Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the Middletons join The Queen for church

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the Middletons join The Queen for church

Yesterday, January 10, Kate Middleton made her first appearance of the year as she joined The Queen for Sunday church and afterwards for a wreath laying for Gallipoli. The Middleton joined the royals for church. But none of that matters because Prince William got a hair cut.

[I realize it’s a somber ceremony but do they have to look so grumpy?]

Let’s start with the Queen, because respect. After Sunday service at St. Mary Magdalene Church the Queen and Prince Philip, along with William and Kate, headed to the War Memorial Cross on the Sandringham estate (which was erected in 1920 by King George V and Queen Mary) where HM and Philip both laid wreaths to mark the 100th anniversary of the final withdrawal of British troops from the Gallipoli peninsula. A minute of silence was observed in memory of those who lost their lives at Galipolli.

The Gallipoli land campaign, in which a combined Allied force of British, French, Australian, New Zealand, and Indian troops sought to occupy the Gallipoli Peninsula (located in Turkish Thrace, the European part of Turkey) and the Dardanelles Strait during World War I, began on April 25, 1915 against Turkish forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Allies, unable to advance more than a few kilometers, withdrew after eight months. The campaign cost the Allies approximately 50,000 killed and up to 200,000 wounded, and the Ottomans approximately 85,000 killed and 160,000 wounded.

It was a poignant ceremony for the people at Sandringham as 141 gardeners, gamekeepers, farm laborers, and servants from the Sandringham estate fought in the Gallipoli campaign. Seventeen of the staff including their senior officer Captain Frank Beck, who was the Sandringham land agent, were listed as missing in action after an attack on Turkish troops on August 12, 1915.

The Queen wore a lilac coat and hat, and her Pearl Triangle Brooch.

Now to William’s hair, or lack there of. I kind of feel bad for mentioning this (because I don’t want to make fun of balding men), but you guys comment on how Kate seems to have aged a lot in the five years since her marriage, but poor William has aged even more so, in my opinion. This is William’s new hair cut, which shows just how much the Windsor balding gene has kicked in:

William hair cut Jan 2016

And this is what William’s hair looked like in February 2011, almost five years ago:

And this is what William looked like in April 2005:

Ah man, as a teenage girl I remember William looking so hot circa the early 2000s. He’s not doing it for me anymore even in the old photo, but I remember having the biggest crush on him in those days. And Daniel Radcliffe. I was, and still am, a huge Harry Potter fan.

Kate repeated that Michael Kors Collection “Guncheck Wool Trumpet Skirt” and “Virgin Wool Plaid Blazer” she debuted the Sunday after Christmas. We finally got a good look at her wearing it, and I’m still not in love. I think it would be an okay office outfit if the skirt were a bit shorter (and worn with different shoes). Or if the jacket were worn with pants. I like the jacket; it’s the skirt I’m not liking.

Kate paired the jacket and skirt with some go-to faves: Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Company “Fairy Tale” hat; Kiki McDonough “Citrine Pear Drop Earrings”; Aquatalia “Rhumba” boots; and Mulberry Bayswater Clutch in black suede.

Kate wore a black turtleneck underneath the jacket and wore her Cornelia James gloves. Kate wore her hair up in a nice updo, which I like.

All four Middletons – Michael, Carole, Pippa, and James – joined William, Kate, and the Queen for church, though they did not attend the wreath laying.

Prince Harry was not there; neither were Prince Charles and Camilla.

More photos and Gallipoli stories at the Daily Mail – including a photo of Kate curtsying.

271 thoughts on “Prince William, Kate Middleton, and the Middletons join The Queen for church

        1. I’ve always felt that maybe Kate and Pippa try to dress like their mother without realizing that Carole dresses appropriately for her age. It makes the two look old. Although they do experiment every now and then.

          1. Flip it the other way round. She dresses them like herself. She lives vicariously through them. Like a mother who raises her daughter to be a prima ballerina because she dreamed of being one and never had the money or support.

      1. Agree. Carole looks good for her age, but Kate is aging very fast. She really looks older, and William, well, he is not good looking anymore. I think of Diana. When a friend told her that she had brought height to BRF, she smiled and said: “And good looks too, good looks.” The friend was referring to William, who at that time was already very tall. Now William’s good looks disappeared. And that cut does not help.

  1. I think Kate looked and acted like the Duchess of Cambridge today. Happy dance!! From her outfit, updo with her hat, and quiet calm demeanor, I was impressed. No manic supergrinning, which was good as her mother and sister could not contain themselves (sheesh).

    1. I think Kate always does a lot better when she has her family in tow. They act, especially her mother, like a confidence booster – It highlights how uncomfortable and awkward Kate is around the RF.

      1. and her problem is what??? she was born in UK , she was around the RF family for years, she snot like the other european princess and queens who had to move into a new country and adapt to new culture, but seems to be doing 100 times better than kate, kate is not fit for her role!!

        1. Maxima, Mary and Marie had to even learn a new language.
          Maxima’s parents were not allowed to participate in her wedding.
          Argentina and Australia are really far away from the Netherlands and Denmark.
          If Kate couldn’t see her mother for several times during a week, she would break down.

        2. Middleton will be the downfall or another removal of an heir. Lazy petulant whiny W*k seem to be ordered to attend the sacred memorial, but instead of that PR we are asking why are the meddletons with grown children, trotting behind the BRF. No other royal famiy has such behaviour from in laws.

      2. Kate was walked to the wreath laying by one of The Queen’s Ladies in Waiting, the lady in the red coat. Imo, Kate behaves better when she is being accompanied by one of these ladies, like at Remembrance Sunday when she was with Lady Susan Hussey.

        1. I definitely agree. She is however never happy about it. If you look back to the pictures taken on Remembrance Day there was times when she looked pretty annoyed. She clearly doesn’t see them as a form of help and there to support or guide her, she’s visibly unhappy around them, not even just calm, focused or normal. Maybe she feels like someone’s raining on her parade but there’s a time and place for somethings and it’s not like we expect her to have everything figured out… Okay 5 years in, nailing solem occasions, yes, but there first 2 years it was totally understandable for her to need a bit of guidance on state and formal ocassions she’s never been to.

          You’d think this guidance or lack of vote of confidence in her performance on solem occasions, if she’s reading it as that, I don’t think so I think someone’s trying to help her, would motivate her to cut out that hair twirling, manic smiles, disinterested looks and happy conversations while on duty on such occasions but no, the following year and since she’s reverted back to her usual. Possibly why the Queen assigned someone to her now.

          I’m glad the Middletons weren’t at the ceremony. I wonder if William throw a tantrum after they weren’t invited for Christmas like last year and negotiated that they be invited for the service if him and Kate are to go to the ceremony. Because they were scheduled to go, Sky News said they made a surprise appearance.

        2. Cathy, an excellent point. She does appear to behave in a more fitting manner when a Lady in Waiting is with her. May I say, imo, the first photo of Kate walking behind HM and Prince Phillip, was disturbing to me. I realize that photographers capture one quick facial expression, but the look on Kate’s face looked rather sneaky – even mean — to me.

          I hated the repeat of the Michael Kors suit. Hideous. The skirt, especially. Her hair did look quite nice, though.

          And, William! Ah, yes, KMR, in his younger photos with more hair, he was quite adorable. I say, go for a hair transplant, Wills. Nobody could blame you!

          The Middletons continue to annoy me. To me, Carole, is not a nice person. You can see that in her face. Oh, abnd wasn’t she in her glory?! You could see satisfaction written all over her face.

          Pippa and James really appear to enjoy the publicity! Ugh! I think they just love the attention. Living off their sister’s fame forever, or so it seems.

          Thank you, KMR for pointing out what a poignant time it is for those who fought, or had loved ones fight at Galipoli. That’s what I love about this blog. You give us such insight into things. Thank you.

          1. If Kate does not like having a Lady-in-Waiting by her side to guide her, then the remedy is simple: be professional and learn to do the job you married into.

            Although she looked fine, I am not for one iota convinced she cares a hoot about the occasion. I can’t tell the difference between her looking solemn, bored or as thick as a plank. The nuance escapes me. And Mary Elizabeth, there are lots of ‘sneaky’ mean looks on Kate’s face at this outing. No doubt, perceived slights, annoyance at having to front up… Goodness knows why.

            Mother Middleton looked giddy with excitement about having press attention – back in the royal fold? – as well as Pippa and James. What is wrong with these people that they constantly hunger for so much attention? Do they not have productive lives of their own to lead?

          1. I have no idea but I do think that now the DOC needs a proper Lady in Waiting to help and support her. However much we ( including me) criticise her it is a lonely life and a really good LIW can make a huge difference. Please god not Pippa but someone who has the knowledge of this life who can support encourage advise and protect her. She is my future queen for goodness sake help her, encourage her , advise her and stop her making so many easy to reverse mistakes.

          2. The LIW wasn’t there for Kate. She is HM’s LIW, the Hon. Mary Morrison. HM always travels with one or two of her LIW though this one was noticed because she walked to church with WK. Later she drove away with HM.

            What *is* noticeable is that Kate *always* behaves better with the LIW close to her. Ditto in HM’s presence.

            Having HM’s LIW walking with her is as good as walking with HM. And who knows, perhaps HM wished to deliver a message to WK, and having Mary Morrison walk with them was the quickest and best way to do it.

    2. I agree. I think she did very well by usual Kate standards: no hair twirling, no flashing, apparently no inappropriate expressions, suitably somber clothing. I wonder if this will end up in the Court Circular as an engagement for her…

      1. Oh for sure! 20 mins watching HM & DoE lay wreaths is work in Kates world. Lord knows the pair of them need to log every chance they get.

      2. I checked on the online Court Circular, this outing wasn’t there for Kate or William.

        1. Do you know if they have ever posted engagements on the Past Events section significantly later to beef up the numbers?

        2. According to the Telegraph, Will & Kate weren’t scheduled to attend at all which would account for absence on Court Circular. It’ll be added later, I’m sure.

          These two are so sneaky & underhanded & even though rationally I know they didn’t pull a fast one on the Queen by just showing up, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

          Am really pulling for them to step up to plate this year. Even a small increase in (real not fluffy) duties would be a good thing.

          1. I checked again and the Gallipoli memorial hasn’t been added for any of the royals including the Queen and Philip.

    3. I don’t about that, there are some photos of Kate walking behind the Queen where she looks proper angry. She’s frowning, her whole forehead and her eyes you can tell she’s not happy at all. This is at the ceremony not the church service where her family were there.

      I couldn’t find short or DM images links to the photos that Alan Davidson so here’s a long Google one, so I’ll just link one. Sorry.

      Was fine earlier when her family was there.

      1. There’s a v short video in the Telegraph showing the Queen, PP, Will & Kate walking to the monument. Seeing them all in motion makes a difference I think. Pictures capture images in milliseconds so may not be as good an indicator of mood.

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else get a creepy vibe from Pippa and James. I can’t put my finger on it but it is just strange.

    I agree though that Kate did look and act as we would expect The Duchess of Cambridge to act and I adores her updo. Very very nice.

    1. Tanya S., it is not just you; James creeps me out, and Oranjina, a.k.a., Pippa’s face always looks like a half-finished Picasso with that kooky smile and unnatural tan. I also feel that way about Kate’s face and eyes in certain photos; they look like an abstract painting. It’s quite unsettling. And although I do not care for Scarole, I have to say she looks very nice in this picture. For some reason every time I see Michael Middleton, I think, “That poor man.”

      1. I too feel incredibly sorry for Michael Middleton. He seems the type of man who craves a nice quiet existence but he is married to “Mrs Bucket” and he is not going to get it.

        HM looked lovely in the lilac and I was just looking at poor Prince Philip. He is really starting to look his age now. I watched a documentary on him last week and he was a gorgeous looking young man. None of his sons have taken after him in looks, which is a shame.

      1. I just find it strange that considering the ages of James and Pippa that they continue to tag along with their parents so much – I don’t know any other adults their ages who regularly vacation with their parents. But then most of the adults I know who are their ages (including my own sons) have established lives of their own, including jobs. James looks creepy to me.

        1. My adult kids still ski with us because we pay!! And we love having them . I think being a close family is great but agree with you there is a natural balance which the Midds don’t seem to have. The kids don’t have proper jobs and where is James’ long term girlfriend – why is she not included? The siblings seem to be in some sort of limbo land . I do hope they find happiness and a life beyond being DOC’s sibling.

          1. I agree, Birdy. I suspect the siblings turn up, live and holiday together because their parents fund their lifestyle. They are caught up in the family business of social climbing, rather than achieving goals in their own right. And that means that everything is seen through the prism of ‘being good enough’ or appropriate for an upper class life. So, they do little, wait and wait some more for another rich man to come along for Pippa, or hope that James will find something that makes lots of money. I do not absolve Michael Middleton in all of this. It’s easy to dislike the shrewish Carole but they are in it together, absolutely.

          2. Doesn’t Donna Air have a child? It’s possible she doesn’t vacation with James and the Midds because she needs/wants to spend time with her child and can’t spend all her time with James and his family.

        2. Was just thinking … can you imagine the late Earl Spencer or Camilla’s children or Sophie’s parents schlepping along on these outings? It’s ridiculous!!

          1. Sophie’s father gets invited by the Queen to some family events, or so DM says. It’s not as reported because the press isn’t interested in Sophie.

          2. Sophie’s father does we think get invited – but he doesn’t get photographed. I have no problem with Kate’s family spending her birthday weekend together, but keep a low profile please.

  3. The upside is Kate wore her hair up which looks really good on her. However, it’s not enough to save her from that utterly depressing outfit which screams 1980s.

    Just like Kate, William is not ageing well at all.

      1. I don’t agree with you. It’s not like William is some young-looking man. He looks like he’s in his 40s, not 30s. So saying Kate looks old enough to be William’s aunt is just not true, in my opinion. Kate looks to be William’s age.

  4. The Middletons are going to be the end of the royal family in my opinion. They are not royal; they have nothing to offer and they are ridiculously out of place accompanying the BRF everywhere. Eventually, questions will be asked as to why we are deferring to the BRF when they are increasingly aligning themselves with the middle class. I believe the Middlleton marriage to PW was an error due to KM’s obvious unsuitability to a life of service. And that over time the prestige of the BRF is going to be dragged down by its never-ending association
    with her equally unsuitable family.

    1. I could not agree with you more, Mary. I am not a British subject; I am American, but that is my opinion as well. Of course, the Royals have survived worse disasters, so perhaps they will be able to do suitable damage control and mitigate the Middleton Mess as well.

    2. Spot on!

      Scarole and her adult hangers on weird kids, always project the common smirk, like lazy W*k who seem to prefer someplace else.

      HM do not seem please in some shots.

      1. +1

        And the fact that he keeps insisting on inserting these Middleton creeps PROVES he’s not suited to serve. He has no clue.

    3. How are the Midds going to cope with all the “Turnip Toffs” reported to be being W & K support and very best friends now they are moving to Norfolk full time.Will Carol be in or out

  5. I really do like this outfit on Kate from hat to boots. It was perfect for this remembrance event from that era. Some of the head shot photos of Kate remind me of women from the 1920s to 1940s seen in old photographs.

    I just personally did not care for Pippa’s choice of wearing apparel except for her boots. James always is a hottie but then I am partial to full beards. Carole looked stunning in that one photo. Best photo I have ever seen of her.

    I do like bald headed men. William would probably look good with a full beard but he would just never be that adventure some like Harry.

    1. I think James looks very Nicolas II or George V with the beard.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen William with a beard. That would be interesting.

        1. Thank you for sharing photo. I swoon for guys with full beards. Oh yes!!!! William does look very good with a full beard!!! He does need to grow one with his present not much hair situation. He just does not go much outside the box..he is too stiff in his public personna that he wants to present.

        2. I think he would look better with one now because he doesn’t have those slightly chubby cheeks any more. With his jaw line he could probably pull it off.

      1. Nicholas II was SO handsome! I don’t want to threadjack, but just wanted to pipe up because the story of Nicholas and his wife Alexandra is one of the most romantic and tragic love stories ever told. Peter Massie’s book on them is a fantastic read. Okay, back to the post. 😀

  6. At the rate Kate and William are going, they will look 65 years old in ten years. It’s really unbelievable to see two young, supposedly healthy and privileged people look like the portrait in Dorian Grey’s closet. That said, I do like Kate’s entire look, clothes-wise; I believe the look was very appropriate for the occasion.

      1. I agree, Sunny! I have wondered for a while now why he hasn’t done some sort of fix for his balding. Perhaps he really just doesn’t mind. However, someone of his wealth could certainly afford to get the hair club surgery.

          1. Actually the surgery is not as easy as that. You have to have a lot of hair around the sides which they then take and place on top of the head. What the doctors don’t tell you is that doing this often time shocks the remaining natural hairs on top of the head and they then fall out. So, the man just has odd patches of hair on top, thus resulting in another surgery. It normally takes 3-4 times to get a natural look on top of the head. Which requires 3 or 4 times of taking hair from the sides of the head. And I am not sure how thick the sides are for William and if they would support that. It would be a long process for his hair to look normal and he is in the public eye to often for that transition. It would look very odd in the between sessions. So, that may be why he hasn’t done it. It is not as easy as one surgery overnight.

        1. I don’t feel strongly about it either way, but I do think that bald men can be very attractive. It’s all about confidence and if you like yourself you can pretty much rock any look. I have an uncle with alopecia and he has no hair except for a big bushy beard. He thinks he looks like Dilbert, but I and most people think he is handsome and distinguished looking. He is also the funniest human being on the planet, so people are usually trying to not pee themselves rather than focusing on his shiny head and lack of eyebrows. 😀

          1. Maybe the continual balding is why Will is always snipping at Harry. I don’t what Will says, he knows he looked better with hair. He’s not going to look better bald, so he needs to deal with it now and get some astroturf growing.

  7. I agree with others Kate did well today.

    Interesting that Mike & Carole not seen ‘together’ after the rumours last year. Walking separately to church & on the way back Carole was by herself. Not good optics.

      1. I think it’s just that he can’t stand all the Royal nonsense and wants to stand in the background. Why are they even there? We never see Camilla’s family at events, nor even Diana’s aristocratic family. I do hope I am not paying for them to have police protection.

        1. I think a possible reason we see the Midds at church is that they are staying with W&K at Anmer and because the Queen is very religious the Midds feel like they have to attend. It’s the same with W&K. They rarely attend church unless it’s with the Queen.

          1. Weren’t they around for Christmas last year and didn’t go to church, and the year before last… If I remember correctly James filled in for William at the annual football/soccer match but the Middletons didn’t attend church on the Sundays, including the year when they were invited/went to church on Chritsmas morning.

            I agree with you that they’re not religious but there have been times when the Queen’s in residence and they haven’t gone, which makes me wonder how it came about that on this ocassion, particularly with the ceremony taking place afterwards, they decided to make an appearance.

    1. William and Kate walked separately to the church as well – William walked with Philip and Kate walked with friends (two of Charlotte’s godparents).

  8. I actually like Kate’s outfit, but I’m so sick of that clutch.

    Is it just me or is Pippa’s outfit inappropriate for church?? I would never wear something that short to church. It must run in the family…

    1. I agree. I also found her hat to be a little attention grabbing. I always thought that when you were in the presence of the Queen you were supposed to dress in a non-flashy manner. Maybe I’m just naive in finding a big fur hat flashy. Either way, Pippa has a pattern of behavior where she regularly outdresses Kate and steals the spotlight.

      1. Well, Pippa’s still got her hook in the water. Kate can only dress like her mother now that she’s flashing Di’s ring.

      2. Maybe the deal is only one of the Middleton sisters can dress appropriately at a time lol. Glad I’m not the only one. The hat is flashy, but I mostly mind the hemline.

      3. Completely agree. That is a REALLY short skirt/coat for church. And the hat is indeed flashy. She is really low class and tries way too hard. Whereas I think Kate is actually very classy.

        1. I don’t think Kate is any classier than Pippa. A quick Google search shows that. She’s made so many gaffes, flashed her bits multiple times and refused to wear hem weights (or knickers) despite repeated exposures. I think the Queen got fed up with the situation and probably had a word with Kate about appropriate attire. It’s taken years for Kate to start dressing more appropriately and she has a fortune at her disposal to purchase the most expensive, designer clothes and get hair and beauty treatments. It takes about 200,000 a year to make her look presentable. That’s not class, in my book.

    2. The first thing I noticed was how short Pippa’s skirt was. I know she isn’t the royal, but she is still going to church and I find that very inappropriate. I also just don’t think it is age appropriate either. You are not a 20 something going to a club! Wear a longer skirt. I am Pippa’s age and I would feel so uncomfortable going to church like that!

      1. In all honesty I think we should treat all the Midds as we do the trolls – ignore them , they are not worth our effort . Pippa is single very athletic has a great figure if she wants to wear short coats let her. Just don’t get photographed with the royals. And let’s not worry about them . They are you and I, except like me I think most people on here work very hard either in paid employment or as full time parents. Pippa and James are neither. So scroll on by….

        1. Hear hear, Birdy! Ignoring them would be the worst form of punishment. We are half of the problem by giving them the attention we usually reserve for the Royals.

        2. It would be incredibly funny if the press totally ignored them at subsequent outings. That cat-that-swallowed-the-cream look on Carole’s face would disappear!

  9. I actually really, really like this Michael Kors suit, although the boots seem a bit heavy with it in my opinion. I would have loved to have seen her wear some strappy shoes as it was styled on the MK website, more of the retro/vintage feel. I hated her “morning after” bed head the first time she wore this suit, but her updo and hat today looked polished and classy to me. I appreciate the longer hemline, and it seems to me the skirt is heavy enough I don’t have to worry about seeing anything unseemly should wind arise so…. Win for Kate, in my book.

    That said, in Just about every photo I saw of Kate today, she seemed to be scowling or bored/angry. I know it was a solemn event and her usual gurning would look out of place, but dang, did she have to appear so bitter and miserable today??

    How does Pippa even sit down with a hemline that short? And yes to whomever said it above… Ever since the St Bart vacation LAST year when Pippa and James had just a little too much fun in the sun, they creep me out in the ickiest of ways whenever I see them together.

    I hate to say it but Scarole looked great today, Imo.

    1. I would have even preferred her Power pumps (that I hate) to these boots. I agree with you that these boots just seem too heavy with the longer skirt.

      1. To me heels in the country would have just looked ridicolous and inappropriate, plus so uncomfortable to wear! Boots were a better and more practical choice.

  10. Somebody needs to tell Kate that carrying her clutch like that is terrible for her posture. My positive for today? I like her up do the rest I dislike intensely. She looks 50 not 34.

    1. Also is this the only pair of boots she has in the country? She must have other footwear she can walk that little distance in…..boring Kate the plain bagel ( which will only mean some thing to those who have read KMR’ s long bagel analogy which is a quite brilliant piece of writing.)

      1. lol I didn’t mean to give Kate a new nickname. I actually just really love plain bagels.

        1. I’m reminded of the scene in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where the main character’s father rants about his future son-in-law’s “toast family.”

    2. Why carry a clutch at all? I don’t get this feature with ALL the royals. They have people to carry stuff for them. Leave your hands free for shaking hands and expressing emotions…

      I hate going to parties with small purses crammed with lipstick, phone, keys, tissues etc… the only reason why I even carry one is because I have noone to carry for me. When I got married, I don’t carry purses at all to weddings and parties. My husband has the keys and I stuff my tissues and lipstick into his pockets.

      1. Spot on Beatrice. Her clutch is just a distraction and her safety blanket. My husband’s pockets became my purse at certain events 🙂 Makes life sooooo much easier.

      2. I have always agreed with this as well. I get she might need to keep her phone or lip stick around, however it’s not like she can play with these things in the middle of the event. Would be better to have Rebecca carry these things or keep them in the car…

      3. I know!!!!!!!!! So many times I see the royals, not just Kate but others, too, who carry clutches to events where I can’t fathom them needing anything that would be in a clutch. And yeah, they have assistants to carry all their stuff when on engagements. I’ve seen Kate fumble trying to carry her clutch and accept flowers and gifts from the public when Rebecca Deacon was standing right there and could have held the clutch for her.

          1. At least the Queen carries a purse with a handle so that she can mostly have her hands free to shake people’s hands or accept gifts. I’ve always found it ironic that Kate carries a clutch, which is exactly the bag I would NOT carry if I knew I was going to be using my hands a lot.

          2. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that the Queen uses her purse to discreetly communicate with her aides. Depending on how she’s holding it, she supposedly can signal if she needs help, a break or is done talking to someone. Not sure if it’s true, but it sounds plausible to me.

        1. My grandmother taught me that it’s *common* for people of class to swing their arms when they walk. We all know it helps women keep their dress from flying up too, so the clutch is a prop. Keeps the hands where they should be for an elegant walk while maintaining outfit control.

  11. I didn’t like it before and I still don’t like it. It’s an aging look on Kate whom I’m thinking will look older than Scarole within a few years. I love the pop of color on Pippa but think the hemline too short for church with HM. James beard looks scraggly to me and maybe a little trim up will help. To avoid being a complete negative Nellie I will say I like the updo on Kate.

      1. My positive was that she was dressed appropriately. I didn’t much care for the style, but she was covered up and there was no Marilyn Monroe moment. It was also nice to see her wear a blazer instead of a dress or coat dress.

  12. I hate that skirt! Paired with those boots the result is even more 80’s. Kate should hire a stylist fast. Her hair though I did like and Will should just shave his head and acknowledge the fact that that hair is not coming back.

  13. I’m not sure why, but it always gives me creepy vibes that the Middletons do everything together like this… I mean, shouldn’t Pippa and James have their own lives?

    I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but it just seems like they are taking advantage of the fame of being photographed with the royal family.

    On fashion: I like Kate’s outfit, except for those boots – she needs new ones. She could sell one of her “hats” or coat dresses to finance it.

    Carole looks like Kate’s sister!

    Maybe William should try for some scruff on his face. It might improve his look, like a Jason Statham thing!

    1. This one time I think I can give Pips and James a pass, because it was the morning after Kate’s birthday. People can have their own lives and come around to celebrate their sibling’s birthday. The other times, though, not so much.

      1. We’ve had the warmest December ever recorded and we desperately want some cold weather but all we get is warm rain and flooding. I haven’t needed to wear warm clothes more than a couple of times this winter.

        1. What’s the temperature over there?

          I think it depends on where one lives at what temperature one determines it is cold. I live in Florida and it was 54 degrees F today, which is super cold to me. Colder than 50 is freezing to me.

          1. HaHa! I drove home from work tonight and it didn’t seem that cold to me – it was 8 degrees above zero but last night when I came home it was 10 below. It’s all what you’re used to I guess!

          2. Yes I agree it’s all relative and it has been very warm here all winter. We’ve only had to scrape the ice of our cars once which is very unusual. But it’s been WET …so much rain, so much flooding.

  14. Hmmm… Kate curtseyed to HM at the memorial. One can assume, then, that HM and Kate didn’t communicate at all in Church, before or after. A curtsey is only, if I understand it, required at first contact not at church and then at memorial given the two events were followed.

    Am I wrong in that assumption? Does that mean HM didn’t communicate with Kate and Middletons at Church?

    1. I found that strange as well. I would have thought, like you that there would be only one curtsey required at Church not one there and then one at the memorial.

      1. Perhaps the Queen avoided or didn’t have a chance to greet the Middleons and Kate was mostly likely with them before and after the service in the church so there was no greeting between the two till the ceremony.

    2. You curtsy to HM when you first see her and/or when you last see her. So when she acknowledges your presence and after she leaves. So maybe Kate curteseyed when she was leaving the place.

    3. Kate has done the oddly placed curtsy before. During the balcony appearance for Trooping one year she curtsied to Philip on the balcony.

      1. Yes I know… She’s not very good with these type of things – knowing the basics of her role.
        It should be second curtsy because she should curtsied first at church, so being the ‘good bye’ curtsy is the only think that would make sense in a world where she knows the basics. Hence my comment, which was meant to be a question rarer than a affirmation.

        PS: the balcony curtsy was so odd, I have yet to find something where you see another royal do this… I blame William half the time he is ‘helping’ her I have a strong gut feeling he is only covering for himself.

  15. Yikes. Hair today, Gone tomorrow. :{

    In most of the pictures, Kate looked downright mean. I can’t believe it’s only been five years of marriage for them. *Icily Trembles*

    1. Kate has cold eyes; there is no natural warmth to her demeanour, unfortunately. Her face is naturally hard, accentuated by the heavy makeup and brow line. She looked suitably attired for the event which is as much as one could ask, really. They were all asked simply to be respectful of an awful UK military cock-up that lost thousands of lives unneccesarily.

      I assume her family is present because they trooped en masse to Anmer Hall for her birthday, and were either asked to attend church or tagged along in order to feel important. Sad sods.

      Poor William and his hair! Gosh, the pictures from 2005-2016 are quite shocking. A No.1 haircut looks best on him; no fuss, no worry! He and Kate have aged considerably beyond their years.

      1. Birthday celebrations with the family? Where was the gorgeous Harry? Rhiannon we need you in there to sort this family out, but please whilst maintaining a very close and special relationship with your parents, keep it private!!

        1. Maybe Kate only wanted her family and a few of her friends there? Or maybe Harry’s busy? When Kate celebrated her birthday at cirque du soleil in 2013 (?) she went with William, the Midds, and a friend, but no Harry. So it doesn’t seem like Harry ever joins in for Kate’s birthday celebrations.

          1. Yes, the circe de soleil 2013 birhtday party. When Kate and Will decided in the very last minute that they wanted to see that show. This meant that a performance had to be cancelled, due to security checks. The cancellation was made in the last minute, so most of the people, who came to that performance didn’t know. One girl had asked for a day of for her birthday celebration, a group of retirees had travelled far away and so on.
            This was the same event when Kate’ head turned almost like Linda Blair’s from the Excorcist. The grand finale was some heavy hair sniffing.
            The story appeared in just one online gossip site.
            Kate and Will don’t take anyone into consideration, they never have and never will.

          2. For some reason I think that’s one thing they both enjoy doing occasionally, pulling rank and getting their way at the last minute. Who cares what has to be changed, cancelled or who has to work to make it happen.

            He did a similar thing when the BRF was going to watch a movie with the staff. Switching the title to something else because that’s what they wanted to see and then not showing up.

    2. Hair loss in men can be due to stress as well as genetics. IMO it is a good indication of the stress William is under in their marriage.

      1. I’m going with stress. His hair didn’t really start flying off of his head until the marriage. And if he eats the same as Kate then there could be some kind of nutrient deficiency, but I have a feeling he gets Carole to cook for him.

      2. Stress can age both men and women exponentially. Look at the US presidents: they look SO much older after their term than they should after only 4 or 8 years.

  16. The good: Kate’s outfit and up-do. Appropriate for the occasion and time of year.

    The bad: Wills. Sigh….I used to have a picture of him on my door when I was a teenager (I’m American but there used to be posters available). What happened?! He started losing his hair at an incredibly young age! Heck, I think Prince Edward had more hair when he was William’s age!

    The ugh: I truly think the Middletons are becoming the modern day Boleyns. Their closeness is… strange, IMO. Yes, I’m close with my sisters and we text each other (plus, my folks too, don’t get me wrong) but…..we haven’t taken a vacation as a family of five since I was 18 years old! Cut the strings, Carole! You need to let them spread their wings and try/do things out on their own! The plus? Carole looks good. Like, better/healthier than either of her daughters. Pippa? Not so much (like others have said, her coat and dress are uber short). James’s beard is growing a life of its own, he needs a trim. I feel bad for Michael. He always seems like he’s being dragged to these royal/social gatherings against his will. You can tell he feels uncomfortable.


    1. The DOC suit is awful. It’s as if she went to her closet and said: Hmmm. What’s the ugliest boring suit I can find? And then did.

      The Middleton Family annoys me so very much. Even in a hypothetical situation — where the Middletons weren’t greedy hangers-on, who brings their entire family to “work?” Albeit a royal family kind of work day? I don’t believe for one minute that they were invited by the Queen. Wills threw a tantrum or something, and that’s how they ended up there. And they’re so self-absorbed. I was waiting for the picture of Carole or Pippa stopping at a little child and accepting a bouquet of posies. They believe they are royal. And James’ beard is just disgusting. Don’t know what that’s about. But at least trim it, man! To repeat myself, the Middletons should not accompany the BRF on official duties. It’s wrong and looks stupid.

    2. I remember back when William was all the rage and he was on covers of magazines and stuff. He was super desirable back then. My how things have changed.

      1. Oh he was definitely a hottie during his teens/early 20s. I have a thing for accents so his looks back then + his British accent + deep voice = Kimothy is a goner. Now? I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole!

  17. The Middleton’s are marching on. Carole looked like the cat that got the cream. That stroll was her runway and she was in her element. Pippa seemed so very smug to me. James, meh. The one person I was actually glad to see was Michael Middleton. He hasn’t been seen much (if at all) since Charlotte’s birth. As others have said, I do feel sorry for this guy. Interesting that he wasn’t walking with his wife.

    Kate and William are aging exponentially. Other than his levels of stress are probably through the roof and he puts a lot on himself by trying to ignore his position in the BRF as much as possible, I can’t understand why he is aging so badly. It’s not like Kate is sucking the youth out of him for her own use, she’s looking just as bad. hard to believe they are 33/34 years old.

    I like HM’s outfit, Kate’s was a repeat that I wasn’t too thrilled with previously but at least she wore her hair up. It seems Carole and Pippa dug out the fur in a response to HM wearing it at Christmas. Carole looked good because she was happy and where she wants to be, alongside – not behind or away from, the royal family. I honestly believe she thinks she is entitled to be there. Pippa seriously should have done better. Or maybe she was hoping Harry would be there and wanted to put her best foot forward. It’s strange, but I’m really happy none of the other members of the BRF were there. Not even Edward and Sophie.

    Oh well, we’ll have to see what comes up with the Cambridges/Middleton’s next.

  18. I saw this in the Daily Mail last night so I have many observations:
    1. What is Kate trying to prove by re-cycling her clothes, she is a member of a very wealthy family and in her position should not overdo the recycling thing. If you are in the public eye and going to recycle outfits I think you should wait longer than repeating something from the previous week. Just another reason she needs a stylist. However, I do like this suit.
    2. Glad to see Kate wearing her hair up again, but she looks very hard. I sound like a broken record, but some softer eyemakeup and some lipstick for a a bit of color would work wonders.
    3. William and Kate both look like they are in their late 40’s.
    4. Looks like Kate, Carole and Pippa all had on those same boots. Time for a change. Kate’s are looking a bit beat up.
    5. Kate must have had crotch clutch lessons from her mother, they both carry their purses the exact same way.
    6. Pippa’s coat was way too short to wear to a house of religion, not very respectful.
    7. Noticed how James, Pippa and Carole were looking directly at the cameras.
    8. James and Pippa-seems like the 2 of them hang out together quite a bit, but I think it is because neither have a lot of friends. Also, think posh society has ostracized them because they are such blatant social climbers, they are becoming Euro-trash, but boring Eurotrash.

    1. Considering the ruckus the word “Eurotrash” caused last week, I’d appreciate if we didn’t use it. I don’t want anymore incidents.

      Re Kate’s repeating clothes: All the royals repeat clothes. HM, Camilla, Sophie, Anne has repeated clothes in the last couple years that she first wore over 30 years ago.

      1. Hi KMR,
        My apologies to you and all others posting on this site about the use of the E word, I must have missed that. Also, I do understand all royals recycle outfits, but to recycle an outfit just one week after first being seen in it strikes me as odd. I think I am quite a bit older than many of the posters here..I was in London when Charles and Diana got married, so I am old school in thinking if you have all that money why do you need to repeat outfits so frequently. Royal it up!!!

        1. It’s cool. Thank you for understanding.

          Kate has done the “repeat an outfit only two weeks later” before. In 2012 she wore a pink Emilia Wickstead dress twice in about two weeks.

    2. I have also noticed that none of the Midds (including Kate) seem to have friends outside of their immediate family unit. It seems a bit odd for people of Pippa and James’s ages to not have their own friends and life. Then again, we only see what the media gives us, maybe it’s not interesting to post photos out with non-famous friends. Then again maybe they don’t have any…

  19. Williams hair cut needs to be even shorter in my opinion; because now we have a very short top bit which actually looks even more patchy. Same length all over please – do I mean a ‘buzz cut’ ? is that terminology so terribly old fashioned now?, but well done William for doing something about it. Kate’s outfit is quite acceptable and her hair looks very nice indeed. Her posture lets her down big time and this close fitting jacket accentuates it. Carole wins the day in the fashion stakes; she looks lovely.

  20. William used to be sign handsome in my book. But then, I learned more about him and it was gone. I do think the haircut looks good on him. Stop fighting the genes and just keep it low.

    I liked Kate’s hair. Her stylist did a good job and there were no pins that were visible. There are so many options with long hair that she can do. I am tiring of those boots. By gosh, have them properly cleaned. They look scuffed. I know that she’s in mud and dirt, but her boots never look clean.

    The only Middleton that I like is Michael. I used to like Pippa, but she’s wearing on me. I do feel bad for them in a way. They created the their own insulated universe where all they have is each other.I can’t with Scarole. She looks a little too self satisfied for me. That walking was her runway and the photogs were there to document it. She looked a wee bit self satisfied for my taste.

    Thank you, KMR for the background on this event. I had no idea. I think that the Daily Fail could learn a thing or a million from you in regards to context and history.

    1. Agree with you about William’s hair. He was running out of options anyway. It was starting to look quite wispy, and if he continued to grow it, it would run into comb over territory. And he’s far too young for that!

    2. I was shocked that both the Express and Daily Mail got the year wrong. They said the soldiers who worked at Sandringham died in 2015, instead of 1915. Doesn’t anyone proofread?

      1. Oh I so agree with you KMR regarding proof reading!
        DM’s report of the Christmas Day walk had the Princess Royal identified as Princess Margaret and as well as that they spelt her name wrong too! Luckily it was finally corrected.

  21. Well, the positives for Kate here are that she behaved appropriately and I liked the chignon updo, she should do something similar for “working” events and especially any time she has a speech. She didn’t grin like a maniac and seemed more subdued than usual. She might have been too hungover to bust out the exaggerated facial expressions, she certainly looks puffy and exhausted. She also looked really annoyed with the elderly lady in waiting and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she had been assigned to keep Kate in line, protocol wise and exert a sobering influence. The hair and lack of loony grinning are definite improvements. I’m still not a fan of the coat on her, but I think it’s the length and cut on her frame, rather than the coat itself. She needs a happy medium between flashing and wearing a Sherlockian long coat. I do find her somber facial expressions to be really insincere, but at least she wasn’t grinning and twirling her hair. Both she and William are looking dramatically older than their age, I don’t understand why? Kate’s face sinks very easily into a miserable, set expression and you can tell by the heavy crease lines that she spends a lot of time with her face held like that. There was all kinds of hullabaloo over Will’s baldness and hair trim, but I didn’t realize how much he’s changed until i saw the comparison pics here. Wow! I do vividly remember his teen heartthrob years and it’s shocking to see the drastic change! I am one of those people who find age beautiful and I love to see character and laugh lines on people’s faces. After about 30, most people’s faces really start to show their character and attractiveness becomes more a matter of who you are versus your genetic package. This is unfortunate for both William and Kate because they are aging prematurely and both have discontented facial lines. I really wonder if they are starting to realize how most people feel about them? In Kate’s case, it would explain the sour looks she shoots photographers and why she looks so miserable at official functions. I’m guessing that her family and William try to shelter her and write off all criticism as jealousy or nastiness, but unless she has her head firmly under a rock, she has to know how disliked and not respected she is? You would think that would motivate her to roll up her sleeves and make an effort, but I think her instinct is to withdraw and become sullen. Something is causing her enough stress to age prematurely and I can’t imagine what else it could be, given her pampered and work free lifestyle. The only other thing I can think of is that handling William might be a component and it’s possible that the strain of an unhappy marriage is causing her to go downhill. I sense major trouble in paradise and predict a public “date night” or sporting event where they make a huge show of being affectionate to forestall divorce rumors. Another pregnancy is another likely option as well. I think Kate struggles with Royal appearances when things are poorly with William. I think she absolutely uses her family as a security blanket whenever she can and her confidence wilts if they’re not around. I am going to be in the minority here, but I actually burst out laughing when I saw Carole at this event. It looked to me like she was going to a fancy dress/costume party in a homemade Jackie O costume. Very few people can pull off a pillbox hat and Carole is not one of them. She looked only slightly more ridiculous than Pippa, with her roadkill hat and leathery tan. I know a lot of people think this was an improvement for them, Carole especially, but I think she looked chalky and the hair and hat combo just look terrible. James looks like a slob and I also get a sketchy vibe from him and Pippa. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but I always get creeped out when I see them together. I come from a very close family too, but I think the Middleton’s are enmeshed to an unhealthy degree. Something’s just not right there. I have a lot of sympathy for Mike though. He still looks bewildered and embarrassed by the whole situation and like he was bathed, dressed and dragged out the door by an enthusiastic Carole. I can picture her licking her thumb and slicking his hair right before leaving the house with him just standing there with a hangdog expression. 😀 If Kate is ever going to kick in and work on changing her image, not inviting her awful family to Royal events would be a good start. People hate them so much that them hanging around is never going to help her and in fact just cause her to be more ridiculed.

    1. Lol roadkill hat. Sadly, I think the finger slicking lick was for Kate, which is why she looks better than usual. Very possible Carole did her hair.

      1. It is a very poor choice to wear anything fur related since many species are being extinct on daily basis in present time. They should set and send a better example for the public. I am not sure, but it looks to me like mrs. Middleton is wearing something furry around her neck.

        1. I don’t agree. Fur is okay and is extremely classy and elegant if well worn. Many wear it but even in that case, you have to know how to wear it appropriately. For example it’s very proper and very chic (and warm!) for the mountain and the country in winter, it’s quite risky and difficult to wear because sometimes you could just end up looking engulfed by it while it should be something that compliments you and finishes off your look without making it too much. The outfit needs to be well-balanced to work. I usually love how the Queen wears it and she truly has an impeccable taste on this (I adored the fur she chose to style her red coat with during the Christmas walk this year) and Queen Daisy usually does good with it minus a few misses (the other day I loved that blue fur-lined dress she wore, which looked so Russian inspired and gorgeous to me). Pippa’s hat was nice but wasn’t fit for those nuances she chose to go with and fur isn’t really her strength fashion-wisely. It doesn’t suit her IMO. However I understand that the fur subject is rather personal. Not everybody likes it.

          1. Ivory only looks good on an elephant, fur only looks good on a live animal. For me there is absolutely no reason ever to wear fur, and for people around Will and Kate who are supposedly so keen on protection of species it shows a total lack of respect. Old fur so it doesn’t matter ? No excuse, don’t encourage anyone to buy new fur. Something I feel very strongly about, but don’t intend to insult any individual who has a different opinion.

          2. Birdy: I disagree. Wearing fur is no different than eating meat. Ergo no, I don’t think I can criticise people who wear it because it is simply not coherent and quite unfair, JMO. And I think there is nothing wrong with recycling old fur. If you have it already and you like it, why shouldn’t you wear it.

    2. Wow, Bets. I agree with much of what you have posted. However, I don’t feel sorry for Mike Middleton. Act like a man, for goodness sake. Leave that witch, or tell her off!

      I am also thinking that Kate hates these appearances. The Lady in Waiting did seem to be keeping her in line. However, that first photo is rather telling. Doesn’t she appear to be directly behind HM and Prince Philip? And, in front of William? Also, her expression is not a very nice one.

      I am not a fan of that suit. Just dreadful looking. I did think her hair looked very presentable, though. Perfect for the occasion.

      Pippa, James and Carole are so annoying. They really looked as if they were in Heaven with all the exposure to the media. I did not think Carole looked great, either. She certainly thinks highly of herself, though. So do Kate’s hanging on sibs.

      There is certainly something unhealthy about the relationships of these family members. Being close to one’s parents and siblings is one thing, but something is off in this group. Can’t William see that? Oh, and his balding head! He was surely a heart throb back in the days. And, that wasn’t oh, so long ago. What a shame!

      1. I don’t feel sorry for Michael because either he is too afraid of Carole to leave her or is too lazy or likes the perks too much, in which case it’s his fault for letting this happen, or he likes being the submissive one in the relationship, in which case it’s his fault for letting this happen. Either way, he’s not an innocent in this situation. So I don’t feel sorry for him.

    3. Fantastic comments, Bets. My only point of departure is Mike: he and Carole engineered their family dynamic so, while he looks to be a much nicer person than his wife, he is nevertheless part of the problem.

      I would like if the press as a group simply refused to take pictures of the Middleton family at these (or any) events. I think it is the only way to discourage this ‘hungry for the limelight’ family.

      1. That would be hilarious; if the press just stopped taking all the pictures of the Middletons. What would Oringina do with all those silly expressions?

    4. “It looked to me like she was going to a fancy dress/costume party in a homemade Jackie O costume.”

      Ah Bets! This made my day!!

  22. Well, I didn’t like this outfit the first time she wore it and am not thrilled with it this time either although the up do was a better fit for this outfit.

    Very nice of the Queen to include Kate’s family but I’m sure some form of temper tantrum went into that invitation. Having seen Carole in these pictures I can now see where Kate gets her horrible posture and inappropriate crotch clutching. By the way, it looks like Carole and Pippa raided Kate’s hat boxes, both are wearing hats that Kate has worn before. And all three women are wearing the same boots, this family has a very strange dynamic.

    1. Agreed on the outfit. I love Michael Kors. My favorite show for years was Project Runway, and it was principally because of the creative fashion and Michael’s killingly funny comments. He had his mother on once, she’s a divine, sweet person. Michael looks just like her and said he makes a lot of his clothes with her mind because she traveled a good bit, etc. Which is cute and all, but it means that he’s making clothes with a woman in her early 60s in mind (she might be older but she looks great). And his fabrics are always so yuck… sorry Michael. He said he loves the Hamptons and that’s what he pulls from. He’s done other work that I like better, but that work verges on Calvin Klein, and I am a huge fan of his, including wearing a piece as I type this. Kate is just Carole’s clone. But props to Kate for not sheering off paying respects. She got hit HARD by the media for missing last year’s Remembrance Day, so she’s starting off better.

  23. It seems that the Middletons are to the UK as the Kardashians are to the US. Even though I may not be popular in my opinion, I felt that the Middletons looked put well together. Kate did good enough today. Will, is doing what he can with what he has left. I was shocked at his transformation in 10 years. I know I am a wee bit older than him, but my aging hasn’t been as drastic(and I don’t have the help or resources or number of vacations under my belt!!). I am shocked at how both of them are aging. I don’t expect them to stay 28 forever, but they went from 28 to 45 in a span of 5 years!!

    To end on a positive note, Prince Phillip’s coat in the first pic was scrumptious! I wanted to stare at that green the entire time. He still has ‘it’ I think.

  24. Ten years ago I believed the hype William got. I believed that he had some substance. I can’t look at him the same way anymore. IMO he looks like an asshole. The more stories I hear of his bad behaviour and temper, he just gets uglier and uglier in my eyes.

    1. The story about Charles ripping out a sink because he got pissy about something trivial really stuck with me. Who knows if it’s true or not but I imagine some of these royal men have maniacal tempers and superiority complexes. I have a feeling a lot of royals don’t think very highly of the average person on the street.

      1. I think Charles has mellowed, it could be from being married to Camilla or it could be that people are finally “getting” Charles and his beliefs, like conservation etc.

  25. I recall reading some time ago that Sophie’s father is included, by the Queen personally, in many royal family events and since the death of his wife lives with Edward and Sophie at Bagshot Park. Of course, we never see or hear about his attendance because he hasn’t traded in on his royal connections to lease Range Rovers at special deals, he doesn’t pander to the American press or “write” columns for the UK papers. I really don’t have a problem if the Queen decides to invite royal in-laws to royal events but I would expect those in-laws to remember that the event isn’t about them and out of respect for Her Majesty they should keep as low of a profile as possible.

          1. Ale:

            The Middletons were smiling while walking back to Anmer Hall/Sandringham House after the normal Sunday church service. They did not attend the memorial ceremony.

  26. I actually feel really bad for William and his hair. It is genetics and not his doing, so I choose not to make fun of him. Kate’s aging is her own fault. Due to partying, sun, dieting and smoking. All these things have aged her and is her own fault, where as Will’s hair is not his fault.

    Gosh, Pippa and Carol sure look pleased to be photographed. If I were Kate I would be embarrassed. At least tell them don’t look so obvious on how happy you are to be photographed. I am sick of them acting like royals.

    I liked Kate’s hair today like everyone else. But seriously, she has the same amount of volume pulled back as when her hair was long. I don’t see how she can have so much pulled back like that with how short her hair is now. She has to be using extensions for at least the up-dos to give more volume. There is just not as much to work with as when her hair was so long.

    1. Maybe that’s why she was looking the way she did, couldn’t control the fam…gritting her teeth, thinking “what are they at, I’m hearing whispers from the higher ups, I TOLD mum, don’t draw attention…ugh, I’m dying!!! What is going on behind me?? And Pippa’s coat, to church?? They never listen, and I’m the one that has to deal with the sly remarks later. I am so done with all of this, grrrr”

    2. I’m so over Kate’s spotlight hogging family. What a sorry bunch of social climbing lightweights. Though I take exception to Michael who is probably being dragged into this.

    3. I think Kate’s skin is the culprit not anything she did wrong over the years. Her mom and sister both have skin that is beyond its years. Pippa’s pap photos are usually so unflattering, she looks about 45 to me. They seem to have low elasticity and perhaps have quite thin skin so that’s why it sags so much.

      1. Looking at photos of them makes me extremely grateful to my mom for slathering me in sunblock and forcing me to wear dorky sun hats (ever heard of the Flap Happy hat?) as a kid. 😀 As I have exclusively UK heritage, my skin is not made for sun. Sun damage really does age people! I was a ballet dancer as well and tans were frowned upon, so that saved me from my idiot years too. I’m 34 and get mistaken as a high school student, so I am a firm believer in avoiding the sun and eating well.

      2. Yes, that is what is wrong with the skin of those women; lost all elasticity. But, hey, that doesn’t keep them from further ruining what’s left of it with tanning.

    4. William has a big share of responsibility in allowing the Mids to be so close to him and his wife. I think that the Mids ‘adopted’ him during a vulnerable time of his life, when he was young, naive and desperately seeking reassurance and a purpose in his life. In a way, taking up the role of a protective husband for Kate and later of the sheltering father for his children gave him the much needed sense of ‘being a man’.

      In the same time, this may feel like a heavy responsibility and burden, but also a kind of duty that he was not able to fulfill for his mother, when he was not able to protect her.

      I truly believe that all this complicated psychological state and the long lasting effects of his trauma after losing his mother (that he has still to address) have taken their toll on his personality and looks, and with this I don’t mean his baldness. One cannot help being bald and I would never make fun of that. I mean his remoteness, his lack of confidence and his difficulty in connecting with others. He may seem dull, boring or ‘proper’ in order to hide his inner stress and agony.

      I really can’t see any other reason for his ageing as quickly. As my father would have said, he walks with a heavy heart. And this definitely affects Kate and the children. In this sense, Harry as the younger child of his parents and being as young as he was during their break up and Diana’s death, was saved of this fate.

      Sorry for the long post guys. I really feel sorry for William sometimes. I hope this makes sense.

      1. Elina, I hadn’t thought of William’s circumstances quite like you expressed them. Your post did give me quite a twinge of sympathy for him to some extent. Like BamaLynn said, very insightful.

      2. I agree with you but….his Father should be aware of all of this, and Charles himself has experienced long bouts of depression/self doubt etc. I believe Charles was also very badly affected by Diana’s death because he knew he could have helped her more. So Charles should have insisted that Will had proper support / counselling over the years. In Britain it is still seen as ‘not done’ to need help, but the RF must have seen that he was not coping .

        1. I understand Birdy but just because the BRF had it coming, it doesn’t mean that they actually did it, i.e. seek councelling for the boys when their mother died. As you said it is considered more or less improper. Charles was lucky enough to have had Camilla but the boys? I think William has still unsolved issues.

  27. I don’t like Kate’s outfit. The buttons and neckline/collar flaps are aging. It would have looked better if the coat dress wasn’t so long and with smooth boots or tights and heels. The scrunched boots don’t pair well. Tight sleek boots would have at least made it look a bit more tailored. I feel like she’s either being forced to look frumpier by the queen because she was just too much of a barbie with the long thick hair and the sexy clothes or she’s doing it on her own now that she’s a full time mom. Either way I don’t get as excited as I used to about her looks. The bright blue dress coat she wore in Scotland with her black boots and her long hair was spot on, the whole look screamed Kate, but I feel like that was the last time we’ll see her looking her old self. Search for ‘kate middleton scotland blue coat’ and look at images. That’s the Kate I’ve always been obsessed with. This new Kate seems frumpy and held down by somebody who didn’t appreciate how chic she was/was jealous of how chic she was.

  28. My two cents – Kate has one winter church outfit – because she doesn’t attend very often – she had to repeat. The boots are practical, there was a lot of walking. Note – she had her hair done – they’ve got local staff to help her prepare.

    I think the Midds and friends were visiting for Kate’s birthday and needed to attend the event after the Queen included William and Kate in the day. I don’t know that the guests knew they’d be attending church before they arrived. W&K will inherit the Estate one day – they need to honor the traditions since they are now living on it. It was the Queen’s grandparents who built the memorial.

    1. Hi LadyBlueRibbon, while I agree that the Middleton’s and friends were visiting for Kate’s birthday I don’t understand why they “needed” to attend the event? Couldn’t they have very well stayed back at Anmer Hall while William and Kate did what they were asked by the Queen?

      1. But Lauri, then they wouldn’t have been seen or photographed! Turning up shows the world that they are special and cosy with royalty.

    2. I agree that I don’t think Carole and Pippa (and the rest) knew they would be attending church because apparently they both wore Kate’s hats. If they knew they would be attending church they would have brought their own hats.

  29. Dragging the Middletons to this event appears to be William’s way of easing the public into the “family” that will one day be waving down at us from Buckingham Palace. I can already see it – the Camridges and the Middletons, along with Pippa’s and James’s spouses and children, with Grandmummy Carole, looking down on the plebs from the balcony. It’s all a waiting game for Kate… something she has proven to be an expert at. Wait long enough, and everyone else before William will eventually kick the bucket.

    1. I can see old Queen Victoria rolling over in her grave were that to occur. “So much easier when Albert’s and my grandchildren all married one another and not these blessed commoners!”

    2. NO!!!!!

      Here’s a thought though: Given how long the Windsors tend to live, and given Carole is already 60, I wonder if Mike and Carole will actually outlive Charles. Charles may outlive both of them which would put a serious damper to the perks they would receive if/when William is king.

  30. Why don’t you just shut down your blog, everyone of your personal comment has to do with defending KM…you’re just a bootlicker, KMR!!! Lol

  31. KMR ignore the above critic. I do not understand why the royals allow the middleton family get away with their behavior? No other married in family members are allowed to push themselves in like Kate’s family? What do you think?

  32. How sad that a woman of 33 years of age has to have a LIW by her side to “behave properly.” What is wrong with Kate Middleton? It’s not rocket science to dress appropriately – and by that I mean not flashing people! Underwear! Can any of you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you have been around the Royal Family for so many years and still had to be counseled on your comportment/being told to wear undergarments? Is she six years old mentally? Maybe she is passive-aggressive and flashing mobs is her way to sticking it to the BRF. Or an exhibitionist? I don’t know how much longer I can hear about her immaturity. Sorry to rant on, but I ask myself how long we are all going to wonder when and if Kate is going to “get it.” Are we still going to have these conversations when she is 45?

    1. At some point Harry will marry and people will focus on his wife. If she’s even half way decent, the focus will all be on her and not Kate.

    2. Remember her claim to fame at school was mooning boys – some 80 times until teachers took her in hand, advising her that this was not a good way to attract attention. And here she is, still sort of doing it, but now to the world. Attention seeking behaviour. So much for the great upbringing.

      But yes, if Harry marries someone half decent – and given his taste in women sucks that is a big if – KMR is right.

      1. I know we all want a great woman for Harry, but his track record is not great. Given his track record, we’ll most likely get another version of Kate, or someone just as bad but in different ways.

          1. I hope so. He seems to have grown a lot in the last couple of years, at least publicly, and it would be a huge blow to his image, in my opinion, if he married some flaky party girl he would have dated ten years ago.

            I don’t think we should expect someone brilliant, though, no matter what. Harry isn’t an intellectual and I doubt an intellectual woman would want to marry someone who isn’t on their level. But I do hope Harry at least marries someone hardworking. She doesn’t have to be some super intellectual, she just needs to find a cause and work hard at it and be able to give good speeches.

          2. I want to add my opinion but I’m not sure if it would be wise to butt in. **walks away** (it’s in defense of Harry but a diss to Wills…..)

          3. thank you KMR.

            While we all know that Harry has never been book smart (and, on top of it, has a learning disability), his emotional intelligence, like his mother, is off the charts. He’s good at reading people and knows when they’ve BS’d him. Chelsy was known for mingling within the royal/nobility set BUT she also got herself a law degree and is a lawyer and you can’t get that by looks alone or knowing how to get hammered.

            I think Harry and Cressida were more “friends with benefits.” She was his rebound and she used his name to get her foot in the entertainment door. Plus, I feel this was Princess Eugenie’s way of getting back at Kate for treating her and Bea like crap during the dating years. (Cressida’s half sister is Isabella Super-Hyphenated-Last-Name, who Wills was truly crazy about and still makes Kate super jealous.)

            Anyway, I can definitely see Harry with a girl who is similar to Chelsy: feisty and fun but smarter than many believe; she calms Harry and brings out the best in him. I’ve got a feeling that when he truly falls for a girl, he falls HARD and (unlike William) is incredibly loyal and protective of his girl.

        1. I often wonder if William would have a different attitude to life had he been besotted with a strong woman with a deep desire to give of her best aka one who takes no crap. He may have had to buck up his act! I hope Harry finds the person you describe, someone with a good heart and strong work ethic but who will put him on notice quick smart if he gets out of line!

          1. This is getting so long but I am trying to reply to the thread following Kimothys comments. This morning I was rushing for the gym but my exact thoughts were Diana was not book smart. Now I admit I love her but fully appreciate she had problems. Nevertheless she DID unquestionably make a real difference to such important things as HIV/AIDS and land mines. I think Harry is the same and agree with you Kimothy .personally I think Chelsea adores Harry – the fact that she is not in a serious relationship suggests that to me, but unlike Kate she really doesn’t want the life. Being brought up in Southern Africa I think she enjoys her freedom and although she knows many in the Royal ‘set’ I don’t think she is a fully paid up member. I may be wrong we actually know very little about her.

      2. Hi, Jen. Yes, I remember that problem she had at school. Not for the first time I wonder if Kate Middleton is playing with a full deck.

        1. Lisa, we could all excuse a schoolgirl’s poor decisions, less so those of a grown woman who seems unwilling to learn the ropes of her first job.

        2. I sometimes wonder if Carole has intentionally kept Kate at a certain level emotionally so that she would continue to be dependent on her. Being dependent on Carole means that Carole gets to be around Prince William and possibly the royal family more. It means Carole gets to play lady of the manor and run Kate’s household since Kate seemingly can’t. Carole gets to live her fairy tale life through Kate.

          I really don’t think she wanted Kate to be independent. An independent Kate with a smidgen of self-respect may have told William to shove off after he cheated and/or dumped her several times during their relationship. Not emotionally stunted Kate, she just ran to mummy and asked how she could fix it.

          1. Very insightful Lisa. A parent who keeps a child dependent and stunted is not doing them any favours. Quite the opposite! I agree that Kate should have given William the heave-ho when he cheated. Carole’s personal ambitions have played out through her daughter but at the expense of Kate’s self-respect and general welfare. Gosh, that family is a mess.

          2. Please be assured I have no illusions to being a perfect parent. However it is totally unacceptable to live out your dreams or failed dreams through your children . The best and often hardest thing to do is to teach them to fly ! Help advise support encourage warn against bad decisions etc but don’t expect them to do things for Your benefit or because you didn’t achieve it.

          3. Jen where is the evidence William cheated? I don’t think he ever actually did? Just broke up with her in 2007? Or have I missed something.

          4. R in UK

            I have read that William brought women back to the barracks for one-night stands and partied around. This was during their off/on time so perhaps not cheating in the true sense. However, he was not particularly committed to Kate; she just waited for him to come back. Kate was prepared to have him on his terms, whatever they were/are.

            William’s behaviour was considered far worse than Harry’s but could not be reported though the press (don’t know why except to maintain some PR fantasy of the good prince who will one day be king) have alluded to it backhandedly now and then.

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