Poll Results: Favorite and least favorite of Duchess Kate’s 2015 outfits

Poll Results: Favorite and least favorite of Duchess Kate’s 2015 outfits

The polls have closed and the votes are in! Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 review polls of Kate Middleton‘s dresses, coats, gowns, separates, and hats. There were some predictable outcomes in certain categories, especially for least favorite; and there were some surprises I was not predicting in some of the categories, though I’m happy to see some of my favorites near the top in some of them.

As voted by you, the favorites of 2015 were: The Fold “Eaton Dress Winter White Tweed” dress; the Christopher Kane bespoke blue coat; the Jenny Packham bespoke red tulle gown; the LK Bennett teal “Davina” dress and “Jude” jacket; and the Jane Taylor navy hat with bow.

And the least favorites of 2015 were: The Hobbs “Animal Shirt Dress”; the Catherine Walker “Astrid” coatdress; the Erdem “Alouette” printed gown; the Michael Kors Collection Skirt and Blazer; and the Lock & Company “Marisabel” white hat.


The top two vote-getters for favorite dress of 2015 were a surprise to me since both dresses got comments of “not appropriate for the occasion” when Kate originally wore them: The Fold “Eaton Dress Winter White Tweed” (16.16%) and the Dolce & Gabbana “Guipure” purple lace dress (11.42%).

Tied for third place were the Jenny Packham bespoke buttercup print yellow silk shift dress (8.91%) and the Saloni blue “Martine crinkle-effect dress” (8.91%).

My favorite dress of 2015, the Emilia Wickstead bespoke teal dress, tied for ninth place with the Matthew Williamson grey dress with turquoise and gold embellishment with 3.90% each. Languishing in last place was the Hobbs “Animal Shirt Dress” with only 0.56% of the vote.

Favorites of 2015, Kate's Dresses

I hate to break it to the people who loved that Hobbs dress, but it got the most votes for least favorite dress of 2015 with 26.47% of the vote.

Second place was my least favorite of 2015, the Jaeger Silk Tile Print Shirt Dress in Aquifer with 13.82%.

Kate in Jaeger for video

Third and fourth least favorite dress of 2015 were the Madderson London “Naomi French Tweed & Wool Shift Dress” (10.59%) and the Tabitha Webb “Meg-Space” dress (8.24%).

Oddly enough, no one seemed to find the Orla Kiely grey dress from the AW2011 collection to be their least favorite of 2015 because it literally got 0 votes for least favorite.

Least Favorites of 2015, Kate's Dresses


The top two vote-getters in the coat category were again not what I was expecting. Number one was the Christopher Kane bespoke blue coat worn in Scotland (15.90%); and a close number two was the Alexander McQueen bespoke white coatdress worn to Princess Charlotte’s christening (14.07%).

My personal favorite coat (and favorite outfit overall) of 2015 came in third: the Beulah London Chiara Wool Navy Trapeze Overcoat (12.84%). A close fourth was another surprise to me: the Mulberry Cerise Wool Silk Double Crepe Coat (12.54%).

Favorites of 2015, Kate's Coats

The top vote-getter for the least favorite coat of 2015 was not surprising at all: the Catherine Walker “Astrid” coatdress (28.76%). The “Astrid” was my least favorite coat, too. Second to the “Astrid” was the Hobbs Dalmatian Print Mac coat (18.73%). Man, no love for Hobbs this year from you guys.

Third was both surprising and not surprising: the Reiss “Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat” (9.03%). I did not like this coat because of the houndstooth, though many of you said you liked houndstooth; so surprising yet not surprising that it ended up third least favorite coat of 2015 (BTW, I feel vindicated in my dislike of houndstooth now). Fourth was a coat I actually kind of like: the Sportmax “Gerbera” coat (8.70%) – I would totally buy this coat, and the Beulah London coat, for myself (if they were cheaper).

Least Favorites of 2015, Kate's Coats


The favorite gown of 2015 among those polled was predictably the Jenny Packham bespoke red tulle gown with 55.59% of the vote. Distantly followed by the Jenny Packham bespoke duck egg gown (19.08%), the Alexander McQueen bespoke blue lace gown (15.46%), and the Erdem “Alouette” printed gown (9.87%).

Favorites of 2015, Kate's Gowns

The least favorite gown among those polled was also quite predictable: the Erdem “Alouette” printed gown (54.06%). Second was the Jenny Packham bespoke duck egg gown (37.19%); with the Jenny Packham bespoke red tulle gown (5.63%) and the Alexander McQueen bespoke blue lace gown (3.13%) in third and fourth.

Least Favorites of 2015, Kate's Gowns


For Kate’s separates, the majority of those polled, 48.14%, chose the LK Bennett teal “Davina” dress and “Jude” jacket as the favorite of 2015. A distant second was the Michael Kors Collection Skirt and Blazer with 25.47%, followed by the Luisa Spagnoli red jacket and skirt with 16.77%, and finally the Polka dot jacket and skirt with 9.63%.

Kate in LK Bennett for ICAP Charity Day

Favorites of 2015, Kate's Separates

Though many of you liked the Michael Kors when Kate repeated it this past Sunday, the majority of those polled, 44.97%, said it was their least favorite of 2015. Followed by the Polka dot jacket and skirt with 24.50%, the Luisa Spagnoli red jacket and skirt with 18.12%, and lastly the LK Bennett teal “Davina” dress and “Jude” jacket with 12.42%.

Least Favorites of 2015, Kate's Separates


My two favorite hats of 2015 were also the top two favorite hats among those polled: the Jane Taylor navy hat with bow (22.57%) and the Lock & Company “Betty Boop” brown pillbox hat (21.88%).

Favorites of 2015, Kate's Hats

Not surprisingly, the Lock & Company “Marisabel” white hat topped the list as least favorite hat of 2015 with 58.51% of the vote. The Black “butterfly” hat was a distant second with 13.48% of the vote.

Least Favorites of 2015, Kate's Hats

53 thoughts on “Poll Results: Favorite and least favorite of Duchess Kate’s 2015 outfits

  1. Thanks KMR it is so interesting to see the results. Great job. Boy that brown Hobbs dress is hideous. I have a cupboard full of Hobbs dresses ( great workwear and great sale prices) so I will have to have a good look and make sure they are. It hideous!!

    1. I think if Kate had styled this outfit better it might not have looked so bad. I mean seriously who wears a white bra under a dark brown dress? I think nude tights or contrasting color tights, fun booties and maybe a long necklace would have made this dress look much better. There are times like this when I feel bad for the designers as Kate really doesn’t do their clothes much justice.

    2. I actually don’t think that Hobbs dress is that hideous. It’s boring and not styled well, but the Jaeger dress is much more hideous to me.

  2. Wow lol none of my favorites or least favorites made it to the top!

    Fun times – I’m thankful nobody is doing this for my wardrobe, yikes!

    1. Considering I mostly wear jeans and t-shirts most people would probably think I dress worse than Kate.

  3. Has there ever been a poll done to see which color (and what shades of said color) Kate wears the most and least? Just wondering…..

    Kate definitely appears to favor the color blue and that navy blue pregnant-with-Charlotte dress was a personal favorite of mine. That shade flattered her, everything matched, great up-do, and she looked healthy and well. Kate really looks wonderful in jewel-tone colors, IMO.

    Also, I thought she looked great in the Sportmax Gerbera coat. I would call that shade of blue “cornflower”; it really seems to soften Kate and her overall appearance and it looks really warm and cozy. Plus, the length is perfect. 🙂

    As for the 80s-sitcom-couch-looking Erdem Alouette flowery gown? I hope it was burned along with the couch it came from. 😉

    1. I’ve never done a poll of it but when I look back at all Kate’s outfits for the year in order to put the polls together, I do add up how many times she’s worn a certain color. For 2015 and 2014 she wore blue the most, followed by black as second most worn color. She has not worn orange the last two years so that’s the least worn color.

      Hey another person who liked the Gerbera coat!

        1. I’d love to see her in a burnt orange color. She would probably look good in that color.

      1. As I recall she wore a coral colored dress and coat during her pregnancy with George and that color was really good on her. It’s rather surprising that black is her second most worn color as the Queen only wears black for Remembrance Day or other days of mourning, I would have thought she would have been talked too about that.

        1. Black is a very versatile and used colour, just think about the iconic petit roibe noire… I do like to see it on people even if not during mournings.

          1. I still remember the chatter that went on when Diana made her first public appearance after the engagement in the Dress that she bought off the rack from the Emmanuels. It was black and apparently Prince Charles told her that Black was only worn by the Royal Women when they were in mourning and he asked her to change and she said that she couldn’t as she did not have anything else to change in to.

            It was that horrible strapless number that she nearly fell out of. She was only 19 though, Kate has years on her and should have been told about the black.

          2. I don’t have a problem with the color black as for many years in the 80’s and 90’s my closet looked like a black hole. Kate can wear black, just don’t wear it when you’re going to see children. And don’t wear a bright pink coat when you’re going to a memorial site where thousands of people lost their lives. I just can’t figure out how she thinks.

  4. Thanks for sharing the results. It’s interesting to see how these choices fell. This is why I love this blog. You never know how the content impacts all of us. While I’m surprised with some of the results, I appreciate the perspective. Great job, KMR!

    1. The polls always surprise me. It’s always interesting to see what the silent majority thinks.

  5. Interesting results. Personally I didn’t care for the red dress she wore to the state dinner, but I didn’t flat out hate it, but it amazes me that it was #1. Oh well.

    We’ll have to see what she pulls out for India and Bhutan. Definitely will be interesting.

    1. Trouble is Lisa the amount of time it will take her to chose, meaning she has no time to do anything else. India and Bhutan are going to be more challenging fashion wise with different cultures and sensibilities as well as the weather. I hope she is being very carefully advised as it would be disappointing to make a mistake that upset her hosts.

      1. I’m trying to think positive thoughts for this tour. She’s got to at least get the customs for local dressing styles right. Someone has to be advising her on this and I don’t mean Tash. If Kate is so brilliant that she reads scientific papers she should be able to do a little research on customs of the countries she’s visiting.

        1. I do hope she doesn’t try to wear a Bhutanese dress – knowing her love of the literal! The queen of Bhutan can really rock those traditional clothes.

          1. That would truly be a sight. I don’t think she would be the least bit comfortable in one of these outfits and the proof would show in her maniacal grin. And while she sometimes wears brighter colors I think the glorious combination of colors and patterns would send her into a mini-meltdown. Absolutely could not put on one of her little belts to pull it all together like she loves to do.

          2. I actually think it would be interesting to see Kate in a Bhutanese dress, but maybe I’m alone in that thought.

    2. IMO we all chose the least offender in the spirit of our positive push for Kate. It hit all the main points that we along with the BPublic rightly hit on. But it’s kind of a snore. Sadly, I think she’s going to go boring safe in India and Bhutan.

      1. The red gown was oh-kay but nothing to write home about. It was a safe choice and the more I look at it, I find it more girlish than sophisticated. It’s not a heart stopper.

    3. As far as the gowns went, I assumed it would be a “best of the worst” kind if thing. To me, the red tulle gown was the best of the worst, as none of the gowns were really that great.

      I’m really looking forward to her tour wardrobe. Some of my favorite all time looks from her came during the Canada tour.

      1. And you know, there are some really great designers from India–so it will be neat to see how she tries to pay her respects to India. I am not sure about Bhutan–but wow, their national dress and those colors. Hopefully, it will be more interesting than we think..

  6. I really like the Christopher Kane coat and skirt! Imo, when Kate wears outfits such as this one she seems to feel more comfortable as opposed to when she wears outfits that she thinks she should wear and when she’s more comfortable it shows in her interactions with others.

    1. Love the Christopher Kane coat/skirt, color definitely, but mostly for the fit. There’s an easy way Kate can improve in 2016, and that is have all her bespokes tailored once she gets them. The designers must have her measurements but most times, they need a tweak. For her, it makes a huge difference because I think when the fit is right, she feels better in what she’s wearing and it reflects more. She’ll definitely need that extra lift for speeches this year.

  7. I’ve said it before but will say it again. In the photo of the winning blue hat ( which I quite like ) Kate looks middle aged. I think for me it’s the oldest I’ve seen her look.

    1. I think it’s her make-up. She is so pale and even when she wears foundation and blush, she looks very washed out. That ages her. Too much make-up would be wrong, too, but she needs better advice on shades to use and how to blend.

      Her neck looked very old in one of those photos. Maybe, she is too thin?

    2. I know Birdy and Jenny. I agree It’s not very flattering pose for her neck. The bright light also accentuates her frown. Nevertheless I think that day she looked beautiful.

      Thank you KMR for the perspective you give us and your work on this. The restrospective of Kate’s wardrobe and the polls are very revealing. I hope Kate will grow this year and have more opportunities as a more confident woman, with a better suited wardrobe. That is, if she doesn’t get pregnant again soon!

  8. The Jaeger silk tile dress was my least fave. Of course, she is sitting in the photo, so you don’t see the full effect, but I just hated it. did not have any faves. The choices this year just did not send me! So sad that there were not more amazing looks to choose from, but that is Kate’s taste. Of course, she is entitled to her style, but it just did not jive for me.

    The red gown was very boring in my opinion. So safe! With all that money and famous designers available to whip up amazing looking ensembles for a woman, it is just sad to me that there seems to me little creativity in Kate’s choices.

    Sorry, KMR. I can see you worked very hard on this, but I only voted for the least faves. I guess if I had to pick a fave of anything, it would have been the white coat dress she wore at Charlotte’s christening, but even then, it was not smashing in my opinion. I did think that of all outfits, it was the one that showed Kate off the best and she seemed to wear it and not let it wear her.

    1. Personally I think the Mum should not wear white/cream at a christening where the baby is in a traditional gown. The baby stands out better if Mum is wearing a colour. My husbands family have a beautiful traditional floor length christening gown that all my boys wore, and I wore blue so they show up in all the photos.

      1. The baby especially doesn’t stand out when the mom and all the women in the mom’s side of the family are wearing shades of white/cream.

        1. Maybe they were inducting her into the Middleton Women’s Coven. Poor thing will grow up to be all matchy matchy with grandma.

        2. I agree that when the mom of the baby wears white/cream, the baby’s dress does not stand out. I am just commenting that of all the looks — and not the event to which they were worn, I think Kate looked best in the white coat dress, which surprises me as she is on the pale side and I didn’t think she could carry off white. Her white wedding gown — the style, at least — did not thrill me.

  9. I am shocked the purple lace dress won, especially since on that post no one liked it. Maybe people liked it compared to her other outfits? Either that or someone just kept coming on and voting on it to throw off the polls :). I still love the Christopher Kane outfit.

    1. I remember liking the purple lace dress, though I also remember most people thought it was not appropriate for a daytime function. I always think it’s interesting which dress people like when compared to all the others.

      1. I like the thought of the purple dress but the execution was off for me; the fit wasn’t quite right, the neckline looked like it was strangling her and I don’t think that shade of purple suited her coloring well.

    1. Wow, what a snarky piece. Wonder how much of it is true. I do recall the Nichol’s bio of Kate did mention the short shorts that Kate wore when swabbing the decks during her stint working one summer on a boat. I also heard somewhere else about her fascination with “mooning.”

      Strange that a young woman so interested in landing a Prince from such an early age would have such a fetish for flashing, but I guess times change! Not a very flattering look at Kate.

      I find it very sad that she has had so few female friends and that Pippa and Carole serve as her major girlfriends. It’s always been all about William since meeting him. That’s going to have to get very old after time continues to march on. I wonder if it’s been really worth it to her? I mean so often she looks very sad/depressed in photos (especially of late). Has the truth of what she wished for proven too much to bear? Sad, if that is the case.

      1. I don’t frequent the lola blog, but I found this article to be interesting, and yes, snarky.

        Kate’s flashing has quite a history, but hopefully, it’s a thing of the past now. At her appearances at any rate. This is the closest to a tell-all book that it seems we will have for a while. I am wondering how many of the “sousrces” for Lola’s piece are valid ones, though.

  10. In that last picture with the black hat, her eyebrows look like stickers. So eerily symmetrical. And oddly bushy on her face.

  11. First time commenting. Great blog.
    I love the way the poll went. Not all my choices were in the top so we have a range of tastes here.
    Just saw the pic of George out with his mum and was thinking she seems to have a, ‘go to’ look when she is out and casual.
    I wonder if she has a few people pulling her in different directions regarding her working fashion choices. To me it comes across as more than one persons style, so her look is not harmonious or consistent as other famous people?

    You said ‘The baby especially doesn’t stand out when the mom and all the women in the mom’s side of the family are wearing shades of white/cream’.

    Going out on a limb here. Last year, some famous families in the US tended to do the white on white/off white family group pic. Its was arty for a minute. Perhaps they were just following a trend?

    1. Interesting thought Charlston, maybe Kate is relying on several different people for fashion advice. I like the Christopher Kane outfit the best as it’s similar to the styles Kate wore pre-marriage and I feel that she is more comfortable in that type of look. But since George came along her style has been all over the place and much of it not that great. That might possibly be because she is listening to the fashion advice of so many others and is trying to please them all.

    2. Hi Charlston, welcome!

      It’s totally possible that Kate her own style, then there’s the style of whatever she thinks a Duchess should look like. Her style really did seem to change when she got married compared to the girlfriend years.

  12. Hi new visitor here. I’ve only recently discovered this blog but I’ve been a regular reader since. Like many of you, I started off liking Kate. I thought she was such a breath of fresh air, being always ladylike in her outfits etc. God knows we have too many “celebrities” who try to outdo each other in the skimpiness and vulgarity of their clothing (or lack thereof). But as the time has passed, I couldn’t help but notice that all her clothing seemed so similar. The same style of dresses, endless parade of similar dress coats in different colors etc. She never takes any risks nor does she ever stand out when other women are present. I know as a member of the royal family, she is obligated to have a certain look, but someone should tell her it’s possible to be both fashionable and proper. Also her lack of work ethic seriously disturbs me. I had no idea she never had a proper job during the waiting years and I’m not falling for the “it was hard to find a suitable job for her because she was dating a prince” line either. Plenty of women who dated/married distinguished men managed to have careers of their own. Nor does it seem she spent the waiting years on anything else worthwhile either because she doesn’t seem to have any discernible interests etc. She didn’t even properly prepare for her role as the wife of the future heir to the throne! She’s done minimal
    charity work, can’t give substantial speeches, and doesn’t particularly have a cause she is associated with. I perfectly support women staying home and raising families, but as someone who is subsidized by the British taxpayer, she should be doing more than just being a housewife, especially with all the help she is getting (despite initially saying she didn’t want a nanny etc). In short my admiration for her is gone, even if she is more demurely dressed than say the kardashians (though even that is doubtful now that she keeps on exposing herself). At least the kardashians work and don’t take public money.

    1. Hi Amethyst, welcome!

      “I perfectly support women staying home and raising families, but as someone who is subsidized by the British taxpayer, she should be doing more than just being a housewife”

      I agree with this. I don’t have a problem with women choosing to be stay at home wives and mothers, if that’s the decision they made and their husbands are okay with financially supporting them. The problem with Kate is that William is not financially supporting her, Charles and the taxpayer are. Kate is a public figure who is supported by everyone but herself and her husband and because of that she has an obligation to give something back to the community.

      1. I so agree Amethyst. I was a stay at home Mum but took not one penny from anyone for that decision. She has two vast homes extensively refurbished, staff and a nanny. No one is suggesting she works 9-5 , 5 days a week. Just that she finds some causes where she has a genuine interest and can feel she can make a difference, and then go ahead and make that difference. She doesn’t have to worry about the dog being left alone too long, no vegetables in the fridge, the big pile of ironing. Most ‘ full time mothers/parents’ have all these things to juggle. We don’t just play with out babies all day.

  13. I was a stay at home as well.
    Just a thought. How many years had Kate and William lived together before marriage? She definitely had a decent introduction to life as his partner.
    Then how many years have they been married now?
    I wonder if we cross checked with other women in similar situations would we find they are still fumbling with their look or workload. She gives me a vibe in her speeches as still being new and terrified.

    Diana was terrified as well, also much younger with little time to adjust, but didn’t hide it and came across as vulnerable, but aware of her newness, when speaking, sometimes making fun of herself .

    Kate come across as wanting to be anywhere but there. William doesn’t seem to help her very much either.
    I get the feeling her mum gets to have a say and perhaps Kate is projecting her mums attitudes a tad more than she should .

    Being royal has certain requirements. Ones has to show value for money and and a willingness to rally round the traditional crown, so to speak.

    Kate and william seem more a business couple attached to royalty rather than royalty itself.

    1. W&K have been married for almost 5 years now. They have been together since 2002. I don’t know how long they lived together before marriage. They supposedly loved together in Wales before the marriage, but he still had his apartment at Clarence House until he married and she didn’t live there with him. So they didn’t live together while in London.

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