Royal Round Up: Prince William, Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, Queen Rania, Crown Princess Mary

Royal Round Up: Prince William, Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, Queen Rania, Crown Princess Mary

Prince William stills works as an air ambulance pilot, y’all. Also, Queen Maxima gave a speech about entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, Queen Rania was in Belgium and met with Queen Mathilde, and Crown Princess Mary visited her patronage, the Heart Foundation.

We few of us have been wondering lately whether Prince William still has his job as an air ambulance pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA), considering there hasn’t been much said about it in several months. For a while there it seemed like every time William flew, there was a nice little PR piece about it. Then there was silence for months.

I guess someone decided it was time to reconfirm that William is indeed still employed by the EAAA because there was a nice story about it yesterday, complete with pictures. William and his team even ate lunch at a school and talked to the kids. The Daily Mail says William went back to work on January 12 after a three week break over Christmas.

William eats at school

Queen Maxima gave a speech at the launch of NL Groeit (NL Grows), a program for entrepreneurs, in which she talks about starting and growing one’s business in the Netherlands. She said, in part:

    “Netherlands is an entrepreneurial country.
    “The Netherlands is also a country that can compete well. According to the World Economic Forum, we hear even the five most competitive countries in the world.
    “That is very good news for everyone who lives and works in the Netherlands. Not only for entrepreneurs but also for workers and jobseekers, for pupils and students and for people who enjoy their retirement. Because entrepreneurship also lays a foundation for our prosperity, and our dynamism, innovation, creativity and opportunity. And everyone benefits from, young and old!”

[full transcript]

King Willem-Alexander and Maxima attended New Year’s Receptions at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on January 12 and 13. The reception on January 12 was for guests representing Dutch society, and the reception on January 13 was for members of the diplomatic corps and international organizations.

W-A gave a speech at the reception in which he talked about Paris, the EU, and home care. He also revealed that he and Maxima will make a State Visit to France in March.

Max wore a teal blouse and black leather skirt with emerald earrings for the first day, and an orange dress and brown wrap for the second day.

New Year’s receptions have been happening in Belgium for a while, where King Philppe and Queen Mathilde meet dignitaries and whatnot. Philippe and Mathilde held another one on January 12 where Mathilde wore a red lace dress and matching shoes.

Mathilde made an outfit change into a blue lace top and grey skirt to meet with Queen Rania, wearing a taupe coat with pink accents, at the Royal Palace on January 12.

Rania took off her coat, revealing a light pink top and and brown skirt, to meet with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker at the EU headquarters in Brussels.

Rania then changed into a purple print dress for a meeting with Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel on the Syrian refugee crisis. I really like this outfit.

Crown Princess Mary, as Patron, presented the Heart Foundation research grants on Monday, January 11. The Heart Foundation “works to provide children and adolescents with heart disease as good a life as possible, including by providing information, advice and guidance and safeguard common interests of children, young people and their families.”

Before the presentation, Mary met with a group of children with congenital heart defects.

This year’s scholarship award is focused on children who are caregivers for sick parents or siblings, as this may have negative consequences for children’s well-being and development.

Long term readers of the blog will know how I feel about kids being forced to take care of their parents, so I’m not going to touch that issue today.

Mary gave a speech at the event, but I cannot find a transcript of it.

156 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Prince William, Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, Queen Rania, Crown Princess Mary

      1. I know…she totally doesn’t need it. Can you believe she is 45? Wow. I think Mathilde (who is 42) is very attractive–but Queen Rania looks so much more youthful.

        1. Oh my, I would never thought Mathilde is that age. I think she looks older and as some have commented already, rather dowdy. Runner, I just looked at your other comment. Why do you think Mathilde is the only one who hasn’t had plastic surgery? I didn’t know that either!
          I think Rania is the best looker of them all. She’s classy and warm. Thank u KMR for another great roundup!

          1. She’s also the only royal besides Max who hasn’t had some form of plastic surgery. It’s sad that so many women have plastic surgery once they marry into a royal family…

        1. It’s pretty well known that Kate, Letezia, Mary, and Rania all have had nose jobs and other tweaks. Apparently, Princess Charlene has had quite a bit of plastic surgery as well…

          You can find before and after photos; it seems the case to me. I won’t argue that Mathilde doesn’t look a bit dowdy in her outfit.

          It’s a bummer that so many royal woman feel the need to go under the knife–but the same pressure is there being a celebrity as well..

          1. You’re right! In this sense, contemporary royals don’t have much difference than celebrities! I’m not sure if it’s how is supposed to be though.

          2. Honest question: Why do people think Kate got a nose job? Because I’ve seen older photos of her and she has always had that butt-nose quality to her nose.

          3. I’ve never been able to tell if Kate did get a nose job or two or if her nose just looks slimmer and longer because she has consistently been underweight since her marriage? Do people lose weight in their noses? Is that a thing? It’s mostly cartilage, so I don’t see how that would be possible, but maybe having your face be too gaunt can change the way your nose looks? If she did have a nose job, it’s very subtle (unlike her chompers) and the little butt on the end is still very much there. I love how natural Max looks here, she needs no surgery! She looks especially radiant here and also looks like she would be an absolute blast to sit around and gossip over a glass of wine.

          4. I don’t think Kate’s gotten work done. Will would find out and I don’t think he’d like it–it would have been too obvious that she was trying to do everything possible to use looks to get him. IMO she sticks to health shakes, botox, etc.

          5. Veneers, botox, fillers, extensions (that’s a maybe cosmetic procedure :-)) and anything else Kate has gone are all cosmetic procedures, and Will was fine when she got all this other stuff done. I read in numerous places that she got a nose job as a present to herself for, I believe, graduation. This is all gossip so it could be false. I read that she got one again around her engagement time to refine her nose. Lately, we see her nose looking more different than before. Who knows? She has had numerous cosmetic procedures—so it would not be surprising. I don’t have a solid source who said that she got one…with these types of things, there is never a solid source, just rumors floating around.

          6. I’m only asking because I don’t actually see the difference in her nose that other people say is there. I’ve heard the rumors, but I just don’t see it. I agree that Kate has had other stuff done (like her teeth, botox), I just don’t see a difference in her nose. I could just be missing it; that’s why I asked.

          7. Bets – Do people lose weight in their noses? Is that a thing?

            Yes actually. I have known some people who have lost a healthy amount of weight, and an unhealthy amount of weight, and their noses did look slightly leaner than in the past. Weird hey? One girl I SWORE had a nose job, before I realized she had lost weight (her fb pics didnt show her full length body for almost a year and it just looked like her face changed and I thought for sure it was surgery. Then I saw her in real life, we became closer, and over time I realized it was not surgery, it was weight loss).

          8. I don’t see anything different with Kate’s nose to say she’s had a nose job. I understand that when you lose weight, and as such, lose fullness on your face, your nose proportions could change relative to your other facial features. Perhaps that’s it?

          9. Oh dear god now I have a whole new worry in the mornings- do I have a fat nose, do I need to go on a nose diet? Are there any special nose diet recipes!!! Oh I just love this blog, it makes my life so much fun.

    1. I think it’s cultural. Women from that part of the world really do wear a lot of makeup – what is often seen as “too much” in Europe or North America.

        1. Haha, no, I just live in an area with a good number of women with roots in N. Africa, Syria, Turkey, etc. and I noticed that!

  1. So, William got a 3 week break for Christmas. He will then probably work for another 2 weeks or so and then take a 2 week vacation with the Middletons. Gosh, I feel bad for his fellow co-workers. They probably needed a full time employee and not one who comes and goes as he pleases. That has to be frustrating because I am sure they are picking up his slack with all the ‘break’s’ he gets. How much vacation time do they get I wonder? I suppose they are just supposed to feel honored that William chose to work with them and therefore put up with his schedule that he sets. I feel like this job is just a front for him not to be a full time working royal. He is almost as bad as Kate, finding anyway out of work. Maybe I am wrong, but I do wonder what the his co-workers think of him.

    1. I think William is worse than Kate. William is the blood royal in that relationship and should be setting the example for Kate and instead he’s doing everything he can to get out of doing his duty. No wonder Kate thinks she can get away with all the crap she pulls. William’s the one pulling even more crap, and, in my opinion, using Kate and the kids as a shield.

      1. KMR you took the words right out of my mouth. People go on about how proud Diana would be of William and I disagree. If she were alive she would have already given him a kick up the royal bum that he needs.

        He is the one who was born into this live and he SHOULD be setting an example to Kate of what it is to work in the Royal family, Or as Prince Philip calls it, (The Firm). Instead he is playing at being pilot in Budgie the Helicopter and leaving his very elderly Grandparents to carry on and not helping out.

        1. I agree that I don’t think Diana would be proud of William. All he does is whine and complain and do everything in his power to get out of his royal duties.

      2. I actually was thinking of Kate pre-royal days. She did everything to try and appear like she was working but it was only a cover. She wanted to seem busy when she wasn’t. Like with her Jigsaw job that was only part time, she quit because she ‘wanted more personal time’. But now, you are right, if the blood royal acts this way, than it is no wonder why Kate does as well.

    2. I’m kinda gonna play devil’s advocate here. I’m a medic and work shifts. Ours is 4 on, 4 off. Which is about 16 shifts/month. My boyfriend works 24 hour shifts. That works out ti be 7 shifts/month. There are a ton of other shifts. I start with 5 weeks vacation. So if I take 1 week off, it works out to be 12 days off. If my boyfriend takes a week of, depending on where in his rotation, it could work out for be 3 weeks off. So PW may not have actually taken 3 weeks off. It all really depends on which shift rotation they do. As for picking up the slack. Anyone who goes into shift work knows it could mean working holidays. That’s when we get paid over time. Sometimes it could work out ti be 3x regular pay. Which is awesome! And generally speaking, we all hang out with or are dating or are married to someone or have family who’s also in shift work. So missing a holiday/birthday isn’t that big of a deal. Again, not saying this is what PW does. It’s just my experience.

      1. Thanks for that explanation; I imagine it’s different for each organisation as to how the details work. Perhaps William’s workmates were only too happy in picking up his shifts (if indeed he was rostered) if they got double or triple pay over public holidays! That makes a big difference to your wage to get that little fillip every now and again. And he doesn’t need the money so may as well offer it to workmates.

      2. Thanks for the info Miss K. I’ve never worked shift work so I wouldn’t know any of this.

        1. It should be remembered that William doesn’t work a full time job even if the job is in the form of shifts.

          It was announced that he would work only 2/3 of the normal shifts to accommodate his royal work.

          Nothing was said about his off shift rotation so it could be that he works 2/3 of shifts, but takes the full off shift rotation ie instead of 4on/4off, he is working 2.6on/4off.

          Then when you factor in poster upthread’s shift work explanation, you find that he has more time off than on.

          Finally, all this sounds exactly like his SAR work where it was claimed that he worked reduced shifts to accommodate royal duties with emphasise that SAR was a priority, but then the end of year tallies would come up and it would be discovered that he hadn’t done much royal work AND it came out that he wasn’t meeting the minimal work requirement of 15hrs/mth at SAR.

          So he wasn’t/isn’t working at SAR/EAAA and he wasn’t/isn’t doing royal duties, it begs the question of what does he do all day?

          He is a con artist and it is a pity that neither the BRF nor the public/media call him out on it.

          1. Yeah, that’s why they have Jason to cover their royal assess by releasing timely PR spins to placate doubters….but who are they fooling really?

          2. I just imagine William being a man-child at home, throwing tantrums over articles and pictures and playing video games (I think Kate said he was really into that) and I would hope spending some time with the kids and working out with Kate… You know, trying to keep it *normal* (wink wink)

  2. Wow I need to go back to bed after all that info how do you do it for us KMR.

    Before I start let me just say I ‘scrolled on by’ that ridiculous comment asking you to shut down – because you are too nice to Kate!! Actually I think you are nice to Kate, you always try to find something good to say about her, and that makes you who you are rather than a total bitch. Easy to forget her successes or that others make the same mistakes, but you do remind us.

    So Will has gone back to work after THREE weeks- what is that all about. Did we not have road accidents, medical emergencies over Christmas, or is just ok for others to lose time with their families while picking up his shifts. I am seriously not impressed .

    The ladies all look great from what I can see. Max never forgets her genuine smile and I love her colourful combinations.

    Not keen on all the lace on Mathilde just as I didn’t like it on Kate. I just don’t like lace really except on an evening gown.

    Rania is certainly busy – can’t imagine Kate ever being able to represent the UK with world leaders in the same way. I know I know she’s a way from being queen, but these queens are not that much older than her.

    Mary looks so relaxed with kids, it doesn’t seem like work for her.

    1. I wonder how many weeks vacation William’s coworkers got. Three weeks seems like a lot, especially for someone who has only been working there for six months.

      I’m okay with the lace on Mathilde. I’m okay with lace on Kate when it’s a short dress. I just don’t like full lace gowns because it’s too much lace (on everyone). I guess we’re opposites in that way.

      Thanks for ignoring that comment on the other thread.

    2. Kate is 34.Rania is 45.Mary is 43.The age difference ranges from 9 to 11 years.I think that is a considerable range.I wouldn’t put Rania and Mary in the same age group as Kate.

      1. We will agree to disagree Candice. To my mind they are the same generation. However old she gets I can’t see Kate being a real ambassador for the UK meeting world leaders on her own. I hope I am wrong.

          1. I agree that she doesn’t have the gravitas,yet.Hopefully,it will build with time.If it doesn’t,it will be disappointing.
            I’d like to see her perform a solo tour(without William).She needs experience.

  3. All of these women look elegant and I am sure represent their respective causes and countries with panache. I particularly like Maxima’s attire and her subtle colour combinations; exquisite.

    1. Queen Maxima is anything but subtle, IMO. She does well focusing and settling on warmer nuances like the second mise she chose for the Reception (which actually suit her given her skin tone and hair colour) but her clothes usually lack refinement and flair according to my taste.

      1. Oh, I love Maxima. She really stands out. I think her choice in color and wardrobe is striking. She knows how to rock a hat and rock a gown. She also seems like a fun and interesting person.. Intelligent, too. Loved her look in both the photos. The blouse is what I refer to as “teal,” not the blue that is often called teal on this blog. I love the other dress and “Coat,” as well.

        Rania is a very beautiful woman, but I would not refer to her as classy. Those shoes looked in the photo where she is seated looked like something a stripper would wear. Or, a Kardashian.

        Matilde looked very ladylike and lovely. Kate’s ladylike looks are far too prim for my taste.

        As for William’s vacations, I agree with KMR. I would be happy to hear how much time off his colleagues get. And, wonder how they really feel about him

        1. We’ll agree to disagree about Maxima, her hats look like they were stolen from a Tyrolean housewife’s closet and they do not suit her at all, again according to my own taste.

          1. I’m also a huge Maxima fan. I just love her. The burnt orange dress with the brownish coat were stunning on her, to me. I don’t know if another woman would carry the look off as well.

            Rania is a disappointment in these photos. She is very pretty, but as others have said, wears far too much make-up for my taste. I did not like her shoes, either. Especially in the photo where she was seated. Didn’t look as bad when she was standing up.

            Mary’s look did not impress me, but her kind demeanor does. I think she appears to have a very kind heart.

            Matilde seems to be a very gracious woman. I’m surprised by her age. She appears older to me. I find her to be a caring person and seemingly a hard worker.

            William’s vacation must be sticking in the craw of his colleagues. Aren’t he and Kate going to Mustique soon? Is that another time off for good behavior deal?

            I don’t know, it seems to me that he gets away with way too much. If one takes a job as he did, with good intentions, then pursue it tirelessly for the time you have agreed to be employed. I would have far more respect for him if he did that.

          2. I think Max looks great in her big hats. She and Camilla both look good in big hats and would look odd in a tiny fascinator.

          3. I agree. Love the big hats on Max, KMR! She is one of the only ones with the charisma to carry off these hats. They are refined, regal, and look great on her!

        2. Re Rania’s shoes: Really? They look like a normal nude pump with an extra strap. Not at all something a stripper would wear.

          1. I just love Max even when I don’t like her outfits I still love her. She is so outgoing happy outrageous in a good way, excited by the opportunities she has and the good she can do. Boy can she rock a big hat. And the genuine smile that always reaches her eyes. Love her.

          2. Didn’t look suede to me. Just tacky. Her feet were so squeezed into them, too. Oh, well, each person has a different take on things. I think Rania is very pretty, but she looked tacky to me.

    2. Maxima is a beautiful woman and she knows how to pick and choose the right colors and couture that flatter her. As far as her big hats, that is her bold and unique signature — and she can get away with it.

      1. I dislike her big and supposedly bold signature hats and her style in general, I do like Kate’s boring nude shoes and don’t find them boring at all. To each his own…

        1. WE I get the feeling from your comments that you don’t really care for any royal lady other than Kate. If that is true, then you will sadly not like anything they wear and always find Kate’s ‘fashion’ better πŸ™

          1. Overit: I am so tired to always have to qualify my opinions when unpopular or just different than the general ones… and it takes a lot for a seventeen year old to define posting on a blog a tiring “activity”. Point is, I get the feeling that unpopular POVs are not appreciated. I came here for a new outlook on Kate but that does not mean I have to suddently stop liking her style and start liking others which are just tasteless and often inappropriate for me. Anyway I thank KMR for the entertaining readings and apologise for this comment which will be my last but given that my opinions bother so much I will just leave! Best wishes to all. πŸ™‚

          2. WE, I made an observation because we have gotten so many people that come on here just to put down other royals to lift Kate up. It made me think you were doing the same since all you have posted lately is praise to Kate and put downs to anyone else. And, I don’t expect you to stop liking Kate, most of us do. We just don’t worship her. You don’t have to like other’s style, but you make a point of always pointing out how they all fall short and Kate doesn’t. And to be honest your reaction to my comment, which wasn’t attacking at all, just an observation, says all I need to know. I think you proved it for me. So take care.

  4. DM seems to have a love/hate relationship with the Cambridges. Why else would they publish a picture of him where it looks like he is picking his nose. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry says “it was a scratch not a pick.”

    1. The British press seem afraid to engage with direct criticism of Will and Kate, eespecially since he isn’t above sending people to get journalists to toe the line (like he did with Amanda Platell). So criticism is often expressed indirectly – fx through the use of unflattering photos or through extreme hyperbole, backhanded compliments, etc.

      1. What did he do – “sending people to get journalists to toe the line” in relation to Amanda Platell? It’s clear that some coverage by the press is scorn masked as compliments.

        1. She writes about it in an old column – it was in the time after the wedding. According to Platell, William had sent people to complain to her that she was too hard on Kate. She responded by writing a comlumn that not only started out with a mention of this visit but then proceeded to praise Kate with so much hyperbole that it became completely ridiculous. It was sarcasm disguised as intense sugar.

  5. Is that a leather skirt Queen Rania is wearing? How inappropriate… It ruins the whole outfit in my eyes.

      1. Well I do not think a Queen should be wearing leather given it is quite difficult to pull off and often “cheapens” and therefore ruins the outfit. It is something normal women, also until a certain age, can afford to wear. And even in that case they have to be careful. It just does not fit in my ideal of a modern queen if I can explain myself, and it really is totally wrong with that outfit for me. I hope I could come across πŸ™‚

        1. Hi WE I think we have to agree to disagree as you say somewhere else. If fur is ok I don’t understand why leather is not. Let’s not get cross with each other, both perfectly entitled to our different opinions.
          Best wishes to you.

          1. I wouldn’t put fur and leather on the same level given that they’re completely different but as you say we are both entitled to our own opinions. Agree to disagree.

          2. I actually think fur can be really tacky. As a small accent fur can be nice but often times it is overdone. I would choose leather over fur any day Birdy πŸ™‚

          3. I think fur is worse than leather, in my opinion. Fur looks itchy and leather looks sticky, but when worn a certain way leather can look okay while fur is always gross to me. I really dislike hair in general.

      1. If that is directed at me I would. I think leather can look good Leti wears it. I don’t wear much leather but have a leather jacket which I love, it’s old and battered and always gets admired. I would never wear fur, because I think the animals are killed just for their fur. It’s a personal thing and I don’t want any ugliness on here, I appreciate it is a contentious subject. Each to their own .

        1. No Birdy, that was not directed at you :). I agree with you about a leather skirt being appropriate. Especially a pencil skirt like hers, which is very classy and fashionable. I am guessing age and location affect different opinions on what is appropriate.

          1. A leather jacket would be fine for a casual outing or even a working one in the country but a leather skirt really was not something I would define appropriate or classy on this occasion. You’re absolutely right about age and location and their influence on people’s opinions.

      2. I have no problem with a leather skirt or leather trimmed dress if a Royal can rock a haute look. That said, I have no issues with Rania or any royal for that matter wearing leather, but wish Rania would tone done the heavy makeup and toss those ugly loud shoes to the Kardashians instead.

        1. I loved her nude shoes! They were different than just boring nude pumps. :). They were still classy without being over the tope. They had a nice silhouette. Kardashians would have had a 2 inch platform and a ton of straps all over with buckles, lol.

          1. Although, I do think they would have looked better in suede or basic leather, not patent. I think generally speaking patent kind of looks cheap.

          2. I agree Overit that non-patent leather would have softened and elevated the look. Though you can argue it’s more interesting than Kate’s boring LK Bennett nude shoes.

  6. Three weeks vacation does seem a lot especially since William hasn’t been at that job for long, but, as mentioned in an earlier reply, some shift work jobs can be arranged so that there is a long break. Perhaps William works more than is reported due to security and patient privacy issues.
    Maxima’ two outfits are, in my opinion, very stylish for the occasions, and she looks beautiful in those darker colours.

    1. Several comments along similar lines about shift work, all of which have some credence. Except Will is the newest or at least one of the newest pilots so you would expect him to come bottom of the list when choosing key holiday dates? That’s how it works in my work environment. IMO and it is only that , if he had Christmas off he should have worked over New Year .

      1. Birdy, you might be surprised. Holidays are based off of seniority. But I got Christmas Eve, Christmas, new years eve and new years off my first year. Happened again this past holiday too and I’m still at the bottom of the seniority list. And I know I have it off again this year. It happens to be on my off days so I don’t even need to use up my vacation for it.

        Then there’s also banked time. Now I dunno if his service does it. But at mine, if we work an extra shift, I can either take it in overtime pay or banked time. It’s at time and a half. So say I work 10 hrs, I get 15 hrs banked to take off on any day I want. Obviously that’s provided we have minimum staffing. But if someone calls in sick after I’m already scheduled to use my bank time, they can’t deny my time off.

  7. Rania is the most naturally beautiful woman in the bunch, and has lovely clothes, but I find the color palette somewhat juvenile. She loves her pinks and purples. I’m not saying there is an age limit on wearing certain colors, I just feel it’s a bit of an innocent affectation on her part. Add in the ringlets…Barbie Rania!
    Mathilda just does not do it for me on any level, I’ve tried with her, but I’m out.
    I will always love Maxima, and look up to her – her fashion panache being the least of it (and I always love what she’s wearing!), which tells you how much I truly adore this woman!!
    William doesn’t look thrilled to be eating roast chicken at the school cafeteria. Hopefully, I’m just getting that vibe from the microsecond stills, and that he put himself out for the kids. I wonder if William is just really good PR for EAAA, and in turn they give him a job where he sets his hours and gets to fly a helicopter.

    1. I’m with you Ray. Mathilde doesn’t do anything for me either. I can’t believe she is only in her 40’s as she looks longer in the tooth and matronly. Rania is attractive but on the Barbiesh side, to borrow your words. On the other hand, Mary’s style is quiet chic and I never get tired of her fashion choices. She’s a natural. She’s charming. No phoniness.

      1. I have a soft spot for Mary too, Yorkie :). Her and Max are my gold standard royals ( both married into it, go figure), and Victoria is a very close second. Estelle is my favorite royal child. She has such a fun little personality and a very intelligent look in her eye, she’ll be a smart one!

        1. KMR, I just had this idea that you may want one day to do a poll about our faves (or not) royals. You could break it into categories like children, blood or married into etc. I know we probably initially came in this blog to express an alternative view about Kate, but since I’ve been here I have learnt so much about other royal personalities and different royal houses.
          As a result, I have a favourite RF which is not BRF although I do admire QE II. I’m not a Brit or commonwealth, I don’t pay taxes to any royals so I come here because my interest is purely let’s say, academic but also for fun!

  8. I just love that burnt orange dress on Maxima!! And that brown coat really makes this outfit pop!

    Not thrilled with Mathilda’s red lace dress, in fact I’m pretty much over lace all together, it’s just been done to death. I like the grey skirt she wore but again not loving the lace blouse, simply because it’s lace although the color works well with the skirt.

    I am loving Rania’s shoes!!! That’s how you wear a nude pump ladies! I’m also loving the leather skirt/silk blouse combo and her purple print dress is lovely. My only suggestion would be to lose the sausage roll curls, they just don’t do her justice imo.

    What a cute photo of all the kids hugging Mary! Am loving her outfit, sleek and chic but not boring! How does she do it?

    1. Oh, Lauri, no! Our opinions clash! See my reply above. I just hated those shoes!

      Oh, well, that’s what makes this blog so much fun. Agree to disagree!

  9. Love Mary, Max and Math. They own their responsibilities — each in a unique way. Mathilde looks like she was born coiffed.

    Wills. Who goes back to work on a random Tuesday? And the best the PR team can do to show he’s back to work is eating lunch with kids?

      1. The skirt really doesn’t do her any justice. She needed a pencil skirt. The wideness of the bottom of the skirt with the peplum makes her look wide and she isn’t.

          1. The peplum only flatters a certain body type. It really is a trend that needs to die.

          2. I love the peplum look, but sadly I can’t can’t wear it. :(. Glad to know other people can’t pull it off also. It makes me look wide as a barn.

      2. Sometimes I feel like she is trying to copy Max’s style and it just doesn’t seem to work. She really has quite a classical face, very Grace Kelly and very beautiful, I just don’t know if the bright colors and large hats suit her the way they do Max.

          1. Max is one of a kind! No one should try to copy her. I love her outfits even when I hate them if you know what I mean – flair and confidence in her looks , and comfortable in her skin, and slim but not skinny.

    1. The fact that William is donating his EAAA salary to some as-yet-unnamed charity was released when KP said he would be taking this job. They still haven’t said to which charity his salary is going.

      1. The Kate-Middleton-Shop-Till-We-Drop Charity.

        Sorry KMR, can’t resist being catty. It’s been a long stressful week at work!

        1. As EMAA is a charity why not just not take a salary. That would mean the company didn’t have to pay pension contributions, NI etc. It may be an insurance thing that he has to be paid I suppose.

  10. I don’t know why when I see Mary hugging the kids, I do not have to see her face and I can immediately think, “wow what a lovely princess!”. Kate did the same thing with a close-up on her face and a huge grin, and all I can think of is “wow what a phony!”

    I guess somebody told Wills that people think he had quitted his job and that he is lazy, now he just had to land on a school and grabbed his lunch there.

    Really, really love Max’s coats. She just knows how to play the glamours and the blings! Who can forget her blue splendors during the coronation? That blue Taminiau is to die for!

  11. How interesting that this came out right after a deluge of comments on blogs and comment sections of DM articles wondering if he is still working the helicopter job. I am starting to think that Jason actually does keep in touch with what people are saying and is scrambling desperately to churn out PR that attempts to do damage control. His job must be an absolute nightmare. I have to say that he seems to actually be good at his job, because without his efforts, I think Will and Kate would be in a far worse situation than they are now. I have a feeling that getting the Cambridge’s to cooperate with PR moves is like squeezing water from a rock. They grudgingly do the bare minimum and have rotten attitudes towards people who aren’t in their immediate circle (which seems to consist of Will’s similarly entitled, wealthy friends and Kate’s family). Kate spends gobs and gobs of her father in law’s money on clothes, shoes and beauty treatments as if she was a full time working Royal, constantly in the public eye,, but in reality she barely shows up for the bare minimum, struggles to dress and behave appropriately and is unable to make genuine connections with people. She comes across as a mean girl who is unbelievably vapid, spoiled and uncaring. She may very well have a heart of gold, but if she does, she’s a pro at hiding it. William is just as bad, maybe worse, because in his case, he was raised in the Royal family and was taught what his duties are. He is choosing to shirk his duty, but he does know what is expected of him. He also had an inspiring, hard working mother who had famous charm and warmth for people, especially the sick and suffering. Kate’s mother is just a social climbing, grasping former stewardess who has zero history of charitable works or personal warmth. Carole Middleton is probably one of the most hated people in the UK, versus Diana being one of the most beloved people in the world. Kate’s weird and overly enmeshed relationship with her family and mother specifically is a huge part of why Kate is so disliked. And William being the opposite of his mother in terms of his surly, petulant attitude and irrational demands and complete lack of compassion and warmth for people. It’s an unfortunate situation all around and Kate and William have made the worst of it in regards to their family influences. What I see is two unbelievably spoiled and arrogant people, who are hoovering up all the perks and luxuries while being unwilling to work or fulfill more than the barest minimum of duties and obligations. That, combined with their families makes them a PR nightmare. It would be very different if the people of the UK weren’t paying for their ridiculous lifestyle. Regular celebrities actually work for their fortunes and usually show gratitude to their supporters. As their fortunes are earned, they really aren’t obligated to be involved with charities and public service, although most choose to do so anyway. William and Kate essentially have the best welfare package in the UK, but act spoiled, ungrateful, entitled and work shy. That they are the last scroungers in a dying, archaic, exploitative system is the only thing (for now) that still protects them from having to work for their livelihood. Taking all of this into consideration, Jason has a horrifying job and I don’t envy him a bit. William is a part time helicopter pilot, who only has his job because of who he is and Kate is a recluse, who despite having full time staff, refuses to do more than shop, holiday and show up occasionally to grin maniacally and accept flowers and sycophantic praise. I just don’t see how this can be sustained long term? The “work” they do is always conveniently timed for after a flurry of critical articles and comments. It’s so obvious to those of us that aren’t easily brainwashed.

    1. It is an odd coincidence that we were just talking about whether William is still employed by the EAAA and here pops up photos of William flying.

      I’m wondering how much longer Jason will stay with the Cambs before he gets fed up an leaves. It does not matter how hard he tries, if W&K don’t want to cooperate then there is nothing Jason can really do. He’s going to get fed up at some point.

      1. Yeah, isn’t it? It would be smart of him to read everything that’s out there and have a solid take on what people are thinking and feeling about the Cambridge’s. I am amazed that he’s lasted this long! I hope they compensate him adequately.

    2. I wonder how popular Will and Kate really are in the UK? Judging from the mainstream news outlets they are absolutely adored, but I wonder what the truth is? Is there anyone from the UK on here who can enlighten us?

      1. HM is still very much loved, there is a wide variety of thought on Charles, but there is no doubt from a very low point his popularity is increasing. From a very high point around the wedding W&K’s popularity is falling, but there are still a lot of people caught up in the fairytale. That is my take, don’t know what other Brits think.

      2. I’m not British but I studied there – and from my experience, young people didn’t really care about the royals. However, that was before the Cambridge marriage.

        1. I think that is still fairly true, and I think part of the problem is that as far ahead as we can envisage we are going to have a very old head of state. Also most young people now work very hard, can’t afford to buy a home and see the way W&K behave as lazy. My sons have no interest other than to say ‘why is she in the front pages again, what’s she done?’

    3. Agree 100% Bets. You called it.

      With celebrity of any kind we look for connection points: are they decent people; do they do their fair share; are they compassionate, empathetic and so on. Those qualities are elevated even more so when the subjects of celebrity are called ‘royal’; there is an unspoken contract that their actions must be above reproach.

      Personally, I don’t believe that critical comments about William and Kate come from envy, but rather from disgust and incredulity that such a profligate, secretive lifestyle remains unprobed by a largely sycophantic press as well as being subsidised from public funds. This couple faces no accountability. Whatever Charles provides from his own purse to his adult children is family business and at his discretion; that’s fine. What he thinks is anyone’s guess, but I imagine appeasement is how he plays it, thinking they will grow into the role and responsibilities in time. He may be disappointed; you can’t polish a turd.

      No, Bets, it can’t be sustained long term. What society can afford this? And why should they bother? I’m sure the BRF recognises that once the Queen dies, attitudes to the monarchy will undergo seismic change. Charles will slim it down, for sure, because he understands times have changed. He may take less subsidy and move the BRF, quietly and inevitably, to the role of being wealthy but private citizens who fund whatever lifestyle they can afford.

      1. I actually disagree just a tiny bit about the envy thing. I do think there is an aspect of envy to the criticisms of Kate especially, but not in the way that the pro-Kate crowd would have us believe.

        Kate gets lauded for marrying a man and having two kids… and that’s it. Kate has never done anything of merit to warrant the type of adulation she receives. I think many people do not envy her position and would not want to be where she is, but many people do envy the adulation she receives. Many people work hard at their chosen fields and never receive the type of adulation Kate gets for merely marrying a man, which sticks in the craw of a lot of people. I think the reason we all congregate here is because we think the type of lauding the press and some parts of the public give her is completely unwarranted and we want to point out the fact that Kate is not the saint others portray her as.

        I cannot speak for others, but I can speak for myself when I say that yes there is an aspect of envy there. But it’s not envy of Kate, what she’s accomplished (her marriage and babies), or her royal status (as the pro-Kate crowd seems to think). It’s an envy of the adulation Kate receives when I think I have more of a discernible personality, more knowledge, more skills, and more accomplishments than her.

        To give another example: When my best friend, who is male, got a girlfriend, I wasn’t envious of her or her position as his girlfriend. I didn’t (and still don’t) want to be in a romantic relationship with my friend. But I was envious of the time she spent with him because it meant he spent less time with me. Yes, there was envy there, but not in the way that most people would think.

        Does that make sense?

        1. For me my envy , if that is the right word, is that she can have family and friends to stay for days and days over Christmas, without having to raise a finger. I have to shop, cook, wash up, make beds, etc etc etc to the point I’m exhausted!!! I’m being a bit ‘vapid’ I know but like a lot of other women I am totally exhausted after the stress of trying to make everyone else’s Christmas perfect.
          But in general I pretty much agree with you. The envy is certainly not that I want to be her. The only thing there would be if I was in her position what would I do, what causes would I work on, how much difference could I make?

        2. I’m probably the odd one out – I admit it! – but can’t get my head around Kate’s marriage as an accomplishment in itself, as if it’s a warrior quest of some sort: “Look, I hooked a prince with money and a title! I’m better than you! Go me!” It’s an attitude that reminds me of the grotesque Mrs Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, one well and truly alive and festering in her present day incarnation, Carole Middleton. I reckon people don’t think Kate is deserving of what is attached to that marriage: deference due to being married to royalty, financial security, access to endless luxury. We all know that her personal history – work – is devoid of accomplishments. I’m not envious!

          Kate’s position potentially provides a platform to highlight all manner of causes, and I think we agree that this is the real gift of being royal. However, Kate has chosen to ignore that opportunity. I don’t envy the lack of character and work ethic of a person who refuses to rise to such a challenge.

          In terms of adulation, you are right: so many people do amazing work for others, and mostly unheralded. I’m not convinced that they do it to get praise. They have compassion, are in a position to share their time and skills. Being in possession of this mindset is a great personal attribute. I’m just thinking of Wild Rose here who wrote some time ago about doing a range of volunteer work in the Pacific Islands as well as in Christchurch because she could, so she did.

          KMR, I understand the dynamic of your best friend having a girlfriend, which means a gear change with your relationship. Your words do make sense to me. When similar experiences have occurred to me, I think I was a little jealous that the cosy familiarity of the relationship was disrupted. Can’t recall if I felt envy, certainly a sense of loss, grief if you like, though was pleased for my friend’s happiness.

          And Birdy, the sheer exhaustion of daily living is enough to be thoroughly fed up with hearing the froth about Kate being a super-mum when in all likelihood her staff does all the heavy lifting.

          The pro-Kate crowd, to my mind, buys into the manufacture of the fairytale as a sort of respite from the harsh realities of the world. Can’t blame them for that; just wish they’d pick someone with a bit of ‘go’ in them.

        3. Kate’s PR is a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Lots of people have already pointed out that she isn’t all that but are still waiting for the press to say what has become painfully obvious to many here: that kate isn’t, metaphorically speaking, dressed for her public role.

  12. William reminds me of Prince Albert in some shots. The older he gets the more he doesn’t smile or the more they publish serious pics of him. Not sure which..

    ‘Mathilde made an outfit change into a blue lace top and grey skirt to meet with Queen Rania, wearing a taupe coat with pink accents, at the Royal Palace on January 12’.
    I love that taupe coat.

    I see a difference to Mary’s face in the pics. I am an Aussie and I like her but something is different. Perhaps she had something done or is it the angle?

    William reminds me of Prince Albert in some shots. The older he gets the more he doesn’t smile.

    1. Sorry for the repeated sentence. Oh, I agree it is likely they respond to various public sites such as this one . Perhaps that is why he seems serious in PR pics . It’s not his wish to have to be seen working. He would rather do as he sees fit regardless of public opinion.

    1. Jason Knauf – William and Kate’s communications secretary.

      He’s the one who wrote that letter asking the press and public not to view unauthorized photos of George.

  13. What surprises me most is how thick William’s glasses are for someone who would really need to have great eyes to do his “job.” How did he qualify, I wonder. Hum.

  14. Oh, so William came back to work after a “relaxing Christmas break”. I thought tha air ambulance was a non-stop work, after all there is always someone needing to be transported. Not even firemen, doctors, policemen have a “relaxing Christmas break”. Trey work in shifts, but William gest a break. I don’t understand. Maybe I am wrong.

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