Predictions 2017 poll results

Predictions 2017 poll results

And we’re back with the poll results for our 2017 predictions. Some of the results were predictable, but some of the results were not what I was expecting at all. And there were some write-in votes that I hadn’t thought of.

I’m going to do things slightly differently than I normally do poll results. Instead of photos of graphs of the results, I’m just going bullet point the results. Mainly so I don’t have to spend the time making photos, but also so at the end of the year I can copy/paste the options and percentages which I can’t do with photos. The results are listed in order of which option got the most votes.

Kate’s Engagements

How many engagements will Kate make in 2017?

  • 101-125 – 23.72%
  • 126-150 – 23.05%
  • 76-100 – 17.92%
  • 51-75 – 14.42%
  • Greater than 150 – 9.84%
  • 26-50 – 8.22%
  • Less than 25 – 2.83%

Given Kate’s year-end engagement numbers from last year, I’m not surprised that the higher numbers got the most votes. Hopefully Kate will continue her trend from last year.

I voted for 101-125 as well.

When will the bulk of Kate’s engagements take place?

  • October – 20.88%
  • April – 16.64%
  • September – 16.34%
  • November – 13.01%
  • June – 12.41%
  • May – 7.87%
  • March – 5.9%
  • February – 3.33%
  • July – 1.82%
  • August – 0.76%
  • December – 0.61%
  • January – 0.45%

The bulk of Kate’s engagements will take place whichever month she goes on tour, if she does. But without a tour, October is a good bet for which month she will be the most active.

I also voted for October.

How many of Kate’s patronages will she visit in 2017?

  • A few (3-5) – 31.21%
  • Several (6-9) – 30.03%
  • A lot (10-12) – 17.9%
  • All ++ (16 including the three taken over from HM) – 10.36%
  • A couple (2) – 5.33%
  • All (13) – 4.59%
  • One (1) – 0.59%

If Kate only visits 3-5 of her patronages that will be on the low end for her. Hopefully starting the year by visiting the Anna Freud Centre means she’ll visit many more than just a few of them this year.

I voted that Kate will visit 13 of her patronages.

Will Kate give a speech in 2017?

  • Yes, more than one – 70.47%
  • Yes, only one – 24.12%
  • No, Kate will not make a speech – 5.41%

Much to my surprise, Kate has already given a speech and it’s only January. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

I voted that Kate will give more than one speech this year.

How many Royal Tours will Kate go on?

  • One – 66.47%
  • Two – 30%
  • More than two – 3.53%

We haven’t heard anything about a possible tour for this year, but then again I predicted in July last year that she would not take another tour in 2016 since we hadn’t heard anything of one and then they went to Canada in September. So… They may still take one this spring.

I voted that only one tour will happen this year.

Will Kate make a solo overseas visit in 2017?

  • No – 61.83%
  • Yes – 38.17%

I voted that she will.

Will Kate attend a State Banquet in 2017?

  • Yes, only one – 67.47%
  • Yes, more than one – 18.67%
  • No, Kate will not attend a State Banquet – 13.86%

I love tiara events, so I would love to see Kate attend another one.

I voted that she will attend one this year.

Will Kate attend the State Opening of Parliament in 2017?

  • No – 86.45%
  • Yes – 13.55%

I voted that she won’t.

Kate’s Fashion

Will Kate wear a new-to-her tiara in 2017?

  • No – 84.24%
  • Yes – 15.76%

I voted that she won’t, although I would like to see her wear the Halo Scroll again to see what it looks like on her without the veil.

Who will be Kate’s most worn designer in 2017?

  • Alexander McQueen – 53.06%
  • Jenny Packham – 23.7%
  • Catherine Walker – 8.79%
  • LK Bennett – 6.75%
  • Temperley – 3.45%
  • Erdem – 2.51%
  • Zara – 1.26%
  • Other: – 0.47%

Dolce & Gabbana was the popular write-in option.

I voted for McQueen.

How many times will Kate’s skirt fly up in 2017?

  • 1, but it will only be a tiny incident and we won’t see anything – 43.51%
  • 1, and it will be a big incident – 20.5%
  • 0, she’s totally going to get it together in 2017 – 17.53%
  • 2 – 9.86%
  • 3 – 3.91%
  • 5 or more – 2.66%
  • 4 – 2.03%

My vote for 0 is more hoping for what I want than thinking of what will actually happen.

Cambridge Children

How many times will we see Prince George in 2017?

  • 3 times – 24.2%
  • 4 times – 19.9%
  • 5 times – 15.61%
  • 2 times – 11.46%
  • 6 times – 11.15%
  • 10 or more times – 7.32%
  • 8 times – 3.98%
  • 7 times – 3.82%
  • 1 time – 1.43%
  • 9 times – 1.11%

I voted for six times.

How many times will we see Princess Charlotte in 2017?

  • 3 times – 31.77%
  • 2 times – 18.96%
  • 4 times – 18.8%
  • 5 times – 10.7%
  • 6 times – 7.78%
  • 1 time – 3.24%
  • 10 or more times – 3.08%
  • 8 times – 2.92%
  • 7 times – 1.94%
  • 9 times – 0.81%

I also voted for six times for Charlotte, too.

Royal Babies

Will Kate announce a third pregnancy in 2017?

  • Kate will announce a third pregnancy by the end of 2017 – 54.46%
  • Kate will not announce a third pregnancy by the end of 2017 – 34.19%
  • Kate will have a third baby by the end of 2017 – 11.35%

I read a comment on the poll article that said every answer to the Kate-related questions were based on whether or not she will announce a pregnancy this year, and I agree with that. All of my answers to the Kate-related questions are predicated on my answer to this question: that Kate will not announce a pregnancy this year. If she does, all of my answers are wrong.

Will Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie announce a pregnancy in 2017?

  • Stephanie will announce a pregnancy by the end of 2017 – 49.9%
  • Stephanie will not announce a pregnancy by the end of 2017 – 42.09%
  • Stephanie will have a baby by the end of 2017 – 8.01%

I voted that she will.

Other than Kate or Stephanie, who will announce a pregnancy in 2017?

  • Princess Sofia – 55.77%
  • No one – 24.33%
  • Princess Madeleine – 11.72%
  • Princess Eugenie – 3.55%
  • Other: – 2.84%
  • Crown Princess Victoria – 1.07%
  • Princess Beatrice – 0.71%

Pippa Middleton was the top write-in vote-getter, followed by Zara Tindall and Meghan Markle. Princess Charlene and Prince Amedeo’s wife also got votes.

I voted no one, but I didn’t think to include Pippa, Zara, or Meghan. If I had, I would have voted for Pippa and Zara.

Royal Engagements

Will Prince Harry announce an engagement in 2017?

  • Harry will not announce an engagement in 2017 – 51.07%
  • Harry will announce an engagement in 2017 – 41.01%
  • Harry will announce an engagement and marry in 2017 – 7.93%

I voted that Harry won’t.

Will Princess Eugenie announce an engagement in 2017?

  • Eugenie will announce an engagement in 2017 – 65.94%
  • Eugenie will announce an engagement and marry in 2017 – 17.2%
  • Eugenie will not announce an engagement in 2017 – 16.86%

I voted that Eugenie will.

Will Princess Beatrice announce an engagement in 2017?

  • Beatrice will not announce an engagement in 2017 – 93.54%
  • Beatrice will announce an engagement in 2017 – 4.89%
  • Beatrice will announce an engagement and marry in 2017 – 1.57%

And I voted that Beatrice won’t.


Will Kate take part in Pippa’s wedding?

  • Yes – 64.98%
  • No – 35.02%

I voted yes because I want it to happen. I want to see what kind of bridesmaid dress Pippa will put Kate in.

Will George take part in Pippa’s wedding?

  • Yes – 88.06%
  • No – 11.94%

I voted yes to George being included.

Will Charlotte take part in Pippa’s wedding?

  • Yes – 73.75%
  • No – 26.25%

But I voted no to Charlotte being included since I think two is a bit young.

What will happen in 2017?

  • Crown Princess Victoria will have a tiara-studded 40th birthday celebration – 30.14%
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will break up – 29.57%
  • Kate Middleton will take on a new patronage not previously held by HM – 11.48%
  • Kate Middleton will give another interview – 8.9%
  • Kate Middleton will receive the Royal Family Order – 5.45%
  • King Harald will abdicate – 4.5%
  • Queen Elizabeth will abdicate – 3.92%
  • Queen Margrethe will abdicate – 2.87%
  • King Carl Gustaf will abdicate – 2.2%
  • Other: – 0.96%

Queen Elizabeth II passing away was the top write-in vote. Also getting a write-in were William stepping out of the line of succession, Beatrice getting an awesome boyfriend, and Zara getting pregnant again.

I voted that Victoria will have a tiara-filled birthday celebration mainly because I love when lots of royals get together in their tiaras. I also voted that Harry and Meghan will break up (please don’t yell at me, it’s just the thought I had on the first when I voted in this poll).

What do you want to happen in 2017?

  • William to take on full time royal duties – 9.13%
  • Kate to take on full time royal duties – 8.25%
  • Kate to stop crotch clutching – 7.93%
  • Kate to attend St. Patrick’s Day Irish Guards parade – 7.42%
  • Kate to fully engage with the people she meets – 6.42%
  • William to give up his EAAA co-pilot job – 6.22%
  • Harry to take on full time royal duties – 5.74%
  • Kate to cut her hair – 5.59%
  • Kate to give an informative speech on mental health – 5.46%
  • Kate to give an informative interview about her patronages/causes – 5.44%
  • Kate to attend a women’s tennis match during Wimbledon – 4.91%
  • Kate to up her fashion game – 4.81%
  • Kate to give an informative speech for another of her patronages/causes – 4.78%
  • Kate to attend the Diplomatic Reception – 3.85%
  • Kate to up her jewelry game – 3.77%
  • Kate to write an informative article about one of her causes – 2.94%
  • Kate to wear the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara again – 2.26%
  • Kate not to wear the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara again – 1.74%
  • Kate to do another photoshoot – 1.71%
  • Kate to receive the Royal Family Order – 1.33%
  • Other: – 0.3%

Some interesting write-ins were: Bringing out George and Charlotte more; William and Harry accompanying HM to Parliament; Beatrice and Eugenie becoming working royals; a separation (I’m assuming of William and Kate); and Kate to drop her manic expressions, stylist, and fake accent.

I’m surprised that Kate to wear the CLKT again got more votes than Kate not to wear the tiara again considering the reaction that her previous two wears got. I also thought that it was funny that at some point when I checked these results (before the polls closed), Kate to stop crotch clutching had gotten more votes than anything else.

I voted for: An informative speech on mental health; informative speech on another topic; informative interview; informative article; to stop crotch clutching; William to give up his EAAA job; William, Kate, and Harry to take on full time royal duties; Kate to up her fashion and jewelry games; Kate to do another photoshoot; to fully engage with the people she meets; to attend St. Patrick’s Day; to attend the Diplomatic Reception; to wear the CLKT again; and to attend a women’s match at Wimbledon.

51 thoughts on “Predictions 2017 poll results

  1. This was fun, KMR! I love your polls.

    I voted on zero skirts flying up for Kate. She looked so mortified after that incident in India I really think she learned her lesson. I also think she will get pregnant.

    And I’m dying for a royal wedding. Since I don’t see Harry getting engaged, my hopes are on Eugenie. If not, Pippa’s wedding will have to do. It’s going to be wonderfully tacky.

    1. Thanks for the results. Such a lot of work to put these polls together and then to report the results.

      I voted one skirt fly-up, but not major. I think she learned her lesson after the horrible incident when laying the wreath at the War Memorial in India. The look on her face said it all that day as she struggled to keep the dress in place. It was if she was inwardly groaning, “Oh, no, not again.” Not taking into consideration that she should have worn a slip under it, or perhaps, not worn such a full skirt on such a windy day.

      The results are interesting and make me wonder what the percentage of number one picks in each category will actually come true. I do think that both Charlotte and George will be in Pippa’s wedding party. ANd, Kate will not. Unless, she walks her daughter down the aisle, holding her hand. We all know Charlotte can be inquisitive and might just have a wee too much fun in her role at the wedding.

      I think Pippa will announce a pregnancy, too. Although, she is not a Royal. As for Sophia, I wonder. I think she may wait until early next year to get pregnant, or at least announce it.

      Have a good day, everyone.

  2. I think I wrote in for Bea to wind up with an awesome boyfriend, simply because (IMO) she deserves it. I also want to see Pippa’s wedding be featured here in the states and Eugenie get engaged (and maybe married by the end of the year?). I have section on my bookshelf of the W&K wedding coverage. I even had friends in the UK mail me articles and magazines–hush! Lol!!

    1. Lol Kimothy!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a wedding coverage bookshelf, I even had the commemorative plate from George’s birth on it! Even though I went off W&K quite some time ago my sister still gets me old wedding coverage magazines she finds in second hand stores, I just don’t have the heart to tell her my “feelings” toward Kate have turned 180 🙂

      1. Lauri: I still can’t tell my own mother that I’m not into Kate anymore. Now Harry? Totally different ballgame–yummy!! I’m also still into the BRF in general, just not Kate and I’m running out of juice for Wills.

    2. Me, too. I’ll bet a lot of us had high hopes at the wedding, and have the magazines to prove it..

      Thank you, KMR, for all your hard work to make this such an enjoyable spot.

      1. Did anyone else catch that it didn’t actual say they were moving to London? They are very clever in their wording. It said Amner will still be their home and they will increasingly base their family in London. So, they aren’t actually moving. It is actually quiet clever how they phrased the how thing-once again giving them an out.

        1. Yes, but they made it clear that George will start school in London this September, so they’ll have to be in the city full-time for the school year, at least. Maybe they’ll spend the summer and weekends at Anmer? I guess we’ll see.

          1. He is in school 2-3 days per week, and not necessarily full days. When their daughter starts, she will likely be 2-3 days a week too. That leaves the option of them being in the country 4 days a week, if they went with a MTW or TWR school schedule for the kids.

            William and Harry didn’t start full-time at Wetherby until 4 1/2 and 5. I’m not sure they’ll put their son in full-time yet.

          2. I can’t see them doing a 2 hour commute more than once a week – especially not with toddlers in tow. And George will be 4 years old by the time he starts school, so full time attendance is more likely than not – if he ends up at wetherby, that is. Time will tell.

          3. @MrsBBV, I still don’t see it them commuting more than once a week, especially not with George potentially attending school full time.

          4. I think they will do weekdays in London and weekends in Norfolk. How long those weekends are depends on the school schedule.

          5. I agree, weekends at Amner, mainly because I don’t think Kate can stay away from Carole for so long. Expect lots of expensive helicopter rides footed by the taxpayer.

    1. Interesting but I still think that this move will cause their numbers to decrease this year because, you know, this is the perfect excuse to not “work” too much.

      1. Bang on the money Lauri. And the statement wording is very ambiguous. It’s a play on words. Notice the day this was released. A good day to bury news you don’t want people questioning too much.

    2. Haha the first line made me laugh!
      I voted that William would officially give up his flying job! I’m sure they’re glad to see him go.

    3. This has been a rumour amongst the press for at least 4 months. I heard about it back at summer’s end. I, for one, am glad that our shy duo is returning to London. Perhaps they will be more engaged in their charities if they are close to their official office. Although I remain unconvinced that it will change the current numbers for public engagements by many. Someone ?here? stated that the CC is now reporting private meetings which I noticed back in August, so I think that’s how they will be increasing the numbers for 2017. (This is more positive than negative, since to be a trustee or involved patron, there are many more meetings than public events.)

    4. I expect a transitional year to help them go back to London and baby no 3 to keep them from working much. After all, the kids are SO young still and only good parents can stay home, the bad parents are the ones who work.

  3. I know that Eugenie is still relatively young but she and her guy have been together forever. I’d think she would want to get married before HM or Philip passed away. I know you can’t based all wedding plans on that but if it were me, I would be considering things like that.
    I said all my Kate work related polls were contingent on either Kate getting pregnant or a Royal death.
    Thanks for the results =)

      1. Do you really think that Philip would be so rude as to either not go to a beloved granddaughters wedding because her mother was there or insist the mother of bride not attend?

        1. I think it is possible that any feud between Philip and Fergie runs deep on both sides, not just on Philip’s. So deep that HM has Fergie stay at Wood Farm at Sandringham at Christmas and not at the main house.

          1. I can see her being that petty too, frankly. His main goal has always been not to let the Queen down.

            “My job first, second and last is never to let the Queen down.” – Prince Philip

            Whether or not he has is another discussion, but his main goal was to not let her down. He likely sees Fergie’s 3 decades of antics as letting the queen and family down.

      2. If Philip makes Bea or Eugenie choose between having him or their mother at their wedding, then he’s even more of an ass than I thought. Yeah, some family members don’t get along. It’s called suck it up because it’s not your day.

          1. Isn’t HM still on good (or at least, friendly) terms with Fergie? Whether Philip likes it or not, she’s the mother of two of his granddaughters and she’s going to be with the RF on Beatrice’s and Eugenie’s respective wedding day!

          2. HM always liked Fergie and still will spend time with her if Philip’s not around! HM has no problem with Fergie being around at Christmas staying in I believe York Cottage.

          3. But Sarah is very close to her daughters. I don’t see her allowing a petty feud with her former father-in-law to keep her away from her girl’s big day.

    1. Actually, I think PP&Sarah might be able to get along. They wouldn’t necessarily have to talk to one another or even pose together. Sarah goes to ascot sometimes and PP doesn’t have to pose with her or anything he didn’t seem to mind her presence, though the press tried to make it seem like he was angry.

      With all that said I don’t think the York gals are in a rush to get married as their parents have been through a very public divorce. So, I think they might be the type to be absolutely certain when they marry.

  4. re. Victoria’s birthday.

    Have other royals had big events for their 40th, ones that involved inviting foreign royals for a party? I remember Maxima’s 40th was a big deal with a public concert, but it was also celebrating 10 years of Maxima being in the Netherlands. Willem-Alexander’s 40th also had a party with some royals attending, but his event was smaller than Maxima’s and private iirc.

    Margrethe has big parties for her landmark birthdays (70th) where other royals are invited. I don’t remember others doing big events around their 40th.

    1. I think the Swedish people also want to celebrate CP Victoria. She is much more popular than the King and she is a good representative of the monarchy as well as she is the embodiment of the “Swedish equality”
      The big events for the King feels like they are forced but celebrating CP Victoria seems more real and joyful.

      I don’t claim these are facts, just how it appears to be when looking from the other side of the pond.

    2. I have no idea. I just added that in because I want it to happen. Not so much that I think it will happen.

  5. This is off topic. I hope it is alright to ask this question. Sophie is 52 years old, but seems to work on her birthday from time to time. Has Kate ever worked on her birthday?

    1. I too thought it was great to see Sophie at an engagement on her birthday. I imagine her charity felt honored that she chose to spend her day with them. In answer to your question, no Kate has only ever spent her day “privately”.

    2. I’m not sure. Probably not. To be honest, though, I don’t think anyone should have to work on their birthday – I never do.

  6. On a happy note I found the department of culture twitter account and asked them about Victoria’s coronet. They responded saying a serious expression of interest had been received, so now in a second deferral period (June 27)
    I never thought I’d say this but yay for twitter? =)

        1. Twitter is the best for connecting with people you don’t know. I met my husband there (we started following each other through a mutual friend) and also made many virtual friends who became real life ones.

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