Poll Results + Will skips the BAFTAs, Kate makes a “private” visit (updated)

Poll Results + Will skips the BAFTAs, Kate makes a “private” visit (updated)

Ahead of Kate Middleton‘s visit to Portsmouth tomorrow, let’s check out the poll results! I was actually quite surprised by a lot of the results. Not necessarily the majority picks, but by the runners up. Also, two other bits of Kate and Prince William news.

First bit of news, she and William and Prince George (and Nanny Maria who is not pictured) flew back to London from Mustique last Friday, and were pictured boarding an airplane in St. Lucia. William is carrying a floral bag, because he’s so normal you guys, and Kate is carrying George, because she’s such a hands on mother you guys. William is president of BAFTA and there was a pre-BAFTA event held in the state rooms at Kensington Palace Saturday night which for some reason people thought William and Kate were hosting. They weren’t. William also didn’t show up to the BAFTAs though he did last year. Instead, Will recorded a tribute video to Lord Attenborough which played at the ceremony. I don’t think William was ever scheduled to attend. A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “Sadly, the Duke was not able to attend this year due to prior commitments.” LOL, what prior commitments? Did they mean his Mustique vacay? William hasn’t done a damn thing this year (and shockingly Kate has done three days work with two more planned). Is William even still bothering with the whole air ambulance pilot thing?

Second bit of news, apparently Kate made a “private” visit to Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School in Beckenham, Kent on behalf of Place2Be yesterday, February 10, and stayed for an hour and a half and apparently played the ukulele with some kids. Even though the visit was “private” and there were no reporters, it was still counted in the Court Circular. Huh. They flew back from Mustique in time for the BAFTAs, yet William skips it and Kate makes a private visit mere days after returning home. Did the world go bonkers while I was sleeping? Since when does Kate (the Duchess of Doolittle as a lot of people have dubbed her) make more engagements than William?

UPDATE: Apparently Kate made a second private visit, attending a reception as patron of the Royal Foundation to discuss its support of palliative care hospices for children. Kate is patron of EACH.

Now on to the poll results!

Not surprisingly, most people have no faith Kate will do much in 2015. The majority of people polled, 34%, think Kate will only do between 31 and 50 engagements this year (she did 44 in 2013 when George graced us with his Grumpy Face), with the majority of her engagements taking place in November (38%) and December (25%). The majority of people (63%) don’t think Kate will bother giving a speech. 56% think Kate will only stay for more than an hour at an event less than 5% of the time, and 65% think the queen of the crotch-clutch will hold her hands in front of her business at every single engagement.

How many engagements will Kate make in 2015

When will the bulk of Kate's engagements take place

Will Kate give a speech in 2015

How many times will Kate stay at an event for more than 1 hour

How many times will Kate hold her hands by her crotch while at engagements

In terms of Kate’s 2015 fashion, 39% of people think Kate will wear those LK Bennett nude Sledge pumps that the majority of people dislike (not everyone hates them, though) over 40% of the time, while 39% think Kate will wear her favorite color, blue, 30-40% of the time. 55% of people think Kate will only wear her hair up less than 10% of the time – though she seems to be cool wearing it up whenever she’s not at an engagement. 47% of people think we’ll see 2-3 Marilyn Moments from Kate in 2015 (which would be on par with her previous year’s Marilyn Moments).

How many times will Kate wear her nude LK Bennett Sledge pumps

How many times will Kate wear blue in 2015

How many times will Kate wear her hair up in 2015

How many times will Kate's skirt fly up in 2015

A whopping 83% of people polled think Kate will Single White Female Diana and wear red while leaving the hospital with Baby Cambridge 2. 69% think Kate will make her first appearance (not including leaving the hospital and the Christening) at Trooping the Color on June 13.

Will Kate wear red to leave the hospital with Baby Cambridge 2

When will Kate make her first appearance after the birth of Baby Cambridge 2

On to Baby Cambridge 2. It was close, but the majority of people (25%) think the new baby will be born between April 19-25, with April 12-18 a close second (24%). 54% think it will be a boy, with 41% thinking it will weigh about 8 lbs at birth. 46% of people polled think we will only see George 1-2 times in 2015, with 41% thinking we’ll see him 3-4 times.

When will Baby Cambridge 2 be born

Will Baby Cambridge 2 be a boy or a girl

How much will Baby Cambridge 2 weigh at birth

How many times will we see Prince George in 2015

Philip was the top polled boy name with 22% of the vote, while James was a close second at 20%. Third and fourth went to Arthur (16%) and Albert (13%), with Thomas (9%) coming in fifth. Michael (Kate’s dad’s name) was a popular write-in for boy names.

Charlotte (22%) pulled ahead of Victoria (19%) to claim the top girl name, with Elizabeth (19%), Alexandra (12%), and Diana (12%) rounding out the top five. Two popular girl-name write-ins were Carole (Kate’s mom’s name) and Margaret (the Queen’s late sister’s name).

What will Baby Cambridge 2's name be (boy)

What will Baby Cambridge 2's name be (girl)

This has been fun; I can’t wait to see what happens. Thanks everyone for participating! We should get our first comparisons sometime in April whenever the new royal Grumpy Face arrives. And of course I’ll be on the lookout tomorrow to see if Kate wears blue, her LK Bennetts, or clutches her hands to her crotch.

56 thoughts on “Poll Results + Will skips the BAFTAs, Kate makes a “private” visit (updated)

  1. She’ll do the infamous crotch clutch because she has to show off the bump. These polls are fun. I hope you can come up with more.

  2. Did anyone else notice the DM criticize PG? How he was “overtired” getting onto the plane? I think he wanted Nanny Maria instead of Kate–who could blame him when your parents barely see you and when they do, they criticize?

  3. Love the results of the poll and how they are presented. Lots of work. Thank you, KMR.

    Mmmm. I am interested in how others think things will pan out for the Cambridges. Most interested in the upcoming birth of Baby Two for Will and Kate.

    I agree that if Baby 2 is a boy, Phillip is his name. First and foremost, Kate is always trying to score big with the Queen. George named after the Queen’s father, so why not Baby Two being named after the Queen’s husband? And, she can pander to sister, Pippa, too, with that choice.
    Charlotte? For the girl? No, I think not. More like Victoria Elizabeth Diana. Or, Elizabeth Diana Victoria. Maybe, if Harry settles down one day and has a daughter, she will be named Diana.

    It’s always funny to bet on how many purse to crotch shots we will have from Kate.

    And, maybe, just maybe, she won’t wear red when leaving the hospital with Baby Two. However, I doubt she’ll go against her desire to pay homage to Diana. Maybe, red polka dots on white, just so she can’t be accused of all red! Just a thought.

    As for Kate and William’s return home. Yes, it is interesting that Kate made an appearance, while Will did not. What’s going on there?

    1. W&K didn’t name George after HM’s father, the Palace made that clear.

      Quote from the DM article: “While there will be much speculation as to the inspiration behind the names, palace officials were quick to insist it was simply ‘because they liked them – no more no less’.”

    2. I’m shocked Kate has made so many appearances in 2015 in general, but especially since William hasn’t made a damn one. I guess he really is using his air ambulance crap as an excuse to get out of work. Because not only is he getting out of royal work, but he’s not doing the air ambulance stuff either. He hasn’t even completed all of his exams.

      1. I don’t think I’ll recognize William when he finally does appear. All we’ve really seen of him lately is the backside of him.

  4. What happened to my comments? I posted, did some editing, and they were being reviewed. Then, BAM, they disappeared. No nasty comments from me. Nothing that would set off any firestorms, so what happened? Just curious, that is all.

  5. Oh, and to summarize what I previously wrote, I love the poll and the results. Lots of work putting the results together, that is for sure.

    Intrigued to learn that most people think Baby Number Two will be a boy and I am still going for Phillip as his name. Kate knew how to please the Queen with her choice of King George’s name for the heir. Why not please the Queen again and choose Her Majesty’s husband’s name for Baby 2. She’d be pleasing her own sis, too. Or, if Baby 2 is a girl, go with Phillippa. Was surprised that more people thought Will and Kate might name a daughter Charlotte.

    I guess we have to count on Harry to wed one day and have a daughter who will be named after Diana.

    Loved the other results, too.

    1. Ok, my comments that were initially posted never appeared and now after posting a question as to where they went, they appear! Go, figure.

      I stand corrected. I never read reports that Will and Kate just liked the name George and that is why the heir received that name. Guess I never thought anyone would like that name. To me, it is awful.

      1. For some reason your posts went into moderation and I didn’t see them for a while. Sorry about that. That’s why they seemed to disappear.

    2. I was a bit surprised that most people thought it would be a boy. I’m hoping for a boy, but I keep hearing people hoping for a girl, so it’s interesting that the silent majority think it will be a boy.

      I was surprised that Charlotte was the top girl pick, as well.

      May I ask questions? Why is there such a desire for either William or Harry to name their daughter Diana? And why do people think that will happen? Why can’t William and Harry give their daughters their own name? Why do they have to name her after Diana? Not trying to be argumentative, just wondering what the mindset is behind the desire.

  6. A friend of mine, a flight attendant for an American carrier gives me the gossip/inside info about celebrity passengers and flights which go down.

    She says she has witnessed well known people carry their infants/toddlers on and off the plane and have the nanny care for them the entire time the plane is in the air, (Rosie from The View for one). This way they can relax, eat and sleep. So, W&K are just like everyone else, as long as you label everyone else ‘from the celebrity crowd’.

      1. Hi Dag, I ‘m not GA, but I think she means what happens when famous people get on planes with their children, not planes crashing.

      2. Sorry about the unclear comment. I meant my friend who is a flight attendant knows insider gossip and information.
        1. gossip about celebrities
        2. more inside info about plane crashes

    1. LOL. so the celeb can get papped being a hands-on parent, and then when out of view of the paps, they hand the kid off? funny.

    1. The visit was to a school program being run inside a psych ward for children. If it is ever appropriate for a royal visit not invite the press, but still highlight the good work of the organization, then this was it, IMO. I’m not defending Kate’s lazy ways, but… I don’t think this was an example of it. Also, she stayed ninety minutes, which is a Herculean amount of time for her.

      1. I agree that that was probably the right occasion for the press not to be inside, but I am always skeptical of events that have a complete lack of photography in light of Kate’s history. A photograph of her walking into the building might have been appropriate and evidentiary.

      2. I can see them not being invited inside, but I agree, the visit should have been announced in advance so the press could stand outside and photograph the rare occasion of Middleton showing up to work.

      3. I understand your point Red Snapper, but why publicise it at all if it’s a private visit? A private visit is private, right?

        Bad bluhare wonders if it’s to counter the comments that EACH person said about Kate in the DM the other day. She ripped her a new one.

        GAH! I wondered why my pattern was different . . . apparently I can’t spell my own name.

        1. The point of publicizing it is to bring attention to Place 2 Be, which Kate is Patron of. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are photos and Jason is holding onto them so he has something in the bank for the next dry spell. She’s going to the yachting thing tomorrow, good pics there.

          KMR, the William and Kate carrying their own bags and baby article had comments from someone purporting to work fora hospice talking about Kate.

          1. Comments in the actual article, or a comment in the comment section? Because there are no quotes in the article. If it’s a comment from the comment section, do you know what it said? There are over 2500 comments on that article now.

          2. Comments in the comment section from someone named Sunflower Heart. You can find them at royaldish, sorry, I have limited tech skills! Essentially she said Kate cancelled 8 out of 10 visits, she has to be begged to come, she never offers, she’s cold and distant with the (dying) children, and never stays long. She talked about how hurtful it was for her when a parent thanked Kate for her work, when she, the commenter, had never been thanked. The commenter was attacked by the sugars, jellus h8ter, etc.

          3. Interesting. I don’t want to be an a-hole, but I don’t put much stock in “professionals” who don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Also, Kate never publicly dropped out of any EACH events, which means if Kate dropped out of the events, she did so well in advance, like before they were ever announced. It’s possible EACH tried to get Kate to come, and the palace penciled it in, then told EACH later that Kate couldn’t come; which means Kate kind of dropped out but not really because the events were never officially on the schedule. I can understand how that could be misconstrued, but it’s not really “dropping out” if the events were never officially scheduled. That’s just part of negotiating when visits will take place. Also, Kate worked three days in January, not two.

            Also, no parent has ever thanked Sunflower Heart or any other nurses? That’s on the parents, not Kate. Those parents are a-holes for not thanking the people taking care of their kids and instead thanking Kate because they are starf*ckers who want Kate’s attention. But it’s not Kate’s fault that those parents are jackasses.

            I can totally see Kate not giving any shits about really connecting to the kids when she visits – in fact we’ve said that before because it’s totally obvious – but there are some red flags for me in those comments.

        2. Thank you Bluhare. That’s my point. This is a private visit and it was NOT announced ahead of time. If you’re not going to announce these things ahead of time, it only looks as though it’s for her own self serving purposes, which I’m sure it is. If the point was to bring awareness to the charity then they should’ve announced it beforehand and at least invited the press to cover the event from the outside.

    2. I think the palace labels them wrong. Private visits make it sound like the royal is using their own time and it won’t be counted in the Court Circular. But Will and Kate’s private visits are always counted, so they aren’t actually private. They are just non-press visits.

  7. I find it weird as Will is the president of the BAFTAs. They are held the same time each year. I’m tiring of him. He needs to stop running and face his duties.

    1. I find it odd that William is president of the BAFTAs in general. What connection does he have at all to the British film industry? I thought his focus was on conservation, youth stuff (like Centrepoint), and football and rugby. The BAFTAs are so random for him.

  8. I voted for the name Frances for a girl because I really think Kate will try to borrow something from Diana again.

    I don’t think she’ll choose the name Diana because that’s way too obvious unless Wills chooses it for his mother. Wills did give Kate the ring, so chances are he’ll want another reminder about his mother.

    Also I would love to see another old-fashioned name. They did it for George, why not this one. Which is why I also voted for Albert in case.

    I’m hoping they don’t choose a common name (unless they want their child to be one of the common folks or the name is after some great person).

    Nothing wrong with being common of course, but some history would be nice.

    1. Also I hope that if Kate does choose the name Carole, it will be a middle name. Because she and her mother already share the middle name Elizabeth. Which is one of the reasons I did not vote for either of those names.

      I also hope that she will not name the child after Beatrix Potter who knew her ancestors. The contrast between them shows how underachieved Kate is.

      1. It will be a cold day in hell before they’ll name a child “Carole’…they might want to, but they would be discouraged, if not forbidden. How much influence does the Queen have in name selection?

          1. Yes, Zara, Savannah and Isla do show the Queen can be easygoing, but not for the future heir and spare, I would think.
            Ok, so back to my other post which was slammed. I said I thought Will and Kate chose George for their first born to honor Her Majesty’s father and possibly earn kudos from her. I was told otherwise. Now, I am thinking if HM does have final say over the names of Royal Children, W&K did choose George as a way to please her. Again, I will say, I despise that name. Sorry, I just do.
            As for a girl baby, I can see Will and Kate opting for Diana, but as the child’s middle name. I still think it will be Harry who will give a daughter his Mum’s name. If he ever marries and produces a girl, that is.
            As for naming the girl, Frances…. Princess Frances is difficult to say. How about putting a spin on it? Princess Francesca? No such luck.

    2. If they wanted to pay homage to Diana, I think Frances is a good name to go with. It pays homage without saddling the poor child with the Diana name and unfair comparison she’ll never live up to.

      1. I think if they use any of Diana’s names they’re saddling the child. Everyone would know she was named after her late grandmother in some way.

  9. If it’s a boy, they might call him Louis for Louis Mountbatten. I like the name Frances for a girl, and it would be a nice reminder of Diana without it being too much. That’s a tough legacy for a little girl.

  10. Haha! Now she’s worn a white coat to a painting party. The trend of wearing the exact opposite color palette of what is appropriate/recommended continues! I like to think it is intentional and that she is just punking us. 😉

    1. KW, you are right. Wearing a white coat to a painting party is a real no-no. Does anyone ever give her advice? Or, won’t she take advice?

  11. I don’t understand why so many people think it would be a burden for a child to be named “Diana”. It seems to me it would be an honor. A little girl isn’t going to have any idea about the past and controversy surrounding her grandmother until she’s old enough to form her own opinions. Of course I’m an unapologetic Diana lover….

    1. I think it is that we remember her, not that the child would know anything of her. Not everyone remembers Diana fondly, which comes out in forums and comments a lot. The comparisons between Diana and a granddaughter would never end. If she was a blue-eyed blond named “Diana” or “Frances”? Even worse.

      1. Exactly. I’d love to have Will’s child named Diana, but what if she didn’t want to be a really-invested humanitarian? She’s Kate’s kid too- she might be looking for the bon-bons. If she does, that’s her choice, it’s PG who gets the crown so it should be her life. Di would hate for her legacy to be used against a grandchild, and since W&K are so poorly living up to any kind of working standard, it falls harder on Harry as on PG and new itty-bit.

        1. Sugar and My2, thanks for answering my questions. I really had not considered the inevitable comparisons that people would make. I would really love to see a little girl with “Diana” somewhere in her name. Do you think the Queen would allow that?

          1. Hi Dag, I think she’d talk them out of naming her Diana in any way if they are really considering it. She’d stress how polarizing Di death was, fresh start, dead-rest-in-peace blah blah. I like QE and respect her service but they never could handle how bright Di shone. They’ve all taken a page out of her book except W(!) and are the better for it, esp Camilla and her public service. I think Frances is as close as it will get IMO.

    2. There would always be the comparison between the little girl and Diana. And no matter what, that little girl is not going to live up to the Diana legacy. And if the little girl decides she wants to have her own life and personality and not be a Diana clone, the press and the public will not be kind. No child should have to suffer that kind of scrutiny.

  12. William has got to be the stupidest man in the BRF’s history. This is a man who was beloved and protected by his WHOLE COUNTRY. They loved him from birth, and felt that he was their own; add his mother’s overwhelming popularity and the fact that he strongly resembled her, and he was golden. Now add to that the fact this this wonderful, hugely popular princess died so young, leaving this poor boy motherless, and you’ve got something that few other royals have: sympathy. William has been afforded so much sympathy and adulation because of his mum, but it’s running out rapidly because of his poor behaviour. It’s like he thought that that particular brand of goodwill would last forever because he’s Diana’s boy. He’s less than a decade to 40 and he’s done nothing; he bahaves like a 19 year-old trying to figure out what he wants to be when he finishes school. Someone needs to have words with him, because he’s digging himself a very deep whole that he won’t be able to climb out of.

    1. Katie, you summed this up so beautifully.
      I hope that William will rally and live up to the expectations his Mum had for him. He was truly loved by her and by the public. He needs to wake up, indeed. I don’t think Kate is a help to him at this point. He needs to get out from under the Middleton influence and pay homage to the love his mother had for him. Harry seems to get it!

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