is just sheer nonsense, but whatever makes you happy is fine, I guess. So yeah Harry wasn’t reciprocating and he doesn’t like being held or touched by Meghan and Meghan should stop grabbing Harry blah blah blah, RME. I guess the theory that’s being floated out there that Meghan is blackmailing Harry into marrying her blah blah blah is correct too, according to some! RME

        2. Julia,

          Harry, indeed, wasn’t reciprocating with Meghan. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets which made it look like she was clinging onto his arm. A gentleman would have offered his arm in the solicitous manner you described.

          Never mind the princess lessons; I believe prince lessons are in order. There seems to be a real deficiency when it comes to comportment and manners with these guys. One would think that having been to the manor born they would have been taught all the gracious and gentlemanly arts. Instead they’re just a pair of regular unschooled blokes. I’m not seeing the magic. Bummer for Meghan.

      1. Harry’s hand were cold so he had them in his pocket it seems like to me, but he obviously didn’t mind her holding on to him given that he several times leaned over so she could put her hand through his arm.

          1. Meghan and Wisdonheaven+100@ your posts. At this rate, it matters zilch what Meghan’s haters say, they can call her “clingy” “clutchy” anything they want is fine, call her what they want, have fun with that,. It still doesn’t change the fact that Harry is still engaged to and is gonna marry Meghan. I’ll let that sink in.

  10. I was pleased to see Kate and Will, Meghan and Harry walk alongside each other to church, and then stand together on the steps after the service. Standing on the steps appeared staged to me, compared to previous years but I have no problem with that. I prefer this to the way Kate was left to work things out for herself and then ridiculed for not quite knowing what to do. I also like the engagement between the two couples.
    Kate looked very pretty. I loved her black fur hat and accessories. I like Kate’s choice of military inspired coats; she only just gets away with the fit. I love tartan but this looks almost fluorescent; the colours remind me of a Christmas tree.
    Then again Camilla’s pink coat and the Queen’s choice of orange are pretty eye popping.
    For me, Autumn’s coat was the winner. However, I thought her fluffy fascinator was at odds with her very smart coat.

    1. I was often angry at William leaving Kate to flounder.

      So many videos of him just walking off without a backwards glance to either check she is ok, knows what to do or just simply forgot about her completely.

      Famously at the Jubilee boat when Harry calls him back to get Kate because he has completely forgotten about her.

      And that prod in her back to move her along never ever felt loving.

      Not to mention the visible irritation and impatience that she wasn’t taking to it like a duck to water.

      It got me thinking about their engagement interview when he repeatedly said that she was ready and knew what to do (paraphrasing). I think he was TOLD she was ready by the Middleton family and may have believed it enough to repeat it officially, then was annoyed and irritated at her floundering when she became an official royal.

      And William being utterly selfish and self absorbed, didn’t look at her need with kindness. Those many videos of her floundering to his visible irritation made me pity her.

          1. I think more likely William would assume Kate knew these things just from living with him, attending weddings and the like, for years. I don’t like the Middletons but it’s not like he was taking Kate on as an unknown – she had long been his girlfriend.

            Harry knows that Meghan is less well trained – their relationship has been much shorter and she has less experience in Britain.
            William may well be inconsiderate but I’m not sure I’d make a distinction between the two brothers on giving assistance. Harry seems not to have given Meghan a lot of good advice on conduct up to now, or there might have been less criticism of her – here it seemed fairly superficial.

            I don’t think either man gives it a lot of thought – they are blood princes, and have been imbued with royal conduct their whole lives – and also get away with more than their partners will.

      1. Herazeus, I often saw people behave this way who were treated the same way as a child or teenager. You could say the same about Charles.They let it out on others which is unfair.
        Kate is used to be taken care of, to be careful with each other like in her family.
        The royal family is often cold and they make fun of each other’s feelings(Philip) or don’t take them seriously(Queen).
        It’s right what someone said years ago.The royal family is a bunch of emotional-disabled people.
        Kate is not used to it, the only one who seems warm is Harry for me.He has a great, warm smile and seems to really care for Meghan.

      2. Hera, its seems to me that Will was quite careful with Kate after the wedding. He looked quite protective of her during the Canada tour. Then he just stopped. We can only speculate, but I think that Kate expected W to look after her forever, the way her mother does. She didn’t want to learn to manage. Being looked after is very important to Kate. We know this because she has told us many times.

        1. Red Snapper: He was warm and solicitous with her until after the Canada trip.

          Rampant speculation that something happened because that’s when the light left her eyes.

          That said, many videos during that same timeframe where he is just ignoring her.

          From the wedding, where Harry helps her with her dress, nevermind that Harry is in the coach behind and has to scoot over to do it, to Canada where he just lets her struggle out of coaches and cars whilst he just races ahead to greet host dignitaries or do crowd walkabouts.

          Still, there were enough loving looks from him during this period for the discourtesy to be ignored.

          After Canada, the loving looks stopped and the discourtesy started to get noticed.

          Jet Texas: if it were me, i’d befriend the Lord Chamberlain and his staff. They organise the royal household, and would be invaluable sources of information.

          I’d also ask to speak to someone in the foreign office about diplomatic expectations and guidance as well as constitutional experts on the expectations and limits of my new role.

          1. A tale of two Will’s. He was human enough to realize that anyone he married wold need help and support for the first weeks/months/years. Alas the person he married has no natural talent, and has been unhealthily coddled by her mother her whole life,to this day. Perhaps he doesn’t respect her? And thats why he gets so fed up with her neediness?

          2. Red Snapper: i definitely think he was told or persuaded that she could or would handle it and that was why he made a point of it in the engagement period.

            But i also take the point someone made in this thread about his expectation that living in such proximity to him for close to a decade, he probably thought she simply acquired the knowledge by osmosis.

            Not taking into consideration that he kept her away from his family for most of those dating years so whilst she got used to the luxurious status and way of life, she never saw the royal duties obligations side of things.

            Then there is the famous middleton agreement with Mike Middleton that implied he would not let the royals drag her into their dutiful life and or letting her ease her way in for fear of wrongly assumed *perception of Diana’s royal life.

            *it’s clear William hasn’t a clue about royal duties. Of his father or mother and only sees the burden of it.

            So he says she’s finally ready. We get the ‘hitting the ground running’ PR, only to find she’s a dud at the public life and apparently can’t or won’t be taught and has no inate ability to be taught or learn by observation and unlike MM, doesn’t have the gumption to ask for help when placed in a confusing situation that requires some guidance.

            Or she sold him so well the idea of being ready that she can’t ask for help for fear of showing her ineptitude and he is super frustrated at it because he thinks she’s supposed to be good at it.

          3. Herazeus, what Middleton agreement? I know there was some agreement he’d finally marry her (and didn’t he actually propose in Scotland? Kate made that comment in the engagement interview)… that Mike knew but Carole didn’t… “when we came back from Scotland,” insinuating the Kenya story is BS.

          4. Ellie: The royal reporters confirmed that there is something called the Middleton agreement about how William would assimilate Kate into the royal family.

            It covers extent that Kate can carry out royal duties, how much her privacy should be protected and how their children should be raised.

            According to the reporters it all favours the Middletons rather than the royals.

            Richard Kay wrote an article about it in 2015 as a way to explain Kate’s very few royal duties and why Carole Middleton was so involved in their lives – apart from the obvious of course.


            Bare in mind that the article is another in a long line of articles trying to be kind to Kate and indvertently revealing negative information instead and damaging her instead.

            Also, of course the Kenya proposal was BS. Nevermind the mistake Kate made in the interview by saying Scotland, the engagement story William put out had just been published by the DM a fortnight or so earlier.

            It was the engagement story of Batalie Pinkham. In the DM’s society column. William copied it word.for.word. The only changed details were the country. William said Kenya, Natalie said Botswana.

          5. Thanks Herazeus, I knew you’d come through for me! <3

            The comments are interesting, very supportive of poor ol’ Kate the special snowflake stay at home mum, leave her alone variety. I wonder if the comments would be different now.

            I find the obsessiveness William has regards to her family bizarre to say the least but I think it is not the togetherness he wants of a supposedly normal middle class family but the fact they cater to his every whim and need.

          6. What an interesting read Hera. I too wonder how the comments would be different now. It’s hard for me because I can see two or three potential scenarios within their dynamic of who understood what and how things have progressed, but really none of them end without someone having been hurt in the process. I hope that, as some mentioned above, that the new process of having H&M around to emulate what affection can look like might revive things a bit. And that’s not necessarily a dig on William or Kate. Marriage is work, even in the best of times, and having reminders of the lovely side of things can be really important.

      3. Do protocol lists exist? If I married into the RF, I would ask for those immediately. Who walks/sits/stands first? Who do you bow to? Table manners. What to say to dignitaries… We all know the RF is being judged by these standards, so why not ask for them?

        1. Yes, surely. I find the notion ridiculous that she would not have practiced her curtsey. Of course she did. And Harry et al were merely chatting to her after church, not whispering instructions about protocol. They would have discussed that beforehand. You don’t go up on stage at an event and then work out who is doing what and when.

  11. Awww, the Phillips family looks so cute!

    Princess Anne, Camilla and the Queen look well turned out. I like Princess Anne’s jaunty hat, I like the Queen’s brooch and hat as well.

    Prince Andrew picking up the hat was a nice moment.

    Beatrice wore sneakers to church on Sunday, which I thought was cute.

    I like Sophie’s look but think it would have been better suited for Easter.

  12. I liked Princess Anne’s hat. Sophie looked lovely, but that Norfolk wind is bitter, she must have been cold! I’m going to differ from most people on here, I really like Kate’s look. The coat is very expensive, but looks good. She looks pretty, and always looks well and happy when pregnant. Nice to see her with Meghan.

  13. I like Kate and I pitied her for being often left alone, but her smiling is a bit silly in my eyes, it just shows that William is probably not often affectionately.
    I don’t like the colours of Kate’s coat, instead of this ugly green a dark green would have been nice and much softer to the eyes.
    I like the orange of the Queen’s coat.I would not choose it for myself, but she is Queen.
    The children are dressed the best and so are the men.
    I like Meghan’s hat but I wonder why she was that nervous this day. Perhaps it was a bit much with the whole royal family attenting and the photographers.
    Those walks are always interesting to watch, I have to admit.
    Merry Christmas to you all!:)

  14. Kate looks good, there are some nice photos of her smile and dimples.
    I like the hat and the Russian hat look in general. The coat looks festive and perhaps not snug, but that it is as fitted as it’s going to get. This looks like a good coat to hand-me-down to her mother.

    William’s baldness bothers me. I thought that Will would look great if he got a Jason Statham type close-cropped hair cut which he’s gotten a time or two but it really is not an improvement. Hindsight is 20/20 but I wish that he had done Rogaine or gotten hair plugs. Of course he can’t help going bald.

    1. William looks a lot like his uncle Edward. He got bald rather young but likely will maintain his look well. I think Harry will continue to age as his grandfather Phillip did. The pictures of a young Phillip with a beard could almost pass as Harry.

        1. Wouldn’t it be most likely he would bald like his mother’s side since much (but not all as I understand it ) balding comes from the mother’s X chromosome. The father’s pattern of balding can have some influence too.

          William looks to have drawn a lot of his looks from Diana, whilst Harry’s lesser balding is similar to his father’s and he more closely resembles him.

          1. I think it’s more the latter part of your comment. William gets his looks from his mother’s side of the family, and while Diana and some of her kin are/were attractive, some were not especially as they aged. Having said that there are people who think William is attractive, seems like his height and physique are his best features. And I gotta say that Kate seems more gaga over older and balder William than young, heartthrob William.

            The interesting thing is that the Spencer women have great heads of hair (at least Diana and her sisters did), so it seems like Charlotte may have lucked out in the hair department, time will tell.

  15. I don’t mind Kate’s theme dressing for the Christmas walk or St. Patrick’s Day. She looks very festive, but no to the fuzzy hat. She looks relaxed and happy. William looked more at ease this walk too.

    My favorites this year were the Queen (who else could wear that bright color well?), the Phillips family, and Anne. I thought Meghan looked fine, but again no to the hat. I did like Harry changing it up with grey, and thought the longer coat style looked nice on William.

  16. I liked Kate’s coat, and the hat. I have a soft spot for the 19th century Russian look. I agree that Autumn and Anne both looked smart, and was happy to see the Phillips girls. Louise is so tall, and is going to be very pretty. Sophie really let me down in that hideous dress, and why no coat when everyone else is bundled up? And I will never understand why the York girls always wear their clothes too small. I loved the Queen in orange, and thought camilla looked nice, too, and enjoyed their bright colors together.

  17. I thought Kate looked festive but in a fun, not cheesy way. The furry hat usually gets a big NO from me every time it comes out, but if it was as cold as it looked to be from the pictures I guess I can’t blame her for the heat source. 😉

    Is it me, but does Sophie look okay? She looked lovely as always, but I just keep getting a vibe that something was off. She seemed almost sad in a couple of pics I saw. I loved seeing Lady Louise in her coat and fascinator, very smart-looking and grown-up.

    HM looked fabulous in orange! The coat, that hat, I love it all.

  18. I thought Kate and Beatrice looked good. HM in that orange – it was not her color. She is lovely, but that orange is hideous. Sophie looked awful in her dress. Eugenie’s outfit was unattractive. And Meghan looked truly bad in such a plain outfit. The sartorial Christmas walk was overall a fail.

          1. The Longhorns? Oh noooo, the Queen is clearly showing her support for the Tigers in Monday’s Clemson/Alabama Sugar Bowl game. =)

            But honestly, IMO that bright orange has no place outside of the NCAA. And definitely not on the Queen, especially at Christmas.

  19. The Philips family do indeed look cute. It is lovely seeing Isla and Savannah with their parents. I like Beatrice’s coat very much and Eugenie’s. Those two girls nailed it as far as I am concerned. Lady Louise looked very chic and the ballet pumps were they? A lovely touch.
    Kate looks good in the hat. Didn’t Kate wear a similar hat before she was married to William. I am not sure about the coat. It reminds me of wrapping paper or an old school skirt I used to wear. Different colours though.
    Anne looked lovely and elegant. I even liked Sophie’s coat. Sophie looked different somehow in a good way. Is that one of the Chatto boys? Oh my how they have grown.

    1. Edit add on: I liked how the Queens first speech was shown. What diction is that right the young Queen possessed. I felt so much when I saw the images of Grenfell. I was talking about it with my friend after it happened. It was good to see William and the Queen visit. I had not seen those images before. I agree with what was said about the home. It actually struck a chord with me this year. Normally it doesn’t.

        1. Thank you Herazeus for the link. I am wearing my hat more often but I couldn’t justify that amount of money for the same type of hat in different colours. I often wonder how many clothes are brought for George and Charlotte. Sure the uniform must have been expensive but surely kids come first when buying new clothes.

  20. I love the colours and their intensity on the queen and Camilla. Yummy ice cream colours, on a dreary winter’s day. No matter how much limelight the foursome was getting that day, the queen and Cam stood out like cheery flowers.

  21. I thought the Queen and Camilla with their bright coats were the best dressed! I liked Meghan’s outfit overall but if she wore a red or maroon hat or scarf, the look wouldve been festive and looked a lot better Imo. I liked Kate’s outfit too, especially her genuine smile lit her up and made her look very pretty.

    Autumn Philips looks like an air hostess from the 1960’s; Eugenie and Beatrice’s outfit choices are ghastly, as they are 95% of the time. The York daughters are not beautiful women to begin with and their dressing does and posture does them no favours. I don’t know what Sophie was wearing- it’s a nice coat in an inappropriate weather and thus was a complete miss. Lady Louise, while nicely dressed,,all I can think is she that the poor girl needs to be taken to a dentist and soon.

    As for the men, it’s as usual, smart coat and suits. Harry always looks very sloppy and he needs more suits apart from that blue one. Loved his gray coat tho. And William, he’s got all the features that would make him a handsome guy, except for the balding. At this point he should just shave off his hair entirely and embrace the bald look, maybe even do a goatee? He’d look distinguished.

  22. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I’m glad that I’m not royalty and can hang out in my cheesy Christmas Pajamas and a Christmas tree hairband all day!

      1. Lol? one of my old lady cats then threw up on my headband. Alas I can’t wear it for next year. Oh well, should give you an idea on how hideous that headband was.

  23. Love: The Phillips family! They’re very well put together and the girls are adorable! I can’t believe Savannah is almost 7 years old! Sophie’s coatdress though I wish the sleeves were a smidge longer. Princess Anne during both church outings! HM rocked that orange and Camilla killed it in pink!

    Like: Lady Louise looks lovely and looks so much like HM! Princess Beatrice looks good, though I wish she had worn more color. Kate’s tartan coat. I like the colors though wish it wasn’t as snug as it appears.

    Loathe: Meghan’s entire outfit. I don’t like the color of the coat and the hat reminds me of the mushroom character (apparently called Toad) in the Super Mario Bros. Nintendo games. Princess Eugenie’s coat. When I first saw the right side, I immediately thought she was wearing a solid blue coat and thought “wow! This looks great on her!” and then I saw the other side. Every single level of nope in my book!

    I know Sarah Chatto’s son was there but was she? Can someone please link me a picture of her from yesterday? Thanks!

        1. She was. That picture of Sarah Chatto was taken during their walk to the Christmas Eve service (or early, early AM Christmas Day service). The DM is stirring stuff up by implying that Beatrice dressed improperly. **gives the media a stink face**

          1. I always believe the best of the two York girls. Mainly because they have done a lot of charity work and they always seem to be together or with their mother or friends. I like how they walk with Lady Louise as well. Being born as she is Louise is too young for the Phillips daughters and George and Charlotte and too old for William, Harry and Zara. Sarah and Andrew got their parenting right. I have never heard of Eugenie or Beatrice behaving badly to anybody.

          2. I should add that when the film, “A Little Princess”, came out Beatrice and Eugenie went to the premiere in London. Beatrice spoke to a reporter and said that, she believed all girls were princesses. That was such a lovely thing to say to the reporter.

  24. I liked the plaid of Kate’s coat but not the style. The style and length of her coat seems more suited to Lady Louise than a woman in her mid 30’s . The other thing that gets me is why buy a very tailored coat when she is pregnant. She’ll only be able to wear it for about 5 seconds before it won’t fit. So unless she gets what’s her name to move the buttons, this will be the only showing for this coat. I may be wrong but I doubt she will ever wear the coat when she isn’t pregnant.

    Loved the Queen’s orange and Camilla’s pink. Anne looked very chic. I didn’t love Sophie’s coat dress. To be honest, I can’t figure out how she wasn’t freezing. The news articles said Camilla was in the car with the Queen. A lot of the time, Sophie is with the Queen. I wonder if maybe she thought she would be in the car when she planned her outfit. Just a thought.

  25. I see from the Daily Mail coverage that they’ve decided to Fergie MM. By that I mean that they’ll take a bad picture of MM and then craft a narrative around it, and that they’ll contrast the women (Kate and Meghan, Diana and Sarah) to elevate their chosen one. Hence the article focused on Meghan sticking out her tongue at the Queen — a split second lick of the lips — and mislabling Kate’s hat a faux fur.

    It’s disappointing. Not surprising, I guess, but it is disappointing.

    1. agreed, greymatters. Fergie didn’t deserve all the bad press thrown at her and neither does Meghan. On the flip side, Diana was far from sainthood and ditto with Kate.

      Please don’t think I’m just bashing them. I’m just pointing out that all four of these women are very much human (as are the rest of us) and there shouldn’t be this “good girl vs. bad girl” narrative being set up by the press.

      1. The Daily Fail is racist. Combine that with the fact that Meghan is divorced and American and the claws come out. It saddens me, but I hope Meghan rises above it and I hope they give her a chance, but not likely.

        Their racist coverage of Meghan is sickening and I hope someday they are made to issue her a full apology.

    2. It doesn’t surprise. Diana was one who supported this narrative and would sometimes call various sources in the media to tell them unflattering Fergie stories. The media benefits from the Good vs Bad narrative; look how they treat William vs Harry. The Middletons doing the same wouldn’t surprise me one bit considering their mouthpiece is the Daily Fail and leak stuff to them. Herazeus has talked about all this before…

    3. Thank you Graymatters, I think this was a spilt second snap of Meghan licking her lips than it is of her sticking out her tongue at anyone. People are quick to judge Meghan but this girl is not stupid; from the pics and video she looked so nervous it’s hard to believe she’d be pulling a stunt this stupid. There’s no way she’s sticking out her tongue at anyone, kid or adult, the British tabs are our for her blood and won’t stop till they sever her jugular.

  26. I think Sophie looked the best out of any of the ladies there-correction-I also add Camilla and the Queen. I love the bright colors.

    I hated Kate’s outfit. Too short and she needs to wear maternity gear and stop being stubborn and that fur thing on her head needs to go and don’t get me started on her love of buttons. It seems childish. The coat looks like something you would see on that old Brit sitcom, “Are You Being Served?”

    I was also not impressed with Kate’s curtsy-Meghan was much better.

    I join in with many here who feel that William and Kate only held hands due to Harry and Meghan. I also feel that for much of the walk, Kate tried to act like Meghan wasn’t there. I didn’t see great warmth between the two women except on Meghan’s part.

    I also forgot how tiny Meghan is-she looks small next to Harry, William and Kate, something which I am sure Kate is not happy about. Meghan is naturally small boned-Kate is not.

    And where were the Middlngs? There absence speaks volumes. Were they not invited to tag along? It’s not like them to not make their presence known. I hope this becomes a norm. I for one think they need to stay out of the spotlight permanently.

    1. Leah I don’t think Kate ignored Meghan, they just wasn’t any way for paps getting any pictures of the both of them.
      The Cambs have held hands before but because it’s such a rare occurance it makes it look like they’re doing so in response to H&M show of PDA.
      Meghan looks so tiny beside princes Harry and William, she is such a petit girl. Her beauty, her killer smile and her warmth as a person are her best assets though, I’m jealous man.LOL

    2. I think that when you have such a bias toward someone ,You’ll see what you want to see. I don’t see anything in how Kate acted toward Meghan or Meghan toward Kate. If anything they both looked at ease.
      But I love both women.i don’t need to elevate one to make one look good or bad, they both are human with flaws and amazing things about them as well as not so great things. Like me. I do not envy the life any woman in the limelight have to endure. They will always be judged harsher then their male counterparts. For WoC it gets doubly more nasty. Shoot, I’m just an normal black chick and I have to deal with racism and sexism in my boring life imagine being Meghan.

      1. I’m not trying to lecture anyone. I get like that too. Some people I dislike so much that everything they do is wrong or negative. I often have to check myself so I won’t do so.

    3. Eh, I’ve watched a few videos of the walk and Kate and Meghan interacted fine. I saw both Kate and William being inclusive towards her and at one point, it looked like they were giving her advice when she looked a bit nervous or unsure of what was happening next.

      It has warmed my Grinch heart to see the 4 of them together, instead of Harry looking all lonesome and having to be with the Cambridges.

      1. I thought it looked like William and Kate were trying to be supportive of Meghan. It was nice to see since we all need someone to have our back. I am sure even in the royal world life can sting at times.

      2. I have to agree with Leah, Kate has major weight issues, she routinely starves herself into a bodyshape that is not her own. Now she is going to be compared relentlessly to Meghan who not only looks younger but naturally has the slim petite frame and tiny bone structure that Kate tries to emulate. I’m not saying this site will compare them but it’s going to happen, it’s the image-obsessed world we live in.

        Hopefully both women can be above it all and support one another but I’m not sure. It will take just one comment to shatter everything, women can be horrendous to one another, I know from personal experience! Kate needs to embrace her own ‘style’ such as it is, be a mother and a boring, but respectable, BRF matron. Meg’s is going to be the fashionable one and whilst they can be nice to one another I don’t think BFF’s will work. I don’t think Kate would like it if Meghan so much as talked to William let alone outdo her in the tiara stakes, they need to follow their own, different, groove and not be too involved with one another as that will only bring jealousy for Kate and much dishing for us!

        1. You said this about Kate’s Weight on Celebitchy and I’m not sure if my comment went through there, (Kaiser deletes comments she dislikes) however, how do you know if Kate has eating issues? Has Kate or her doctor told you this? I ask because are saying someone has an health issue. An disorder. This is an very serious and personal accusation to make. If Kate does have an eating disorder and you know for an fact, why do you keep talking about someone’s health?You are on multiple websites telling people that someone you don’t you dont know has an eating issue. Kate’s body should not be up for discussion.

          1. Look at Kate pre-engagement. She looks healthy, heavier (not in a bad way!!! she has more of a figure). Look at her around the engagement, the wedding, how thin, emaciated, care-worn she looks. Could just be insane crazy dieting, but it’s scary looking at any rate.

            Like this picture right here. It scared the crap out of me when I saw it and made me worry for her.

            Someone during the engagement told her she looked great, don’t lose more weight, Kate said, “It’s all part of the plan!”

            William likes very skinny women. Like Jecca.

          2. Ellie, I don’t know about Kate but I know that when her sister Pippa lost too much weight for her wedding she looked too boney for my liking, but if her hubby likes her that way, then who am I to say she looked boney? In any case, if Kate diets to that extent, in my opinion, it’s not a good thing.

          3. People have an obsession with Kate’s weight claiming she has an eating disorder this is a woman whos managed to give birth to two healthy children with one on the way Meghan is not the same weight she was when she was younger I doubt people would like if people claimed she had an eating disorder people need to stop with the arm chair diagnosis even if someone has an eating disorder it’s no ones business it’s a serious illness that being used to make bitchy comments

        2. In no way do I see Kate being close or steadfast friends with Meghan. After all, they have nothing in common really and Kate’s track record with being generous and friendly with other women is glaringly non-existent. And Kate has been the only young female royal-and she is NOT young anymore-for a long time now-she is not going to take Meghan’s arrival well.

          Meghan would do well to seek out other allies, like Camilla and Sophie.

        3. I think that part of the guidline of this blog is not comment physical features @KMR right?

          How do you know that she starves herself?
          I am 48 kilos, 53 pregnant of 14 weeks, I ate a lot and I dont get weight and theres nothing wrong with my health. Kate do not need to be chubby to be healthy, thats such unfair comment with any woman.

        4. @ABC,
          Why do you say that Kate is starving herself because she has a “bodyshape that is not her own”?

          Are you basing that on images of Kate when she was younger? Have you by chance seen pictures of Meghan when she was younger?

          … just sayin’

        5. @Leah

          Kate and Meghan will likely be spending a lot of time together in the coming years so I’ll imagine they’ll become very close. I’m not expecting any drama between the two; they are both adults and Kate seems mild-mannered and Meghan seems friendly and extroverted.

          1. @ellie with all respect,I don’t see your point. This is still irrelevant. It’s not fashion, it’s not gossip, it’s commenting on someone’s body.The topic of this post is not rather Kate is a “healthy weight”.Just because she’s skinny does not mean she is unhealthy
            My last point is I’ve heard this story about someone saying that to Kate many times. The only thing that comes to my mind despite thinking it’s hogwash is, what person would tell a person “not to lose anymore weight”? This story sounds fake. If not fake, how rude of that people to say that to someone.
            All of this makes no sense and has nothing to do with the body shaming, concern trolling and the grossness of speculating on someone’s health and attaching disorders to them. It also is harmful to skinny women.
            Also how do you know what will prefers? I really don’t know what your post was supposed to prove or show me.
            Only that you feel like Kate is too skinny and lost weight for Will.One is a opinion and the other is something that none of us will ever know. Also the rules are not to comment on peoples bodies.All you have to prove this is a comment supposedly made by “someone”that could be taken an million ways.

          2. Kate’s uncle has spoken about what William likes and such. Kinda gross, that Uncle Gary, but he gave the Middletons lots of money in their quest to bag William… I remember something about William talking to Uncle Gary about breasts and how he likes small chested women. Blech. William talking about women that way…

            I’m a skinny person. I know people think I’ve had an eating disorder or a problem, but it’s how I am: short, small boned, and thin (skinny fat these days, I’m lazy!). Kate’s not built like that and we have pictorial evidence. It is not concern trolling when I see photos of her looking absolutely emaciated, comments on tours about how she eats nothing, stuff like that. She is held up as some ideal because she is so thin (look at all the comments about how great it was she was so skinny so fast after George and Charlotte!) and that’s no good.

            Looking at photos of Kate she is unhealthily slim. Whether it’s the product of an ED or just over-zealous dieting to be that sort of ‘ideal’ people want her to be or for William who knows. But it isn’t healthy and often I look at her hoping she’s okay.

      1. Small bones vs big bones is not an insult.

        It’s a ye old times expression denoting body frame.

        The human skeleton comes in several sizes.

        At either end of the scale, a frame is either small or it is big.

        The size of the frame is very important in terms of weight distribution.

        If you have a small frame, you don’t need lots of weight to spread over your frame. And vice versa if you have a big frame, you need more weight to spread over your weight.

        In terms of body weight, this means that small framed people can’t carry alot of weight. Infact, they appear to add weight easily and that’s because any weight gain shows immediately even if it is only a miniscule amount.

        Big framed people carry alot of weight. And don’t look fat until they’ve gained a serious amount of weight. They need more weight on their frame because of it’s size.

        On the flip side, small framed people look better when they lose weight. They can lose a serious amount of weight before they look emaciated. It suits their frame to be at a lesser weight.

        Big framed people have the opposite problem. Because they can carry alot of weight, it might take them some time to lose it, BUT the minute they drop below their ideal body weight, they look emaciated. They could be less than a LB less than their ideal weight and they look as if they’ve been starving themselves when they have not. They look terrible with less weight to their frame even though they might be perfectly healthy.

        The way to tell if someone is small or big framed, you look at the size of their wrists. Small wrists = small frame and big wrists = big frame.

        There is an international standard of measure for wrists to determine frame size.

        Most people are on the spectrum, but you can see clearly that MM has small wrists and Kate has big wrists.

        And if that doesn’t convince you, look at how good Kate looks with added weight. That is a classic marker for a bigger framed person or to use ye old times terminology, big bones.

        The other perfect example of small framed person is Amal Clooney.

        This picture of her from 2013 when she was first outed as his girlfriend. Notice she’s a normal weight and positively looks chubby.

        By 2014, she has lost weight and visibly looks smaller indicating huge weight loss, yet she doesn’t look emaciated.


        Losing alot of weight without looking emaciated is a marker of small frame nee small bones.

        One more thing, height and body shape aren’t a factor in body frame. It’s simply the size of skeletor frame. One can be short and big boned or short and small boned and vice versa tall and big boned or short and small boned.

        As an aside, if you want to lose weight, it helps to know whether you are big boned or small boned because that will help put together plan of how much weight is good to lose as opposed to making arbitrary weight decision.

        If you are small boned, you might not require to lose that much weight since the downside of being so means you can look bigger from one meal!!

        And if you are big boned, you have to be careful not to go below your ideal body weight because you will end up looking worse even if you remain healthy. Kate often looks terrible at her thinner weight, but i’ve never thought she was unhealthy because she is big boned so her weight loss might be a smidge below her ideal weight instead of huge weight loss her appearance implies.

        1. Hera, I totally agree, a person being referred to as big or small boned in not an insult. that’s why I find the BMI so problematic, as a big boned African woman with a big behind, Im always classified as obese because even though Im not bog, my bones are bigger and heavier than say an asian woman my size. The problem is in people using these comparisons as ways to take digs at both Meghan and Kate. Its like people can’t discuss one’s beauty with ought trying to cut the other down, its appalling. I have said many times, both women are beautiful, they are married to brothers, there’s no need for any of this outrageousness on here.
          And frankly I don’t see anything wrong with the Cambridges holding hands yesterday, if anything its a positive thing because there have been claims that they don’t hold hand because of their status, this is their way of disputing this untruths. And really, its not just Leah that said the Cambridges don’t hold hands, their fans, many newspapers and magazine, other bloggers have been pushing these same claims for ages that the Cambs don’t hold hands because they are future king and queen and so can’t show PDA. Its just interesting that the same Cambridge fans that claim that William’s rare holding of Kate’s hand don’t mean anything and William is not considered “cold” for rarely holding his wife’s hand but Harry not holding Meghan’s hand its deemed “disinterest in her and not reciprocating” etc. Its like one set of rules for the Cambridges and another for Meghan (and I say Meghan because she is the one being deemed “clingy” and “grabbing harry while he is not interested and nor reciprocating”. I just have to laugh at all this madness and SMDH.

    4. Leah you think William and Kate only held hands because Harry and Meghan were there? Even though they’ve held hands multiple times before. And even though there are plenty of photos of them holding hands thought the years?

    5. You may “feel” that William and Kate only held hands because of Harry and Meghan, however there is photographic evidence – which I clearly stated and linked to in my article – which shows that William and Kate have held hands at this event on two other occasions well before Meghan was in the picture.

      1. KMR, the argument (not a discussion, per se) “you don’t know what they do, you can only assume, but I ‘feel..'” is tossed around to serve a poster’s biases. We do only have photographs unless one has KP on speed dial 🙂

        1. Exactly. If one wants to “feel” a certain way about William and Kate’s hand holding because of one’s own negative bias despite evidence to the contrary, then that’s one’s choice. But the evidence that we have (photos from past Christmas walks) points to hand holding is something William and Kate have done periodically in the past at this event – long before Meghan was in the picture.

  27. Camilla and the Queen get the win! I love Camilla in that pink. I also love the color combo of orange and pink together so there’s that=) I so wish the younger royals would embrace brooch wearing! It’s what Meghan needed to break up all that boring brown (or a colorful scarf)
    Kate and her love for all things military button inspired ruins this look for me. I love the tartan look but the 80s inspired gold buttons ruin the over all look. Plus the hat is always a resounding NO!!
    Charles is dapper as always! I wish he would gift his sons to a visit to his tailor-they need some lessons in dapper.
    Louise is looking lovely and tall!
    York girls are a miss. Eugenie will do great for awhile fashion wise then have a huge miss, this coat was a miss.
    I rarely like anything Beatrice wears but I saw a pic of the Christmas Eve service and she had a beautiful purple coat on! Where was that beauty today?? Bleh I do like the color of her hat but that’s it.
    Philip looks great for being 96!!
    And it may be petty but I thought this walk was nice being Middleton free.
    Hope all who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful time with friends and/or family! And for those who don’t, hope you had a great Monday! =)

      1. I like how brooches, hats, scarves, and other old-fashioned accessories can dress up a look. Plenty of people pay attention to shoes and handbags, the other accessories can dress up the top half of an outfit similarly.

        Different strokes.

      2. I would never wear a plain brooch but some bejeweled bauble?? Heck yeah, just a good excuse to wear more bling!! Plus the Queen has some exquisite pieces that razzle dazzle!
        I’m a queen Mary mindset regarding jewels ?

        1. I love brooches and wear them all the time – they can give so much character to an outfit.

          But as Princess Michael has so kindly demonstrated to us – they can send the wrong message too!

  28. For those missing the Middletons, Kate’s birthday is January 9 and that’s when her family usually visits her and if she, William and the kids are still at Anmer, they will likely go to church and then head over to Sandringham House, the Queen’s residence.

    1. So funny to read: “For those who miss the Middletons…”

      I was thinking how great it was not to see them. Oh, well, yes, they will be back strutting their stuff and getting their share of the limelight. You go, Carole!

  29. As I mentioned in another thread, I mailed out Christmas cards on Thursday to the following individuals: Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry/Meghan, Sarah, Duchess of York, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

    Besides the Wessexes, HM/PP, CP Victoria and familia, whom else should I send a card to? (yes, I’m going to merge Edward and Sophie, HM and Prince Philip, and CP Victoria and family rather than two separate cards–oops but live and learn).

    1. Update: today, I’ll be mailing out cards to: Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Edward/Sophie, HM/PP, CP Victoria and family, and either the Felipe/Letizia and family OR Princess Madeleine and family.

      Seriously, I can’t decide if the last 3 stamps should go to Princess Madeleine and family OR Felipe/Letizia/girls. Please help me make up my mind, KMR members!!

  30. Kensington Palace just announced that Prince Harry is now president of African Parks. Their mission is protecting Africa’s national parks and advance wildlife conservation.

    I guess this means Harry will be going on more extended holitours to Africa this time with Meghan by his side. Funny how Harry & William only seem passionate about conservation when it’s in Africa. Rarely do you hear them talk about conservation in the UK.

    Following their engagement interview where they kept mentioning the commonwealth, this is another clear indication that Harry & his future wife are planning on becoming citizens of the world and devoting even less time in the UK.

        1. Yup, so they can label it as work and get it covered. No doubt Harry does care but the focus on it means he can go flee and hide away from the media, they’ll protect him, and work a bit and mostly play.

          It seems most don’t criticize him or William for this with their crazy popularity, especially W’s…

    1. That’s interesting.Someone suspected some time ago that Harry will often visit Africa.
      It’s also interesting that if you are married in the monarchy,you get a lot more jobs to do and more responsibilities, a title…
      I wonder how William as king will handle this someday with his grandchildren.I hope he will be strong and interested enough that not somebody in the background will hold the strings and decide for him what he does as king.It would be a pity if everything would be ruined because of him.

    2. Don’t think Meghan signed up for this to remain in cold, rainy UK. She’s signing up for marriage into the BRF and marrying a jobless privileged guy, so that she has access to places, faces and riches, that she never would’ve had as a C-list actress on a mediocre show. Harry is happy to take UK taxpayer money and use that to fund his passions and holitours to Africa. Expect to see them less and less in UK.

    3. Why am I not surprised?! Not only is their conservation African centric it’s also relegated to the African big 5. I wouldn’t even say the big 5-just elephants. It would probs blow their mind to learn other critters need attention ass well.
      A while back the U.K. Was looking for volunteers to count hedgehogs and 1. I thought how fun! I want to be a hedgehog counter 2. Charles should get involved with that.

      1. Being a hedgehog counter would be a great project for little George, and a great way for him to learn about local conservation efforts!

        Hasn’t Charles supported conservation of some sort of endangered squirrel in the UK?

        1. Oopsies when an added letter makes as into something else! Hee hee
          I think Charles’s squirrel plan was to help drive up the native red squirrel population while trying to decrease a non indigenous breed. He does quite a lot for conservation efforts. At one time he was the president of the WWF UK, I don’t know if he still is.
          I remember seeing a pic of him holding a giant stuffed red squirrel. It was cute

      1. I haven’t seen/heard the interview yet but that’s so sweet! I wish the press would pick up on these sweet moments like this because (IMO) they truly highlight how devoted and loving Charles is to his sons. He isn’t the big, mean monster they make him out to be.

    1. Hmm guess I should read over posts for ac mistakes. Rapport that is. =)
      Is the Harry Charles interview with BBC as well? The Obama one popped up in my Twitter feed. I ? The lightening round! I don’t know if he came up the questions himself or got help but thought it was well done

      1. Sarah: It’s all part of a 3hr timeslot guest edited by Harry did on radio 4 this morning. It contains interviews and conversations and music.

        Radio 4 is aimed at adults. Usually well educated and cultured. That’s why there is abit of a storm that he began his slot with a grime song because that is not the right audience for it, but he was highlighting one of his charities with the song and of course some cross pollination with a younger, hip, teen audience that might hear the song and discover Radio 4.

        The interviews were Anthony Joshua, a boxer, Obama and Charles inbetween chat and batter and music.

        When i heard he did this, my first thought was that it shows how risible Kate’s guest editing of Huffpo was. It was billed as a day of editing, then that turned into a morning and the reality was she stayed for less than 20mins. Long enough to take pictures and then left them to it.

        She might have got away with it, except she was papped shopping thus giving the game away.

        1. Harry clearly was very involved in this and took the job seriously, with the Nottingham charity tie-ins and stuff like that. He did a very good job I think and it was a very good idea for the royal PR vehicle. He’s far more well spoken than he used to be. It made me think of W&K’s radio showing and how dismal, dull, and unintelligent they were. Harry even if he isn’t an intellectual seems brightly curious and wants to learn. (Reminds me of Charles though Charles always struck me as very intelligent and a big reader.)

          Even The Guardian is praising him for this.

          1. Isn’t the Guardian the anti monarchy paper? Anyway, I listened to a few of the interviews and they were well done. He got answers from Obama that went into detail.

            I was also reminded of how Kate “guest edited” Huffpo and did sweet FA.

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