Kate Middleton repeats pink McQueen for Commonwealth Service (updated)

Kate Middleton repeats pink McQueen for Commonwealth Service (updated)

Monday, March 9, is Commonwealth Day, and to mark the day there was an inter-faith Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey attended by The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton).

The Queen wore a pale beige tweed dress and coat by Karl Ludwig and matching hat by Angela Kelly.

Camilla wore a navy Bruce Oldfield dress and coat with black trim with a hat by Philip Treacy. She wore pearl earrings and her four-strand pearl choker with diamond clasp.

Prince William is a grumpy pants. Kate finally recycled a maternity look from her last pregnancy. She wore this custom pink Alexander McQueen coat with pearl buttons she previously wore to Trooping the Color 2013. She wore her pink satin Prada pumps and carried her pink satin Prada clutch.

Kate is wearing new earrings from Kiki McDonough, the Kiki Classic Morganite and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings (£3,400.00), and a new pink hat by Jane Taylor.

Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Morganite and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings

Kate greeting Charles:

Kate greeting Camilla:

Kate having a chat with Charles:

And…. no one looking at each other at all:

What does this mean in terms of all the weird press that’s been happening?

Crotch clutch and a hair flip:

There was also some wind:

Bump it!


As expected, Will and Kate will visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Aldershot on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. William is Royal Colonel of the Irish Guards and he and Kate have visited them every St. Patrick’s Day since they got married.

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  1. When William is bending down to listen to Camilla it looks like he’s doing everything he can to be polite and that’s it. I give up on these two.

    1. This is new….re recent News on ma carol and the middletons.

      Prince Will and Harry have long since accepted Camilla (take a look at the wedding pictures of POW*Camilla) and they have had a loving relationship with their dad.

      It was said both Princes encouraged their dad to marry Camilla.

    2. Oh dear, that last photo! The body language implies so much! Kate seems to be giving off a “how dear you speak to us” vibe! Is William uncomfortable or is he not wanting to talk to Camilla?

    3. To me it looks more like he’s fascinated by something on the ground rather than actually listening to Camilla.

        1. Not that I saw. I just went and checked again and nope no photos of Charles and Will interacting.

          1. On royaldish William and Kate News IV last page (?) there’s a gif of Will and Charles speaking. No royal double kiss, no hug, no handshake, no smiles. Quite tense.

  2. It’s interesting to speculate who, if any, the friend was that Charles confided in. I think Sebastian Shakespeare and his fellow press don’t like the Midds influence just like most of us here KMR, but we’ve seen that PC & friends are afraid to spread rumors through the press, ala Diana and personality disorder. SS has done some snotty pieces before on Midds and royals so 50/50 rumor and truth. Report might be for KP to do something about having W&K spend more time with QE/PC, and seem like royals not Midds. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2915958/SEBASTIAN-SHAKESPEARE-Pippa-s-new-party-piece-s-prize-wine-expert-Duchess-Cambridge-s-sister-set-receive-award.html
    Kate looks good. Nice make-up and no butts, but she had a close call. Why hair down when March is usually windy? Is she confused about Britain being an island? Double-score with the crotch and flip picture!

    1. I forgot to say, QE looks fabulous! I love her coat. The detailing is great, photographs well and perfect for the weather. So smart.

        1. Definitely think HM looked the best out of the three. Not a huge fan of Kate’s and Camilla’s coats.

    2. Sugar,

      …but the hair again, and Is this the same dress from P George… KM sure is small hope the baby is ok.

      As to Sebastian reporting – this story has been around for weeks on other sites articles/ sources.

      I am surprised DM is late and only reporting in past days.

      1. I know about the SS story being around, I was pointing out that he has a history of having his knife out for them with other stories incl the one I posted. As far as Kate, she looks better than at the Goring, and I’m good with her repeating maternity, especially since this is probably the last baby.

      2. “KM sure is small hope the baby is ok.”

        It depends on how big the baby is. Plus, some women just carry small.

        1. Wasn’t the last baby 8 pounds? We didn’t see her much the last month of that pregnancy, but the Tanna photos of her at the shops showed her larger than this at a similar time.

    3. Yeah Shakespeare isn’t the most reliable source. He’s had some big misses before.

  3. Yes, another fly-up of her coat. Are you keeping count, KMR? We were asked how many wardrobe malfunctions she’d have this year. Can’t help herself, can she?
    In one photo she did seem very angry about something. I don’t know. If there is major tension between PC, CC, Kate and PW, what a shame. Life is too short. Families need to get along. And, not control one another. (That’s a message to Carole).

    1. The fly-up, if it even can be described as that, isn’t bad. But the hair look awful in the wind! An updo is just sensible in windy conditions so your hair isn’t all over the place. And those little saucer hauts only look good with an updo. They simply look messy with the hair down.

      1. Yes, ArtHistorian, her hair looked dreadful and the hat, looked terrible.
        I stand by my coat fly-up comment, though. She just won’t let anyone sew weights into her hemlines, will she?

        1. Even the Queen’s coat fly up sometimes. It’s not necessary to weigh it down when you are wearing a dress underneath.

          1. Unless the dress flies up as well as it did when Kate was getting off the plane in New Zealand.

          2. I can remember once or twice (in 60 years) that HM’s coat flew up – and yes the skirt underneath was weighted. All of Middleton’s hems should be weighted, coats and dresses. If she is mixing and matching, she might wear the dress without a coat next time.

      2. I’m labeling it a “wind incident” in my mind since it only flew up a little bit.

    1. I don’t think it’s styled properly for the hat. IMO, it should have been pulled higher in the back so it cascades from the hat if she had to wear it down but I agree with whoever said an updo would have been nice.

      1. Completely agree. The hat seems too far forward for her hair style. If the hat sat farther back on the head, or she went with a different hair style, then is would have worked better.

  4. HM is regal as usual.,. DoCornwall looks lovely as well.

    Where is King Prince Harry (have they sent him to AZ already), he was scheduled to be present.

    Paps of the gathering of POW and DOC and P Wills*W speak a thousand words, and seem so undignified for HM BRF of the stain via KM and the In Laws.

    P Will really need to make a choice – the muddletons or the RF. Wont be good to continue damaging respect to the RF this way. HM DOE dedicated their life to duty and protecting the monarchy for over 63 years / her parents and g/parents …. it will be ashame. Then again, the royals (the Establishment) usually survive and bounce back from a crisis.

    Km carol hunted the prize of Prince Will for almost 10 years to marry in, but had no intention to honour the duty and traditions, respect and service as a Royal, while enjoying all the luxuries, wealth privileges from royals – POW/ HMs and the people.

    And is carole planning for P Will to buy another middleton pile in Norfolk… sad how Will is handing off…, to run off and do as he like – (is another d…. on the horizon?); W*W didnt seem to be close either, considering (if we had our husband just returning from a trip).

    The paps and media prints bring no value to the HM BRF (sort of PoW Di all over).

    1. Harry was never scheduled to be at the Commonwealth service. According to Harry Wales Wire on twitter, Harry is in Letheso right now on a private visit.

      1. He may have been rumored to be attending this event early on, but is confirmed for the Service of Commemoration on March 13th. Maybe the rumors mixed up “Commonwealth” and “Commemoration”?

  5. Wow, it sure looks like William hasn’t eaten his bran flakes this morning, what a grumpy face. While I really like the pale pink color on Kate, I don’t get why designers like to dress pregnant women like they are 3 year olds. I mean really, the large collar and huge buttons make her look like a toddler not a grown woman. Also, I’m glad that she wore her hair back today but I say she needs a good 6 inches trimmed off. All in all she didn’t look bad just not a great one for me.

    Of course, the Queen looked lovely. She has the most peaches and cream skin, I’m so jealous! While I liked Camilla’s outfit the colors were a little too dark and drab, in my opinion, for early March.

    I laughed at how you have the pictures arranged and the captions. Kissy, kissy, grumpy face, grumpy face.

    I wonder if Carole and Mike snuck in a side door? It seems that they like to attend most of the events that W&K attend.

    1. LaurifromCa, great comment about huge collars and buttons on clothing for pregnant women. I also wonder why designers think so many of their outfits need to make pregnant women look like children. Things are better than they used to be, but obviously, not great. Or, is Kate just choosing to match her child-like need for her Mum with her attire? There are less juvenile looks, I am sure.

    2. I think the pink dress is a really unfortunate color choice for Kate. She also managed to clutch her crotch…yet again. She is just so poorly bred and tacky, it’s an embarrassment to the RF. I think she also tends to gravitate towards having her picture taken with PC to attempt to show the world how she is accepted and loved by her husband’s family and PC is too classy to be unkind to her or publicly rebuff her. The rest of the family is verging on cold and icy with her, so I think she’s singles out the one member of the family that is warm-ish with her. It’s actually quite pathetic and so clearly a manipulative move on her part.

    3. Lol so you’re saying William was constipated?

      I’ve noticed that Kate likes to choose the designers/outfits that make her look like a child. Some celebs wear nice, sophisticated maternity wear and look like adult women. While Kate likes to infantilize herself. But infantiliing adult women is a trend in general, not just pregnant women fashion, and it’s disturbing and needs to stop.

      1. Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying about Will 🙂

        I too have noticed that Kate wears outfits that make her look like a child even when she’s not pregnant. I am thinking of the cream dress coat she wore to Belgium, I think, for the memorial. I felt that that outfit just highlighted how much younger and inexperienced her and William truly are. That and the constant crotch clutch made them look like children at the adults table. Personally I don’t think that Peter Pan collars are a good look for anyone over say 4 years old, but that’s just my opinion.

        Sorry about the rant but it just frustrates me when grown women dress like little girls and vice versa.

        1. OK, I have to chuck my wardrobe now. From Grandma’s couch cover to peter pan collars. :))

          I always prefer rounded collars since I don’t like the typical sharp edged collars. They are too masculine for my taste.

          Perhaps the Duchess is like myself preferring a more feminine look although it is understood, interpreted as us chosing to look like girls. Now frills and bows belong to another discussion altogether.

          1. “A woman wearing a suit is far from being masculine. Through the implacable and rigorous cut, her femininity, her seduction, her ambiguity are all the more defined. She is identified with the body of a teenager, that is, she asserts the great upheaval of customs which inevitably leads to the uniformity and equality of genders. This androgynous woman equal to the man by her clothing disrupts the traditional image of a classic and outdated femininity and deploys all the secret weapons which only belong to her (especially her make up and her hair) to triumph over what seemed to be a handicap but what is in reality nothing else than the mysterious and seductive image of the woman of today, to be related to the asserting of trousers, of pants suits and blazers, of the huge phenomenon of jeans among young women.” – Yves Saint Laurent

            Femininity comes from within, not from wearing dresses suited to 5-year-olds as Middleton does.

          2. If YSL said femininity is shown through wearing a see through dress, I would never follow him in a million years.

            Let us celebrate our own and everone’s individual preferences then.

          3. Yeah,I like this look on Kate. Pink isn’t bad on her, the hat is okay and at least she pulled some of her hair back. I am bummed that no one likes her more feminine looks. I don’t think this outfit infantilizes her. I think this is the best she has looked in a while. But, no one has ever accused me of being a fashionista. Ever.

          4. Beatrice and fairygodmom:

            It’s not the color; pink is fine. There are a number of times Kate has worn feminine looks and looked fantastic. There is a difference between looking feminine and looking childish. One can look feminine and still look like an adult.

            Examples of Kate looking feminine and mature and beautiful:




            Examples of Kate looking childish:




            PS. I also could be the way Kate styled the clothes. Kate styled it in such a way that it looks childish on her, but a peter pan collar or a rounded collar could be styled to look more mature. It depends on accessories and hat and whatnot. And how one holds oneself.

          5. Aside from the costume jewelry-looking necklace I think Kate looks very pretty in that black velvet dress. I wish she’d wear it again.

  6. The greeting then ignoring pictures are everything. They all need to be sent back to school to learn how to put on a fake united front.

    1. I agree. I don’t know why they even bothered if they couldn’t finish the act. It looks pretty obvious it was all for show.

  7. Lol, I love the ‘bump it’ comment. I have never tried those, but I guess they work

    There is a quote from today about how utterly charming Kate is. Blah Blah Blah. I want someone to write a book about what the Royals are really like (good and bad). Oh to be a fly on the wall. I wonder what really is going on with them.

    1. I read a quote about Kate being “utterly charming” on People, don’t know if that’s the quote to which you were referring. I must say, I think people confuse being nice with being charming. Kate seems like she’s nice enough when she talks to people – completely vanilla and safe and nice. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) on Doctor Who is charming. Nathan Fillion in interviews is charming. They are intelligent and funny, yet never rude, and can convince anyone to like them. Jony Ive is charming – that man could convince anyone of anything. Those people are charming; Kate is nice.

      1. Kate is “nice” when the cameras are aimed in her direction or speaking in public.

        Not sure how nice she is when she isn’t being watched and can get away with it.

      2. You said it perfectly. Kate is nice, charming is a whole different level. She doesn’t have the personality for it (or at least show that level of personality). Ah Nathan Fillion is super charming!!! I love him. He is just so likeable 🙂

        1. Nathan Fillion is the best person to watch interviews of. He’s so charming and just makes you want to hang out with him.

          1. I adore Nathan, I will watch him in anything. There is a video on you tube of him reading with his “Castle” co stars and it is hysterical.

  8. I agree with the other post about PW not getting enough fibre, and the photos are just so entertaining. Prince Charles has that fake smile just plastered on his face. As others have said, there is something going on here. I am still astonished that Waity can wear those high heels at this stage of her pregnancy. Even Waity and Wills don’t seem as close now. I think that there is trouble between those two and this could be one of the reasons that Ma Mids is moving back in. She will probably play referee between them. Even Di and Charles looked a lot closer than these two do at this stage of their marriage and we know what was happening behind the scenes with that one now.

    Wills will be flying ambulances soon and Waity will need someone to shop with so the parents move in. I do feel for Charles though and I hope that he will be able to play a bigger part in PG’s life as he gets older.

    And I did love the crotch grabbing pics of Waity again. It is nice to see that some things don’t change.

    1. lol there are some utter truths to the world: water is wet, oxygen is breathable to humans, Kate clutches her crotch.

    2. Hi Tanya,

      I noticed that too. Kate keep looking to Wills and smiling but he pretty much ignored her. But like every married couple they probably have had their fair share of arguments. This time I’m thinking that William was in a snit over the news lately and Kate was trying to rally him along. God that man must be exhausting to deal with.

      1. She could have left at any point in the last 14 years, but chose to spend a decade pursuing him. She has what she wanted, but does she want what she has?

      2. I think they are both exhausting to deal with. Kate is probably in a good mood of sorts because her parents are encamped at Anmer. If he had said no, she probably would have been snarling at him like she did with the meeting of the Singapore couple. Being in that house has to be maddening. I bet Nanny Maria keeps her quarters and the nursery an oasis for George to hide in.

        1. Kate’s in a good mood because her flurry of “work” is stifling the work shy complaints, her mommy is living in her house running her life just how she likes it, and NOBODY is accusing her of keeping George away from anyone. Kate’s having a good month.

      3. Hi Lauri, I think that Waity is just starting to realise that she will soon have three children on her hands, PG, the new baby and the old baby Wills, I am sure that they argue just like the rest of us do, but I agree he must be exhausting to deal with.

        I think that Waity is just realising what she has let herself in for by marrying him. She has given him the heir and soon the spare and I know that this is terrible ,but I do not see a happy marriage between these two. I feel sorry for the kids as I think that there are going to be a lot of rows behind closed doors. If Wills doesn’t like the publicity that waity is getting he is going to be impossible to live with.

      4. Yeah, I’m going to agree with you and others that they both must be pretty exhausting to deal with. William with all his mommy issues and hating the press, and Kate with her constant need to be coddled.

        1. I think that’s why Carole’s moved in. Things look frayed between W&K; his body lang is distant while K gives him needy looks. I think her neediness has worn off it’s magic with him. She’s not his mom and he’s ticked because he’s unhappy and trapped. Duh! Kate looks great in the Art visits today/Dalmation coat. Mommy’s there to dress her up and see to makeup. No wonder Kate couldn’t get a stylist. She only wants Mommy.

  9. I adore QEII. It will be a sad day when she passes. She is a quiet force. Not a fan of Cam’s look, but she makes me smile. She seems so cheeky and down to earth.

    I adore Kate’s earrings. I want them, but will settle for CZ, lol. She didn’t look bad. I just want her to wear a hat. I’m tired of those fascinators. They make her look childish. She looks sad in the first two pics. I agree that Charles and Di looked more together. I think that she made a deal with the devil and it’s her time to dance.

    1. I’ve looked through Kiki McDonough’s earring collection and she has some really pretty pieces on her site (though way too expensive for me). Kate for some reason chooses the boring ones, but I guess her taste and mine are different. I do think these pink morgonites are the best Kiki earrings she has.

        1. I quite agree. I into jewellery design in a big way and some of the piece I like are exorbitantly expensive, but they a the result of a unique vision and exquisit craftsmanship. Kate’s jewellery doesn’t fall under those two categories – and they bland to boot.

          1. Interesting that Kate chose to wait until these morgonites were out of stock to be seen wearing them. Kiki confirmed on twitter that Kate was wearing them, and tweeted the they would be back in stock soon. So probably a steep discount given how much publicity Kiki gets from Kate.

  10. I just watched a video of Kate greeting C&C and she didn’t curtsey to either of them. I thought she is supposed to? I bet she curtsied to the Queen though.

    1. Kate is meant to curtsy to Charles (and Camilla when she is with Charles). I think this shows that Kate is believing her own PR and is thinking that she is the important one. As we say here (in NZ)… That girl’s becoming a legend in her own lunchtime… (or in other words, she is believing the sugars?!)

      1. Actually the only time Kate doesn’t have to curtsy to Camilla is when William is present but Charles is not. If Charles is present or if it’s just Kate and Camilla, then Kate has to curtsy to Camilla.

        Love the “becoming a legend in her own lunchtime” line.

        1. All that curtseying must be annoying as hell! It would be much simpler if one only curtsey to the Queen as she is the monarch – ans as head of state she is entitled to such an act of respect. I can’t think of any other RF that has an internal curtseying hierarchy – this is exactly what makes the BRF appear stuffy and snobby to the outside world.

  11. Kate looks beautiful!! Williams looks like an arse!!!Camilla looks like she is scheming!! Prince Charles looks as if he is trying to keep the peace and HM looks like she is over all the dysfunction!!! Good luck to HM!!!

      1. I have loved The Globe ever since the Camilla’s Banished from the Realm! headline, because she drank the queen’s gin. 🙂

    1. Poor HM! This family can’t quite seem to go very long without some sort of upheaval or another. They seem to lurch from crisis to crisis like a drunken sailor.

      1. I wonder if QEII looks at her family and sigh: “Damn, I screwed up on that front.”

        I quickly scanned through the daily mail link provided in the press war and wow, her 4 children don’t get along with each other. (Not sure if I can trust the daily mail for being reliable though.) It’s every mother’s nightmare when their children are ready with daggers plunging in each other’s backs.

  12. Where is this pregnant glow they keep talking about! L honestly think her looks are gone, so soon for a 33 year old pampered woman!? Shocking!

    1. Too many sunny vacations damage the skin. Also all of the comments about the photos need to calm down a bit. There are hundreds of potential expressions that people have on their faces over even a short period of time, especially when they are on public display all the time. Cameras can lie, b/c they can take 100 photos of them all smiles and use the one or two pictures that show them not getting along. Though Willy is his mother’s son. Harry was always closer to the Prince of Wales.

      1. Also the years of smoking and drinking took it’s toll on her skin.

        You are right, Seth, still photos can be deceiving.

        1. Does she still smoke? Do we have picture of her smoking at all? Princess Margaret lighted up in the public.

          I think someone mentioned about the Duchess of Cornwall smoking? Has she stopped? It makes sense since she looks like QE’s older sister.

          What is it with the heirs to the throne and their fascination with women who smoke?

          1. Charles doesn’t like smoking, so I would assume Camilla either quit when she married him or just doesn’t smoke around him. But yes, Camilla smoked for years and years.

        2. The Duchess of Camb smoking and drinking?? I never ever heard of her smoking and by any account I’ve ever read (and I have read MANY), she has always been described as someone who drinks very little, if at all. Occasionally, but rarely letting her hair down. Or are you talking about Camilla? I love her, but this sounds more up her alley.

          1. It must be sarcasm. She has always been more of a drinker than William and Harry combined. The France photos (airport and balcony) showed her smoking. She was photographed drinking full alcohol wine at 4-6 weeks pregnant last year, just before they announced the news.

          2. Not sarcastic at all, ladies. I don’t hate Kate. Some of the things she does make me shake my head, though. Overall, I don’t give her anymore credit for being any more special than she actually is; a wealthy, coddled girl who worked hard to snag a prince and sometimes wears nice clothes. (Let me in that coat closet!) I really have no expectations of her, as she’s not really royalty. I am often disappointed in her choices, as she has so much potential to expand her “brand” (chick is popular, no two ways about it). The next few years are going to be interesting…

          3. Ray,

            I read very little about the present day royals. But did come across Duchess of Cambridge smoking way before the wedding. I thought a pix of her smoking which I have never seen would substantiate it.

            You have made very interesting comments in the past. And wrt your last comment-I am with you there.

          4. Kate was pictured falling out of clubs drunk for years during the dating years. And there were pics of Kate with cigarettes in her bag. And she has been described as being able to drink Will and Harry under the table. I believe even William said Kate could drink him under the table. There was a lot of whitewashing done after the engagement to paint Kate as someone who never really drank or partied that much when there is clear, photographic evidence to the contrary.

      2. The pictures aren’t good. The video made it look worse imo.
        From the looks of it, William didn’t interact with his father at all.
        It was obvious Kate was faking her way through the encounter.

        And C&C looked massively uncomfortable.

    1. Did William bow to them? I guess Kate figures if he doesn’t she doesn’t have to either. I don’t think she has any respect for protocol whatsoever.

    2. Thank you Melll!

      Hm… looks very awkward. Especially William kissing Camilla’s cheek.

  13. Something is just terribly off with that hairstyle that seems to push her hair upwards just beneath her crown. It makes the back of her head look like she has an enlarged cranium.

    Not sure about the fascinator, either. I don’t understand her fascination (pun!) with this shape. It emphasises her huge face, and for some strange reason reminds me of that 80s roller disco when she was sprawled on the floor, and her frontal nether regions were exposed through the opening in her tiny shorts.

    1. Look at the close-up photos of the Jane Taylor fascinator, esp the photo just above the earring closeup. You can see that the ribbon isn’t pulled taut either on the right or left sides. The ribbon is sticking out from the edge and breaking what should be a smooth line. Shoddy work. For $1000, this thing should have been flawless.

      1. I really don’t think Kate has a clue with regards to proper tailoring or quality. She’s worn entirely too many things that are just terribly tailored. She probably equates cost with quality.

        1. I agree Lisa. I’ve seen Kate in too many outfits that don’t fit her maternity body or when she isn’t pregnant don’t fit the proportions of her body like she is a tall girl trying to fit into average height women’s clothing. Kate is clueless about how her clothes should fit and hang.

          1. Or when she was super skinny in 2011 and the clothes weren’t tailored and they just hung on her body.

          2. She hasn’t looked the same since she fired (or maybe they quit) her hairdresser and had George. She has also hired this younger girl as her stylist when there have been so many fails since her employment. Today she wore an awful loose ponytail to the art museum. I think she’s starting to show being exhausted more but there’s no reason to leave the house looking like she does when she’s paying people to do hair/make-up and dress her.

          3. I agree. She looked good the first two years, but then she got pregnant and everything went to hell. And Tash (the young personal assistant turned stylist) is crap at her job.

      2. I would love to see Kate in a proper hat. The fascinators were fine for a while, but change it up a bit. They always look like they are about to fall off her head.

        Can you imagine how great Kate could look if she employed a qualified stylist who worked in tandem with an experienced tailor?

        1. I believe that’s what HM and Cam do, have their hats and clothes made/tailored to match, and they work very well.

  14. I remember seeing photos of Kate on the Internet during her dating years stumbling out of clubs and into limos absolutely drunk. She’s getting a whitewash now, but that was certainly her behavior pre-wedding.

    1. You have to search for the photos of Kate drinking from a beer bong and forgetting to close her purse so we all see her ciggies but they’re on the internet.

          1. Actually L-R: Pipa, Kate, Person I don’t know
            Pipa is seated, Kate is up and there’s this other woman next to Kate.

          2. I’m pretty sure the first one is a picture of Kate–she’s wearing the patterned scarf, and Pippa’s sitting next down in the orange dress. And in the second one her face is hidden and Pippa’s is visible, but you can see the cigarette in Kate’s hand.

        1. Someone else posted those first two photos before and they are not Kate. It is Pippa and two mystery women. That woman with the scarf standing up does not even look like Kate. Her face structure and even the eyebrow are way off. Sorry

          1. Yes, there was a big fuss in another thread about these exact photos and whether the first two are of Kate or not. The majority said it was not Kate in those two photos with Pippa. But it is Kate in the cab with the cigs in her purse.

          2. I don’t know why people think the first two pictures are Kate with Pippa.

            Kate’s eyebrows have never ever ever been a round arch, even when raised. They are flat across.

      1. Not to mention if you Google “Kate Middleton leaving club” or something like that, you get pictures of her in dozens of different outfits, showing that she was out partying on many, many occasions. She loved the nightlife scene. Probably still would if she could get away with it.

        Thanks for the pictures, Melll.

    2. I definitely think Kate is/was a smoker, but she did a great job of not being photographed. Very smart on her part. As for her drinking, there are so many pictures on the internet of her looking tipsy. It is always hard to tell if the camera just caught her blinking and then makes her look drunk or if she really is drunk. Although the ones with really rosy cheeks give her away. I found two that are doozies of Will and Kate. I love the second one because it kind of sums up their relationship. Will looks wasted and Kate looks mad:



      I get so tired of her being white-washed now. Like we are suppose to believe she hardly drank and partied. The photos are everywhere to prove it! :0

      1. lol how happy was she to be photographed in the first pic.

        yes the whitewashing is annoying and stupid especially since photos of her falling out of clubs are easy to find thank to the internet.

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