Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Duchess Camilla, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Maxima

Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Duchess Camilla, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Maxima

Royal Round Up time! Are you guys liking these Royal Round Ups? I am. Here’s a quick (kind of) Round Up of Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Crown Princess Mary, and Queen Maxima.

Crown Princess Victoria attends meeting with National Association of Rare Disorders

On Sunday, February 1, Crown Princess Victoria attended a service at the Great Church where leaders of the world’s religions in Sweden met and submitted a manifesto called, “Refuse to Hate”. Victoria also watched the figure skating championships again with Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle. On Tuesday, February 3, Victoria attended a meeting of Sweden’s National Association of Rare Disorders, of which Victoria is Patron. On February 4, Victoria and Daniel joined her parents at the funeral of Peter Wallenberg.

Victoria, Estelle, and Daniel at figure skating championships Estelle and Daniel at figure skating championships Victoria and Daniel arrive at Great Church Victoria and Daniel at funeral for Peter Wallenberg

Letizia Fine Arts Gold Medals of Merit 1

On February 2, Queen Letizia was with her husband, King Felipe, to present the Fine Arts Gold Medals of Merit. Leti wore an aubergine skirt suit from Hugo Boss (she’s been wearing a lot of Hugo Boss lately), the “Jamayla” blazer and “Valessima” skirt. She paired the suit with her LODI “Debra” bordeaux patent heels, her Magrit blush patent clutch, and her ruby cabochon drop earrings. I love the color of this skirt suit. She looks great.

On February 3, Letizia attended a meeting with members of The Royal Theatre Foundation, alongside her husband. She stuck to the purple theme she started on Monday and wore a plum colored wool jacket by Felipe Varela from the Fall/Winter 2013/14 collection that Leti debuted last year. Leti paired the jacket with a grey skirt (possibly Hugo Boss again). Leti accessories with her Magrit grey suede platform pumps and Links of London “Hope Egg” earrings (that she’s worn a lot lately).

Leti was out again on February 4, attending the World Cancer Day Forum Against Cancer as honorary president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). Leti gave a speech. Leti wore her black camel hair Hugo Boss “FS_Jesila” blazer and grey trousers. Leti accessorized with her Uterque black croc stamped leather clutch, Magrit pewter leather pumps, and Yanes sun-shaped diamond earrings.

Letizia Fine Arts Gold Medals of Merit 2 Letizia board meeting Royal Theatre Foundation Letizia speaks at Forum Against Cancer Letizia at Forum Against Cancer

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the British Asian Trust dinner with Prince Charles on February 3, wearing a beautiful purple velvet gown, diamond snake necklace, and giant amethyst earrings. This has got to be y favorite look from Camilla. She looks great. And I love that she loves big jewelry.

On February 4, Camilla attended a service of thanksgiving for the life of John Spencer-Churchill (black outfit with fur and feathers). On February 5, Camilla and Charles visited the Art Worker’s Guild (the purple and blue tartan coat making it’s return). Camilla also visited St. Bride’s Church and Poundbury Clinic for Women’s Health and Fertility, but there are no pics. On February 6, the dragonfly brooches made their return as Camilla attended a Waitangi Day Brunch (to mark the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi) where she sampled New Zealand liquorice (blue suit).

Crown Princess Mary celebrated her 43rd birthday on February 5, then she and her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, and their four children (Christian, Isabella, Josephine, and Vincent) took their annual skiing trip to Verbier where they had their annual winter photocall.

On February 1, Queen Maxima was out and about with her husband, King Willem-Alexander for the 56th edition of the equestrian event Jumping Amsterdam (herringbone jacket). On February 3, Max presented the “Central Child” award for the Forgotten Child Foundation (red coat and matching hat). On February 4, Max attended the Social Powerhouse Symposium (patterned coat, red shirt, large necklace). On February 5, Max opened Almere on Stage (no pic, sorry).

Queen Maxima Central Child Award Queen Maxima Social Powerhouse Symposium

Photos: Kungahuset/Casa de S.M. el Rey/Getty/Koninklijkhuis

58 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Letizia, Duchess Camilla, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Maxima

  1. It’s so great to see the other royal ladies out working and looking great while they do.

    Camilla just keeps nailing her look. I love the big jewelry she wears as well. She has the gravitas (if that’s appropriate) to carry it off. Kate would just look like a little girl playing dress up. I take that back, I’ve seen little girls rock their mommies big jewels.

    Leti looks great in the purple shades. And Maxima’s slogan is probably “go big or go home!”

    And lastly, I am beginning to really appreciate Victoria, but I really, really, really wish she’d let her hair down some times. Let it go Vic!!

      1. Omigawd, that necklace is a total fashion fantasy for me. Elegant and sensual at the same time, and Camilla pulls it off beautifully. (Can’t say the same for Waity.)

    1. Kate looked worse than a little girl playing dress up when she wore HM’s Nizam necklace last year.

      I love Leti in that purple suit. I want one just like that.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen Vic with her hair down except in old photos from when she was much younger.

      1. I don’t think Vic likes her hair down because she feels she’s projecting more of an adult image with her hair up. With her father wanting to choose her brother over herself to be the next monarch, she probably wants to prove to him how professional she is. Better than Miss Twiddle-hair.

        1. Her father might very well want to have her brother for the next monarch but he has absolutely no say in that! The Swedish monarch has a purely ceremonial role, he has even less to do with matters of state than the Danish Queen (who has to sign new laws before they are valid) and the British Queen, who actually has significantly more political power than other monarchs though she choses not to exercise them.

          The Swedish king never concealed that he was very unhappy when the Swedish Parliament changed the laws of succession to the firstborn regardless of gender, he even spoke about it publicly but he has absolutely no power – he’s a figurehead and nothing more, so Victoria’s position is completely secure. Furthermore, he is not very popular while Victoria is. Her birthday is a freaking national holiday in Sweden.

          1. Surely by now he has accepted that Victoria is not only destined to follow him over his will, but that she is an amazing choice to do so? If he doesn’t on either of these counts, it’s a poor attitude.

          2. My2Pence,
            He is know as something of a jokester and apparently quite good company at parties.
            Though I don’t think that he appreciated the joke when a young man threw a cream pie in his face some years back. I kid you not – it did indeed happen!

  2. Thanks for the Royal Roundup KMR, I just love them!!

    I think all these royal ladies looked great. However, I do agree with Lisa and wish Victoria would let her hair down. I bet it’s super long and gorgeous. I used to have really long hair and do understand what a pain the ass it can be but I still want to see Victoria’s down at least occasionally.

    I love how Leti rocks the whole regal business look. In my opinion no one does it better. I have to say that while Camilla has looked quite wonderful lately I’m just not a fan of this velvet coat dress. It reminds me too much of a bathrobe. But the earrings are to die for!!

    I love how Max isn’t afraid to wear the really big jewelry and bright bold colors. I feel like this look is just an extension of her personality warm, caring and full of life.

    Lastly, the family photo call for Frederick and Mary’s family was adorable. I’m so glad that most of the royal families participate in this type of event. It’s a win-win for both sides, the press gets some great photos to share with their readers and the families get some privacy. There is a certain family that I feel could really benefit from this type of arrangement, you know who you are!

    1. I actually think Camilla looks regal in the purple dress. It reminds me of something a lady would have worn in the Medieval era, and with the purple and the velvet it look regal to me.

      What I love about the vacation photocall is that there is interaction and playfulness, along with the posing, which is something we don’t ever get with George. George’s photos are always so staged.

      1. Mary’s vacation pics are adorable. Instead of people focusing on them having a vacation or living a rich life-style (they still will) you see a cute, fun family where the likability outweighs the privilege irritation.

        1. Exactly. There are cute pics to look at so no one cares about the vacation – plus they work regularly. If W&K did that, there would be less backlash. Speaking of backlash, Will did not complain about the Mustique pics.

  3. I’m busy laughing at the man peeking around Felipe in the group photo. Why didn’t they put the tall guy (two people over) behind Felipe? Or stagger the people (don’t stand directly behind the person in front of you) so the back row could be seen?

    Half of the people are looking elsewhere, not at the camera (hey look, the ceiling!). Not the photographer’s best work.

  4. I love these roundups! Vic does need to let her hair down every so often. Leti looks impeccable as always. I didn’t realize how handsome Felipe is. And so tall! I am loving that Camilla and Maxima wear bold and big fashion. Mary has a beautiful family. I still maintain that I would love to have a drink with Camilla.

  5. As with all your entries, I’m enjoying your Royal Roundup features. These highlight what Kate ought to be doing instead of lollygagging in Mustique or showing up for an hour for some piddly appearance WITHOUT making a speech. (By comparison, Kate looks like an intellectual dud. I wonder if the rest of Europe’s royals notice this, aside from the Queen’s family?)

    They all look sharp. I always love Maxima and Mary, and Letizia is on fire with style and work schedule. Victoria certainly keeps setting a great example of how to include your child in royal life. Agree that the Duchess of Cornwall is looking great and doing good, and liking her more and more.

    1. Leti will be a constant feature in these Royal Round Ups since she works multiple days every week.

      I would think the rest of the European royals don’t really think about Kate much, because it’s not like they even know her on a personal level at all, and she’s not really making waves in the engagement area either.

  6. I love the Swedes, as always: serious and hardworking but warm. It’s amazing to see how much the Danish kids have grown! And way to go Maxima, Letizia, and Camilla for getting out there and getting work done in a classy way.

    Keep the royal roundups coming, KMR!

      1. I’d say he’s taking after his father and uncle–you can tell definitely tell he’s Fred’s son, both in height and in facial features.

        Gosh, I can remember when Christian was born. Now I feel old.

          1. He does – when he was a baby he was the spitting image of his father at the same age, it was almost uncanny! And I’ve noticed that Princess Josephione looks a lot like her mother.

            Genetics is a funny thing. Prince Joachim’s eldest son Nicolai really looked like his mother the former Princess Alexandra – until he hit puberty and now he has his father’s heigth and cheekbones. I find it endlessly fascinating how certain physical traits are passed on – there’s a special chin in my mother’s family that I didn’t get but my sister did.

  7. Thank you for the round up of the royals. I enjoy seeing what the Swedish Royal family get up too and seeing the hard work of the other royal houses. I agree that professionally Camilla does work hard for the charities that she supports. The Danish kids look very grown up. I was not aware there were four of them. It is good they do not hide the children away and in return most of the press leave them. I think I have seen a photo of Victoria wearing her hair down. However in her professional capacity I think it looks better up. It keeps a little bit of mystery. Like Princess Anne.

    1. the Danish CP couple has kept the youngest, the twins, away from the press until they were 3 years old (apart from balcony appearances). This summer they brought all the children on the official visit to Greenland, where the twins helped to unveil a monuments. The two eldest are already pros at the meet and greet of the royal game. It was really great to see them collect flowers, etc. (in the national costume of Greenland).

      1. I’ve got a stupid question. The twins go by Minik (?) and Ivalo in Greenland. Why is that? The older ones don’t. What’s the relationship between Denmark and Greenland?

        1. No such thing as a stupid question. The twins were each given a Greenlandic name as part of their name (Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander, Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda).

          Christian (Christian Valdemar Henri John) and Isabella (Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe) were not given Greenlandic names. I don’t know why they didn’t give a Greenlandic name to the other kids.

          The monarch of Denmark is also the monarch of Greenland, but I do not know the history behind that. AH?

          1. Regarding the names. I don’t know why the two eldest don’t have Greenlandic names but Frederik has a special connection to Greenland, having travelled with the Sirius Patrol in the icy wastes.
            QMII has an Icelandic name because when she was born Iceland was part of the Danish “commonwealth”. They seceded right after WWII.

            Greenland, along with Iceland and the Faroe Islands, became part of the Danish kingdom in the 1530s when the Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway were joined (after Sweden lefte the Danish ruled Kalmar Union). However, other than whale hunting and fishing, Greenland did not have a European presence until the 18th century a danish priest, Hans Egede, got royal permission to do missionary work. Due to blooming trade towns were established in the same period.

            In 1814 when Denmark lost Norway, Greenland became Danish. There’s a long history there of colonialism as well as a negative effect on the inuit people who lived a very different lifestyle.
            Greenland got home rule by a public referendum in 1979 and self-rule by refendum in 2009. They are still part of the “commomwealth” (this is the best translation I can give of the Danish term “Rigsfællesskab”).

          2. What interesting history, ArtHistorian, thank you for that information. I hadn’t known any of that. I wondered why they did an extensive tour of Greenland last year. Now I know.

          3. Thank you both for such a rich response. I truly appreciate it.

            I think that this is a fabulous way to keep in touch with Greenland and honor its heri9and history.

          4. The Queen is doing a tour of Greenland this sumemr as well. The DRF has been very invested in both Greenland and the Faroe Islands since the days of the queen’s father and mother and QMII has upheld the traditon of visiting every two or three years. They also always don the national garb when they visit. There are some great photos that go quite a while back – the queen’s parent also projected a fairly easygoing image – and they were never afraid to show affection in public.



          5. Re ArtHistorian
            …and there could be upcoming territorial dispute on the horizon – w/the Russians, and another country. Seem everyone want to claim the Arctic Circle for drilling, as parts are melting and rich in oil. Weather Denmark has the right to claim the A Circle (some say they clearly do by International laws/standards), with Greenland as their territory -the Arctic Circle is considered a part of or closest to part of Denmark …hence, past reports by the Danish military that there may have been submarine/s activity in their waters.

            Great respect to the very Regal, hard working EU and Jordanian Royals / Consorts, CP Mary are all true role models to the world. I do feel EU royal ladies stay informed on Doolittle Middleton lack of work and Charity representing HM and the BRF.

            Q Max was in London as well for a Financial Investment Conference, and was very beautiful and smart. As is Q Leticia, Raina, CP Mary, Victoria (even Madeline), Do Cornwall and Countess Sophie, all caring for their people and global charities.

            It’s so refreshing the sincerity and dedication, and hopeful, watching those EU royals with their humanitarian causes as our great QEll/DoE 63 years (and counting) of service to their nation and Commonwealth.

      2. It’s great that Fred and Mary have taught their older kids well in terms of how to handle their position and future role. I wonder why they kept the twins out of the public eye so long. Estelle is not yet 3 and Victoria brings her to engagements.

        1. I wonder if it is as simple as a numbers issue. Vic and Dan with one child. Mary and Fred with four to watch. I am sure they need to watch out for the standard little child with a finger in their nose, right as the photogs snap away.

    2. I would love to see Vic’s hair down, but when she’s doing official engagements, I agree it’s probably best that she wears it up. It would be bad if it were down and constantly getting in her face.

      Camilla seems to really care about her causes. She’s got another child literacy engagement scheduled for this week.

      1. I and the commenter on the other site have the same thought, I just commented above that I think the dress looks regal.

      1. True. I think that Camilla is the only one who can rock those big, decorated Edwardian hats. She also really carry off those huge tiaras that the Queen Mother left to Charles. The Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara and the imposing Delhi Durbar Tiara.

  8. Love this roundup, too. Yes, it is nice to see these Royal Ladies out and about and working with grace and style. I just love Princess Mary and her family, btw.
    And, Camilla does look like she would be fun to raise a glass or two with. Poor grammar, I know.
    Had a busy day and am off for a meeting.

    1. I hope your meeting went well, jenny. I agree with you, I think Camilla would be fun to hang out and chat with. have a few drinks and just listen to the stories.

      1. Thanks, KMR. Meeting went well.
        Your site always soothes me after tense days. I just love jumping on and reading everyone’s thoughts. And, seeing all the Royals are doing — or not doing!

  9. KMR: There’s an article in the DM about the BAFATA awards ceremony on Sunday and how Jason sent a statement saying Willy couldn’t come due to “previous commitments.” Despite that they returned from Mustique in time. The author also noted Willy has yet to carry out one public engagement this year (which makes Katie actually look good by comparison, since she’s carried out 3 engagements this year and is seven months pregnant). Very amusing.

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