New photo of Kate Middleton and Prince George out shopping published in Australian magazine

New photo of Kate Middleton and Prince George out shopping published in Australian magazine

We all know by now that Kate Middleton‘s pastime is shopping, and it seems Kate is initiating Prince George to the world of shopping early. Photos of George out shopping with Kate have been published in the Australian magazine, Women’s Day.

Kate and George shopping Women's Day mag Jan 2016
[theladywallace on Instagram]

It does not seem like George is thrilled with his shopping excursion. Considering he’s not even three, I don’t blame him. As I’ve mentioned before, I hate shopping even now; having to go shopping with my mom at 2 1/2, brutal.

No idea when the photos were taken as the magazine’s article reportedly does not not mention when they were taken, though it looks like it was sometime after Kate cut her hair in mid-December.

It’s interesting that candid photos of Kate and especially of George are still surfacing around the world. I already knew Kensington Palace’s letter last August didn’t do anything, but, like, it really didn’t do anything. Well, I suppose it did do something. The six months before KP released that letter there had been so many photos of George taken at the park and the beach, etc., and since the letter there have been less photos of him like that (possibly because they are taking him out less?). But they are still happening.

In the photo, Kate is wearing a new pair of shoes which… are better than the Sebagos. The new shoes are the Russell & Bromley “Chester” tassel loafers in navy (£175.00), which I don’t think are cute at all, but I really dislike the Sebagos so I guess these are better?

Kate’s also wearing a new jacket from Katherine Hooker, the “Hendre Jacket” in navy (£675.00). It’s not my favorite jacket or coat on the Katherine Hooker website, but it’s not my least favorite either. I actually think it’s a nice casual jacket – though ridiculously overpriced.

Russell & Bromley Chester tassel loafers Katherine Hooker Hendre Jacket
[Thanks to WhatKateWore for the fashion ids]

PS. Again more blue for George. I think I’d die of shock if that kid ever wore green.

190 thoughts on “New photo of Kate Middleton and Prince George out shopping published in Australian magazine

  1. My son is the same age as George and I wouldn’t DREAM of taking him shopping with me lol
    He’s just starting to tolerate holding my hand and walking like a normal person, instead of taking off in whatever god knows direction his little heart desires.

    I like Kate’s jacket, the loafers not so much.

  2. She’s definitely tugging his arm & telling him off in the large image. Not cool in public, really.

    The spray on jeans are too short & show nasty socks. Eesh. Love the jacket though.

    My guess is she was shopping at a boutique for Georges clothes, hence maybe needing him there to try stuff on? The bags look boutique-y to me.

    Will will have a strop about the pics.

    1. It always makes me uncomfortable when I see people argue in public, especially when they are part of my party. I never know what to do and just want it to stop.

  3. Oh my those jeans are so tight!! Looks like chicken legs. Doesn’t she know that can cause feminine issues? Or is she so vain that she just doesn’t care?

    1. I’ve been wearing that same style for years now Patricia, pretty much everyday, and nary a feminine issue yet!

      I love her coat. I’m not a loafer wearer, though, and I don’t think visible socks with them are really a good look. Maybe for around the house/yard.

      I don’t think she’s getting mad at George. They appear to be crossing a street. Most likely she’s reminding him of what to be aware of. I did that with my kids. Crossing streets and parking lots are big safety issues for country kids to really understand. Have to start young!

      1. I haven’t commented in a long time–and this will be just my one and only comment. I actually don’t think she has chicken legs. Her calves are small which are genetic–I have skinny calves naturally like hers, too. Also, her upper legs don’t look skinny either. I am fine with skinny jeans on her; she’s not doing an official appearance so it doesn’t matter. Now, would I like to see trousers on her more often during official appearances? Sure. I love the jacket. The shoes are cool–but don’t really go with the jeans (I agree there..) Boots would have been much better here. A colorful scarf might have been fun.

        Oh and George is a cute kid…I’ve taken my four year old shopping with me for short period of time. It’s fine.

        1. “Chicken legs” to me makes me think of someone who has super thin legs while having a heavy upper body (you know, like a chicken). So I don’t think Kate has chicken legs either.

        2. Hi Runner loved your comments in the past please come back, although I’m new I’ve been ill and in bed and having discovered this blog have been going back in time. We have courtesy of the great KMR a new positive outlook which we are all pretty much adhering to. If something really upsets you ‘scroll on by’ . Keep posting please you are very interesting.

          1. Awww, thanks, Birdy! Much appreciated. I am on total positive outlook for 2016 so if I do comment that’s where I will try to be 🙂

          2. Runner I’ve had a terrible chest infection but doctors in the UK just don’t give out antibiotics so a month on I am still not brilliant but back at work. My dog gets better treatment from the vet!!!

          3. That doesn’t sound good, Birdy. Hopefully you can get some antibiotics for your chest infection. Maybe steal them from the dog?

        3. I agree!

          Also, causal or no, better trousers/pants as a royal member would be more appropriate especially since thousands spent on casual shopping wear.

          It’s also interesting – George seem to be picking up from whiny petulant will – the hate for people and media; and the lazy side of not working is to shop! If he is too young for Christmas Church with the RF or to visit children on ‘meet and greet’, why is he dragged out traines for middleton lazy PR and shopping behaviour.

    2. Kate is basically an exhibitionist and tight clothing is the least of what she does ! I agree though it looks weird and she doesn’t look “royal”.

  4. The only two memories I have of shopping at that age were falling of a train sofa in a shoe shop and pulling on my reins, which thank goodness my mum put on for safety. Though I was older. George doesn’t look comfortable. I wonder why we never see Kate shopping with friends, or friends and their kids. I do like Kate’s jumper and jacket. Not keen on the jeans though.

    1. Sad to say I don’t think Kate has friends. She thought she was better than them and I assume they’ve moved on. Very sad. She is I think a clear example of someone who put all her eggs in the wrong basket. She’s young a mother of two, I wish she could find happiness in her life.

        1. Hi Laura it’s a fairly common saying here ‘ to put all your eggs in one basket’ meaning you focus on just one goal. I suppose it links to what happens if you drop that one basket and all your eggs break. So what I meant was she put all her effort and energy into catching her man, didn’t get a job that would have broadened her horizons and ignored her friends when they were not convenient. Now she is married but lonely and with little else to fall back on. I hope that explains it?

          1. Sorry just to add…I am not meaning to be a super bitch here. I think others around Kate in her 20’s should have encouraged her to get a proper job, and to really cement firm friendships which would give her a support system once she was in the Royal fold. I don’t think the fault is all hers. Will too should have known from his mothers experience that a small group of loyal girlfriends could be a vital lifeline.

          2. Birdy, the problem is Kate didn’t want other girls around William. I’m afraid she viewed them as competition instead of as possible friends. Heaven forbid someone with a livelier personality or who understood William’s position and got along with his friends slid in there. There are stories of her bodily blocking other girls who came near Wiliam.

            The ones who should have been encouraging her to get a job and get friends were her parents. But Carole had one prize in mind and working a job that may not make you available for William’s schedule was unheard of. It’s a pity, she could have a very lonely life if she doesn’t reach out to someone.

          3. Hi Birdy. Yes thank you. I have heard the expression before I just didn’t really comprehend the meaning. I guess it was more like a mission with Kate getting Wills. I can imagine Carole running around at various points saying, “Houston we have a problem”. I agree that working on female friendships helps cement a support system. I guess Kate’s sister, mum and children are her only support system. Which is sad because Pippa must want to get married and have a family of her own.

          4. Laura and Lisa sadly I think we all agree! I know her situation is of her own making but gosh I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes for all the jewels and houses .

          5. Kate jettisoned most of her friends because she was afraid they would leak details and she would lose William.

        2. Emma Sayle was a friend of Kate’s {!!!}. It says a bit much about Kate, that friendship. And the club they both used to be involved with.

  5. Oh dear! My four year old loves shopping… an extent. If we are not shopping for a dress for her or for toys for her then forget about it. I usually grocery shop with her, as she is in the trolley and well behaved but I would not dream of taking shopping for other things for any period of time over 10mins.

    I know her size so I buy clothes for her when she is not there most of the time. The only time I really need her is when I am buying her shoes.

    I feel for George, I hate shopping at the best of times. Mind you though I have given my four year old the same look that Kate is giving George.

    I am going to have to buy the Womans Day now to read the entire story LOL.

    1. I always hated shopping when my grandma would drag me shopping. The only way I would get through it is if she bought me a toy.

      1. Went shopping with my 21 year old yesterday who desperately needed clothes. After 20 minutes we abandoned, thank goodness for the Internet!!

        1. Hahaha. Oh I hate shopping for clothes. Trying to try stuff on in a tiny changing room when you’re getting all hot and sweaty is the worst.

          1. And don’t forget about the sales assistant who will always pop her head around the corner of the curtain at just the wrong time!

          2. Ooooh, that’s like the waitress who shows up to ask how everything tastes, just as you’ve taken a massive messy bite of your burger! That happens to me 9 times out of 10

          3. Cathy: I’ve luckily never had anyone peak in while I’m trying on clothes. That would be terrible.

            Ray: I’ve had that happen before. But what usually happens with me – because I like to cut up all my food before I start eating – is that the waiter will come by and ask how it is before I’ve even taken a bite.

    2. I think Kate looks amazing, she has amazing legs and looks great in the skinny jeans.

      I have chicken legs and get many compliments on them. My legs are long and strong as are Kate’s, hers are longer than mine.

  6. The return of the skinny jeans! I’m not a fan but I like the jacket. Poor George is dragged into this. I love these candid pictures because we get to see him as a real little boy and enjoy his cuteness.

  7. Is it just a combination of photo angle and dark socks & shoes or does Kate have big feet?? My 9 year old son saw the picture and commented about her feet and now I can’t un-see it!!

    1. I think in heels Kate buys a size too small, which is why her toes are permanently curled. So maybe these are her correct size and that makes them look bigger? I also think that the black socks make them appear much larger

        1. The photos they have gotten of the bottoms like the Jimmy Choo Vamp sandals, were a 38.5, which is an US8. I don’t think her feet are that small. I think she just wants them to be. Hence why her toes are permanently curled due to wearing too small of heels. Some women just get really weird about their shoe size.

        1. The shoes look strange to me but it could be that we’re just used to seeing in high heels or wedges. Have to admit that I really like her jacket.

  8. I know that this mean but she looks like Big Bird with those sprayed-on jeans! That does not look comfortable! There’s flattering one’s figure and there is skin-tight! Kate’s jeans clearly do the former. Ouch.

    Also, you can totally tell George is being dragged around. I don’t have kids of my own (I admit it) but I used to work at a popular supermarket for four years and I got to see various parenting methods first hand. Some I approved of (before turning her cart/trolley into an aisle, a woman had her child close their eyes and then she ZOOMED right through it (don’t worry, she checked to see it was clear) to make sure the kid didn’t see the cookies and candy and start to beg. I was highly amused at that trick) and others I did not (some parents physically scolded their children in front of others and that hurt me deeply. One time, I had to give a parent a quick “glance” to let them know that I was watching and that parent refrained from smacking their child). You can tell George was in a fussy mood and might’ve been missing his nap during that shopping trip.

    Those shopping bags remind me of Tiffany & Co (I think it’s the shade of blue that’s making me say that 😉 ). I know that these photos are invasion of the Cambridges privacy but I do like seeing them. Also, I still much prefer Kate with this shorter hair. It suits her.

  9. I only have nieces but I see the children in the local library and they are well behaved. However the library staff let it be known that the library isn’t a dumping ground for children whilst their parents shop. When I volunteer there in the summer months, it is important to keep an eye out. It must be a nightmare security wise for Kate surely if she takes George. I would have thought personal shoppers would be at Kate’s disposal.

    1. I wonder if Kate’s security team has to do security checks for every store she goes in to.

  10. I love the shoes. I love the jacket. But not together. I am a loafer lover and those need to be worn with slacks, boot cut denim, or even a bell bottom. Not a crop. You wear brougues with a crop. The jacket is cute, but I would have worn some more color. The jegoings:I can’t.

    Poor Georgie. He is not feeling it. Shopping with that age is like the stars aligning. All needs to be right in the world and you must keep it short. He doesn’t seem happy and I don’t blame him. The world is his playground now and he wants to explore it. Being tugged and pulled during shipping is and recipe for disaster.

    The people are clamoring for pics of him. People want to see him and connect. Sadly, we have to get pap shots and deal with Kim Jong Will after. He is a precious boy and they need to find a balance. If not, we will have pics like this and have to discern how he is and what kind of mom Kate is.

    Thanks for the cute Georgie pics, KMR.

    1. I also have to politely disagree with KMR on this one 🙂 I am big a fan of loafers, especially with tassels! That’s just my style, though. As for the jeggings, I wouldn’t be mad if she burned them. They are 1) out of style at this point and 2) not becoming for a woman of her age or station.

      Hopefully, someone can buy this woman a pair of jeans with 2% or less of spandex sometime soon…

      1. I think Kate considers her hair and legs to be her best features which is why she highlights them as much as possible. That includes the near constant wearing of jeggings. I’m convinced she lives in them when she’s not working.

        Just imagine 44 year old Kate ten years from now in jeggings. That would not be a nice sight.

        1. This is probably true. I mean – she has great legs! I’m not going to disagree with her on that. But a nice pair of tailored cropped trousers or a more substantial pair of jeans would show them off in a similar manner.

          You’re so right Lisa…hopefully in the next 10 years we can change her mind 🙂

          1. I love those loafers. I would rock them with a boot cut trouser with some whimsical socks.

            As far as the crop, I wear mine with my Todd’s or some sort of ballet flat or kitten heel.

          1. Yes Lauri from Ca. but I bet you don’t try to look like you’re still in college and your excellent posture adds dignity to the whole look. Kate looks more like a girl playing adult than anything else. And the jeggings with a longer top would look great. Kate is all about the flash. Flash we really don’t need to see.

          2. I am 45 and wear skinny jeans. Basically, I don’t wear bell bottoms when people are wearing skinny pants.:)) Now the jeans material have a bit of spandex so it’s easier to wear them since I am bigger from the waist down. In the 80’s, I used to wear very tight fitting jeans with no spandex. It was quite a challenge to get them on and take them off.

            I say no to jeggings and tights though. I’ve seen many girls and ladies become such “spectacles” with them that just turn me off. Jeggings less vulgar than the tights though.

          3. Me too Lauri . But I wear with boots too. Skinny jeans are great for wearing with boots.. And I don’t wear mine spray on skinny.

      2. Skinny jeans are still very much in and still a favourite among the casual items to many women and girls given how comfortable and versatile they are, it doesn’t matter their age if only they are able to pull them off. 60 year old women could wear them and if they had the figure or confidence to rock them without appearing teenage wannabes why not? Accessories and attitude can work wonders on people… 🙂

        1. Exactly WE. I just had a similar reply to Lauri. Kate doesn’t have that confidence. She seems to be forever stuck in a late teen/early adult/college zone. Unless she’s playing dress up to do an engagement.

      1. I know how you feel KMR, I’ve been trying to get into them lately as they look so comfortable but I can’t shake the feeling that they are very masculine and kind of old man looking. I just broke down and bought a pair of flat booties like a women’s desert boot and am really liking them paired with skinny jeans rolled up a bit with fun socks underneath.

  11. Goodness knows why Kate had to drag a toddler around, unless he was being fitted for shoes. If so, easier to get samples sent through to their home and go from there. It’s just too much for a small child and he looks weary.

    1. They will never go for that because “normal” people go in stores and shop. Kate seems to really like shopping.

  12. I love that coat.

    Oh Woman’s Day… Thank you Australia… Or more like the Queen in her hey day and Diana who started this Aussie love affair with the young female Windsors/royals.

    1. Well considering he hasn’t so much as sneered about the last few sets of photos, I doubt he will about these. I wonder who the photographer was. Another Midds on call pap? It’s interesting that they always seem to turn up in Australian or other overseas magazines. Someone is making quite a little bit of money over these pictures.

  13. Oh my stars! Those jeans are tight! And if you remember that photos are said to add a few pounds then Kate is really really really skinny, like unhealthy skinny!
    Somewhere I read a comment predicting a Mummy Kate photo would be surfacing after the unflattering comments. Looks like that person was right?
    I’ll be looking at the NZ version of Woman’s Day to see if there is any copy to go with the photo.
    BTW, there is no need for Kate to trail round the shops, it’s accepted practice for items to be delivered to the royal residence, the royal picks what they want and the rest is returned. kate’s habit of going out shopping so she can look normal, just like us, in fact would mean a couple of protection officers and a driver. Probably more POs if she has George with her. Imo, not just like us.

  14. At first glance I really liked this outfit but I think boots would have looked much better. The shoes with the socks showing is just a weird look. I have to say that I have a pair of jeans that look tight like this pair but really aren’t because they’re jeggings (jean leggings), so they are actually pretty comfy.

    I think that Kate is taking George shopping so he can pick out a few little Christmas gifts for his daddy, sister and probably grandparents. I used to do the same thing with my kids, they really enjoyed being a part of the gift giving.

    1. An ankle boot would have pulled her look together. But who knows, maybe Kate really doesn’t mind looking out of touch with fashion or just doesn’t care on her “day off.”

  15. I have to add, that it’s interesting to me that Kate’s posture is so much better when she’s not performing her royal duties, not perfect mind you but better.

    1. Indeed. I think it is that crotch clutching that caused her shoulders to curl down, especially when walking. Her posture looks ok otherwise.

        1. Totally agree with you. I bet her posture would be just fine without the clutch in front of her. She should carry it in one hand or the other.

    2. It’s a sign of insecurity. Kate is not insecure when out shopping, but she is insecure when doing royal duties. So when doing royal duties she clutches her clutch to her crotch and stoops over to make herself feel better.

      1. I so agree with you KMR. I’ve done a bit of body language study and the way her hands are always and I mean always clutched in front of her like that and the fact that she slumps even when sitting pulls her body inward as though she is trying to hide and retreat back into herself. I know that many people hold their hands together like that when they’re taking photos or standing for a period of time but gosh no one walks around with their hands clutched together like that.

        1. I have to agree also. Her stance seems awkward not comfortable. As a result many comment on poor posture. It doesn’t seem like a natural pose.

        2. It really does seem like she’s trying to fold in on herself and disappear at times. I seem to remember her doing that less when she first married, but I could be wrong.

          1. I don’t think you are wrong. She did seem to be more open prior to children. Perhaps she should have given herself more time adjusting to a Duchess role

        1. Try saying that after a large glass of champagne – we’ve had reason to celebrate in my household and I asked my friends to say your new tongue twister after a few glasses!! The results were very amusing.

          1. What were you celebrating, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m super nosy apparently.

          2. My son has just got a place to study at Cambridge University UK – I think the US equivalent would be getting in to Harvard? Very proud Mummy moment for me.

          3. Congratulations to your son. Getting into Cambridge is quite an achievement. I’m glad my new tongue twister gave some amusement!! Although I suppose I will have to share any royalties with KMR – 50/50 sound okay to you KMR?

          4. Great news for your son, Birdy! That’s a huge accomplishment; obviously the end product of a lot of hard work on his part.

  16. I think the opening comment” we all know by now that Kate Middelton’s pastime is shopping” is unfair. We see very few photos of her shopping. How many times a week does a mother of 2 shop? I would think most mothers shop several times a week. It also looks like they are just beginning to cross a street so any mother would hold her toddler’s hand tight and any toddler would squirm. And to me Kate is dressed appropriately to shop. Maybe we should think about the NY resolutions we all made about not being overly critical.

    1. Considering most of the candid photos of Kate that we have gotten in the past five years have been of her shopping, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that shopping is a pastime for her.

      1. Plus, when people tweet about running into her, it’s usually a store (though there have been a number of run-ins at George-centric places, as well). I want to say that there were a lot of photos of her shopping during the girlfriend years, too.

    2. Some people made a resolution to find something good to say about Kate in every post. But not a resolution to never make a critical comment about Kate. Sorry, but Kate shops a lot and not running errands kind of shopping like most mothers have to. And she is dressed fine for shopping, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about what she is wearing. Most Kate sites talk about her outfits since she is supposed to be a style icon.

      1. +1 we never see her having lunch with friends (which many Mums with young children do, especially if they have nannies!), we never see her going to the gym or out for a run (as we did Diana), in fact we never see her doing anything fun with anyone other than Will or her family. It is actually very sad, she must be very lonely, but I believe, but may be wrong, that the situation is of her own making and that she has shunned offers of friendship.

        1. Well she did ditch her friends when she started dating William. Most of her “friends” now are people she met through William.

  17. I don’t mind skinny jeans on her because I like them myself and wear them most of the time for quick shopping or picking up my kids from school but I would never wear them croped with loafers- it looks terrible and I really don’t know what was she thinking. Can anybody tell me why she loves the crop length so much? There are so many brands which offer nice jeggings in long or even extra-long length so it’s not that she can’t find the right length for her. Crop length is good for summer but not for winter season even if there is no real winter in UK. I like the jacket though and it would look great together with these pair of loafers and some nice pair of slacks but not with jeggings ( she definitely loves jeggings too much for a good taste).
    As for George – shopping with kids (or in my case also with husband) is pure nightmare so whenever I can I absolutely try to avoid it – but who knows, maybe she just wanted to spent more time with him.

    1. She probably wears her jeans with boots a lot so she buys cropped jeans because they may fit better into her boots.

  18. You’re on a roll KMR! Thanks for the latest post.

    My son and husband both detest shopping so I understand how little George is feeling. However, there are times when you must drag them with you just to spend some time with them or to give the nanny a break or perhaps they need to fit the clothes. I cannot criticize Kate for this.

    Coat – I like it. However, must she have another coat when she has a bajillion others sitting in her closet already? Excessive in my view.

    Shoes – meh! I associate moccasins with the 80s and 90s.

    Skinny Jeans – ugh! This look is tiresome already.

    Moccasins + Skinny Jeans + Visible socks- disaster! That combination is straight out of Revenge of the Nerds.

    1. I still have the loafers from the late 80’s and 90’s. Let’s just say they don’t need to come back along with the preppy look any time soon.

  19. Yet another picture of George who can’t seem to make eye contact with mom. Out of all of the pap shots they got that day these were the best? I keep reminding myself that he’s 2, but then I again start to wonder if he is just holding the hand of some strange woman that he sees once or twice a month.
    The skinny jeans. Ugh. I wear skinny jeans. I do not wear them with socks and loafers! Put on some boots and I would love the outfit (even though KMR is right, that jacket is very overpriced).

    1. Looks like he’s reaching out for the nanny in the first pic. My gosh, there never seem to be any heartwarming candids out there of Mom and babe.

      I love, love the jacket (I want it), and yet again, she makes it look cheap and uninteresting. Those are not even jeggings- they look like leggings and her bum isn’t covered either. She can’t help sexualising everything she can, can she? She looks like a co-ed here (not a bad thing); she does seem to look better in casual stuff.

      Why did she take Georgie out with her (and the nanny)? I don’t understand. It’s not like she doesn’t have a multitude of servants. And how come it’s always the Australians that seem to score the candids?

      1. You are right she looks like a co-ed. I honestly think it’s a good thing when she dresses herself looking younger. She looks much nicer that way.

        1. I have to agree Runner, I do like it when she dresses a bit fresher and younger. I really liked the Christopher Kane outfit she wore to Scotland, the shortish blue skirt with the black turtleneck. Imo, I feel like she feels better too when she dresses the way she would like to dress as opposed to dressing how she thinks she should dress.

          1. Totally agree with you! Do you also agree that she dressed better when they first married? I just thought her clothes were a lot more youthful back then–thinking about the Canada/ North America tour…

          2. I’m putting together a comparison post about her pre-George fashion v her post-George fashion, and I like more of her outfits pre-George than I have post-George. So I would say she dressed better when they first married.

  20. With her pocketbook and tall thin figure, she can choose to wear so many beautiful clothes, and she chooses those tacky leggings….smh….. They make the entire outfit look cheap.

  21. Well, she can’t win, can she? Everyone is eager for photos of Kate with George and we get some and the results are not so happy. He’s a little cutie and shopping must have been tough for him I agree that Kate seemed to be reminding him they were about to enter a “busy” street, and she was making certain he understood safety concerns. I did not see her as being put upon by him in anyway.

    Who knows where they had just been or where they were headed? For the little boy, a chore, though, more than likely. I like the idea that maybe Kate was bringing him with her to buy a few holiday gifts for family.

    I love to shop. But with friends. When my children are with me, it’s just impossible to focus on much more than them. Any mom whose toddler has vanished for even 20 seconds when she was paying for an item at the counter or glancing at the sale rack, will tell you, panic quickly sets in until you find your little one all safe and sound. Obviously, Kate travels with security, so I doubt little George would ever go out of sight from caring eyes. Still, just dealing with a child’s dawdling, constant questions and potential tantrums in public are something mothers must deal with when a toddler tags along.

    I don’t like the jeggings, either. And, not with the socks and shoes. Not too flattering. Yes, Kate does love jeggings, though. I’m sure the number in her closets rival the number of coats.

    I hope George got a treat while they were out. Something that made his journey shopping worthwhile.

    1. I think this is one of those occasions when I wish we had a video rather than photos. I thought it looked like she was maybe warning him about the road, as a few people had suggested, guiding him down from the curb with a swing of her arm, or rebuking him–the photos are ambiguous here. Seeing the activity in motion would make a big difference in how I evaluate it.

      1. Very true. I didn’t even think about it; I was too busy thinking about how much I hate shopping. It makes a lot of sense that Kate was telling George about traffic safety since he seemed to be interested in something else and not focusing on the road in the smaller photo which looks like it was taken before the larger photo.

          1. It can be a pain if you buy something in the wrong size, but to me it’s worth it to try things on in the comfort of my own home.

    2. I used to loose my mom in the store all the time. To the point I would have to go to the front and ask them to page her on the loudspeaker.

  22. Kate talks of her happy childhood so I would hope she is giving George a happy time when they are in private. I dislike her work ethic and think her clothing is boring, but I’m not totally sold on the idea that she is a bad mother. A nanny is essential especially as we want her to work. I had a nanny ( nothing so grand as this nanny) for a year because I thought I wanted to continue working at a high level stressful job. I gave up because I wanted to be a Mummy but my little baby boy knew absolutely who was mummy and loved him the most. I may be wrong about Kate I just really hope I am not.

    1. Same here Birdy. I had a nanny for my kids so I can pursue my career and it was the only way. No regrets. So if a nanny is the only way for Kate to work more, then so be it.

    2. IMO, children know the difference between their mother and their nanny. A nanny can be adored and loved, but at the end of the day, children know she is not their mother. It’s sad to see mothers upset about their children bonding with others, like nannies, grandmothers, stepmothers, etc. Children always have an affinity for their mothers that is very powerful. It must be instinctual.

      1. “Children always have an affinity for their mothers that is very powerful”

        Not necessarily. I always liked everyone else more than my mom when I was growing up.

        1. I apologize in advance if this crosses boundaries.
          KMR, whenever you speak of you mother it pulls at my heart. It makes me sad and kind of angry on anyone’s behalf, who had to be born to women who were not cut out for or interested in the job. Mothers nurture, make the nest, guard the emotionally and physical well being of their children. We carry these babies so close to our hearts, literally, until they are born, that we develop a bond that is nearly impossible to break. Even on their very worst days as an adult, people long for their mothers at the end of it. I know there are women who suffer post partum that makes it initially difficult to deal and bond with their babies, and I am not including them on the indifferent uninterested mother list. That is a mental wellness issue that can be dealt with and healed in time.
          KMR, I hope you have someone that helps fill the mother spaced shape in your life. There is never a total substitute, but I sincerely hope you have someone to turn to, in those moments when only a mom will do.

          1. Totally agree Ray just felt I was too new to comment. As a parent all I want to be is the person my boys know they can always come to for love and help wherever whenever. Drunken phone calls in the middle of the night from students sometimes challenge that , but I want to be the one person who is always there. Like KMR my mother isn’t that person for me which is why I so desperately want to be that person for my now adult kids.

          2. Bad mothers are far more common than most (lucky) people realise. KMR isn’t on her own in this – not all women who give birth are mothers. We’re bombarded with cookie cutter mum perfection and for a lot of folk, its just not true. My mum is atrocious but it doesn’t define me & hasn’t stopped me being fiercely maternal with my own sons.

            KMR, its our normal, that’s all. We’ll survive.

          3. That’s wonderful, Birdy and JL, I applaud you! At least you can see that what your mother did was wrong, and are not prepared to let it continue in you, as a mother yourself. (But I am still heart sore for little Birdy and little JL, for not getting what every child deserves)

          4. The thing is, Ray, my mom actually did want to be a mother. But she wanted to be a mother for the wrong reasons. She had not fixed her own problems before having me and therefore was not prepared for a child who was not what she wanted/hoped for (For example: she wanted a hugger; I’ve always hated hugging people, ever since I was a baby).

            JL and Birdy: I’m really glad you both were able to identify how/where your mothers went wrong and have been able to correct that in yourselves. It’s so important not to let the cycle of abuse/bad parenting continue. So good for you both for being able to stop that cycle.

            For me personally – though I recognize things may change in the future – I don’t want to be a parent because of what a horrible example my parents have been for me. I don’t think it’s fair to a child to force them to suffer like that, and I fear that I would not be a good parent because I don’t have a good example of what a good parent is. For me, I feel like the only way to break the cycle of abuse is not to have children.

          5. I have had a similar experience to KMR it seems; perhaps it was the generation of our parents – ‘baby boomers’ they call them don’t they, and they grew up at a time when the economy in the West was booming (40s-70s) and so they were spoilt from an early age, they’re narcissistic and selfish by nature.

            Maybe some of them made good parents but a lot of them have treated their children like everything else they have acquired throughout the years: as a commodity like their houses or cars or shares. Something that is owned and is not seen as a human being, a person, in their own right. Something to play with like a toy and ignore when you’re bored. And use it as stress-ball to take your frustrations out on. I am 31 and still terrified of my mother.

            I have been struggling over whether it is safe to have children of my own my whole life I think; the problem is when you are in your 30s you can’t exactly put the decision off for much longer.

          6. Whoa R in UK, first, baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. Then came Generation X from the mid 60’s through the early 80’s.

            Baby boomers come from parents of the Great Depression. Parents who were taught the value of a dollar and hard work. They weren’t necessarily given everything they asked for and were expected to do well in school and get a job and work. Because they entered the workforce when the economy was in an up cycle they were able to give their children more than their parents were. But they also maintained a lot of the old values and expected good grades, college if possible and a job of their children when the time was right. Were there parents out there who spoiled their kids in that generation, yes. Same as any generation from the dawn of time.

            I’m a baby boomer and am nothing like the description you’re attaching to us. Parenting is not a skill anyone is born with. Lots of factors come into play in how people react to and raise their kids. Please don’t try to paint an entire generation with such broad strokes.

            Truthfully, I think the narcissistic and selfish brush can paint quite a few parents in Generation X. They were truly the kids that reaped the rewards of the economical boom. They were given pretty much anything they asked for. A lot of parents from that generation believe in the “I’ll never treat my child as my parents treated me” train of thought and where punishments may have been doled out previously they tried other options (time outs, getting them any and everything they ask for, etc.) I think it has led to a generation with a lot of kids who walk all over their parents and are incredibly self-entitled. (William any one?) Not all of the kids are like that, as with any generation there are good and bad. A lot of good have come from this group, but at the same time how many stories do we hear of kids from this generation disrespecting their parents and demanding the latest and greatest. I’ve seen families where the kids curse their parents when they don’t get their way. This generation of parents also are the ones that terms such as helicopter parent were used to describe them. Children for some of them were an extension of themselves and they were unfortunately used in a one-upsmanship with their peers. Kids being enrolled in activity after activity, vying for placement in certain schools from a young age.

            Sometimes not coming from an “ideal” home life has resulted in some truly amazing works from people who strive to make their lives and the lives of those around them better than what they have. On the other hand, we have those who were over indulged, who never had to work for anything and expect it to be handed to them on a silver platter. Sometimes people who come from homes that are not ideal turn around and make great parents because they want to give what was lacking. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets out of hand and the child becomes spoiled.

            I’ll stop now, but please before you basically condemn an entire generation realize that not all are like that. Not all Baby Boomer parents are inherently bad and the same applies to Gen X parents. Some people are nurturers by nature, some have to struggle to find it and others realize and accept that parenting isn’t for them. If there was a program or something out there that would turn everyone into great parents I’m sure the book would have been written and sold millions of times. Both fortunately and unfortunately, parenting is pretty much a crap shoot. Parents do the best they can with what they have and what they come from.

            KMR, if I’m out of line with this response, please feel free to delete it.

        2. KMR,

          I totally understand that feeling. I think I have tried to find a motherfigure my whole life on a subconscious level. My mother really isn’t cut out for motherhood (her illness is too severe), though our problems only really escalated when I was a teen and then an adult.

          My sister and I are lucky that our father has stayed married to her, and that he put his family above career ambition.

          1. That’s great that your father stuck around. I think it would be very beneficial for a child to have two parents there, especially if one of them is abusive or for some other reason is not a good parent. That way the child has at least one person to turn to. Hopefully your father was there for you and your sister when your mother was dealing with her illnesses.

            I’ve never really tried to find a mother figure in my life, but I have come to realize that I dislike mother figures in general. Even in my writing, the villain is usually a mother figure. I have issues.

            Like you, the problems with my mother, though they have always been there ever since I was a young child, really escalated in my teen years and early adulthood.

          2. My father is my rock! He’s the one I want to talk to and be with when I’ve had a rough time.

            If I can help it, I never ever involve my mother in my troubles and worries – because she isn’t able to help me and in the end she’ll make it about herself.

            I just wanted to point out that although we have some cultural conceptions about the mother having the closest relationship with the children in a relationship – that isn’t necessarily the reality. It is the parent that is loving and supportive that is closest to his/her children. That is my experience. Frankly, I very much dislike the intense fetichization of motherhood that is still happening in our culture.

          3. That’s awesome that you have your dad to talk to and lean on since your mother isn’t there for you.

            Re the fetishization of motherhood: I think it goes back to that whole “women are softer and more nurturing” thing, when that isn’t the case for everyone. Even now people assume every women wants kids and if she doesn’t have them she is “less than” or “not fulfilled”. Not every women wants or is cut out to be a mother. In the same way that not every man wants or is cut out to be a father (mine sure isn’t).

    3. I’m torn. William and Kate having a nanny is perfectly understandable in the context of working; Victoria and Daniel have at least one for Estelle, for example, because they’re out and about a lot. On the other hand, Nanny Maria seems to have been hired to allow Kate to do more royal duties, but Kate doesn’t do as many royal duties because, as people usually say, she has kids and doesn’t want to leave them with a nanny… it just seems like a cycle that just ends up with her doing–apparently!–as little work as possible.

    4. I don’t think having a nanny is a bad thing. If I have kids, I would hire a nanny.

        1. Agreed, I have friends who have Nannies for there kids, there are kids are not spoiled but industrious with even dispositions. They are kept busy and they do not have stress. I think they will grow up to be very productive American citizens.

          1. I think it depends more on how the kids are raised and what values they are raised with. If children are raised to be spoiled brats, then they will be spoiled brats no matter if they have a nanny or not. If the children are raised to be intellectual and go-getters, then they will be intellectual and go-getters no matter if they have a nanny or not.

  23. Kate always looks stressed and slightly panicky when she’s photographed with George. She reminds me of a teenage babysitter who feels daunted by her charge. George looks fussy and unhappy. I don’t think Kate knows how to go out of seclusion without shopping. There are literally thousands of kid friendly, social activities she could take him to do, but no, she takes him shopping. This is someone who puts her toddler in cashmere sweaters to play outside, so we shouldn’t be surprised that she’s teaching him how to spend OPM early. Poor little guy. He rarely looks happy in photos and the happiest and most relaxed I’ve seen him be is in photos with nanny Maria. And yuck, I love skinny jeans and am the same age and body type as Kate, but I would NEVER wear them that tightly. They look painful and painted on.

  24. Eeeeek! Socks with loafers!!! Such a bad look. I don’t like loafers in general, but with socks I especially don’t like them. And a fashion no, no. I agree that the loafers would have looked better with a boot cut. I’m with everyone else that her jeans are way to tight. They just look uncomfortable. I love skinny jeans, but I am so uncomfortable in jeans that tight. I don’t know how she can even sit in them. I do love her jacket though. WKW has pictures of it in different colors, so I probably would have bought a more fun color combination. This may be one of the only Katherine Hooker coats I like (though way overprices).

    I have to say regarding the photo of pulling George. I think people are reading too much into it. He may have stopped walking as they were crossing and that was when the photo was taken so it appears she is pulling him. And I agree with others that it looks like she is probably just telling him to be careful when crossing the street. I can only imagine what the photos would look like when I walk with my nephew. He is a little older than George and has so much energy. Things might look out of context in a randomly snapped photo. So, I am just happy to get a candid of Kate. She feels more real in the candids than on her ‘work’ days. That and I like seeing how she dresses off duty, since dressing off duty shows more of her true style (or lack there of).

    1. Interesting that the media chose this picture that paints Kate arguably as an impatient mother to print (and “naughty prince” too). They must have had others where she’s waiting patiently or walking at a normal clip. I think all the predictions we’ve made on here that the media is taking out the long knives for W&K are officially beginning. Also, anyone else notice that People magazine seems to be answering our thoughts (and others) about Kate’s curtsey to QE, along with other criticisms/questions?

      1. Yes, I noticed that also. In my opinion the Middletons are selling the Australian mags the photos & stories. They probably wouldn’t be able to get away with it so much in the UK. I also believe that someone from camp Middleton reads / monitors the blogs etc and then advises Kate accordingly. However, that could be just some crazy conspiracy theory as a result of reading one too many conspiracy / thriller novel!!

    2. I looked at the designer’s website and I actually like the navy color the best for this jacket.

      1. I really liked the green one. But that is probably because I love green :). On the WKW site they show a plaid one I believe. I actually like it, but not for me personally

    3. “Eeeeek! Socks with loafers!!!”
      Overit – there is something worse… socks with sandals! And I don’t mean when it is done ironically.

  25. This is the first time that her legs dont appear short to me (ignoring the highwaist dresses ect…). And thats even in flats!

    1. Agreed. Honestly, I think it’s an insecurity of hers. She may have a slightly longer waist, but she does look to have a nice proportionate body IMO.

        1. She’s built like a competitive swimmer; long torso, wide shoulders, long arms, muscular legs. Pictures of her training for the boat race with her friends show her in the very best shape for her size. I know she’s had 2 kids now, but she’s genetically blessed physically and obviously has a fairly high metabolism. She doesn’t need to be pin thin to look her best, I wish she could see that.

          1. Very true; much like Charlene in that way. I wonder if Kate ever tried swimming. She may have been really good at it given her figure.

  26. I think Kate looks like a very well to do suburban mom out with her son. No one would pay any attention to her if she was not in the BRF. I would like to see more of the picture because I am sure her policemen or whatever they call them are very close by.

    1. I want to say that the arm in a black jacket that you see on the left-hand side of the photo outlined in blue is one of the RPOs.

  27. I really enjoy candid photos where we can get a more real glimpse. I do like skinny jeans on Kate but wish they were longer with type of shoes she wears. I’ve never been a fan of loafers. Other than foot wear I do like the outfit.

    It is hard taking little ones out hopefully she does this for very short periods of time as part of his training out in the real world.

    We are getting so few of these type of photos I suspect due to what has been happening in the past. I am so surprised at these.

    Thank you for sharing KMR.

  28. She is wearing $1000 jacket for outing with a kid? Wow! I truly wish to get some sense what she is all about. So far she annoys me to the core, just like Kardashiens. I had to cancel my TV because even history Chanel had them on, pure invasion. She is also pasted on many magazines, but who is she? What is her contribution to society? I see a mannequin dressed differently for each occasion.

    1. Someone who managed to take advantage of a situation to get herself set up life by stalking Prince William. That’s who she is. As far as her contribution to society, I don’t think she cares, and any work she does in connection to the BRF is forced upon her. She strikes me as someone who wants the perks and that’s where it ends.

  29. Her legs are incredibly thin. If she looks so thin in photos, can you imagine how thin she looks in person. This is part of the reason she has aged so much in the last few years.

  30. She looks like she’s just tugging him and saying like “Ah ah remember to look both ways before you cross the street” or some shit. I don’t know why some think she is grumbling at him.
    I also think it is good she takes him out for (hopefully short) errand runs, or else he won’t learn to have patience, tolerate public spaces etc

    I think she looks fine physically, and her outfit is ok. Just wish she hadn’t paired horribly loafers with socks and cropped jeans, it just doesn’t work.

    1. I think it’s good for any child to be taken out as often and early as possible to learn how to behave and interact in public. I’m hoping if Kate was scolding him or upset that she handled it properly and the moment was a learning opportunity for George.

  31. Love all the comments here. We have some quite strong differences of opinion and not one cross word. KMR I think you may have cracked it! Well done .

    1. I noticed that. I’m really happy about it. It’s much better when we can be polite in our differing opinions.

  32. Moms might “shop” several times a week, at the grocery store and so on. Those are not grocery store bags. Those are boutique-y bags or take-out bags. She often shops — the majority of pictures we get of her candid are her shopping. That’s just fact.

  33. The thing I take away from this photo is that the price of the jacket alone would cover my rent for about 1 and a half months. Something is wrong with this. The economy, prices, royal funding. I don’t know but something is wrong.

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